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  • Current Version: 0.60.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Compatibility: Android
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IT’S TIME TO BECOME THE WORLD’S GREATEST KING!! Compete on the ultimate battleground against epic monsters and tyrannical enemy kings in the vast 3D world of God Kings! Raise an eternal empire and build an army, the likes of which have never been seen! Your strategy, your victory! Summon legendary Guardians and unleash devastating damage upon all those who stand opposed! Join forces with other strong kingdoms and grow your influence on the battlefield together! FEATURES • Build your empire in unseen beautiful 3D graphics • Forge an alliance with your friends and other players and conquer your enemies’ territories • Summon legendary Guardians and evolve them into the ultimate battle machines • Command your Guardians and mighty armies to win in epic PvP battles • Capture and sacrifice your enemies’ Guardians to strengthen your empire • Research Divine Powers to shape the destiny of your troops and economy • Fight in diverse regions such as deserts, jungles, the arctic or volcanoes General Terms and Conditions: https://legal.innogames.com/portal/en/agb Imprint: https://legal.innogames.com/portal/en/imprint

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  • I like this game 5/5

    By Reanamon
    I don’t think it need to go away but I will be positive if it can make a same as it but a different one as it but with the same thing I like this app so much I am not going to be so how it be with out it but I hope it stay on for all year long
  • El juego se está reiniciando 4/5

    By Reydecierto
    La nueva actualización hace q el juego se reinicie o se cierre la aplicación. Hoy amanecí con ese problema se cierra a cada momento no se q problema sea el que tenga pero creo q es cosa de la aplicación. Por qué ya reinicié el celular y hice todo para q funcione pero sigue apareciendo el problema.
  • Unplayable 2/5

    By Yankee trav man
    This game was ok before the devs fixed everything with pay walls...just unplayable now bud. Click a button get ready to wait...click another button wait some more. So much lag it should be called Lag Kings! Just unplayable bud
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By Sheildmaiden93
    I enjoy this game alot and have made friends along the way.
  • Can’t even get started 1/5

    By HeavyHaulin
    Don’t even have enough resources to get the palace to three. Have fun with this game.
  • Cool!! 5/5

    I love the game just make Phoenix free
  • Moving goal posts 1/5

    By Ellimis
    They lure you in. Ever time you get close to being able to level up the developers move the goal post. Continual releases weakening guardian power, making it more and more difficult to to accomplish basic attacks. They have increased the the requirements to build and research for better troops. Newest addition made it impossible for players to gather material or attack wild beast they once could. Never a break for the players. Worst game developers ever.
  • Latest update favors strongest players 2/5

    By Daver202
    I used to love this game but the latest tweak has made it impossible for lower level players to get to highest levels. Play until level 15 because the game is very good. But after that there is no point because the strongest guilds will prevent you from being able to advance at anything more than a snail’s pace
  • Muy buen juego 4/5

    By tekolotl
    Solo que ahora le subieron mucho precio a las construcciones, y tambien toman mucho tiempo, eso seria bueno si hubiera sido asi desde un principio, ahora es dificil alcanzar a los de mas alto nivel, y ahora los mas chicos somos granjas, no hay chance de defenderse de un aponente grande, ademas unas veces los potenciadores, no se mira que hagan diferencia. Mi humilde opinion.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By gottahustle8
    I loved this game until 20 hours ago. The game forced me to log back in and I lost my level 20 palace which I busted my butt to build. I really loved the graphics, gameplay, and player interaction but to lose everything. Messaged the game via Facebook message nothing. Know I will never play another game from this developer ever again. Update: received a message saying it was an easy fix. Contacted the folks at the game and they said they think they can fix it and cannot compensate me anything at all for my rss lost. If I could give this game a lower rating than one star I absolutely would. Developers and customer service do not care about you after they have you hard earned money. Will pretty much never play this game again and dissuade anyone I know even remotely interested not to play it either.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Lompdawg
    I love this game!!!! I love how the banners move and you can actually see your marches marching! The only thing i wish for is to b able to mind my account in multiple ways for added security.
  • Best game ever. 5/5

    By S.A.B.E.R. Smurf
    When I got the game I started playing it was boring at first but when I was at level three the game became fun I had two guardians.
  • Hi 5/5

    By ₽rēdātør
    The game is awesome! I want something added to make it even more awesome. A custom avatar button. So u can take pictures and have them as ur avatar. That would be kool!

    By Jessebol24
    The devs on this game are thieves, do not play it, it’s a strategy game and if you use strategy to get in other. Players heads and it’s reported they will ban accounts no warning no questions and refuse to unban after it’s explained. They have banned multiple account over petty stuff, accounts people spend time and money on. They take your money then BAN YOUR ACCOUNT. This isn’t a one time thing, The game makers are thieves don’t give them your money make their games sink I’m posting on every game this developer makes so there isn’t more victims of their lazy game operations. UNBAN NOHA!
  • Rip off 1/5

    By 🦄Momma
    I was really enjoying the game until one of my good friends that brought me, and several others, to the game got banned. #unban Noha # AM4. Other people in game have also been banned on the words of players in another alliance using customer support against others to get an advantage. Yes, people in war games get angry, but to rat and tattle on other players just to get stronger players out of the way is not good sportsmanship. Customer service encourages this behavior. I agree that some behaviors should be controlled as in other games with silencing players but not banning people that have payed a lot of money for the privilege of playing their game. And without due process! Your money is not safe with these guys. Do not play!
  • Wanna get swindled, play on. 1/5

    By GodKingSucks
    Game went from fun and interactive, to pay $150 to level just one bldg. They have one bldg on lockdown “coming soon” since the game was opened, but they throw randomness into the game. They ban players, in a war game, for playing strategically. You file a report with a problem, and they could care less. They are “looking into it” but you never get an update. How does a person jump from 500m pwr to 2b pwr in a matter of minutes and its ok that he farm lower levels. The devs banned someone for using tactic against this guy and now want to ban him because the bigger wallet wins! Unban Noha, AM4. Dont be scared!
  • Beware. In app purchases won’t work. You’ll lose money 1/5

    By rayfielm
    Tried to purchase 9.99 in app purchase 2 times but didn’t get the diamonds and upgrades advertised (Guardian XP pack). My card was billed twice but I was defrauded by this app developer. No upgrade received but charged twice. Scammers.
  • “Balance” update 2/5

    The update was quoted as slight, but everyone who gets a “slight” raise at work would love to have the developers’ version of slight. Game is quite lopsided after update.
  • Everything perfect 5/5

    By decdec08
    God Kings is so good I’m speechless!

    By spencershay757
    I literally just downloaded this game and started playing it and I keep getting attacked my players who’s power is sky high. There isn’t anything that I can do about it. This game is a waste of time cause it’s not fair that higher level players can attack and burn very low level players and take all there resources and kill there guardian. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UNFAIR GAME!!!!!!!!
  • They steal your money. 3/5

    By Brother1brown
    I started playing this when it first came out. It’s super addictive and very fun. But they allow you to build your castle by spending time and money. Once you have grown super big they close the server so that non new players can come in. Once the server is closed it slowly dies and the old players start to quit due to no new players. Then Inno will open a new server but want allow you to move your palace over. They will give you an option to stay on the old server or allow you start completely over on the new server to only start the whole process over..Right now they are in their 4th server....
  • Broken game 1/5

    By hsjdjfiffifj
    At the start this was one of the better games I have played in a while. Of the genre it is rather polished with fun mechanics. Problems quickly arise though. For some reason the devs think it is a good idea for the paying players to be able to coin to high levels and constantly farm everyone. Once you get higher level there is no way to progress as the high level players farm you daily. A simple morale system would solve this like it does in other games from the developer but they chose to not bring it here. Another way to help this is to offer new worlds regularly to spread out the coiners. But they only have a single world. So all the coiners are max level and concentrated in a few groups which dominate everything.
  • Greatest game ever 5/5

    By Lyns67
    All around incredible
  • Love it, but I have a few suggestions 4/5

    By Sean109
    I love this game, I was addicted from the start, but there are a few things that I would change, when you kill a beast on the map, there is a chance it will spawn a shrine, well instead of these shrines only having elixir, I think they should also have material for the beast you killed to spawn it. I would also like to have a way to switch servers, I want to play with friends but, we weren’t all put on the same server. When you defeat a beast, you should get material from every beast, not just some of them, it annoys me and my whole alliance.
  • What I've been looking for 5/5

    By DehRaptor
    This game is different from the rest it has the style that makes u want to play it and keep playing and if I was a bot I wouldn't be saying such complleeeeeex stoof but no joke play this game and devs please can u add a ice elementel type Guardian plase it would be nice to have a new creature around the map
  • Fun game, but... 1/5

    By GTE yy
    I have played this game for about 2 months. I feel this game is a nice game for bullies. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE to fight back but to get slaughtered when the higher level players attack your hard build city and while farming for resources to build the city. There are many other games where players play against others, BUT they go against at about same levels. Not this game which the higher level players dominated the game and the beginner players have no chance to fight back and make this game dull/boring. For example,what’s fun while watching major leagues baseball play against little league? Also, PLEASE do something about the message blocking. The messages just keep coming in from ppl who want to harass you by using foul languages, racial slurs, and discrimination. Not sure how this game can be rated 9+ when there is no foul language control, it should be rated only for adult.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Dodie$$
    Battle mechanics off. No translator, can’t use emojis in chat. Setting shields when being attacked is wonky. Other war games perform better. Unless you can shield 24/7 this game isn’t for you.
  • Great game but 4/5

    By onmyback
    This is a great game, been playing for a while now, but recently a lot of players have left and moved to different server. I was hoping to be able to jump to different servers to play with friends. Is that possible? Is it possible to get emoji enable for iPad users?
  • Possible addition in the future? Fantastic game so far! 5/5

    By Anthonyt93
    Amazing game all around if you’re new or and old player you’re welcome to join the RIP- Reapers alliance and look me up (kingdom name) - Aj93 I think the game is graphically fantastic versus others of the same style out there. It’s an easy learning curve and the mission rewards are nice. My only point I’d like to add is (i know this game is still actively being updated and worked on which is amazing) that possibly add in moving the building plots around in each section to organize ones already built. Kudos to the teams (development & business) for a great game. I’ve already gotten things like boost packages out of the store and I don’t usually but you guys have got me hooked so I’m definitely going to keep supporting this game!
  • Addictive 5/5

    By johnnyblaze2008
    Game is super addicting
  • waiting 1/5

    By Toby woriner
    This is a waiting-based game. Lame
  • Love it but, 5/5

    By Hyped up man
    This game is really fun and I love it but there is one problem I’m having. I’m trying to disband my clan bit it won’t let me and I don’t know why so that’s why I came to you and I hope you can fix it
  • Like the game don’t like some of the mechanics 5/5

    By sillybug8
    I really like the game but there a few things that I would like to get changed such as the energy I can’t produce enough energy to shield if you could gain energy while you were shielded And the forge is still coming soon it’s been that way for a long time But besides that it’s a good game keep up the good work
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Camdenpark
    You don’t have to pay to enjoy this game. Lots of fun!
  • You want to mush space on phone 1/5

    By jim as jp
    It wudint dawn lode 😡😡😡😡😡
  • Being reported and getting suspended 1/5

    By BeastWar69
    Ok I got reported when I didn’t do any thing and I been at work most the day. It’s like u can report someone for nothing at all so I did like this game but now I’m annoyed cause I put so much money into this game and this kind of stuff happens. They need to do something about it and let me back in game or I’m quiting and taking all the people I brought to play this game.
  • Laggy and glitchy 2/5

    By Devil's pride
    I just downloaded this game and decided to try it out. I’m not even finished with the tutorial and I’m having issues. I’m trying to summon my first Guardian but it won’t go any further. The tutorial is telling me to click the “Guardians” button after selecting summon. The arrow points, I tap where it points, nothing happens. I tried restarting the app, nothing. I tried tapping other things around the screen, still nothing. This game seemed fun but it really needs some fixing before a proper rating can be given.
  • Good game but 1/5

    By Ensejam
    The game good but bad thing you can’t change server they put in server Approval Game Center so i found myself in server eu and most there talk French and German so i found myself lonely fish there
  • Not worth the time. 2/5

    By Trowa1983
    Was fun for the first like 5 days, then once you opening shield expires get attacked almost right away, destroying your troops. No real explanation on how to utilize upgradeable skills, like necromancy. Higher level troops are a pipe dream. Longer game play requires other people to use like dungeon quests. Overall not worth the 5 days I played.
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By smash0409
    The game is fun, great way to meet new friends as well. This is the only game I’ve been playing for 2 years straight. Unfortunately, I had to do a factory reset on my phone. Now I can’t get back to my original account. I’ve followed all the steps they’ve provided and it still didn’t work. I’ve sent messages, Stefan gave me the most generic response, as I’ve tried his ways many times too. Did not work. Someone also deleted my other tickets, like I’ve never even sent them. Very poor customer service. I’m not asking too much right? I just need you to help me link my account back. Thanks
  • Good concept but reviews were right... 3/5

    By CheeseDanish011
    Despite all the reviews talking about how impossible it was to actually grow in the game due to large players attacking small ones I still gave the game a try. The concept of the game is good but everyone is in one world, old and new players. I tried my best to keep a shield up but unless you put money in the game eventually you will run out. You can not grow in this game f2p as it stands. Do not get your hopes up My solution to this issue would be adopt a concept like Rise of Civilizations, where there are new worlds for new players, allowing new people to grow and play with similar power and skill.
  • P2W 1/5

    By GeminiDay
    This game was fun when I first started playing. Sadly, there are huge players who clearly pay to win and they keep others from growing. There are two large alliances that completely dominate everyone. There is no protection for smaller players. There are players with over 400,000,000 in might that constantly hit players that are significantly lower level. It is impossible to grow unless you either pay a lot of money into the game or stay in the game 24hrs a day to keep your shield up. Really wish the devs would do something about the monster players being able to one hit wipe out everyone.
  • Time sink 1/5

    By Otherlleft
    It's impossible to enjoy this game without a significant investment of money. The only defense against much more powerful players is to maintain a shield, and it expires. Alliance members can't actually defend one another, only avenge. I'd be very interested in a game like this without the player-on-player aspect because clearly it's either too difficult to balance the game, or the developers have determined they make more money if it remains out of balance.
  • Game was real fun at start 2/5

    By Kneejerk123
    Then went down hill real fast. Devs allow top players to wipe out the people just starting. 4 days to build , then 30 seconds to lose 1/2 power. No thanks. You got my 10$. But sadly I have to find another game to spend my money on.
  • Good a few mistakes 4/5

    By BaBiGoD
    I couldn’t help but notice a few mistakes like for one Sekhmet is a female lion goddess not a wolf. Also Baba is supposed to be Babi god of baboons. I’m sorry if this is bothersome I just couldn’t help but notice. the game is fairly good with a good a bunch of options and stuff you can do but can also get a little bit better.
  • Just Scams You 1/5

    By 70/\/\
    It just takes your money and doesn’t give you the stuff you bought.
  • Waste 1/5

    By usmc2120
    Too much to recover from. Bigger guys constantly smashing the smaller ones. Takes forever to rebuild too many glitches. Example I was being attacked while trying to log on cause there was a bad connection to the game. Had 115 million in power and in the minute it took for the game to reload and get me logged in I was attacked 27 times and completely zeroed of all Troops, forts and resources. Which it took me two months to recover from last time I was zeroed. Unless your a particular player in this game that allegedly has ties to developing team and gets special treatment it’s not worth the download.
  • If u join 1/5

    By hold up say what
    If you join this game be prepared for drama and and the people calling u traders and having problems with a lot of different issues it’s drama drama drama. And I am playing for nearly a year in fact 268 days
  • Starts off great but then... 3/5

    By Jurisator
    I have been wargaming tabletop and computer games for years and understand what differentiates the basic city builders all over the bet from those that genuinely feel competitive. While you can’t ever get knocked out of this game militarily you can lose s tremendous amount of valuable material and guardians that you have worked weeks or longer to procure. This however is not a downside but what actually differentiates this game from the basic handholding no suffering games that are so prevalent in the app world. The problem with the game however is two-fold. First off the power difference between the average player and the top power players is unbalanced. I am all for allowing someone 3-4 times more powerful then me to attack me freely. This encourages the smaller player to work harder and play more to have the ability to fight back. However it’s one thing to lose a fight badly to a more powerful player where you could at least put up s fight and cause him some harm, it is another to be an insect beneath his heel. The top players in the game have over 200 million power. The average player power is well under 10 million. This is the gaming equivalent of having the New England Patriots play a little league team. This takes all the enjoyment out of the fight not only for the less powerful player but also for the big guy. It’s only fun for a while to destroy your opponents without any chance of losing or even taking damage. This could be fixed but separating players into tiered servers or through some other means. Secondly the game needs competitive objectives that reset in the same way that overwatch or similar games do it. Players have to believe there is a practical way for them to grow. Make it feasible for smaller guilds to fight a bully. II loved this game upon my first week playing but I already feel like I am running out of exciting things to do. Simply building slowly and hiding in the corner to avoid the bully players quickly loses its magic. Please find a way to address these issues and you could have an outstanding game.

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