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GOAT – Shop Sneakers App

GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers. We offer free verification services on all purchases to ensure your sneakers are authentic and as described. Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Complex, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Techcrunch and more. BUY Buy with confidence. All sellers are vetted, photos are verified and we require all sneakers to come to us for verification by our specialists prior to shipping to you. If the sneakers are found to be falsely advertised, we’ll notify you and offer a full refund immediately. SELL Sell your sneakers in minutes by simply taking photos and setting a price. We provide data to help you set a price and our Offers feature shows what buyers are willing to pay to help you sell more quickly. We also provide a prepaid, pre-addressed label to make shipping easy. DISCOVER Browse over 125,000 sneakers for sale including Nike, Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance and more. View curated lists of sneakers to help you discover what to buy next and view Onfeet photos added by our members.


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GOAT – Shop Sneakers app reviews

  • Don’t used this app 1/5

    By Endure96
    Don’t order your shoes here super terrible service.they will promise u that your shoes will arrive in less then 5 days but I’m reality they will take half a month, if not more n in my experience they lost my shoes for days; with knowing where they were with no tracking system it apparently when down what a joke.i collet shoes n brought many off didn’t website n other platforms n this is definitely the worst one ever!!!!!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Jon marcano
    Waiting a couple days thinking my shoes were on route to me but come to find out the seller didn’t even have them in stock so they canceled my order about a week later. Not reliable at all.
  • Review 5/5

    By smithbrain
    Great app
  • What does no lid mean? 5/5

    By nike11boy
    I saw some cheaper sneakers but it said no LID can someone tell me what does that mean
  • Good app 4/5

    By streetsquadbmx
    Vans are not skate shoes idk why there in that section there horrible for skating
  • Horrible stay away 1/5

    By Goat is wack
    I order some shoes for my girlfriend for her birthday and it never shipped. They later cancelled my order and told me that they didn’t have to disclose as to why my order was cancelled. So now I have no birthday gift for my girlfriend. In total waited about 3 weeks to be notified that my order was cancelled and that I should see a refund soon. Stay away from them. Save the headache and just buy it from a different website or company. Also they decline every order unless you are using PayPal.
  • Goat is lit 5/5

    By Rickyxt55
    I love them
  • 🙄 2/5

    By shark_n_mini
    I ordered a brand new pair of alpha edge 4d and when it arrived the right leather idols was squeeqy an gave me blisters so I emailed them about it and they said it was adidas fault
  • Overall Totally Classy 5/5

    By TinaLacey
    I am always wary about purchasing anything online—esp shoes. I did a little research first and based on what I read, I chose GOAT and STOCKX (I found the latter company to be very disrespectful and overall unprofessional!). Every sneaker I have ordered from GOAT has been processed and delivered in a timely manner. One order I declined after purchasing bc the Sender did not specify a missing box lid (this was reported during the Authentication process)-GOAT gave me an immediate credit which I used immediately to purchase a different pair. Every package I have received in the past has been tip-top. Unwrapping each new box I receive, I know that I don’t have to worry about what’s inside bc I know it’s exactly what I ordered. I find GOAT to be a very professional business that delivers a classy package. I love the quality of product and that little signature card they put in every box. I strongly recommend this company!
  • Just a suggestion 4/5

    By Apache 1234
    Hey. I’m writing just as a possible thing that could be implemented into the app. Something that could be added would be a price filter where you could filter out the prices for shoes for something in the right price range for a customer. This would make it easier to find certain pairs of shoes that a possible customer would be looking for. But as always this is just a suggestion. 👟🔥
  • Do not shop with GOAT 1/5

    By willyjc543
    I ordered a pair of shoes just over two weeks ago, Jordan Tinker 3’s, and they were “delivered to goat” within days. And that’s where they have remained for two weeks. I contacted customer service to ask what the hold up was and they proceeded to tell me that somebody in the shipping department would reach out to me within 48 hours. Whatever right? I just figured I’d wait it out and see what the fuss is about. Well 4 days passed and I hadn’t heard anything back (I’m not sure what kind of time schedule these folks run on but it’s not accurate) and I was slightly flustered so I may have said a few “French” words in my little message to them. They got back to me within 13 hours and told me to watch my language and that somebody would reach out to me in 48 hours, that there was a “craftsmanship defect” in my order. They give you no information and there’s no physical phone number to call. I’m sure I will wait at least a month if not more on my shoes (that’s IF I ever get them) take your business elsewhere. This app is a joke. No clue how these people run a business.
  • Bad update. 2/5

    By Johulu
    Have never had issues when purchasing or selling so far but the app keeps logging me out after they did the update.
  • Keeps logging me off 2/5

    By irritated808
    Every time I open the app i have to enter my username and password. Pretty annoying!!
  • First order was a Bad experience 1/5

    By Sbdbnd
    First off! Goat prices is wayyyy to high! The sellers on are crazy thinking they can’t get more than store value, the wheat Jordan’s 1 on goat cost is 120& but StockX has them 90$! No goat for me! And my first order from goat was a bad, sued was different on one shoe and it was a scratch on the shoe that had no suede, and the stitching on one shoe was off by a lot! There where Jordan 6 wheats. They gave me a 25$ discount on my next purchase but I spent a 170$ on them Jordan’s. Never again!
  • They screw the seller over!!!! 1/5

    By RaiderNation44
    I sold a pair of True Blue 3s and I took the exact amount of pictures that they asked for, shipped them out and gave the buyer the tracking number and everything. But all of the sudden the buyer has the nerve to cancel the order??? So I have to pay $20 to get MY own shoes back. I sold the shoes for $200 and they took $40 off the bat. Please do not use this app!!!
  • Don’t get any shoes under 140$ on here 2/5

    By Gandalf2341
    it’s just too overpriced, you can get the same shoe on retail for 20$ less
  • Love GOAT 5/5

    By RenoBighorns
    Have bought 5 pairs and they have arrived promptly and always on time. Whenever I had an inquiry regarding any steps in the process, they were answered quickly and always on point.
  • Umm 1/5

    By hittafl0res
    I ordered a pair of shoes in my regular size . I’m the same size for majority of sneaker brands and I know my size for Nike . I looked for any details on the fitting of the shoe, they claimed nothing on the fitting details. I got them and they run smaller than regular shoes. They’re also a skinnier fit . I try emailing someone from customer service to see if I can exchange them for a bigger size and I get a generic email sent back about the return process. So I send my shoes back and get told they don’t do exchanges and if I want the shoe back I have to pay a $9 shipping fee out of my own pocket . They had no details on the fitting of the particular shoe, were unclear about exchanges , made me pay to get my own shoes back, and left me stuck with a pair of shoes I have no use for . Someone help them with their shoe selling/shipping process please . What a disappointment/frustration .
  • What happened to the larger sizes 2/5

    By Eweath5516
    I was recently on the app and i noticed that all the larger sizes like 17 all disappeared. Normally there is a bunch and now all of a sudden they are all gone? Hopefully this is a bug and can be fixed
  • Bad 1/5

    By hfhfbcbcjjf
    I buy some shoes from here and emailed me sorry not for u broke boy
  • Scam 1/5

    By Ericle69
    I bought a pair of Jordan 12 taxi's off of this app and they were fake. I'm not a hater or anything but I've trusted goat for years and have been buying shoes from this app constantly. But when they let one fake get through and I didn't even check for it to be authentic because goat has never sold me fakes before so I didn't really think too much about thinking they're fakes. It even came with an authentic verification from one of their employees and it was even hand signed. But now when I ask customer service for help they say they'll respond in 48 bunnies hits but it's been weeks and looks like I'm not getting my money back for fakes they sell. It's complete bs. Never buying from goat again. StockX from now on or flightclub. Every time I email the customer support about something else they will email back in about half an hour but every time I ask help for the fake Jordan 12 taxis I got from them. I never get an email back. I've emailed them about it the fakes and then they don't respond but when I ask for something else they respond quick. It's weird, I wonder why they do this.
  • Trusted 5/5

    By GhetLhaid
    I ordered a pair of yeezys and everything was extremely trustworthy, legit, and of great quality. I love being able to track the status within the app the most
  • Price filter 4/5

    By Navooh
    Could we please get a price filter then this app will be perfect.
  • Poor customer sevice 1/5

    By Lola.land
    First time buying shoes here for my husband... according to the website the buyer has 3 hours to cancel the order yet the seller has 72 hours. My seller cancelled 5 DAYS LATER! They take 5 days to refund my money at which point I was already charged interest on my card and the shoes are now $80 dollar more. In addition, to all the money involved the new pair I bought 10 days (5 days to get cancelled and the 5 days for refund) later at another website will make it just in time for the occasion. This company does not care about it’s customers time or money as when I emailed them.. the most I got was a: “ we are sorry for your inconvenience” in addition to my name misspelled. They mentioned they are penalizing seller for this actions but at no point was any compensation offered to me for their poor management. I don’t think I will ever be buying or better yet attempt to buy from them again...
  • Fraud 1/5

    By defrauded by GOAT
    The people that work for this company are frauds. I sent them a brand new pair of shoes that I bought at release yet GOAT claimed that they were worn and the sole was repainted! Then, they sent me photos of a pair of shoes that was not the pair I sent them! I don’t even know what to do because they want me to pay $20 for them to send a pair of shoes back that is not the pair I sent them! I can tell you that this app is fraudulent. I am considering a class-action lawsuit for others going through similar problems with this joke of an app.
  • I hope Qatar allows this app 3/5

    By Angelli Armamento
    Im a sneaker head and I’ve been wanting to buy a lot of the shoes they have but unfortunately Qatar isn’t an option In the delivery section. Please if someone can fix that I’ll be forever great full.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By KevinDursnt35
    Have both bought and sold on goat, super user-friendly and easy and they have the lowest prices on the market for the most part.
  • New 2.0 Design Is.. 4/5

    By ParkisonsMartyMcFly
    Would’ve kept this at a 5 star but the 2.0 design looks tacky on the front page with all the new black lines and they way all the shoes are categorized..certainly not as ‘pretty’ as it used to look
  • Fake/defective shoes 1/5

    By __off__white__
    I ordered a pair of yeezy powerphases (grey) and everything went completely smooth until I got the shoes. When I opened the box I noticed the box had defects but i didn’t think it was a problem because after all it is just the box. When I saw the shoes they looked ok until I tried them on. After taking a closer look at the shoes I noticed that the shoes were not the same. The left shoe and the right shoe were not the same color. The toe box was made out of a different material from the other. I was extremely frustrated and messaged them. I got 1 response and after that nothing happened. I continued to send them messages to see how I can get a refund but again, no response. I waited about 10 days for a response on what to do and still. nothing. The customer service of goat is completely awful. The shoe checking is worse. And the overall experience with goat was atrocious. I will never buy from goat. Anyone who wants to buy shoes just use stock x. Goat is terrible.
  • Since latest update, app crashes/logs me out all the time. 2/5

    By D’Anconia Copper
    This app used to be stable. But, now it just crashes whenever I do stuff and logs me out.
  • Comments 4/5

    By goatuser
    I’ve ordered 3 pairs off GOAT and other then one pair having a scratch on the Nike sign they have all been good I would recommend it to see what you usually look at and make shoes they think you would like pop up first.
  • Tells me to update 1/5

    By k3836hey
    App tells me to update, i click the link to update and it says my app is already up to date and won’t let me get past the “update” screen in the app.
  • Change the FONT 5/5

    By Legend Eggnog
    I like the app the thing is that the font when you click on a shoe it is EXTREMELY ugly please change that and the layout. THANK YOUUU
  • Still no landscape support 2/5

    By Anima Poliatevska
    Oh hey, GOAT updated! Nice new loading screen... Oh but it's still portrait orientation only. You guys seriously need to get on this already for us iPad users
  • I’d give zero stars if I could 1/5

    By SRC4700
    Used to buy and sell all the time on goat and never had a problem. Now that they have gotten too big for themselves. They can’t keep track of sneakers coming in and out. The photos they sent back to me of the shoes they say I shipped were clearly different. Their customer service does not even read the tickets that get opened. Basically they are out to screw you
  • Delete and or never download! 1/5

    By Int'T
    Would never use them ever again. They are the worst to deal with! Go over to Flight Club where you actually get what you want.
  • To those complaining... 5/5

    By Sithithavorn
    I’ve seen a lot of reviews of people complaining about sellers canceling an order & GOAT refunding their money. They claim it’s unfair because the prices go up in the time they waited. Well guess what? It isn’t unfair because that’s how the game goes! This is the RESALE market, not a retail market with set prices! Prices fluctuate up & down depending on the specific seller. And if a seller decides to cancel an order, that’s their choice...not GOAT’s. There is no way to regulate that because GOAT isn’t an actual selling company (with an exception to some listings belonging to GOAT) but more of a middleman/authenticating service working with sellers all around the world. Yet GOAT does a good job at warning & punishing sellers that cancel too many times with higher commission or suspension. It’s also not GOAT’s fault if multiple sellers raise their prices...that’s their decision. YOU don’t have to pay the prices that are listed & that’s your decision. Just move on! A shoe is only worth what YOU are willing to pay for. And you all complain about poor customer service when there is legitimately nothing they can do about situations like sellers canceling orders & raising prices? If you play this game long enough you’re bound to take home some L’s. That’s how resale works. Get over it.
  • CRASHES 3/5

    By grantseymour88
    This app is honestly great for buying legit sneakers. But it crashes and shuts down way too much. It’s kinda difficult to buy a pair of shoes when you are putting in the shipping information and then all of a sudden the app closes on you.... 👎🏻🤬
  • Awful App to buy shoes 1/5

    By Amilcar Calderon
    I bought a shoes with this app and I chose the wrong size, when I returned the shoes they were supposed to give me a refund and instead they gave goat credits to buy shoes only with GOAT and besides that they did give me the whole amount back they took 30 bucks from and I return the shoes one day after I got them, These guys are thieves, they stole my money, I think I am better off buying my shoes in amazon. If you don’t want to have a bad experience with the Goat app then you should avoid purchasing anything from this App.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By mean brobean
    I bought a pair of ultra boosts 8 days ago still hasn’t been authenticated, this is ridiculous. If u want shoes in 3-4 days this is not the way to go. They also won’t even answer any of my emails, and they already have my money, they are very sketchy. Definitely the last time I buy from these crooks that could care less if you get ur shoes. DONT BUY FROM THEM.
  • Quality control issues 1/5

    By Cberdahl
    Don’t believe these one-time shopper reviews about the GOAT, most these people aren’t really buying lots of shoes. I’ve purchased over 8 pairs of shoes from GOAT (“greatest of all time”) in the last 2 months and at least 5 have had issues that were missed by the certification team. Everything from scuffs, grease marks and scratches. But today topped it! They certified my Jordan’s (blk/blk) but instead of getting the color I ordered, I received a pair that was white/green(??!). If I could upload pictures it would make you think twice about using this platform. Buyers beware!! Ps. You’ll never get your money back if they mess up, just website credit.
  • Easy way to sell shoes. 5/5

    By The best Grundy
    Never had an issue with goat.
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By DeReggKTA
    App keeps crashing when I try to view shoe sizes. Thanks Ugly God 😤😤

    By Cm1135
    Goat has delayed my shipment for a month and a half. I have sent them email after email trying to figure out what is going on but still. Don’t have my shoes. They tell me they have a team that works around the clock to figure out these problems yet I still have not received my shoes. As far as I’m concerned they scammed me. I would recommend buying from stock x or kixify. Do not buy from here.
  • Fix your glitches 2/5

    By jglaus77
    As a long time goat seller the platform is good. The customer service is trash. And there are glitches. Why fix it to 2.0 yet not remove glitches with pricing and when you are on your seller list it glitches to the top.
  • This app is really amazing! 5/5

    By AustinsReviewsApps
    I was looking through the reviews and was a little bit weary the shoes I ordered wouldn’t actually come through. GOAT has a way of tracking your purchases and knowing what exactly is happening, plus they tell you your order number so you can track the package via USPS. I received my shoes in less than a week, which is really fast since I live on the east coast and GOAT is based in California. Thanks GOAT for shipping my sneakers. 100% NOT A SCAM, list most other reviews say.
  • Bad Business. Use StockX 1/5

    By Swurrve
    Goat has by far the worst customer service. I received defective shoes. Made a complaint but no one had gotten back to. It’s going on 2 weeks now with no reply. I’ve contacted them multiple time no answer. They could care less about their customers. Do not do business with them you will get burned by them at the end. BAD BUSINESS.
  • So good 5/5

    By hsshjsj

    By Hrueheuwiejdhd
    this app is great
  • Much Better with Each Update... 3/5

    By grafxkid
    **Updated on 4/15/18 - I tried to add a pair for over $2K and unfortunately the app only allows Sellers to submit $2K and under. This should be changed instead of having to contact support every time.** With the latest updates to the app, more warehouses to handle demand, and improvements to the customer service, I’m thrilled to see what the future holds. If I’m going to nitpick, I’d say that I wish the app mimicked the website where the link for ‘View All Bids’ has a 3rd row for ‘# Available”. This shows the user how many people are bidding at a particular price. The app does not show this (not that I’m aware of). So currently, if I’m using the app and want to place a bid, but I want to see how many other bidders have the same bid price already, I have to switch over to the StockX website on my phone’s browser and check. I wish the app also had this.

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