Google Calendar: Time Planner

Google Calendar: Time Planner

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  • Current Version: 2.72.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Calendar: Time Planner App

Get organized on the go with the Google Calendar app. View and edit, even on the go Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it Toggle from day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next Update events in real time, with no broken links or outdated information Sync events automatically from Gmail See upcoming events from your email without lifting a finger Have all the important info handy when you need it RSVP to event invitations right from your inbox Plan for your goals with repeat scheduling Set goals that matter to you—and reach them Create reminders for time-sensitive tasks See your goals and reminders right alongside your daily schedule Make scheduling easy with smart suggestions Save time by seeing when your team is available to meet Quickly schedule meetings with suggested guests, titles and times Add convenient rooms for you and your teammates, no matter what office they sit in Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Docs and more Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.

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Google Calendar: Time Planner app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By PDF ease
    I have been using this app for several years now and really like it... many programs sync to it effortlessly... 1 improvement suggestion that would complete this app for me and making it a 5 star review is having it compatible with the apple watch along with the ipad and iphone. Thanks for a great product
  • Where everyday is the “31st” 1/5

    By thetrutHurts83
    The app icon is always set to the 31st and no, you cannot change that to reflect the actual day. I went online and found people from YEARS ago complaining about this. HONESTLY... how difficult is it to change that???
  • Love the app. Hate the quirks 4/5

    By theboylefam
    This is the ultimate go to app. And it’s free so this is not a complaint. Feedback for the developer - the app l freezes up quite often lately. And the syncing with outside calendars should happen more frequently than 24 hrs, would love 1 hr sync. But other than that, I have loved all the updates that the app has made. With day view - appointments slots - syncing across all devices – it works amazing. Thank you!
  • Needs some key improvements 3/5

    By Small fixes plz
    1. The app icon on the iPhone needs to reflect the current day, instead of the permanent “31”. 2. Also, the custom recurring event does not work, i.e. if you set it to the 1st Tuesday it schedules the subsequent events on days other than Tuesday. 3. You should be able to add invitees, especially other gmail users.
  • Doesn’t show the date, only 31st 1/5

    By deano1118
    The app is ok and works well, but if it showed the date in the app thumbnail before you opened it instead of the 31st it would be 5 stars.
  • Update the icon please 4/5

    By optimus blue
    Love my Google Calendar and I use it both for work and personal. My only issue with it is.... Could you please make the app icon Apple calendar where we see the real date everyday instead of “31”!
  • Slow AS Hell 1/5

    By AliceDanYuqinPeng
    Open the app for decades, nothing happens except for crashes out of app!
  • Love hate relationship 4/5

    By Pam6bill
    I do love your app, it’s great for seeing small parts of your schedule without opening up each day. BUT, I would love to see the current date on the face of the app instead of the stationery number 31. Would that be possible to create?
  • I cant edit an event and save for following events 1/5

    By DeathbyReindeer
    save for this and following events does not work. it just says saving but doesnt leave the edit page and if i exit out it didnt save the change.
  • This organizes my life but it used to be better 3/5

    By msklovesscience
    I miss the time parsing feature :(. Meaning if you type in “Dinner with Jeremy at 7:30pm on January 17th”, it used to make an event on 1/17 at 7:30pm called Dinner with Jeremy. Since an update in October it now will just make an event at whatever time/date called “Dinner with Jeremy at 7:30pm on January 17th”. Why? I do not understand why such a useful feature would be removed. With that back, google calendar for iOS would be amazing. Another change that would bring it up to 5 stars is an icon with the actual date.
  • Has a mind of its own 2/5

    By Redbird33
    Suddenly my calendar app has started duplicating entries while deleting others causing me to miss important appointments. When I try to delete duplicate entries for recurring events, only one event is deleted instead of all recurring events. Totally unusable. Now I have to find another calendar app.
  • Ok, lacking in areas 2/5

    By KimberlyVanTassel
    I was really hoping to use Google calendar as my primary calendar, etc. However the apps are really lacking. On the web version of Google calendar you can view reminders and tasks, but on the app you're forced to only see reminders. Which is a drawback because I'd love to see the tasks in calendar view. The other issue is you cannot change existing appointments from the app as far as calendars go. If I wanted to change something from personal calendar to work calendar I cannot do it through the app. I have to create a new appointment to change it. Very disappointed and hope Google makes some of these updates.
  • Does not sync 3/5

    By OldShlomo
    The app no longer syncs from my iPhone to my iPad. I have to sync events on both devices. Before if I added events on one device it would sink to the other.

    By bfhkvdgbn
    For those of us who never know what day it is- that would be SUPER helpful! Plus less gimmicky pictures! Clutter!!
  • by his blood ministries 5/5

    By tj.johnson
    by his blood ministries Scott Parker nad nikki Parker sorry for - prayer for you tj. johnson i see you tomorrow Sunday morning at at 10:30am i love you i like you i miss you you go get my bible lesson study tj. johnson
  • Let Down 1/5

    By M Geirrein
    I created my stepdaughter an account for her to be able to know when she will be at each parent’s house. First off, the app is way too basic. I can’t even color code the events on her Android tablet although it lets me on my iPhone. It would be much more simple to see whose week it if each parent had their own color events. Also, a new calendar can’t be created for her parents and I to interact with the calendar from our own accounts. We will each have to use her login. And events can’t be categorized. My next disappointment is that each time the app is opened it is on the “Today” view not remembering that I last selected the “Month” view. The biggest let down is upon opening the app each date has to be selected for the events for that day to be loaded. I can understand this needing to be done once since they are being inputted from a different device, but each time the app is opened?! That’s just ridiculous! I am sadly surprised that Google has such a horrible app, especially for such a common type of app as a calendar.
  • Not impressed. 2/5

    By EvAveMananShar
    No tasks and no dark theme make it pretty useless for me, but who decided the default view should have like 50% of the screen as dead space???

    By Mattachewshut
    Please add tasks to the app, or maybe it’s already on there and I can’t find it. It would make my life so much easier because it’s on the website but not the app.
  • My life revolves around google calendar 5/5

    By Summertheawesome1
    It’s the most user friendly organizational app I’ve ever used. All data is linked from your phone to computer so you’ll never lose your days!
  • Lag and crash 2/5

    By fllnstr18
    Love the layout and functions, but the app crashes at the most inconvenient times. Sometimes, I'm not even doing anything in the app but scrolling. Please fix craah issues.
  • Not sure if this is new bug 1/5

    By amypritchard
    But I’ve had to uninstall multiple time and still can’t get app to sync and show my calendar for more than a few hours. It will work fine when I first install then a few hours later get stuck synching and not show anything
  • Bad appearance! 1/5

    By LeoScott13
    So Ugly on iOS devices!!!
  • Good, but not great 3/5

    By Gibbler86!!
    I love google calendar! I use it on my laptop too, one thing I really like is the tasks feature....I just wish I could get to it on the app too. Am I missing something? Maybe it’s just me not using the app correctly... If not, then please let me see what I need to get done when I’m not at my desk!
  • Only one feature missing 4/5

    By JustinSRL
    There is one flaw that I always encounter. When using the phone app you cannot change the calendar ownership of an event. I have 4 calendars that I share and I'll accidently create an event on the wrong calendar and once saved you can only edit that ownership from a desktop. Otherwise absolutely fantastic app! I love the entire platform.
  • Just wish it had these features: 3/5

    By •Lori•
    I love Google Calendar on my computer but I found it doesn’t translate super well to iOS. Wish the app icon displayed today’s date like Apple’s calendar. Wish you could tap on a date in month view to create an event. (Even 3D touch would be better than nothing.) Wish you could hold and drag the front or back end of multi-day events to have them start or end on different days, instead of just shifting the entire event. With these features added I would give 5 stars.
  • Missing key features 2/5

    By KikiSt.
    A great app in general, but I docked one star. This would be a five star app if I was able to put this under the Notification Center in the today tab and if I could change the calendar that the event is under after creating the event. For some reason, I can't edit that. EDIT: The design of the app has improved some but it’s still missing the feature of changing the calendar that the event is under after creating the event. I don’t want to have to delete and recreate the event from my phone just to change the calendat
  • Love Google Calendar 5/5

    By Like a stork
    Google Calendar was recommended to me by a friend few years ago. I’ve been using it every day ever since. I’ve tried different calendars, but it’s definitely the best available calendar so far!
  • Meh.. 3/5

    By Hipsterdrama
    Not as great on an apple phone... not the same capabilities, functionality, or features. Have to go to the desktop version to input a lot of reoccurring things, etc...
  • Yikes Ugly (date ...) 1/5

    By drjwr
    New design fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down. What happened to simple and elegant? Fonts and grid lines are now awful. Hardly more appealing than the functionally superior but heretofore uglier Calendars 5. (But to the date haters, the inability to have the icon date change is an Apple restriction on dynamic icons.)
  • More options please 3/5

    By L Glez
    I really like this app. I just would like more color options and maybe a bill option, so I can put in all my bills and not have to create it as an event or use another app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By B.flash
    This is a useless app. Why don't you make it work like real Google calendar on a computer??
  • Bring Back ‘Duplicate’! 3/5

    By justcallmereeta
    Worked just fine, but after the last update the ‘duplicate’ event option is gone (again) 🙁
  • Best calendar ever! 5/5

    By joannpeak
    Can not live without this! Thank you google.
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By smack smandrews
    We have everyone in the company I work for linked with google calendar and Sheets. Very efficient, has helped increase my productivity and organization. Works very well with my iPhone.
  • I like the colors 3/5

    By j_kris
    I love the colors and love the layout of the calendar. While I think this app would be great to use with your family I’m the only one in mine to use it. Also, how difficult is it to change the app icon button to say the actual date? I’d really like that.
  • No notifications 1/5

    By ThreesTrifecta
    Not getting the event notifications that I’ve set for a shared calendar that I am subscribed to. Don’t know why. Microsoft Todo notifications don’t seem to work, either. I wonder if Apple is to blame.
  • Update missing features 3/5

    By Upto5
    We really enjoyed the ability to click on a contacts phone number for an appointment before the update. It was extremely helpful to not have to punch in the numbers to make a call. Now that option is not available with this update. Please bring that feature back.
  • Good App Google! 4/5

    By karens7336
    I personally don’t use this app that often, however, it is a great app. It reminds you if you did your reminder or goal today and to go to the app and check it off just like a check-list! I really enjoyed this app. 4/5. Good job!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By JGreenPK
    This app is amazing! I love sharing my calendar with my wife! It keeps us in great communication and it’s aesthetically pleasing to work with and look at. One thing that I and other friends of Mine would love, is the app itself reading the current date and day but just looking at the app on my screen and not having to open it up. Please change this detail!
  • Overall good but lacking a helpful feature 4/5

    By MMM810
    Very good app but it should have an updated day on the app icon itself. On Apple it just shows “31” but the Apple app actually updates with the day everyday which is helpful for some people.
  • Good app 4/5

    By youngveezy
    I really like this app better than the iPhone calendar. The ONLY thing I don’t like is that I can’t set my own goal. I don’t like that google makes a time based on what they “think” can fit in my schedule. I want to be able to set my own goal and frequency for it. Since I can’t do that, I just make reminders but I feel like it’s not as impactful for me since I’m not seeing it as a goal.
  • 2019 US Holidays? 3/5

    By Aljax00
    I just noticed that the US holidays beyond April 2019 are missing. Is there a fix?
  • Search function broken 1/5

    By wcb9320
    When I search for event titles that are extremely common in my calendar, like “haircut”, the app now says “no results”. The desktop version finds these easily, both past and future. For me, this is almost a dealbreaker for continuing with the app.
  • To do list missing 3/5

    By cantfindanythingavailable317
    I like that I can have my calendar on all devices and just need to update one for them all to update. But it would be nice if the to do list was an option on the app like it is on the desktop. That is seriously needed.
  • Unable to edit events 1/5

    By Ram San
    Don’t what happened but I’m not able to edit events once they have been created. Very frustrating!
  • Day and date on icon 5/5

    By Lauremideus
    Please show the day and date on the icon, like Apple’s calendar app.
  • Stopped syncing 1/5

    By Jdcynni
    ... with the last update. Please fix or this app is joining the others in the circular file.

    By A-Weezy Bruh
    Almost perfect but COME ON it’s 2019 no more white screens
  • Why don't I see pictures of attendees like in picture in the description? 3/5

    By Galaxy Nexus Dude
    That is all

Google Calendar: Time Planner app comments

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