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Google Docs App

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Docs app. With Google Docs you can: * Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device * Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time * Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection * Add and respond to comments * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Directly insert photos from your camera * Open, edit, and save Word documents Permissions Notice Camera: This is used to takes photos to insert into documents. Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos Application to let the users pick images to insert into documents


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Google Docs app reviews

  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By JoMoLa1
    Quick easy way to save stuff!
  • My story 5/5

    By Dracky33
    I right a book called my story and I am on book 4 when I move to West Virginia this app helps me get my job done when I am righting my books
  • Good way to pass the time :> 5/5

    By Tigah gal
    I really, really like that you can still make edits even when off wifi. It's a good way for me to fill my time on long car rides or free class periods. There aren't any bugs that I have yet to encounter, and it typically runs at a fast speed, which is good for my impatient self. 10/10, will use again.
  • Compatibility issues 3/5

    By cOpa_
    Compatibility issues with MS Word.
  • I love google docs!❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Ehale40
    I love it, because I can write story’s in it without anyone seeing it. Because I get embarrassed when someone sees my story
  • Google 5/5

    By oobeti129
    Is good
  • Wonderful tool 5/5

    I love using Google Docs. It makes the project so much easier when it comes to communication with the team and saves time within a project time line.
  • 9/10 5/5

    By 999EOi
    I love this app it makes it easy for me to write my essays on my phone whilst I’m on the go. I haven’t had any problems with it exact it is difficult to make it a file and attach it to my email.
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By sirwoofO6
    This is a very useful app, not glitchy, and perfect when needing to send letters, write stories, essays, etc. I highly recommend it.
  • Goggle docs is cool and awesome 5/5

    By google is awsome
    Its awesome! Everything is easy and it’s not even glitchy!
  • A title befitting a review. 5/5

    By Juindalo
    ‘Tis a jolly good ol’ app.
  • Location Location Location 5/5

    By um...yeah!
    The seamless mobility of a document is priceless. I’m not tied down to any location while i keep working on my product. I work on an article and send it to my editor from my computer. She sends it back via google mail with notes and edits. I open the article in docs with my phone and work on the article at a local cafe. I come home and keep working on the IPad while the kid uses my desktop. Versatile progress. Thank you
  • Love this application 5/5

    By Ggfla66
    One of the best apps. Use it almost daily. Super tool in today's world.
  • 4 Star 4/5

    By nialulwil
    Is Straight!👌🏾
  • Used for all my needs 5/5

    By Miffedmagi
    Weather it's a power point for a science project, or a resume or a task list for work. We use it for everything..
  • Great 5/5

    By Raydizul
    I love the fact that google docs updates on all my devices through the cloud. I can also edit and write from my phone. It’s a great app.
  • Love google Docs 5/5

    By FvjvhiKXgdXibxgcjc
    I love google docs because you can type in stuff from your project and share it to your teacher and print it out
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By OcampoFam
    I LOVE THIS! It really help organize all of your information. If you need a organizing DOCUMENT ;) then this is for you -Anonymous
  • It’s Incredible 5/5

    By shadman2zero
    It allows me to get school assignments done. I’ve never had any problems with it.
  • Docs 5/5

    By JerrB1947
    I love the app . It is easy to update or edit. Always available when I need it.
  • Headahh 5/5

    By Jjgetbuckets
    This hoe live
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By IamKemet
    Love my Document app!! Super cool, convenient and up-to-date!
  • Great for students 5/5

    By silmarillion22
    Google docs make sure I never lose a document by not saving. I’m able to type all my documents in Google documents. I am then edit them on a word document. And put them back to google documents. Also with group projects in school I’m able to add other people to a document and we can all share and work on it together. I love Google documents and I really couldn’t imagine my life without it
  • Unzip Documents 2/5

    By GQ Mom
    Can’t unzip some documents!
  • Google Docs is great for so many things 5/5

    By JohnEP08
    I couldn’t be without it working from my phone, laptop or even programming Alexa Skills
  • Overall good app but there’s one thing i’d like 4/5

    By akaRapts
    Overall i like google docs. It’s responsive and fast on my iPhone 6S and i can write efficiently. However, i would like native printing support that dosen’t require a PC as it defeats the purpose of printing from your phone. If you add this, I would be completely happy with the app
  • It's "free" 4/5

    By Throwing away money
    I'm trying to buy it but it keeps asking for my billing info; it's says it's free
  • Handy, but plenty room for improvement 3/5

    By howmanytimes???
    Docs is handy, but there are some bugs and annoying things that could use fixing. (also, feedback for this review-writing program--if it doesn't accept the nickname you've created, e.g. because it's already taken or too long, it erases everything & makes you start all over, so you have to re-type your whole review, unless you've had the foresight to copy it to your clipboard. Watch out! ;-) ) *I wish there was a Folder view setting, rather than having things arranged by what i've opened most recently. It's visually messy, and hard to find things I haven't opened in a while. * Having to tap page & then also tap edit icon that pops up, rather than it just going into edit mode when I tap the page, is annoying. I often find myself tapping the page like four to six times and getting more and more frustrated, before I notice the icon again & remember that I have to tap it. *Won't let me center-justify just part of the document; changing one part changes other parts that I haven't selected. Same issue sometimes with bold--changes more than what I've highlighted. *Dictation -- ends mid-sentence sometimes after not very long. When I have to restart it mid-sentence, it automatically starts with a capital letter, whereas if I start a new sentence when starting dictation, it doesn't automatically capitalize! *Saying "cap" before a word is supposed to make its first letter a capital, but doesn't seem to work. *Would be nice if could use dictation offline. *Would be nice to be able to add words I frequently use, and for it to default to them rather than to a more common word (Cerro heard as Sarah constantly, and discussed misheard as disgusted. *When I manually type in a blank (______) in the midst of dictation, as I proceed to dictate, it moves the blank to a different place, sometimes at the beginning of the sentence, sometimes the end. Same thing if I type a colon or semi-colon manually in the midst of dictation--moves it to some nonsensical place where it thinks it should be? *After i delete something that got misheard, and restart dictation, before I've said anything it lays down another misheard version of the phrase from its memory, so i have to stop dictation to delete it again!!!! *Often prints whole phrases twice, even though I've only said them once. *If I manually delete something while in dictation mode, and then resume speaking, it takes down dictation but does not display it on the screen until the end of the dictation session.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Blazerkilla310
    This app helps me alot for my school projects and my essays.
  • How do you highlight text with iPad? 2/5

    By [email protected]*$ needing a nickname
    Wow! How is it that you cannot highlight text in the app so you can do things like copy/cut text and paste it? Makes this app pointless and Word a superior product. Why do people rate this so high? What am I missing?
  • Not working, freezes, shuts off 1/5

    By Skwak
    I’m sure it’s nice but I can’t say so because it freezes.
  • I Keep searching ... 2/5

    By Casique Guazú
    Are use this because I have not found another full service type document editor that is free or affordable. There are just too many steps or just about any editing I need to do. A complete editing graphic icon bar doesn’t seem like a tall order. I’m looking at open office ... but don’t relish the thought of learning a new program. I have used word Word for years but I left it behind along with Microsoft Windows. So Google docs sort of in a small way fills the gap. Don’t make it your first choice
  • Terrible for iPad 1/5

    By JoshSC
    I am not sure what this is designed for, but writing any note in this format is much harder than using the web version. Keyboard shortcuts, scaling, etc. all seem to take strain. Even the collaboration function is bugging and often causes more confusion when trying to understand edits. Download MS Word for iPad if you seriously want to write notes.
  • Works exceptionally well! 5/5

    By Jtymecki
    Try it! You’ll like it. Especially if your group or organization uses G Suite (docs) it will be a big help. Cheers!!
  • Just a request/suggestion 5/5

    By Hyakkiga
    I love the app tremendously, but do you guys think you could make like a ‘night’ or ‘dark’ mode? It would help with night time reading of stories saved on here. :)
  • It's OK. 1/5

    By Adrianpd
    I found a new app called Microsoft Words that's more fabulous than Googly Documints.
  • Something or other 4/5

    By Treefell344
    Overall, good quality, but it is a bit slower.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Confucius Bautista
    Great service 👍
  • The best 5/5

    By Gagerie
    Since I started with app, I never have to look back.
  • EEEEE Cool 5/5

    By Skiddy🦈
    E Yay

    By Pey pey the great
    This is probably one of the most used apps for school and don’t get me wrong, but it’s for school, not home. That is the only problem and if you fix it I will give you a million dollars.
  • U sick 1/5

    By gotohellllllkk
    Lost my whole revised essay go to hell
  • 👌🏾 5/5

    By Yesimweird
    Really good working app and is very useful for school //thank u google for making this app//😂👏🏾💜
  • Dear google docs 5/5

    By tankoden
    Great very helpful
  • Great app 5/5

    By stegasrous
    I use this every day.
  • Templates are annoying 1/5

    By dinowax
    I have to download a template, save to google drive, then try to to find it. I don't want these default templates, I just need to make an invoice. Who on earth needs a pet resume? Waste of screen
  • Unparalleled collaboration benefits 5/5

    By Nick from Virginia
    I am a long time MS Office guy, but nothing works as a good as Docs for a family or in an education environment. Tremendous capability to share docs and make updates within a family or team environment. Thanks Google for improving lives by making leading edge technology (including office tools, email, and cloud) simple to use, easily available, and at no to minimal cost.
  • Can not access docs after offline update 1/5

    By Cinema-Fiend
    I cannot open any of my company docs now from the app - instead there’s a modal to try offline mode downloading and upon tapping “no thanks” nothing happens and the docs don’t open. Extremely frustrating.
  • Docs 5/5

    By 6652978
  • Good review 5/5

    By dreamgirl10712
    I absolutely luv this app because if u don’t have a computer with u and u half to write an important paper you can just use your phone

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