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GoodNotes 5

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 5.4.24
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Time Base Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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GoodNotes 5 App

Transform your iPad into smart digital paper. Take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, on imported PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents, or on images and photos. All notes are searchable and you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing them again. GoodNotes is one of the top paid iPad apps worldwide and is frequently featured on the App Store, making it a must-have for your iPad. WRITE NATURALLY - LIKE ON REAL PAPER * Fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine * Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or with many capacitive styluses and even your finger * Select and customize your pen color, thickness, and style (fountain pen, ballpoint, brush pen) * Easily switch between pen, highlighter, and eraser ALWAYS FIND WHAT YOU WROTE * Everything is indexed: Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles * Convert your handwriting to text to share it with other apps or add it to the page as a text box to continue typing with your keyboard NEVER LOSE YOUR NOTES AGAIN * All your notes with you at all times thanks to iCloud Sync VIEW DOCUMENTS SIDE BY SIDE (requires iPadOS) * open GoodNotes in multiple windows to view two documents or two pages side by side * use tabs to quickly switch between open documents ESCAPE THE LIMITS OF ANALOG PAPER * Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors * Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool * unlimited undo & redo including gesture control for faster corrections * powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to "Erase Highlighter Only" to leave the ink intact * Pinch to zoom and write more precisely * Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks CUSTOMIZE YOUR NOTEBOOKS * Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and paper templates: Essentials, writing paper, Cornell paper, dark paper, checklists, planners, and more * Import any PDF or image as a custom template for more customization GO PAPERLESS * import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more to annotate them right on your iPad * export documents and share them with others for a fully digital workflow * scan your paper documents and recognize the text EFFORTLESS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT * Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders * Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly * Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents CONVERT YOUR IPAD INTO A DISTRACTION-FREE DIGITAL WHITEBOARD * Keep your audience focused on what's important: Presentation mode lets you hide all distractions on an external screen when you connect your device via HDMI or AirPlay * Use all of GoodNotes' tools, including the Laser Pointer on the iPad, while your audience only sees the page and the content * GoodNotes empowers you to give more engaging presentations, lectures, and lessons. You can move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard for everyone to see Visit our website at for more information, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @goodnotesapp.

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GoodNotes 5 app reviews

  • Awesome app for school notes 5/5

    By JMorcos
    Love GoodNotes! Super easy and stays out of the way to make school note-taking a breeze. A little bummed I paid for the app on Mac only for it to be pulled and replaced with the iOS universal purchase a few months later, but regardless of cost the app is worth it. One tiny request - could autocorrect be enabled for the text box in the "add page to outline" UIAlertView? I always spell stuff wrong in the outline!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Catherine Liu0811
  • Great so far 5/5

    By Ouvree
    User friendly and convenient. Wish handwritten notes can be converted to typed instantly. Kwame
  • Great for all things but typing outline notes or converting handwriting 4/5

    By laurenmae82
    The workflow for converting handwriting into text is very clumsy to use but luckily the sketching and handwriting components are so great that you learn to live without typed text.
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By Grasshopper100
    I use it for my bible studies, journaling, brainstorming and especially for storing crochet patterns! I’ve also used it when I’ve taken online classes to store folders and assigned articles.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By ChrisKWill
    This app is the reason I decided to purchase a new iPad and Apple Pencil. ❤️❤️❤️
  • This app only need... 5/5

    By HenryAlva
    Tis app is excellent only need a security password option!!!
  • AMAZING! Better than Noteability ~ 5/5

    By joannewong
    PAST NOTEABILITY USER SWITCHED TO GOODNOTES! SO MUCH BETTER! I started off pharmacy school (intensive note taking required!) using noteability because of its ability to use the app on the computer as well (additional $12), but then it became glitchy and did not sync. I was so annoying that I decided to just buy Goodnotes due to its new app for macbooks. I was totally impressed and am so glad I made the switch. Goodnotes aesthetic is just sooo much better; highlight is a nice vibrant color and the notebook function/folder function is so visibly neat and aesthetic. So far, there has not been any sync issues with goodnotes between my devices! Please keep this up! The only thing I would like to see is being able to drag text/image/writing from one page to the next page. I noticed that I need to actually press copy and go to the next page to press paste if I wanted to move something. Thank you for all the hard work goodnotes team! You are amazing, please keep it up!
  • Love it 5/5

    By 5551993
    Love customer support! Hands downnn best exeperiece! But U know need to improve big file import
  • Best Note Taking App for Students!! 5/5

    By Katis.Nicky
    I got this app after getting my first ipad for college to take notes and store digital text books. H's very user friendly, allows for a lot of customization, and is easy to download, store, and organize school documents. After a lot of Youtube videos between Noteworthy and Good Notes 5 I am so glad I chose Good Notes!
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Brah503
    Me ayuda mucho para crear mapas mentales para el desarrollo de innovaciones en mi negocio.
  • What is a notebook? Really? 5/5

    By Tholomite
    The best note taking app for ipad.
  • Excellent Application 5/5

    By 5Wolves
    This is the best application I have purchased so far absolutely the best ... period!
  • Can’t upload pdf or ppt 2/5

    By Alisonggg Huang
    This is a good writing app, but not a good note taking one. Most of my classes have ppt or reading materials, so I have to take notes with these materials. However, I couldn’t find any of cloud storage sync function letting me to upload materials from my Dropbox or google drive. And also I can’t sync notes with those two cloud storage. It’s 2020 now, I can’t believe there’s an application without this function.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Sams1649
    Goodnotes is not especially user-friendly, but it isn’t truly difficult to use either. I’m using it for digital planning/work/etc., and I’m enjoying it a lot! Definitely worth the purchase!
  • Great, but needs one thing 4/5

    By ld#99
    Have been using Goodnotes for over a year and love it. One request- I love to write and do journal entries. Being able to password protect my journal would be awesome. Thanks for a great app!
  • college student 4/5

    By Kel21073
    i love goodnotes ! i rarley crashes but when it does its super randomm which is why i knocked down a star although i wish they would add bullet points as an extra
  • Goodnotes 5 crashing 1/5

    By Anwesha00
    The app is not consistent. It is crashing and as I scroll through the screen blink as it tries to refresh the notes.
  • One change is needed 3/5

    By aqtgamer
    This app has tons of great features. I’ve just begun digital planning and there’s a feature missing that would make this app the best.... the ability to finger tap hyperlinks while in edit mode. This one change would streamline workflow and make the planning process much more enjoyable. Right now, every time I want to click to another part of my planner, I have to tap the read only mode button (in the far right corner) and then tap the link to change locations, then tap the read-only/edit button again. Soooo much tapping when it could be much more simplified.
  • Best app ever !!!!!! 5/5

    By Gell.lly
    I love goodnotes sooo much! There are a lot of things you can do here than other note taking apps. This is a must have for all college students.
  • So, I have to make two separate purchases? 2/5

    By cookie.monster28
    I bought the goodnotes 5 app. :\ Now I realized i have to make another 8$ purchase to get it on my ipad? That’s really stupid you know? It doesn’t make sense but I’ll leave it. I’ll deal with it. Otherwise it’ll be not as worth it. I’m excited to explore this app anyways. :3 Even though, I bought, expecting to also be bought for my ipad as well as my phone to sync both files but you know, i guess I kind of got screwed out of my money. 👌🏻 Good job for that. That’s why I leave two stars. I’ll change my review once that’s taken care of or fixed or whatever.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Yumiko_22
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By A Washington Piano Teacher
    I have used this app for taking notes and for teaching others via internet meetings. I can emphasize points using colors or highlights, import text and photos to enhance presentations and organize them by subject in “notebooks.”
  • Links de videos e apostilas e sites 5/5

    By Gabbi__santiago
    Poderia ir como link para acesso rápido
  • Great App. Easy to use. Well organized. Highly recommended. 5/5

    By jbnimble100
    Very impressed with this app. Easy notetaking. Multi function stylus. Easy to organize notes. Highly recommended.
  • Very good app. 4/5

    By Jazidazl
    A very good app. Gave it 4 stars because the screen has frozen a few times. But I’m satisfied overall.
  • Why Does good note degrade there quality? 1/5

    By 85ghf4
    When I buy this app like 3 weeks ago the app was allowed to search definition of word and copy it to another split view page. Also, now it’s not allowed for me to combine two different documents!! What is going on good notes developer?!?!?!?!?
  • Good 5/5

    By ResoluteMars
    Nice tool
  • problem 3/5

    By kordy44
    When I type in keyboard, a rectangle appears. And when I copy an article and I want to paste it, the words appear to be overlapping and incomplete.
  • Love 5/5

    By loriidorii17
    It’s a must for note taking in college
  • 사용 후기 5/5

    By Tlf1220
    특별히 문서를 정리하는데 유용하고 내 생각을 정리하는데 편리하다
  • App is so far so good!! 4/5

    By Sai 1997
    App needs little improvement like opening documents on PC should switch to typing mode or text mode rather than writing mode. I did not expect the handoff feature, which is there, but still needs improvement. Also it would be better to integrate further - some of the features I expect to see are seamless integration like, attactching screenshots directly from mac with a button on ipad and also I hope that developer might even take use of apple's continuity markup feature
  • Why buy it? Apple Notes is FREE! 2/5

    By Day5154
    Good Notes 5 is would have been a great app in 2013, but in 2020 it simply isn’t. Apple Notes is an incredible app that could certainly use some tweaks, but it is still head and shoulders above Good Notes. I need an app that is first completely trustworthy. Second, it has to be very versatile. Third, low cost. And finally, it has to work seamlessly with the cloud. Apple Notes checks every box. I can’t see any reason to spend $8.00, or even $1.00 on Good Notes. I purchased it based on an “Editors Choice”. DON’T BELIEVE IT.
  • Great for nursing students 4/5

    By Dona1ynn
    I love this app. It allows me to keep my textbooks and notes all in one spot. I have it on all my devices making reviewing a breeze. Only downside is no password protection. Not only do I use this for academics but to journal... I’ll probably bump it up to 5 Stars once they add that feature.
  • horrible new update 1/5

    By Vahid dark
    its craching time by time when im using it, i have typed the whole A4 size page then suddenly application crashed and when i opened the application again all of notes were gone !!!!!!!!!!! fixed the issue ASAP thanks
  • es la mejor herramineta para estudiar 5/5

    By isco0000001
    como herramientapara estudiar, organizar, importar PDFs, imagenes, organizacion de archivos, exporart escritos hechos a mano, o hay ningun contratiempo.

    By ANsir1999
    When goodnotes loads large PDF, it often appears that the white screen cannot be loaded, while notability does not, which greatly affects user experience. Please pay attention to it officially,thanks
  • Good Notes 5/5

    By dediazp
    The Best App ever
  • Worth the money!!! 5/5

    By peep chicken
    This is the best app ever! Great for school work! Highly recommend!!!
  • i ma very happy with the platform. i gave it 4 out 5 because i am learning to navegate 4/5

    By alejandro ibanez
    zoom. easy to use.
  • 超级好用 5/5

    By honglin233
  • Great app 5/5

    By .gign
    This is a great app for students. It works perfect with my Apple Pencil and I am able to create an array of journals for different classes at the same time. I highly recommend this to students looking to become paperless students.
  • Bug report 3/5

    By MisZoomer
    Can’t find where to submit bugs on the Developers Website: my iPad Pro printing to my laser printer started doing a zoomed print on Print This Page in this latest version - So part of what’s visible in Print Preview doesn’t Print on the paper. App has been rock solid for 4 years, otherwise.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By appleuserforapps
    I love how effortless this app makes editing PDFs. My only issue is that I wish I could alter text boxes from PDFs I have imported so I can make them smaller and have room to write my notes. I have to upload my PDFs to google drive to alter the text boxes and then upload that version to GoodNotes. It’s a time consuming process.
  • This is the Best note taking app everrrr 5/5

    By keiry b
    This is such an amazing and helpful app
  • Write Notes 5/5

    By Jake Tun
    The best note app I have ever used
  • Few more features 4/5

    By Hunkoys
    App is pretty fast. If any of these suggestions would impact the performance of the app. Nevermind it. 1. First of all, please give us more color option on the tool bar. Or let us customize what’s in the tool bar. Not everyone uses the laser. Can we have options to hide items in there. 2. Shape templates. It’s difficult to make a big rectangle and a perfect circle 3. Fill. But treat them as or make them images. That way they dont erase. Or at least let the user decide if they want it erasable or not I don’t think a lot of people have a problem with the third one. But I’ll just put it there. ✌️ But overall. App works great. I can see Notability getting better. The only reason I didn’t choose that is again. The toolbar. Not a lot of flexibility. I note in color. 🌈 Just saying. You gotta up your game guys.
  • Uploading from Drive 3/5

    By brilliantlytragic
    I love what I can do with my Apple Pencil and a blank page, but I don’t understand why I can’t upload some of my Drive files (a Google Doc). I can see the file, but it’s shaded. Any guidance? Is it a setting problem?
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By veggibird
    I want to love this app, it has so many lovely features. Unfortunately, the following key bugs ruin it for me: 1. Strikethroughs: when writing, often a line is created somewhere. This happens often no matter what palm rejection setting I use. 2. Disappearing/reappearing texts: when transitioning from a page to another, the texts sometimes disappear. After I write a few lines, they suddenly jump back. 3. The eraser sometimes does not work.. 4. Cannot drag texts across pages.

GoodNotes 5 app comments

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