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GoodNotes 5

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  • Current Version: 5.9.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Time Base Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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GoodNotes 5 App

Take beautiful, searchable handwritten notes with the note-taking app that turns your iPad into digital paper. See why GoodNotes is Editors’ Choice. Download now and unlock on all platforms. Available on the iPad, Mac, and iPhone. WRITE - BETTER THAN REAL PAPER • Enjoy a fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine. • Select and customize your pen color, thickness, pressure sensitivity, and style (fountain pen, ball pen, brush pen, and highlighter). • Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or other capacitive styluses. • Convert your handwriting to text in the same page or share it with other apps. SEARCH AND FIND - NEVER LOSE YOUR NOTES • Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles. • Create unlimited folders and subfolders, or mark your Favorite ones to keep everything organized. • Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents. • Back up all your notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive and sync across all devices so you will never lose them. ANNOTATE - MARKUP PDFS, LECTURE SLIDES & DOCUMENTS • Import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more. • Scan any paper documents and import them to your library with built-in OCR. • Annotate documents right on your iPad with customizable pens, highlighters, stickers, and shape tools. • Open notes or documents side by side on iPad for easy referencing. • Use tabs to quickly switch between open documents. • Add hyperlinks to external websites, videos, articles to build your knowledge map. CREATE - UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY • Move, resize, zoom, and rotate your handwriting or change colors. • Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shape Tool. • Support gesture control for faster undo & redo. • Choose to erase the entire stroke, only parts of it, or only highlighters to leave the ink intact. • Select to edit or move a specific object with the Lasso Tool. • Add, create, or import your stickers, pictures, tables, diagrams, and more with Elements to enrich your notes. • Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and useful paper templates, including Blank Paper, Ruled Paper, Cornell Paper, Checklists, To-dos, Planners, Music Paper, Flashcards, and more. • Upload any PDF or image as a custom notebook cover or paper template for more customization. PRESENT - SHARE & TEACH FROM YOUR IPAD • Present a lecture, a lesson, a business plan, a brainstorming result, or your group study without distractions when you connect your device via AirPlay or HDMI to an external screen. • Use Laser Pointer on your iPad to guide your audience’s attention during your presentation. • Move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard. SHARE - COLLABORATE ON THE SAME DOCUMENTS • Collaborate with others on the same document using a sharable link. • Export documents in PDF or image for printing, or share them with others for a fully digital workflow. • Forward important emails with PDF attachments to your unique GoodNotes email address to automatically add them to your library. --- Download GoodNotes 5 for free on iPad, Mac, and iPhone and create your first 3 notebooks for free. Get the full GoodNotes experience with a One-Time Unlock In-App Purchase (IAP): - Create unlimited notebooks - Unlock handwriting recognition to search handwritten notes - Import documents via e-mail - Prioritized email support GoodNotes supports Apple’s Universal Purchase which means you can purchase once to unlock GoodNotes on all your iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices for free. --- Website: Twitter: @goodnotesapp Instagram: Pinterest: @goodnotesapp TikTok: @goodnotesapp

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GoodNotes 5 app reviews

  • Perfect for school! 5/5

    By Sanchezz94
    I use this app so much for school it’s awesome way to organize and write notes for different classes. The only thing that would make this better was if there was a microphone like notability! I’m hoping they will add that feature soon!
  • Great app besides a glitch 4/5

    By Jenn HuxnH
    The app is so customizable to study with comfort. I love the aesthetic options and the wide variety of things you can insert. My only issue I’ve ran into so far is after pasting, changing the font size or font in general defaults back to the original which you have to keep fiddling with it in order to get them both changed to your preference. I also wish there were more font options. Most of them that are there look exactly the same.
  • Great Notebook Needs Different Folder Colors 4/5

    By Shutterbug2003
    I really like the versatility of Good notes for almost everything. But a real problem is not being able to choose different folder color options. As someone who uses this app for work, school and personal applications- this is a significant failing and makes things much harder to differentiate and organize.
  • Doesn't work well on OSX 2/5

    By danimalpanda
    Typing notes often fails, have to click over and over, quit to reset to get it to work again. Undo function doesn't work for drawings made with mouse / trackpad.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Lia Gillette
    I am a college student and using good notes makes organizing my notes super easy! The only thing I would love to see is a way to link apple calendar to the planner so that you can have school assignments and meetings on both
  • 3 stars..And here’s why 3/5

    By …~|UwU|~…
    So basically it wouldn’t work after I left the app to go check on something.I tried to get it to work,I updated it and it still will not work,I am stuck on the document page with nothing to do! If you guys have a answer to my problem that is very much appreciated!

    By M.GARZA59
  • Ok 4/5

    By celeberty soud alike
    It’s ok
  • Really horrible experience 2/5

    By Cproteus
    I’ve been a heavy user of good notes 4 for years. When GN 5 came out, it wouldn’t import my files, didn’t find my iCloud data, and it was like an entirely separate app. So. I did what any sensible person would do… continued using GN 4. All was good until one day all my documents disappeared, and only GN 5 would work. To say this was and is a nightmare is an understatement. I had years of information and documents. I used good notes for all my document management and the push to GN 5 essentially extorted years of important documents. I used it for research, for my private business, and my personal needs. It did everything - and now it screwed up everything. Worst app experience ever.
  • Get very clumsy when you wrote too many pages in one document 3/5

    I have been using GoodNotes since 2019 to write my diary and now the document has more than 400 pages. Recently I noticed that it’s always getting stuck when I browse previous pages. I love this app but I am not sure if I reached some performance boundaries.
  • Worth every penny 5/5

    By Drumbeat2014
    This is a great app. I use it for school. I never had a problem with the app and the fact that I can look up my notes on both my iPad and phone is useful. I don’t know how to send them suggestions but if the dev team reads this can you add a calculator? Scientific, graphic or regular it doesn’t matter just some sort of calculator within the app that can be dragged around while working on homework.
  • Great great app plus plus plus 5/5

    By Harryzone
    This app is among the best designed apps ever. It integrates well with other things (examples: so easy to import a PDF for markup; seamless integration with icloud and all apple devices and file system, plus plus plus). Very reliable also. Syncs up well and never had a problem. Easy to add pages, change things and most of all very smooth handwriting experience. I love this app
  • Eraser & Clear Page Do Not Work! 1/5

    By Engineering_Professor
    The app is garbage. Do not be fooled by Editor’s Choice or positive reviews. The erase functions are completely inoperable. Save your $8 for Starbucks.
  • Good but not the best 4/5

    By danaesflo
    I hope they can come out with more designs, like different types of forms, pen, pencils, stickers, designs etc… overall I like it but I could love to have more options.
  • Must get notes app!! 5/5

    By SpiritedSloth
    I love this app because my notes are all available on my iphone, iPad and MacBook, i something’s love taking notes about random things and being about to have notebooks for that is great!! You get 3 without the full membership but right after i send this post ill getting the upgraded version because i know ill be using this a lot on my iPad With an Apple Pencil and magic keyboard this is in my opinion the best app you can get for notes!!!! 10/10 would recommend to others!
  • Deletes notes 1/5

    By bear98164815
    Do not use crashes and deletes my notes very often. I have asked support and it’s still breaking
  • Please add dashed line 5/5

    By periwinklalkitty
    I love GoodNotes and I use it everyday for school. However, a dashed or dotted line feature would be so amazing and useful
  • Custom covers please 5/5

    By watertest
    This app is almost perfect but like would be fun to have more customizable pen shapes and you could have images or drawings as covers
  • Voice notes? Also please allow changing tool layout 4/5

    By K.W.A.K.KristopherScottThomas
    Please allow us the ability to change the order of the tools. It’s frustrating when on a smaller screen to scroll to get to the text box tool. I don’t find myself using the shape tool often because of the setting to make shapes with the pen tool. So it would be nice to put that at the end and move other tools that I use more to be easily accessible I would give this app five out of five if I could use voice notes, or make voice notes. Or use voice notes as a comment. Or record voice notes. Something so we can have audio notes coincide with all of the great notes we are able to create inside of GoodNotes. Only giving you one star just so you can read this! Please don’t hate me. I just want to help with this app.
  • My most used app. 5/5

    By Kjhogan
    Amazing app. I got it to take notes at meetings. I use it for so much more. Drawings, journaling, success notes, markups, it’s an amazing app. Well worth the money.
  • Notes don’t sync between devices 1/5

    By katyc12
    I use my phone and my iPad with GoodNotes. I like to read notes on my phone while walking to class. Unfortunately GoodNotes 5 is completely unreliable when it comes to saving data between devices even though it shows that it’s saving on my iPad.
  • Highlight suggestion! 5/5

    By Ahmad shwan
    Thank u … it is just a perfect and standard application ..just one (suggestion) that I wanna when u press on a word and there is some click like define and highlight..etc, the click highlight has just yellow color there is not multi color i hoped to be added in future updates….Thanks!
  • A wonderful app for note taking 5/5

    By Vahid1339
    Everything is fine and perfect with this app, but it is highly desirable that the feature of seemless (infinite paper) be added to it like Notability.
  • This is an awesome app 1/5

    By big yeet
    Great app, love it all around. Use it to take all my notes on iPad. Only problem is the mac app has a major scrolling glitch. I like to referance my old notes/pdfs on mac when creating study guides on iPad, and after normally scolling I'll find myself pages away from where I was before. Please fix this and I'll update my review to 5 stars.
  • Amazing for College Students 4/5

    By isabe_v
    I have used this app for almost two years now and it has helped me keep my notes organized for all my classes including o-chem, labs, and biology courses. Its ability to hold large pdfs has allowed me to transfer my textbooks online and directly annotate. My only criticism is that I wish it allowed me to draw dashed lines, because it’s necessary when making diagrams.
  • 建议 5/5

    By 额额咯
  • We need more than 3 pens on the dashboard!! 3/5

    By jazmin3p
    It's frustrating that the app only supports 3 pens at a time.
  • Import features are great! 4/5

    By scrinmemphis
    Love the app. Use it often. I especially like how you can import .pdfs and other docs, then write notes on them, then export/send via airdrop, email, etc. Only thing I'd like to add are some pre-canned shapes that you can insert, kind of like PPT has. Great app!
  • Could be better 3/5

    By briledu
    I really like GoodNotes; however, there seems to be a few things missing. I’d like to be able to make default notebook templates with all the necessary forms needed in them, or alternatively, at least be able to import a multipage template so I don’t have to import forms one page at a time. For example, I work with different types of cases, and each type requires a different packet of forms to be filled out. I’d like to have a default notebook template for each type of case with the appropriate forms. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good app for my basic needs, but time consuming to import documents page by page.
  • Error 2/5

    By けすいいいと
    When reading a pdf, there is an error that if you select one section, you cannot select another. It is very difficult to use.
  • Good note taking app with some glitches 4/5

    By dogrant
    I have used Good Notes 4 & 5 since 2018 and generally believe this is one of the better note taking apps for the iPad Pro that I have used. I have used some of the other “big names” for note taking, but I do not find them as easy to use as Good Notes 5. However, there are some glitches within this app that prevent me from giving it a 5 star. First, the pros of this app are that it has multiple paper templates from standard notebook paper (e.g., wide rule and college rule) to legal pads and accounting templates, etc. The app allows you to write in one place and use a lasso to move the handwritten text to another part of the document. The app even has a virtual laser pointer which allows you to use the stylus on the screen like a laser pointer. The organization of your notebooks is intuitive and can be customized to the users needs. Exporting your notebook into a PDF has been easy and straightforward. However, importing PDFs into your Good Notes has been variable. At times, you have to do the steps to import a document several times before the document is actually imported. About a year ago, I had trouble importing PDFs and then writing on top of them. While I was working on the notebook, the information on the pdf was in the document; however, after I left the notebook and came back to it, only my written notes remained. The form fields on the pdf were gone. Another feature that I do not like is that it occasionally erases all of my written notes in a notebook. When this has happened, it wasn’t noticed until it was too late to recreate the note. In those circumstances, I have to rely on my memory of what I had written down. The app allows those with an apple pencil to double tap the pencil to switch from an eraser to a pen and I found that I had to turn that feature off. It was partially responsible for some of the notes that I lost. In addition, the palm rejection feature has intermittent problems. There are times when it is horrible and other times it works great. Despite these limitations, I still believe Good Notes 5 is the best note taking app available for the iPad Pro. Also, a key feature of this app that I totally love is that is not a subscription based app like some of the note taking apps out there. I like the fact that I pay for it once and can use it without worry of what might happen to my notes. I did have a subscription to another note taking app and when I decided not to renew the subscription, I lost the notes I had stored on my iPad.
  • Need freehand drawing support 3/5

    By ag699
    The app supports only standard shapes like circles and squares. support for shapes like sine waves would be highly convenient.
  • Fantastic, especially for the price 5/5

    By GiaTruckee
    I use this for everything. The cross sharing between my computer and ipad is fantastic. I use it for marking up pictures, pdfs and engineered drawings for work. I find it absolutely amazing for the price. Obviously other products have more options but they have large monthly or annual fees so this does the trick. Only suggested improvements would be to the fill color option when drawing shapes. It would be nice to be able to control that. A ruler tool would also be fantastic. And different line options (like dotted or dashed). Layers would be cool too... even if it's as simple as "send to back". Otherwise, well done guys and thanks.
  • My most-used app 5/5

    By Gustav34
    For work - for fun - this is my most used app. A workhorse app that is so versatile I keep thinking of news ways to apply the features.
  • Not the best despite all that I’ve read from others 4/5

    By Apps-junkie
    On a iPhone 12 Pro Max. Won’t import text well or at all from another app, difficult to copy and paste and have it look like the source document on an iPhone. Need size of the screen, not paper size.
  • Desktop App needs work 4/5

    By User__A
    This rating is for the desktop app only. iPad app is excellent. 1. Desktop app tends to be a bit buggy 2. Multi-page view behaves differently from iPad app. Difficult to manipulate page order in desktop app 3. Syncing - generally don't understand when it happens. Seems to be when the desktop app is closed. Syncing seems to happen more frequently on iPad. This makes working on both apps (desktop and iPad) a bit challenging **Update May 2022** They seem to have fixed the syncing issue--now syncing happens quickly across different devices. Bravo! Now raising rating to 4/5 stars. Still don't love the typing tool in the desktop version--very limited in functionality

    By HallvanBezouwen
    Love this app, use it all the time but I still can’t use it for documents that have sensitive information and need a password protection! I have been waiting for this feature for a long time and I know many others complain about this. Any update on this feature coming to GoodNotes soon?
  • Great for doing math problems. 5/5

    By IgA Dr
    I’m in my 70s - never did well with math in school. So I use this app and my Apple Pencil to do math problems every morning. Nothing terribly difficult, basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry. The process helps keep my mind sharp. The ability to erase easily and clear a page entirely almost make doing the math problems a pleasure. Also the ability to draw shapes has made my foray into some types of math more enjoyable, especially geometry. This app is perfect so far and well worth the money. Plus I save all that paper I would otherwise be using writing out the problems. Excellent!
  • Love this App! But…. 5/5

    By plëb
    I use this app as a STEM major. This app is great but the audio recording feature is urgently needed. This is the main feature that has be considering leaving GoodNotes for Notability. Implementing user feedback is very important. An idk dropper tool and expanded color palettes are also needed. I have also noticed after importing custom pages/stickers into the app it starts to not recognize GoogleDrive anymore and starts to freeze.
  • Text box is miserable in Mac 3/5

    By Leo_lqh
    The experience of GoodNote in a Macbook is like using a text editor back in 2000.
  • perfect app 5/5

    By Amir amini
    best app for students
  • Good, but still has any shortcoming 4/5

    By Hahaha .
    The deficiency is that the dotted line cannot be drawn. I hope it can be improved as soon as possible, because I need it very much. Thank you
  • Just everything I need 5/5

    By BOUVERO75
    The thing about this app is just the fact that I can not only use it for note taking but everyday use and making sure I mark my personal goals
  • Copy & paste page 4/5

    By KennieU
    Since the last update, if I copy and paste a page it does not paste on the first attempt. I have to go back and copy and paste again in order to get the page pasted. Even if I copy the page multiple times on the first attempt then paste, the page does not paste.
  • Customize 4/5

    By JMoSan
    I love the app! However, I do wish there was a way to customize the folders. Having the same color for every folder without the option to change that, makes my organization a little harder to distinguish. After having a couple folders within folders, it feels like a rabbit hole. Other than that, the actual note-taking is great!
  • Error 3/5

    By Khinnanthar83
    How can I fix the error that always reach back to main screen whenever I try to read documents in GoodNotes 5? Any suggestions please?
  • This is a great app but needs some updating 4/5

    By megan35353
    I've been using this app for many years for my college study. This is great, especially how it can sync between ipad and pc. However, I kept forcing restart for the pc version because sometimes the app would be stuck there after I clicked on a file. Hope the engineers can fix this bug soon!
  • Love It!!! 5/5

    By astankovic
    The best note taking app out there!
  • Pretty good for undergrad 4/5

    By Don'tListenToOtherPeople
    This app is essential to have if you are studying as an undergrad and have an iPad. There are a couple things I would love to see in order to give it four stars: - Please put in perfect shapes such as squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons - Add a chisel tip style marker to the pen styles not a highlighter but a marker that doesn’t overlap - Add at least one more color to the quick palette in the tool bar. I usually use 3 colors in addition to black so having to switch one color to another color then back is time consuming. Other than those suggestions the app is great. Syncs with my phone and Mac seamlessly. Folders are great for organizing content.

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