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Google Chrome App

Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet • FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language • UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at


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  • Age Limit 2/5

    By StrawberryCupcakeGirl
    Honestly, I like this app. I have access to my school google account and I can look anything up whenever I need to, but the age limit is what’s bothering me. 17+? I really don’t see the point in this. Google may have their reasons, and I respect that, but I personally think that it should be 12+. To me it just makes more sense. Thanks!
  • It’s OK 3/5

    By drjwr
    Works ok, but too multi-stepped to use, especially compared to Safari. An old, old design now needs streamlining.
  • Incognito tabs get deleted 1/5

    By Skiwjananamdlandkanan
    I like to read in incognito since I like the black banner at the top of the site compared to the white banner. Anyways, I’ve noticed that all my incognito tabs get deleted when I take chrome off my background (as in when I swipe up on the open app in order to not waste battery). I’ve tried logging in to chrome with an email and seeing if that would save my incognito pages as they are. Nope. Tried to use safari but I hate it. Can someone plz tell me how to fix if I’m in the wrong? If I’m not, can this be fixed?
  • Hate 1/5

    By Horse1894
    Not user friendly at all.
  • Absolutely ludicrously bad. 1/5

    By Big black corn
    Actually not that bad.
  • Poor Choice for a 12.9 iPad 1/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    Chrome forces you into Google mobile sites (Gmail, Calendar, etc) on a screen the same size as many laptops. This wouldn’t be quite so bad if Chrome on iOS could handle multiple Gmail accounts correctly. It doesn’t. For example, go into Gmail mobile site (even if you select Request Desktop Site). It will use your default account. Go to the bottom of the page and tap the ID to select a different account. Once you’re in a different account, tap the three lines that show you labels. Scroll down to the very tiny text that lets you select ‘Desktop’. It goes to desktop mode, but switches back to your default account... even if you sign out of your default account. Not very secure on top of giving incorrect results. You’re better off using other browsers or a Mac. (Google’s mobile apps are not a viable option on a 12.9 iPad because of they are too trivial - minimal view of information and limited function compared to the full site.)
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By cyxws
    The most recent update introduces a host of stability and performance issues. Browser now crashes frequently, is laggy with user inputs, and loses state upon reatarting. Incognito mode tabs are not saved upon restarting the app. There are many browsers on the app store that now outperform Chrome. Didn'd use to be that way, but apparently Google is set on ruining their flagship browser by "enhancing the user experience."
  • Incognito 1/5

    By JadeyGirl17
    Incognito tabs delete when the app is closed off but the cognito tabs remain, they don't delete.
  • Best 4/5

    By DraganUki666
    I love the browser, I use it almost every day. However it seems with one of the new updates it either turned off or deleted the option to continue where I left off? Every time I want to do some stuff I have to search again and again instead of just tapping on the tabs I already had open, and I don’t see any options in any of the settings?
  • Slow 2/5

    By Vkvs
    Recent update(s) have made this app really slow...
  • Bad update 1/5

    By DrPepr
    My icon disappeared and when I go to the App Store, the open function on the app does not work. Help. Miss being able to use Chrome. Please fix. Thanks!
  • Good browser 5/5

    By Yodoja reviews
    It feels like your on a computer/laptop. Many good features. I like it and use it over safari because it looks nicer and operates better. It’s a great app so get it!
  • Not happy anymore 1/5

    By Xocheyaxo
    I LOVED the chrome app. I would leave tabs open all the time for my convenance with no issues. Now, if I even swap to another app for 5 minutes, whatever I was looking at is gone and I don’t like that. I lost over 10 articles that I saved for school, and now I have to spend hours finding them again. Bookmarks still won’t save right, and it’s frustrating. I used to do school work on this app while I wasn’t home, and now that’s physically impossible. Looks like I just won’t use chrome until better updates are released that make it more user friendly.
  • Verification Codes 1/5

    By Marcel Pappillion
    For a couple years now it seems Google has locked me out, giving me WRONG verification codes. I lost a couple phones and had to do recovery. Because of this I’m now homeless because my work depended on the Net, text, phone..... and PASSWORDS which I forgot because of Age...I all but beg them to please help... but there’s nothing they ever do but send wrong recovery codes. I’m talking to a Lawyer today and filing a suit for this.
  • What’s wrong with incognito mode? 1/5

    By Nickname50017896
    I used to be able to keep all my incognito tabs open even when I exited the chrome app. Now all the incognito tabs automatically close when I exit the app, causing me to lose many websites I had open.
  • Terrible updates 1/5

    By erica807
    I've used this app for years, along with Safari and Dolphin. Each browser has its own merits, so I'd switch between them. I liked Google particularly because of the bookmarks and the easy incognito browsing. I could have hundreds of incognito tabs in Google, close the app, and open it to find those hundreds exactly where I left them. For a hoarder like me, it was perfect. I could click open as many links as I'd want to, and only save the favorites to my bookmarks. A few days ago, I opened chrome only for the screen to glitch for a second and ALL of my tabs to just disappear. Hundreds of pages. Gone. I was upset and frustrated, but I figured it was a one time occurrence. It was the first time Chrome had failed me like this. Unfortunately, now Chrome deletes all of my incognito tabs every single time I close the app. I have no reason to keep using it, considering how invasive and creepily involved Google can be when it comes to browsing non-incognito. It's a shame, since I loved the bookmarks and the overall design, but this update is retrogressive and inconvenient.
  • Add Midnight Mode 4/5

    Add the option for a darker theme
  • Vulnerable to spam pop ups 1/5

    By DaltonAmes
    I constantly get malicious spam pop-ups on Chrome. I have tried the advice on the web like clearing my cache and history, but nothing works. Because Crome re-opens the last site I had opened, there is no way to get rid of the pop up other than deleting the app, which is a pain. From other reviews, many people are having this problem, but google has done nothing to fix it. I am done with Chrome.
  • Wow. 3/5

    By Ddmddmdddpdxldllk
    This app is for ages 17! Really!? I use this all the time in schoo wow.
  • Squash the 🐜🐞 1/5

    By DevoR
    Buggy since the latest update. Just hangs consistently. Used to be my "go to" browser.
  • Incognito Tabs are Broken 2/5

    By Kidbiz20
    I’m not sure when this happened, but as of the latest update (I believe) whenever I quit the app in Multitasking, all my Incognito tabs are closed. Otherwise a superb app, but this is a huge issue for me, as I use incognito tabs to organize my tabs all the time.
  • Popups!! 1/5

    By 📌Remember Me!
    Didn't think popups would be a problem in 20freakin18. Plenty of options other than Google; and Chrome really is not all that special. If you’re shopping, then keep on looking. This isn’t the browser for you. ///And what the hell is up with all these old reviews? How are six month old reviews helpful to anyone??
  • Constant crashes 1/5

    By wcarlson40
    It has worked perfectly until about a week ago. Now it crashes/ freezes after about 30 seconds all the time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with no help. Safari works fine, so it’s not my phone or internet. What happened?!
  • Update = constant crashes 1/5

    By Lyn104
    I updated Chrome a few days ago, and the “benefit” of doing so has been daily crashes. I have lost many incognito tabs, those I only needed for a short time, and I cannot find many [of them] to restore. This is the worst update and may be the one to have me delete this app. Update: Things have only gotten worse; chrome crashes at least once a day (since the update). It does t matter if there is one tab open or ten - this app has got to go. I’ll be a loyal Safari user from now on. Good bye, chrome.
  • Need option to have controls on the bottom 3/5

    By davpque
    Chrome would be my go to browser if they can move the buttons that open tabs or settings on the bottom. Would make it easier to mange the phone and browser with one hand.
  • New Version is absolutely terrible 1/5

    The new version calendar is terrible. There area several hundred users that want the Classic Calendar back, Please. My complaint is I have to double tap everything I want to do. If I click on the arrow for next month, q box pops up “Next Month”.. at first I used to click on the box that popped up but that would only allow me to edit the date that was underneath, then I realized to click the arrow again. Why can’t I click on the arrow the the calendar changes to the next or previous month which ever I clicked on...Please return the Classic Calendar.......
  • They don’t want you using incognito 2/5

    By YayChipotle
    This new update makes it a hassle to use incognito mode. It’s set up so that when you close the app completely, all incognito tabs are deleted and a fresh new “regular” tab is open and waiting for you when you reopen Chrome. Before, all my tabs were saved regardless of whether they were incognito or not, but now I have to manually open a new incognito tab every time I want to browse. Not a huge deal, but extremely inconvenient. If this doesn’t get fixed I’ll bite the bullet and just use Safari in privacy mode since it at least saves the tabs.
  • Bitchin Browser: there are others but .., 5/5

    By @DreadIron
    It’s a “Bitchin’ Browser”: there are others but .., only one Google other Browsers to include quite an extensive list here in appstō but integrating aspects of Google’s innovation creativity and professionalism security and superior customer services and support has set aside others to just independent developers genius and corporate sponsors for purposes of capital generating by the minions. As an epistemologist and UX/VUI cognitive and behavioral scientist (eclectic philosophically, and student of experimentalism marketing, social engineering, predisposed to furthering humanities across all aspects of boundaries of economic and socio-ethnocentric complexities— Googles got it going on but then look at Opera,Dolphin, and especially iCabMobile — WebKit and Gecko aside Omnigroup’s browser needs a evolutionary change too. You want Chrome, but you need it too and you have the right to universality in your apps (where secured) index your cloud, sync your purchases and financial data best practices that requires your own personal preference and desired outcomes.
  • Issues 1/5

    By TheLastAfro
    The app is getting stuck when trying to open a new tab, then when you force close it you lose all of your incognito windows.
  • Targeted news articles contain spoilers 1/5

    By 1415141
    I downloaded it, decided to sign in with my google account, then the first thing I see on my home page below the search bar is a link to an article with the title containing a major spoiler to a show I’m slightly behind on. I’d rather not see any articles at all on my home page. I didn’t ask for it.
  • Do not delete incognito tabs. 1/5

    By HexComixCorperation
    Moving to Firefox.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Zs1994:)
    It keeps crashing on my iPhone 7+ wile I’m watching shows it closes and it just kinda buggy
  • Lost all my incognito tabs! 3/5

    By crying out loud
    When I close the app and then relaunch it the incognito tabs disappear. fix this please
  • It’s good for 5/5

    By Ohh daffy
    Good for porn
  • Google chrome 5/5

    By _#*
    I love this app cause when I use it at school I can also use it at home so I don't have to use my laptop I can use my iPhone
  • Whyyyy 2/5

    By Rommay
    Since the last update, everything time I exit the app all of my tabs disappear. I just can’t use it without getting angry every time I open the app just to see all my pages gone. It’s just really frustrating.
  • Incognito 1/5

    By You Know what? I give up
    Admittedly, I would have rated this app higher if it weren’t for this issue. It seems that the new update has gotten rid of all my incognito tabs which is pretty frustrating since I use those pretty regularly and like to switch between the regular and incognito ones. I also checked the update description and it didn’t say anything about this happening. So if this issue can be fixed it would be greatly appreciated!
  • Stupid unique nickname 1/5

    By NicksastKendie
    Don't install the latest update if running 10.0. It crashes on startup and you will be forced to use safari or update your OS. SAME PROBLEM WITH GOOGLE VOICE. I can't even check my text messages.... :(
  • Bug or intended in newest update? 2/5

    Convenient google app, but if I close the app then any incognito tabs I was using get deleted. I do not want this, I hope that this is a bug and it will be fixed
  • Fix the tabs 2/5

    By Fix the tabs
    Fix the tabs
  • bbsbs 5/5

    By vvsvdbd
  • Bookmarks are gone, not user friendly 2/5

    By chelleperu
    I really wanted to like this app since I use chrome on my MacBook and google drive is very important for my school work. Unfortunately, chrome for iPhone is not very user friendly which is surprising coming from google. Bookmarks should be the first thing you should see when you open a new page, not articles or ads you think we want to see. (We are humans, our interests always change, we look up random things we aren’t interested in.... stop trying to show us what YOU think we should look at). It’s also hard to sort through different pages you have open since they all basically pile on top of each other instead of being more spread it to see what was on that page. Guess I’m switching back to safari.
  • Terrible design, not as good as Safari 3/5

    By camcamyeahyuh
    Now, of course it syncs your Google accounts and bookmarks. It's still chrome, which gives it three stars. However, it's chrome at an extremely dumbed-down level. The interface is the worst I've see n in which you access everything from a single button and drop down menu. It's uninspired like they didn't try at all to make a real interface. Compare it to Safari, and the clear winner is not this browser. Easier for me to just use the Google app than this lame thing.
  • Latest update closes all incognito tabs 2/5

    By Weiser878
    Before you could leave your incognito tabs open and they would still be there when you started the app again. After the latest update they are all cleared out
  • Incognito tabs 1/5

    By mae3345
    I usually keep all my incognito tabs open all the time. After newest update they were all closed and I can't keep any open when I leave the app.
  • Rollback your update 1/5

    By Bunnygunner
    Before the update, Chrome would keep my incognito tabs saved even after exiting out of the iOS app. Now, this update closes my incognito tabs when I close the app...this is a dumb feature that no one requested.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hdhsisosbshzopa
    All your tabs in incognito mode will be deleted after any while
  • Mixed review of update 2/5

    By 073098
    After the new update the incognito tabs keep deleting themselves and the app runs much slower for me.
  • Update closes incognito windows 2/5

    By JuicyBJones
    Hi I’m the kind of person that keeps about 19 windows open (regular browsing and incognito) and when I opened my browser yesterday all of my private windows were gone. I used incognito mode yesterday as well and I noticed that when you close the app it clears out the private windows. I’m sad because I keep stores / poems / makeup inspirations on these tabs and I can never remember where I left them. Please go back, I didn’t want this update it just happened.
  • Обновление 3/5

    By MalcomHayter(Mario)
    После обновления не сохранятся страница, а закрываю приложение, включаю обратно и все исчезает что я открывал ранее.

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