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Version 4.7.8 • Bug Fixes • New Privacy policy link Version 4.7.7 • Bug Fix for redundant reload on start up Version 4.7.6 • Bug Fixes • stream internal changes Version 4.7.5 • Enhanced tournament TV coverage schedule • Watch Live messaging for next available live stream • Enhanced Scores page • Live Blog Improvements • Medal Play scoring support • Bug Fixes/UI Improvements Version 4.7.4 • TV Schedule (short and long forms) • Improved leader board description and favorites area • Drop down selection for home page leaderboard. • Tour name for Live Streams. • Bug fixes. Version 4.7.3 • Introduced the new "News" tab. • Added more video selections to the Menu. • Bug Fixes Version 4.7.0: • Major UI update • Removed Live Audio Version 4.6.18: • Crash fix for Watch Live Version 4.6.17: • New Watch Live features for The 146th Open at Royal Birkdale, including full event replays Version 4.6.16: • Leaderboard updates • Additional bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Bug fix to address duplicate ads during live events • Crash fixes Version 4.6.15: • Leaderboard updates • Bug fix to sort TV providers in alphabetical order • Push messaging improvements Version 4.6.14: • Indication of TaylorMade sponsored players on the leaderboards • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes • Location based messaging • Multiple crash fixes Version 4.6.13: • New splash screen • Watch Live enhancements and bug fixes Version 4.6.11: • Bug fix to be able to navigate back from Fantasy • Bug fix to improve the loading of articles • Bug fixes related to AirPlay of Watch Live • Additional bug fixes to improve Watch Live Version 4.6.10: • Bug fixes to address times in the upcoming Watch Live schedule • Other bug fixes related to Watch Live Version 4.6.8: • Fixes bug where articles were not loading. • Minor improvements Version 4.6.6: • Watch LIVE Golf Channel coverage and events. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. Version 4.6.2: • All things Ryder Cup! • Scoring updates and enhancements for the Ryder Cup match play leaderboards • During the Ryder Cup, play along with FanBeat! Predict the action and answer trivia questions to earn points and compete for prizes! • Watch Golf Channel live. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. • iOS 10 compatibility Version 4.6.2 • Enhanced Ryder Cup support • Fanbeat predictive trivia Version 4.5.3: • Bug fixes and performance enhancements • Articles, photos and videos now include other articles you may like Version 4.4.1: • Minor enhancements for The Presidents Cup scoring Version 4.4: We've made some small but significant improvements including: • Larger photos on the Home Page and everywhere else • Improved performance overall, including scores, photos, and articles • Plus lots of other small updates to make everything look and run more smoothly! Version 4.1: • Improved home page with latest news headlines below the featured sections • Introducing Tee Shots, a quick look at shared photos from the golfing world!

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Golf Channel app reviews

  • Buffering too much 2/5

    By dumbekman
    I use golf app through Spectrum. However there is much too much buffering, more than any other app in my phone. No idea what is the issue: please fix it
  • Lousy excuse for an app 1/5

    By Obwayright
    Same problems I’ve had for a long time - great when it works properly (rarely happens) but unwatchable most of the time. The spinning “loading” wheel is very frequent while other times it just “kicks me out” entirely. One would think after all this time and several other similar complaints I’ve seen in the reviews that all this would be solved.
  • TNN . . . aka Tiger Woods News Network 1/5

    By akaTeeRex
    One of the all time greats. But when he not in contention and the front page of the Golf Channel is filled with the slobbering 8 - 10 Tiger articles I can’t help but not throw up on my mouth.
  • Don’t Like New App 2/5

    By SAnnF
    Had used the previous App for years with no complaints. When new app was released - thought it was just the change ... would give it time. Have given it months - still don’t like it.
  • Live Doesn’t work 1/5

    By UScit
    I try to watch live when I am away from home and it tells me try again later every time.
  • Appalling update 1/5

    By Skiford
    How many different buttons do you need to press each morning to find all the new stories and videos. Too many. Need to skip around home page, blog, stories to try and see all the new daily material. Shame as content is best out there.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By aburtonky
    The video segments of the app are not staying open more than a second or two. I hope the developers are working on this now.
  • Dizzy 1/5

    By sickandtired69
    Too much Tiger there are other players
  • Poor Streaming Performance 1/5

    By Going-to-ESPN
    I’m so disappointed in this app for streaming coverage. It seldom works, and when it does, it’s slow and clunky compared to apps like ESPN or CNN. Most of the time, I end up so frustrated that I close it out and go to one of the others. Also, why doesn’t it rotate in both directions when I put my phone in landscape mode? That’s a small annoyance, but symbolic of its second rate characteristics.
  • Golfchannel 4/5

    By Karen LENTELL
  • Requires TV Subscription to Stream 1/5

    By GRTTX
    Misleading description. Tells you that you can live stream but fails to mention that you need a TV subscription to do it. You find that out after you’ve wasted your time downloading the app. Why need a subscription anyway? There are tons of ads on the broadcast that should pay for it.
  • You are kidding me 1/5

    By Anon8275
    Tried to watch the Ryder Cup matches with this app on Saturday because the Live NBC video feed on Direct TV is not working. About the only thing that comes through is a commercial from Rolex. They must be thrilled to be associated with this.
  • Live 1/5

    By mtbrantley90
    No matter what I do I can’t watch any of the tournaments live. This app is terrible!
  • Terrible coverage 1/5

    By Yahoo bug
    More commercials than shots, and the leaderboard doesn’t show history or details.
  • Live golf ? 1/5

    By Nixlix900000
    This app never works. Never ever do I get to watch live.
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By MarkSMaravilla
    I can get caught up on scores on ESPN app but I want to see the action. There have been several tournaments that were unavailable to this App. I did not like that! Otherwise it is a good app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By boomer2040
    Will they ever fix the “try again later” error message when trying to stream live tournaments? Please? It’s been months.
  • Can't even control volume or mute, really. 1/5

    By blitztenagain
    This app has the absolute bare minimum required to watch the golf channel and absolutely nothing more. Not even a volume slider or mute button. Nope, couldn't be bothered. The play timer doesn't even update with a valid time. It's like the development team used a video player and never bothered to finish implementing it.
  • Doesn’t work for streaming 1/5

    By Pickanimal
    Every time I try to stream the channel using my cable login, it says that it needs to re-authenticate and won’t stream.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ttriplett
    Great app!
  • Watch portion doesn’t work 1/5

    By IA Travelin' Man
    Very frustrating, the app doesn’t allow me to login thru Directv login. Please fix.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Rj2732
    Do better, thanks.
  • Made it worse yet 1/5

    By collared-dove
    Not only did the latest update not fix the problems with tiny fonts and poor visibility of players’ rounds, it now forces you to view the app in portrait mode. Why do you insist on punishing your users! August 25: And now, worse still. Nothing will load on home page or on news page, no videos, no stories. Guess we’re lucky to get scores. Moving to PGA and LPGA apps.
  • Cmon Golf Channel 1/5

    By (-Oak-)
    You can do better. Other than checking scores I haven’t jumped into this app for much else in a long time. It used to be smooth and made sense. So why the plummeting reviews. It’s just a golf channel app for articles, videos and scores right? They have limitless resources to give you the best app possible right? No really that’s a question that needs answering. Videos rarely load upon start up then Just wanted to read some articles. Opened one. Read it and tried to watch a video in the article. That was painstakingly ridiculous. The video was clunky and couldn’t be controlled. No landscape? Really? Climbed out of that mess to read the next article and had to scroll back down to where I had left off. So you get air lifted to the top of the whole building every time? Why is simplicity lost update after update? Keep the simple things simple.
  • Loading & Loading & Loading ........... 3/5

    By Loading and loading
    Works ok on an iPhone X, BUT on an iPad Pro, lately, when you open the app, all it does is it’s Loading! loading! Says Loading all the way through Lol! Needs a lot of improving.
  • Slow 2/5

    By rspumpkin
    This app shuts off in the middle of looking at it. ?? Not great by any means. To bad not another golf news app. ESPN not much better. Saving grace is seeing a Tiger as you open the app. He IS golf.
  • Tick-tock-tick-tock 3/5

    By cibermax
    Come on Golf Channel App, Tiger buried his 18 hole putt over five minutes long does it take to update a players last hole??
  • What good is a streaming app that won’t do landscape format? 1/5

    By Alice Made from Plants
    Was coerced into getting this when trying to watch PGA Championship. Useless.
  • Just OK 2/5

    By HondoGJ
    Not quite sure where the developers are going with the last few updates. My biggest complaint is that the content seems to be all Tiger, all the time.
  • Getting worse 1/5

    By Rhodyguy
    I keep going back thinking all the negative reviews would prompt someone to make changes but it actually gets worse. You would think it would be the go to app for golf news but even apps that have golf as an afterthought are better Not the app for golf info but definitely the place to go to see the latest photo shoots of the under achieving female US golfers
  • To much Tiger 1/5

    By react101
    This app does nothing but cover Tiger Woods. I thought CBS was bad. NBC and the golf channel are just as bad. So if you want no golf and only Tiger news this app is for you.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bealestreetson
    Impossible to get live stream to function consistently. Why does this even exist.
  • Leaderboard only 1/5

    By Xedtgbqwapp
    The app is useless except for referencing a tournament in progress. Otherwise, why bother?
  • The golf channel 1/5

    By Slickbuster
    The best since update crashes constantly. Please fix. Worst app ever. Crashes at least twice each time I use it. Please fix. It's too slow. I won't use any more until it's fixed
  • Less Tiger, please 3/5

    By sydge1023
    14 stories about Tiger yesterday, 9 stories about him today. Isn’t that a bit of overkill for someone in 29th place? Plus, we have to stare at him every time we open the app.
  • Golf Channel is good choice 4/5

    By RunHard58
    I use the Golf Channel app outside the house, at the office (vol down) and car (not driving) and it has been a solid app and good eye candy. Thank you!
  • Fantasy golf 2/5

    By Rktdktr
    I use to play here but there are too many players over$30,000. Which only allows you to pick one high end player. All the other sites have more flexibility.
  • Worthless for watching live stream, so why let me 3/5

    By Labby77
    try to access live programming? I have to open my NBC Sports app and choose what’s live on the Golf Channel there. I will see if this update fixes that, but not hopeful. Has been the same on my iPhone and my Kindle.
  • LOADING............... 2/5

    By shaftlean
    Golf channels video feed works temporarily then freezes
  • Needs update always crashes 1/5

    By RideBurton05
    The app continues to crash or play ads then freezes cause you to have to close the app and start over then crashes again
  • The new release 1/5

    By iPadigator
    It’s almost to the point that the app is unusable. I truly miss the old format. Navigating this is not easy. Pictures cover the whole page and are not to scale. The leader board is horrible. Oh well. Messed up a good app.
  • Just awful 1/5

    By Abailey23
    It’s 2018 and they still can’t get the streaming to work. Every time I try to watch live it says “try again later.” Well, months later I’m still trying. I'm switching to the PGA app from now on.
  • Bogey... 2/5

    By Now Aware
    Not the most exciting app. I use it to get up-to-date scores on every tournament being played. Too much fluff. There are pics of the male golfers actually playing and why of the woman golfers posing? Real well-written articles are needed. Insightful knowledgeable writers are needed.
  • Sorry Try Again Later 1/5

    By wisnndkdnebd
    I was a big fan of this app but now when I try to watch any event, the pop up says” sorry try again later”. No thank you, I’ve shut off the app. Too frustrating for me.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Killafolife
    As above
  • Done 1/5

    By Golf chic
  • Such a terrible app 1/5

    By Darius McGilivary
    I wish there was any other way to watch the golf channel coverage. This app creates a completely trash viewing experience. Crazy glitches, such a pain to use. Total garbage. So frustrating. I just wanna watch golf!
  • Video rarely plays 1/5

    By Hdhkaoadg
    I have one gig fiber at home. The live golf coverage works about 15% of the time. Update, ads play in beautiful 1080 HD, the streaming is now down to about 5%
  • Slow loading and poor design 2/5

    By Genetal hospital
    Slow losing and poor design!

Golf Channel app comments

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