Google Calendar: Time Planner

Google Calendar: Time Planner

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  • Current Version: 2.92.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Calendar: Time Planner App

Get organized on the go with the Google Calendar app. View and edit, even on the go Sync your schedule across platforms and devices, so you’re never without it Toggle from day, week, and month view so you always know what’s next Update events in real time, with no broken links or outdated information Sync events automatically from Gmail See upcoming events from your email without lifting a finger Have all the important info handy when you need it RSVP to event invitations right from your inbox Plan for your goals with repeat scheduling Set goals that matter to you—and reach them Create reminders for time-sensitive tasks See your goals and reminders right alongside your daily schedule Make scheduling easy with smart suggestions Save time by seeing when your team is available to meet Quickly schedule meetings with suggested guests, titles and times Add convenient rooms for you and your teammates, no matter what office they sit in Part of G Suite: Google’s intelligent apps for business Connect and collaborate with your team, using one suite—Gmail, Drive, Docs and more Use Google’s AI to bring data insights to every employee Join more than 4M paying businesses who trust G Suite to power their organization Google Calendar is integrated with Apple Health to track your workouts and mark Goals as done automatically.

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Google Calendar: Time Planner app reviews

  • Excellent calendar app, 1 glaring problem 3/5

    By wlorenzo
    Just needs to allow inviting folks as “optional” to meetings and viewing on events whether folks are optional. This is a simple request and would eliminate my need to pull up the clunky desktop web version of Google Calendar on my phone when I need to schedule meetings for work.
  • I wish it was more like the desktop version 3/5

    By Hauntinghunts
    I have recently started using google calendars as my future planning and for the most part i love it but i hate that the iPad app makes it where the actual calendar is only half the screen. I wish there was a way to either toggle this on and off or to change it in settings. Or maybe just make the “monthly thumbnail” a bit smaller. It makes the app difficult for me to use with the calendar this crowded into itself and i find myself having to go out of my way to find a computer.
  • App icon idea 4/5

    By Fun!...
    It would be so much better if the app icon showed today’s date
  • Crashes, can’t even open the app 1/5

    By sc4stock
    After the latest update, I can’t even launch the app!
  • Please, add a force-sync option! 4/5

    By Deirdredahling
    I live my life by this app, and I love that I can see personal and work calendars all in one place. Overall it is great—except when the calendars on my phone haven’t caught up with the calendars in real life. When times change, locations are added or someone cancels or adds a meeting, these don’t show up on my phone... until they feel like it I guess. I’ve searched over and over but the only way for me to force sync is to uninstall and re-install... 🙄 no thanks.
  • Watch app?!?! 3/5

    By Mama wants a Watch App
    I really love google calendar. It helps with family planning with everyone having their own identifiable color on the calendar. Yet it gets 3 stars because I want an app for my Apple Watch. Even if it is more of a view so I can easily see what’s going on that would be awesome.
  • Nice calendar 4/5

    By Mystro8
    I like the calendar it syncs with my wife’s flawlessly. I only wish the app thumbnail showed the current date. If it did would get 5 stars
  • Display date rather than 31 3/5

    By fhdjehbheu
    Can the app be updated to reflect current date rather than showing 31?
  • App Icon Show Current Date 3/5

    By Joel the Rose
    Please google get the app icon to show current date so I can get rid of my apple calendar off my front screen. Your calendar is far more superior except for the app icon. Thx!!!!!
  • I love it, but would love it more If.... 4/5

    By Ryan253
    It had a Apple Watch complication and date didn’t always say the 31st
  • App Name on Home Screen 4/5

    By myNicnname
    Cool App, But the app name is too long, and looks ugly. Please change it to just Calendar Not allowed? Well, Gcalendar like Gmail ❤️
  • App functions OKAY 2/5

    By robkurzd
    I am a heavy Google services user but this app does not meet all of my needs. I cannot search for events within the app. My previous view is not saved when I force close the app.
  • Good, clean app, but not perfect 4/5

    By Dewey Decimate
    I really enjoy the easiness of the Google Calendar app. Please allow it so that we can view Tasks in the app and not just the desktop version.
  • The app is good except one thing 3/5

    By breznick70
    It has all the functionality I need and want. I can share calendars and events with people in my contacts or email. BUT the icon on my phone doesn’t show the date. It’s always show. As the 31st. No bueno
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Sewnbev
    Just downloaded it! So many handy features and looks like a real wall calendar so familiar feeling from the beginning. Can’t wait to set it up with all suggested ideas for using. Thank you Google...really like your Google Keep (no more writing little disappearing notes!)
  • Bad UI 2/5

    By klaatu_barada_nikto_3
    As with all of google’s apps, the UI is not intuitive. Using this app is frustrating and confusing. No obvious way to share with a link. I’m so done with anything google makes.
  • All my past events are gone. 2/5

    By Drwhitten1
    Loses events. All my past events are gone. Trying to do my expenses for the last month. Gone. Last hair appointment? Gone. What the? I'm not using this anymore. This calendar stinks.
  • Update.... 5/5

    By Carloscloud1
    Can you guys add google calendar to Apple Watch 4... please. It would a lot of help.
  • Still doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mbutler422
    This is the second time I’m giving this app a chance because I love google and its products. The first time I had this app it didn’t save anything I scheduled in it. Now it’s not giving me notifications of my schedule or reminders. What’s the point?? I’m switching back to the built in apple calendar. Don’t use this app!
  • App crashes on my phone, can’t use it 1/5

    By JMK78496
    Every time I open my app to see my events the app will load to the calendar week but when trying to view the days and events automatically crashes.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Wood Woody
    Can Google create a Google planner? I would love that.
  • What I think 4/5

    By FWMyt
    I’m a kid using this app have a lot of upcoming events and thought this would be a great place to keep them organized and better than apples calendar but I have suggestions #1 Popular request make it show the actual date on the logo #2 when you sort the calendar by monthly you will see that there’s over a week in June when I’m in the “May section” so make the dates a little bit bigger so I can only see up to June second instead of June ninth #3 make it so that Sunday is the first day of the week beacuse that is how it is or at least five people to option for Monday or Sunday to be the first day of the week #4 more colors I have a really low variety
  • Need the date! 1/5

    By fixthafreakindate
    The current day should be displayed — not a permanent default of 31, as it seems is the case currently. Will add four stars when this is fixed.
  • No notifications when an event is created 2/5

    By MildAtom
    I currently have a shared calendar with my wife and we usually create events and go on without knowing about it. The calendar app does not and will not notify us (on our phone or tablet) when an event is created or changed. And this has become very annoying. The only way to get notified is via email but we are not a fan of having our email “flooded” with emails about events. A simple push notification is what we need just like the apple calendar. Once this feature is added, we will gladly use the app. For now, we will continue using the apple calendar.
  • Compliment 5/5

    By Dr. Sial
    This app is awesome, I wish different ring tones were added to alarm well in advance as a reminder beeps Sial Afghanistan
  • App ICON 5/5

    By Sneaks24
    Let me say I LOVE THIS APP ... Is there any way you could change the ICON to have the actual date ? Prob not but just a suggestion... Also Please please please more colors
  • Please make the updates work on IOS 10.3.3 3/5

    By Neil1965
    Great app and I miss it! The recent updates have stopped being loadable on iPad 4 and other platforms limited to iOS 10.3.3. Please make the latest updates work on iOS 10.3.3 to allow users to continue to benefit from Google calendar.

    By chronoligical order
    I really enjoy this calendar but since my wife and I share it, it would be wonderful if we had more color options. Consider at least doubling the amount of colors- for us we have a ton of activities, job obligations, medical apts, other apts, and life planning. We just need more colors to keep it organized better.
  • Google Calendar good 4/5

    By Mikeaber
    The app does just about everything I need. Only desire is that the actual date would show on the icon. Good job Google!
  • No way to change reminders notifications sound. 1/5

    By ReviZoro
    There is no way to change reminders notifications sound. The default notification sound is very short and quiet. You have to be close to the phone to hear that. If you miss this short moment- there is no way to know about the reminder. So- this “function”- to remind me something, is useless.
  • Easy and Simple to use 5/5

    By Maredave
    I enjoyed google Calendar that I used everyday that send automatic alerts I set up for birthdays, special events, and appointments! Great calendar that can organize your life!
  • Integrate Google Tasks! 1/5

    By LDX_007
    It needs Google Tasks integration, otherwise a good app.
  • Lack of watch support 2/5

    By mattcburns
    Beautiful app, lack of watch support makes it worthless for my use case.
  • Always the 31st! 3/5

    By SpyderCanopus
    How hard can it be to make a live tile icon show the right day of the month? Sometimes I see the icon and think, wait what! It’s been like 6 years since this app launched and it’s always been the same 31st icon. Lazy google.
  • Calendar 1/5

    By kfstreitz
    I need help syncing with family members. I tried and iCloud wanted family members to create Apple ID password and purchase iCloud space all after downloading chrome.
  • Thank you Google 5/5

    By kiai
    Years ago I tried Calendar only to be frustrated. But now that I have 4 different Google calendars for 4 different purposes, this app has helped keep all appointments. Other apps have shown a repetition of events because each Google calendar on my desktop shows all 4 calendars. But this app enables viewing of only one entry each. Also, the graphics are not as distracting as they used to be, something that I had complained about previously. Google listened and improved the app. Who can ask for anything more?
  • Misses the mark 3/5

    By alikatnat
    This app has been my favorite so far as a calendar. But it’s shortcomings may make me go back to my previous apps. Google the two things I need are: 1. The date to show on the app icon, just like the apple calendar. 2. More color options/create your own colors. Some of us have their own color coding system. Other than that this calendar is easy to use and looks great.
  • 5s wont update 1/5

    By Bocurgat
    Hi, i cannot update that. It says incompatible but also always shows an update.
  • Easy scheduling! 5/5

    By R.Baltazar
    I love how you can share events with other people. This makes it much easier for me to coordinate my schedule with my family.
  • My google Calendar does not sync with iPhone 3/5

    By JudyC60
    When I changed my iPhone to a newer version of my model which has an updated OS, my google calendar no longer syncs with my Apple Watch. I can’t see my google calendar listings on my watch.
  • Date always displays “31”??? 1/5

    By Hadleyhemingway
    Date always displays “31”???
  • Good app but the search function is terrible! 2/5

    By mrsmartin
    Search doesn’t work at all! It always tells me that there are no results found, but I know of an appointment on my calendar. So I normally just go to the desktop to search and I always find it there.
  • My suggestions 5/5

    By Azer VII
    Overall, it I great app and easy to use. In goals, it would be great, if we had more options for measuring units. For example, now we can choose how many times we want to read or swim. But wouldn’t be great, if we had options like how many meters we want to swim or how much time we want to read weekly. More advanced reminders would be great. I usually use reminders as my to do list and often find myself with bunch of uncompleted tasks at the end of the week. There should some way to select reminders and change times for them. Or to have planned tasks list where we can keep our postponed or delayed reminders
  • Problem with push notifications 2/5

    By Coralie0292
    I have iPhone 6s and i syncronized my Google calendar on iPhone’s calendar but i dont receive push notifications it’s a shared calendar and i can see what he added but no push notifications please help me cause i allowed notifications on the settings but still doesn’t work !!
  • Date for the current day on the tile 4/5

    By Bubbly Paladin
    Date for the current day on the (future live) tile instead of 31 That would be fantastic 👍
  • App icon 2/5

    By god8673099
    Please change the app icon to the actual date. Having a 31 is stupid
  • App getting worse? 2/5

    By hfreeman17
    For some reason, maybe during the last update, I can’t change the colors of appointments in my non-primary calendar. Also, I can’t seem to copy an appointment to a different calendar now. Something strange has happened with the update and I don’t like this version at all. Downgrading my review from four stars to two stars. [updated 5/5/2019] Really like the app and it integrates with everything else Google that I use, but 2.46.0 has been freezing or ignoring changes/additions I make. Very frustrating. No doubt these will be fixed soon! ;)
  • Great UI, however... 3/5

    By SMenda7
    The app doesn't seem to have an inbox from where you can respond to calendar invites. All calendar invites appear in line within the calendar view / day view. So you're forced to click each invite that hasn't been responded to and then RSVP from there. This is annoying.
  • Good But Please Fix the Bugs 3/5

    By Akousa
    When I try and delete things from my calendar they still aren’t removed

Google Calendar: Time Planner app comments

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