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Google Earth App

Explore the whole world from above with satellite imagery, 3D terrain of the entire globe, and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. Zoom to your house or anywhere else then dive in for a 360° perspective with Street View. See the world from a new point of view with Voyager, a collection of guided tours from BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and more. And now, visualize the immersive maps and stories you've created with Google Earth on web on your mobile device.

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Google Earth app reviews

  • The Earth Is Flat 1/5

    By The man who hates it
    Just Open Your Eyes and Think For Yourself
  • Cool but it’s unusable/GRAND CANYON BUG 5/5

    By yeeyee67890
    I have loved google earth for a long time now and like to play around with it. I’ve purchased it on my iPad, and it’s unusable. It closes the app automatically and the controls are messed up. Please fix this. (Fixed) more problems. So I was looking at googleplex in street view and it showed the Grand Canyon… is that what it is or is it a bug 😂. Please fix it still love it tho
  • Good To Know 1/5

    By kathyn2
    Well I was thinking about downloading Google Earth again but after reading the comments I'll pass. Apparently it's still doing the same things it did when I uninstalled it long ago, so nothing has changed. You would think they'd have given back the app that everyone is asking for and I can't understand why they haven't. Maps is even worse because the majority of the screen is covered with suggested places nearby and instead of the map itself. Really disappointed with Google considering all the space it takes up on our devices.
  • We know 1/5

    By AnnieGood
    Your Masonic lies, deception and omissions are becoming common knowledge. You will disappear with the dinosaurs (your people).
  • Pictures 4/5

    By lala.medina
    In Lower honoapiilani rd in Maui the pictures needs to be redid there is way more things now
  • Why I can’t open it。? 4/5

    By 章子怡的是我们
    Need a man to help me。
  • My house isn’t there 4/5

    By qweryfm
    Ok I get it you only do this every four years or so but guess what you haven’t updated at all my house isn’t there my cousin house isn’t there so please update
  • Good app 5/5

    By The Goc
    Yay I can see my house that when the photos were taken my house didn’t exist so I can’t see my house eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    By Hancelso
  • Images are Dated 3/5

    By BADGmomof4
    The satellite views could use an update. We have lived in our home for 5 years now and it still shows an empty lot from before we had our house built. If this is that dated there’s no telling what other images are severely outdated.
  • It is great ⭐️🌟✨ 5/5

    By animals 3412
    Very handy and good to see the nature landmarks. I let my daughter go on there so she can learn about the earth 🌎 she loves it so much. I homeschool her so for one of the lessons I will just put up this app. Family road trips, google earth makes the long car drives enjoyable! Me and my husband go on it to. It’s good for all ages. Thank you google earth!!😊
  • What happened 3/5

    By Bighoot76
    Use to be able upload photo’s of the places you visited
  • Fail! 1/5

    By TRImmoos
    and after the latest update we still cannot view horizontally when at ground level.
  • Dislikes 4/5

    By gfgtyug
    I like this app, one thing that irritates me is when you search for an address and it flies through the air and settles and then it starts to go in a circle. If you don’t stop it fast enough, you become disoriented. It should stop on a north axis being up. And, if you back out too far, the red pointer disappears. I guess that is two.
  • I’m wondering 3/5

    By devingohsman19yearsold
    There’s some issues with this app it kind glitches a little and takes me to the Home Screen. I wish would tell me if I enter a new county and the say name of the county, it should direct me where to go if can’t find where need to go. warn me when there’s a school near by, it should say what town I’m entering put house addresses on the houses.
  • ... 3/5

    By sara/lola
    Hi so I like the app but It looks flat and blurry also I want to see people or animals in it.
  • Amazing app 4/5

    By a parson living on this earth
    When I first discovered the app (back in 3rd grade) I fell in love with it, however there are a few things that could change. Like for 1, they really need to update the maps cause sometimes before I go somewhere I want to kind of know what it looks like before I go there. Like if I’m going to one my friends houses for the first time but there house was recently built. Besides all that it is an amazing app.
  • No updates 1/5

    By fee750
    This is like 8 years behind on updating the images at least in my area that has been expanding a lot casino, traintracks, 5 new neighborhoods 500+ house in each one , expanded freeway and more
  • They are keeping a secret from us! 1/5

    By how I hated and loved roblox
    I saw a TikTok this theory there’s holes in the earth and apparently google earth has splotches blocking the holes to NASA covers the pictures as well!
  • Good but blurry and buffers 3/5

    By A.J.N.E.
    I love this app but there’s a few problems. Whenever I zoom in it turns really blurry and buffers for too long. It’s also not really updated. Another thing is that I was trying to find my mom’s childhood home but it didn’t show up on the map. Sad .😢 But I still do suggest this app. There is still some good things about it. 👏👏👏 Update: I also just realized that some of these places don’t even have street view available. Update 2: Turns out my mom’s childhood home was there.
  • Good, but could use an update. 4/5

    By power1234321
    If I could, I’d rate it 4.5 stars, but I’m leaning closer to four because it hasn’t been updated in a while. My house’s backyard looks different than it does at the moment.
  • Google earth 3/5

    By Dudududiud
    It’s okay, fun to have on the phone but they should update soon so we can see what it looks like now
  • Great app 4/5

    By Underratedtoxic
    So this app is great and it’s amazing but two things I would love to see, first the satellite imagery is a little blurry on my iPhone 11 and iPad 8 and second I would love to see is tighter Maps integration like I wish my list and favorites would show up on Google maps because I look at a lot of abandon places and there all saved on Google maps but not on earth thanks :)
  • Update map 2/5

    By maliarw
    I love the app so much but I search up places and they aren’t updated I searched up a old address and it hasn’t been updated since but the app is really good and recommended!
  • Earth is ___________ 1/5

    By Jgooz2
    Sorry you all have been lied too! This is nothing but lies! The earth is flat!
  • So, I’m living on a construction site? 4/5

    By Childwize
    This app is really fun to use, just to see where stuff is, and I enjoy messing around with it, but I checked out my house, and, as the title of my review suggests, my house was not even built yet, nor was the nearby elementary, or many of the roads. The pictures need to be updated, as I think they are off by around 8 years. Anonymeows 🐱
  • I have a problem 3/5

    By Cool guy355
    So I gone on my street in google earth to se if my house was there and I wasn’t it was just a price of flat ground. But I do think this is a really great app but they just need to update some places
  • So outdated 2/5

    By Nickiclaus
    Not impressed at all. I thought maybe I could see how our property looks from above now, since we cleared another 3 acre. Ha what it showed me was out property with when we still had our pool. We haven’t had a pool in at least 4 years.
  • I wanted to boost ur rating 5/5

    By unknown572478467537
    This helped me with class but there are some bugs but I don’t mind the you did a great job with the app
  • Outdated 2/5

    By Choctawcat
    The pictures are outdated by over 10 years .
  • Time to update EVERYTHING 2/5

    By OnlyMe&NotYou
    This is not what it used to be. Everything looks blurry and flattened. It’s never updated my home photos. Don’t want to show street name? Well I kind of understand in this world of hackers, terrorists and criminals. I’m ok with that. But it’s about time you update the street views. Our property only shows the end of our driveway, no house and a van we used for our babies, who are all grown up now. Jinkies! Get some more little Google cars to drive around once more to update and maybe not show a huge forest behind my house. Thanks
  • Ouagadougou 5/5

    By 123957ishowtospell
    Burkina Faso
  • Zaq 1/5

    By 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇸🇦🇸🇦❤️❤️
  • No historical photos 1/5

    By These Requirements are Stupid
    The sole reason I like Google earth is to look at past/historical photos of land/water. The App does not allow you to do this or I at least wasn’t able to figure it out. Couldn’t find any good info on Google about this either.
  • Con esta app vi ami novia con otro 5/5

    By el angel manda
    Con esta app vi ami novia con otro
  • Google Earth 5/5

    By Extreme critic 99
    Amazing app. I use it all the time. It is great when exploring a new area. You can get the vibe of the place from thousands of miles away!
  • Woooow 5/5

    By unicorn mimi
    I think this app is great I also like to use it to look for places hahahahehehehhe
  • Figi 5/5

    By Victoriadog101
    I love watching street view. I can look at a stray dog take a poop on the side of the road.
  • Missing Features 2/5

    By astramateria
    After using the desktop version, this is so basically compared to it. It's basically 3d Google maps for phone.
  • Blue lines 1/5

    By jacob372#@
    I am taping on the blue lines but it says there’s no street’s pictures there. 😠
  • Chupapi 5/5

    By Súc Vật Học
    Bu nha nhố
  • Visit horse chestnut street or (29 27 41n 95 28 19w) to be exact 3/5

    By sheharyar78
    Hey so can you update the locations I can’t see my house please update again and you should do it regularly too if you can everything next to it is updated but just that thing is not visit the street and take pics also ik 2d it works but I want it to be updated in 3D so thx
  • IPad Version is not the same as the PC Version 1/5

    By mert smith
    Where did the “My Places” go to? I cannot save markers (dropped pins) - which I use a lot on my PC to plan trips. I purchased an iPad from advertisement hype, “ it will replace your workstation”-this is not true.
  • Update map 3/5

    By 9691LC!
    I have been using google earth for a long time and it’s been useful more so in the past. In the past so to speak it was up to date. I am now finding myself to be very disappointed and dissatisfied due to the fact that the map isn’t updated from the time I started using it Our families properties are not updated and historic sites I have visited isn’t updated either. That’s just a few. Given the satellite capabilities etc and given that Google is google I expect to see updates. Please update your maps in middle and East Tennessee areas please. Thank You
  • If I could I would give it zero star 3/5

    By Mackman30
    It’s not the best that’s all I say in my opinion it’s flat it’s not what you acstect trust me you might like but it’s not the best
  • NB 5/5

    By haochenxuan
    Google YYDS
  • It’s amazing 5/5

    By lovetjos
    I love it because I can feel like I’m going somewhere in my house
  • Amazing but giant mistakes 3/5

    By lovly pictures
    Google earth is amazing the only issue but is a giant issue is that the thing is like 600 years in the past the Big Ben hasn’t even been build yet on it and a lot of the stuff i wanna see is under construction
  • Seasons 4/5

    By JayDubs22
    Is there anyway to change the seasons in which you are currently viewing a map. Example from a fall picture to summer?