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  • Current Version: 9.134.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.

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  • Very cool graphics, but OLD images 3/5

    The graphics are AWESOME, and very neat features, but the images are 3-4 years out of date. SURELY they could access Google Maps for an update!
  • Needs a map update. 3/5

    By Gamer biss
    The map is years old. It needs to be updated.
  • Update Photos 4/5

    By captin poopsalot
    This is a very good app. I like being able to see different places around the world. One thing I would like to suggest is that you update your photos every once and a while. I know that you had to take tons of photos from all around the world in order to create this app, and that couldn’t have been easy, but construction and landscapes are changing, and places look different now. When I search my address, it comes up with a photo from years ago. We have greatly improved the way our house and yard look since then and I’m sure other people have too, so I just think it would be nice if you update your pictures every few years. Thanks!
  • Map Needs an Update 2/5

    By Nickfloyo14
    I like Google Earth. I believe it’s a pretty cool feature to explore the world and see different places and such. However the map is old. I mean very old. There are buildings and structures that are being constructed on the google earth map that has been built for years now. There are buildings that have been constructed and completed but yet the map shows that it is still in the beginning stages. In my area, I can tell the map is from 2018 and up cause of how old there area is. The app needs a huge update on the map
  • Google Earth 5/5

    By barbadsorob
    This is a great app, allowing you see see places in many different ways
  • Can we please get history for the app version 👍🤞 4/5

    By jsille77
    I’m hooked on Google Earth, I can’t get enough and need more so please consider adding history. (as long as it doesn't reduce graphic quality because it is stellar at the moment)
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Haniya uwu
    Hey, so basically I downloaded this game for fun, but I did find some scary stuff, I wanted to explore too! But here’s a few ideas, maybe you could walk and not find scary stuff, and please do not allow people to put there location because they can get kidnapped. Please share this by the way, and this is a good app because I finally found circus baby’s pizzeria! Incredible right? Yes I like fanf! And it cool how I found my school! Thank you for making this app! But I found some scary stuff and I don’t want little kids to see it. People can get scared and have nightmares like children. Thank you for reading! I will give it a 4 star! But here are more idea: you should able to make a bit of some ads to make actual money. Great app but please don’t put in locations where they are scary stuff. Because.. little kids can play this app and they can get nightmares. Please do not add scary stuff, like zombies and dead people in the ocean. I played this on my school iPad at 5. And I have nightmares for 3 years. Thanks for reading. Have a GREAT GREAT day.
  • Great App, But... 3/5

    By pounopun
    This app is fabulous, but it tends to hang or jump around the screen on my iPad when maneuvering the 3D view on the touchscreen. There’s a very inconsistent feature that needs to be improved. Scrolling up or down the screen with two fingers sometimes varies the 3D tilt. This is a very useful feature that only occasionally works as expected. Fixing this problem would be a great improvement to this app.
  • Settings don’t stick 3/5

    By kromex70
    I set map style to show everything but the next time I use the app, it returns to the “exploration” setting.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By miketulsabeast
    It’s a great app it’s just the houses are over 4 years old my house hasn’t updated yet. Overall it’s a great app you can look at theme parks and all sorts of stuff but they just need to update it a little bit.
  • Wonderfull but everyhting is not 3D 4/5

    By Ayoush3
    The is the best ever app on earth to explore earth I have never seen such a thing but there is just one problem everything is not 3D you ,ad the looks of the buildings better then before but please please make it 3D if you do that I will give you 5 star rating and I will purchase it but if you don’t I will give you zero star rating but this is still a fantastic app but only one problem everything is not 3D please make it 3D!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By fortnite god on mobile.
    I love the distance feature. It’s very accurate and won me 200$ from my dad. Also great app in general. I didn’t see anything wrong with it and it loads pretty fast. Great app!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Joboo25
    Ok it is good but it gets boring.if you want to have fun with you can watch videos and search cool places up.One of my faverate things to do is search my address and look at the view around my should download it because it is good but after a while you get tired.last thing, this is just my opinion and I think it’s a good app 😃😊
  • There’s a problem. 3/5

    By p64092
    The app is just perfect but...I mostly can’t see what is happening now like I don’t see people wearing mask so it’s not this 2020 2021 could you fix it to this time pls..thank u :)
  • I found some scary stuff 5/5

    By abby in robloxxxxxx
    Don’t get me wrong this is a pretty way to see the world and calm you down but I saw some things that will give you nightmares 1. Mermaids- you know about mermaids pretty nice like Ariel right no not the mermaids in real life I saw in the ocean A MERMAID and no it was not pretty it had hands that were the same as it’s tail black eyes and a black mouth and some seashells that didn’t look pretty. 2. Bird mask people- as I was looking through maps I saw an odd city most of its population was off and it looked like the future of time plastic wraps everywhere and people with bird masks not masks with a bird on it like bird masks like a costume. 3. Elf’s- as you know elf’s are Santa’s helpers cute little tiny elf’s but this was not cute it was caught in the woods as an elf trying to find some food it was wrinkly and had tiny eyes it had normal human outfit on it. -note that this is rare to see but remember all these things are real so it’s better to not take children where they have real mermaids.
  • Old info and pics 2/5

    By chuyman
    Was looking at some of my old neighborhoods and some previous residences. Old pictures from about 2007. Nothing new. Deleted the app. Google maps much recent pics of areas.
  • Use to be good 1/5

    By dontubother
    This app won’t even pull up on my new iPhone. Have tried everything. Total junk!
  • Out of Focus Garbage 1/5

    By Addybyte
    I can’t express my disappointment enough!! I’m rating this one star because there is no zero to pick. Today’s Google Earth is a former shadow of itself in terms of image quality and resolution. I was a huge fan of the application a decade ago, but had not used it in quite a while. I just got a new iPad and installed it to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane, and I almost threw up. Most apps make an effort to improve over time, but this one has managed to regress. It has become a piece of out-of-focus garbage. I was so looking forward to visually traveling to another part of the world while we are under COVID restrictions and flying over a city and its streets I once knew so well, but all I found was a distorted mess compared to my former virtual visits. The graphics of streets and buildings are a bad cubic Minecraft experience. Can you use the app for middle school geography? Yes. But for really studying topography and detail? Don’t waste your time. Google Earth has lost its mojo in a major way.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ExecutiveMom
    We love it because we recently watched the sound of music and we saw the real contraption home
  • Really great just one problem 4/5

    By detective 5
    I looked up the burj kalefa (The tallest building at the monument) and I saw the front and it looked fine but then I looked at the back and it looked upsidedown.
  • Very old data 1/5

    By Graghogger
    Even Google maps information is more current. Earth Pro should talk to sister Maps.
  • Way out of date 1/5

    By dniemi58
    I was searching SE FL and lo and behold I came across Andytown and Hacienda Village, two towns that haven’t existed in 20-30 years 🤦‍♂️
  • Very fun and educational 5/5

    By L3ahp3ah28
    I am a child and I was using this for a project but now the whole class is on it and enjoying it it’s just flawless and it teaches new things by showing ancient stuff found on earth etc. j highly recommend this app!! :)
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kabhishe
    Best app ever
  • Crashes on iPad constantly. 1/5

    By JustinRez
    The current version crashes on my 9.7 inch iPad all the time. It’s excruciating. I feel like every other update does this. And then it gets fixed for a little while.
  • Newest update missed the boat big-time! 1/5

    By Game nut666
    3/21/2021 THIS HAS STILL NOT BEEN FIXED! You took away the most useful tool! Please put back the street names. The only time they show is when you do a search for a particular location. ——- The newest update no longer shows street names!! Awful! The street level photos are much better, but you can't "walk" through a neighborhood without getting lost because the street names don't show. Please FIX IT!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By five star best game
    It’s very good but just beware that sometimes the loading can take long and sometimes there’s lots of bugs and that everything every Country has a lot of street view just warning
  • What? 5/5

    By S20048429
    Why did the game crash I was on street view and then I saw like green then black then it crashed
  • I have seen creepy things 4/5

    By animalQEENnot
  • Great App...Has issues 3/5

    By Kim-KK
    I really enjoy this app. I use it for various things. I wish Google would STOP blocking images that aren’t too secret, it’s annoying and not their place to do so. Also, when I click on some blue spots to view street view, they don’t load, but state “No street view available here. Tap a location highlighted in blue to enter street view.” But that’s what I’d just done. Please fix these.
  • 啊 3/5

    By 阿se464
  • Good but 1 thing 4/5

    By gdisvsjhdvdjsvdhjs
    You probably shouldn’t use Wikipedia for your info. It isn’t the most.... trustworthy site ever because of people who are able to edit it. Also, it would be cool if you could go places other than just the roads.
  • Cool 5/5

    By ckckckckkvnvk
  • Not showing restaurants, bars and hotels 1/5

    By prague foodie
    App suddenly stopped to show any restaurants, ships, bars, hotels. Looks like cities of dead. If they will not correct it, this will be pretty much boring app/
  • Night 1/5

    By Txgm65
    When will there be a Night Version?
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By nonojlo
    Not the best app but its ok
  • The best! 5/5

    By Weitjosh
    I love it some times I find some of it scary but it’s still the best!
  • Not live view 1/5

    By nibady
    I typed in my address and it showed me a picture of what my property looked like 3 to 4 years ago.
  • Need to fix the zoom in quality 2/5

    By Wild4Rock
    Zooming in the picture looks bad and it is jumpy and some streets are wrong
  • Old map data 2/5

    By markbyrn
    Many years out of date in my area
  • They never update the views. 1/5

    By jdfann39
    Nice app but they never update. Been looking at the same views photos world for literally years. Many many years. So much changes in a year let alone many years.
  • I want to find the titanic wreck. 5/5

    By rileyisawlsome
    Please add the shipwreck option to mobile... I would like to see famous ship wrecks and a way to view them in 3D I love this app
  • Horrendous tracking 1/5

    By camII70
    I can see why this app hasn’t gotten any updates. Google, you bunch of spies.
  • THIS IS THE BEST APP I HAVE EVER HAD EVER!! 😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😃😀👊🏻👍👍🏼👽 5/5

    By Max Drax
    Testing... testing… hello can you hear Me? 😂 😆 LOL!! This app is the best app I have ever downloaded ever!!! I really want to go to Singapore, but my parents say that we can’t go for a few more years. Thanks to you, I can go on free vacations to where ever I want in the world. and the best part, it doesn’t take like 19 hours to get to far away countries. another thing I love a tonne is the Street view. I only visit my grandparents in Utah once a year. thanks to you and the Street view, I can visit all my favourite places in Utah whenever I want. I have also been to multiple cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York City, Singapore, and much more. I also stayed in the best hotel ever in Singapore. in closing, this is the best app ever and I would give you a number of googolplex stars if I could. PS. I was going to go to Disneyland last April, but then everything had to shut down and we couldn’t go. But thanks to you, I can indeed go to Disneyland… virtually. PPS. You literally changed my life. And I will always remember the best app ever
  • Amazing game! 3/5

    By Forrealhotdogs
    For a guy who loves to learn about the world, I am impressed.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By god fuxking dammit!
    Hasnt updates in atleast 5 years
  • Timeline 4/5

    By iUzjeus6dbes and die
    Needs a picture history option.
  • Best. App. Ever. 5/5

    By picklethedevilcat
    This app is awesome! It has features that a regular “map app” would have. Overall, the realistic detail and the amazing possibilities you can do with this app is astounding! Rlly enjoyed :3
  • Took 5/5

    By ili mo
    Great app I miss the old version tho