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Version 4.7.8 • Bug Fixes • New Privacy policy link Version 4.7.7 • Bug Fix for redundant reload on start up Version 4.7.6 • Bug Fixes • stream internal changes Version 4.7.5 • Enhanced tournament TV coverage schedule • Watch Live messaging for next available live stream • Enhanced Scores page • Live Blog Improvements • Medal Play scoring support • Bug Fixes/UI Improvements Version 4.7.4 • TV Schedule (short and long forms) • Improved leader board description and favorites area • Drop down selection for home page leaderboard. • Tour name for Live Streams. • Bug fixes. Version 4.7.3 • Introduced the new "News" tab. • Added more video selections to the Menu. • Bug Fixes Version 4.7.0: • Major UI update • Removed Live Audio Version 4.6.18: • Crash fix for Watch Live Version 4.6.17: • New Watch Live features for The 146th Open at Royal Birkdale, including full event replays Version 4.6.16: • Leaderboard updates • Additional bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Bug fix to address duplicate ads during live events • Crash fixes Version 4.6.15: • Leaderboard updates • Bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Push messaging improvements Version 4.6.14: • Indication of TaylorMade sponsored players on the leaderboards • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes • Location based messaging • Multiple crash fixes Version 4.6.13: • New splash screen • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes Version 4.6.11: • Bug fix to be able to navigate back from Fantasy • Bug fix to improve the loading of articles • Bug fixes related to AirPlay of Watch Live • Additional bug fixes to improve Watch Live Version 4.6.10: • Bug fixes to address times in the upcoming Watch Live schedule • Other bug fixes related to Watch Live Version 4.6.8: • Fixes bug where articles were not loading. • Minor improvements Version 4.6.6: • Watch LIVE Golf Channel coverage and events. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. Version 4.6.2: • All things Ryder Cup! • Scoring updates and enhancements for the Ryder Cup match play leaderboards • During the Ryder Cup, play along with FanBeat! Predict the action and answer trivia questions to earn points and compete for prizes! • Watch Golf Channel live. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. • iOS 10 compatibility Version 4.6.2 • Enhanced Ryder Cup support • Fanbeat predictive trivia Version 4.5.3: • Bug fixes and performance enhancements • Articles, photos and videos now include other articles you may like Version 4.4.1: • Minor enhancements for The Presidents Cup scoring Version 4.4: We've made some small but significant improvements including: • Larger photos on the Home Page and everywhere else • Improved performance overall, including scores, photos, and articles • Plus lots of other small updates to make everything look and run more smoothly! Version 4.1: • Improved home page with latest news headlines below the featured sections • Introducing Tee Shots, a quick look at shared photos from the golfing world!


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Golf Channel app reviews

  • Fantasy golf 2/5

    By Rktdktr
    I use to play here but there are too many players over$30,000. Which only allows you to pick one high end player. All the other sites have more flexibility.
  • Worthless for watching live stream, so why let me 3/5

    By Labby77
    try to access live programming? I have to open my NBC Sports app and choose what’s live on the Golf Channel there. I will see if this update fixes that, but not hopeful. Has been the same on my iPhone and my Kindle.
  • LOADING............... 2/5

    By shaftlean
    Golf channels video feed works temporarily then freezes
  • Needs update always crashes 1/5

    By RideBurton05
    The app continues to crash or play ads then freezes cause you to have to close the app and start over then crashes again
  • The new release 1/5

    By iPadigator
    It’s almost to the point that the app is unusable. I truly miss the old format. Navigating this is not easy. Pictures cover the whole page and are not to scale. The leader board is horrible. Oh well. Messed up a good app.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By Abailey23
    It’s 2018 and they still can’t get the streaming to work. Every time I try to watch live it says “try again later.” Well, months later I’m still trying. I'm switching to the PGA app from now on.
  • Bogey... 2/5

    By Now Aware
    Not the most exciting app. I use it to get up-to-date scores on every tournament being played. Too much fluff. There are pics of the male golfers actually playing and why of the woman golfers posing? Real well-written articles are needed. Insightful knowledgeable writers are needed.
  • Sorry Try Again Later 1/5

    By wisnndkdnebd
    I was a big fan of this app but now when I try to watch any event, the pop up says” sorry try again later”. No thank you, I’ve shut off the app. Too frustrating for me.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Killafolife
    As above
  • The golf channel 1/5

    By Slickbuster
    The best since update crashes constantly. Please fix. Worst app ever. Crashes at least twice each time I use it. Please fix. It's too slow. I won't use any more until it's fixed
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By Rhodyguy
    I keep going back thinking all the negative reviews would prompt someone to make changes but it actually gets worse. You would think it would be the go to app for golf news but even apps that have golf as an afterthought are better
  • Done 1/5

    By Golf chic
  • Such a terrible app 1/5

    By Darius McGilivary
    I wish there was any other way to watch the golf channel coverage. This app creates a completely trash viewing experience. Crazy glitches, such a pain to use. Total garbage. So frustrating. I just wanna watch golf!
  • Video rarely plays 1/5

    By Hdhkaoadg
    I have one gig fiber at home. The live golf coverage works about 15% of the time. Update, ads play in beautiful 1080 HD, the streaming is now down to about 5%
  • Slow loading and poor design 2/5

    By Genetal hospital
    Slow losing and poor design!
  • The App keeps crashing. 1/5

    By minni_c
    After deleting and downloading the app over and over again, it seems there is still an issue. The app crashes. Which stinks because the features overall are cool. One note that was echoed by another user too: LPGA content taking the back seat (even to the European tour?) is disappointing.
  • Scores 3/5

    By Doormas
    Well, you finally started posting double bogeys and worse correctly, now for several weeks on the men’s tour you have par status for Hole # 12 Bolded.... trivial, but could you please just get it RIGHT??? This is the Golf Channel Correct?
  • App still not working for me 1/5

    By Kirkjl1
    I used the app all the time. Got an iPhone 8 Plus and now the app won’t open. The splash page comes up and then goes to the background. Fix please. App still not working!! Also, there is no support on the website for this app!
  • Won’t even open 3/5

    By PatHofLogic
    First you show the senior event in the LPGA slot, advertise the ladies are streaming on, which it is not and then the GC app will not open.... ‘Come on Man’
  • How hard can it be 1/5

    By Dorhout 06
    25% of the time the it crashes before the app even opens, and the other 75% of the time the app will just go back to the home screen after selecting something to watch!
  • Great app - why not on appleTV??? 4/5

    By brianweis
    Great app. I am a heavy appleTV user and perplexed why you do not have a appleTV app? You might be the last channel not to have one. Please consider this for future. You are missing views and watchers!!!!
  • Just doesn’t work correctly 1/5

    By kc4sw
    I can agree with other reviewers and add that the “watch” function never comes ready. It just sits there “loading” for over 30min on a 60MBpS data feed.
  • Was good, now crashes 2/5

    By Docjohntx
    I am a strong Golf Channel fan, watching Morning Drive daily, the whole enchilada. Very disappointed that the app crashes, even after delete and restore. Here I am on the first day of the Byron Nelson and I can’t use my GC app. Very frustrating and hugely disappointing! I am on iPhone X, savvy user, stumped on this one though. Double bogey!
  • Terrible upgrade 1/5

    By BillD75321
    The new interface is chaotic, confusing and extremely slow on a satellite internet connection. During peak times it can take several minutes to bring up the app. There are just too many unnecessary images. The old interface was great.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By hbb_710
    I use it mainly from a fantasy golf perspective with a group of friends. The new update has been so frustrating as it makes you login every single time. Please consider adding a simple “save my login information” button or quit making us login every time. Speaking of the fantasy golf play, the ratings and cost of the players are terrible. It bulks most of the players at the same cost. There is no significant drop off from lower rated players, especially in the $25-32k range. For example, why would I take Jimmy Walker for $32k for this weeks Byron Nelson when I could have Speith for $33k. Walker should be rated around $24k to give any incentive to choose him over another top tier player. The only thing I enjoy from a fantasy perspective is the scoring system forces you to choose lower tier players so there’s definitely a lot of strategy involved there and also helps you get get to know unknown players.
  • The worst! 1/5

    By WD 7-4 off
    This could possibly be THE WORST app on my iPhone. Unbelievable how you even let this reach the public. Does anyone test this crap before it’s released?!?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By B60BOY
    Videos this weekend don’t load, keep getting error messages. It’s a show stopper. The app is very inconsistent and unusable. This is terrible cause the content is good, you can’t can’t load it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Biztrici
    Absolutely the most frustrating app I have ever used. Crashes on android and I pad. Videos will not load. Every time I go to photos it crashes on both devices. Uninstalled it from android and uninstalling from I pad.
  • Takes forever to load. Terrible please fix 1/5

    By Mikeyzeech
    Takes forever to load. Terrible please fix
  • Very unreliable 2/5

    By MrIzzyD
    This whole week I’ve been trying to watch the live feed and all I get is it’s an error and try again. No way to contact t them or evolve. Shut down iPad and restarted, logged out of tv provider and logged back in, tried everything. Very disappointing
  • Please Put More Thought Into This 1/5

    By Sh00ter McGrabbin
    The new design is horrible. Who thought this was an improvement over the previous design? One complete oversight is the lack of total scoring per round. I get that if a player shoots a 36/33 they have a total of 69. But that total is nowhere to be seen on the score pages! Why do I have to total both nines to determine what a player shot for each round? Simple solution: put the actual score for a each round somewhere easy to see, not just total to par and score for each nine.
  • Golf Channel?????? 1/5

    By PKarpi
    I totally agree with the review on February 15 the. U should just change the To TIGERS CHANNEL. there’s a lot more golfers besides him. Come on “tiger watch “. Changing to the PGA app. U should give more credit to the female golfers besides all the swimsuit photos.
  • Worst 1/5

    By captn midnight
    Worst app I have ever downloaded . Awkward, confusing
  • Doesn't work now... 1/5

    By Jcc0612
    Just updated. Now the app doesn't work... I'm removing it.
  • New Design 1/5

    By NB1968
    It’s horrible in every way. Go back, please!
  • Cumbersom 2/5

    By TopCode
    Takes a long long time to load. Horizontal scrolling is difficult with one hand. Font is tedious.
  • Update is bad!!!! 1/5

    By Scam to buy chips
    I do like that fact I don’t have to look at Jon Rahm when I open the app. I like Tiger but make the open random golfers. The new layout is cumbersome to navigate and the app is a lot slower now. I am UNABLE TO ROTATE THE SCREEN ON MY IPHONE 8 when watching live. I like the volume buttons up but since the go. Try again golf channel......terrible update
  • Lose the PowerPoint 1/5

    By OneHasty
    This app is almost worthless unless you love to watch poorly developed PowerPoint presentations. Next thing they will put hockey on the golf channel. What a loss the the golfers.
  • Poor since last update 2/5

    By Elberta john
    I have been thinking that the latest update would grow on me, but it just hasn’t. Also, I am a fan of Tiger bu tired of Golf Channel acting like he is the only player out there. It would be good if you could rotate pictures of players on opening page.
  • They should be embarrassed 1/5

    By Unhappystarbucks
    What a disappointment. If they want to sell ads (and there are too many), at least offer the viewing consumer an app that works. This is the digital equivalent of a piece of junk.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By D8wf8invb
    App, no matter the connection takes forever to load. Tired of looking at Tiger Woods stating at me for 5 minutes. Also liked the old format better as all the news was on the front page and you could go to other pages for the social crap if you so desired. But this is slow,slow,slow
  • Constantly Crashes 2/5

    By Dj_125679
    This app lags horribly. The live feed rarely connects to smart TVs and Apple TV. This streaming needs to be fixed
  • Broken? 1/5

    By Iliftthingsupandputthemdown
    App won’t open on iPhone 8.
  • Horrible Change - App Slow to Update 1/5

    By zimazar
    I used to really like this app until the recent update. Now often when I open it, the app fails to update so I end up getting the screen from the day before. What’s the point of a golf app if I can get more up-to-date info from Google? For shame. Fire the person who created the new format, it’s not working.
  • Needs an update. 1/5

    By JWM10990
    Every time you load fantasy golf on the app it prompts you to sign in. Never did this before. Just want to sign in and stay signed in.
  • Sad. 1/5

    By A52yearoldguy
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By larrygsl
    Why does the app keep crashing ? Are you aware of the issue?
  • Not a Role Model 2/5

    By stevie19
    New update has Woods as the cover boy. I understand he now plays Taylor Made, your sponsor. Some people, me included, believe the past is the past. You have the number 1 ranked player in the world in DJ. He was the cover boy. Why switch? I close my eyes when I see Woods in any venue. I consider him to be a detriment, at this time, to the game of golf. Not a role model for youth, like Arnie, Gary, Tom Watson, Nicklaus, Phil and you insert who you want after those names. I echo, also some of the new layout. Your update was not an improvement.
  • Will not stream live TV 1/5

    By Irritated over and over
    Complete useless. It will not stream live TV with my cable provider (DirecTV Now) signed in.
  • Porn Ad? 1/5

    By haboobs fury
    Opened app today and in the middle of the listed players were 3 of which is porn! Not only is this a terrible app but now this???

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