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  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 4.13.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Time Base Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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GoodNotes 4 App

GoodNotes 5 is now available. A modern GoodNotes version including many new features and improvements, such as: * FLEXIBLE SCROLLING: choose between horizontal and vertical page scrolling * FOLDERS: create infinite levels of folders and subfolders * GLOBAL SEARCH: search and find everything. From handwritten notes, typed text, to document and folder titles. Across your whole library. It is available as a free/discounted upgrade to GoodNotes 4 customers through the “GoodNotes 5 Upgrade Bundle”. ### GoodNotes lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents. The handwritten notes are searchable and are created using a pioneering vector ink engine. Thanks to iCloud sync, your documents in GoodNotes will synchronize between your iPad and iPhone automatically. ## Make Your Handwritten Notes Last Forever ## GoodNotes features a state-of-the-art digital ink technology that will look great even with future super-high resolution displays. ## OCR: Search Handwritten Notes ## Just type in the search box what you're looking for and then tap Search. ## Better Than Paper Notebooks ## Type with the keyboard, insert images, or draw perfect shapes easily; mix between any kind of papers or even insert PDF docs inside a notebook; rearrange or delete pages as you like. It is very flexible. ## Annotate PDF Documents; Fill and Sign Forms ## Great for saving time, paper, and the environment. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files are supported too. ## Large Collection of Beautiful Covers and Papers ## Each template is carefully designed in vector format. There are lined papers, graph papers, music papers, and lots of notebook covers to choose from. Add your own template with an image or a PDF file. ## GoodNotes Does Not Slow You Down ## Thanks to the powerful zoom window feature, you can write quickly with your fingers or with a stylus in a large area, and your handwriting will be shrunk automatically. ## Just Write Them Down and Don’t Worry ## You can correct any mistake any time and it won’t become messy. The lasso tool will let you move things around or even resize them. ## Protect Your Valuable Data ## GoodNotes features a trash function to protect from accidental deletion. It can also backup your data to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive automatically. ## GoodNotes is Also a Digital Whiteboard ## Your audience will not see the user interface — just the content — and you can choose which part of the page to show them. Many teachers and lecturers are already using GoodNotes to teach. ================ The screenshots use material from Wikipedia articles Photoelectric effect[1] and Internal combustion engine[2], which are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0[3]. [1] [2] [3]

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GoodNotes 4 app reviews

  • Hoodwinked — do not buy! 1/5

    By zoagreen
    This app is okay—not as good as OneNote, but okay. However, the company is hoodwinking people who buy version 4, thinking it was top of the line, only to be offered version 5 to “complete” their app. It cost another $8. I feel ashamed for falling for their money grubbing efforts—so be forewarned. Do no business with these scoundrels.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Nellyjelly22
    It’s a really good app for school I would recommend
  • Great so far 5/5

    By BandsWillMakeThemDance
    Works a little slow at times but that may be because I have a really old iPad. I love the features.
  • Music 5/5

    By Bleeeee blaaaaaaaaa blap
    I only wish there were a staff paper function
  • Best note app 5/5

    By ZhuamaQueen
    Love this app!!! Have been using this app for half a year and feel confident to write a comment. I love the model it’s one-time purchase, no hidden fee, no monthly subscription, no add. The UI design of this app is great. Different folder, different note book type, the zoom writing function are all great. Love the connectivity to other apps. I had some slides stored in my google drive and I can easily import into my folder, my note. Love the functionality of screenshot. To people who work on and support this app: thank you and keep the great work.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Amojo561
    Can't write anything. Changes my letters to circles.
  • I like it, but could use some improvements 5/5

    By mystinkykaya
    I like how the app make writing and taking notes smooth and easy. But, I wish that this app had a an option to record a lecture at the same time you write. I also wish that the paper’s width and length were unlimited. Finally, I wish that the consumer has the option to choose the paper color and to add a sticky notes on their notes.
  • Unbeatable for simple note-taking 5/5

    By Snakeguts
    This app has tons of features, I'm using it for simple note-taking organizing, and research. It fits the bill quite nicely.
  • Great app! Love the music staff paper - but missing a few things 4/5

    By Drumstring
    I love using this app! It has helped me get organized for the first time in many years. As a musician, I am super grateful for the staff paper. 1. I agree with others who comment that it would be great to be able to import and link audio files. 2. Also, I would love to have a sticky notes type function to add notes on top of the page layout. 3. And, even though it's easy to use the bar on top to go between notebooks, it would be great to have function with a single click back button to switch between notebooks. 4. There should be a way to import multiple pictures and, i really struggle with identifying which photo I want to import because there is no zoom available when looking at the photo library. If the developers add these functions it will be worth 6 stars!!!
  • Win Win 4/5

    By Busyx
    You can’t go wrong using all the capabilities! Type, draw, write, insert links, and pictures, annotate as you wish, use all the colors you wish! I use it all day long and I love it!
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By campanab197
    Really needs a couple more key features then it will be perfect. Would like if I could voice record lectures while writing notes, and would love the feature that OneNote has where you can click and drag to create more space between lines. The loop tool is okay but OneNote just makes inserting more words just way easier.
  • Like it so far. 4/5

    By Frogs are green
    Just bought the app about a week ago to avoid rewriting paper notes. Several of my colleagues use it for field notes, so I’m trying it out. It’s simple to erase and modify as I go, and the magnified writing window really helps keep my handwriting and sketches neat. All my templates are easily accessible and changeable for the different types of notes I need to collect. Saving individual pages as a pdf allows me to share my data with others or file it permanently as necessary so it’s never lost. In short: So far so good. Also, I purchased version 4 instead of 5 primarily because of the concerns various reviewers had over some changes in 5. Hopefully those bugs will get sorted and squashed. Until then, this version works well for me.
  • Why would I have to pay to upgrade? 1/5

    By r4y73n3
    Cannot justify buying same app twice
  • GoodNotes 4/5

    By CraigJ.Edgin
    Version 4 is great, I would wait till version 6-7 to “upgrade” though.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ablk12
    While this is a good app it needs the ability to record. This should have been a feature by now.
  • No “Search” Function capability 1/5

    By mmm1234!!!
    Search function does not work. I have tried a variety of PDFs and it will not search any of them (vs Notability which CAN search all the documents...)
  • Advertising in a paid app? 1/5

    By Math HST
    I don’t want to relearn a new app. That doesn’t make things easier for me. Please do not advertise the new version every time I open up my current paid version. If I want the new version, I’ll go to the App Store and purchase it. Updated: So, after many months, no response from the developer. The ad still pops up every time I open my app. I manually moved all of my files to another app and am going to delete GoodNotes and moved it to one star. Yeah, it was that important to me to not get spammed while using a paid app.
  • Could be better. 5/5

    By ramze566
    It's better if this thing support checking two pages at same time.
  • AWESOME! 4/5

    By PoorTeacher19
    I was looking to go as paperless as possible this school year. I am new to iPad, and got goodnotes 5 to keep all my notes, planners, calendars etc. I had to delete goodnotes 5 because none of my files worked on it. (There goes my $$). So Apprehensively purchased goodnotes 4. WOW! It works! This app is amazing. I’ve had it for a week and I am already more productive than before I had my iPad. I love that you can import different files and annotate PDFs. I love the lasso tool to copy the same item to different pages that might need it. I absolutely Love this app. I did not give it 5 stars because I am still trying it out.
  • Great app for planners and editing PDFs 4/5

    By Candycorn222
    Super love GoodNotes 4 and it was a tough choice between 4 and 5. I read that 5 had quite a few bugs so I decided to go with 4 for my first go ‘round with the app. Sometimes it crashes, or I lose my tool bar up top and need to close the app and reopen. The most irritating thing is every single time I open GoodNotes4, it prompts me to buy GoodNotes5. I should not have have to deal with this “ad” on a purchased product. Developers, please update the app and remove this. It’s obnoxious.
  • Great App 5/5

    By God's Servant
    This app allows me to be completely electronic and eliminate paper.
  • The new update !! :( 5/5

    By superdramallama
    Ok so I absolutely adore this app. I think that the format is so easy to use and that this app in many ways is essentially perfect. However, there has been a new update that makes me slightly upset. Now obviously I know that I am a person that doesn’t love change, and I know that this isn’t a big deal whatsoever, but I do not like the new color scheme on the toolbar. In this update, everything in the toolbar is grey. In my opinion that looks like it is unusable because when you cannot use a button it turns to a lighter shade of grey. Also, I cannot tell when I’ve used the undo button to where it is finished, and I think that the coloring is just plain weird. I am still going to give this app five stars because it is awesome and very intuitive, but hopefully someone sees this message and takes in what I am saying. I’d love for this app to be the best it can possibly be, that is why I am giving my opinion. Thank you!
  • Some things limit functionality 3/5

    By michb2014
    This works, but would use it more if: Had ability to import more than 1 (image, pg, etc) at a time; Had the ability to change background color opacity; Had the ability to change fonts (including italics, bold/colors) within a single text box.
  • Good Notes 4 is perfect 5/5

    By Muktibhukti
    Flexible. Intuitive. Powerful. Elegant. Meets all my needs. Afraid to upgrade to 5.
  • Good apps but need update 2/5

    By cbrittney22
    Both apps glitch. Please fix resizing editing and writing.
  • Need to pay twice to get version 5.0 2/5

    By Smart lily
    I already purchased version 4.0 and love to use it. However, it asks to pay again to update to 5.0 Does that mean I need to pay every time later for upgrading to 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, and so on?
  • So awesome 5/5

    By decadegirl
    Great app Makes It’s so much easier using this app instead of a book to write my appointments in... I just love it!!!
  • Nicely done. 4/5

    By Lcoolm
    Yeah still have some things to improve on . But still.. nicely done.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Lildiva17
    I paid for this app and it really annoying that I keep getting ads for GoodNotes 5 and subscribe to get email. Please stop that from happening
  • Feels like paper 5/5

    By SophieoftheElves
    Great app! Fits exactly what I need and have been looking for with a note book app. And with the handwriting features it feels like I’m writing on paper. Love it!
  • Ggggrrrrrrrrrr 1/5

    By jusgfoeb7hf90nw9bhfgkl
    I upgraded to 5 on my iPad...why am I not able to see that upgrade on my phone?...I can’t even go into the App Store and download 5 directly to my I am no longer in sync...and what’s the point in that?...hmmm notability?
  • Ammazing app 5/5

    By Laleonsita
    This app is really great for planning journalist and making things easier. I would really recommend this
  • Love everything about it EXCEPT... 5/5

    By Supermagnetman
    I can’t figure out how to make it store all documents on my iPad without worrying about the “cloud”. The cloud sounds like a wonderful feature BUT if you are an ATT hostage you cannot count on service in lots and lots of places. So when I sit down at church and pull up the app - I expect the files to be there but this morning nothing showed up and I bought ver. 5 thinking that may help but that was no help at all - it said there were no files. Finally when I got home it immediately found the files. It is not every useful if you can only use it sitting in your house. I have used it for many years and love taking notes on it and this must be something related to a downgrade feature that must have happened a while back and I just installed recently.
  • Easiest note taking app 4/5

    By Ballistic Bacon
    Best note taking app I have tried. Controls are intuitive and the auto switch eraser (probably describing it wrong) is my favorite part. To make it 5 stars: Dark mode please
  • Are you kidding me? 1/5

    By brianohh
    This is not even a free app. Why do I have to deal with pop up add about good notes 5 EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app?? It’s starting to annoy the nuts out of me. STOP THIS PLEASE.
  • Constant harassment 1/5

    By Nerovingian
    Please stop bothering me to upgrade every time I open the app. I paid for the app and want to use it. But the annoying ad drives me nuts and makes me want to use a different app.
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By kmilz13
    I love this app; it was worth my money. However, I’m so over the fact that an ad for an upgrade pops up every. single. time. I open this app. Get rid of the ads please!
  • Good 5/5

    By Sunny해
    Fave note taking app! Just needs voice recording and dual notebook capabilities.. it would be perfect. Better than GN5 hands down!
  • So much better than V5 5/5

    By blasler
    This older V4 version is so much better than the V5 upgrade (as of May 2019): * The insertion point works in tall text boxes instead of scrolling offscreen * Named bookmarks allow one to navigate large books * Text insertion is so smooth: click (+) and start typing; no fumbling with the insertion point * Text color and style selection is cruder, but obvious * V4 has the lasso selection (ok, v5 has that too!) * V4 backs up to more places * V4 can start its own HTTP endpoint to share documents to the local network * The 'send to GoodNotes 4' imports V5 with directories converted into Categories I'll keep v5 around and check out its evolution, but for now I recommend V4 for getting stuff done.
  • No, I don’t want to upgrade. STOP asking. 2/5

    By Denim1917
    Literally every time I open this app it asks me to upgrade to the newer version for a fee. I bought the older version on purpose, based on the reviews. I paid $8 for it (same price as the new version). Getting asked to pay more to upgrade every time I open the app is maddening, and I can’t figure out how to make it stop, despite searching for an solution. D:<
  • Where is the pencil option? 4/5

    By ShocNAwe
    I love this app, but I really would like to see a realistic pencil option
  • 连接onedrive总是失败 4/5

    By shizju
  • Great app 4/5

    By Arielle2009
    Love the app. Use it for classes to take notes. Great, because even so I handwrite, it is still searchable, as long as I write somewhat readable haha. One thing I wished to be better: the size of the eraser should be as adjustable, as the fountain pen. Their smallest size is sometimes too big to erase only what is needed in drawings.
  • Updated to 4.5 1/5

    By MLR123400000
    I just update to version 4.5. Now, nothing is working on my iPad!!?? Cannot send files to GoodNotes!!!! Really annoyed. I use this program Dailey for my meetings. At the moment, I’d give it zero stars if I could.
  • GoodNotes 4 5/5

    By Sissy1997
    Love it!
  • Best app for bullet journal 5/5

    By JDF233
    I'm so glad I did my due diligence and went with GoodNotes. It's an incredible work (and play) tool that has significantly increased my productivity. I used to keep a detailed bullet journal on paper where it was difficult to manage space and keep all my tasks in one location. GoodNotes was a game changer. I can add as many pages as I want, bookmarking key locations is a snap and I can search through hundreds of pages by whatever words I need. App is about 99% successful at recognizing my scrawl and getting me to the right place. Drains battery a bit but pretty manageable. Couldn't be happier
  • Love it but would like alphabetical bookmarks 4/5

    By almost a perfect 5
    I love this app. I use it daily for work and personal. It helps organize basically everything. I would have given 5 stars if I could have the option of an alphabetical bookmark option. It lists them chronology by page #, but I would prefer alphabetical for easier reference. Other than that it’s pretty perfect!
  • Does everything I need 5/5

    By wannabeapolyglot
    Great app. Love the search function. It recognizes my sloppy handwriting with no problem.
  • Bugged with ads 1/5

    By Buinfred
    The app is constantly opening up a pop up ad for its next version.

GoodNotes 4 app comments

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