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The new Gogo Entertainment Player brings the magic of the movies and TV to the sky and onto your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Use the Inflight Entertainment service to watch the latest movies and hit TV shows in flight. Just make your selection, download the player, and enjoy the show!

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  • Inconsistent and disappointing 2/5

    By Tangle Eye
    I try to use this app on my iPad on Delta airlines. It’s pretty bad. I frequently get a message saying WiFi isn’t on - yet it has to be to connect to Delta’s WiFi. I get messages also saying the movie doesn’t exist or the address is incorrect. Sometimes it works fine then on the next flight it doesn’t work at all. Very inconsistent and very disappointing.
  • Alaska going downhill fast! 1/5

    By Chelsm
    I’ve been flying firstclass since I was a child on various airlines and granted every airline seems to be cutting corners as the years go by but Alaska seems to be in my opinion the worst. It used to be that in-flight entertainment was standard, if they didn’t provide a screen in the back of the headrest, that popped down from the ceiling or elsewhere they would offer free tablets. Then it went to offering tablets you could rent. Now apparently (according to the Alaska app that directs you to this app) they have tablets available to rent on select flights (haven’t seen them in quite awhile and we travel quite a bit) or you have to have this app as your only option. In addition to that you have to pay $30 for a flights worth of extremely faulty internet and oh by the way if you didn’t download this app before you left and you just purchased the internet to buy the app so you could get some freaking entertainment tough because you will soon find out that you can’t download the app with the internet you just purchased! You have to download the app on the ground using regular WiFi. It’s just ridiculous, for the money we pay for first class we should be given the blankets, pillows, and entertainment that used to be standard and now are just a memory. I even found out recently that they went so far in cutting costs as to get rid of decaf coffee! ALASKA, you make enough money. Stop cutting corners, get rid of this ridiculous excuse for an app and start treating your customers better.
  • Never works 1/5

    By qjdewinuqwidgiuwegfoerpmfrpjoe
    Need I say more????
  • Don’t 1/5

    By D.Plague
    I hate this app already and I haven’t even downloaded it yet. What a ploy. Thanks Alaska Airlines for making me put more useless, dysfunctional fecal matter on my phone! 👌🏻
  • bad reviews great tbh 5/5

    By happy28828
    It’s good tbh
  • Works Very well!!! 5/5

    By Andyq526
    Today is 9/14/2019 and I’ve used it on all my delta flights to Texas and I didn’t even have the app buffer whatever I wanted to watch. Saw 1 movie and 2 documentaries without 1 buffer.
  • Flying is not what it used to be 1/5

    By jockeyhollow
    Might as well eat the tasty food! (Not so tasty) The movies? Who chooses these films? The TV shows are from the twilight zone. Gremlins on the wing? Would be an improvement.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By linabob123
    The company needs to rethink what its offering. Very crappy when I used it during a delta flight.
  • Don’t! 1/5

    By VKH700
    I paid $15.95 and got nothing. It simply did not work. I struggled with it for hours, and it did not connect except to tease me with “hundreds” of shows and 3 movies, only to quit if I clicked anything. Don’t do it. Ruined my flight, to be honest.
  • Waste of a download 1/5

    By Mtmurat
    This app just doesn’t work- brand new iPad Pro (September 2019). The Delta app keeps saying I need the Gogo app (which is already installed) and this Gogo app says I am not on the network (I am).
  • Doesn’t work on iPads 1/5

    By baronessneh
    Terrible. Doesn’t work on tablets on Delta flights
  • GoGo is a NoNo 1/5

    By GEisMe
    Like anything GoGo-related, complete crap.
  • Add more kid movies 🎥 3/5

    By nice snaker
    Add more kid movies there so many for adults 🧑 and not kids I don’t like this app in less you add more kid shows and movies. But the app never glitches on the plane ✈️
  • Worst app ever “used” 1/5

    By freq flyer 55
    “Used” in quotes because it’s unusable. I am redirected to Gogo app by clicking on free entertainment, then the app says content is unavailable for free.
  • A simply awful, pathetic, dysfunctional app 1/5

    By Egjftijfeegjasd
    I happen to be on an Alaska Air flight this time (continental U.S.), but this app rarely works and the customer “service” is a joke. Gogo is usually just a waste of time and source of frustration, and I end up just reading a book instead. Some people have commented that anyone having trouble with it is just a case of user error or something, but on more than one occasion the flight attendants have tried to help and they can’t get it to work either and the live chat support likewise is a waste of time. If it’s user error, the real problem is poor usability design and engineering.
  • Fresh poo 1/5

    By esmith513
    This app is absolutely just a huge pile off poo. The developer either is stuck int he 0s and cant code or Delta and the other airlines cant Stich together-more than $30k to hire a good developer on H-1B. It’s pretty exciting though, it will make you wonder when it will crash, when it will steal your data, and will make you yell out loud as the movies are pretty much the worst ones around. Next flight I’ll gladly grab a few VHS tapes from my local literary to watch on the flight or start a flight-fight club.
  • garbage! 1/5

    By WC easy money
    app is absolute garbage. if you have an iOS greater than 10 your fvxked. I have to use my old phone or an old ipad (both which run an older version of iOS) for the app to work. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. the developers need to update to work on iOS 12 and greater.
  • FF>> RW<< 1/5

    Add a 10 second fast forward & 10 second rewind option for 5 stars!
  • Lag 1/5

    By cardonmp
    I spent 15.95 on this WiFi on delta to watch a movie and if anyone else is thinking of doing the same DONT. I tried watching a movie but every 5 min or so it keeps pausing for like 20 sec like what the hell are you doing bro. But at least I got through the rest of the movie at HOME. Hahah lol see what I did there, I made you think I could finish it on a 3 hour flight when it kept pausing but I could not.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By 21228reader
    One of the many things I loved on my first flight on Alaska Air. It worked perfectly on our Samsung Galaxy 7 and 8 phones. Couldn't download the app onto our iPad on the flight there, but have downloaded it now and will try to use it on the way home.
  • PERFECT........... but ☝️ problem 3/5

    By 🦄Lauren🦄
    Ok ok 👌 it is pretty good but does not work properly It’s like robots 🤖 made it and sometimes I get very frustrated when I doesn’t work properly and all I want to do is throw my iPad across the room My mom and dad and my sisters are like what’s wrong with you I’m like my stupid iPad don’t work and there like we just got that for you 😡 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • A useless app. 1/5

    By realmenflyfish
    The application opens to a sample video but doesn’t do anything beyond that. So there is no option to watch any movies or TV programs. That makes the app useless. Glad I already had Netflix installed with several movies downloaded.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By zfdetyuvcs
    Very unreliable and erratic - a rip off
  • Its okay............ but on 12 hour flights not so much 3/5

    By sessionbasedaccount
    Yeah it’s the title
  • Gogo 1/5

    By Toby B 123
    Why bother? Takes like an hour to download the crappy app
  • No subtitles 😑 1/5

    By joeiger
    It’s 2019 and they can’t have subtitles for whatever movie I want to watch? Really? This is pathetic.
  • App works just fine! 5/5

    By BlasterAkido
    I was worried about this app after reading several negative reviews. However, I tried it and it works. It may not be as easy or smooth as other software but it works and I can watch movies for free in the plane.
  • Great App Great Movie Selection on Alaska Airlines 5/5

    By Little Yosh
    Why would you fly with anyone else? This app works flawlessly on Alaska Airlines and the selection of free movies is amazing.
  • Didn’t work well 2/5

    By So Cal Tammy
    Worked for one of three iPads on a long Hawaii leg. Asked flight attendant for help...got a free player cause she couldn’t get it to work for my iPad. The app kept telling me I needed gogoinflight app that is already installed on iPad. On the one iPad it worked, my son said it crashed a lot. Are they trying to move away from this app since the mainland planes had headrest players installed? Those we’re perfect.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By Figgy07001
    Won’t download while in flight.
  • Works on Alaska 5/5

    By Airman Welch
    Had no problem connecting, and watching free movies through the flight. Thanks Alaska.
  • Did not work 1/5

    By Scorchia
    Useless. It didn't work at all
  • Worked great on my Alaska Flight 5/5

    By Toye612
    I just returned from Louisiana to Seattle and used this while flying Alaska both ways. I had no connectivity issues and watched some Nat Geo docs, Office Space, and Dodgeball with no trouble and free!! I didn’t use the texting functions, but the free movies and selection were quite pleasant.
  • I like it 4/5

    By ig1323
    Works fine for me I’ve never had a problem with the app. I don’t go to the movies very often so older ones are good enough.
  • 🙂 5/5

    By Ckychkvkhfhchkcykhkc
    I ham just a nice humannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn/personnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn/peopleeeeeeeseeeeeeeeee/womannnnnnnnnnnnnn/mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • Last frontier airlines 1/5

    By quest43
    You need this app to watch the free movies but the internet on the plane is so slow that you can’t download the app. Unless you were physic and knew this app needed to be downloaded before leaving your home, your basically screwed...
  • Sorry excuse for an app 1/5

    By omg cant hear
    Flying cross country and downloaded this app to watch a movie on Delta Airlines. It only allows Closed Captioning in Chinese. Since I don’t read Chinese, I am not able to understand the movies at all. Tried contacting customer support, but they are all to busy to answer my question. GoGo is a definite NO-NO
  • Pretty good! 4/5

    By xllxMexllx
    This app is great! The only reason I left 4 stars is because you can’t see what movies there are so you always have no clue what’s there, but they have like LEGO Batman, Teen titans go to the movies how to train you dragon 3 LEGO movie 2 so not bad! I would recommend it!
  • Solid app.. good flight experience 5/5

    By Jebsdude
    I think the negative reviewers were probably flying over the arctic or something. I am 2/2 flawless operation.
  • It works 5/5

    By BVR Murthy
    Despite of negative reviews I downloaded and tried the app. It works well.
  • When it works it’s fine...but it rarely works 1/5

    By .,kkkkk
    I have flown on several 5-6 hour Alaska Airlines flights over the last three months, which utilize this app, several of these flights with 2 kids and iPads. Only to have my kids in tears because the movie app either works for half the flight, works on one iPad and not the other, or doesn’t work at all. After the first flight when it didn’t work, I reached out to their customer service for help, and was told I needed to use their chat feature while in flight to trouble shoot, however, the chat feature has never worked while in flight. And once you land you can no longer try and chat because the app is no longer available. When you send them an email, with screen shots of your issues, their only reply is to use the inflight chat. When I wrote to them saying I did try that, but it wouldn’t work, they said “Chat is always available”, which is flat out BS because I even showed the flight attendant, and spoke with others around me having the same issues, and not one of us could use the inflight chat nor the movie features. So my advice is download it, if it works it works, but definitely don’t count on it as your main source of inflight entertainment because chances are, it won’t work for you.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Superkatcrazylady
    This app works great on Alaska airlines. It has great shows and movies, and is super easy to use! It’s also a free app, so you can watch great shows for free! I’m sure you’ll love it too!
  • Terrible interface 1/5

    By Furb621
    When this app works, it only works on certain devices. This app is not available for Kindle Fires. Second, it is not user friendly; ie. filters, loading movies, navigating movies. I’m not sure how they earned a contract with the airlines but if an airline has any interest in the quality of service, they need to tell them to improve their app or scrap the contract with GoGo for a better platform.
  • Glitchy and crappy 2/5

    By pachaso 😘
    Won’t even work! This app does not work for me. Takes forever to load and then it doesn’t even work!
  • Worked Fine with Delta on IPad 4/5

    By emeryjre
    Followed instructions on Delta Regional Flight where the inflight entertainment system is not installed. Worked fine but setup was a bit tricky. Had to reboot IPad twice to get everything to connect. IPad is a 2017 model with 128GB of memory. So had latest operating IOS installed and a faster chip.
  • Way Better Than What Most Say 4/5

    By ElliottLincoln2325
    I honestly don’t get why this has such bad reviews, cause it’s worked flawlessly for me on Delta every time. My only complaint with it is that you can’t fill the screen on the iPhone X, XS, XR, etc. I’m not going to complain about it much since the entertainment on the flight is free, but this could be added in a future update.
  • Do you feel lucky today? 1/5

    By Kauai Doc
    The application is like going to Vegas. Works periodically, but usually you will spend 30 minutes of stressful time trying to catch an inflight movie while cruising across the planet. Why can’t they get it right? Is there a better way of catching a movie 8 miles high? It’s not like someone on earth is going to see the movie from the plane anyway!
  • Waiting.. and waiting.... and waiting.... 1/5

    By pdxmomx3
    ..... still waiting.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By fhrnfuhrbfuh
    It would not let me access that app even though I have downloaded it and I put in my email and it still will not let me access the app terrible do not Use this app

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