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GoFundMe is the No.1 and most trusted leader in online fundraising and personal crowdfunding. Since 2010, we have helped people in over 170 countries raise more than $5 billion. Create or manage your online fundraiser, engage with your fundraiser supporters and discover important charitable causes to support on the GoFundMe app. "GoFundMe is an AMAZING tool. It has brought together so much more than cash. It has bonded a community." "This app is not just about money… It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright." "A blessing. That’s all, plain and simple." Popular Reasons to Raise Money Online: Medical: From ER visits to long-term care, medical expenses can wipe out savings accounts and leave behind debt that lasts for years. Online fundraising for medical expenses is a powerful tool that can help people conquer medical bankruptcy and focus on getting better. Countless people have found that using GoFundMe for medical expenses can help pay for prescriptions and doctors' appointments – as well as procedures not typically covered by insurance. Animals: Your pet’s presence is woven into the fabric of your everyday life. That’s why when your pet goes missing, falls ill or needs an emergency operation, it can shake you up and leave you feeling anxious about the future. Funerals/Memorials: When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for a funeral. Fundraising for funeral expenses helps ease financial stress during this difficult time and allows you to focus on saying goodbye and honoring your loved one’s memory. FOR FUNDRAISER ORGANIZERS • Get started in minutes: Set up your fundraiser with photos and videos, share with supporters, and start accepting donations in just a few simple steps. • Stay in the know: Never miss a donation or important update about your fundraiser with timely app notifications. • Post updates: Record and share video updates within the app or simply post photo or text updates to let supporters know about your fundraising progress. • Set up withdrawals: Withdraw funds directly to your or a beneficiary’s bank account, and receive money in just a few days. Popular Fundraisers to Donate to: Education: Education is the fastest growing category on GoFundMe, and it’s no surprise: We know that teachers, schools, and students can always use more support. Donate to individual fundraisers that allow teachers to purchase classroom supplies or even help to send a deserving student to college. Charity: Creating a fundraiser through GoFundMe is the best way to raise money for a charity you’re passionate about. Thousands of people are raising funds for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and you can support their mission to make a difference. Emergency: When disaster or tragedy strikes, people turn their compassion into action by starting fundraisers to help the victims and their families. You can donate to an individual fundraiser during these times of emergency to make a direct and immediate impact. FOR FUNDRAISER SUPPORTERS • Discover online fundraisers: Search for people and charitable causes that matter to you, read inspiring stories of people helping others, and donate or share another fundraiser to make a difference. • Receive updates: Never miss an important update or response to your donation with timely app notifications. • Donate with confidence: With GoFundMe’s first and only donor protection guarantee in the industry, you always know that your donation will go to the right place.

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GoFundMe - Online Fundraising app reviews

  • A help up! 5/5

    By painkiller!!
    Surprise a local cashier at our hardware store. Campaign is growing beyond our wildest dreams. She will now be able to fix her bathroom and rid it of the toxic mold
  • Thankful 5/5

    By the eastnorth lady
    We didn’t receive the amount requested in reality that’s not what matter. It was the matter of the community assistance during this difficult time and need. And this site help majorly with reaching our goal. Grateful for this app.
  • Easy, Efficient 5/5

    By Jewellsruthann
    Wonderful, easy to use platform for fundraising! Great exposure and simple process from start to finish!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Donnanator
    I used the app to set up and manage contributions for my son’s death expenses and it made it easy to create, manage, and review.
  • Agradecimiento 5/5

    By Por ri hermana
    Los felicito por tener esta iniciativa y es un canal y una vía para ayudar al que más lo necesite. Muchas bendiciones
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Cystalc
    This is my first time using this app. I’m happy with it.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Gabyta Ruiz
    Excelente todo
  • Thanks 5/5

    By C.N?C?K
    Great app to help people!
  • .... 4/5

    By nessy kaye
    It’s great other than them taking a portion of whatever u have made..
  • They’re the Best 5/5

    By raquezda
    It’s easy and very effective. Love GoFundMe!
  • Pop7150 5/5

    By pop7150
    Awesome app.
  • Quick Response 5/5

    By LilBit1178
    First time doing a GoFund and people started donating immediately. Awesome!!
  • Help Ellen 5/5

    By Mrkuls
    The dream donation is not even close! It’s not to blame GFM! It’s not to people too! It’s the pandemic situation creating the financial problem. I just need to pray more and beg more. For sure, I’m not gonna let her blind! Dear God please, help us!))
  • Bill D W 5/5

    By Bill D W
  • So Grateful! 5/5

    By Dana Torrance ca
    So grateful to have a platform that we are able to raise money for our nonprofit organization.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By vinnizaper
    It’s nice to be able to have something like this for when people need help
  • Amazing 5/5

    By LizardKween
    I needed help in my crisis and with this app people were able to donate to me
  • Helping young athletes get to national championship! 5/5

    By ProfEdLover
    We were able to raise resources in a short amount of time to help 3 young athletes from New York get Outdoor Track Nationals in Oregon!
  • Thankful for a App like this to help my daughter 4/5

    By Libraries8896
    It is simple to use and good way to help your love ones. Didn’t think it would work and help me with my daughter needs after surgery
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lola5193
    With the help of this app i was able to pay my dogs medical bills!!
  • Would not use again 1/5

    By Marie Brown's Review
    I lost my Mother unexpectedly and I set up a GoFundMe account to cover the expenses. I received a confirmation email stating that my information was correct and deposits would be made only for the day of deposit to happen to receive another email stating the the withdrawal is unsuccessful. I emailed Customer Service and was told that it was only the first withdrawal was unsuccessful but the other withdrawals are fine. I received another email stating that the second withdrawal was unsuccessful as well. I also received another email stating that I would receive another withdrawal amount that totals the amount of the first 2 unsuccessful withdrawals. Meanwhile, the funeral home is on my back about money that I have to wait 2 to 5 business days to receive only to receive an email the day before the deposit stating that the withdrawal is unsuccessful. This has been a terrible experience. GoFundMe charges fees to the donor and to the receiver. However, I’m sure that they have collected their fees while I continue to wait the standard “2-5 business days “ that gets reset every 2-5 business days when it’s time to receive the money
  • It’s a blessing 5/5

    By supercrunchykügelnoodle
    Thank you for having this app available. It is simple and straightforward to use.
  • Signed a happy client…. 5/5

    By kendra taytay
    This has been amazing and so grateful for site and programs like this. This has been a wonderful experience so far. Ty ty
  • Extra relief 5/5

    By jeanbabs
    So very thankful to be able to reach so many people at once who would like to help. It was easy to manage and I had no problems so far.
  • Gracias 5/5

    By Robert gang
    Por ayudar a los necesitados
  • Amazing 5/5

    By bbsnkdjdjd
    Great fundraiser
  • User friendly! 5/5

    By Sekou UAPB
    This is my favorite platform to reach countless people who are generous in their offerings.
  • Very Grateful 5/5

    By BilliePreston
    I used GoFundMe for friend a couple of years ago, and I’m raising money right now for my own medical expenses. I appreciate the ease of the set-up, and the security of the account.
  • Malfunctioning 1/5

    By vvmmxxuuaadddv jjncvjj
    This app still needs lots of work to be done on it, it refuses and rejects the correct password, it says the email and password doesn’t match but it is the right and correct password. Please look into this and fix the error, it’s very upsetting to have the right password and the app says it’s wrong, fix it.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By cseMaine
  • so good 5/5

    By lissyandlexi:)
    very good app. i recommend if you are trying to raise money.
  • Thankyou! 5/5

    By Moniquenicole29
    Thanks so much!
  • Go Fund Me 5/5

    By Sundayracer
    Thanks for the opportunity to get support during this grave time.
  • So helpful 5/5

    By MNComet
    GoFundMe makes it so easy to enable people to contribute from anywhere. Brilliant.
  • Mostly great, but glitch-y 4/5

    By Lorena Havill
    The app makes it super easy to share your fundraising efforts, and to add pics and video. However, the app has glitches and will sometimes just stop reacting to commands, or simply shut off.
  • iOS app has issues 3/5

    By jetpress2
    I have a hard time getting the app to allow me to thank donors. That’s not a good thing.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ur big papa1
    Best app to help anyone
  • Use Online 3/5

    By Agags
    App is harder to use than the online option.
  • Amazing the Love through this app 5/5

    By apryer
    I’m very greatful for this platform my faith is being restored in humanity through the love for My Lil Guy Dj
  • GFM 3/5

    By Kohlberg JD
    It seems to work but they keep having trouble with my bank account. Will see what happens.
  • First Time User 4/5

    By The Big Easy 9876
    This is my first time using the system. It’s great!
  • ✨OUTSTANDING ✨ 5/5

    By dede glu
  • So easy to set up. 5/5

    By Jklu4567
    During difficult times you need a simple easy way to collect funds and GoFundMe does exactly that.
  • Sisters Burial 5/5

    By jojo2175
    GoFundMe me has helped to raise half the money needed to rest my sister in peace. Thank you all.
  • Dre Brown 5/5

    By Mrs. Bieber foerver<333
    Thank you
  • helping street animals. 5/5

    By street animals
    helping street animals.
  • Go Fund Me. 5/5

    By Cryogen Man
    Incredibly easy to use. Great platform.
  • Thankful 5/5

    Go fund me has been very helpful in alerting people to an individual in dire need of help. Thank you.
  • GoFundMe.com 5/5

    By Mrs. Neuen
    WORKS!!! And they make it easy to use