Gmail - Email by Google

Gmail - Email by Google

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  • Current Version: 6.0.190324
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  • Developer: Google LLC
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Gmail - Email by Google App

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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  • Fantastic client. Not. 1/5

    By ctt1wbw
    Has completely stopped working for me. Now totally useless. I can’t get more than 10 to 15 emails in any account I have. Just got updated and still doesn’t work. Pathetic Google.
  • Bring back the travel bundling! 3/5

    By Steph71481
    That was one of my favorite features of Gmail and with this new software that we were required to switch to, travel is no longer being bundled. Is there a way to add it back in?
  • What happened? 2/5

    By vbiondi1230
    All of a sudden the attachments are "comfortably" shown in the inbox!
  • Ugly, obtrusive, slow. 1/5

    By Old dubbin
    After years of gmail getting slower, harder to use, harder to read, I finally, finally, finally made the switch to a better email app. I use email daily like anyone else for work.

    By big420fish
  • Maybe ok if I wasn’t comparing it to Inbox 2/5

    By Lindzcarol
    I hate this app so much. I used inbox until the bitter end, but have spent the last couple weeks trying to like the Gmail app. Every day I discover something new that annoys me. Like today I wanted to look up information about an upcoming trip. Inbox would have had it all in one place right where I needed it. I wish I could delete the entire promotions in box with a single click. I love that in the inbox I could pin the random promotions that I wanted to save and easily delete the rest. I like a clean inbox and HATE the ads (but accept that they may be necessary for a free product). Google had two products - one was clearly superior and they got rid of it. I’m looking for an alternative!
  • Мало функционала 3/5

    By Andrei-Gavs
    Быстрое и качественное ПО. Но почему нет настроек смахивания? Пришло письмо, хочешь просто смахнуть чтобы оно получило отметку «прочитано» а нет такой функции. Только или в архив или удалить. А нужна возможность пометить «прочитано» и переслать!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Yani2587
    Does not always open and when it does it either freezes or closes app on its own.
  • Not as good as Inbox 1/5

    By eepgmik
    Bundling support is rubbish compared to Inbox Autocorrect support on iPhone is broken - often won’t accept the suggested words and then ends up combining them when you manually edit. I don’t know what Google did to autocorrect, but Gmail is the only app that exhibits this behaviour. Support for multiple accounts is minimal
  • I love it! 5/5

    By ajtrotman
    I love the face lift, it's bright and welcoming. Works fast and efficiently and easy to maneuver and swap accounts. Great for business, I have everything all in one place!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Xxxxghbcxrg
    Used the inbox app until it was discontinued. Had that app set up exactly how I wanted it. Then inbox was discontinued and I tried to go back to the gmail app. Nothing sorted the same way, I was now getting notifications on every email from every account, we’re talking hundreds per day. Emails didn’t sort into nice categories automatically like they did in inbox. Google said that gmail had many of the same popular features as inbox. This was not true in my case. Can’t be any more disappointed in google and the gmail app. Switched to a new, better app. Highly recommend you do the same.
  • New google (gmail) 1/5

    By 1 angel watching
    I do not like the new google. I want my regular gmail back !!!!!
  • An example of optimizing for unintuitiveness 1/5

    By papajohns
    I don’t understand how simple things like “mark all read” is so frustratingly hard and hidden away?
  • No grouped emailed? My emails are a mess 1/5

    By Nester leeroy
    Please give up inbox back
  • Missing core features, UI problems 1/5

    By CrystalPepsi
    Missing features * No custom swipe left/right gesture actions on iOS (update says it’s supposed to work, but still not available in settings) * No unified inbox for multiple accounts * No ability to list conversation with newest message on top UI problems * Very difficult to see start/end of a particular response on a long conversation view
  • Some improvements needed ASAP 2/5

    By Vin787
    I like the app, use it every day for work. I have a couple of issues with it though. Could you make it where we can delete an individual message on any given thread? Same way you could on the computer version, please. Also, please add an option to make pictures smaller size; the pictures you attach now to an email are huge when you view from a computer. It would also be nice if I could edit my email signature, somewhat similar to my computer signature. Right now it’s too “plain”.
  • G mail 1/5

    By butterflies 6
    Didn’t realize you had to have a certain amount in your account to have it opened
  • Trash compared to Google Inbox 1/5

    By Jmatic209
    It just doesn’t live up to my expectations. Inbox notified me of important emails automatically. It was much cleaner and ad free by the way. I dreaded switching. I didn’t even down gmail till my phone forced me to.
  • Cut and paste 4/5

    By Thunderrose52
    Why doesn’t it seem possible to copy an address from within an email and paste it elsewhere, such as an event in calendar, without also copying all the extraneous google-mapping text with it? That extra text actually prevents me from using maps as intended. It seems a very small thing to address or for which google mail could provide two options.
  • Delete 4/5

    By Darrin Hunt
    Can you guys add an option where you can go to all mail or primary mail and be able to select ALL MAIL and delete everything at once???? 🙏🙏
  • Inbox was better 1/5

    By z3Ro'
    I keep getting notifications for promotions label. I wish I could manage notifications for label like INBOX does.
  • Inbox was much better 3/5

    By Kastriot Qerimi
    It’s nice and refreshing the look and feel of the app, but it’s missing a very important feature that Inbox had. Inbox has an option where an indicator which notified me if my email had been recorded and this app doesn’t which is a shame. It would also be much appreciated if it had a dark mode as well.
  • What a trash is Gmail by Google! 1/5

    By Imjm-imjm
    Inbox by Google was the best! I miss it a lot. Everything sort and at hand. Not ads in my email. What a crap is this app! It doesn’t deserve even 1 star. I am moving to another mail app!!!
  • No More Grouping or Folders 2/5

    I do not like this new GMAIL version. For the life of me I do not understand why so many companies update their apps and get rid of some of the Best features. With The Inbox 📨 app you could group messages and they would all automatically go to one file and you can access and delete the groups very easily. Now when I open this app the messages are no longer grouped and I have to do extra steps to find the emails where as before I could just go to the Group File and find the respective email(s).
  • Thiccc 3/5

    By ✌️🤚💪😽👊🖕👎🏼✋🏻
    I would love if it was more like inbox on the laptop! Otherwise it is great
  • Don’t like the upgrade 1/5

    By Heidiwilliams829
    I had to get a new iPhone because mine got a virus, and when I downloaded the new gmail app, I could no longer switch easily between my two gmail accounts. One account I use to absorb “spam” mail and the other is a business account. I need notifications on the business account but don’t want them on the “spam” account because I literally get hundreds of messages a day. I can’t figure out with this new upgrade how to get notified for one and not the other! So I just turned off the spam account. Now when I need to get into it (which I do, occasionally) I have to jump through hoops just to open it! I’m not tech savvy... maybe it’s just me... but the old version was so easy even I could figure out how to use it.
  • Oh, Inbox. How I miss you. 2/5

    By Jamie T - Seattle
    I miss the ability to tap an icon and empty a folder without having to swipe/tap every individual email to delete it. That was the feature that I used most in Inbox and why I resisted moving to the Gmail app. I am sincerely tempted to remove this app from my phone and just use the web version but I need access on my phone. I guess it’s Hobson’s choice here, eh?
  • Fake news 1/5

    By DVO3
    This is the largest source of knowledge, learning, and incoming information. We trust Google to give us honest and real answers, but they’re not. They are purposefully throttling relevant information, and searched for information, in favor of their communistic views that they would like to push on to the public. This is a dishonest and disingenuous company. They have every right to be that, seeing as they are their own company… But this is still the free market system, and in a free market system companies that practiced dishonest and disingenuous business practices will always lose their shares eventually. Google is just praying that the communists take over first so that they can subsidize their failing company.
  • I miss Inbox already... 3/5

    By LadyAceBB
    I dislike this new layout for managing multiple accounts. I feel like I have to play seek and find; it us so irritating, it usually drives me to my PC. I miss being able to see subcategories, scroll to review, and swipe to delete all. Definitely a step in the wrong direction for UX, Google.
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By zoey_14
    It works for what it is supposed to work
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By xxFrizbyxx
    I miss inbox... It was so much more efficient and intuitive.
  • Missing features from Inbox 2/5

    By IouriCha
    Still missing features from Inbox : Purchases Financial Annoying little ads in all folders - bring back Inbox!
  • Google Doesn’t Respect User Data 1/5

    By Brian St Patrick
    They scan all of your emails and sell it to advertisers. No trust
  • I love Google Material theme. 5/5

    By bobbywan
    Google's been finally getting consistent with the design language across all apps and I love it. And the features entering Gmail make it easy to be without Inbox.
  • This is hell 1/5

    By Benji.Benji
    Google has sent me back to email hell and my time management of personal emails has exploded since they killed off Inbox. Promised the same features but its a completely different function that I am used to with no clear way how to increase my productivity using the limited tools provided.
  • Bring back Inbox 1/5

    By el leon por el patron
    With the mandatory switch back to Gmail, I thought at the very least the app would have merged some of the functionality and efficiency of Inbox. Instead I am forced to use the Gmail of old. I have to search through all of my emails to find my financials as well as my trips. This is not a forward move. Extremely backward.
  • Missing a couple of key elements 2/5

    By Joodypoody
    Works ok but here are three gripes that maybe the software team can pick up on: 1) The way the email thread is displayed is super confusing once it gets long. I have a hard time figuring out who replied last when three out of 8 people have chimed in 2) I wish there were a check list type function so I could check multiple emails at one time and move them to the same folder. 3) NO WAY to form a group from this app. I have tried on the iPad by going to Google itself and still can’t form a group. But it’s easy on the iMac. Frustrating. 4) And with the latest update, emails from the same person replying to my email are all showing up separately. What a mess! About ready to delete and just use Apple’s Mail app only
  • 👍 5/5

    By Rubén Darío SR.
    Estoy muy contento por la forma segura como ustedes trabajan
  • Connection Issues - Bad Experience 1/5

    By ShawnShawn
    Inbox was 10 X better than Gmail. Google killed Inbox, and this version of Gmail doesn’t work with the constant connection problems. I don’t have connection issues and all of my other apps work just fine. Bring Inbox back, or at the very least, fix Gmail. Switching to Apple’s basic Mail app for now...
  • Not a fan of gmail 2/5

    By Nathanh1983
    Was a step backwards to the old gmail. I liked the Done feature, now it’s archive feature. Doesn’t work very well.
  • We want inbox back!!! 1/5

    By Schlampenator Yah?
    Inbox functionalities are not yet all in the gmail app! Useless!!!! I cant even read all email with one click
  • Horrible 1/5

    By terri231999
    This app is the worst. It doesn’t bunch anything like subscriptions and such so to get to actual mail is annoying. Inbox was WAY better.
  • Who put the idiot in charge.... 1/5

    By Katiexoxo2392
    Let’s just start with the fact that google literally forces you to stop using the inbox app - which had absolutely nothing wrong with it - only to use gmail again. This new design is so flawed, clunky, and inefficient compared to inbox. I can never tell when I get actually important emails because they go into the “promotions” folder or the “updates” folder. This also leads me to forget to check my email because I have no little red number on the app icon unless I get emails that directly go into my inbox. This now trickles down to me having to sort through 50+ emails at a time. Additionally, there’s a folder titled “all inboxes” but it’s really not all of your inboxes (promotions and updates included) and just your direct inbox mail. All in all this new design just makes my life way more difficult. JUST BRING BACK INBOX.
  • Lame. Not as good as inbox 1/5

    By Guy69Fahd
    Useless featureless ugly app. Inbox was far better
  • Why doesn't All inboxes show ALL inboxes? 2/5

    By S.Lebowski
    Why doesn't All inboxes show ALL inboxes?
  • Prefer Inbox by google 2/5

    By gjkfddjjjjgdd
    Inbox by google was a lot more user friendly than this app. I’m disappointed it was deactivated. Having the use this app is like being downgraded to a lower quality service
  • Doesn’t work on Apple Watch 2/5

    By Dbkb4au
    I’m all for a consolidation of my email between Gmail and Yahoo mail but although this app works on my phone and iPad, it doesn’t do so on my watch. Therefore I still have to open the generic Mail app on my watch to see email from both sources. Waste of time currently.
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜 1/5

    By rolorgurl2456
  • Google Tasks 3/5

    By CTee09
    Love the new resdesign but I miss the feature on Inbox that would allow us to change the email to a Reminder so it would show up on our Google Calendars. Given that we can add emails as Tasks on desktop, please give us this function on mobile as well.

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