Google Calendar: Get Organized

Google Calendar: Get Organized

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  • Current Version: 23.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Calendar: Get Organized App

Get the official Google Calendar app for your iPhone or iPad to save time and make the most of every day. • Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switch between month, week, and day views. • Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert, restaurant reservations, and more are added to your calendar automatically. • Tasks - Create, manage, and view your tasks alongside your events in Calendar. • Video conferencing - Easily add video conferencing to calendar events. • Quick event creation - Smart suggestions for event titles, places, and people save you time when creating events. • All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works with all calendars on your device, including Exchange and iCloud. Google Calendar is part of Google Workspace. With Google Workspace, you and your team can: • Schedule meetings quickly by checking coworkers' availability or layering their calendars in a single view • See if meeting rooms or shared resources are free • Access from your laptop, tablet, or phone • Publish calendars on the web

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Google Calendar: Get Organized app reviews

  • Good Calendar 5/5

    By duepoo
    Easy to use. Works well.
  • Calendar recurring event possibilities 3/5

    By agbullingmsa2002
    It is too bad that I can not setup recurring event criteria for the day before something, I.e. the Tuesday before the third Wednesday of every month.
  • Missing simple functions 2/5

    By Pygmy22
    Alright. I depend on google calendar. I’m not hating on it. For most things, I like it. But there needs to be more continuity between the app and the desktop version. Why, seriously WHY isn’t there a way to share calendars with other people ON THE APP?!?! Google photos, docs, sheets ALL have very very easy ways to share to other emails through their apps. WHY CANT YOU DO THE SAME ON CALENDAR? It js very frustrating and makes 0 sense. People don’t always have access to a computer, that shouldn’t prevent them from sharing calendars! Please add this function and I will easily add 2 more stars.
  • Alerts 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    Can't change them?
  • Keeps me afloat, BUT 4/5

    By Jonvieave
    I’ve been using Google calendar to keep track of my personal and school schedules for years and I love it. As someone with a pretty hardcore case of ADHD, I’d be constantly missing appointments if I didn’t put everything in my calendar as soon as I schedule it. HOWEVER. I’m starting a new job today that uses G Suite, and I wanted to be able to view my work calendar from my phone. I added my work account with no issues, but now I have to look at both of my calendars together on either account. I can turn off all my personal calendars from my work account, but when I return to my personal account the setup doesn’t change. This is super frustrating, because I’d really like to be able to easily switch views like I could on desktop. I don’t want all my personal appointments clogging up my work schedule, and vice versa. Am I missing something? Or is this just a spot where some improvements could be made?
  • Show Actual Date on Icon 5/5

    By spdnic
    The default calendar on the iPhone will show you the actual date on the unopened icon. Is this something that Google might consider doing as well? It’s nice when you are trying to figure out the date and being able to quickly look at the unopened icon, versus it always showing “31”. Thanks.
  • Would like to customize 3/5

    By Kkkkkkkkkkkklllllllluuuuu
    I wish you could hide early morning hours. I don’t schedule much between midnight and 6am!
  • App icon 4/5

    By Squirrellyfriend
    Can you please change the icon to reflect the actual day and not “31”?
  • Reorganize 4/5

    By BrideJess
    Hi, unfortunately there's currently no way to order the calendars other than renaming them. The first in the list is always your main (primary) calendar, the rest are listed alphabetically. Make sure to use "Send Feedback" to request this feature though.
  • Great for tracking events! 5/5

    By izzzysleeepy
    This app is great. I use it to mark down all of the events that occur in my life. I use different colors for each type of event, such as red for school, yellow for fun things, green for work, etc. I love that you can add a description to an event and I use that feature as sort of a journal to write down everything that happened at the event so that I can look back on it one day. Birthdays from my contacts show up on the calendar and holidays as well. I like that you can view your calendar in different modes, whether you want to see your events as a daily schedule, weekly schedule, or monthly schedule. It has served me well for 2 years of scheduling every single event in my life and I'll keep using it for years to come!
  • Repeat function not working! Please fix! 3/5

    By Gshvxhv
    Every time I go in and change a repeat, the chosen option does not save when I hit Done!
  • Update Cleared my Calendar 1/5

    By onelandhand
    All my events are deleted!!! There’s no good way to restore them. All search engine results are inaccurate. DONT RISK LOSING YOUR CALENDAR! DONT UPDATE!!!!
  • اللغة العربية غير متوفرة في التطبيق 4/5

    By لدن ١٢٤٤
    لماذا لا يوجد بالتطبيق لغة عربية؟ :(
  • Meh 2/5

    By gnologic
    I’ve used Google calendar itself for a decade and rely on it. But this app is underwhelming and lazy. 3rd party has much better alternatives. The one saving grace is that assistant reminders show up but only because they don’t offer that api to 3rd party devs. Horizontal scrolling is so inefficient! Don’t understand how anyone can use a calendar that isn’t vertical scrolling…just like a real paper calendar.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By lulubug10
    Usually works !! Every time I open it though on my phone it opens to a year ago instead of todays date. It also changed the time of my events on my phone but not on my computer- was very confusing to figure out. Other than that it works fine
  • i missed my interview 1/5

    By supreme buu
    i got an email saying i should meet at 3:30 pm but the actual time was at 9:30 am
  • It doesn't allow me to add events? 1/5

    By shfienfnf
    It doesn't work and I am unable to click anything. Maybe they'll update it & fix it.
  • UI problems 2/5

    By Orhan Paksoy
    The dates of reminders and where they are shown on the calendar interface do not match. E.g. if the reminder is on Dec 6, it is shown on Dec 5. This started to happen within the last few weeks. Please fix this. Other than this, good app.
  • Horrible widgets 1/5

    By womplyschmoop
    Please please please add the same widgets you have on Android to iOS
  • Keeps me on track 4/5

    By AK DPT
    Easy to use for the most part
  • Shareable? 2/5

    By infinitiig
    This came up when I searched shareable calendar but I don’t seem to be able to share it.
  • Can’t change it 4/5

    By Entheos11
    In this app you currently cannot change which calendar your event is on. It’s only changeable when creating a new event. For example, I have a fitness calendar and family calendar. If I open an event thats already on my fitness calendar, I can’t change it to instead be on my family calendar. I have to go back to my desktop to make this change.
  • Change the icon to reflect actual day not the “31st” please!!! 5/5

    By Mamaper
    Change the “icon” to reflect actual day not just the “31st” all the time, please!
  • Great app, just needs to show date on app tile 4/5

    By Anne's songs
    Great functionality. Love it. Would also love to see the current date on the app tile for iOS. This would make all of the difference.
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By MotivationEgg
    Should have a “notes” option for each day so I can add things that aren’t specifically pertinent to me but are still important to remember, for example: “family leaves” or “friend job interview” etc
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ryand586
    Like the calendar app but would be nice if the app icon displayed the current date.
  • Task date selection bug. 2/5

    By 8tominus
    When selecting date for a task, the app picks the day after the selected day on the task creation menu. However on the calendar it is scheduled correctly.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Island Flier
    Wow 😮
  • Great, but … 3/5

    By LennyS
    Why in the world can’t I change the calendar en event is under? I can do this on Google Calendar on Android, but not iPhone? I don’t even mean changing between different account calendars. Just changing from, for example, the default to a “travel” or “meetings” calendar under the same account. This is so basic I can’t believe it’s not possible.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Bandit1988
    Great app - only wish is for the app tile icon to show the current date (similar to how the iCal app tile icon does)
  • Colorful 5/5

    By Maggz15
    I can organize everything all tasks and events with lots of colors to label with
  • Dependable 5/5

    By steelheadmark
  • Can’t add custom calendars 2/5

    By I hate the way this app works
    I can create or add a custom calendar with the iPhone app Further more I does not sync well with the desktop/web browser version
  • Would be awesome if… 5/5

    By amicatierra
    Google added another button in additional to task, reminder, event…call it diary This function when you click on it would immediately stamp the date and time and the user just needs to input the data. This would help provide a visual on how a person spends their time. As more data is entered the title/ keywords in the text field can be sorted and analyzed
  • All day tasks and reminders 4/5

    By towagnl
    My all-day tasks and reminders don’t show on my widget on my iPhone anymore. Is there a way to fix this?
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By Idelamdr
    Love your app, works so Well for me. Please please add to Apple Watch
  • Love but would love it more if… 4/5

    By HelloMrsWhite
    The google calendar is amazing! We use it for everything….with that being said, I’d love it even more if on the widget I could add the calendar widget twice and have one be all of my work events & the other only show my family events. PLEASE make this update!! ♥️♥️
  • Inconvenient on so many levels 1/5

    By Calvin Bolt
    Firstly, you need a Google account to even use this app, which is a turn off from the start. Secondly, this has to be the most unintuitive and gaudy interface I've dealt with. Spent an hour and couldn't even figure out how to change event duration. All my events were stuck being 30 mins long?? Shocked by how unusable this is.
  • Always come back to google calendar 4/5

    By Nesie100
    I try other apps but always end up back with google calendar . I just wish there were more widgets
  • Widget Date 4/5

    By WidgetDate
    App is great. Would be even better if the widget showed the current day of the month instead of 31 all the time. Unless you have something I don’t see.
  • What is this app for? No time scheduling ….. 1/5

    By K silva
    I don’t understand why they can’t do a complete app with scheduling for appointments. All they have in this app is click over for the whole day or you get nothing else. This is the worst app I’ve ever seen other than maybe a beta testing don’t bother it’s a waste of time. They stuck it up there on Google and walked away like everything else. They do half baked..
  • Is this it?? 3/5

    By auntlime79
    Really? You’re Google. It’s pretty um, meh.
  • Super great but… 3/5

    By beariffic
    I love google calendar because it is free. But I love this app called fantastical more. It understands the human language! Gone are the days I have to toggle the time, I can now just write it in a text. Google, is it possible for you to put this into google calendar as well.
  • Can’t create an event 3/5

    By TB Heath
    I really hope there’s a fix for the inability to create an event. I LIVE by my Google calendar and there’s a bug that won’t slow the creation of events. When I hit the plus sign, it switched to the event icon, but when I press event, it switched back to the plus sign. Please fix ASAP!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Rebrum89
    I never thought I’d willingly give up my paper calendar but when I saw a friend using her google calendar I was intrigued. I finally made the switch and solely use my google calendar app for my family. This app is colorful, easy to use, and I can sync and share my calendar with friends and family for easy scheduling. Not sure how I’ve managed my life all these years without this app! I recently came across an article on how to customize the appearance of certain things like fading out past events and changing the colors to be less obnoxiously bright, but sadly that seems to only be for the desktop version. I am hoping these features and even a color wheel will be added so I can choose the colors I want.
  • Is iCal better?!? 3/5

    By RiosTwo
    How could this be? I switched to Google calendar because that’s what my partner uses and I wanted continuity. My two main beefs are: You can’t move the event to another calendar once an event has been downloaded. It’s so frustrating to have to create duplicate events so that it ends up on the correct calendar. The second is so small and so easy for the wizards at Google to fix. Have the app, when viewed from the Home Screen share THE ACTUAL DATE. I miss seeing the Apple calendar and knowing immediately what date it is. Now, the date is perpetually the 31st, LOL.
  • School Scheduling 3/5

    By annajaneadams
    I like using this calendar for school. The weekly view makes it easy for me to see my class schedule. My only complaint is that the text is too big to fit in the box on the weekly view so I have to abbreviate everything. Also, there aren’t enough colors for all the different events that I have going on.
  • Can’t sync outlook calendar 2/5

    By whathaf
    It is pretty. But I tried every tutorial online still can’t sync outlook (work) calendar to it so it’s practically useless.
  • Wipe Out 2/5

    By you are cheatin
    Last night most of the current events were wiped clean off on the calendar app and I haven't a clue how to get them back. Some remain but a whole week disappeared. Right now I do not trust this app.