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GoFundMe is the No.1 and most trusted leader in online fundraising and personal crowdfunding. Since 2010, we have helped people in over 170 countries raise more than $5 billion. Create or manage your online fundraiser, engage with your fundraiser supporters and discover important charitable causes to support on the GoFundMe app. "GoFundMe is an AMAZING tool. It has brought together so much more than cash. It has bonded a community." "This app is not just about money… It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright." "A blessing. That’s all, plain and simple." Popular Reasons to Raise Money Online: Medical: From ER visits to long-term care, medical expenses can wipe out savings accounts and leave behind debt that lasts for years. Online fundraising for medical expenses is a powerful tool that can help people conquer medical bankruptcy and focus on getting better. Countless people have found that using GoFundMe for medical expenses can help pay for prescriptions and doctors' appointments – as well as procedures not typically covered by insurance. Animals: Your pet’s presence is woven into the fabric of your everyday life. That’s why when your pet goes missing, falls ill or needs an emergency operation, it can shake you up and leave you feeling anxious about the future. Funerals/Memorials: When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for a funeral. Fundraising for funeral expenses helps ease financial stress during this difficult time and allows you to focus on saying goodbye and honoring your loved one’s memory. FOR FUNDRAISER ORGANIZERS • Get started in minutes: Set up your fundraiser with photos and videos, share with supporters, and start accepting donations in just a few simple steps. • Stay in the know: Never miss a donation or important update about your fundraiser with timely app notifications. • Post updates: Record and share video updates within the app or simply post photo or text updates to let supporters know about your fundraising progress. • Set up withdrawals: Withdraw funds directly to your or a beneficiary’s bank account, and receive money in just a few days. Popular Fundraisers to Donate to: Education: Education is the fastest growing category on GoFundMe, and it’s no surprise: We know that teachers, schools, and students can always use more support. Donate to individual fundraisers that allow teachers to purchase classroom supplies or even help to send a deserving student to college. Charity: Creating a fundraiser through GoFundMe is the best way to raise money for a charity you’re passionate about. Thousands of people are raising funds for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and you can support their mission to make a difference. Emergency: When disaster or tragedy strikes, people turn their compassion into action by starting fundraisers to help the victims and their families. You can donate to an individual fundraiser during these times of emergency to make a direct and immediate impact. FOR FUNDRAISER SUPPORTERS • Discover online fundraisers: Search for people and charitable causes that matter to you, read inspiring stories of people helping others, and donate or share another fundraiser to make a difference. • Receive updates: Never miss an important update or response to your donation with timely app notifications. • Donate with confidence: With GoFundMe’s first and only donor protection guarantee in the industry, you always know that your donation will go to the right place.

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GoFundMe - Online Fundraising app reviews

  • Crappy costs 3/5

    By studtssticstoner
    This is my first time having go fund me and i never thought they would take so much out for themselves from donations. Thats really messed up as im trying to figure out how to bury my mother i need every penny.
  • Quick n simple 5/5

    By yowzers46sniper
    Great easy platform
  • Poor Transplant response 4/5

    By lung replacement
    I very much like the idea of GoFundMe but even when you follow trusted methods thing’s still just do not go your way… leads frustration and much anxiety. Especially when funds are part of the process. It is shared, it is in the local paper, your on TV, your friends swear it’s being shared and after three months you have not achieved 20% of your goal!!! Should I maybe set my goal to 3x’s what I expect to need? People seem to respond better if you ask for a 6 digit number
  • Kayleigh 1/5

    By Kayleigh256,
    I can able to create an account why ? Showing error
  • Ease of use 4/5

    By StAnne03
    So far, so good! GoFundMe made setup easy, seems to be managing well. Wish instruction on how to increase visits/donations was easier.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By JBHicks513
    Took multiple tries and direct tech support to even get a simple fundraiser finalized. I was not allowed to donate to the fundraiser that I organized. The app locked up multiple times across multiple devices and operating systems. I hope that it’s more successful to send the money to the bereaved when this is all complete. The idea is extremely well intentioned. The technology needs a lot of work.
  • Great way to help 5/5

    By Mijo197502
    Thank you for allowing us to help someone who needs it
  • Convenient Tool 4/5

    By DopeStories
    It really speaks for itself. GoFundMe has come through and made an easy way to bring awareness to the needs of important causes.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Piano hack
    What an amazing website! What a great way to use your platform to make the world come together and connect the community. Thank you!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By War Cheif
    People around the world are awesome, there is still so much love and selflessness in our world!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bsnmb
    I thank God for a way to help out loved ones Thank you
  • Impossible and almost no tech support 1/5

    By egad the nickname
    Tried to set up a fundraiser for a friend, took forever, error message after error message. It would never send the email to reset the password. Finally used an alternative email and got the thing set up and now cannot get the funds disbursed to either myself or the beneficiary. What a racket.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kughndog
    Helped us many times with accomplishing help for many hurt people!
  • Making the Impossible-Possible 5/5

    By sxtsun
    A silver lining in the times of crisis.
  • Help and encouragement in time of need 5/5

    By bettyboop199
    It really warms my heart knowing people care and want to help, as I’ve always been the caregiver, nurse, encourager…GoFundMe is a wonderful and easy way to help those in need. Thank you!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Ghenesix
    I have had this app for 6 months now but can’t use it, they always say there’s a problem i should try again soon and since then couldn’t create an account, please this is frustrating me. Try and fix it.
  • Easy to setup 5/5

    By Pepebjcb
    It was very easy to setup. Let’s hope we can get donations.
  • I don’t understand how to get this to work. 2/5

    By Chiefs for life
    I’ve done everything they’ve told me to do. Shared multiple times, added the urgency. I’ve called news channels and received no response. I don’t know how everyone else has gotten so many donations for things that honestly are sometimes a joke. But elderly abuse and extortion gets nothing. After a month I finally received $70.00 from 3 people. Very understanding people I’m guessing. I thought GoFundMe would help me get the word out but it seems as if they do not. Or maybe I’ve done something wrong. I don’t know.
  • This app has been a godsend 5/5

    By Happy hubber
    Thank you so much for helping organize donations for my medical expenses. It helped me connect with friends and family and keep them updated about my healthcare. I appreciate all your app has to offer and its ease of use. I will be sure to recommend this app to others.
  • So much help! 5/5

    By fighting lung cancer
    I was diagnosed with cancer and needed help with expresses. I am so thankful that GoFundMe is there to make it easier to reach out and ask for help.
  • helping others with a purpose 5/5

    By Mz. Veee
    This tool has been a great avenue to raise money for a family who lost everything in a house fire. Sharing the message of love and hope by helping others through this funding tool is awesome.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Reggie Scissorhand
    Best app ever!!
  • Thank You 5/5

    By swright243
    GoFundMe made a difficult situation, easier❤️
  • Christina Seal 5/5

    By christina seal
    Five Stars
  • My son’s funeral arrangements 5/5

    By 1989/2022
    This app is helping me raise funds in my son’s untimely death. We do not have the money to process his arrangements so we reached out to the public for help. Friends of friends and family that knew him have been very generous. With the help of this app we have been able to reach people we have lost contact with. Thank you GoFundMe for all your help. Edwena Brown Holmes
  • Helping Family 5/5

    By Helping Family
    It’s going slow but I know it will get better Judy have to share more. Go Fund is great
  • So Thankful for GoFundMe! 5/5

    By LilDebbie3
    Could never help this family without this site. Forever thankful.
  • Very helpful for the cause 5/5

    By FrankJohn JohnFrank
    This is the first time I have organized a Gofundme campaign, and I must say that the platform is easy to use and effective! It is helping me make a reality out of something I have been wanting to do for months now, which is to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.
  • Funding for those in need 5/5

    Exceptional way of organizing and raising funds for those in need!!
  • Great service when you really need help. 5/5

    By HightowerInk.com
    Thank you
  • My brothers funeral cost 4/5

    By bln0102
    Helped pay for my brothers funeral I appreciated the help
  • Help me Get Back to Emory 4/5

    By California Lenice
    Thank you for your assistance!
  • Great thing 5/5

    By byrd$
    It is a awesome place to raise money for important causes.
  • Sports event 5/5

    By jaxon-😬
    Fantastic so far!!
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By JohnPYanez
    This app really helped and alleviated. No complaints here.
  • They have helped losing Dolly 5/5

    By dianendfan
    Dolly was a wonderful baby - lab thank you for helping to have her cremenation
  • Great 5/5

    By jaketh3snak3
    Wonderful and very helpful
  • Peak of humans ability to help one another! 5/5

    By swayzec
    This has allowed me to help another family in need and I couldn’t be more grateful to the creators of this organization for giving this gift to the world!
  • GoFundMe 5/5

    By Niko Lorraine
    Thank God for this site it is the only way sometimes for people to create away out of seemingly impossible situations and generates so much love and support in our times of need. I truly believe it brings out the best in people and makes the world less cold and more of of a community. Thank you to whomever was brilliant enough to create this.
  • very good idea 4/5

    By bfb+aae
    i love the way you can help people in need. i’ve only had mine up for a day and a half and already have my goal. one thing is i wish they didn’t take away some of the money that gets donated. other then that it’s a great app
  • Great Way to Ask for Help 5/5

    By Belinda Gary
    Great way to ask for help and help those in need.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jbuscag8
    Such a great app and company
  • Great Fundraiser 5/5

    By GJMino
    GoFundMe is an easy to use online fundraiser with easy setup and easy access for donors, along with easy withdrawal of funds and assigning of a beneficiary, if required. I am very pleased with the results.
  • Awesome Ashley 31 5/5

    By AwesomeAshley31
    Thank you so much everyone for donate
  • GoFundMe 4/5

    By General Drive
    Its a okay site to try to rise money
  • Very easy to navigate 5/5

    By Kclpo
    I didn’t realize How easy the app would be t I love it
  • Thank you 5/5

    By swank creek
    This app is amazing, where friends around the world can reach out and help you get through difficult times.
  • I love what this platform stands for! 5/5

    By Karl Lovall
    As someone who suffers from a chronic illness on top of severe life circumstances this platform has given me a voice and a fighting chance to stay alive, without the developers of this app I would have been left behind by society a long time ago. Thank you all dearly at GoDundMe for your tireless hours of work
  • Very pleased that there is some place to ask for help 5/5

    By jeanie904
    Thank you , thank you ,thank you!!!