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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities, and 3D terrain of the entire globe. Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between random locations. And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.

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Google Earth app reviews

  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By vikpickthetoothpick
    This app is very slow on IOS and Android. I looked a house and it showed a house years ago. Why dont you put the app on Amazon’s Fire OS?
  • For other users... 5/5

    By Devinsimp
    This app is great but Before you get mad about the fact google earth haven’t updated in years, think about it from their prospective. Do you know how long it takes to drive on every road in the world while at the same time take pictures not just from street view but from space? It takes years and millions of dollars. You should be thankful to even see your house. If you are unhappy do it yourself.
  • So Good 5/5

    By ella39876140
    They got my house right!!!!! You should Really try this there’s this new thing about carman Santiago and it’s about finding her across the world 🌍!
  • It’s good but... 3/5

    By nnkjhuyf
    It’s a great app, but cities like Miami haven’t been updated since 2013! And cities like New York get updated every 6 months!
  • Wrong 1/5

    By 8495304
    The earth is actually flat
  • Out of date satellite photos. 1/5

    By disappionting2
    Photos of our place are well over 5+ years old!
  • I love this! 5/5

    By My Name Is Liv
    I used this app about 2 months ago and since then it was updated! When I searched my home last time everything was from a long time ago but now it all looks so new!
  • Still crashing.... 3/5

    By FanLover80
    I have a IPhone X max and for the last week, my Google Earth keeps crashing. I’ve updated latest version, rebooted my phone, deleted app, reinstalled,rebooted and as of this morning, still crashing...any suggestions?
  • Great app like always 5/5

    By traindude12
    It is very awesome because you can take pictures in the app and I think you should take away the mystery of the person because I don’t like it but otherwise it is very good
  • Update please 1/5

    By music=alive
    My neighborhood has been here 2.5 years and still pre build on the app. I would love to use this to see the roads that are not there.
  • Too many bells and whistles 1/5

    By TheCarpetGuy
    I’ve been using google earth since it started and I have to say those first years were interesting as images were updated etc.. Now, all of the crap that has been added is just junky and slows everything down, clean it up, go back to the basics. The regular google maps is better and has less junk in it. Maybe I’m just old, but I like the versions from a decade ago better than now, app deleted!
  • Update 5/5

    By HappyMealFan360
    Can you take new pictures because they are very old and I have been trying to see were my brothers house is
  • Nice! 4/5

    By stinko stanko stunko
    Google earth is awesome! I saw myself! But it’s a little blurry.
  • So very disappointed 1/5

    By Janneygg
    Why haven’t you updated your app? Two years ago I downloaded this app and looked at my house. Well I was shocked. It was taken years do I know? Well, there are so many reasons but I’ll leave you with one. The vehicles in the driveway. We haven’t owned them in years..that’s how I know. To give your app another chance I downloaded it today. Guess what? When you tap on the blue line that lets you look at the steer view it says unavailable tap blue line. How many blue lines would you like me to tap on to be able to get to the street view? There are so many blue lines, however it keeps saying no street view tap blue line. I deleted it twice and downloaded it again, but to no avail same thing. I understand this app is free what I don’t understand is why the street view worked before and not now. Did you stop allowing us to view this or you just haven’t done anything about it? Yes I’m angry!!! How’s someone suppose to plan a vacation when they can’t see what is around a hotel where they would like to stay. So two things that need to be fixed. The outdated street views, but more importantly the actual street view. There shouldn’t be an issue with your apps google, you’re one of the richest companies in the country, probably the world. It just feels like you don’t care any longer. Please do something about this so me and a million or more other people can enjoy your app.
  • Fuckwarts. 1/5

    By CW&J
    Congratulations! Now you fuckwarts have completely screwed up Google Earth IOS so that it is unusable. Well done. I wouldn't hire you to clean a privy.
  • Old 1/5

    By Madmomma10
    Ok, looked at my mom’s house which was painted 5 years ago and it was still old color. No need for her to worry that she wouldn’t remember the old color. Daughter just bought house in the south and the property doesn’t even show as an address on google earth. How old is this technology? Not worth taking space on my iPad
  • Crashes 1/5

    By iamhark2em
    Updated today. Won’t open only crashes!
  • Ubsurd 1/5

    By honeyYes
    This app takes ages to load in the map. This app is very laggy
  • I love it 4/5

    By skks,a
    This app is ok my dad uses this to see places he wants to go!
  • Google Suppresses Conservative Free Speech 1/5

    By Jay112323
    Google suppresses online conservative free speech and should be more highly regulated by Congress and broken up.
  • Update 1/5

    By Rrf123
    After latest update, crashes immediately on my iPhone se.
  • Fail! Again and again! And again! And again! 1/5

    By TRImmoos
    11mar19 update... still worthless to me for all the same reasons. The measure tool should not default back to feet. It needs to restart using the last used units of measure. 11dec18 update... FAIL! GE Still lacks the ability to view horizontal at ground level. 4dec18 update....FAIL! GE still lacks the ability to view horizontal at ground level, an ability it used to have and still does have in the PC version. Get with the program. __________________________________________ The biggest bug you have, you fail to address. Give me a horizontal view at ground level. This is a worthless app otherwise. one star
  • Real time 1/5

    By mjo2006
    Everything is blurry when you zoom in and I have snow around me and the picture is from summer
  • Cool, but old and little privacy...😬 2/5

    By — -----
    It’s cool and all but the pictures are getting really old and when I looked up my address my cars license plate wasn’t covered, I went down the street and the others were obviously blurred out but when you look at mine you can obviously see what it said.
  • Update 1/5

    By Deturdf
    వీధి వీక్షణకు నవీకరణ అవసరం
  • 😆😆😆😁😁😁 5/5

    By PaulMelvin
    This app is SOOOO cool!!! I use it like everyday 😆 It's really cool how U can look at different places around the world 🌎😁
  • Fix this issue Google, 1/5

    By MinecraftGaming77
    Every time I try to go to a location it says: “ search not found please check your connection or try again later. “ please fix this google,
  • Great App! 5/5

    By KCR224
    I love this app for exploring and such. Great that now we can disable 3D buildings!
  • Glad they have ability to turn off 3D rendering... 4/5

    By yettygutschow
    You can travel the world with this app. Great to look up places you are traveling to. Glad developers made it possible to turn off 3D rendering.
  • 3D buildings is finally an option to toggle. 5/5

    By Kodak_2012
    Pleased to update my review now that you can actually turn off the 3D buildings under map style. This makes reading KMZ files that overlap with trees/buildings readable.
  • This is dope 5/5

    By awseomeworldmaximus 811134040
    This is a dope sight you can go anywhere in the world and it’s awesome so cool when you do street view you can see a real picture on the ground it super cool so ya you should get it you can see real buildings it can be animated perfectly with great details or when you do street view you see a real life picture just click on a blue spot and y’all will be on the ground. So this is a dope website
  • needs higher resolution 4/5

    By Camarosspr
    yeah, lots of request to improve the app but if you can’t see it, everything else is useless go to Caribbean Anguilla. Beaches mostly blurry the resolution tech exist now: cheapo space-X and followers drones by the thousands AVs Just get it can’t imagine this app in 20 years another option is sell the app to another company hungry for income $$$
  • No longer functional 1/5

    By Horge10
    After this most recent update the app will not open.. while researching it appears that the paid pro version in now the only app available. I will wait a period of time however if this version is truly no longer viable I will be on the hunt for a new product as I do not wish to be pushed into a purchase.
  • History 4/5

    By wexford 228
    Add a history overlay button to go back 100 years and see what the area would look like over 100 years ago
  • 😒 1/5

    By yobi one
    It’s not working
  • I Love! 5/5

    By Chris Spurlock
    I Love Google Earth, along with other Google apps!
  • Crashing 5/5

    By intheair75227
    Keeps closing out
  • Awesome google 5/5

    By giiraffee
    Love this program for years now good job this probably took a lot of work and collaboration.
  • Google Earth...😁😬 2/5

    By GodLovesYou:)
    Google Earth is really fun and cool. You can explore anything you want to! I have even gone into the Great Barrier Reef before. It's AMAZING. But it also needs updating. When I go to my house for example, on google earth my backyard is the same as it was in 2014. We'll, that was 5 years ago and my backyard had changed a lot. Also, I have been trying to find my friends house, and I found it but they weren't moved in yet!!! Google Earth, PLEASE UPDATE!!! I BEED AN UPDATE!!😭 they really need to update it, but otherwise it's an awesome app!!😄😐
  • No Ground Level View 1/5

    By GP|13
    This app would be great if they allowed a ‘ground level view’ option. This feature was available in the older Google Earth mobile app and is available in the desktop version. The data is there... how hard can it be? Update: 4 years later... still no ground level view.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By trouble1979
    I think its awesome that we even have something like google earth but if your gonna have it dont make it to wear it like....(teases you) for ex you wanna zoom in the ocean when you do its so blury cant see nothing and if you didnt know what you were zooming in on you wouldnt know it was water.
  • Crash 1/5

    By drtlaundry
    fix it the gaddamit app keeps crashing
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By John cea. jeje
    I just love it
  • Correct address 1/5

    By 207h
    Please correct our address to 207 S Hendrix St ,Imboden,Arkansas 72434 you have it listed as 207 N Hendrix on the map. This has caused a tremendous problem in receiving our mail for over 3 years. The United Postal Service and also 911 has tried to get this corrected . So I am asking you to do so to help solve this problem. Thank you!
  • App is slow 1/5

    By ihavechangednickname10times
    This app isn’t up dated to 2019 views. You try to look at a house and it shows an empty lot. Time to get with it. You need like real time viewing
  • Crashing 1/5

    By 702jeremy
    Crashing bad today on newest iOS
  • Yo F-u/c:k the Chinese government 3/5

    By Krb431
    The app could use some improvements, like the fact that some of the areas are censored by older versions of the area, or by scribbling it out. But I wanna see em 😪
  • App crashing 1/5

    By Okie1canobie
    App crashes with most recent update. Also need to bring back real time tracking.
  • App needs to be refreshed 3/5

    By earth now
    App is ok but it never updates to the current time. It always shows the area from 2011 .

Google Earth app comments

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