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  • Current Version: 9.2.25
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities, and 3D terrain of the entire globe. Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between random locations. And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.


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Google Earth app reviews

  • Please tell me how to measure 4/5

    By xXNikkiTheSavageXx
  • Carolina 5/5

    By Caroilna Hernandez
  • Saving to “My Places” isn't available yet! 2/5

    By czechboy62
    Bravo to Google Earth! Saving favorite locations to “My Places” is a fantastic feature that’s available on the Computer version; however, it’s not available yet for iOS and Android devices and that’s the reason for the 2 star rating.
  • History buff 5/5

    By Meo686
    I read a lot of history books, mostly war. While reading I can go to those places and see them. I spent 25 month in Vietnam. I can return to the places there that I fought. I can see the changes that have happened since 1967. Thank you for this service so I can go back and visit mine
  • Old 1/5

    By bamaman1313
    Needs updated map of earth. Bamaman1313
  • Measure function not in this version as they say it is! 3/5

    By Chooch440
    A lot of hype, but there is no measure function on the iPad app. Is it on the Phone version?
  • Cartoon Images⁉️ 1/5

    By Asholeio
    What in the world...? I got this app to actually see CLEAR images & REAL satellite data...Not to view the world like a poorly animated cartoon!! It doesn’t look real!! Your best bet folks, is just to stick with the Street View app. Those are at least clearly precise images in 3-D view, Satellite, whatever you need! Let’s try harder on this app Google...
  • Great for fans of obsolete data. 1/5

    By iamhondo
    Why build a modern app and supply old data? Google — that’s why. Directions are wrong. Maps are wrong. Aerial shots were taken by the Wright brothers. Every other online map system has more current directions and views thanks to up-to-date data.
  • Pretty to look at but not usable as a tool. 3/5

    By Blonde Dogs
    Program lacks capacity to store points, measure distances or lay down circles. Pretty...useless...compared to laptop version.
  • Emergency update 2018 1/5

    By Finikkin 90
    Emergency update 2018 ??!
  • Good but not up to date 4/5

    By Toxic creeper
    This a great app but not 100% up to date like how some of the areas are 3D but the rest are only 2D but they also need to take the picture again like at Disney the pandora land isn’t even close to being finished and it was done last year I also liked when their were pictures every where but now you can only use 20 pictures per location including Atlanta GA airport but on the other hand it is kind of a good app
  • Since update 9.2.25 the app is crashing 2/5

    By WatermanCPT
    Good day Google Earth Devs. Since this new update I can no longer open my .kmz ‘s in the app as it would crash right away. Kindly address soonest as I can no longer use the app since this update
  • AA 5/5

    By Arestio
  • Horrible and worthless 1/5

    By googleearthfannomore
    The old version was great! This version is useless. There used to be clickable icons for towns, wiki pages, churches, restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, parks, zoos, monuments, etc. Now now of these things are found on google earth!!!!! Horrible job. I am deleting the app.
  • Its OK but not good and not bad 3/5

    By Roblox Professional Gamer
    I do like it but the pictures aren’t always right and the date from the pictures are either 3-5 years ago
  • No marker to show the address that was searched 1/5

    By Slotaddict6789
    What is going on. I typed an address and the app did not place a marker on it
  • How do you measure? 4/5

    By Me12xu
    The notes on the recent update indicate we can now measure distance within the app. How?
  • Out of date 3/5

    By jenee76
    I just got this app. Like most people, I checked out my home and the area. I found things torn down 2-3 years ago. The graphics are kinda cool. But it’s out of dare. Not impressed.
  • Timetravel feature needed + ocean map 3/5

    By JamesAlexander84
    I really like google Earth, but I would love to see a time travel feature where you can see what has changed over the decades: buildings, roads, environment, etc. Also, I think the next step should definitely be mapping the oceans; you will have work for centuries, honestly. Lastly, I want to see higher resolution imaging. One thing that I currently like is the 3D feature especially when you first tap it and the camera does a cyclical camera pan; that's awesome! Although, I would like this to be available from multiple zoom levels. Also, how about quick-zoom level buttons: 1x, 2, 5x, 10x or altitude ranges. Google + Wikipedia would make a powerful resource for information ;)
  • Not very accurate 3/5

    By Fatjack75
    I purchased property in northern Minnesota in 2015. I built a 40 x 60 foot building in 2016 and to this date it hasn’t shown up on Google Earth. Also, we removed several outbuildings and they still show up. I live in Texas and would appreciate a newer update than what you are providing. Plus you do not provide any winter shots, I.e. snow!
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Amariom
    It’s a awesome app. I love it. I love looking at cites. There only thing bad about it is that it’s very behind
  • For the slow pokes 5/5

    By Saidtousenickname
    For all those who think Google earth is too slow, where else will you travel around the world any faster?
  • Please update google earth 1/5

    By NHL NBA
    If you want to know why I’m asking for google earth to be updated please let me know and then we’re I can email you guys if you guys allow me to email you guys to let you guys know why I’m asking you guys to update google earth. I know this app is updated once and a while but there is some parts I’m noticing that are not up to date on google earth. And I’m sure what I’m getting at is not just out of date on this app I’m sure it’s out of date every way that people can use google earth. Other then that I think google earth is cool and fun to use.
  • Mala 1/5

    By Wanlys
    No quiere abrir,se queda cargando
  • Old, old, old - maps 1/5

    By tcm failure
    The mapping on the iPad version at least 5 Year’s old - PATHETIC!
  • Google earth 5/5

    By StarPlanets
    I think it’s wonderful because you get to see things and 3D and I think that’s really helpful
  • ... 1/5

    By Bręndøn
    Solo te dejan ver lo que ellos quieren que veas
  • This is Normal 3/5

    By Normal app person
    This is just a normal app. What is special about it? Nothing. I only rate this so high because I'm tired of rating things only one star.
  • Bad graphics 2/5

    By Yours Truly, Me
    The app is pretty amazing and has cool places to explore, but to tell the truth I fill that the graphics are just so bad and, I have searched up some places and all it shows is a big round brown spot with no pictures or views and nothing. That’s why before I deleted this app I decided to right this review
  • Good! 4/5

    By LCM_25
    I just wish that if u went to like for example Asia it actually showed stuff instead of like blur and also you should take new pics of the houses
  • Crashes frequently 1/5

    By cloidbase
    Latest update crashes frequently

    By Smfholden 1
    love it I don’t even want to go to New York and se how beautiful it is now that you can do it digitally and free thank you so much for adding this type of technological app ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Poop 1/5

    By vjdiejjdjdjdbgsgg
  • Love it But.... 4/5

    By shndnfnnffjjskejwjdj
    I love this app a lot! You can go anywhere on the planet by just swiping the screen. I love it so much! But there’s one problem, I don’t know if it’s just me but my phone keeps glitching when I try to go somewhere on Google earth I am playing this app on a iPod touch so I don’t know but if you guys can fix that would be great! Thank you!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mamaranda77
  • Great work by google 5/5

    By Star_Wolf64
    Perhaps the only good thing google has produced, google earth offers a virtual exploration of the earth’s surface. Very easy to use. Being the geography nerd I am, I can use this to disprove my friends when they make false statements. The outstandingly fast loading time helps me do that while their mistake is still relevant in conversation. 5 stars well deserved.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By wardamnseth
    Won’t work unless connected to WiFi.
  • It’s good 5/5

    By lilyuuasw
    This is a great way to look at our Earth and learn more about it
  • When is the update 4/5

    By title445
    When is the update....September 2017 is getting stale, lots of changes since then, Thanks Scott Riverview Fl.
  • Please add.... 1/5

    By LIncoln Heights 213
    Moon , Mars and other planets. Thanks
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By MagicBill004
    App shows current location with photo that is more than two years old. Desktop “Pro” version has two shots more current. No way to look at location “over time.” Pretty poor app.
  • Images are not in real time! 3/5

    By Lzjimenez
    My island suffered 2 Cat 5 hurricane strikes last year. Some of the imagery seems to be from 2 years ago. The satellite imagery doesn’t reflect the current topography. Please fix/update,.
  • Best game but 5/5

    By bshsiajjsgd
    It’s amazing!!!,but it’s kinda glitchy but best game ever plz fix glitch
  • Quality of maps 3/5

    By br1an88
    Why does it now look like i am playing on the Sims from 1995? It used to have clear quality and now everything it blobs and blotches. I used to use this app all the time and now it’s not very clean.
  • Very good 5/5

    By jiminLordundertaker
    I like this app I’m 10 so I can go look at my friends house in that walking mode (I hope that’s not creepy)
  • Used to be fun and beautiful 2/5

    By OsborneAK
    Not sure what has changed in the last 4 years that I have used this, but Google Earth has horrific image quality. It looks like a poorly rendered cartoon. There is no difference, at least for the areas for which I have searched, between 3D and 2D. This is useless to plan hikes or visits, or even just to see other parts of the world, due to the low quality of images. Please return it to what it was.
  • woop woop! 5/5

    By pug_lover_100
    u can look at things!?!
  • In my opinion, older versions were much better. 1/5

    By SS Germany
    Older versions are better.
  • Imagery is too old. 2/5

    By Usuwuehdhe
    Hi. I like the application, Google Earth, but the imagery is from several years ago. This makes it difficult to enjoy the app. Please update the images to 2018, and that would make it much more enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.
  • One more feature? 4/5

    By digitalXcode
    You have really improved this app, it runs much smoother than before, and has great new features. But can I request something? I would love to see the ‘Sky View’ that is part of the desktop version. To be able to see the stars and galaxies from the sky view would make this app killer. I appreciate your consideration on that. And thanks for what you have already done with it. PS I will give you five stars if you add Sky view.

Google Earth app comments


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