Google Calendar: Time Planner

Google Calendar: Time Planner

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 2.84.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Calendar: Time Planner App

Get organized on the go with the Google Calendar app. View and edit, even on the go Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it Toggle from day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next Update events in real time, with no broken links or outdated information Sync events automatically from Gmail See upcoming events from your email without lifting a finger Have all the important info handy when you need it RSVP to event invitations right from your inbox Plan for your goals with repeat scheduling Set goals that matter to you—and reach them Create reminders for time-sensitive tasks See your goals and reminders right alongside your daily schedule Make scheduling easy with smart suggestions Save time by seeing when your team is available to meet Quickly schedule meetings with suggested guests, titles and times Add convenient rooms for you and your teammates, no matter what office they sit in Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Docs and more Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.

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Google Calendar: Time Planner app reviews

  • Easy fix to make the app perfect 4/5

    By JodiLT
    Love the colors and the month view. I wish the icon would show the current rate
  • No Apple Watch app 1/5

    By carminebarone1968
    I think google has the capacity to provide app for Apple Watch for calendar and gmail
  • Great calendar 4/5

    By Lora D.
    I love Google Calendar, I think it’s a great app, what I would suggest changing is: being able to upload pictures directly in the event, for example, if you have birthday coming up, I would love to add it to my calendar but also would love to be able to attach a picture of the invitation, so that I could have all the details and I could get rid of the actual paper invite. Another thing I would love the app icon to reflect actual date, not number 31 every day. Thank you!
  • Small issue but HUGE problem 2/5

    By Js_SugaBooga
    I use a calendar for everything. I can't make a commitment without deferring to my calendar first. The fact that this calendar has been out for years and STILL displays "31" as the date is ridiculous!!! This should have been fixed long ago. Come on Google. Make the display date coincide with the actual date of the month.
  • Love this app but need more 4/5

    By CCarrigg
    I absolutely love this app and the ability to share my calendar. A few things: 1) Even though I share my calendar and there is an option for Private people can still see what I wrote. 2) I have three kids, a husband and pets so I need way more color options to coordinate my happy chaos. 3) The default pictures for locations are so random. Sometimes awesome and other times it makes no sense. I know that Google Maps most likely but you own that too lol Thanks overall for a great app
  • Please address 3/5

    By erinmuscat
    1. Please make the date on the app (on home screen) actually be concurrent with the actual date instead of always saying 31 all of the time. 2. Please add an option for more colors when scheduling events. Thank you
  • Best calendar UI for iPad ever! 5/5

    By IR_Xenon
    it’s awesome, it’s really awesome. I can only stair at the portrait view of the calendar and say ITS AWESOME!
  • Helpful but needs some tweaks 3/5

    By Artday97
    I’m glad this app exists because its both a calendar and a habit tracker in one. The only thing that bugs me and stops me from clicking to finish my goals is that every time I go to click on a goal to mark it done, the screen will go black before popping up to the goal page. This is a little jarring and it hurts my eyes. I don’t remember it doing that before. If you can make the transitions much smoother without the cut-to-black, that would be great!
  • Great calendar, but needs more colors! 4/5

    By B3x3a
    I really like using google calendar, but I like to have a different color for each category on my calendar and there really are not enough colors. I try to coordinate my calendar with the colors in my physical planner (I’m in college so I use both) and having more colors would make it easier.
  • One Small Change For Me 4/5

    By Monaeivy
    When I got my first phone in HS, I immediately downloaded google calendar. I love the thought of color coding things and the reminders that go off (I set my school schedule in increments of 10). I work a bunch too, so to be able to but in my work schedule is awesome. However I noticed that with the new update when I start to type my event, it no longer has a predictable text. For example, I use to be able to type “W” and in the app would come up “Work @ So&So” or “Wash Day”. I really like that and was just wondering why you guys took it away. Call me lazy but that was a great option for me.
  • Notifications aren’t working on iOS at the moment. 😑😩🙄 1/5

    By Kylo8701
    Notifications aren’t working on iOS at the moment. 😑😩🙄
  • Current date not displayed in app icon preview 4/5

    By sure as sugar
    Not sure if it’s an apple trademarked thing but the one thing I liked about the apple calendar is that it displayed the current date when looking at your home screen. I’d love for that functionality to be present in the google calendar as well!
  • It’s TOO Large 1/5

    By nhuinurhwibgfnighrwfguihrwguio
    Is Too Big Make It Smaller Or Else It Will Steal My Space In A IPad
  • Add More Colors 4/5

    By Lupe0604
    I love using Google Calendar to keep track of everything as it is an app that serves me so well. Its an app that for the past 3-4 years has been steadily reliable and never once failed me. However, time after time again I find myself wishing for more colors to be able to use to differentiate the types of events that go on in my busy lifestyle. More colors would allow for so much more organization to exist within the app. The colors that currently exist within the app are nice, but a fully and well developed calendar app should offer more variation. Please, this is the only issue I have with using Google Calendar, and this reason alone is why I would not give it the full 5 stars it would otherwise get. All I ask is for more colors. Please.
  • fix Notifications 2/5

    By A F Qaed
    Notification option is on but not showing when I make a custom reminder 5 days for example
  • I wish 5/5

    By Nag5em
    I wish the calendar icon showed the actual today’s date. That’s the only thing I would change at this point.
  • Review 3/5

    By Eeyore46
    I used to love this app but it opens to slow. Response is awful. Trying to edit is way to slow. Not happy
  • Date stuck on 31 1/5

    By 2tofino
    I've followed all online fix tips and nothing will reset this date to the current day. Really annoying flaw.
  • Search function spotty 3/5

    By Moonstar cat
    The search function frequently fails to find an entry. If I scroll through all the dates on which I think an event should appear, I can find it. If I create an event on phone, I can't revise the category/calendar, such as health, events, personal. Otherwise, I love the colors and the ability to multiple notifications.
  • Events of the day aren’t listed in chronological order when using month view 1/5

    By Addcritic
    All of these updates and yet in the month view it still has trouble listing the events of the day in chronological order. Why is an event scheduled in the afternoon shown as before an event in the morning????? Also why does the desktop version only show the littlest bit of a color coded dot for events? The point of color coding is so you can quickly see at a glance what’s happening. That doesn’t really work if only 20 pixels next to the event are colored.
  • Good but some features could be added 4/5

    By txbroq
    They should add a feature where u can attach a note you wrote in Keep, and put to an event or to the day
  • The worst app 1/5

    By ghohcf
    Don’t waste your time on this app I was on there and all the events on there I didn’t even put so don’t download this app you can be at sea world then wasting your time on this
  • The ‘+’ is a frustrating UI design 2/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    First, some noticeable missing function: - No landscape mode for month - No compact events view - No create calendar - No access to iOS sharing (ie, no Shortcuts) - No “Show More” In widgets (2 events max!) - No image allowed in title or description Then there’s a big usability problem: - The ‘+’ is a frustrating way to add events. Other calendar apps let you tap a day and add an event. This makes the most sense as a first action because the specific day is what many people think of first. Google doesn’t let you tap on any day. Instead, you have to tap ‘+’ and select a type of event. Then, Google always defaults to today’s date. Very frustrating. — I prefer looking at Google calendars with a browser and selecting desktop view. I find that much easier to read on a phone or tablet... --
  • App Icon 4/5

    By ibdmartn
    After using Outlook calendar for years, I'm happy I switched to Google. It does everything I hoped for, except one thing. And I'd love to see this happen soon. I'd like to see the app icon show the current date (like Outlook does) instead of it always showing "31". If there's a way to make this happen, please let me know.

    By oFMuRi
  • Great 4/5

    By Prettypenny3345
    The only thing I would like is that the app icon has the exact day and not always 31
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Jayna KW Palmer
    Dislike that I can't set up a M-F schedule. You can do every day, week month, year you actually have to find a computer to do full customization. I don't like that.
  • Date icon 2/5

    By ktdoyle
    I would give this 4 stars if the date on the icon switched! This app has not made it to my front screen for that sole reason. The other reason I leave off a star is because I find the interface a little overwhelming. If I click on the date, it does not pull up the entire date on its own, but rather “zooms in” to that date and the events around it. I wish it were more intuitive on clicking on a date, and then adding an event to the date you just clicked on.
  • What happened to the predictive verbiage? 4/5

    By ggw/pw
    After a couple Of updates the Calendar does not have the predictive verbiage anymore and by predictive verbiage I mean when you would type in doctors the verbiage would come up. Example: doctors Appt and you could click on it and you did not have to type it. Also if you typed a name several times it would automatically come up for you to select. PLEASE RESTORE THIS FEATURE.
  • Predictive Verbiage/Suggestions 2/5

    By DariaZphib
    Even the app is cleaner, the predictive verbiage is missing since the last few updates. It is a vital tool in making it easier to add what we need to it and find it
  • Can’t add an Out of Office 2/5

    By @jonwellman
    Please fix.
  • Calendar failures 1/5

    By boxrgrl
    So I’ve saved so many things on this calendar and there are serious issues with it. The calendar automatically deleted all of my past notes and important appointments. Dive tried everything to fix it and they’re gone!!
  • Inviting guests 2/5

    By takenover
    Current version does not have the ability to invite guests to new events created on the app. (You can still see an invitee list on events that have been previously made on desktop).
  • Display date 2/5

    By Bascochick
    Can we PLEASE get the actual date displayed on the app icon?!
  • Google maps is not integrated like apple maps 1/5

    By aa ace
    The interface is ugly and google maps is not integrated
  • Checklist 4/5

    By Kemacveal
    The app is perfect in my opinion. My 4 star is due to my one wish that the checklist reminders remain fixed on the lock screen until they’ve been checked off on like in reminders. This would personally allow me to stick with google for all of my planning. I hope some heard this request.
  • Bugs! 3/5

    By Flagstorm5
    Does NOT allow me to change invitations in the app. I’m sure it’s a bug but seriously should not be a problem. Basic functionality!
  • Google Calendar 1/5

    By pgod30
    Add Day-Date on your app
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By spaceslotg
    I use google calendar every day. I love it’s easy navigation and smooth look. I have it connected across all of my devices, and even deleted my Apple calendar just so I can use this. I love love LOVE google calendar. Five stars.
  • Make app icon show the date! 3/5

    By junkinthefront
    That’s a huge reason why a lot of people might keep the native calendar app. It’s convenient to have a quick glance at the date. Please update the app to where it shows todays date.. thanks.
  • Amazing app, but apple watch app needed 4/5

    By Annelyn23456
    I love having my schedule transfer seamlessly from my computer to my phone, but I would love an apple watch app so i can check my schedule on my watch
  • Benefit of the Doubt! 5/5

    By joseisnthere
    Only thing that really irks me is not being able to convert a task into an event or vice versa! Only thing wrong with this app which is why you guys received five stars. Keep it up google!
  • More Colors Please 4/5

    By ZandreaC707
    Everything in life is color-coded, and I would like my calendar to be that way, too. However, I am constantly fenced in by the limited color options provided by google calendars. Please add more shades of colors!
  • Not working with current beta ios 1/5

    By K8 ball
  • Can’t turn on SMS messages 2/5

    I follow the instructions to turn on SMS messages alerts but when I go to settings there is no Mobile Setup choice. I need this app to remind me audibly, it only pops up and goes away unless I’m staring at my phone is appointments.
  • One small change - The actual date on app logo 4/5

    By ldzzle83
    Just like the iOS calendar the date should change by the day we are on!
  • Notification 2/5

    By 😞😥😁😱
    I set up he alarm for notifications on an event but I didn’t get the notification. Is notification is a sound or badge for the event?
  • Random birthdays from iPhone Contacts disappear 2/5

    By fletch622
    Latest build has a glitch with displaying birthdays found in the user’s native iOS Contacts app. Random birthdays will not appear in Google Calendar, but appear fine in the iOS native Calendar app. Sometimes switching birthdays on and off will make *some* (but not all) appear. Earlier builds did not have this bug. Please review.
  • Could not live without 5/5

    By 2Buzy4life
    Can’t believe how user friendly this is, absolutely love that I can input addresses for my appointments and just click on it from my calendar and I am in in route. I use google calendar for my business and personal appointments.

Google Calendar: Time Planner app comments

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