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Go Fish!

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kwalee
  • Compatibility: Android
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Go Fish! App

Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as you can on your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fish and to dive deeper, make rare finds and discover new species! Go Fish! features: - Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down and catch as many fish as you can! - Upgrade your net to grab more fish and to reach deeper depths! - The old fisherman will continue to earn money for you when you’re away! Can you discover the mysteries that lie in the ocean? Go Fish!


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Go Fish! app reviews

  • BUG 2/5

    By foolsfall4you
    My game is bugged so that when I catch the fish, it doesn’t add the total money into my actual money I have saved. This game was really cool but after being stuck at $409 for the past five minutes or so have been really frustrating. No where in the app is there a place to contact support or anything like that. Fix this bug and I might come back to this game.
  • Ads 1/5

    By $abr1na
    You need to fix your ads I’m trying to play but every time I fish an get the money a ad pops up every time this game is awesome an I don’t even wanna play it because you guys need to fix your ads nobody wants that or cares they play it because it’s a fun fishing game but your ads are way to much and super annoying fix the ads!?
  • Ads 3/5

    By Tralse
    Another game destroying itself with ads every 3 seconds and no ads is $3.99 which is a bit much in my opinion
  • Love the app but to MANY ADS 3/5

    By Digiov13
  • Get rid of these ads. 1/5

    By nascar104
    Listen, stop being money hungry for a bit, a lower the amount of ads on the game. It ruined my gaming experience.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Ilovecats0099💗🌸💛
    It is kinda boring but it is also kinda cool
  • way too much ads. 2/5

    By kay21yg
    there is an ad every time you finish a round and it’s so annoying it takes the fun away from the whole game, that’s why I have to give it a 2/5.
  • A great game for ads 1/5

    By wallops988
    Not worth paying 3.99 to remove ads. Spend your money on food instead.
  • This company is a pathetic money grabber 1/5

    By Createankckname
    Ads every 3 turns are you serious and 4$ to remove ads? That is sad I remember when games where actually enjoyable
  • Ads 1/5

    By ChicagoAtouraya
    The amount of ads in this game take away of the enjoyment
  • TOO MANY ADS 1/5

    Way too many, don’t you have any decency?
  • Where’s my money? 1/5

    By Angry emailer
    At first I loved this game. I started spending a lot of time on it and finally deleted it. I added it back but now every time I fish I don’t get my money. I can fish 20 times but won’t see the money in my “account” so I can’t get further depths or a larger bag. Please fix.
  • ADS ADS ADS 2/5

    By AngieRoseRawe
    Game isn’t bad. Simple, mindless, addicting. Something I can play while i sit in the office and not be overwhelmingly bored. But I have to delete for the main point of every single time after you tap it to fish, an add pops up. It’s extremely annoying, makes the game not fun to play, and not even worth playing. After having the game installed for 15 minuets I probably spent 5 minuets playing the game and the rest watching ads I couldn’t skip. Sorry but no thanks 👎🏻
  • RIPOFF!!! 1/5

    By jaiajaiaia
    This is a ripoff of a game called ninja fishing, search it up and then you decide
  • Ads 2/5

    By brady747
    Really...an ad after every time you cast. Go fish guys.
  • Ads!!! 1/5

    By 50mac
    Not only does it have two ads on screen while you play, it still has the usual interrupting ad every 3 to 4 times you fish. Obnoxious.
  • Ads and ads and ads 3/5

    By emilyh02
    Too many ads.
  • New players are not noobs 3/5

    By Gamer2662
    In one of the ads for this game they call a player a noob. NEW PLAYERS ARE NOT NOOBS!!!!!!!!! ...........but I give it 3 stars because it is a good game but to many ads every time I stop fishing ad immediate ad.
  • Acceptable but extremely ad heavy 2/5

    By Sirkiller475
    This game concept is a well worn and well used one. But this version is simplified with no depth that I could find. Not to mention getting ASSAULTED with ads after every. Single. “Cast”. Every ten to twenty seconds is a thirty second ad. It’s crap and it destroys the fun. If you enjoy this I strongly suggest you buy “Ridiculous Fishing” instead of purchasing the ad free.
  • Fun game but occasionally get adult ads 1/5

    By stephan112233
    Adult ads occasionally come up. Had to uninstall so my kid didn’t have to get subjected webcam stripper and dating twerking butt video apps.
  • Addictive 4/5

    By elynnh82002
    But what happens after you get all the trophies and max out your net? It still continues to go deeper and the fish are worth more but is there any incentive to keep playing?
  • To u fish 1/5

    By yzzybryan
    Lag one star trash game
  • Adds adds adds and more adds 1/5

    By Finalstep
    Good luck enjoying more than 15 seconds of this game. Just another game that either you pay to remove adds, or your forced to watch an add after every sequence. Not worth downloading anything from this developer.
  • Pls fix it 4/5

    By scot4545
    I had a million dollars on the game then an add came up my screen went white and I tried to exit out but it froze then I tried to turn my phone off and it wouldn’t turn off then my screen went black and wouldn’t let me turn on my phone pls figure out what happens cause I love this game
  • Ads... 1/5

    By Throader
    Every 2 catches, and ad comes up, which is too soon.Ads are fine, but when they show up too quickly in the game, it ruins it.
  • It’s just one big ad 1/5

    By Concubeaner
    There are 2 ads every other time you play. It’s ridiculous
  • Fun Game but Too Many Ads 1/5

    By Nannyboooooooobuo
    I really enjoyed this game but had to delete it immediately because it played an ad every other time I caught a fish. I can handle ads but this was ridiculous!
  • This is what I think 2/5

    By fghtw
    I don’t understand everything but I can see what you were going for I hope you can make it a bit better so that I can understand it a bit more
  • Good game, but could be better 4/5

    By ashcap222
    Would give 5 stars but way too many ads!!! Every 30 seconds almost! Other than that a great addicting game! Wish you could upgrade more than just fish and depth. Would love to be able to update your character, boat, fishing line, etc. Just WAY too many ads, play on airplane mode to avoid the ads but then you cant double/triple your profit. Still a fun game though.
  • Same results 1/5

    By Unmgrad
    The ads after each fishing try is annoying. The same results are unrewarding too. Deleting!
  • WAAAAAY too many ads 4/5

    By kate_austin😜
    I love this game it’s super fun and it has good graphics. The only thing that bothers me is that there is waaaaaaaaaaay too many ads. I was just playing it and ever time I finished fishing an ad would pop up. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Whyyyyyy

    By bobymckfc
  • Meh 1/5

    By gundtger
    It’s fun, but I hate the ads after every round
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By jallen321
    There is a ridiculous amount of ads... seriously the most ads I’ve ever seen. You play a 10-15 second fish and get a 30 second ad.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By MattyChill
    I’ve deleted this app because there is an ad that pops up every time you end fishing. It’s a shame what this world has come to. Company cares more about their money than their customers.
  • I have maxed everything 5/5

    By Poke fart
    I love this game but don’t put a limit too the stuff we can buy I’ve been playing this game for awhile I have everything maxed and add more fish
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By Jenn Perryman
    The game was fun for a bit but I give the one star because the ads are every single time you finish fishing. I know that how you guys make money but chill out with the ads. Ads are the reason I deleted the game.
  • it is s fun 4/5

    By peter is m
    you get to fish it is the Best game i had like 1000000000 games But this is the BEST By far i love it 👍🏻
  • Unwanted ads 1/5

    By Iieennsshhttoo
    Even when I don’t wanna watch a ad. It forces you to. One star for that.
  • This game is easy 5/5

    By Bb chente
    I wanted a fun game to play on a road trip so I downloaded this one and bought the no ads so I don’t have to worry about them, in just two days I got everything maxed out and collected all the fish including the special fish, I really love the game I just want it to be harder¿
  • Ridiculous Ripoff 1/5

    By Sojum71
    Blatant ripoff of Ridiculous Fishing, a superior game in every way. Shameful. Go purchase that game instead and reward the right developer for creativity and design.
  • I would rate 5 but... 4/5

    By chloe_fishes_
    I would like to be able to design my character and pick whether I am a boy or girl. And use money to upgrade clothes too. I also would like to be able to upgrade my boat and fishing rod. And make upgrades cheaper.
  • Annoying things on iPad 1/5

    By Blue jr.
    Each time I get all my money it puts a ad annoying it happens to me too so annoying it like I what to delete me game if I was the creator developer is bad at his job it there a triple button I never press it and ads pop up and sometimes ad are annoying that you can’t get them off it happens all the time like oo I click get money button ooo the ad is on THE SCREEN annoying bad game 10 out of 10 I give it a 0! so annoying dude have that me too
  • _ 1/5

    By 😎That's DOPE 😎
    Ads all ads wanna fish? No watch an ad ,_,
  • Honestly terrible 1/5

    By Graalera champ
    First off I fully maxed out everything in this game within like 4-5 days of playing, secondly the ads were terrible; literally popping up about every other game to sometimes every game. They definitely push for as much ad revenue as possible. And my final complaint is the fishing wages per cast compared to the offline earnings makes fishing completely pointless. I wouldn’t play this again.
  • Great but... 5/5

    By jdcjdj
    There are ads after every fish literally so yea
  • Pretty good but one problem... 3/5

    By Gamer277777
    Honestly the game is pretty fun. However there are way too many ads. Like I get that the company has got to make money. If you do get this app just except a lot of ads
  • It’s great! 4/5

    I have been addicted to this game and there is only 1 problem with the game, the price of the upgrades increase so much after a little time and I don’t make enough money to upgrade it! It usually takes me around 10-15 minutes to get to the price of the upgrade but that is pretty much my only problem but anyways this is a great game! Keep up the great work!
  • T 3/5

    By 304gang
    Awesome game, but too many ads! Every time you catch your fish there’s an ad
  • Ads🙄😠 1/5

    By Beaver with a chainsaw!
    Every single time I pull up fish and collect my money an ad pops up😠. takes any continuity out of the game if every 4 seconds I have to watch a different game

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