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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities, and 3D terrain of the entire globe. Zoom to your house or anywhere else, then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. Set off on a unique adventure by rolling the dice and hopping between random locations. And see the world from a new point of view with Voyager guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more.

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Google Earth app reviews

  • School use 5/5

    By Zjnae
    This app helps me so much with school. I am currently taking CCP U.S. History 1 and AP Human Geography and this app has helped me study so many countries and even memorize them and their locations!
  • Pretty good overall 4/5

    Just one problem, it is not 100% up to date.
  • Not very good 1/5

    By Master cake boss guy
    So now foe the first year now it would not let me get in the app and it’s just not my WiFi or tablet it also dose not work on my computer also I just want to say this so I can maybe get fixed
  • I like but 3/5

    By I don't have another
    I like google earth, I use a lot, but the version for my Apple iPad surprises me in that the satellite pictures are not up to date and even the ground view pictures can be a newer shot than the satellite view. Only reason I didn’t rate 5 stars.
  • Clock 3/5

    By CaseyR1323
    The clock is missing. How do you see older pictures?
  • Ugly 5/5

    By Moj18
    Y’all it won’t download eskettitttttttt
  • Good earth 5/5

    By jonwah12
    How can I update in 2018 or 19.
  • Cool 4/5

    By Cheychey2505
    I like google earth cause I enjoy finding odd things. Like why are so many places blacked out...
  • Dinosaur 1/5

    By Don'tSayThat
    The earth is not a globe, it is in the shape of a dinosaur.
  • I need it so I can select the year it is showing 4/5

    By superrhy9001
    From superrhy9001 from YouTube
  • It’s good 5/5

    By kyhec
    Wow it’s really good for studying geography #MIAMI UNIVERSITY
  • One big thing missing 5/5

    By Fairlife Milk
    One thing that I need on this version of Google Earth is the Historical Imagery that’s available on Google Earth Pro on PC... If that arrives here I can finally make the switch!
  • Old 1/5

    By ttjr8855
    This is like from 10 years ago. Is there any new updates coming? There has to be something better
  • Desperately needs an update with better features. 3/5

    By Hakamorra
    Decent, but is lacking major useful features such as; • Save Pinned Location, that you can custom label • User Guide! Explaining each and every function! -From the upper right hand symbols (domino, measurement, etc.). -What each icon over buildings mean (speaking of; there is an error when tapping the icon to get information. A ‘no internet connection’ pops up. Maybe it’s not an error but lack of info on that place?) -In addition to the icon explanation; add the colour of it. Ex: the fork & spoon being orange, dot being grey, shopping bag being blue, etc. I ask that you PLEASE keep these suggestions in mind. I’m not sure if updates still occur or if the app is still being monitored by the creators. I implore these features to be made at some point. I believe it’ll boost the ratings this app gets. That said! Do not rush to get the updates done and out immediately, otherwise a major bug/error may happen. Take time and update at your speed. One at a time or as a bundle. Pardon the wall of text and if I seemed commanding, it was not at all my intention! Just my own thoughts and opinion. Thank you for reading. Sincerely; Anastasia |aka| Haka
  • Great, when it works... 3/5

    By Colonel Buttman
    Over 50% of the time when I boot it up nothing will load. I try clearing the cache and that doesn’t work. I find myself having to uninstall and reinstall the app over and over. This app has been updated multiple times since this started happening, so why can’t this bug be worked out?
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By I drive cars
    It has been a amazing app but recently I have not been able to zoom in and if I do it is bad quality. Basically just green. If this could be fixed I would give this app five stars.
  • More 3D 5/5

    By yryhhyhfkujmulfk,murtvres
    I like it,but it could use a little more 3D on small cities like Mt.Juliet TN.
  • Not all places 1/5

    By Super app 🤩
    This app does have all places, I want to see my house but I cannot see it because is doesn’t have all the places in the Earth 🌎🚫 🗽✅
  • Love dis so much 5/5

    By snowyhebunny
    You do not know how many memes I know now because of this
  • You can not travel without Google——- 5/5

    By AsphaltFenude
    especially if you are motoring somewhere and need a hotel, restaurant, or medical help. The Maps app is enormously helpful because in addition to the video depictions, the aural directions allow you to listen to the driving directions and watch the road. The Earth app is a fantastic aerial view of your route and/or destination, which then allows you to simply go to maps and enter the address. You can enter enroute information requests for hotels and gas stations or just about anything you want or need. It is very intuitive, is GPS synch’d, and will get you un-lost in a jiffy. You simply can not go anywhere without this app.
  • dumb stupid easily fixable issues 1/5

    By vmoons
    what is the point of having an app like this if it’s like 10 years old? why not update it??? so dumb and it’s easily fixable
  • Out of date maps 3/5

    By Timmysapp
    Would consider giving more stars, but the map is completely out of date. Many of the roads and building have changed.
  • updating 3/5

    By kkbbanthony
    they need to update the data on this app. it’s from over 4 years ago
  • Uh wa 2/5

    By tgjtjjffhfhfhf
    Where the heck is da time travail button
  • I am a savage 5/5

    By TTv. ir mom
    Ur mom is a nerd and u I’m a savage eeeeeee also I love baby shark it is dank eeeeeeeeeee and I love dank memes about cringe stuff eeeeee I have 10 k solo wins on fortnite u noob You arena TTV trash kid spam xNOOBSLAYER8757 on Xbox so my mom will be mad at ur mom. Lolololol.u trash eeee I pooped my diaper
  • I used to love Google Earth 2/5

    By M2011M2011
    The old app had a lot more options and was closer to the PC desktop version. Very disappointed.
  • What is wrong with this app? 3/5

    By Fitzy131378
    I love this app but I constantly have to delete it and redownload it due to it being fuzzy when I zoom in. It’s like it’s taking a long time to load but it never loads. I zoom in and it’s just blobs of green and brown. The only way to fix it is to delete and download it again. Updating the app isn’t the problem as I check each time for an update. I am using an iPad if that means anything.
  • Ye 5/5

    By yur mummm
    It is cool...
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By el cancha
    Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect app.
  • Updated Views please 2/5

    By mdking101
    Would be nice if the view changed at least every 2 years, the aerial view of my home is at least 5 years old back before I purchased it and cleaned it up
  • My review 4/5

    By Edward Isom
    I like how it does it in 3D but some areas can’t be viewed in 3D like kings dominion and most of Maryland and Virginia and it hurts the app
  • What a amazing app! 5/5

    By Funkywatch
    Amazing how technology evolved! This app is like unreal but real reality, I’m talking about part of the map that allows 3D view. I just can’t understand how someone still manage to complain, even when they get such a piece of technology for free!? Great job Google!
  • Where’s the North Pole? 1/5

    By Ameena G
    So I was looking around and I found the South Pole, now where’s the North Pole? Because right now Asia is directly above North America and is replacing the North Pole. Either the map is messed up or the continents are shifting.
  • I 5/5

    By rockstar0399
    It help a lot
  • Needs to update some pictures 4/5

    By potaolover2019
    So I was bored and decided to go on to google earth to see where my house is.and then I searched up my address and this was when my house wasn’t I recommend to update some pictures,
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gmfjfhmgfnffdgdgteehrfhyh
    You can see any where.
  • 99.99.99% 5/5

    By IzzyMesopotato30
    Everything is perfect. So amazing. I LOVE to explore our beautiful, imperfect world. But I’ve noticed some certain areas, especially in or near Asia, are lacking in google street view. I know it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the ENTIRE globe to have street view everywhere...but just a teeny bit more. Okay. I LOVE GOOGLE EARTH I LOVE GOOGLE EARTH I LOVE GOOGLE EARTH. You guys are awesome. Thanks for this amazing app.😆😆😆😁😄😃😀😃😄😆☺️😆😆😍😍😍😎😜🥳🥰
  • Tbh, I just wanna see 6ix9ine in jail. That’s LITERALLY ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I WANTTTTTTTTTTTT 5/5

    By Luna Burnet
  • Fix this issue Google, 1/5

    By MinecraftGaming77
    Every time I try to go to a location it says: “ search not found please check your connection or try again later. “ please fix this google, this app just reached a new low
  • Awesome but 5/5

    By KingTJB
    Swaziland changed its name I think And also other name changes happen a lot so keep an eye on it;)
  • Update please 1/5

    By Twetede1984
    Can we please get an update it’s all old pictures
  • So nice 5/5

    By sparkydawood11
    I love it I even learned new parts of the world
  • It,used to be awesome 3/5

    By Sub to AnimationBank
    I can’t zoom in, and I’ve deleted it 4 times, and when I have it I don’t like it.
  • More than 5 Year’s old pics 1/5

    By nevergoingtoseeanything
    Wow, these are pics of our home from 5+ years ago? Where is anything current? Glad this app was free. It’s worthless if checking up teenagers in your pool or a party being thrown in your absence.
  • Update killed it 1/5

    By BOUNCEbababounce
    I used to have minimal issues with the app (having to close out and restart here and there or out of date aerial images), but since the update I’m unable to zoom in at all beyond the starting location, making the app completely unusable. This is a huge disappointment to me seeing as I use the app both for fun and as a tool to make my work-day easier. Please fix this!!!
  • Amazing, But creepy 5/5

    By Beautymist01180
    So, I love this app I like seeing random spots. But, I have found a dead body, lots of pentagrams, and also a giant key and some shipwrecks. When there are those creepy things then you should label them as pentagram of Africa or whatever. And also I love how detailed everything is!
  • No Ground Level View 1/5

    By GP|13
    This app would be great if they allowed a ‘ground level view’ option. This feature was available in the older Google Earth mobile app and is available in the desktop version. The data is there... how hard can it be? Update: 3 years later... still no ground level view.
  • Was perfect! 2/5

    Previously you could select any coordinates format. Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM) is no longer there. Please bring it back.
  • Update 3/5

    By Rock/55
    Why can’t you just update more often you are off more than a year now.

Google Earth app comments

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