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Discover amazing content created by passionate people on G+. • Explore your favorite topics and discover new things you'll love • Connect with communities of people who share your interests • Build a home stream with unique, inspiring, and thoughtful content


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  • Useless 1/5

    By UnkillableBest
    Unless you’ve never heard of Facebook or Twitter, there is no point in this app.
  • Knowledge 5/5

    By Zubair Chishty
    Huge information and pictures difficult to find yourself it’s great I enjoyed a lot, Google make world easy just little example of google gps, just think if you not able to get gps how can you reach your destination..
  • It’s not fair! Stop this at once! 2/5

    By Renesmee Prime
    This app refuses to let me put a picture to my new communities. I tried it again and this stupid app does it again. Fix! Fix! Fix! Fix this at once!
  • Awesome 5/5

  • 👍🏾 5/5

    By Ei_Kee
    อยากให้ในมือถือ ลงรูปและแชร์โลเคชั่นได้เหมือนเดิมค่ะ
  • Posts Go to Spam 3/5

    By peaceful king
    Would be a lot better if they’d stop making my posts go to spam. This app has confused my account as a spam account and it’s been far too long. I’m tired of waiting to make a legit post in a community without my post getting flagged as spam. This needs a Fix
  • Don’t open the app on the iPhone 1/5

    By Chemengalb
    Some months ago this app isn’t opening on the iPhone. The message is saying “error to upload the information”
  • Fix. 1/5

    By redtailymbryne
    I have been unable to add anyone to my circles for the past week and a half. It would be very nice if I could add people again.
  • Google plus 5/5

    By Qmagicpower
    I love it more than Twitter
  • Good social media app 5/5

    By jonmatthews123
    I have used this for years and I have never had any problems
  • ممتازة 5/5

    By كريم الذبحاوي
  • Hello 5/5

    By Betokyse
    Ceci Murillo y Patricio Gonzales estan usado mis datos para robar dinero del EDD
  • They fixed the issue 5/5

    By TheRealShadowWolf
    Pretty much every time there is a major issue they fix it, as they just did.
  • yay THANK YOU 5/5

    By idiot w a opinion
    thank you for fixing the thing where we cant go on peoples pages i appreciate it a lottttttt def not leaving now thank you
  • Can’t view profiles on mobile 1/5

    By McRandazzle
    I’d like to be able to check out a person’s profile so I can look through posts of theirs that I’ve missed, please and thank you.
  • The New Update 3/5

    By Unwanted Chicken McNugget
    In the new update, you can’t follow, let alone see anyone’s posts. Because of this, new people won’t be able to follow anyone and it would be pointless to have the app. And people who already have the app can’t meet new people. Other than this, it’s pretty decent, unlike Instagram, I don’t have to post a picture when I make a post and you can see the whole picture and not have to crop it down to size.
  • What’s wrong with this 2/5

    By maybeross
    I can’t add anyone back because it taking me back to hangouts
  • The updates 5/5

    By betty_bitch
    Google plus is a great site and call but the new update they have where you can’t see anyways account is really pissing me off. Now I can’t see new people’s account. Also what’s the point of a pinned post if nobody is gonna see it. I loved the site before this happen and I’ll probably just leave the site until they fix the update. Google I’ll warn you people don’t like the update and a lot more people including myself will be leaving and maybe never coming back Atleast we still have Instagram
  • Fix something for once, Google. 1/5

    By AK Ramirez
    This was great, until a recent update made it so certain users can’t see other people’s profile pages. You can’t add people to your circles, you can’t see their collections, you can’t see their previous posts without searching their name, etc. I would not be so mad if it weren’t for Google being so incompetent when it comes to customer service that it legitimately led to someone attempting to shoot up YouTube HQ.
  • Better than Facebook. 4/5

    By MrBoom19
    G+ has been pretty lit, but the new update doesn’t allow you to see other people’s homepage unless you manually search their name. You used to be able to click on their profile picture and go to their homepage. I’m not the only one that’s a bit upset about it. Please consider changing that.
  • It’s okay but..... 3/5

    By frostyhyena
    Do you devs even listen to your app/site’s users? Every single time you guys update G+, we get glitches, notification purges, and rapid loss of followers. And this recent update is terrible. Here’s a word of advice: LISTEN TO YOUR USERS. Seriously, we all hate the newest update. You can’t even see what people post when you click on their profile picture! Honestly, the previous update was so much better. I had such high hopes for this app, but y’all keep messing it up for the users. On behalf of all the people using Google+, please listen to what we have to say. These updates have been nothing but problematic, and it’s such a major inconvenience when you follow someone and realize you have no idea what kind of stuff they post. Don’t get me wrong, this is the best place to connect with people, but this new update is really irritating. All we ask is for our posts to be visible to the people who view our profiles again. Hopefully y’all listen instead of screwing all your users over like you’ve done so many times (I apologize if this sounds angry. But the new update is such a hassle to deal with.)
  • Terrible New Update 1/5

    By Teaisr
    This new Update doesn't allow users to view profiles anymore. Are you TRYING to kill you site google?
  • About the new update... 2/5

    By The "Lovely" Lynx
    I’ve been using Google Plus for 2 or 3 years now and have been fine with the updates. This one, however, bothers me. I can’t get to someone’s profile when trying to click on their name or profile picture on a post. I’d rather be able to go to someone’s profile instantly, than to see their information, like who else might be following that person that I’m following and then have to search their username up in the search menu.
  • Thanks g+ 4/5

    By sunglassesJoe
    You can’t see profiles now
  • Update 1/5

    By Hannah -The Fabulous
    The new update is awful, the June 8th 2018 update. Why can’t I go on people profiles? And now ANYONE can message me on hangouts, which I don’t like. How do you reverse this update???
  • Can’t view people’s profiles 1/5

    By Jedi_Neko
    Why? Why can’t I view them? I click on their profile and can’t follow them or look at their posts.
  • I can’t go on anyone’s profile! 1/5

    By Shilo the plague doctor
    After the update, I couldn’t check on anyone’s profile and this is happening since I’m on a apple device. Now if I get a new follower I can’t follow them back because it’s stupid!
  • Profiles not working 2/5

    By Cmk0329
    Most of the app works perfectly fine, and I love to use it, but the update to the profiles prevents me from seeing that person’s posts, following them, or blocking them. Help?
  • I can't see the profile of the others in my iPhone 1/5

    By ElzackOMG
    Why i can not do that?
  • Profile problem 3/5

    By Mario&luigiplushfiles
    Apparently when you try to go to someone’s account all you get is the about information, this hasn’t been happening to me but its been reported by others, you can’t see their posts their tag lines, and apparently for some their phone numbers show, Google if you could gladly take a look at this and try to fix it, the Google+ community will be very happy
  • I like it but.... 2/5

    By Alexis the sinner
    I love google+ and I’ve been on it for over 5 years and I love it...but I hate the new updates....can you please change it back so I can see someone’s profile and actually set my pin post...? That would be very awesome if you did....
  • Can’t view profiles anymore?! 1/5

    By Racheal Leo
    This recent update no longer lets you see other people’s profiles. It’s probably some bug but if it isn’t nobody likes this. All you can see on someone’s account is the “About” page.. nothing else.
  • Major bugs with last update 1/5

    By TheDarkMusePoetry
    When I click on a name that followed me it takes me to their about page. Can't follow back since I can't see their main page / wall. Same if I want to look at the post someone has made by looking on their wall. It takes me to the about page. Can only see post in the circle feed.
  • Fix this 1/5

    By Ruby Majestic
    I am unable to see my followers profiles on iPhone I don't get what's going on but your update is messed up please fix this
  • Google plus 2/5

    By DatGamingGirl
    The new update won’t let me gain or follow people. I can’t even view others post on their profiles
  • Profiles??? 1/5

    By Chance Furlong
    I thought this was a social media site. I have been lead to believe this the past several years, which have been amazing. I loved this site. Until you removed the ability to view profiles, making it impossible to connect with anyone, follow anyone, get noticed, get to know anyone, or do legitimately anything except browse your feed. You’re undermining your own app. You’ve lost my confidence and that of your entire userbase. Fix this. Now. Or EVERYONE will leave. You’ve made some mistakes in the past. Try to do at least one thing right.
  • Can’t add circles 1/5

    By THKJR
    The app was fine and amazing until when I click on a user i can’t access the screen where I add them to my circles or see their interests, so I try to do it in browser and every time it opens up the app and forces me to use an app that doesn’t work properly.
  • Fix 1/5

    By nevercallmecute
    let me see other people's profiles I dont like this new thing you did Please
  • Profiles, you screwed up 2/5

    By F you Google
    I can no longer see anyone page fully, it only shows the name and who I have in common. I personally would like to see the profile and not just that, what if there was an important thing on there? You wouldn't be able to see It. Please put back the pages
  • Small app complaint :\ 1/5

    By Onepic4ever
    I can’t even go onto any of my friends’ profiles for some reason. Which means I can’t follow anyone or go back to past posts or even see the latest ones. I hope that this is fixed very soon.

    By 🦄Uni-🌽
    You can’t even view someone’s profile! What is going on?! Can you please explain this or fix it please???
  • Adding? 1/5

    By Bull9905
    For some odd reason, whenever you attempt to get into somebody’s page, it just goes straight to where you can send a hangouts message (the “about” page) and not to the actual home page of the person. Social media sites don’t work when you can’t follow people
  • Profile problem 5/5

    By Sonic270
    On the app, you can't view people's profiles anymore and it's quite annoying for those who want to follow people on there. Can you guys change it back if you have the chance? Thank you
  • Bad 1/5

    By MLP-Jolt
    Now I can’t add people to my circles
  • Cant see friends profiles 4/5

    By LapisKingYT
    It’s incredible!! Absolutely amazing!!! Although I don’t like the update too much. Because now I cannot see my friends profiles when I tap on their icons. All I see is their info. I can’t see their posts or their collections. Please change that
  • ANGRR 1/5

    By Im salty af
  • Awesome but I can’t get see people’s profiles 4/5

    By Jennay2000
    I own an iPhone and now I can’t see anyone’s profiles. I don’t know if it was part of the update but other than that I love this app! I’ve made great friends on here! :)
  • GOOGLE NO 1/5

    By Oststtsodttxo
    I can't even view people's profiles anymore?? It only gives me their about page. I regret ever hitting update. Not much of a social app if you forcefully isolate users, huh?
  • RIP Google Plus 1/5

    By DatMysticNingen
    The devolopers just ruined the website on the app by not allowing you to see the posts on other people's profiles anymore. You also can't block or follow anyone else. The update better be fixed, or else many people using Google plus on IOS will end up leaving the app.
  • i can’t view posts 1/5

    By mads24:)
    whenever i click on a profile it automatically sends me to there about thing and i can’t get out of it, please help

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