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Browse fast on your iPhone and iPad with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices, search by voice, and easily read webpages in any language. • SYNC ACROSS DEVICES - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet • FASTER BROWSING - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages • VOICE SEARCH - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing • TRANSLATE - easily read webpages in any language • UNLIMITED TABS - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them like a deck of cards • PRIVACY - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history (learn more at


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  • Update messed up my browser 1/5

    By Cflores196
    The March 13th update made it to where every time I want to see a different tab, the app freezes and I have to exit and restart the app every time.
  • Tabs wont stay 1/5

    By Hoist the Colours
    One problem that keeps on happening with the new update is that the app keeps getting reset and deleting all my tabs when I close out
  • The latest version has problems 1/5

    By stardustexp
    After reading some other reviews, it seems like many other users are having the same pop-up issues. Going on normal websites result in random pop-up that can’t be closed. Even when restarting the app, the pop up will just immediately appear and hijack your screen again. I have deleted the app after the last instance. I am on the newest OS, with the newest version of the app. Not sure whose problem this is but I’m going to use safari until it’s resolved.
  • Keeps getting hijacked 2/5

    By Spiderpersson
    Chrome app on my iPhone keeps getting hijacked. I have to delete and reload it every few days.
  • Badddd 1/5

    By Belgerian
    After recent updates I get redirects.
  • it deletes all of my incognito tabs 1/5

    By Splash🌀
    i usually do everything in incognito, but every time i close out of chrome, it deletes all of my incognito tabs! i’m not sure if this is intentional but i’m still pretty disappointed
  • Update ruins two things 3/5

    By thescorpion12
    This update has made chrome really bad. 1. It’s being really, really slow and laggy when I’m trying to switch tabs. And 2. It’s causing my phone to heat up . Please fix this ASAP. I expect a response from the developers on this as well. Thank you.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Vaevienne
    This is the laggiest app I’ve ever used on my iPhone. I will stick with Safari which doesn’t crash or freeze every time I open it! I love it on my PC but it’s garbage on iPhone.
  • URL pass for pdf “open in” is insufficient 4/5

    By sc00frend
    Love Chrome for windows. I’ve saved a lot of PDFs over the years. But behind credentials (a login page), I can’t save a pdf from chrome on iPad to iBooks, Google Drive, or anything else. I love chrome. But I can’t use it for what I need, just yet. I need Chrome to pass whole pdf instead of making the next app try (unsuccessfully if behind a login page) to download the pdf again. This could be problematic for users who download unprotected PDFs if the files are large (imagine downloading a 100MB pdf twice, really) Thanks for your hard work, and I look forward to this added functionality!
  • Google sites 1/5

    By I love Chrome but...
    When I try to go to new google sites it says “Google Sites only works with the two most recent versions of the following browsers: Chrome, and Firefox I have the update and I have restarted the app and reloading the page. Please fix!
  • Nav out of reach 2/5

    By Hieyeque
    Frustrated that the navigation buttons are at the top. The experience with Safari and Edge, ahem, “edge” out this browser for that reason. I would rather use chrome for its ad protection, but i find the controls out of reach. Thanks for your efforts devs - appreciate the hard work.
  • Broken functionality persists in updates 1/5

    By omniasoft
    Your recent update in 65.0.3325.112 breaks functionality. When I tap on a form field (e.g. Username) it shows me—as expected—above the keyboard saved values I can just tap to fill in the form. Let’s say in a Username field I tap a “j” and then “jones123” is suggested above the keyboard. When I tap that then “jones123” successfully appears in the field. Upon submission, however, only “j” is submitted as the value for that field even though I’ve _filled_ the form out by tapping the suggested value of the keyboard. --response to developer-- 2018-03-13 @ 1:26pEST Have closed and ended the process many times. Still happening on your most recent update that was available at the time of this message. Functionality used to work fine and now doesn’t. Able to repeat the problem following steps outlined in original message. Is there an easier way to communicate other than through this app review. Not crazy and not making things up. The issue is real. When the value fills in in the field after tapping the suggested value the actual value that is set is just the first letter EVEN THOUGH the entire suggested value appears there. Upon a form submission or evaluation of the field’s value it registers only as the first character. If a user taps the field to edit the value and then hits backspace and then replaces the deleted character with what was there then it finally nudges the field’s logic and/or recognition of the full text of the value that was auto filled when the suggestion was originally tapped. --response to developer-- 2018-03-09 @ 10:09pEST I know this is definitely an issue with the version I cited above because before I updated my iPad (I had updated my iPhone first which is where I noticed the problem) I tested the older version of Chrome on my iPad and it worked correctly just as it has in the past. Then I updated Chrome on my iPad and tried the same thing again on the same website and it failed to work properly.
  • No longer Porn Friendly 1/5

    By JC572856
    Now when you force close the app, all incognito pages close and disappear. Bull. I usually leave like 99+ pages open. Also. Glitches out constantly so that you can't scroll to the bottom. Used to force close and reload. Now I can't. Change back plz
  • Chrome 5/5

    By ThankfulForHisLove
    I love Chrome, I think the rating is in error because I tried 3 times to give it 5 stars because I was trying to start with one and work my way up to 5. Or maybe I am just less experienced than most people on the proper way to rate! 😂

    By Big Seahorse
    The worst Google Chrome yet! Saw the developers response to another review addressing this SAME ISSUE (image search malfunction). They basically responded “durr can you open da image in a new tab?” Usually NO. Also what if it’s 404? I’ve already basically stopped using google over this crap. Any other browser and any other search engine, no problems. Have you even tried to use your own app? This is pathetic.
  • Fix bug 4/5

    By TheEpicPig7
    Chrome has helped me in a lot of my work by keeping all my tabs incognito and keeping said tabs up when I close the app. However, this new update keeps getting rid of my tabs, is there anyway to fix this?
  • Crash,Crashes,Crashed 2/5

    By Tootallious
    When I first downloaded Chrome on my ipad2 it very rarely crashed. Now it seems that it crashes more with each update, more often than not. I can tell when it's about to crash, first it freezes then it comes back but as soon as you try to scroll, it freezes again and as soon as you touch the screen, BOOM, it crashes. Very disappointed! Come on Google, your way better than this!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Rcc328
    Could no longer use unlimited tabs. Tabs would be a blank background and wouldn’t open or respond to commands. Fix this bug google
  • No favorites bookmark toolbar 2/5

    By SNance6
    This browser could be 5 stars if it had a favorites toolbar setting. A home button would be cool too so you could set your default website. Add a default startup page setting (user defined).
  • Not to bad 3/5

    Pretty decent web browser. I enjoyed Google Chrome on my desktop so I had to try it on my phone. Pretty solid over all, the only suggestion I would make is if you happen to close every window to browse on have the browser automatically open you one instead of having to create a new one every time if you currently have zero open.
  • What retards program this? 1/5

    By Bdiaosbsoajsv
    This has to be the most poorly coded piece of trash program i have ever used. For example, when you click a link on one page, it ALWAYS opens in a new tab and that tab ALWAYS gets stuck. You have to copy and paste the link into a new tab that has desktop mode enabled or just use a browser that isnt coded by morons who somehow got a job at google. More than half the time this “web browser” cant load anything and you need to soft reset it. Tl;dr - hope you like seeing ‘about:blank’ when you click a link on this trashcan broswer
  • I mean pretty good 😝😎❤️ 5/5

    By skyline.1
    I like how it loads so fast!!!!!! I love the name google and I also like the logo and the WiFi internet!!!!! Hope you have a great day creators bye!!!!
  • Google chrome cast 1/5

    By Bovlay
    Can you please make the iPhone version able to cast like the android version does
  • Crashed 1/5

    By ASenseOfRevenge
    It crashed and gave me the option to restore all my tabs but failed to restore them. I had a lot of tabs open too.
  • Pop ups 1/5

    By HisSvt2
    Malicious pop up visiting normal sites on iOS I own a chrome book this never happens but on my iPhone constantly!
  • Pop ups 1/5

    By KimbaM56
    I keep getting pop ups telling me I’ve won something as soon as I open the app. Can’t do anything other than exit out. No other option but to delete the app. Unusable.
  • constantly losing tabs 3/5

    By fycso
    this app NEEDS an actual "recently closed" section like the desktop browser. my app crashes all the time and deletes all my tabs, and half the time it doesn't give me a restore button. i use chrome so often that browsing through weeks worth of my history to find what i need isn't an option. PLEASE add a function where you can reopen everything that was just closed.
  • Update 1/5

    By Melinda2014
    Since last update I can not open websites! It does not let me refresh! Very frustrated
  • Ad takes over complete control of browser 🙁 1/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    Chrome lets “” issue a pop-up that blocks access to all tabs and does not go away even if you kill the browser. I’m avoiding Chrome on iOS until the next update.
  • Love Chrome but has its issues 4/5

    By Xxdummy gamer
    Normally I love the chrome app, it’s basically the only app I use on my phone and for the most part it works great (love that I’m able to login to chrome on my laptop and phone and share the tabs I have open), but ever since the last update it’s been unusable. Every time I open chrome I’m greeted by a white screen with the loading bar at the top, which then never loads. If I swipe down to reload the loading bar just fills all the way but the page remains blank. I’ve tried looking on the support page but it just takes me to a page that describes how to download chrome, which I obviously don’t need. I’ve check for software updates on both the app and my phone, I’ve tried it with my VPN turned off and on, but nothing works. I’m hoping the issue will either resolve itself or there will be another update soon to fix this problem because I really don’t want to have to start using safari.
  • Automatically closing tabs? 1/5

    By supsaranaa
    I've used chrome for as long as I can recall but now it's been buggy and closing all my tabs, regardless of if it's incognito or not. Initially it started out as a problem by aromatically closing my incognito tabs but now it's just closing everything. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling but still nothing. Is there any fix for this?
  • new update 2/5

    By ZoeytheWeirdo
    i like how every time you go on incognito, restart the app, it doesn’t save the tabs. it goes back to the old ‘new tab’ :/
  • smh 😤 2/5

    By JGsjgjtjgsjgx
    my tabs keep getting closed and it’s super annoying and inconvenient bc i have to keep remembering what i had opened please fix this
  • March Update is a NO 1/5

    By LoveYeaux99
    Whenever I exit the Chrome app, any incognito pages/tabs that I have open disappear! And of course since it’s incognito, there’s no way of getting those pages back. This only started happening with the most recent update. I’ve deleted and reinstalled...still happening. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Every version gets buggier and crashes more. 1/5

    By WalterGR
    Every version gets buggier and crashes more. Edit: The newest version locks up instead of crashing, so... progress? Not really.
  • Th best 5/5

    By Mariag235
    10000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • It’s a good app 5/5

    By BillyTakesShort
    It’s a good app
  • Can't 1/5

    By Kpmccarthy
    Lost the ability to switch between open windows with last update, when I try the screen goes black and I have to close the app and go back in to the app to go to another window
  • Bad update 1/5

    This current update has been giving me issues when i switch between tabs as it will freeze the tab in blackness like if opened and incognito tab and my Incognito tabs all erased when i had to reopen tab now before it would just freeze and be back at incognito tab but now incognito tab also closes and these are all issues I experienced
  • "More Results" New Feature is a Bust! 1/5

    By Hilzzzyy
    Now every time u hit on more results and scroll thru and find a link and click it, when u click back, it goes to the beginning level of the search results so u have to hit more as many times as it took u to get to that article/video/picture/what have u. Either u need to go back to multiple pages or u need to have it so that when u hit the back arrow it goes to the result it left off from no matter how far down in result it was. Thai is a HUGE oversight and inconvenience. Pls fix ASAP!
  • But why 1/5

    By CaitMellark
    So this update of Chrome has given me numbers for when I am writing in a forum or in a message I would like to ask Why Why was this a necessary addition? I know it's Chrome because Safari doesn't do this nonsense All it does is make it impossible for me to select all content, & it makes me have to keep closing the app if I accidentally make a typo because, guess what, I can't delete any typos if I go back in the sentence! What kind of nonsense is this? What was the necessity? Who asked for this? I want it gone. I want to write in forums like normal. I should be able to select all if I want to.
  • Latest update messed everything up 1/5

    By upgradeninja
    I loved this app until the update I installed today, I usually keep all my tabs open incognito because I don't like the auto fill suggestions from history the browsers kept. Now every time I open the app all my incognito tabs are closed. Very disappointing to say the least
  • Can’t select anything in menu 1/5

    By OGHoboKiller
    iPhone SE with most current iOS. Makes some sites difficult or impossible to use when you can’t switch to desktop view.
  • Problem Fixed 4/5

    By Cre8tiv99
    Sorry for the negative review about the video player problem, the site just had an outage on their video system but they got it all fixed. The app is currently working great now.
  • Killed all my private tabs! 1/5

    By CERO_Cesar
    Chrome is no longer keeping private tabs and its closing them every time you close it. This is a useless and crappy app now. Switching to Firefox.
  • Loses incognito tabs 1/5

    By Mallwitt
    The current version closes all open incognito tabs if you close the app. There was no warning about this behavior. I lost several open tabs that had information I needed. I’d deliberately opened them in incognito because I didn’t want the information stored in history and synced to the cloud, only locally. All gone. Thanks google :/
  • Nice feature 5/5

    By Dean.876
    I like the fact that it shows me the top stories once I pull it up.
  • Incognito option is now unavailable as a default 3/5

    By JestGames
    That stinks.
  • Crashes often. 3/5

    By Lonly wolf in the wood
    Chrome developers should put some efforts into writing better quality code. I understand that it’s hard to write an app that never crashes but it is definitely possible to to write something that doesn’t crash several times a day.
  • Problem saving bookmarks 1/5

    By De Vanna 7654
    Right now, it is really annoying to save bookmarks. My Bookmark Bar has 14 main folders and 186 subfolders (yes, I just counted), plus hundreds of actual bookmarked sites. The bookmarked sites don't show up while I try to save a new bookmark... but the 186 subfolders do. So if I need to save a new bookmark, this app forces me to scroll past ALL of my folders and subfolders (which this app alphabetizes - meaning they are NOT arranged in the order I have them on desktop) to FIND the folder I want to Save Bookmark in. This is ridiculous. I would LOVE to be able to FIRST select one of the 14 main folders in my Bookmarks Bar, and THEN scroll to the correct subfolder and simply save the new bookmark. Funny enough, this is the EXACT system you have in place for FINDING a bookmark that I've already saved. Sooo... you have a great system in place for FINDING a bookmark, but SAVING A NEW ONE is a nightmare. If you could find it in your hearts to update this, I'd be hugely grateful!!

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