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Version 4.7.3 • Introduced the new "News" tab. • Added more video selections to the Menu. • Bug Fixes Version 4.7.0: • Major UI update • Removed Live Audio Version 4.6.18: • Crash fix for Watch Live Version 4.6.17: • New Watch Live features for The 146th Open at Royal Birkdale, including full event replays Version 4.6.16: • Leaderboard updates • Additional bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Bug fix to address duplicate ads during live events • Crash fixes Version 4.6.15: • Leaderboard updates • Bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Push messaging improvements Version 4.6.14: • Indication of TaylorMade sponsored players on the leaderboards • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes • Location based messaging • Multiple crash fixes Version 4.6.13: • New splash screen • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes Version 4.6.11: • Bug fix to be able to navigate back from Fantasy • Bug fix to improve the loading of articles • Bug fixes related to AirPlay of Watch Live • Additional bug fixes to improve Watch Live Version 4.6.10: • Bug fixes to address times in the upcoming Watch Live schedule • Other bug fixes related to Watch Live Version 4.6.8: • Fixes bug where articles were not loading. • Minor improvements Version 4.6.6: • Watch LIVE Golf Channel coverage and events. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. Version 4.6.2: • All things Ryder Cup! • Scoring updates and enhancements for the Ryder Cup match play leaderboards • During the Ryder Cup, play along with FanBeat! Predict the action and answer trivia questions to earn points and compete for prizes! • Watch Golf Channel live. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. • iOS 10 compatibility Version 4.6.2 • Enhanced Ryder Cup support • Fanbeat predictive trivia Version 4.5.3: • Bug fixes and performance enhancements • Articles, photos and videos now include other articles you may like Version 4.4.1: • Minor enhancements for The Presidents Cup scoring Version 4.4: We've made some small but significant improvements including: • Larger photos on the Home Page and everywhere else • Improved performance overall, including scores, photos, and articles • Plus lots of other small updates to make everything look and run more smoothly! Version 4.1: • Improved home page with latest news headlines below the featured sections • Introducing Tee Shots, a quick look at shared photos from the golfing world! Version 4.0: ALL NEW for iPhone and iPad - completely rebuilt and redesigned! • Improved Navigation and slick new interface • Improved Photo Gallery with larger photos and more photos • New Home Screen with lead story carousel • Play Golf Channel Fantasy within the new app • New Grill Room blog • More videos - News, Originals, and Instruction video sections • Better article linking • Improved chats and Tiger Tracker • And much more! Keep connected to the world of golf with the new Golf Channel Mobile 4.0. Read the latest articles, blogs, and analysis from the game’s most knowledgeable insiders. Follow your favorite players in this week's tournaments with leaderboards from all major worldwide tours. Get the Golf Channel experts' picks before each tournament and make your fantasy picks. Get breaking news as it happens, anytime and anywhere. • Check out the latest shows (both news and originals) with behind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries and other web exclusive content. • Get the latest tips from golf’s best instructors and legends.


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Golf Channel app reviews

  • Still needs work 1/5

    By PFourW
    Lots of unused space on the leader board. Can you add previous rounds? No landscape mode. It was better than the PGA app, but not anymore. So I’m using the PGA app unless you make major improvements.
  • Video buffers and nearly incompatible with Apple TV. 2/5

    By Paul Chris
    Tested internet speed multiple times, pulling over 100 mbps so isn't issue with speed. Not having this issue with other apps. Video will close itself and force me to watch commercial every time. Fix!
  • Why! 1/5

    By BenttreeDuggie
    Even though you may have tried to improve this app, why not make the very much needed correction and allow app to work in horizontal mode? I mean, why go backward with updates? Man up Golf Channel......
  • Latest upgrade 1/5

    Very poor. Annoying that I can only view in portrait mode. Why is that?? That's a step backward.
  • Bad bad bad 1/5

    By Dmendrin
    Fix the login issue for fantasy golf. I’m sick and tired of continuously being logged off. Fix it. You’ve had 2 updates since the release and never once addressed a known issue. Fix it!
  • Poor choice 1/5

    By Cartez007
    Golf channel spends enormous time promoting the worst inspirational person of any sport ever televised. Children and adults should be treated with viewing of respectable participants with a decent life style. Tiger Woods every move is followed. Please concentrate on better players of real character That children can look up to with pride. And I can watch tournament play without using the mute button.
  • Terrible Updates. 1/5

    By tms2nd
    I have been using golf channel app a long time. Not sure I ever rated it, but it would have been 5 star. Then for some reason you guys changed it. Then the PGA app copied you or maybe visa versa. Now both apps stink. Then you guys made it portrait mode with no landscape option. What are you thinking??? Someone needs to be fired. I updated the app on my ipad. I will try to be careful and not update the old version on my iphone.
  • Terrible Upgrade 1/5

    By Flygirl95M
    This latest version makes it so bad to use my iPad that I have deleted it.....
  • App stinks. 1/5

    By Lhgolfer
    Can’t turn orientation. Displays in portrait only. Can’t we get more Tiger news? Really? I want him to win but geez! There are other golfers winning and they don’t get any articles.
  • Not anymore! 1/5

    By fullbird06
    No landscape? No way! Can you explain to me how taking away landscape functionality on the iPad is a user interface improvement? Use landscape 99.99% of time on iPad. Toast! Update (02/09): don't know what happened, but videos are working fine, not HD quality, but load quickly with good sound. BRAVO!!!! The latest update is great so far. It loads quickly, it's MUCH clearer and provides a TON more info. Unfortunately, I lost my favorites again. But, I feel that's a small price to pay for a, now, class app. The flash video issue is a definite DUH on your parts, but overall, I like the upgrade.
  • Poor App for IPads 1/5

    By Seve look alike
    I don't know which is worse, this app or trying to understand what Cara Robinson is saying. It seems whenever I try to look at videos and photos on the app, it times out almost immediately and goes back to my IPad home screen. Today I tried to view The Open on the Golf Channel app after work and you guessed would not load and kept taking me back to my IPad home screen. Golf Channel should be ashamed to offer a product that is worse than hitting a shank. FIX THE BUGS !!!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Garnum
    Actually it gets stuck at the splash screen and then kicks me back to the home screen. It’s still running in the background ( double clicking the home button shows that) but it won’t actually run.
  • Bring back Landscape orientation view! 1/5

    By TQ_72
    I use keyboard case with iPad, new update is awful no landscape viewing.
  • Update 1/5

    By SaGlaw
    Update is the worst thing I have ever seen. I will be removing the app from my iPad. In addition to the update they have gone back to being all about Tiger, of the first nine stories seven involved him. Did anyone else play?
  • Are you kidding me? 1/5

    By BigWord
    The graphics and interface aren’t very good but at least the load is slow...
  • Bring back landscape for IPad 2/5

    By jltmichael
    Ridiculous!! Why would you take away landscape orientation? Getting ready to delete!
  • Poor 2/5

    By Fhhjkhdaeth
    Air times never available. Why??? Live video doesn’t work. 3/11/18 Air times now work. Video still never plays.
  • Awful update 2/5

    By Muzik Man 2
    Sometimes it’s just better to leave well enough alone. This is one of those times. Changing layouts for no reason or benefit and on top of it not allowing landscape mode. Should be a better setup menu in options. Just a mess.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Old golf man 77
    Please fix this update so I can view on my iPad in landscape mode.
  • Zero stars. Worst upgrade (sic) ever 1/5

    By DeQuardo1102
    What are you people smoking in Orlando? Who in God’s name approved this? Portrait view only on iPad? Horrible UI. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revert back to the old format.
  • Terrible Update 2/5

    By Livesttong
    The recent update is terrible. Can only see if IPAD is vertical which means Info is hard to see. Just not a great app anymore
  • Worst update I’ve ever seen! 1/5

    By bob423
    What in the world were they thinking of? Are they out to destroy their app? If so, they are doing a good of it. First of all, I use an iPad exclusively and the “update” (actually a “downdate”) doesn’t even support landscape mode. Terrible! The other changes are beyond bad but frankly I don’t feel like spending the time to list them. On to a different app for golf!
  • Always crashing 1/5

    By Gorilla4lif3
    App won’t open. Crashes every time
  • Everyone that signed off on this update needs firing 1/5

    By Bob,1234
    Ruined a good source for golfers
  • Awful update 1/5

    By sarcasmcumseasy
    The lack of a portrait mode option on the iPad makes using the app annoying.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By Athomwa
    How anyone can justify this current upgrade version is beyond me. The portrait view is terrible with bad fonts, bring back the landscape.. It's new layout is crap.. Very disappointed .. T
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By StanleyFer
    The UI is a total mess, and what kind of a numbskull would set this so it can only be viewed in portrait mode? This makes it unusable with my iPad Pro which, like most of iPad pros, uses the Apple iPad keyboard in LANDSCAPE MODE. Did you turn this upgrade over to a high school computer class?
  • Allow landscape mode for iPad 2/5

    By O-man2121
    Your update no longer allows for landscape mode on the iPad. Please fix.
  • Beyond bad 1/5

    By Tequestamom
    So bad ! Hard to navigate . Increase in advertisements is a pain. Man ... What a disappointment . Go back to a pure display of events . U sold out to $$. Bet Arnold Palmer would not like this . It stinks !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Qwiked
    What was wrong with previous version? The new version only presents in portrait mode and is impossible to navigate.
  • App now useless 1/5

    By Mikehockney
    Articles in News and Opinion don't display at all , just blank white pages with a very small , barely visible animated ellipsis in the center ... as if it's indicating it's trying to load something. I used the app all the time for golf news , now it's useless. Whoever made the latest updates , complete failure *****Comments above were from a year ago , after another terrible update. This update is just as bad or worse. Content is becoming lousy . Social media junk and cheesy pics of pretty women. As everyone notes , it's portrait mode only now , which is useless on an iPad. Whoever the developers are for this app , give them an F for this mess.
  • Fix the app crashes! 3/5

    By Big Sky Golf
    Love the content but the frequent app crashes detract greatly. Crashes have been evident through many versions. Hire a new programmer.
  • To much reporting on Tiger Woods 5/5

    By SickJimmy
    Sick of hearing about Tiger Woods period getting ready to delete my golf channel app
  • Joke? 1/5

    By DR1717
    Golf channel should be embarrassed. Fix the app. Landscape only, really? Would never have "upgraded" from last version if I knew how horrible this would be.
  • Oops another app with a bad update 1/5

    By Former NH'ite
    What happened. Latest version is terrible on my iPad. Been a constant fan of app and no it is unusable. Don’t you developers ever beta test?
  • Loading 1/5

    By Farrdawg
    I have the latest iPhone with all the software updates and all this app does is loading...I get to watch about a minute of golf and then back to loading for a couple minutes...of course the commercials work perfectly fine...also I just love getting to sign in with my cable provider every single time I wanna it not possible that this stupid app can remember me!!!
  • Golf Channel App 1/5

    By Can't even give nickname
    Did anyone test this app? Landscape mode will not work in iOS iPad Pro; when attempting to select or deselect golfers on the scores page, touch is not picked up; fantasy requires a login each time going to the page. I could go on. Try again!
  • Please Make it Worse 1/5

    By evel_eyek
    Took away landscape view again? Can you find more ways to make it worse? Is it possible?
  • Update needs lots of work 1/5

    By jmkendy
    Been using the Golf app for some time now and the latest upgrades have been very disappointing. Seems like you took two steps backwards and hope you can do something to help bring it back and improve on it’s previous versions. The apps doesn’t work well on my iPad - I normally work my iPad in the horizontal poisons but the new apps only allows the users to look at it in the vertical positions. This lowers the size of the viewing space as well as makes it harder to read as well as watch. It’s late Tuesday and we don’t have the tee times for Thursday’s play yet and your still showing the score from last Sunday. My advise would be to go back to the old apps and don’t issue an update until you have all the issues resolved.
  • Portrait ... Really! 1/5

    By Tinbagel
    This update to the app makes me long for the previous version. This is now pretty much useless. And who, in 2018 thinks portrait mode on an iPad is an improvement!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Rougeparkace
    The new app it’s horrible . why did you take a great app and ruin it. I can’t use this thing at all. tiny fonts. Lots of wasted space. I don’t care to see pictures of players girl friends. I want golf news and scores.
  • Will not auto rotate 2/5

    By Mizefan
    This new app needs to be redone. I cannot get the page to autorotate to the correct orientation. Go back to the previous version..please.
  • Fire whoever wrote this app! 1/5

    By T J Mac
    Destroyed a decent app.
  • Portrait Only on iPad Now... 1/5

    By LAtoLV
    A lot of things were poorly done on this app in the past - too much clutter, seemingly hiding the “watch live” function (which is the main thing I use the app for), very poor linking to apple tv, crashing..crashing..crashing. But now all that PLUS the app is only portrait mode. Becoming a less and less valuable app.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Merrimans
    This app has gotten worse over time
  • EVOC Inst 1/5

    By EVOC Inst
    Absolutely terrible upgrade, should have just left it as it was.
  • SHANK! 1/5

    By Taildragger-J3
    Like most other reviewers, I have used previous editions of the Golf Channel app for years. And like most other reviewers, I will be dumping this useless update. Portrait mode only, give me a break. Look elsewhere for golf news you won’t find it here
  • Bring back the prior version 1/5

    By Txheelfan
    I can’t believe you beta tested this and still released it. Why only portrait mode? Took me a day to figure out how to get prior round scores and next round tee times. Very poor upgrade, get a new app developer!!
  • Wrecked it 1/5

    By tntgolffan1234
    This new UI is the worst. Does some one think this is an example of a modern UI. Was it even tested on a tablet?
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By GAG13xxx
    Like everyone else said: what were they thinking. No rotation, hard to find scores, hard to navigate. If I could rate it negative stars that would bee too high.

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