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GOAT – Shop Sneakers App

GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers. We offer free verification services on all purchases to ensure your sneakers are authentic and as described. Featured in the Los Angeles Times, Complex, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Techcrunch and more. BUY Buy with confidence. All sellers are vetted, photos are verified and we require all sneakers to come to us for verification by our specialists prior to shipping to you. If the sneakers are found to be falsely advertised, we’ll notify you and offer a full refund immediately. SELL Sell your sneakers in minutes by simply taking photos and setting a price. We provide data to help you set a price and our Offers feature shows what buyers are willing to pay to help you sell more quickly. We also provide a prepaid, pre-addressed label to make shipping easy. DISCOVER Browse over 725,000 sneakers for sale including Nike, Air Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance and more. View curated lists of sneakers to help you discover what to buy next and view Onfeet photos added by our members.

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GOAT – Shop Sneakers app reviews

  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Pete cwc
    Felt scammed and lost a $450 pair of shoes. Strange and unintelligent communication. DO NOT TRUST THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Antlive617
    This app is the worst , I have trying for two weeks to place a offer on shine shoes and it will not let me . Also tried contacting support and they keep saying that they will follow up with me. Come on GOAT Stock X’s app is flawless
  • Goat review 2/5

    By kurtybirdy
    Goat is okay. Sometimes you can get lucky and find deals so it’s always worth it to look but most of the time I see overpriced shoes compared to other sites/apps (yes I’m aware people can list a shoe at whatever price they choose) and their seller fees/penalties are crazy
  • Great app! 5/5

    By S. Langi
    Placed my first order! Love the app and it’s design. Very simplistic and minimalistic, but easy to figure out and use. Excited to see how this order, and hopefully more, turns out. Only feedback would be I wish there was a way for a buyer to connect more with a seller (e.g. seller contact information, short bio, previous sales history, etc.) it would make the app much better and promote safer sales; but I do understand that GOAT wants its app to be a basic “browse and buy/sell” only. Will update soon! Here’s the update!, My order came in 11 days, due to weather conditions along its route, but only a one day over the promised 7-10 day delivery. Was happy and excited to open the package and it contained everything as promised! A brand new pair of shoes in a pristinely handled box, with a tailored note to prove authenticity. Couldn’t be more satisfied! Will be ordering another pair very soon. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a way to shop sneakers of any type with out all the hassle of stores, lines, or scams! Big thanks to the GOAT Team!
  • Love your app 5/5

    By bdhduhdhd
    Amazing can find all the shoes you want on here. I did not buy anything on here but I find out about a lot of sneakers here it helps me out a bunch.
  • Вадим 5/5

    By важо
    Отличное приложение рекомендую всем
  • They’ll deny your shoes if from StockX 1/5

    By Cberdahl
    More than once I’ve sold shoes on GOAT and the only time my shoes get rejected are if there’s a StockX sticker or tag attached. They give false reasons like “shoes are worn”... um no, that’s why there’s a stockx tag attached to the shoe. “The box is damaged”... um no, StockX doesn’t ship shoes out that have bad boxes. It’s always something...
  • GOAT - Review 5/5

    By Drinbin
    Goat is an amazing me app, you can get shoes for low prices, you can make an offer even if its to high! That’s the best part about the app and it keeps you on top of the show game with giving you notifications of the latest shoes, it’ll send you an email for discounts and prices. This is a great app!
  • App is broken 1/5

    By basedbrian
    This is sus idk if they can be trusted
  • Ehhhh 4/5

    By jskoonk
    I can’t say that I’ve used a better shoe purchasing app. This is the one. For now. Until something better comes up. Haven’t tried stock x. I’ve been delayed for 1 week through goat on my Bred 4’s. And I don’t know if the people who verify the sneakers are blind but factory mistakes on shoes (paint, excessive glue, etc.) are commonly overlooked. I myself have had a couple of pairs that have had minor issues but I wear mine any ways. Be sure to let Goat know for scuffs or creases, glue, chipped, cracked or excessive paint. I heard they discount your next purchase by like $10.
  • Dont buy from here! 1/5

    By $neaker head
    I ordered some yeezys on their site well over $500 and when it got delivered either ups lost my package or it was stolen. They didn’t want to give me a refund nore goat credit. These guys are a scam never buy from here, buy your shoes from a site that will take care of customers first before themselves.
  • Exactly what I thought would happen 1/5

    By jorrgyson
    I bought a pair of Yeezy Frozen yellow 350 v2’s and I was excited because I wanted to rock them out for graduation and this was my first purchase from this app. So I wait basically a whole week to get told they are fake. So I basically just wasted my time. And I like in a part of the country I have no real good way of getting hype beast shoes such as Yeezy’s and ect. I am just disappointed. #fail
  • Great app 5/5

    By Randolph Vermont
    I've bought a few pairs of shoes from this app and it's been great came in a reasonable amount of time. It's not complicated to buy. just an all around great app.
  • Best sneaker app 5/5

    By Gangoholic
    Bought multiple sneakers from this app and it’s lit
  • Fees are too high 3/5

    By cvhdjmznb
    Seller fees and transfer fees too much
  • Easy buy, too many fees to sell. 9% then another 3% to get my own money? 1/5

    By dev master flex
    Stock X just as shady. Buy but can’t return but will happily sell what you just bought at a loss and for 13% in fees.
  • Horrible business 1/5

    By shoeman4567
    I order a new pair of shoes that were supposedly verified. They sent me used shoes that have been cleaned. This is a scam. Who wants to wait 2 weeks to get used shoes and then pay to have them shipped back??
  • Scam? 1/5

    By Bdthzrugsx
    I’ve sent my sneakers to you and the support told me to send them the prove that I really put it into the access point, then I send it to the support two days ago. Yesterday day I found out that my order has been cancelled, now my stuff is on its way to you and your support didn’t even reply me since two days ago. Very poor service, and slow reply, very disappointed.
  • This company is the WORST - 0 stars!!!! 1/5

    By nutsackcrackerjack
    First of all, I got stuck with a shoe I didn't want because I accidentally placed an order and the website would not let me cancel my order, even though I tried immediately after I was notified and before the seller confirmed the sale, so I contacted customer service. It took them a day to get back to me and the seller had already confirmed, but not shipped the package yet, so they told me I could return the shoe and lose almost $30 in shipping, and only get back $174 of the $200 I paid in store credit. I unwillingly told them to proceed because I will just resale the shoe and make my money back. Order number: 53354990 date: 2/28/19 I get the shoes, and post them on GOAT for sale, only removing them from the box to take the photos required to resale on the website. Never wore them. Left them in the original box they were shipped in from GOAT. Order number: 37972610 date: 5/14/19 The shoes are purchased on the website. I immediately confirm and print the shipping label. I ship them out the next morning. 5/20/19 Product arrives at GOAT and I am told that the shoes are damaged/worn and the box is damaged with photos provided. I respond saying that there is no way they are worn, and that the photos they sent had no evidence of wear. There was some scuffing on the side of the midsole and the corner of the box appears to have been smashed. the day I sent the shoes there was a tornado outbreak and I told them that this was probably do to shipping. They only give me the option of offering a discount. But the buyer declined the discount (I would to if I spent 220 on a pair of shoes and they were damaged). Now GOAT wants to charge me shipping to get my shoes back, which are now worth about half of what they were in the perfect condition I sent them in, or to have them consign them for 10% less than the lowest price they sell for. Either way I am going to lose money. All for a shoe I didn’t want in the first place. I have explained all this to them in email, because they don’t have any customer service phone number, and I have requested they help me file a claim with UPS compensate for the damages, but I get no response to my messages, just an automated “please select from the options (pay for return shipping or consignment) below”. I’m a college student trying to make back the rent money I didn’t want to spend on the shoes in the first place. This website/company has been nothing but trouble for me. And I would discourage anyone from ever using it.
  • Always on point/dependable 5/5

    By ZayYoungBull
    Never a worry with GOAT, even when a seller back out! GOAT got your back! Thanks!
  • Great for buying, not for selling 3/5

    By Game guy 1998
    Aside from the 55 dollars charged for my 525 dollar sale (which I see as a fair cut), I was charged 2.9 percent for the auto deposit to either my bank or to PayPal and I never get charged this same fee anywhere else
  • Worst company 1/5

    By alllakalaklalalal
    Don’t use this company, they will make an error and you will be charged with the ramifications even though you have emails from them....AWFUL COMPANY
  • The Real Goat 5/5

    By tysonkiddre
    Best Shoe App Ever , Very Legit .
  • Thumbs up 5/5

    By ralph892
    I haven’t used this app all that much but I just bought a pair of Samba’s and it was super easy. The layout was thought out and being able to use Apple Pay made the experience quick and painless. Great app that I am certain I will have more contact with in the future.
  • opsiones en español 5/5

    By 123guty
    deverian de tener opciones en enpañol
  • Goat is amazing 5/5

    By red bull gives me wings
    You get very great deals on shoes and a big selection
  • Bruh are you serious 3/5

    By Xxicebling888
    Never heard of a shoe store that sends you and authication before it’s delivered and your website needs to be fixed because I try to login but it keeps sending me back to home screen. How am I suppose to do the authication if the app is not working
  • Sneakers 5/5

    By The Big Cat!
    Not sure what to say...first purchase
  • Fast delivery! 5/5

    By Juk22
    Got my order within a week!
  • Payment 3/5

    By Nicole - love this app
    I could not use my PayPal acct. 🙁
  • GOAT 4/5

    By Xadielito23
    Really good place to buy and sell shoes. Only bad thing about it is the 2.9% ACH or PayPal fees when transferring your earnings. Like you are already taking 9.5% and 5$, isn’t that enough?
  • Great app for shoe shopping 5/5

    By Twitch.tv/cossars
    I recommend using this app.
  • Bugged 1/5

    By Dale8240
    App won’t let me download it keeps saying loading then stops!
  • Stoopppppppp!!!! 1/5

    By josue145
    Don’t buy shoes from GOAT I ordered a pair a while ago and I never got it.take your money somewhere else
  • Good app, but 3/5

    By RaeUhh
    I feel like there should be a way to see if the seller of used shoes have been active on the site and also be able to message them because I’ve purchased multiple used shoes and EVERY SINGLE TIME the seller never confirmed my purchase/bailed on me, but money was taken out of my account and they (GOAT) say they will refund me, but I’m a little nervous that they will not. If I could have messaged the seller or saw their activity it would help me to know if I should trust them and buy from them.
  • Not A Great App 1/5

    By _derek9867
    I think it’s not a great app because I put my email in the registering one time and it said email as already been taken they should change it and have it to anybody can put in the same email not just one person this app it just stupid really HIGH priced shoes don’t like that because sellers make a shoe price like 10k even though they bought it for like 1k that’s stupid
  • It’s lit 5/5

    By malik matthews
    It’s lit
  • Don’t stand behind their business model 1/5

    By Matt State
    I bought a pair of 2012 BRed Jordan 4’s for $300. First pair they said was painted and they didn’t certify. Huh? Wore them twice and the paint in the show started coming off. Contacted them within 30 days and filed complaint. No return...nothing! Just some BS about how this happens with older shoes and that’s why they need to be worn. Never seen a pair of shoes have the paint just fall off without real use. This stuff flakes off. They were BS shoes and Goat verified and certified them and didn’t stand behind them when it mattered. I have purchased close to 20 pairs of sneakers from them...that was my last. F U Goat. Hope that $300 you saved was worth losing a customer and any other lost customers that come from this review.
  • Read 5/5

    By BYOB FC
    Hook It Up With Some Heat Goat Fam🔥
  • GOAT 5/5

    By Gr8Doran
    It’s GOAT what else is there to say. One of the best apps that allow you by used and new.
  • Amazing app and site 5/5

    By shoehappyAJ
    Me being a taller regular dude finding certain shoes for my shoe size can be difficult when it’s the ones that are special!! Process was smooth and the fact that I can look specifically for shoes for my multiple sizes at once (most sites or apps do not do) I love it
  • Great but needs work 4/5

    By WOrl7
    Definitely has a better database of shoes than any other reseller sight out there. I have some rare finds and they had them when Stock X doesn’t even have a clue and make me do the work for them of letting them know what I’m selling. Anyways, app works smooth with the exception of being able to add multiple pairs of shoes into my collection. Need to work out some of the kinks. Frustrating because I am wanting to at least create my collection in my account so that when I get approved as a Seller all I have to do is hit a button but can’t.
  • Excellent site! 5/5

    By Treypriority
    I really enjoy using the goat app the buy and sell my shoes
  • No title. 5/5

    By jashias
    Lots of style and sizes selection. I can’t imagine that I can sell this shoes and I can make offer. Maybe my slim chances are too low. But I can wait and perhaps I will wear them. I’ve been buying this shoes, but not too expensive. I wait until they go on sale sometimes. Thanks.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By jsdhdidjabxoxidvfbmxudvdbd
    I have always wanted a pair of human races but not for the price of $400. I go on goat and find the shoes for $260 and I was skeptical at first. But I got them and they came a week later with an authenticity guarantee and looked perfect with no scuffs. This app is a must if you want some new shoes.
  • In GOAT I Trust 5/5

    By NeilFunk
    The best at getting authentic shoes. Only trust GOAT
  • Wack app don’t get it 1/5

    By DiorTahoe
    I ordered some bred 4s and payed $25 for 2 days shipping and they made me wait 5 days to get my shoes . And they didn’t refund the money either. Wack app . Scam app. Lame
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Justalehh
    Love it as an app omg!
  • Good, until you buy. 1/5

    By haddy35
    I was browsing Goat and StockX for some sneakers. I placed a few bids on some lightly used sneakers, but found a pair of sneakers on StockX that I liked instead. I cancelled the bids I left on the used sneakers and purchased the sneakers on StockX instead. Then, I get an email saying a bid that I CANCELLED was accepted, and the app failed to notify me as well. At this point I need to cancel one of the orders because both sneakers were ~$200 and the two transactions combined drained my account. I told Goat service what happened, and got a response that said it was by a Goat employee but was written as a bot email and did not mention my problems whatsoever and just stated the Goat return policy. After that i've sent over 5 more messages to the "24/7" service, and have not gotten a response since. Now I need to go to the bank and cancel a transaction that never should have went through. Never buying from here again, and Goat still has yet to reach out and resolve my case. I hope this review changes that.

GOAT – Shop Sneakers app comments

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