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GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel App

GOAT is the global platform for style. Discover the largest selection of sneakers, apparel and accessories including just dropped, sold out and future releases–all in one place. Now shipping to over 164 countries. SHOP LEADING BRANDS Shop over a million listings of sneakers, apparel and accessories from the world’s emerging, contemporary and luxury brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garcons, Acne Studios, Gucci and more. SELECT WANTS AND PLACE OFFERS Find the right product at the right price. Set alerts and place offers. GET INSPIRED Read Greatest, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists as well as industry veterans who continuously pave the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond. REST ASSURED All sellers, retailers and boutiques are vetted, and all sneaker orders are verified by hand to ensure they are authentic and as described.

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  • Bruh 1/5

    By op is not my dad
    Bruh. Package was promised in 7-10 days. At the time I ordered the shoes there was no closures or delays due to Coronavirus. Their FAQ at the time of the order said they were open for business. I even triple checked after I ordered my shoes if they were open, and was told by Nia they were indeed open. The day after nia told me they were open, I received an email from GOAT saying my package was delayed. Annelyn, then told me that they were trying to find someone near me who could get me my shoes. It has now been 9 business days, and they just found a new seller, and it hasn’t even been sent to GOAT. Felt misled, and was very upset I paid this much in taxes and shipping just to have trash service. Never ordering from GOAT again.
  • Poor customer service and shipping time 1/5

    By Lemonhead89
    First off, their customer service is nonexistent. Absolutely useless, other than repeating the process of how buying shoes work. Second, if you want your shoes in a decent time(less than 3 weeks) you should buy from an actual retailer. Do your research before looking to buy shoes from them.
  • Two week minimum delivery 1/5

    By Alex W Lowe
    Man... I’ve used the Goat app to get shoes I can’t get anywhere else, and that aspect is incredible. What is not so incredible is the wait time and processing time. I ordered my shoes over two weeks ago and they still haven’t been shipped to me after being verified 4 days ago... not sure the reasoning behind the delay, but I’m still waiting on shoes I spent a few hundred on. Shoes are great but processing is that of amateurs
  • Better than stock x 5/5

    By Hungry UCF student
    They recently increased shipping/authentication price from $10 to $12 and are very slow to process during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Dayday38hunna 5/5

    By Dayday38humma
    I been use goat app scenes 2019 they app is good if I miss out on the new Jordan’s plus can find a lot of shoes u will like
  • Sell your items somewhere else 1/5

    By FatherTimd
    Between the ridiculous commission %’s that GOAT takes and the lack of any type of customer support (buyer or seller), this company is a joke. You’re better off selling your shoes on eBay for no fees or direct selling. GOAT has no interest in keeping consumers happy, they strictly want your money for doing nothing but giving you a shipping label. With so much accessible information out there now, spend a little time on how to recognize fakes and you’ve now become your own “GOAT”.
  • ‼️ 3/5

    By ThatBabyAintMine
    For the love of god, fix your app’s logo. It’s been showing up as blank icon for months.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Litsniper77
    This app is amazing. I’ve had several questions and problems before. Sent goat message and within hours a response. Overall a great store bought and sold several shoes.
  • Lit 5/5

    By JustNyce
    Love Goat!!!
  • Most Reliable 4/5

    By Deal, JL
    I’ve only experience but the best service from GOAT. Authentic, Reliable, people you can trust!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Aaylife
    Great way of getting shoes you’ve always wanted
  • Do not use goat 1/5

    By f o f f
    I bought a pair of shoes months ago and still received nothing nor my money back and I have my purchases recorded I will sue if it means $180 back in my wallet
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By kawilleni
    I bought my shoes hoping they would ship but it took like a week for the seller to confirm that they were coming and then I emailed goat and they said they would find a new seller in 24-48 hours then canceled my order and those same shoes I wanted went up buy 20 dollars and the seller is a flake and goat didn’t do anything about it. DONT BUY FROM GOAT waste of time and money
  • I did not like it 1/5

    By des howard
    Took too long to give me my money for products
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By firsttimeneveragain
    These people don’t read their customer’s emails—and my order took almost a month before it even shipped! I had asked for them to cancel my order MULTIPLE times and they just waited it out until my order finally shipped. Do NOT use goat. There are other services out there with better and reliable customer service.
  • The app does what it’s supposed to do 5/5

    By nina7702
    My first time ordering I was very skeptical because I was looking at the reviews left claiming how Goat will scam you etc. i personally had a great experience, my shoes came in three days, great condition and at a great price!! I am a buyer so I am not sure how it is on the seller side. However my overall experience was great, and will definitely order again.
  • Orders never confirm 2/5

    By Sammylebron
    Half the orders I have done go unconfirmed or never shipped.the sellers on goat are never trying to sell their shoes. I don’t know why they put shoes up if they can’t sell them.
  • The best 5/5

    By Twwewww
    Awesome and easy to use
  • Sold a couple pairs already! 5/5

    By iKnightWolc
    I really love this app! Gonna continue selling through here!
  • Bunch of scammers 1/5

    By TheKitchenBoss
    I ordered some off white dunks brand new and paid too dollar for them because the market is so competitive. After over a week of waiting they never shipped to me and I asked for a refund and they said they can’t issue a refund. After asking when my shoes will ship multiple times and being ignored most of them, I was told that everything is going usual but when I track my package it never even made it go their facilities. They’ll lie and tell you whatever you want to hear to take your money until they have it and their service is complete garbage. I still want my money back and they refuse to pay it. Screw goat and their employees. I work hard for my money.
  • Shipping Increased 4/5

    By grafxkid
    I love y’all, but in hard times such as now, don’t you think some type of communication is warranted after you increased shipping rates from $10 to $12 now? Keep the communication open and please remain transparent. It’s what holds you above your competitors. Don’t be like them, please.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By 19sjs85
    Goat has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with no one is willing to help find a solution to the problem the having. If you buy something you expect to get that product in a timely manner. I’ve been waiting almost 4 weeks after my order was placed and I still don’t have my item. I asked for help to find out what was going on this my shipment because the site is telling me it verified and giving me a ups trucking number. The tracking number tells me that the shipment is waiting on ups pickup and it stays that way for a week message for to see why they tell me it would be shipped in 48hrs and wait so 48hrs passes no change message in again now I get ok I’ll make sure it gets shipped it will be to you in 96hrs or 4 days. 4 days go by no change to the status of the shipping order message in again and say if ups isn’t picking up can u send it a different way cause it’s been over a week now since it was supposed to be shipped to me and 48hrs later they change it from ups to fedex and I have a estimated arrival date for like 3 day later so I’m happy. 3 day goes buy wait to get the package didn’t get it now I’m mad look at the app has not shipped same thing as ups. Message fedex to see what’s going on they tell me they don't have the package so message back in to goat and they tell me they will look into it wait 48 hrs and still nothing happen now I’m message for help and trying to find out what’s going on and they ghost me no reply to my emails nothing then they just close out my help order with a generic response and I still don’t have my shoes that I’ve already paid for I will never buy anything off the goat app again StockX is way better don’t use goat
  • Let’s try again 5/5

    By charrysew
    Things didn’t go to well with my last package but I’m out of work do to cornavirus so I can’t miss this one
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By jose622
    Horrible customer service says it takes one to two days to authenticate shoes took over two weeks must not know a lot about shoes if it takes them that long to see if shoes are real or not
  • Thank you Goat 5/5

    By Viciousvictorywon
    So I have bought more then my far share of shoes from Goat and StockX. Goat is just better , there customer service is the best period point blank.
  • Good While it Lasted 1/5

    By Lil Egg Man
    I ordered several pairs of shoes here. They all arrived moderately smoothly until my last pair of shoes. The first problem was that they arrived later than usual. Second, they were the wrong shoes! It was a pair that I wouldn’t give to my greatest enemy. Besides that, when I talked to support to solve the problem, they ghosted me! In my opinion, the worst part of the whole ordeal was that it was a pair of shoes for my little brothers birthday. He had recently got out of the ICU for a traumatic brain injury, and the whole family wanted to celebrate by spoiling him. Not only did he not get his gift but I felt like a terrible brother. I still have the pair of shoes to this day because I wasn’t going to pay to return a pair of shoes that I didn’t buy.
  • Best app 5/5

    By kJxsson
    Great app for buying shoes and very trustable, happy they added clothing to their site also, can’t wait to buy again
  • Good 5/5

    By R. Herling
    This Site is the Sh*t!
  • So Many Orders Canceled 1/5

    By Mr X jet pack
    1) ordered my pair of Golf le fuer shoes cancelled, did not give my money back only credit 2) ordered same shoe in different color, canceled, 3) ordered another pair of shoes, canceled I highly do not recommend shipping on this site, they refund my order in store credit, but when I order a shoe they just cancel it, basically just taking my money! I highly do not recommend getting or ordering off this website!
  • Haven’t received shoes in almost 2 weeks. 5/5

    By Kingdame96
    I haven’t received my shoes in almost 2 weeks and paying extra for my shoes that was supposed to be an instant ship. Really disappointed and customer service barely getting back to me.
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By za176
    Sold Yeezy’s on this app, they said they recieved them, and it’s been over a week since they got them, and NO word on a payout. I am -$300 now! Reached out to customer service which is nonexistent. No replies. Will contact my bank! SCAM SCAM SCAM. AVOID!
  • Great 5/5

    By Juan P Angel
    I’ve bought like pairs of shoes off goat and I’ve had no problems all I can say is it’s so easy to use and you can buy new or use👌🏽
  • Don’t recommend this app to sellers 1/5

    By asdfasdfh
    I’ll try to keep it short and simple. Basically I sold my shoes— shipped them the next day. Now it’s been 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks) since they had to send my payout. Tried to contact support but it’s awful as expected. Thanks GOAT for taking my shoes and never replying back. Looking forward to hearing from you :(
  • Last resort 2/5

    By Pack menacedeocic
    The goat app has become borderline non-functional. You cannot offer on items, select addresses, or payment types for whatever reason. You will find yourself stuck and frustrated, and with no response from Goat in regards to how to fix the problem.
  • Stock x is way better 1/5

    By Hurrikanehulk
    Order some shoes and showed order was on the way for 3 weeks. Contacted them and they said I should’ve received, even though the tracking number showed never delivered. Took them another 2 weeks to cancel and refund me. I will never use them again.
  • Air Max Day 1/5

    By MannyXolo
    I lost all respect after that air max day scam
  • Best place to buy sneakers 5/5

    By Sprite LeBrons Mix
    Goat is the first place I look for all my sneakers I have bought over ten pairs and have had no complaints. The one thing people don’t realize is that if their order gets canceled it’s the sellers fault and not goats, goat is just the middle man. Sometimes the sellers take a little bit to ship the shoes but once goat has the shoes and ships them to you, you get them very quick. I think that sellers who cancel the order, or don’t ship the shoes on time need to get penalized more. Something else that would be helpful is if you could see how many people have viewed the shoes your selling and a like button to see if anyone has liked your product. Other than that, this is the best app, prices are always good and I’ll always use goat.
  • App is fine but the actual business is garbage 1/5

    By SRC4700
    Terrible customer service. Agents pick and choose when to follow policies. I’ve had orders be cancelled if they were scanned into ups by 7pm even though some pickups occur at 8 or 9 even. Then they will allow some orders several days beyond their deadline and still not even cancel. Just had an order sit on the sellers end for 9 days, goat didn’t cancel shoes dropped in value over that span but still forced the sale through on day 10 from a new seller even though I specifically said that was not ok.
  • FEES 1/5

    By Anti-Shirt App
  • Goat is the goat 5/5

    By manny09272003
    Goat is a very easy to use shoe shopping app.
  • Can’t Even Register 1/5

    By TiffanyBlue Tarot
    After not heeding the warnings I’d been give about GOAT and ignoring the multiple negative reviews in the App Store, I successfully downloaded the app. That is where this adventure ends. I am unable to register as a new user, whether I link my Instagram account or not. Perhaps the Universe just saved me from any further headaches. I can’t help but believe GOAT must really, truly be more trouble than it is worth. And I am now okay with that. ✌️😎
  • Bueller? 1/5

    By crayolavirus
    Still waiting on my order 2 1/2 weeks later. No update, zilch. Awful customer service. Am sticking with StockX after this is resolved.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By 🙄🤭😡😑😰🤥😬
    It’s so easy and proficient. Most things are priced well.
  • The best app/site 5/5

    By Danger15!
    Literally the best app/site based upon ease of use, pics, price, and verification... I’ve purchased a couple pairs now of collectible or outdated shoes... don’t waste your time with EBay (they’re okay too) but this is where sneakerheads come for commerce. I like feeling confident that folks that know more than me are running the show and keeping BS, knockoff snd bootlegs away! I’m a legit customer with no dog in the fight here except wanting to get what’s promised and what I pay for, and I get it here... this is a solid endorsement because everywhere you go you’re worried about getting scammed, not here though. Buy with confidence.
  • Straight trash 1/5

    By 444+222=???
    Every time I pay for some shoes, it always says, “we’re sorry, but we can’t process your payment “ even tho I have the money to buy the shoes. I’ve tried it three times with my credit card, my dad tried his credit card, and I tried my paypal. This app is a fraud. Don’t trust this app.
  • Fast 5/5

    Quicker than quick with a simple point and click
  • Recommend this app 5/5

    By eupidgsks
    I bought two shoes off goat they came in a week in PERFECT condition I bought them for less than it cost on Nike! Plz get this app it will SAVE YOU MONEY!

    By GOAT is a bad app
    They haven’t been forthcoming about how their operations have been impacted by COVID-19. They’re holding payout for any shoes you’ve sold. The app continues to have issues. The customer service responses (if you can miraculously get one) are unhelpful and don’t lead to resolutions.
  • Wasted time and effort!! 1/5

    By Ike737
    There verification specialist made a mistake that cost me time and money. I just had to pay for shipping to get my NEW shoes sent back to me because they were deemed used when in fact they are not. The pictures Goat sent me back did not outline where the shoes showed wear and tear. For all I know they could be sending me back a pair of fakes. Guess after this I will send them to stock X to get them verified the right way.

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel app comments

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