Google Calendar: Time Planner

Google Calendar: Time Planner

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  • Current Version: 2.112.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Calendar: Time Planner App

Get organized on the go with the Google Calendar app. View and edit, even on the go Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it Toggle from day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next Update events in real time, with no broken links or outdated information Sync events automatically from Gmail See upcoming events from your email without lifting a finger Have all the important info handy when you need it RSVP to event invitations right from your inbox Plan for your goals with repeat scheduling Set goals that matter to you—and reach them Create reminders for time-sensitive tasks See your goals and reminders right alongside your daily schedule Make scheduling easy with smart suggestions Save time by seeing when your team is available to meet Quickly schedule meetings with suggested guests, titles and times Add convenient rooms for you and your teammates, no matter what office they sit in Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Docs and more Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.

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Google Calendar: Time Planner app reviews

  • Most recent update 3/5

    By IMO 618
    First time ever my calendar is messing up. I’ve had the app for years. On month view the lines disappear, all of the lines separating days and weeks. Please fix!
  • Night mode for late night studying 4/5

    By WolfInTheHood
    This app would be excellent if it allowed for night mode. My corneas can no longer take it!!! Otherwise very easy to use. My class schedule look super neat!
  • Add Dark Mode 4/5

    By NatePack7
    Love this app. Keeps my life organized and well planned, just need dark mode and it will be rated 5 starts from me.
  • Not happy at the moment 1/5

    By S4SC
    Not so happy that all of my events have mysteriously disappeared and there is no way to talk to anyone to find out how to recover them☹️
  • Love this calendar 5/5

    By Shaygo86
    It is very easy to view & use. I use it for work so I wish I knew how to import it into my calendar on my iPhone. If there is a way someone please let me know
  • Needs dark mode 4/5

    By Bsirmons
    Love this app! It’s easy to use and organize everything. Looking at your week or month is super easy with being able to just look over it all. The apple calendar in IOS just shows the dots which isn’t as easy to look over plans. The only thing it’s missing is dark mode. Now more than ever that IOS finally has it.
  • My one problem 2/5

    By calm truth
    I use this app for my business. I have it set to a link on a website that doesn’t always work for some customers. I tell them they need to get a Google account but, I’m not sure if that’s the only way to rectify the situation. I want this calendar to be easily accessible to my clients.
  • You just won an iPhone 1/5

    By SchittStayne
    Please fix this app. I have followed every instruction on the internet and Ikeep getting this event added to my calendar.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By Brooke Lefferts
    Very user friendly on desktop but less so on the app. Scrolling through fields is hard and sometime hard to copy and paste content into notes. But in general very useful for a shared work calendar.
  • Alerts 1/5

    By Curtis C Bernard
    It would make a lot of sense to have an option for an alert based on traffic time. If I put an address in for the appointment i would like to know when to leave based on traffic so I can be there at the time in the calendar.
  • Great App! But.... 4/5

    By ajg61
    App is fantastic, however it would be nice if the actual date showed up on the app icon on my home screen. Every time I see the app, I think for a second the date is the 31st.
  • Daily Date page 1/5

    By Rockaway1
    Why is the app page always on the 31st???? It should be on the day I’m looking at it. The date page should change daily to reflect the current day! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Not easy to use. I’m deleting. The only thing I will miss is not having to see muslim holidays!
  • Easy to Organize 4/5

    By cmoreforlife
    Really enjoy this app and how color coded and easy it is to organize. My only complaint is that once I’ve scheduled something checking the date and time and everything, it sometimes skips to a different day automatically or a different time. I thought I was going crazy at first but multiple ppl have mentioned the same thing so could be a glitch somewhere. Otherwise it’s pretty great! Thanks!
  • Show date 4/5

    By HomeDoggZ
    The app itself on my phone should show the date also. Thanks
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By zeiko 01
    My calendar was hacked😢
  • Event location ?? 3/5

    By iTimeZone
    Fascinating that when I use the google calendar app on my phone no where does it give me the event location One would think this should be an obvious thing to have... am I lost? Is it there and I cannot find it? Don’t know because there is no way to get help from google
  • Awesome for school! 5/5

    By Ickes.
    I downloaded this app so I could stay updated on things. I found it’s really helpful for school for an assignment or reminders on things. It also helps with sports, activities, and parties. I don’t like using other reminding apps because with Google Calendar there are a lot more options and it’s very organized. I also like the option to organize events, which is helpful instead of just shooting out an email.
  • Very Slow and Lagging even after the update 2/5

    By LazonCraigtiff
    Extremely slow to my liking and the app is lagging in time scrolling through and marking what I have done off my calendar. After the update of the App this morning, the App is very Glitchy! Please figure this out because my patience is running out!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Snowcone12356
    I love this app it really helps me stay organized. Although I do wish that there were more colors to choose from.
  • Appointments randomly disappear 1/5

    By Auck glock
    Into the abyss and I have missed appointments because of it. So annoying.
  • Good but could be great 3/5

    By Kat_0316
    Let me start with, I do love this app! I love how it adds appointments from my email automatically to my phone, and manually adding events is straight forward. There are two things that kept me from giving 5 stars: lack of colors and how the months are displayed as a continuum. If I’m looking at the month of September, it overwhelms me to see that last bit of August and two weeks of October. I’ve sent this feedback through the app several times, hoping each new update would have it fixed.
  • Additional feature request 3/5

    By haveamangosmonday
    This is more of a request than a review, disclaimer. This app covers all the basics, but there are a few features that would end my quest for the perfect calendar once and for all. First, I need to be able to create an event template with preset alarms, times and notes. I know about recurring events but that only works when the recurrence is somewhat consisent. It does not work for people who pick up different shifts every week or visit grandma for the same 4 hours, same place, but on different days. Honestly whyyyy does this not exist yet. Second, I need to be able to organize my events into separate calendars but export them and share as a single calendar. For a simple example, I have a work and personal calendar. If I share it with coworkers for scheduling, I don’t want them to see two calendars. I want to share one consolidated calendar with the option to hide event details. Furthermore, if I want to see the schedules for 5 people to decide when to meet up for a band practice (for example), I dont want to see 6 calendars for each person. I either want one per person or one big calendar for all of them that I can easily turn off with one click. Again, why isn’t this a thing? Third, I would like to be able to integrate other clock apps with this app to have more ringer options and a better interface for turning off reminders. I want to be able to customize the message that appears when the alarm comes up for an upcoming event (ex: “Leave for work now or youre going to be late. Again. Xoxo”), customize the ringer sound and have a big button like the snooze button to turn off the event alarm. Swiping is not intuitive to me because there are two directions to swipe with different options - its too complicated. I wanted to write this as a review to give these ideas exposure in hopes that someone will pick them up and make a better app! Thank you!
  • Love Preview option! 5/5

    By Jo Nickel
    Thank you so much for bringing back the preview option so i can see ahead what is on my calendar a few days & not just what is happening today! I absolutely love it!!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Events disappear from the app 1/5

    By Timcheng616
    Would give zero stars if I could. Been using Google calendar for years. Recently my events start disappearing. Still showing on my desktop google calendar. Google help zero value. Tried to post on forum few times and got a “problem occurred. Try again” error. Waste of time.
  • I do love this app 3/5

    By lotsofpeachesbanana
    I do love this app, it is way better than the standard iPhone calendar app, but the reason I gave it only 3 stars is because the app while on the home screen only shows 31 as a date and it has THROWN ME OFF soooo many times. I wish it would show the true date so I don’t scare myself into thinking I’m missing bills
  • what happened 1/5

    By SebastianZhu
    I can’t add any event on my iPhone.
  • Upping my review 4/5

    By InfiniteGodMan
    Google calendar unfortunately gives out the most for free. Colored events, recurring events and plenty more. Sad to be a part of the data mine though.
  • Used to work perfectly 1/5

    By Jennifer Duncan
    This app used to work absolutely perfectly. But, at the end of last week I kept getting an error message that my device didn’t have an updated security certificate, or something along that line. I have deleted the app. I have deleted my Google accounts from my cell phone. I have gone online to Google to try to find a fix. I cannot find a fix to save my life. Now I can’t access my calendar and I’m caring around a paper calendar until I can get this figured out. Very upset at whatever is going on.
  • Awesome, just update the number on closed app! 4/5

    By Jk6.8185
    Love google calendar, easy to use, lots of great features. Something that would be greatly appreciated is if the calendar date on the closed app remained updated as opposed to always displaying the number 31. Similar to apple calendar, their date changes everyday. So all I have to do is glance at the closed app, without opening it, to remind me of the date. It would be an amazing feature to have the current date displayed on the closed app.
  • App has worked great but the month image keeps disappearing 2/5

    By Snesnesnesne
    The month image keeps disappearing and it’s making me sad, I want to see the aesthetic art in the background but it’s just blank. Please fix this. I think changing which day is the start of the week may have something to do with it.
  • The widget change 1/5

    By flowergirl567321
    If you have an Apple phone the widget now only shows one day. I’ve checked you can’t change it. Please tell me this is going back to the way it was because I hate this.
  • iOS app and website not syncing 3/5

    By oaj1977
    I’ve tried everything (it seems) but I’ve noticed in the past several days that events I add to either the iOS app or the desktop web version aren’t syncing to the other platform.
  • Does not have dark theme 1/5

    By K.D.C
    Does not have dark theme
  • Features lacking 2/5

    By Neesy113
    The app does not have 2 functions that the desktop version has: 1) Change the calendar that the event is assigned to. 2) Share specific calendars with people.
  • Side menu not opening 3/5

    By Gillian L.
    I love the Google Calendar app, but just today it’s started acting up: the side menu bar isn’t opening. I’ve closed and reopened the app several times, but to no avail
  • The app no longer pulls up google maps... 1/5

    By Pierregalant
    When tapping on the address on the calendar. Instead it sends me to safari which pulls up the web page google maps. To add insult to injury, that page then tells me I’m missing out for not using the google maps app! Only when I tap on that message does the Google maps app gets activated . This is extremely irritating. Google please fix it. Or you’re going to miss out on a bunch of stars.
  • Counter intuitive 1/5

    By Splicer17
    When selecting a date, the small dots that indicate a scheduled event (in the month view) DISAPPEAR for that day. It’s easy to think you have no scheduled event unless you scroll down to view ALL the hours in that day. It lags you to believe there is nothing scheduled for that day.
  • Busy Family Sanity Saver - Mobile app needs to match web function 4/5

    By klorfzore18
    I've been using Google calendar for years...YEARS. It's awesome. We have about 20 different calendars to keep up with between our family, work, activities, etc. I'd love to give this app 5 stars but there is a couple of things that need to be added: * Desktop calendar you can choose which days to repeat. I.e. Weekdays (Monday - Friday), specific days. You can not easily do this from the repeat option in the app. Only all or none. You have to log into the desktop version to edit or create repeated events. * Desktop computer you can easily update which calendar the event was created on if there was a mistake of adding an event to the originally created event. In the app, you're only able to edit the "default color." You have to log into the desktop version to edit the original event and then are able to change the calendar to add the event. * There is a workaround to share the colors, giving full rights to edit, delete, etc every event. But it would be nice to be able to add "Family Share" like most of the apps on the market to share every imported calendar, added calendars, etc. It would be great to be able to add any calendar, event (in the color required) automatically import into EVERYONE that needs to have the specific calendar. Having to log in to everyone's account to import from URLs, change colors, etc is tedious and time-consuming. However, this is vital to making sure everyone in our family knows where we're supposed to be.
  • Hold up 2/5

    By RedPandasAreLit
    I got this app to help me for one thing, google classroom. It made it very complicated and very hard to understand. I do see they put a lot of effort into this which i respect, but why can’t their be a google calendar for classroom like on the computer without this?
  • No date on the icon 3/5

    By Nenoalslamat
    The icon must show the exact date!!!!!
  • Good but need: 3/5

    By rsozdance
    1- it needs to let your change events to different calendars; 2- add goals to a another calendar not the event default calendar 3- add a goal as a reminder for example take supplements goal 4- add all day long goals example don’t use a phone all day twice a month 5- ability to reschedule an event you created for a new free time; like I couldn’t meet my mom find me a new time Thanks🌸
  • Lack of mobile task integration decrease the products value 2/5

    I am an avid apple user, however I find that google desktop calendar provides better functionality with the inclusion of task reminders into the calendar itself. I was extremely disappointed when the iOS mobile google calendar was downloaded and did not integrate my task list into my calendar. For this very reason, I will not be using google calendar until it is integrated. Having something integrated via desktop but not mobile makes absolutely no sense in such a mobile connected society.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Mehrsaa
    Dear google thank you for all of you apps. Please add persian calendar for us
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By emjay5200
    Most of the time I have to go to my computer to use the web version of Google calendar because the app does not have even half of the features of google calendar’s web version. And why can’t I pick custom illustrations? If you want to share a calendar in this app... you can’t. If you want to see shared calendars, you can’t. It’s skimmed down to be simple looking which is nice... but actually trying to schedule things with people using this app is a dead end. It’s really just a clean way to view your calendar.
  • Icon Annoyance 2/5

    By airexasaurus
    So far my only gripe is the icon showing “31.” Can’t stand it. Change it to a simple calendar icon without a date and I will rate the app as a 4 star.
  • Incompatible 3/5

    By Pip12398073
    The latest update is incompatible with my iPad. Disappointing.
  • Good, Should Do More 3/5

    By TonyTime Tech
    1) More colors; would they be easy to add? At least add *primary colors*, or colors closer to primaries. Burnt orange? Ugh. Unappealing. Just ask around. 2) Why aren’t *phases of the moon* addable in the app-?! Please?? 3) Can the Google Calendar icon, show the actual date everyday, instead of 31? Will Apple allow this? If not, “Apple, please allow this!” = )
  • Fix the widget! 1/5

    By animalxstyle
    It only shows today’s events. Also the “show more” option is gone. Please fix this.
  • Bugged when using Personal Hotspot. 2/5

    By SUPER7X
    As title says, when I use my Personal Hotspot, the menu bugs out and I can’t open it, meaning I’m stuck in the view I’m currently in. Would be 5 stars if this was fixed.

Google Calendar: Time Planner app comments

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