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Google Earth

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  • Current Version: 9.123.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.

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Google Earth app reviews

  • Ok? 4/5

    By saltychips108
    This app is ok, I don’t really have any problems besides these two. The app keeps kicking me out of of the app, it’s annoying and frustrating. And, the pictures change times. For example one picture is 2020, then if you move a certain place it’s like the 2000s or 2010s. It’s annoying. I don’t know or does this on a iPad, it’s fine on a pc. Anyways, have a good day =)
  • Old version 1/5

    By SnowOwl420
    Google Earth hasn’t been updated in years. I look up my dad’s house and it still shows his friend’s truck sitting in my dad’s driveway. That truck hasn’t been there since 2016. It’s time to update Google Earth.
  • The Tonk 5/5

    By Tp224_YT
    I am on a quest to find the tonk my self after watching Cone of Arcs video and want to see it myself
  • This app is very funny but not really useful (I’m gonna regret saying this in the future) 4/5

    By Its•Ok
  • Kraken 5/5

    By DrakeEnder
    I have found the kraken on Google earth so I’m going to see if I can find any more weird things
  • This app was amazing for me! 5/5

    By MyHeroHitsujiOngaku
    I was looking for an app for satellite images but couldn’t find one then o found this app and it helped so much! 5/5
  • Update already! 1/5

    By SuperMEL511
    Seriously?! My house has been built for SIX years and it’s still a dirt lot on this app. So frustrating!

    By blskr
    I love looking at the blue mobile home
  • No longer useful 3/5

    By BillyJoeBeckit
    Satellite views out of date by many years. Try traffic apps for more recent rural and wilderness pictures.
  • Needs updating 3/5

    By mjts64
    The App for iPad needs an update. I work as an appraiser, and the maps are WAY out of date. Not sure what the problem is...the maps on my PC are pretty much up to date.
  • Old map 3/5

    By Laridawn
    Why on “Earth” don’t you update your map? Places I know have had whole neighborhoods built 7 years ago are not there. 🤷‍♀️
  • amazing for finding spoopy stuff 5/5

    By Fifi_oreo-YT
    i got it just to find weird locations ngl
  • Update Needed asap ! 1/5

    By Ray Cintron
    We are now in 2021, when will this app be updated ???? Still showing things from 2007 ! If its not going to get updated pls let us know and we can just find a better app.

    By Trin Trin Corinn
    You HAVE to update the street view like I wanted to look at my house just for ha ha s but the image was from like 7 years ago and even the neighbors houses were the same 7 years ago many people moved AND across the street from us was a house fire so they rebuilt the house and that happened like 2 years ago and what. Do. You. Know. THE SAME HOUSE 7 YEARS AGO!!!! 😡
  • Bugs 2/5

    By paultran72
    It’s too slow, looks nice when fully loaded, there’s a mix with 2D and 3D, and kicks me out when I go into street view. Crappy!
  • Old view 1/5

    By itotani
    I got this to see the my own land and the view from above. What I see is a view that is at least 6 years ago.
  • Good 4/5

    By moby65743w
    I really like google earth but I wish there were tours of like the buckiham place and gator park and aquariums and zoos but if those few touches were there it would be PERFECT
  • Please update 4/5

    By DukeForLife 2173
    The pictures you have not updated in a long time because I can still see stuff from years back that are gone
  • Bad graphics 1/5

    By cmhfrgjv
    I am sorry but this has bad graphics and you guys need to have better graphics or upgrade the graphics please😕😕😕
  • Make Manila, Delhi, Dubai, and more 3d 4/5

    By canetetristan01
    I like this app, it’s good and I can travel virtually, especially this pandemic, but can you make Dubai, Abu Dhabi, istanbul, New Delhi, Mumbai, Manila, hanoi, Cairo, Moscow, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Lagos 3D plz.
  • This is a good app 4/5

    By stb828
    Like I said this is a good app and all but it gets all laggy when I start playing and when I click on stuff but if you are reading this it’s a good app you should download it it makes it so you can see places you may never get to see
  • Google earth discovery's 5/5

    By Lamar.-
    Google earth is great it’s just... many discovery's have been made and some are creepy but... keep it up!
  • Good but one thing 4/5

    By epod35
    I like this a lot but the only thing is that u can’t go up drive ways and it’s wicked annoying and it’ looks really realistic and I like it idk why everybody thinks its flat but it’s not it’s real pictures but its only blurry for I little bit when u look around but I get it’s like all over the world though so it is probably hard to focus but if u have horrible internet it’s gonna load horrible but it loads desint
  • It kind of good 4/5

    By mr theet
    It not as good but I would like to see a esayer search bar
  • Around the world 5/5

    By Secondjellylikekitten
    I can see any place in the world I want it’s so cool
  • Ok.its cool 5/5

    By David Alan Phelps
    I found my house witch is cool I guess?
  • No Histogram 1/5

    By cmw1ld0n3
    My favorite feature is missing. The histogram made the world more interesting.
  • Update equals Censorship 1/5

    By JJ198527
    This newest update amazingly censored Jeffrey Epstein’s island. All you pedophiles will be exposed with every censorship used. Same with the media hahaha!!!
  • It’s okay 4/5

    By ciwbdowibrivjeiwivfow
    It be better if you can use that feature on the computer where you can use time portal thing on the app.
  • Slow 1/5

    By maddogg464
    Awesome app but 1 star for same reason a lot people don’t like the app very pixelated not clear at all app definitely needs updated and it’s very slow to zoom in on places you want to see
  • Nice view and stuff 5/5

    By madelini money
    but please add a little more detail. it works good and is necessary.

    By Shark Trooper
    I love Google Earth and use it for work constantly. I love the snapshot feature because it removes the clutter for a great pic but I can no longer directly save a snapshot to photos on iPhone. What happened? Please bring back saving snapshots to photos and if you enable the ability to mark it up before saving it to the photo roll would be awesome!!!
  • Really great! 4/5

    By Christofer Williams
    Oh, man. I use this app far more than I’d like to admit. When I’m planning out mountaineering routes and backcountry ski trips, Google Earth proves shockingly useful. I would never use Google Earth in place of a detailed topo map, but there’s something revelatory about being able to fly around a 3-D image of your objective and view it from different angles. In fact, it’s this usefulness that makes me occasionally frustrated with it. The reliance on data signal makes it an unreliable friend in the backcountry. I wish (like with Google Maps) there were some way to save certain areas to my phone so that I could consult a 3-D rendering of the terrain in which I’m currently route-finding, rather than just taking a ton of screenshots.
  • 👍 4/5

    By puglov24girl
    This app is pretty good, once in a while it won’t load if you click on a place for street view, but otherwise there are not many bugs. I recommend going into street view and clicking on a random place. I’ve seen some cool places by doing that. You can also use is sorta as a map, and you can see historical things and cool views of mountains beaches and other cool sites. I have fun messing around with this app, you should download it!! 👍👏😀
  • Stupid kid 5/5

    By cody a joy
    Saw a kid fall over lol
  • Good app but 1 thing 4/5

    By eeeeaawsa
    This app is really good for finding places to visit and going on virtual field trips.But their is one thing you have that is missing, I feel like there are no updates and everything is so under dated. Other than that it a good app.

    By Zenyattaisqueen
    I have experienced all the countries and I’m starting to get bored i want a back to the past feature all the way to when the first country existed.. and show the flags of the country’s and the name shall be exalty the name it was at it’s time and also add war mode to see wars in action and if you don’t do it ima delete this game in a few months and I whould give this 5 stars so do it pls :after few years JUST DO IT edit: alright now I’m older then that, Why no past mode :( Also I’m sending this again so u can see it :edit that makes sense: I’m sorry, I was super young when I made that. The idea would be cool tho
  • Where is the historical timeline 3/5

    By echobits
    I love google earth. I used to be able to see the historical timeline on my iPad. Now I cannot not what happened? Please fix this. I would have put 5 stars if it still had the historical timeline.
  • 打不开 1/5

    By eddEe Lei
  • Used to work 3/5

    By Tiktok for life!
    I got this app and I loved it. I used the street view very much. Randomly, on one day my street view never worked. I would sit there for hours waiting (I waste my time, yes) and nothing would work. I would like to know if google stopped street view or this is just me.
  • 5 start 5/5

    By 521sam
    This app is amazing I use it all the time to explore the world
  • 4 stars ⭐️: Nice but... 4/5

    By Isaac Visisisisisi caeeeesra
    When I researched Google earth buildings like the Burj Khalifa was laying down and weren’t 3D. All building outside of the US were laying down. So when I got Google Earth finally I was not going to have buildings laying down. But... When searched the Burj Khalifa and the Shanghai Tower, they were laying down! And the 3D buildings tab on the the side was on! All the other buildings outside of the US were lying down. Why?! I was very disappointed. Everything else were fine. The mountains, the buildings in the US, and the Earth were all fine.
  • Great but one thing 5/5

    By liluser101
    I love the way you can view things but one thing. I looked at my home and my parents bought it like 10 years ago and when I searched my house it was from before I bought it. It’s really cool but one suggestion. Can you add something to where you can view a place from a certain year? That would be really cool! Thanks a lot!
  • 为啥科学上网也用不了 5/5

    By jsjsbjsjenekskke
  • Temple of the chicken nugget 5/5

    By EnterSendAndTryAgain
    It’s nice and I love it

    By plsss dont get
    this is SO COOL I loved this app before and now i love it MORE because of the Carmen sandiego game!
  • Cool but it’s unusable 3/5

    By yeeyee67890
    I have loved google earth for a long time now and like to play around with it. I’ve purchased it on my iPad, and it’s unusable. It closes the app automatically and the controls are messed up. Please fix this.
  • Meh 2/5

    By bijan10000000000000000
    It works normally like anything but turre is no use of installing it beacuase you allready have a map installed and the pics are outdated i sea a home that is my neighbor and the house is completo y different
  • ༼ ಠل͟ಠ༽ᵇᵘˢᵗᵉᵈ 1/5

    By Hdbbfbsn
    You need new pictures