GoFundMe - Online Fundraising

GoFundMe - Online Fundraising

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GoFundMe - Online Fundraising App

GoFundMe is the #1 and most trusted leader in free online fundraising/crowdfunding. Since 2010, we have helped people in over 170 countries raise more than $5 billion. Start or manage fundraisers, engage with supporters, and discover important causes on the go with the GoFundMe app. “GoFundMe is an AMAZING tool. It has brought together so much more than cash. It has bonded a community.” “This app is not just about money… It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright.” “A blessing. That’s all, plain and simple.” Popular Reasons to Fundraise: Medical: From ER visits to long-term care, medical expenses can wipe out savings accounts and leave behind debt that lasts for years. Medical crowdfunding is a powerful tool that can help people conquer medical bankruptcy and focus on healing. Countless people have found that using GoFundMe for medical expenses can help pay for prescriptions and doctors visits—as well as procedures not typically covered by insurance. Animals: Your pet’s presence is woven into the fabric of your everyday life. That’s why when your pet goes missing, falls ill, or needs emergency surgery, it can shake your foundation and leave you feeling anxious about the future. Crowdfunding for pet expenses can ease financial burdens and allow you to get your pal the help they need, right when they need it. Memorial: When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for a funeral. Crowdfunding for funeral expenses helps ease financial stress during this difficult time and allows you to focus on saying goodbye and honoring your loved one’s memory. FOR ORGANIZERS • Raise more, keep more: GoFundMe’s 0% platform fee means that you get to keep even more of the money you raise. • Get started in minutes: Set up your fundraiser with photos and videos, share with supporters, and start accepting donations in just a few simple steps. • Stay in the know: Never miss a donation or important update about your fundraiser with timely app notifications. • Post updates: Record and share video updates within the app or simply post photo or text updates to let supporters know about your fundraising progress. • Set up withdrawals: Withdraw funds directly to your or a beneficiary’s bank account, and receive money in just a few days. Popular Fundraisers to Donate to: Education: Education is the fastest growing category on GoFundMe, and it’s no surprise: We know that teachers, schools, and students can always use more support. Donate to individual fundraisers that allow teachers to purchase classroom supplies or even help to send a deserving student to college. Charity: Creating a fundraiser through GoFundMe is the best way to raise money for a charity you’re passionate about. Thousands of people are raising funds for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and you can support their mission to make a difference. Emergency: When disaster or tragedy strikes, people turn their compassion into action by starting fundraisers to help the victims and their families. You can donate to an individual fundraiser during these times of emergency to make a direct and immediate impact. FOR SUPPORTERS • Discover fundraisers: Search for people and causes that matter to you, read inspiring stories of people helping others, and donate or share to make a difference. • Receive updates: Never miss an important update or response to your donation with timely app notifications. • Donate with confidence: With GoFundMe’s first and only donor protection guarantee in the industry, you always know that your donation will go to the right place.

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GoFundMe - Online Fundraising app reviews

  • Thankful 5/5

    By AngS81
    GoFundMe has helped me raise money twice for tragic events. I’m extremely thankful for it.
  • Very supportive community 5/5

    By MariNoellia
    Easy to navigate app helps me keep people updated on the situation
  • Review 5/5

    By 76227899653329085
    Great except for how the profile shows on a mobile device over a desktop version. It cut all of our pictures.
  • How is this app so badly made for such a big company? 2/5

    By Geahk
    This app is amazingly substandard. This looks like a teen made it in their first coding class. Did your cousin do this for you? Did you pay him in Pabst Blue Ribbon? Just forget using this on an iPad. Critical buttons will be cut off and inaccessible. You may not even be able to log in! Not optimized for smartphone either! This app is a disaster. You need a gofundme to pay for you to make a better gofundme app!
  • Excelente forma de ayudar 5/5

    By licteran
    Gracias a Dios por que por medio de aquí podría hacerle quimios a mi esposo
  • GreAt 5/5

    By pollo27$
    Great tool to help any situation
  • Great fir raising funds 5/5

    By Bostonrdsxs25
    Go fund me has been great, very easy to use and convenient to share with friends and family. It has helped us very much
  • It is f ing bad 1/5

    By michael jakson 2.094231
    This piece of crap app is sooooooo bad that like I could like tell 1,000,000,000 people to never get it because it is slow it crashes half the time and when I deleted it and then I realized I wanted it back it wouldn’t download it is sooooooooo gay
  • Fundraiser 3/5

    By Bojan2019
    I like the ease of use for GoFundMe but I think they take entirely too much of the donations. And then asking for a tip on top of that is plain wrong and distasteful.
  • Made an account for Diabetic Insulin Pump. Thumbs up! 5 stars! 5/5

    By Braidon B Mitchell
    I’ve gotten $300 in two days for my cause. Very, very generous people and I’m feeling very good about this. The donations are for myself to get a new insulin pump to help manage my diabetes and live my best life. Thank you “GoFundMe.” You truly are amazing. Search for Diabetic Insulin Pump by Braidon B Mitchell for proof of this :)
  • Perfect 5/5

    By aushkosh1299
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By mlksdf
    App provides great convenience but does tend to be slow at times.
  • Please Help Me Help Stella 4/5

    By Bronthson
    I started 8 days ago, and granted I’m a little handicapped when it comes to technology but I had a problem sharing my story. Tried three times after putting in a few hundred emails it still said O and same for Facebook, I gave up, but today stumbled on the fact that I had a GoFundMe link and how to use it and I’ve already gotten three new donations to help save Stella. It could be made a little easier for those of us that are computer challenged. ThNk you so much for this platform, making it available is wonderful in so many ways. Pauline
  • GoFundMe App 5/5

    By jl_oak
    I like GFM, and their support is awesome. I loathe the new app.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Lionzion23
    The app is decent. It was a little challenging to navigate at first but it’s great. The template thank you notes are key. It’s easy to follow who’s contributed what. All in all a really good app.
  • Picture problems 1/5

    By amanda hecklson
    (lowercase intended) i’ve been trying to set up a very important campaign, but every time i try adding a photo my app freezes. i understand it may have something to do with the photo image but this is just a very annoying bug. i don’t mean to be rude or anything but it would be greatly appreciated if this bug would be fixed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Corner66
    Easy to get the word out and raise money for great causes!
  • GOFUNDME Helped My Battle With Cancer! 5/5

    By Opportunity 123
    GOFUNDME is a God Sent Vehicle of Faith, Hope, and Tangible display of Love! It Made it Possible for me with a Aggressive Case of Cancer that has already took the lives of family members. There is a Prostate Cancer Treatment that Is not covered by my Insurance called HIFU. Although, this treatment has been used In other countries it wasn’t approved by the FDA in the US until 2015-2016. I would have never been able to afford this extremely successful New to US treatment. Thanks to GoFundMe, Family, Friends, and Strangers near and Far have showed that Humankind does have a Natural Affection that com-pails them to Activate Generousity! Thank God for You GoFundMe!
  • GoFundMe 5/5

    By farhan nasiri
    Nice place to get help thanks
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By drecine
    ❤️Great app/site to help raise awareness and money for amazing people with unexpected hardships ... I just wish the % taken from donations was less
  • Use Go Fund Me it’s great! 5/5

    By tzeduka lady
    Go fund me is a great app to run a campaign
  • Trouble withdrawing money at first. 4/5

    By its okaaaaay
    At first this app was great. It was an easy way to get money. When I wanted to withdraw money, some problems started coming up, but everything turned out fine
  • Ugh 1/5

    By vxnmz
    I’m just trying to put a pic on there and literally everytime it freezes i even deleted it and downloaded it again
  • Easy to use for a difficult situation 5/5

    By Sbtbskch
    The only thing that could make GoFundMe better would be decreased fees and not asking for a tip which “turns off donors” since it’s not a 501c charitable contribution. It is easy to use and makes helping others quick. It is somewhat difficult to share via Instagram with hyperlinks but it interfaces well with Facebook. It would be nice to upgrade with instagram functionality.
  • Paige Merical 5/5

    By Herdfaninnc
    Paige and Ian were great kids They were doing nothing wrong My heart will be forever broken
  • First time user 5/5

    By Mexicali Rose
    It’s been really easy to use this app. My mother used it to raise money for my grandmothers funeral, and now I am using it to raise money to purchase a property. Great app.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Bibliogal
    What a gift this app is ❤️. Easy to raise money for worthy causes. Thank you, GoFundMe!
  • Want to talk to a live person 1/5

    By caracc80
    I am trying to have someone else withdraw funds but have been unable to do this . I sent several messages in the app and no reply. There is also no phone number to talk to anyone.
  • Life continues after devastating fire 5/5

    By Tina Totter
    App is very user friendly and self explanatory I’ve had no problems with it at all and it’s really helpful
  • Great site 5/5

    By Contguy
    Did a great way to raise money for my cause
  • Semi satisfied 3/5

    By 0270west
    The way they have it worded to donors makes it sound like the campaign organizers get all of the money. Which is completely false. GoFundMe takes a percentage out of all of the donations IN ADDITION TO asking donors to give a TIP. it’s worded so it can’t be false advertising, but it is conveying false information.
  • Isiah hayes 5/5

    By isiah hayes
    I’m thankful for the opportunity this app gave me I was in a bad accident and the hospital bill at the point are through the roof and I just turned 18 so I’m freaking about that at the point but it helped out a little bit at the moment I have 660 a it’s been up for a week now but that’s helps out a lot especially since I can’t work for 6 plus moths ( and if anyone wants to know I got ran over Buy a truck and have a big hole in my head to the skull and broken back
  • Easy To Use 4/5

    By Seahawks420
    We decided to try GoFundMe to raise $$$$ For my sons trip to ATLANTA for National Championship Tournament. It was easy to design and to withdraw funds...
  • Eh 1/5

    By Puppy5z
    Why do you ask for the security number? That’s odd.
  • Love the app, the fees are a bit high 4/5

    By meanblackcutie
    The fees are def high for what I want ha 😅 trying to raise money for a missions trip and I really need every penny
  • Peggys Cancer Heartbreak 4/5

    By Phil Tronolone
    Gofundme is a wonderful fundraising platform and reasonable priced for all the functionality. Two things prevent me from a perfect 5 star rating. I don’t like subjecting my donors to the “opt out” style of leaving a tip to support the site. This is especially bad for older, less computer savvy people who get tricked into leaving money that doesn’t go to the cause. Also, I’d like a bit more basic formatting function for placing pictures and font bolding or italicization. It seemed that formatting didn’t publish on updates, particularly. Otherwise it has been a very successful way to research people who would be inclined to help my family in a time of need. We followed tips and suggestions from the gofundme and some youtubers and raised almost $7,000 in about 6 weeks and we’re still updating. Thank you for a great service!
  • Chas Thompson 2/5

    By Chas Thompson
    It’s not user friendly. Posting to Instagram was not compatible. It’s also pretty confusing on how to with drawl the money.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Klh234
    Thank you so much for developing gofundme!! It has had such a positive impact on how we were able to help out our brother!! Thank you:)
  • Toby’s recovery 5/5

    By Tobys Recovery
    Very thankful for the gofundme account this was a blessing
  • Works good 5/5

    By Vegabond88
    Works well & is efficient.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Krissy Sten
    Had an unexpected death in family and needed help with the expenses quickly. It was easy to set up and manage. Hope I personally don’t need it again but definitely will support others this way.
  • Thank you!!! A very easy and safe way to give and receive Donations! 5/5

    By MamaWarrior05
    Thank you!!! An amazingly safe way to give and receive Donations!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Oliverwcollins
    I think it does a good job to help promote and logistics run well.
  • Awesome Platform! 5/5

    By welshie mom
    This is an amazing platform for raising money for your cause. In order to succeed you have to really share your cause. I had wonderful success when my dog was injured. Thanks Go Fund Me!
  • Useful but full of issues 2/5

    By oponce1111
    While I’m grateful for the platform to raise funds, the interaction between the dashboard on an actual computer and then the smart phone app is all disjointed. The app itself seems to have several bugs and surely could be updated to run smoother.
  • Helping my dear sweet friend and mother of 3 young girls 5/5

    By gina v k
    I’m so appreciative to have this social platform to raise Money for my friend and her battle with cancer thank you so much go fund me you’re amazing
  • Amazingly to raise money for help 5/5

    By Cathip10
    So many people told me about this and I want to head and did it. Very easy to set up and grateful for anything that is given.
  • Great! Except for the constant reminders 4/5

    By AthenaHM
    This app is wonderful. I’m so grateful. My only gripe is that every time I open my campaign, I have to interact with the Facebook engagement reminder. I don’t have Facebook on purpose. I should not have to tell the app that I don’t want to connect to Facebook every single time I open it.
  • Gofundme 5/5

    By Hectorverde
    Una muy buena herramienta para conseguir financiamiento para buenas causas o proyectos

GoFundMe - Online Fundraising app comments

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