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GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

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GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS App

The official GolfNow Mobile App is the best way to book a tee time, utilize GPS golf course layouts, keep score for your group and get analysis of your golf game after each round, plus it's FREE to download. Easily search for golf courses, find the best tee time rates at more than 6,000 courses, golf clubs and resorts in the U.S. or internationally and sign up to become a GolfNow VIP with the new-and-improved, FREE GolfNow mobile app. GolfNow’s mobile app includes GPS layouts and rangefinder for more than 30,000 golf courses, convenient scorekeeping while you play, post-game analysis features and more are now free for everyone. Plus, introducing the all-new GolfNow VIP annual membership, featuring waived convenience fees, 25% more Rewards points and more. Join today for just $197 a year. App features include: • Find the best rate and book tee times 24/7 at more than 6,000 golf courses worldwide • Easily search Hot Deals tee times near you for incredible savings and discounts and the best rate on each tee time (Save up to 80%) • Enhanced search capabilities let golfers find tee times and make tee time reservations near cities, landmarks and more • No calling or waiting - book instantly anytime, anywhere • Automatically earn points toward GolfNow Rewards with every player in every round • GolfNow's new VIP membership offers waived convenience fees and exclusive benefits for VIP members • Use your device GPS or search by area to quickly find golf courses near home or on the road • Save your credit card info for secure, easy, convenient booking at the tap of a finger • Get directions to the golf course near you using the GolfNow map view • Choose the right golf club with accurate distance yardages and GPS tracking at more than 30,000 courses • Keep score for each player in your foursome with several game play formats • Post-round analysis and in-depth statistics to improve your game and track your handicap Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. When done playing a round, be sure to end the round.


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GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS app reviews

  • Great app for booking tee times 5/5

    By zumagwengolf
    I'm a VIP member And book most of my tee times with GolfNow I use it all over the world
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Stray Cat 1
    I used this a couple of times and then something changed. Update or something? It now has the most horrible interface, non working functions, doesn’t except CC anymore, yet requires you to pay in advance? Stop messing up good apps!

    By ThePope513
    I have been using the GolfNow app for 4 years now and it has gradually went down hill. The app itself visually has improved however the deals (the whole point in using it) have decreased in value. Unfortunately to my finding this year I went to book my second round of the year & attempted to use my $10 reward promo code and was informed I have to use it Monday-Thursday after 12:00... it seems like last years adjustment of using it 3 days prior to your booking just wasn’t enough for them to hold your money. SMH, I wish this company would have some integrity and allow their customers they “care” about actually use the reward they have earned at their own convenience
  • Psyche 1/5

    By Timfit
    Eight times out of 10 you go to click on a hot deal and it says oh sorry just missed it
  • GPS fail 1/5

    By jliang1313
    My app is useless because the GPS is always way off.
  • Great Idea - Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By ucfcpa
    This is a great idea for an app to build a network of courses in which you can book tee times through. Unfortunately they’ve recently placed more limitations on their “perks” of hot deal tee time credits that make it nearly impossible for the average golfer to utilize. Their customer service isn’t helpful which makes me question what value does this app bring? People mine as well book through the courses and support them rather than GolfNow.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Stunna swayzee
    I do not recommend this app the customer service/support was awful. I booked a tee time and it began to sleet and snow with 20degree weather I called to just get a future date they asked if I wanted a refund I said no just a future date they said great we will give you a promo code. So I waited and got my promo code they then only gave me a week to use it and have to schedule it three days prior to playing that is so stupid! I refuse to use this app and highly recommend no one else does. Thanks Kevin
  • I’ve Reduced My Usage 2/5

    By Andre0599
    I’ve reduced my usage since we now have to book Hot Deals three days in advance. Additionally, booking single golfers have become increasingly difficult. GolfNow has become greedy and trying to push everyone to the $99/year VIP membership but it’s not worth it. I’ve noticed that most of the time GolfNow is charging the same amount as the golf courses. The convenience is not calling around for tee times. So what I do is use GolfNow to check open Tee times then call the golf course to actually book. Golf now needs to actually be cheaper on the routine Tee times. They used to be prior to changing all the rules. Now they’re just a tee time advisement app for me.
  • Easy 4/5

    By FreddieMercalike
    Great way to play more golf, especially for us weekday golfers. Alittle disappointed with the change to using reward points. Now, we have to book 3 days in advance to use the rewards--not bad except for those of us who had accumulated a lot of points and now find it difficult to use them!
  • 2/12/18 PLEASE READ 1/5

    By nicedayof18
    WILL NOW USE EVER AGAIN!!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!! GolfNow Stole My Money! I know I don't post a lot but I wanted to give fair warning to the golfers out there. GolfNow basically just stole $160 from me for canceling 5 days in advance do the weather concerns. They canceled my reservation at the course but are not returning any of the money involved so they are charging me for basically nothing. I have escalated several calls up to management only to be told I could be sent some golf balls and have expiring credits I cannot use. It's 20° out and raining not the most ideal conditions for a good game of golf. I didn't know a company like GolfNow could take your money for zero service provided! I will never use them again and advise all golfers not to either. #GolfNow
  • Useful 3/5

    By Olde Pop
    I Use it for tee times and to shop for some golf apparel and equipment. It's difficult to use for the Skyview part. Otherwise it is very handy. GrandPaw.
  • Best golf app 5/5

    By dvigildaniel
    My favorite app ! Always find great deals
  • Rates and tee times 5/5

    By Golfing Jim75
    This is the very best of any golf app going. Since I live in south Ga. I constantly use it to book the tee times and rates that I want. I use it for Savannah, Brunswick, Hilton Head, and Jacksonville as well as other places away from my home course
  • 미국에서 골프 부킹쉽고 편해요 4/5

    By 하늘사진관
    얼마전에 알게됐는데 미국에선 골프 부킹이 아주 쉽고 편하고 싸게 할수 있어서 좋아요 1년 vip가격은 비싼거 같아요
  • Charging people more again !!! 1/5

    By Fkuvegasbj
    Every time since the beginning of the year they are doing things to charge US players more. First it was not waiving the fees after 10 rounds. Now you raised the price to 3.49. Crooks. This site is bs
  • You be the judge 1/5

    By Ccb153
    Booked a teatime in a hot deal. Got to the course and it was closed for a member tournament. Pro said no problem you will get a refund. Called GolfNow and was told they would verify with the course and call me back.I had to call them back three times. They then told me they couldn't refund, but they would give me a voucher. Or use the voucher how to convert teatime that then disappeared in the system.
  • Golf now 5/5

    By Impact soccer
    It's a great app easy to book tee times as well as track you scores , and how your playing Its easy to track your handicap overall it's a great app
  • Works 4/5

    By No-han
    Gps and scoring is good. Only negative is having to restart app after it times out on the course.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By JimPatPete
    I was a fan of this app until there was a problem and had to get some customer service. They were unhelpful and rude, it took me five hours to get a refund for a service that was not rendered. DO NOT recommend.
  • Total con on the “rewards” 2/5

    By zonimon
    Been using app for 9 months. Great for booking times, etc. but, accumulate reward points to apply... yeah, try using them thru this app. Total con. No way to access them. Looking into alternative apps and talking with courses here in Phoenix, Arizona about other apps.
  • Rewards Usage - Garbage 1/5

    By Trump for the win
    Cannot stand the rule change in using your rewards 3 days out. I play at very spur of the moment times and never book 3+ days out. Pretty much stopped using this app as a result.
  • Awful awful app 1/5

    By V3N1 V3DI V1C1
    I just wish I could give this app negative stars. I have had it for years and it continually disappoints. The app is almost unusable. Better off using the website, but hey, that isn’t good either.
  • GolfNow no longer needed 1/5

    By Talkoftheyoc
    I wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out why I could not spend my rewards points that I earned. The reason I use Golf Now is because of the rewards system. Otherwise I can buy my local Golf Card and save money in my area. I take clients out for rounds and I rarely know which days we will go out until 48 hours before. It’s called Golf NOW, not Golf Three Days From Now In An Unknown Time. But now I noticed that policy changes have been made. You could only use them 3 days in advance. This no longer works for me now. Which means Golf Now is no longer a necessity for me to use. I might as well book another app or 3rd party or call the pro shops that actually matches the price of Golf Now. I used to use this app every time but look like I will go buy our local " 2 year golf card" for $90 that literally drops our rates in half. That's double the value of GN's $99 1 year VIP membership. I will plan a round out in advance and use my last rewards and be done I guess. It's been great GN. Also, please figure a way for the VIP membership to be actually worth it. You would have to golf like 25 rounds a year just to break even on the deal. Add something worth it.
  • GN .... not what it was. Read before they rob you! 1/5

    By NoNickNameHereNowOrEver
    App works ok. The policy stinks! .... become VIP, get golf balls. Didn’t happen. .... rewards only apply to hot deal rounds. Really? .... used to be able to apply rewards anytime you booked. Now.... you must book three days in advance in order to apply rewards. HEY Golf Now.... you took my money, allowed me to book one round, changed the booking policy, and rendered my vip account non refundable. .... oh, and for all you non vip members, don’t bother to book unless it’s a hot deal round. GN charges a booking fee ($3.49 pp) when you can simple call the course for no fee charges. GN... the courses are advising customers. And the players are talking. What used to be good chatter.... is not so good anymore. Edit: well, when searching, hot deal rounds list as one price, when clicking through, the hot deals are then different prices (higher). Edit: you’ve just sent me an email confirming a worse booking policy. You’ve doubled the VIP price. And you prey on Lower level courses.... You’ve lost your way. Abandoned your core business model. Lost customers. And ruined your cred at courses. If you focus on good business principals and deliver good customer service, the rewards will come. Keep in the direction you’re going.... the doors will shut.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By GOIreyes
    Love it!
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Kid Cyle
    First time user, I booked a round of golf when it was pouring rain. I called the course to come in early before the rain and they could not help. I called GolfNow but was unable to get a hold of anyone. I requested a refund because obviously it was pouring rain and I could not play. They said that on my booking the only way to get a refund was if the the entire course was closed for the entire day. Fine, it was probably my fault for not understanding that unplayable weather wasn’t good enough. Lame, but I get that. I spent 2 hours on hold and was told they could do nothing for me. It’s a shame because instead of refunding me 80 bucks they just lost a customer that would likely use this app 30+ times a year and sign up for VIP service. Aka lose a quarter to save a penny. If the issue could be fixed, I would reconsider my review and future usage.
  • Great way to book tee times 5/5

    By Acey121
    Use this all the time to make tee times. Fast and easy with no mistakes by app. Great selection of courses and saves you a lot of money. I play more golf because it has made golf more fun !!
  • Unhappy with customer service 2/5

    By OSU Cowboy
    Been using this for years and have been happy but needed to cancel a tee time outside of grace period. Called customer service twice. Did not receive call back either time. Got the flu with fever. No way I can play today. If they charge my card the $140 fee there is going to be a problem. Cannot understand lack of customer service
  • Nice app but can’t get rid of notification badge 4/5

    By Rtwiz
    I keep getting a notification badge but when I open the app I can’t seem to get rid of it. This needs to be fixed.
  • Never play without it!! 5/5

    By DKWikoff
    Use GolfNow to book tee time every time we play & have saved $$$$$
  • eeeewww is a grea of t guman y www w 4/5

    By nickname 234
    e deeewsderrrrzzdd E ee and were you going to the whouse be the wwwwwwww wewqqwwwwawaa
  • Great site 4/5

    By Palmed I
    Love this site for booking Tee times!
  • Rip offs! Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Rippin6Gears
    Attempted 7 times to call their customer service on a Wednesday... couldn’t get through and emailed to cancel a tee off due to course on temp greens due to frost... been a week now still no money back nor a reply. Horrible customer service!
  • Brent Caldwell 5/5

    By Theycallmehezus
    Great app
  • Golfing with ease 5/5

    By STUDENT; clean slate
    Golf Now , it's not only easy to use for even the Beginning golfer. The Extra features Are by far Outstanding.. So if you want to play Golf please don't pass up GOLF NOW
  • Poor Service 1/5

    By ToPHaPaLooZa
    I’ve been having several issues with this App. I’ve attempted to email and call Golf Now several times and have had zero communication from anyone to help or attempt to fix these issues. With so many other options out now, the poor performance and even worse customer service is not worth the hassle.
  • So so 4/5

    By Maurelias
    Great to have for searching deals but I often find that the price is the same at the corse when I get to the pro shop.
  • Great App 5/5

    By gb309
    Easy to use. Great way to save some bucks and be able to check out different courses.
  • Rate 2/5

    By kstbill
    I cannot give this app a high-ranking at certain times they can’t find the golf courses near my house. The next time my round information will just disappear. Not very impressed at all
  • SCAM – STAY AWAY 1/5

    By bamathon
    This company preys on lower-level courses in need of revenue and then strong-arms their clients and the courses. I have personally talked to one course who told me GolfNow wouldn't allow them to let me push my time back 20 minutes, even though the course was 100% okay with us teeing off 20 minutes later. I then called a nicer course to try to get our round in, and they told me they would never work with GolfNow because of how they operate. Traffic had me 5 minutes late for my 12pm time and even though the course had a completely open 12:20pm time, GolfNow would not allow them to let us play the 12:20 time without paying for another round. So I payed for a twosome that we couldn’t play and GolfNow refused to refund our money or allow us to play the open 12:20 time which was totally unbooked and the course was fine with us playing. I had to open a bank dispute with this company to have any chance of getting my money back for services I didn’t receive. Worst thing was that my banker was totally aware of GolfNow’s antics and vowed to try his best to get my money back because he was fully aware of how they operate. ONLY USE IF YOU MUST PLAY LESSER COURSES AT LESSER PRICES. ALSO NEW GPS FEATURE IS A JOKE. Just get 18Birdies app and do it right.
  • GolfNow is great 4/5

    By wisconsinative
    I have read a number of reviews and disagree on customer service which I have found to be very good. I also am not a fan of the new bonus policy of three days out. I have used GolfNow in Wisc, Ga, Illinois and now AZ. So far in Az on can barely get a 1 top and a four is out of the question. I presume the plan is for 2 on a deal and 2 full fare. Overall, I am happy it is available.
  • App needs a couple of fixes 3/5

    By ExpectsReasonable
    I have pretty much exclusively used golfnow to book tee times, it is nice to be able to see the available tee times across the area at a glance. This app, on iPad, however need a couple of fixed. 1. Each time I start the app when the iPad is in landscape mode, the app always started up side down. It should be able to tell which side is up, no other apps have this problem. 2. I did not find a way to retrieve my reward codes in this app to apply to bookings on this app. It forces me to book from a computer in order to access the reward codes.
  • Golf deals 4/5

    By Cd105
    I do like using the app to find tee times. It is easy to use and saves me money. I would like to see the app be able to show the rewards you have and you can apply them at checkout without having to look up the code to enter it.
  • Good course offerings, great customer service 4/5

    By GrayDragon65
    I have used this app for a few years now and utilize it often; it provides access to courses as I visit other cities that makes it convenient, and the green fee options tend to be very good; my one complaint is that in order to use a promo code, the round must be reserved 3 days in advance which is impossible at times; work schedules do not always provide a 3-day planning option
  • Deceptive pricing 3/5

    By Tyquandoe
    When scroll through the pricing, it’s says from $.. and you think oh that’s a great price and click on it, but wait that price is no where to be found!!!!! Very irritating!!
  • Bogus service 1/5

    By The3DKing
    Golf Now is a useless service. Most courses will give you a better rate if you call, and using the rewards that they offer, is next to impossible!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Karlwithak2
    I can search tee times for neighboring areas for a great price!
  • Quality has decreased tremendously 2/5

    By rover72
    I used to be a big fan of this app. Lately, the GPS is very slow to obtain distances and to establish your position in the golf course, sometimes location your position on a different hole or even out in the street (when you are obviously not there) and would not correct after waiting for what seems to be a lot. It wasn’t like that before.... I hope they fix these issues.
  • Best Site 5/5

    By Kjkdkk
    I use this site all the time and has always been the best deal and so easy to use.
  • Started up again. 5/5

    I was a 4-5 time a year player due to high course fees. After I found GolfNow, I've mad a point to golf at least 2 times a week because of the great prices GolfNow has available. The only issue I've had was with course being overbooked. The staff at GolfNow made the mistake right with a free box of golf balls. (Who can't use more of those right?)

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS app comments


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