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Goodreads: Book Reviews

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Goodreads: Book Reviews App

Discover and share books you love on Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations! Find new and interesting books by browsing personalized recommendations based on books you've read and your favorite genres. See what your friends are reading, write book reviews, and keep track of what you want to read. Use our barcode scanner the next time you are in a bookstore. Add the book in your hands to your "to-read" shelf and browse reviews before buying. More than 35 million members have added more than 1 billion books to their shelves. No other app combines the power and depth of the Goodreads community with an enormous catalog of books and reviews. Features: • Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. • Goodreads Choice Awards: vote for your favorite books of the year and see the winners! • Participate in the Reading Challenge! • Barcode scanner! • Keep a want-to-read list. • See book reviews and updates from your friends. • Discover new books and explore popular book lists. • Rate and review any book in our catalog of more than 12 million books. • Share notes and progress updates as you read. • Recommend books to friends. • Join online book clubs and connect with other readers. • View literary events near you.


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Goodreads: Book Reviews app reviews

  • Beth H. (Age 68) 5/5

    By  OMG
    L💗ve g👀dreads, it keeps me from buying duplicates! And I can read reviews, some reviews tell the whole story, which ruins the b👀k for the rest of us! But I do highly recommend G👀dreads...
  • Wonky 4/5

    By Shineon6
    Just a fun recap of a favorite, classic movie. Very, very campy!
  • A Place Called Freedom 3/5

    By Mare Massey
    I liked the storyline. The history behind it was fascinating about the plight of the Scottish coal miners back in the 1700’s Yet, the story was predictable and a bit shallow, especially for Ken Follette.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Aurelio.S
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Satsumy
    This app has some of the best real people reviews on books. It helps me to get a clear idea on what the book is about and how the general population has responded to it. My only concern, is that I don’t get to explore much new content. I browse and I either get repeated books, or as of lately it doesn’t allow me to load more pages thru mobile. I would love to get recommended books that are different from what I am used to reading so that when Im exploring I don’t get similar plots to books I’ve already read, as well as not seeing repeated books. Other than that, Goodreads is amazing!
  • Awesome tracker 5/5

    By TavarezconZ
    Really good and easy to use.
  • Request 1/5

    By silver932
    Lovely app but I wish I full get to read the books on the app
  • Needs improvement. 3/5

    By TripsEagle
    Why cant i delete books from lists and shelves whit ease!!!!
  • The Best of the Best 5/5

    By steeblinski
    ... from the start
  • Interface Needs Work 2/5

    By BoydHome
    Nice app to learn find options of books to read, but tracking your reading (and participating in the Reading Challenges) is tedious and time consuming. Deleted the app.
  • Ok 3/5

    By makayla 123456789
    It’s ok I wish you could read the books so you don’t have to go buy the book somewhere else
  • Good app 5/5

    By valcoopweb
    Nice app for people who love to read and enjoy what others have to say about books!
  • ♥️ 5/5

    By Eloeffler
    ♥️ love this app
  • Knowledge is Power 4/5

    By hlhamiltong
    I read this book in response to an email I received from my son’s high school. Our community has recently become aware of a suicide crisis at our high school and is struggling and scrambling to understand it and address it. I don’t remember what the email said, but it was alerting parents to the subject matter of this book due to our current crisis. (Maybe a movie was coming out about it?) Anyway, I took on the reading under the guise of parental responsibility. But mostly I wanted to arm myself with facts. Just in case those parents who wish to protect their children by avoiding difficult topics began a crusade about or against this book. I liked it. It goes in a vein of other titles I’ve read that deal with wickedly difficult subjects like, for example, Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I appreciate his storytelling format more after reading the author’s interview and the end. I plan on asking my son to read it. Because I believe knowledge is power. And this book demonstrates beautifully, yet simply, how the things we do and say impact others. It also demonstrates, just as well, the importance of standing up for yourself and asking for help when you need it. True critique? I was bothered by the quick back and forth of Hannah’s story interjected with Clay’s real-time responses. I understand the value in telling the story this way, but it really disrupted the flow. I’m still really glad I read it.
  • Great Comunity of writers & book lovers 5/5

    By Amir zee
    One of the best site to get information & support to improve your writing skill.
  • Literally the best place to find what your looking for 5/5

    By Black_magic_kitten
    I’ve been using Goodreads for several years and I always find so many new books I want to read.
  • The Best Candy! 5/5

    By Elo&Friends
    Goodreads has introduced me to many new authors and their books! I feel as if my mind has been let loose in its own candy store!!! Thank you!
  • I LOVE Goodreads! 5/5

    By Teacher Tweaker
    Goodreads a great place to store the titles of all the books you’ve read and want to read. I also like seeing what titles my friends have read, are reading, or want to read. I’m also hoping to get a book via the giveaways.
  • Inventory 5/5

    By gingrrred
    Great for keeping an inventory of your library!
  • Notifications 1/5

    By Dsiowek
    I like the idea of goodreads but it won’t let me update my notification settings and it emails me multiple times a day.
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By Phonegirl21
    I absolutely love goodreads! If u love to read and are always in a book u need this app. You can track what ur reading, set reading goals and it even tells u where u can get a book that you want to read. You can make want to read lists and also see others opinions about the books. It’s great. The best thing about goodreads is that the refer books to u based on your reviews of books that you have read. Awesome app!
  • A Writer’s Murder Mystery 4/5

    By Musicksister
    The Glass Room was a perfect plot for exploring how writer’s view themselves. To me, since I’m also writing a murder mystery this was the perfect accompaniment to seeing a skilled writer develop character, keep a plot moving and, and surprise me with the “who done it”ending.
  • Groups/Book clubs 3/5

    By LYRiCverse
    The app doesn't all members to create new posts. Have to use the Safari. Makes the app pointless for me.
  • Kind of out there! 3/5

    By Spartan fan 220
    This was a good thriller and kept me interested but the plot was just a bit far fetched for me.
  • Bad 1/5

    By shdueisjhd
    I can’t even read the books! It’s gust bad and I can’t do any thing on it
  • Lots of crashes lately? 3/5

    By CaSsinger
    I love this app. Very thankful for it. However, I’ve noticed a lot of crashes lately when I’m reading reviews. The review will just open, then the screen goes black and the app crashes. Not sure what’s happening...

    By sheiri_15
    Taking a hard time chasing your dreamy-awesome-to -be is not as hard as everyone think . Get you GOODREADS and the job is nicely done . The only thing preventing me from that last star is the way of organizing the items .BUT I LIKED IT AND WILL DEFINITELY USE IT AS MAIN SOURCE
  • Enjoy the movie, skip this book 3/5

    By James-Helmut
    The book tells little about the actual making of the movie. It’s more about the drug/alcohol induced privileged, hippies of Harvard in their ability to write satirical comments of current events. Without funding from rich family and associates and a counter culture of stoned mindless faux 1960s intellectualism, these people were failures. Enjoy the movie for the crazy antics of great comic actors and not for the self loathing directors and producers.
  • Only one complaint! 4/5

    By Lvlylisa
    Love having the list of books I’ve read and recommendations from friends all in one tidy place. The only thing I don’t like is the search engine - you really have to have the exact book title to get a hit. I usually google the book and then bring it into the app. One other thing is that sorting your own books is hit or miss - it does not put them in order by date correctly. Sometimes a book I just added is nowhere to be found unless I enter its exact title. So I guess that is two complaints.
  • A Great Story 5/5

    By Dee 59
    These pioneers are becoming couples with people who you would not expect them to be compatible. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I am thoroughly enjoying this series so far.
  • Dysfunctional 1/5

    By GM201240
    The latest update has rendered the app useless for me. It keeps taking me back to the login page after logging in. Over. And. Over. Grrrrrrrrr.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Mmg***
    This is really a great app. I really enjoying reading the reviews and recommendations about books on this app. This makes it easier to see if I’d like the book or not, based on this huge community of bookworms giving their two cents like me.

    By assfghlhhjkkii
    add easily accessible quotes & you'd get 5 stars
  • The ultimate international book club 5/5

    By alissaknight
    When I evangelize GoodReads to friends and family I liken it to a social network for book readers. I am addicted to GoodReads and am quick to update my status of a book read to my account. The value it brings me is not just being able to create all my virtual book shelves and follow the books my friends read, but to also use it as a way to “tag” the books I want to read later. I’m so glad to have this platform just for those who read and it’s my hopes that Amazon doesn’t abandon it in lieu of larger profit making projects if only to have a place that readers from around the world can congregate virtually away from the noise of other social networks.
  • Please add last names! 5/5

    By bri_john33
    I LOVE this app, but could you please add last names for friends? I am so tired of getting requests that say “Sean” has requested to be your friend. Sean who? I know at least four Seans. And even by clicking through to the profile I can’t find anywhere that includes a full name. Sometimes if they have included a profile picture you can tell, but usually even that’s not helpful. Please at least add it into the person’s profile!!!
  • Where's My Quotes!?! 4/5

    By babylove2313
    Love this app except for a few things. The only thing i can't access is the quotes I've saved from every book which was one of my favorite things about the site. Also, my account always says I have several notifications & then when I click it nothing is there. This feature seems to be permanently broken ever since I've downloaded the app several years ago.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By Whisperingwnds
    I couldn’t keep up with the books I’ve read without this app!
  • Good overview 4/5

    By Chris Wagnon16
    Solid app.
  • Not updating 4/5

    By Alimom09
    I love this app, but my reading challenge is not updating when I update my “books read” list. Bummer.
  • Recommendations 4/5

    By demetriacava
    I wish I could have to more book lists and new books. Also I would love the ability to click not interested in the recommendations area. Thanks! Demetria
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Wordy5722
    This app has been so helpful. It allows me to keep track of what I’ve already read and, even better, keep track of the books I want to read. I’ve always recommended it to my friends and fellow librarians. But this year, it just seems to glitch all the time. After I’ve read a book, I faithfully record it with the date read. But then it doesn’t show up anywhere- not on my read books, nor on my reading challenge. If I do a search for it, it comes up in my books as having been read. Customer service is always so helpful, and the issue is fixed - until a few books later when it happens again. All of this is to say - I love the app. I’m just tired of the problems with it.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Youdontneedtoknowmynamelol
    I love this app! I get to see all kinds of books that I would be interested in. It’s nice to see the reviews that other people have written also!
  • Super glitchy 2/5

    By krissywait
    The app has been super glitchy over the past two weeks. I can’t get my reading challenge to load consistently. Last night it finally did, but won’t this morning. I just want to know how many books I’ve read this year! 😩
  • Where’s my books?!?! 1/5

    By dlbain
    All was fine and dandy til today when it wiped out all my books I’ve read so far this year.
  • Great content but extremely slow 2/5

    By rounwhisperer
    The app is extremely slow making it a struggle to access to the great content it provides. The main tab takes very long to load or reload.
  • My reading challenge disappeared! 2/5

    By greggcasper
    Ok it is June and I added a new book that I just finished and list for reading challenge is gone!! I’m hoping this is just a glitch and it will come back. Ugh!
  • Glitch 3/5

    By Mrsfrye11815
    I absolutely love this app but I just finished a book and reviewed it but it won’t show up on my challenge as done or anything. Please fix.
  • Missing read books 3/5

    By ChristineMM
    I finished two poetry books in the past two days and when I tried to move them from my “currently reading” to “read” category, they aren’t showing up as being read and it’s not updating my reading challenge. Is there a way to fix this?
  • Slow 2/5

    By AppleBuddy22
    This app is always really slow. And I know it's not my internet connection or wifi, the app takes forever to load things, all it shows me is a quote and then takes forever to load the rest of the stuff. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this app, by far one of my most used and favorite apps of all time!
  • Reading Challenge progress lost??? 1/5

    By bigbrotherlover1994
    I’ve read 37 books so far in 2018 and I just logged into the app and it shows my total is back down to 0 for 2018... I am also getting ‘loading errors’ on a lot of other areas of the app. I checked and I have the most up-to-date version of the app... Help. :(

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