Good On You – Ethical Fashion

Good On You – Ethical Fashion

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Good On You – Ethical Fashion App

Good On You is your trusted source of sustainability ratings for fashion. Join more than a million people worldwide using Good On You to shop better and create a sustainable future. The Good On You app gives you the power to easily check the impact of your favourite fashion brands on the issues you care about. Use the app to discover better alternatives, learn more about ethical fashion shopping, and get exclusive offers from the best brands. Browse over 3,000 brands, all assessed against our comprehensive rating system. Each brand receives an easy-to-understand rating out of five, from 'We Avoid' (1) to 'Great' (5), and individual scores for its impact on people, the planet, and animals. If the brand you're looking for isn't listed yet, just hit a button and we'll rate it! And if your favourite brand doesn’t make the grade, use Good On You to find sustainable alternatives that meet your needs. You can also use your consumer power by sending a message to brands, urging them to do better. Just window shopping? Good On You is the world’s best source of ethical fashion knowledge: use the app to find sustainability tips, guides, and style edits, and stay up to date with the latest in eco-conscious fashion. **At a glance** Find out how 3,000 brands impact on people, the planet, and animals. New brands added every month. Discover new ethical and sustainable fashion brands that will make you look good and feel great. Save on sustainable fashion with exclusive offers from high-rated brands. Read news, tips, and style edits from the world of ethical fashion and lifestyle. Make your voice heard by sending feedback to brands. **What they’re saying** “Good On You is my benchmark for ethical shopping.” - Emma Watson “Ethical shopping just got a whole lot easier.” – Refinery 29 “Good On You is the place to find brands making genuine efforts to curb their carbon footprint.” - New York Times “Good On You is a must-download for anyone trying to buy better.” - Dazed “The free Good On You app is a useful guide to everything from vegan materials, to how a brand is performing in terms of labour conditions or animal welfare.” - The Guardian

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Good On You – Ethical Fashion app reviews

  • slow. 2/5

    By beeblossom481
    very good idea for an app and very helpful but it’s got bugs. Nothing loads for me! I will wait for an update and hopefully it works better!!
  • Slowest loading speeds ever 2/5

    By Heyheylee32
    This apps mechanics are so bad. It makes me never want to use it, but I know there’s a good idea behind it.
  • Wonderful But There Should Be Some Fixes 4/5

    By niflorefriend
    Hi I am a newly found well not so newly found 13 year old Climate Advocate and Activist! I am also coming in to other activist areas in my life🙂🌍🌎🌏🪱🐝🦋🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✌️✊🏿 So this app has been very helpful to me in so many different ways it is made me feel strong and informed and it’s an amazing place/app to start and get more informed and then branch out. Another thing that is so wonderful about this app is it there are so many wonderful articles that I have read that are amazingly really informational and great suggestions I do love that aspect of the app almost more than some of the others.💜 One of the things that does bother me though is that there is not more specific place filters for instants I live near North Carolina and more specifically in the Virginia area I cannot find many things that are actually in my area which is kind of hard for me I do have places in my area that I’ve already found but it would be nice to be able to find more. I love what you were doing with it and the amount of time that you take into this but I would love to see some improvement and some range in the more specific places allow in the filters. Thank you so much for hearing me out and have a lovely day.💜💙💚💛🧡❤️💖 PS thank you Emma Watson
  • I never write reviews & this app is worth one. 5/5

    By iamevelynkim
    I've had a smartphone for a decade and have never written an app review until now. As someone who seeks out vegan and fair trade clothing, this app is so useful. The fashion industry is traditionally notorious for is questionable labor practices and environmental ethics. But this app shows that there are so, so many clothing companies that do right by the planet, people, and animals. Yes, the brands in this app leans heavily towards "womenswear" (I wrote that word in quotes, since I believe people of all genders can wear whatever they want.) However, people of all genders can use this app and find a store, label, brand with a style that suits them!
  • Filters need improving 4/5

    By syd77778888999910
    Like everyone else, I love the concept. The filters don’t work well though. I sort by menswear and am suggested baby brands. I look for brands similar to streetwear and am suggested denim brands or brands that only sell basics. It’s almost as if the app tries to recommend the same 7 brands, regardless of the user’s preference. But I love that I can search a brand and see an overall rating.
  • Expecting better... 1/5

    By bdshb do dvdg
    It’s a pretty cool app on what I heard but the issue is it won’t load at all! I am in perfectly good WiFi and it won’t even let me past the sign in. Expecting better
  • Good App but some quirks 3/5

    By 🆘♥♥
    I love the app! It does a good job of showing which brands are ethical and why. However, I wish it was easier to search for ethical brands. There needs to be more categories for the app. So far the categories consist of ones like shirts, jeans, etc. They should add categories like women, men, juniors, children, etc. I am a teenager and it’s hard to find any brands that are meant for teenagers. The only way to find teenage brands is by searching them yourself, but that becomes a problem when you don’t know any ethical junior brands in the first place.
  • Great idea impossible to use for iPhone 12pro max 4/5

    By jagälskarmänniskor
    This app is great! I love the areas they are rating and the explanations on why something gets a certain rate. You can also suggest what brand you want them to rate next! Also great to search on location so you know shipping will work good. Just very sad it’s impossible to use Th e app with the big screen iPhone 12 pro max. Hope for a quick update as this is one of my favorite apps!!
  • Good On You 5/5

    By peterwashere✅
    I stumbled across this app quite by accident. They’re well-researched, and after doing my own analysis on a dozen brands and comparing the results, I trust their summaries and refer to them like a dictionary of sorts. If you search up your favorite brands like I did, heaven only knows what you’ll find (be prepared to go through the 7 stages of grief & don’t get stuck in denial). Incredibly, with the collection of “good” & “great” small ethical businesses on here, you can easily amass a collection of clothing brands that align with your style AND morals (please remember not to buy more than you need and to shop secondhand). Never have I been more impressed with an app, I’ve recommended it to everyone close to me & have referenced it on my socials. Oftentimes, I get frustrated with adults who tell me my generation will fix their problems, but with resources like this, i think we’re capable. Thank you. A few recommendations: -this might just be an issue for my phone, but i can’t seem to unfollow a business. This makes it difficult to organize brands (maybe some people would like brand folders too?) -a ‘local’ search option or listing where each brand is based would be fantastic, but it’s a small issue as some have it in their summaries and if i’m interested it’s only a quick google search.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By T91306
    Never going to delete this app. Recently I’ve become very involved in the genocide of Uyghur Muslims, including how many companies are using forced Uyghur labor (Nikes, Victoria’s Secret, Zara, etc). And I’ve started boycotting companies that haven’t cut all ties with using forced Uyghur labor, but it opened my mind to the fact that many other clothing brands I love could use forced labor as well, just not specifically that of the Uyghurs, which is still absolutely unacceptable. So after coming across this app in an add, I downloaded it. And it’s phenomenal. It tells you exactly why a company isn’t ethical, whether that be because of lack of living wages or environmental damages, and it also tells you which ones are good and ethical. Just wish some the brand suggestions it gives are more trendy and suited for younger people. But other than that, it’s great. :)
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Rachel.noel
    This app has been a game changer for me and how I choose what brands to buy from. I absolutely love how it’s organized and the full analysis they give to each company. The only thing I wish this app would do is provide a selection on pictures for each company! Every time I click on a brand there’s only one picture at the top of the screen, it would be better if there were more pictures as you scroll down.
  • Great Place to Start 3/5

    By cheypieinthesky
    I love this app and what it does (had it a few years now). However, it never helps me find brands I like or want to buy from. The majority of brands listed here make almost exactly the same styles and that style is boring as hell. It’s a great app to research brands I found on my own. If a brand is rated low on here I won’t buy.
  • not enough brands 3/5

    By miss mia mouse
    when looking to see if brands are ethical there is so many brand names not included in the app. I love the concept of it. Just not followed through enough.
  • Love this app, but are they still updating for new stores? 4/5

    By jenren365
    I am a huge fan of this app especially in these times, but I’m wondering if the app is still being updated with new information and new stores?
  • Great but needs improvement 3/5

    By Faybian Taylor
    This app could really make a difference! But it’s desperate for improvement. Why can you not view all and filter by location of stores or select multiple categories? A few images from the website or a link to the brand would also be great!
  • Great! But can be a little frustrating money-wise 4/5

    By In Luke, Michael Thrusts
    I think it’s super awesome that I have a tool to help me sort through shops and buy more ethically, however I would love if there were an option to sort by price in the app! I only downloaded it today so I may be missing an option that already lets me do that, but if it doesn’t exist it should!!
  • Love the idea behind it! 5/5

    By ek0726
    I’ve been playing around with the app and I love how transparent they are about how they got to the ratings they give. Suggestion: I think this would be awesome in a google chrome extension form as well. I, along with a lot of people I know, tend to move over to their computers to purchase things instead of using their phones. (However I’m also not a software developer so I have no idea how difficult this is so I’m sorry if I’m asking for a lot.)
  • Poor 2/5

    By Kyle M. Carpenter
    I have analyzed many of the ratings of this app and researched into what the creators of this app stand for and came to the conclusion that over 90% of them are not being heard. The app crashes very often, it takes you to safari when the information should be shown in the app, the filters are not accurate, over a dozen stores/brands are not listed in this app, does not cater to vegans, and brands are not being researched on a regular basis to name a few. For the zero waste, health and animal conscious people aware of there carbon footprint, we look to apps like this to tell our friends about so they can have an easier transition into our lifestyle. This app makes it frustrating for everyone and the users voices are not being heard. I see comments form the creators thanking us for our input from, over a year ago, but nothing is being done. I’m disappointed to say the least
  • Great informative app 4/5

    By Stephpark
    This is a great app with super informative content. But it’s keep shutting down after I favorite a brand or do few things within the app. Hopefully the bugs gets fixed for a better experience.
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By Ruzan Ghazaryan
    Great app for mindful consumption!!
  • Love the idea but has major flaws 3/5

    By gabs1105
    Love the idea of this app which is why I continue to use it. Love love love it. That said typing into something to search doesn’t give you what you’re searching for and now the app keeps shutting down randomly. I may look into seeing if it just has a website, because the app is getting way too tedious to use. A real shame, I truly enjoy the idea.
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By isabelle012
    I love the idea of the app but every time after I search a store and read into it, the app crashes! Super frustrating to use :/
  • Pretty Amazing App!! 4/5

    By Gdjdjdjhd
    This app is super useful! I love the articles they have on the home page and how you can favorite certain brands. It makes it so easy to find a brand and quickly see how sustainable they are. The only issue is that it keeps crashing which is a little sad but overall a great app!
  • I want to love it but... 1/5

    By Raantuva
    Update: it’s been four months. Your app still keeps crashing. Why? Why can’t you just make this d*** app WORK? You went through all the trouble of a rebrand and for what? It’s useless in its current state. It crashes EVERY TIME I HIT THE BACK BUTTON. You’re just...ignoring us. ——— This app constantly crashes. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing but it just yeets itself in the middle if use. It also constantly logs me out, loads very slowly, and it’s just a mess. I love the work this app is focused on but you need a different development team because your actual app is the pits. Very disappointed that it constantly seems to be like this. I don’t get it. Also PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get Emma Watson off of the home screen. I’m sick of seeing her. I don’t give a rat’s backside about celebrities this is super annoying.
  • In App Browsing Needs Work 3/5

    By Lizzibella
    I love this app and turn to it when I’m shopping online to make better informed choices. I wish that it allowed you to browse ethical brands by location (since part of sustainable shopping is looking locally) and prioritize your values. Personally, I would rather not be shown brands that don’t offer fair labor conditions for workers, even if they are 100% vegan.
  • app always closes out 1/5

    By red team
    I love this app, but it closes out probably every 30 seconds. I’d really love to browse through what the app has, but i’ve downloaded and re-downloaded so many times and I can never keep the app open for longer than 1 minute. It always randomly closes!! :(
  • Amazing intent, poor app stability 4/5

    By BAcatmom
    I love having this information at my fingertips. It really is so important to prioritize ethical fashion, so the intent is wonderful. However, I find that the app crashes every time I use it. It can be a bit frustrating because I have to reopen it several times before I’m finally able to do what I initially opened the app to do.
  • Crashes every time i try to use it 2/5

    By gwenbrin
    Great idea. Poorly executed. I’m also a smidge tired to seeing emma watson and saying “no” to notifications.
  • Crashes 4/5

    By ry2938
    I really love the idea and the information available in this app and it’s so convenient. However there are so many bugs that I crashes just about every couple minutes, making it difficult to get through articles. The worst one to me is not being able to swipe back to the homescreen
  • Good idea and presentation, not great execution 2/5

    By 天天越爱你
    Love the idea of the app as I’m very into sustainability and fashion. The layout is nice and the articles give good recommendations, however, the app is almost impossible to use due to how frequently it crashes. I can barely open an article without the app crashing.
  • Amazing idea w/ a few glitches 4/5

    By Mdog000
    This app is amazing! It makes it so much less daunting to shop ethically. My favorite feature is when you search for brands to see their ethical rating, you can just press a button to send a prewritten or personalized letter to the company expressing concerns about their lack of responsibility in their sustainability. So cool! I would give this app 5 starts immediately if it were not for a few occasional glitches and the far more annoyingly frequent crashing of the app itself. It crashes so frequently it is almost impossible to do anything.
  • Good site, terrible app 3/5

    By emilith
    The apps crashes whenever you try to go back from the page you were on, and the pop ups to allow notifications are excessive.
  • Problems with App 1/5

    By 8:&3!:&/@2&/!.&;[email protected];@/&
    I love this app and the idea, but I’ve downloaded it for five minutes and it’s closed me out of the app while I was trying to use it as many times. Popular brands aren’t listed and I can’t share posts or articles that I find interesting. This is SUCH a great idea, I just wish it was better maintained!
  • Great Idea but lots of bugs 3/5

    By Heheoveksvd
    Every time you go to the home page it asks you if you want to turn notifications on which is aggravating. Also if you swipe to go back to the previous page the app crashes.
  • Love it but... 3/5

    By irritated orange
    I love the concept of this app, but it is ALWAYS crashing on me and I don’t like the way things are organized. I’ll keep it downloaded though in hopes for improvement.
  • Really useful and informative 5/5

    By Udkakdjndmsksjfbsmmskbfs
    It’s so easy to navigate the app and find brands. I love that there are articles on sustainability. I needed to find ethical and organic socks, so I just looked it up and there it was all the brands with socks. I really love this app and I use it weekly, makes it easy for the people trying to do better when buying.
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By dlai22
    But good app; useful way to compile ethical brands
  • Good idea, app could use improvement 4/5

    By sarasreviewin
    I love the idea behind the app and I also love the web version but the app keeps crashing and closing out of nowhere so it makes it very hard to use it. I also would like to have information on the sources for the research and to able to search in the app for all the brands rated the same.
  • Great idea, great potential 5/5

    By joanna b fletcher
    The concept of this app is really awesome, and I have recommended this app to several friends. Ethical fashions is OVERWHELMING, and this app is a great starting point, and is pretty user friendly. I would LOVE to see more brands and companies be reviewed and included in the database, but I also understand that this is a FREE app, and I think they’re doing a great job with their resources. Thanks for providing this resource!
  • Bad execution 3/5

    By Paz&Kor
    -no price filters -filters janky in general -got the new iPhone and now it doesn’t even open the app on this phone
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By SR Jacobson
    Just downloaded this app and I can’t even open it! It continually crashes and quits. Such a bummer.
  • Love the idea, the implementation is weird 4/5

    By Remytreat
    I absolutely love the idea of this app, and I will continue to try to use it as much as possible! Frustratingly though, the filters often do not do anything (for example, even when I set my distance as 5km and no online stores, it shows Australian stores). Also if you want more information, it just opens a new safari page instead of a new page in the app. If the filters could be fixed, then I would be super happy! I am hopeful the app will continue to expand so that all of the information is self-contained over time. Also, I wish there was a way to see some examples of the items in their little pages, not just separately going to be website, as it makes it difficult to gage if you might actually like the style of a new brand. Overall though, I love the idea of the app and will continue to use it and am looking forward to seeing it grow!
  • Love but hopeful for more ! 5/5

    By Amerierie
    Downloaded this app in efforts to become a more eco-conscious consumer. It has definitely helped me become more thoughtful about the purchases I make. However, some of the research is outdated and I would also suggest that sources are cited. Definitely a great start and still love the app, needs a few minor improvements.
  • Not ready for public users? 1/5

    By katjanudel
    This app seems to be in development and not ready for public use. It won't let me create an account. If I try to create with email, a red bar flashes at the top of the screen which I'm assuming is supposed to contain an error message but is just blank. If I try to create an account with Facebook, an error appears saying the app is in development and I need to switch to a test account. Also unable to skip registration.
  • amazing idea 5/5

    By imbeciIe
    i have recently taken an interest in our environment and have gone vegetarian, but now i want to even more with helping with saving our planet 🌎. i’ve recently read about fast fashion and how unethical most of my favorite stores are and wanted to do something about it, so this app is a great start! 👍
  • Great first step! 5/5

    By Sleveoo
    So far in using this app, I only have great things to say about it. I’ve been very serious about shopping sustainably and making sure the brands I buy from are ethical in their practices, but it was difficult to look up companies on the fly. With this app, you can see a simple breakdown of the steps companies have taken to make their products sustainable, if they pay employees a living wage, if they test or use animals in any way, and a few other categories. Take a look and see for yourself!
  • Great idea if it were actually functional 2/5

    By NeonNeon54321
    The filters don’t work , I searched for shoes and it showed brands like Little River Sock Mill and People Tree. Both brands do not sell shoes. Needs major improvement
  • Too expensive. Unrealistic expectations. 3/5

    By Kurotsubasa
    Thank you for take the initiative to make the planet a better place. Unfortunately, if I followed your guide, I’ll either be naked all the time or homeless because the recommended brands are way too expensive. I’m above average income and still can’t afford any of these brands. Perhaps make the search based on costs? Or perhaps some of these brands that need more info should be researched further.
  • Changing the World 5/5

    By Emma1442
    This app is a remarkable step towards a more ethical and ecologically focused future. Ever since I got this app, I’ve stopped supporting brands that I used to know and love that aren’t good or great. It’s eye opening to see that some brands who have been around for many years don’t care to be ethical but have the profit to. This app is incredible, but I would love to see an option for a master list of We Avoid, a master list of Not Good Enough, a master list of It’s a Start, a master list of Good, and a master list of Great brands so that I don’t miss out on anything. Anyway, thank you for your efforts and this app is seriously changing the world.