Gmail - Email by Google

Gmail - Email by Google

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  • Current Version: 5.0.190113
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gmail - Email by Google App

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type & spelling suggestions • Swipe to archive/delete, to quickly clear out your inbox • Read your mail with threaded conversations • Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone • Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam • Send and receive attachments • See profile pictures as part of the conversation

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Gmail - Email by Google app reviews

  • Bad upgrade 2/5

    By Jujuju222
    I want to sweep and find all my accoonts. It was like that before, but afyer this upgrade, it”s not possible.
  • New "Update" Missing Multiple Email Moving 1/5

    By Naohiro Nishio
    With the new update, function to move multiple, selected emails into another folders disappeared. Now I have to sort everything email by email, please add that function back or if there is a way, let me know. Please.
  • Gmail 5/5

    By Кръстьо Милушев
    This app helped my daughter with her chrome book homework but she only checked it on her phone, absolutely amazing!
  • Important? You’ll never know 1/5

    By GreysGrey9
    Why is there STILL no way to mark and unmark mail as important? It’s annoying to log in on desktop and find all these emails you already viewed marked as important when MAYBE only 1 actually is. Also, why is everything being marked important all of sudden?
  • terrible ui change 1/5

    By Negative Color
    ui update is a massive mistake. please revert to the old one, or at least make it an option to toggle old ui.
  • Deleting email from the server 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    Why can’t I delete email from the gmail server from this app so I don’t get locked out of my email. We’re forced to log onto a computer to delete mail from years past that you think is long gone. Please help those of us who no longer use a computer to resolve our ancient email problem through the app. It would give your servers a break and it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Needs to be replaced with inbox 1/5

    By cardona86
    Idk why google kept this and got rid of inbox. I can’t find anything in this app. Inbox was a way better app.
  • Contacts/groups not available 1/5

    By CMF games
    I have multiple groups set up in my contacts. None of that works in the app. It makes sending emails via a mobile device a chore, as I try to recall every member of the group, and hope that the email address will automatically fill.
  • Sign up 1/5

    By dulmaa
    Hey! I see that I am supposed to get an email about the code But I didn’t! You are lying Someone tell me how to access it If you can, thanks
  • Can’t send emails to groups 1/5

    By Jovipr
    Google team, I love your app, but I do forward 100 emails daily and I have several groups on Google contacts. How’s possible that your Gmail app can’t recognize groups but do recognize contacts stored in the same place. This have been an issue over years and several threads talking about it over the internet. This is a simple programming issue that can be fix easily. When it’s going to be done??
  • Forced to get Gmail 1/5

    By Hellchoseme666
    Inbox was better
  • Question 5/5

    By Tbyrd0862
    How do u add videos to gmail to send to a person
  • Idea 3/5

    You should really add a “select all” function to this app. This will make inbox cleaning SO much easier
  • Needs inbox features 1/5

    By Mikolzzzz
    Needs to be updated with Inbox features before Inbox is killed off!
  • Account Forgetfulness 2/5

    By Awsomgaz33
    Every single time the app has updated, It has forgotten the multiple accounts I manage on my device. I have to go back through 1 by 1 for 5 accounts and re-add them in. The new update is also different, which some may see as progress- I see it as insecurity in design and a lack of confidence to keep one idea going.
  • Works 3/5

    By hafman42
    It works. Seems that for me at least this update has problems. I get the new email notification but no new messages. Killing the app and restarting it shows my new messages but that’s the only way. At least the notification mechanism works.
  • Forget about incoming emails 1/5

    By Buttcrackson
    I haven’t been receiving emails for the past week. This is ridiculous, as I need certain documents. One star until the problem is fixed.
  • Emails 2/5

    By indayma
    Where are my emails. How come it doesn’t download. What did you do????
  • Too slow 1/5

    By Mkikuyuwetu
    Recently the so many every week updates have made the Gmail to almost come to a stand still mode emails takes forever to be sent and receiving is another problem too .
  • Attach File 4/5

    By MeirGreenrose
    1. Please add support to attach a file as an attachment not as a Google Drive link. 2. Please add support to listen to audio while the app is in the background. Thanks!
  • Missing INBOX functions 2/5

    By Aagrawal
    How can Google plan to shut down INBOX without giving those bundle functions to Gmail...
  • Needs desktop functionality for iPads 2/5

    By McAboyMom
    I decided to get the new iPad Pro instead of a laptop but now I can’t send a decently formatted email with bullet points, insert hyperlinks, or manage contact groups. I can’t even get onto the desktop version from a browser.

    By Ruth Leibbrandt
    Did not appear on my phone when I obtained the app and now I have to open the app to be able access my mail instead of just clicking on the app icon. It is a frightful nuisance especially when I am rushed. Please fix this problem. Love the app other than that issue. Thank you.
  • Unhappy Inbox user 1/5

    By User576447
    As someone who has been using the google inbox app for years now I’m very upset with google pushing us all back to the gmail app, which I honestly can’t stand. Bad move Google. Until Gmail gets all of inbox’s functionality (and much more pleasing blue color scheme) this app is getting one star from me.
  • Missing a few basic things 3/5

    By YesNoCancel
    I like the new compact view, but the app is still missing a few basic things. Like select all, or the ability to have different actions (e.g. delete, archive, move to folder) assigned to different message swiping directions.
  • Still Waiting on ALL Inbox Features 1/5

    By MzShellbeeD
    I am a faithful Gmail Inbox user and am HIGHLY disappointed that I now have to go back to a basic Gmail app. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the bundles feature of Inbox that allows me to allow my incoming emails to automatically be grouped in designated folders. It’s a much cleaner and organized feel. Why do I now have to settle for just labels opposed to actual bundles in this basic Gmail app? If you are going to do away with Inbox, at least have all of the features in offered to make Inbox users happy. 😕
  • Badge Icon Faulty 3/5

    By Holy Crap this is a nickname
    I have three email accounts linked through gmail, and it’ll routinely tell me I have 5+ unread emails when I don’t.
  • Gmail 1/5

    By SherrieMcBerrie
    Where is my new incoming email? I haven’t been receiving any This is frustrating and stressful
  • Add feature 4/5

    By Dlh418
    Need to add the “create a calendar event” feature that the desktop version of gmail has. Otherwise good performance.
  • Ads 1/5

    By ToriiGaming
    I get maybe one ad at the top of an inbox that i can swipe away if I’m not interested, but now its THREE. I get more ads than emails!! So annoying! I shouldn’t have to sift through stupid ads just to open my emails.
  • Yes way 5/5

    By Superowly
    Very good app and very sleek design in the app
  • Getting worse with every update 2/5

    By ShawnDH12
    The latest update brings a new unwanted feature of notifying you of new emails in your Notification Center and then informing you of “no connection” when you actually try to open new emails in app. Add this to the inability to copy text from an email and not being able to past a list of email addresses into the To field and have it format correctly, you have good reason to discontinue using this app and just sticking with Apples default email client which does all of this without issue. Update: I am truly growing to HATE the gmail app. You can’t do basic things! You can’t tell where an email is because they entrucate them all in on string and it’s unidentifiable. I can’t even see the subject line. I, using apple mail now. Screw this!
  • Notification bug is driving me nuts 2/5

    By reds11+
    I never know when I have a new email as it always shows 1 unread in my inbox, but shows all clear on the screen. My PC doesn’t show the 1.
  • What!?!? 1/5

    By Bethany Hurtt
    Okay so, I have used this app for quite a long time, but, never had any dumb errors like this, so... What happened was, I was going to check if I had gotten any emails, and it tells me to sign in, I sign in. It works, the next day, I check, but I have to sign into it, I "log" into it, use the same information, but NO, OH NO, it's like, "Boi, I don't remember this, Nah man!" AND DOESN'T LET ME IN! I keep using my information from Notes on my computer, and from a notepad I had wrote on, but it doesn't let me in, I can't be the only one with this trouble!
  • It won’t let me on 1/5

    By lunar c.
    I can’t really give a true review because IT WILL NOT LET ME IN! I sign in but it says something went wrong and to try again but nothing works! It won’t let me on at all and it always has that stupid thing going on! Can someone help or tell me why’s it’s doing that?
  • Best email service and client! 5/5

    By iceicejick
    Hands down better than Apple Mail and any other mail client. Also, Gmail is excellent and gets the job done with no hassle. Highly recommend installing, even if you don’t have gmail since you can connect third party accounts now. (I think)
  • Change by InBox 1/5

    By fgonzeyes
    Do not is the same intuitive and fictional like the InBox app.☹️😡
  • Double-tap selection scrolling is broken on iPhone SE 1/5

    By Farhanible
    The double-tap selection scrolling is broken on iPhone SE. The scrolling speed for minute movements of the cursor is so fast that it makes the feature quite literally unusable. The app very frequently displays incorrect formatting for pasted text. These formatting anomalies are visible once the email is sent and then viewed in a web-browser. It just seems like the QA hard passed on testing this app.
  • Inbox is a lot better 3/5

    By markahco78
    Please add the Trips feature from google Inbox. What a simple and awesome feature. Inbox is awesome. Please save it, or at least bring over more of the functionality to gmail.
  • Basic email forwarding is terrible 1/5

    By jerryc33
    Terrible UX
  • G-mail rocks 5/5

    By Henry veedahl
    G-mail is the best e-mail app I ever seen
  • ITs AWESOME 5/5

    By djejwjdjjs
    It’s amazing like my Nutella
  • G mail 5/5

    By mullett myrtle
    Liking my g-mail account. Thank you
  • Sent emails 2/5

    By SuziCap
    Once you reply to an email, the whole thread goes into ‘sent’ file and you can no longer see the email, it should continue to be in the inbox, it’s so annoying because it’s hard to find and file if need be. This needs to be fixed!
  • Very basic 2/5

    By Cybersea
    This is a decent email client, but that’s the best I can say. I went back to Gmail after discovering that Inbox is ending. I really loved Inbox, and I’m SO DISAPPOINTED that they are getting rid of it without updating the Gmail client significantly with the major featured that Inbox had. This is just a list of emails from all addresses just jumbled together with NO organization at all. Do yourself a favor and check out Spark. Best so far. Also - and I guess this is an iOS interaction issue - it replaces my apostrophes with question marks. No other email client does that, and it’s REALLY annoying. Sorry Gmail. You’ve gotta step it up.
  • Huge Leap Forward 5/5

    By Evan Collins
    The latest redesigned Gmail is a massive improvement over the previous version. I loved Inbox and am happy to see some of my favorite features integrated neatly into Gmail. The unified inbox feature with easy media access is amazing. Awesome, thank you!
  • Liked INBOX more 2/5

    By Vikky0201
    I liked how the inbox app works. Not just the snooze or nudge but overall on showing the payments, travel info and more. Sad to know inbox is out.
  • Decent app 3/5

    By MB1742
    The Gmail app is still the best way to manage stars and labels on your messages, but it lacks a lot of basic features found in other apps. Swipe options need to be customizable. All Inboxes should not be limited to Everything; it should also show Starred and Unread.
  • Doesn’t integrate easily with other apps 1/5

    By NickiyyyG
    The gmail app limits the sources of attachments to basically your camera roll and google drive. That’s nice, but I use a lot of other apps google.

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