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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
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Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator works with 2-Step Verification for your Google Account to provide an additional layer of security when signing in. With 2-Step Verification, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without the need for a network or cellular connection. Features include: - Automatic setup via QR code - Support for multiple accounts - Support for time-based and counter-based code generation To use Google Authenticator, you need to enable 2-Step Verification on your Google Account. Visit to get started.

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Google Authenticator app reviews

  • Why no Apple Watch 2/5

    By LondaLonda1
    I want this on my Apple Watch
  • Missing Names Bug in iPad Version 4/5

    By A n y M o u s e
    Google Authenticator iPhone shows the Name of the service (e.g. Google, Microsoft, etc.), your login identity, and the 6-digit code. Google Authenticator iPad only shows your login identity and code but not the Name of the service. This makes it difficult to know which code to use if your login identity is the same across multiple services, such as the many people who use their email as their login identity for many of the services they use.
  • Lol 3/5

    By FreddyBonnieChicaFoxy FAN
    I used it for fortnite hehehehehehehheehehwheheheehehehhheehehejebrriebsbsbsjdvdhsvshsnalfndjd z shnsjdbshsksndndnfjjj
  • Google shouldn’t be making these mistakes 1/5

    By RckclmbrTJL
    Absolute nightmare if you’re switching phones, locks you out of all your accounts and takes 48 hours minimum to reset
  • No transfers or restore 1/5

    By DSMART2003
    I have this app on another iphone and it’s setup to backup via iCloud and when I do a restore on the new iPhone, this app has no accounts listed, so I have to resetup accounts backup but the issue is I’m going have to go through the resetup because I use this app on an iphone and ipad, so that they have the same codes and lists available on both devices I need to setup on both iPhone and ipad at the same time, since I don’t have my ipad with me currently with me right now, I have to do redo more then once, tho, and I have alot of accounts listed with this app, I wish the app would allow to add device use with accounts with 2-step verification without having to turn off and/or changing the code(s) of accounts for other devices. So this app developer might need to add a backup option to be used by a google account, so a restore can be done and won’t lose access to accounts to have been setup!!! PS: I don’t know why iCloud didn’t restore this app with all accounts listed. What a pain! 😡😤😭
  • Fails 1/5

    By Adventurer853
    It fails way too much, supposedly because of time out of sync. To top that up, there’s no button to re-sync it!
  • Empty after device swap 2/5

    By Fguev
    App works fine until you upgrade to a new phone, if you do you will lose all your tokens, the app will be empty! I have other authenticator apps in my iphone and they kept the data, GA was the only one empty after an iphone upgrade. I deleted thiis app and started using Authy for all my tokens. GA ahould be able to automatically mantain an encrypted backup of its data in iCloud, like many other apps do.
  • Feature request 4/5

    By TM8807
    So I really like it for what it is, obviously you need to have your backup codes before you get a new phone or uninstall the app. It would be great if there was a version I could run on the Apple Watch though.
  • Setup too confusing 2/5

    By Oreland827
    I felt like I was in a revolving google door. Google app, google sign in via safari, can’t find the code, forget it
  • Dangerous app to use as your 1st 2FA 1/5

    By Rortiz77
    Most people who start don’t know this, but Google Authenticator does not let you see the ID that generates the code after it’s been setup. Meaning, you can’t back it up. If your phone is lost or wiped and you have not made a backup, your screwed. You’ll want to do this now if you have not already. 1. Open every single website you have a 2FA and start over with a new ID. 2. Back up that ID in a safe place like LastPass. 3. Use a different 2FA app like Authy.
  • Cool 4/5

    By GameEthan
    The only reason I have this app is for My Nintendo.
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By bKx KrIsscrOSs
    Just another devices that robs us of our autonomy
  • Dumb 1/5

    By mmish6291
    Why the codes keep refreshing they keep giving me new codes when I already have one.
  • Can’t access codes on new phone 1/5

    By Jimroseland
    Used the app for a long time with no issues. Then Tried to use the app with my new iphone but nothing transferred over even with a full iCloud backup. Waiting to gain access on one google account I can’t log into now, and there appears to be no other resolution for every single account I use with authenticator. Terrible.
  • Lost all my 2FA 1/5

    By Adriankeith
    Had a few services connected to Google Authenticator and one day when I went back to use it, it was like I had never used it before. It asked me to log in and set up new 2FA codes. As you can imagine, resolution to gain access to my accounts tied with authenticator took forever as all of those services wanted emails with proof that I owned those accounts. It doesn’t inspire confidence when your account can just disappear out of nowhere. This is probably a one off for GAuth but it was enough to turn me away and have me look at Authy just now. Thanks but no thanks. TouchID still lacking makes this feel like any other Google product that eventually falls off and loses support. If you’re concerned with your security and require a solid 2FA app, look elsewhere.
  • It’s an “okay” app. Needs some improvement. 3/5

    By 101ToonLink
    The Google Authenticator app is a convenient app to use for Two-Factor-Authentication. (2FA) However, there is still some work to be done to the app. First of all, we need biometric authentication before you can open the app so that if you leave your device unlocked, someone can very easily access the 2FA codes without much trouble. As someone else pointed out, this is a really big security hole that needs to be dealt with. But other than this, it’s a pretty good and simple little app. Just needs a bit more security put in.
  • Works 5/5

    By /u/HunchoRecino
    Works like it should, have never run into a problem of my authentications being deleted...but that’s why you save the pneumonic code as well as the QR so you have a backup.. like lol? No failsafes?
  • Fails to hold on to data 1/5

    By Ishbu21
    The basic promise of an app like this is that you need it to get into your accounts ... when updates trash the TFA data , as they have a few times with googles authenicator , you lose everything . In this case I’ve permanently hosed my teamviewer account thanks to googles broken upgrade. Stay away !
  • Lost all previous authenticated info 1/5

    By Kalavacharla
    Absolutely disappointing
  • No directions 1/5

    By Karen
    There are no directions in the app to explain what it is or how to use it.
  • Looking to get Hacked? 5/5

    By Williams Network
    I’ve been using GA for several years now to secure accounts that support 2FA. Have never had a incorrect code to login too my accounts as others claimed. GA works flawlessly for me. The only downside it doesn’t backup the tokens to the cloud but then again that would be adding unnecessary risk. Use a backup device as secondary so you don’t lose access to your accounts if primary device is lost, stolen or fails. 2FA is essential in today’s world and gives extra security that hackers can’t bypass even if they have your password.
  • Perfect for the job 5/5

    By Lonesome RoadHog
    If you don't understand this app, and don't think it does anything useful, then you probably don't need it, so don't low rate it just because you don't understand it. This app is simple and easy to use for an account on any site, such as a bitcoin exchange, which requires the use of two factor authentication. It's not limited to authenticating your Google account, which may or may not be something you need.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By GrumpyTurnip
    Thanks to this app I’m locked out of an account for then next hour for giving me inaccurate codes. I have it for one account only so I only had one choice of codes to choose from so I know the problem wasn’t on my end. I’m not happy but don’t have much choice. That’s probably why the app is still non user friendly yet.
  • WHAT THE HECK? 1/5

    By KoolerKT
    I feel like a total loser being led down this road. GOOGLE LLC you are suppose to be a leader. You do not even deserve one star. Why not make an app that makes sense? You want me to scan the barcode with the camera using the app? How do I do this?
  • Are you serious Google? 1/5

    By Jaye2kay
    First and foremost, I don’t see any real point to this authentication nonsense being anywhere near the realm of usefulness. Additionally, I don’t know which app it’s setup with nor is it clear which barcode is to be scanned or where I’m pulling this “key” from for the manual entry. I am not the only one who feels this So what was the point really?
  • All I use this for 5/5

    By thisgameistoooooooooogoos
    I use this to login to epic games
  • SO unintuitive 1/5

    By mchammer33296
    This app is minimalist to the point of being very confusing. I can’t even figure out what account it’s set up with
  • Please add Touch ID support 2/5

    By bsu4phd
  • No touch ID and can not restore 2/5

    By @ibawwad
    I’m really wondering why Google is neglecting any development to this app, the app data is not restored with my iPhone and this means O need to reset security for more 10 accounts!!
  • Good, Clean, easy to use 5/5

    By Happy Man Who's Using Your App
    I don’t why a lot of people rate this app really low. Its only job is to give me the authentication code to access to the account. And that is the only thing I need. No phone number, no email needed. It seems like it doesn’t have a version for apple watch. I’m about to buy one, maybe I should switch to other authentication app that supports apple watch.
  • App doesn’t work on IPhone XS very well 1/5

    By Jamesh160
    So on my old device this Authenticator worked with the codes. But when I switched over to my IPhone XS its saying that the codes are invalid. So now I can’t have an Authenticator on my computer game. My game keeps saying to check my time on my phone to see if it’s correct. But it is correct. And I guess until it’s fixed I’ll keep this at a 1 star. If it gets fixed then I’ll change it.
  • This authenticator is trash 1/5

    By Solar201
    The fact that its not cloud based and doesnt transfer over to the users new phone is rediculous. I would expect better from google. My phone screen cracked and now im basicallu screwed because theres no EASY way to transfer to transfer all my autheticators or whatever the heck you call them. This app is pure trash.
  • No Problems 5/5

    By Wiggs27
    This app works exactly as intended. I honestly don’t see the problems many people complain about that has led to a low rating for this app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Just_Bell25
    I’m shocked by the user ratings and comments. Others should do their research on how these apps work before putting bad reviews for a app that is doing exactly what it is design to do.
  • Don’t trust it 1/5

    By Akaafk
    Lost my code for my personal wallet account and I can’t get back in unless I have my 2fa code but I sold my old phone and reset it they need to add a account option so it makes it easier
  • Good tool 4/5

    By Ghealdan
    I live multi factor authentication. I find this app easy to use with a few services I utilize. The only thing I wish it had was Apple Watch support, and a notification function to approve authentication requests.
  • Backup on iCloud 1/5

    By Dr Ahmed Shehta
    Unlike other Authenticator apps, the google Authenticator does not support iCloud backup option if I formatted my iPhone, I have to setup it from the beginning
  • Could not sync my original App password after re-install 2/5

    By Melody Avenue
    Originally I have added many app password for Google account, lastpass, Facebook, Amazon, etc. But after I changed my phone and re-install the App, ALL app password for 2-factor authentication has missed. The problem is backup function is only for the device but not related to Google account, so no way to restore.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By dont get it
    This app has no functionality on getting your codes on to a new phone if your old phone is broke or stolen. This has app has taken away so many things that now I can’t log into because of poor ability’s of being able to sign into your account on the new phone. I’ve got accounts that I can’t access now that have thousands of dollars in them. Very disappointed on the fact I can’t get my codes back and that googles help center is terrible and no help at all. You can’t even contact them to help you with the issue.
  • Do not get this app!!! This app stays open!!!! 1/5

    By Jenny36458315789
    Do not get this app if you are concerned about security. This app stays open indefinitely and if you get separated from your phone it allows the person that has possession of your phone to view the last transactions you made, your username and the website name and a new access code to get into those accounts. This app does not allow you to delete or erase the last transactions. The app doesn’t have a password to protect the app. Anyone can click on the app and get most of your sign-in information.
  • Sometimes I open Authenticator just to watch it count down 5/5

    By anicesunset
    It gives my life some meaning. But the app works exceptionally well. The QR reader is so fast you barely have time to frame it in the camera. I use it for my google accounts, as well as PIX. I’ve never had so much as a hiccup. I wish more sites / apps would allow compatibility!!
  • Add touch id 4/5

    By TeraNom
    Pleased add touchid
  • Backup feature request 1/5

    By Ahmed01252
    Please add backup feature ASAP
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lawn_King
    I don’t understand how to set up this app. I used to use it for 2 factor authentication. After a recent update it requires setup again but asks to scan a barcode or manually enter a 16-digit key. I don’t know what barcode I’m supposed to scan or what key to enter to set this up. I tried to contact support but never heard back.
  • Free boots 5/5

    By GameDomino
    Thanks to this I got some free fancy boots on old school runescape must say this is a must need
  • Make names a thing 3/5

    By Pokemon_3608_hyhc
    I have multiple things that have the same email, and I can't tell which is which because there is no names. Please make naming a thing
  • Don't get it 1/5

    By Simone Gamali
    There's no way to have a username and password for this or any other method to create an account so that you don't lose your information if you have to get a new phone, reset your phone, lose your phone, etc. You're just screwed. On the phone with the federal government for five days trying to get back into your account so that you can upload time sensitive data screwed. Don't get it. This is a poorly designed app, and based on several reviews that state this, Google doesn't care about fixing this. There needs to either be a master password so that you don't lose your data, an ability to link it a phone number/have security questions. Other encryption/authentication apps have one.
  • Phone transfer 1/5

    By Salvadorgl1923
    I enabled 2fa on my fortnite account and the app was installedon my old phone and that phone broke so when i tried to login to my fortnite account it was asking for a code, i got a new phone now but i cant get into my fortnite account because i have no way to access a code.
  • The only choice for coinbase and bitstamp 5/5

    By Dr Nick Cee
    I trade extensively on bitstamp and also some on coinbase. I used to use the app Authy based on a friend’s recommendation. All sorts of problems when I switched phones - even with their “secret code.” Both coinbase and bitstamp strongly recommend using ONLY Google Authenticator. You should listen to them. This is a flawless and perfect app.

Google Authenticator app comments

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