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Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet • FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language • UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at


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  • What has happened to this update 1/5

    By WedgewingNR
    Use it twice, it freezes..... whatever has been done to “improve” this isn’t doing it
  • CARE 1/5

    By Warmbloodhorse
    Their prices are out of control. If there’s anyway to find another service do it. They will wipe you out.
  • Pop ups can take it over - not secure 1/5

    By Michaelpenney
    Had to delete the Chrome app to get past a pop up add that demanded an ok. Google should not allow modal pop ups to disable browser functions (like close window).
  • Chromecast? 2/5

    By Yunglead
    What happen to the “cast” feature ?
  • Phone not working 4/5

    By Past A.J.
    Updated now some of my apps will not work in this browser. Android.
  • Review 5/5

    By copper prop
    The cabin crew work there but off the service was excellent the pilots were terrific as well.
  • Secure? 2/5

    By is dis nickname taken_?
    About every 3 days, I get a scam saying you have won a Samsung galaxy blah blah blah of $1000, it needs to be fixed. The only way to move off the scam screen is to delete the app and download it again.
  • Reading List issue 3/5

    By علی نوروزی
    I sometimes add a webpage to "Reading List" and when I'm offline and want to read that webpage, it can't show me the page in offline mode and needs to be online. I need to read pages offline.
  • I knew I shouldn't have trusted Google. 1/5

    By clin0048
    I had a TON of open tabs. The app crashed like it normally does (seriously, it crashes a LOT). When it came back I tapped restore and exactly ZERO of the tabs came back. Checked history for recently closed tabs and none of them were there either. WHERE DID THEY GO???!!!
  • Annoying browser tabs open when not requested because of google adds 1/5

    By BrettDioson
    So apparently Google but in some stupid new “feature” in Chrome for iOS where it will open a random tab to some random site by Google Ads integration (which I don’t recall approving but that’s a whole other story). I cleared all browser cache, closed all tabs. Force closed Chrome and started it back up and it immediately pops up a tab to either “the raw” or “the Palmer” both of which I could give two sh*ts about (way to go google analytics). Thanks but no thanks. I’ll be deleting Chrome and moving over to Edge now. At least they haven’t forced crap on me and only silently collect all my personal information.
  • Google chromes the best 5/5

    By jason vorhease
    4.6 stars this app is amazing the feedback is good and barely takes up any space but it does have its flaws like no WiFi but you have unlimited data but it still doesn’t load but it’s a pretty good app google
  • Enough with the Kardashians 1/5

    By -Heller22-
    Absolutely baffled as to why Chrome always filled its homepage news with items about the Kardashians. I never search for them or follow them in any way, yet Google seemed to make it a point to push them and Celebrity in general into my newsfeed. No more! Deleted the app, switched to Firefox. It’s so much better in so many ways.
  • Lost all my tabs on update 1/5

    By randomname36825923
    And Chrome wants me to crawl through six months worth of history to find them.
  • Usually crashes once a day 1/5

    By Brand8372637
    I have used this Chrome app for years. Just recently it has started to crash after browsing for a while. When it “crashes” a black background appears but it is non-functional. I have to then force close the app and wait for a bit before reopening..
  • Conflict with iPhone X OS Renders Chrome unusable 1/5

    By RED953
    My iPhone X was uploaded from the iPhone 5S. Shortly afterwards I experienced freeze up and touchscreen issues. The iPhone X was “cleaned” and reloaded at the Apple store but experienced the same issues there. I was issued a new iPhone that was loaded from the cloud and sent home. Within a week, I had similar issues with the new phone. The Apple store restore the phone to factory and loaded only apple native apps. I was told to download third party apps one at the time. About a year later I re-downloaded Chrome and within a week I had problems again. I deleted the app and restarted my phone and have not had that problem again.
  • I’ll y’all juju y’all be uuuuuu 2/5

    By W8i8l8l
    Hutton said tJB GN hHeM
  • Let Me Stay On The App 1/5

    By TheGirlWearingConverse
    When I try to open an amazon link it sends me to the amazon app then to safari. What is wrong with this stupid app?! When I hold down on the link there is no "open" option or "open in" option there's only "open in new tab", "open in incognito tab", or "copy link URL". I CHOSE to open the google chrome app. If I wanted to search on another app, I would have opened another app! PLEASE LET THERE BE A SETTING TO TURN THIS OFF!!!
  • Meme 5/5

    By -TREBLIG-
    Your a MEME incognito mode is a MEME XD
  • Issues pt. 2 1/5

    By TheLastAfro
    EDIT: The app is getting stuck when trying to open a new tab or go back to an old tab, just freezes on a blank screen and you must do a hard reset to get it back, where it may or may do it again upon launch.
  • Lol 5/5

    By so like yasss
  • Incognito mode 1/5

    By ShelleMatsu
    I’m not sure if it’s because of the update or I simply never noticed. But incognito mode tabs will randomly disappear. I was using the mode for some financial things and put my iPad down for awhile, when I came back all of my tabs in incognito mode were gone. Really hoping this gets fixed. I used to love this browser!
  • Fix Bug 1/5

    By Dr. Yan Itor
    It takes a minute or two between loading pages, then crashes all the time. The FBI spyware is slowing down my internet experience so bad.
  • Can’t change your homepage on iPhone 1/5

    By nocheckbox
    Keep being Evil, google.....
  • Bad 1/5

    By javauwjwvayshv
    Useless because I can’t download chrome extensions
  • Incognito broke? 2/5

    By r5cents
    All incognito tabs close on app restart. I don’t know if this is a bug or an intentional update, but either way it annoying.
  • Incognito tabs close when app is closed 1/5

    By austinm00
    I hate how all of my incognito tabs are closed once I close the app. I use incognito mode regularly and this is very inconvenient. I’d not give this app a better rating unless they brought that feature back. I WANT MY INCOGNITO TABS TO BE THERE ONCE I OPEN THE APP UNLESS I DELETE THEM MYSELF!
  • Incognito 2/5

    By Crybaby Ally 🤗
    I might be the only one or one the few to complain about this but the I miss the way that I could close chrome and leave incognito tabs open and they are still there, I feel like instead of removing the feature it could’ve been something made optional to have it so that a user can choose to make all incognito tabs close once they close chrome or have them stay.
  • It’s a fine browser but— 2/5

    By _Herbert_
    Chrome leaves the user no recourse when one if those scam redirect pop ups “Congrats! You Won an iPhone!” hijacks the browser. Quitting Chrome and reopening doesn’t fix this problem because Chrome insists on reopening that last page. Okay. Let’s clear browsing data and history. Go to Chrome settings. Nope, there is nothing there. I just uninstalled and reinstalled. I heard there is an airport mode solution too. I am middle aged and could see people older than me not knowing what to do and just repeatedly clicking on those scams. Okay. So what? All browsers suffer from these. Not true because Safari allows one to remove cookies and data via the settings menu. These pop ups appearing on very reputable websites have been around for several years now and it baffles me that a browser developer would allow their browser to be hijacked like this. There has to be a better way.
  • Love it but can’t use the share icon 4/5

    By Laxietoo
    I used to be able to use the share icon in Chrome on my iPad to send items via email, save in Dropbox or use LastPass. Now when I press the share icon, nothing happens. I want it back please!
  • Does not work well w iPad 1/5

    By LeMastertheMoment
    Surprise surprise. Does NOT allow users to use their search by image function. Instructions are incorrect. Really guys? Get over it and incorporate functionality! Deleting this app because of this and MANY other compatibility issues. Issues like this keep/push Google/Android products away. Too bad Apple doesn’t have email or I’d switch to that and kill my google email too.
  • Million “Amazon” gift card junk pop ups 2/5

    By Worse than Windows App
    Recently there’s been frustrating amounts of pop ups
  • Trash 1/5

    Keeps crashing in incognito and I lose all my windows
  • Cannot Save Images iPAD! 1/5

    By KidRolbot
    Don’t download this buggy piece of software. If you’re using an iPad it’s impossible to save images from the direct image link. Often you can save the image thumbnail but NOT the direct image link which provides full resolution. Stick with Safari and call it a day.
  • Going down hill 2/5

    By Rayne448
    I can barely stay on a website for 5 minutes before it crashes...

    By C11H17N2NaO2S
    I understand Google is trying to make some money, but when webpages have 70%-80% advertisements and the rest is allocated for the title and the actual content maybe it is time to rethink the product
  • Incognito tabs get deleted 1/5

    By Skiwjananamdlandkanan
    I’ve noticed that all my incognito tabs get deleted when I take chrome off my background (as in when I swipe up on the open app in order to not waste battery). I’ve tried logging in to chrome with an email and seeing if that would save my incognito pages as they are. Nope. I can’t stand using the regular non-incognito side of chrome because my eyes are extremely sensitive to color and light and the darkened banner is just more comfortable for me. I’ve been using Firefox, but I just can’t get used to it. Please fix this.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Ahsanshams18
    Excellent help
  • Gifs Autoplaying, and I can’t turn it off 1/5

    By kingykongy567
    All of a sudden, whenever I look at a gif on google, it decides it’s a good idea to load and play the gif before I even click on it. Before, it has a small “gif” icon in the bottom corner, but a few days ago, this went away and gifs began to play without my consent. Not only is this aggravating to me, as I would like to decide whether or not I want to see an animated image or not, but it also brings the app to a slow crawl, and makes my phone hot to the touch within minutes. I find this unacceptable, and unless there’s a way to turn it off, I can’t give the app more than a 1 Star.

    By Hassimal
    I turned off location tracking and Google Chrome is tracking me anyway. I resent this and feel it is a total abuse of power and trust. Fix is within 14 days or I’m uninstalling.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Bestdandan
    I did allow a $7.99 charge
  • Google is good 5/5

    By need of haircut
    I like crome a lot but for some reason I say ok google and it doesn’t open. Not sure why. But would bet it’s this stupid iPhone. iPhones apps and user content are made by All the rejects engineers from Google Facebook and any other service like this they make everything as hard as possible so that you can’t get to what you want just by asking for looking. iPhone Engineers and code writers are worthless! I should’ve got myself a Google phone!
  • Discord 4/5

    By lnake1232?
    I am not able to make the payment
  • Bad pop ups/spam 1/5

    By Austin Teyhas
    When trying to visit the AmericanPregnancy website (which comes up on Google search), the app locks and a pop up appears asking me to claim a Walmart gift card. Only way to fix is to delete the app and re download. Doesn’t happen in Safari.
  • App doesn’t open and crashes 1/5

    By ddcsu
    Since past 2 days the app doesn’t launch it stays at the loading screen for some time and then closes for some reason
  • Images drive me crazy!!! 1/5

    By Grasshopperbynature
    I left safari thinking chrome would be a better product however when I open an image I can’t click and save it which is extremely frustrating. I use my iPhone for business and I use images a lot (images from my company’s website) to answer client concerns quickly. So I guess I am going back to safari until you make this a priority. Super bummed!!
  • Won't let me click "next results" 1/5

    By Sociabcowbso ha
    When i search for something the app won't let me click "next" to see the next page of results. I can see the option when i scroll down, but the screen automatically scrolls up not letting me press it. Are shitting me? I can't look at more than one page of results? Fix this trash.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Just go back to how it was
    I just updated chrome and now everytime I go to open a new tab it freezes up! I usually rely on chrome when using my phone but right now I can’t
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By ym".........".......
    This is like so cool, and it's like a dream come true!! (Okay, not really a dream come true, but it's really awesome.) P.S. Like above, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not accessible 2/5

    By Fcuikk
    Not easily accessible hard to reach to switch tabs
  • Too bad ! Totally disappointing! 1/5

    By Shriti Akter
    When ever I use the search options, it’s asking so many random questions.. totally unrelated to the tropics. And finally time wasted. Poor services!

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