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Google My Business App

Every day, millions of people search on Google for businesses like yours. Make your Business Profile on Google stand out for free and turn those searches into your customers with the Google My Business app. More than just a local listing: - Make edits to your Business Profile on your phone and see those changes online on Google in real time. - Easily add special hours, your website, and phone number to keep your Business Profile up-to-date. Easily connect with customers on the go: - Respond to reviews, message your customers, and see your followers in the Customer Tab. Share with customers what makes your business unique: - Upload photos and add filters to attract customers who search and find your Business Profile. - Post offers for your product or services, upcoming events, and deals. Get insights on your business: - See insights on how customers find and engage with your Business Profile online on Google Search and Maps. - Receive real-time notifications and updates to keep track of your customers on Google. More features on Google My Business: - Create a free, mobile-friendly website that works hard for you in the app.

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Google My Business app reviews

  • Very pleased. 4/5

    By TFTynan
    Google has made our reach much further than other sites, we believe. I was originally not pleased at the speed to upload photos. The area has slow internet as well. Google explained that they do not compress our photos so they ARE clearer and crisper than other sites. They can’t guarantee customers coming thru the door but I’m sure with the right advertising and promotions, we will work well together. The website they created for us is nice also.
  • Magnifica app 5/5

    By marifer cifuentes
    Excelente y amigable !
  • Google My Business 5/5

    By novonsen
    Awesome dude
  • Practica para lo usarla 3/5

    By Joxe1one
    Es muy fácil gestionar comentarios y fotos. Pero deberia haber mayor control aobre lo que los clientes publican en tu perfil. Mcuhas veces los clientes suben contenido irrelevante a tu negocio que puede afectarte. Tambien el control sobre quien hace reviews en tu perfil es muy deficiente
  • No way to remove fake reviews 1/5

    By usrbingeek
    Competitors or past employees can one star your business and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • Trash 1/5

    By Spicybuffalowings63
    I added a business on here for my future landscaping business and they clarified me then instantly suspended me. I’m not using this trash.
  • Not sure why people complain about a free service! 5/5

    By NoPlayRh8tr
    Google is decent enough to let you communicate for free to your core customer base, yet many complain. Not being a millennial, I don’t expect anything for free, so I’m grateful for this product. It works great! Plus they are always improving it. Try it and see how many people view you.
  • Helpful Site 4/5

    By best dog trainer
    I really like this site. Quick and easy. Posting pics can sometime be difficult and wish owner had more control of content that others can post. Getting bogus reviews removed is utterly impossible. That’s unfortunate.
  • Great app for business 5/5

    By cfdatl
    I recently discovered google my business and could not be happier! The app gives me immediate feedback by notifying me when someone leaves a review . This gives me the opportunity to respond quickly. Also the stats provided are a great help to us.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Real Unidad Music
    Very good to get your business on the markets
  • Does not give you full control over your business ! 3/5

    By I_livemakeup
    I like this app but it is not fair that you cannot delete pictures you do not want to represent your business! When I post pictures it puts them in the “Posted by customer” category and I cannot delete them! I run a makeup artistry business and I like for my pictures to look a certain way to represent the work that is being done ! You all need to fix this ! It’s such an inconvenience and is not fair to business owners!!
  • Horrible for small business owners 1/5

    By stables and trains
    App does nothing to help small business owners; such as deleting bad fake reviews from disgruntled, previous employees and folks that will complain about anything. If I could figure out how to get my business completely removed from Google My Business, I would most certainly do so. Verification process was a nightmare, I have many of the the same issues as other reviewers, wish Google would listen to us but not expecting them to.
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By DiogenesDuzoglou
    User friendly
  • Owner 5/5

    I’m Totally Homo for my Google business I love it
  • Location setting 3/5

    By bluefin g
    Not able to turn off our street address being shown to public. We have no physical office space. We build on job site. This is unsafe & not practical. Not every business sells stuff from a store
  • Orangevale Barber Shop 5/5

    By Leahloya
    Best Barber Shop anywhere!!! Old fashion, very clean, super nice Barbers and awesome hair cutters and great prices!!! The Barbershop has been established since 1966, it’s family owned and run. They do an awesome haircut and beard trims. Family friendly, kids are always welcome! This is a 5 star shop and thankfully we found it. You come out feeling like a million for so little. We love this old fashion Barber Shop!!! Thank you Will for an awesome job once again!!!!!!!!!
  • Need more control 3/5

    By Flip oo57
    Would like to see the addition of a description next to hours of operation. We own a business that is open for both private parties as well as public times. Presently we have to list that we are closed when private groups come because it is not open to everyone. Can be confusing. Also more control over photos posted would be great as well as reviews
  • Google Discriminates against service-area businesses. 1/5

    By UberFilmsLtd
    I’ve run a mobile service business in my area for over 20 years. My mailing address is a box at the UPS store where all of my products and equipment are shipped. I never had a problem using that address as my official business address on my Google business listing until a few months ago when Google changed their policy, prohibited using addresses like that. I was forced to change my address to my home address and then hide the address so that it could not be viewed. My home is in a small town and hour away from the large city where my business is conducted. As a result of this change, my business has totally vanished from Google and Google maps, unless you happen to be in the small town where I live and search for my business category. Even though my home address is hidden, it still causes me to appear if you’re in that town searching for a business like mine. I’ve entered all the ZIP Codes as requested, so if you do happen to find my Google listing it shows a map and the entire area that I service. The problem is it’s virtually impossible to find me on Google or Google Maps anymore. I called the toll-free number for google my business set up multiple times. The very nice people at their Offshore call center constantly try to get me to find settings that do not exist on the Google My Business mobile app. I’m still waiting for them to email me the instructions that I can carry out once I manage to go find a laptop or desktop computer. I’m also told that I have to constantly upload new content to my Google my business listing if I want my business to be found. I never had to do anything like that before, it was always easy for people to locate me, and because of my excellent Customer reviews I got lots of phone calls despite not having top search ranking. In the large town where I do most of my business, there are perhaps 10 or 12 other companies I compete with, all of them show up on a Google search or on Google maps, I no longer do. Not even at the very bottom of the list. According to someone at Google named Tom Prichard (SMB Product Lead for Google My Business), google’s recent update is supposed to help small service-area businesses by directing customers looking for them through Google or Google Maps. It’s a total, colossal failure and their phone support is basically worthless. I strongly suspect that this is really a scheme to force small businesses like me to spend money on Google Adwords if we want anyone to find our business using Google. Being discriminated against in favor of storefront businesses does a disservice to customers.
  • Grind tyme 5/5

    By doug perry
    I was completely satisfied with the remodel on my bathroom the Grind Tyme Construction I get a performance at five star rating Good quality work Presentable company And get the work done on time
  • Love it 5/5

    By Outalyne
    I am a PPC guy at heart but SEO kinda comes with the territory - Because I am more creative, PPC will always interest me more but as a Marketing Director for real estate company, our success is dependent upon using all of the tools available. I say all of that to say this: rule number 1, from an SEO perspective is GMB! Period. Prior to my current role, I owned a small marketing company with the bulk of my clients in the healthcare industry (dentists for the most part) and I could honestly, in a 48-72 hour period, take a company/dental office from NO digital footprint to ranking organically on page one simply using GMB in correlation with a basic SEO strategy (your typical meta & alt tags/etc., making sure data across the 100s of directory listings are all accurate & exactly the same, dynamic website content, and using your top kw’s in your sites content....obviously I can’t cover everything but if you are interested in reading about basic SEO, simply YouTube recent videos discussing “local SEO”). I highly recommend using GMB like you would use FB bad IG from a business perspective. Post with regularity, set it up properly and let GMB transform you SEO!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By 1keydude
    Great app, as with all things (me included) there is always room for improvement. If I had any complaint at all it would be about the verification process. Once that got fixed I’ve been very happy.
  • Google My Business Is Simply Awesome! 5/5

    By MottK
    I’ve used many business generating apps and none can come close to perfection as Google My Business! Any And Every Business Owner Should Be Here - For Sure!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By vinnywfg
    They make you get a verification code that takes up to 5 days then tell you there’s nothing they can do when someone hacks your account & keeps changing your address. Literally a joke you can’t verify by phone or email it’s 2019 step your game up
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rocco9436
    This app has helped me know what ppl are looking at and how many are viewing the app. Also helps with being able to call or book an appt directly from the app. I will update in a couple months to see if it has been helpful with walk-in traffic. I’m still new with the app so still learning, but so far so good. Thank you
  • Doesn’t work and causes damage to our online reputation because of it 1/5

    By Alexgpeter
    When will google finally fix this app on iPhone? The much promoted posting of updates just does not work. Instead of posting new updates, the app just decides to re-post old posts on its own every time I open the app. There’s no way to delete that post and it keeps coming up again and again. At the same time, new posts and videos are not uploaded. Just the text shows up without the video. Imagine a post that is referencing an attached video but the video is not there.That makes us look pretty stupid to our customers. Google, it’s time you fixed this app. Thank you
  • Great App 5/5

    By Ripper Neal
    Always updating and giving customers information.
  • Terrible customer support 1/5

    By MisterTightyWhitey
    Google is siding with a dake review saying our business does not exist at it’s location. I opened up a support ticket and they are siding with the fake review even though my business has been at it’s location for over a year now. I asked to speak to a supervisor after an hour of back and forth with a CSR and she said they wouldn’t be able yo speak to me for at a couple minutes and I said I would wait. She then flat out REFUSED to allow me to speak to her supervisor and said he would just say the same anything. My business hours were also changed by a customer’s recommendations and it still has them listed incorrectly after months of calling and begging them to fix it. Beyond frustrating experience.
  • I DIDNT KNOW THAT.... 1/5

    By MDWDesigns
    Wow, my page was just completely suspended because of having mistakenly changed from the Verified Business Address- there was no warning that where I thought I was changing the address for, would also affect the settings for my VERIFIED ADDRESS! WHY WOULDNT YOU MAKE A “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR VERIFIED BUSINESS ADDRESS?” BUTTON?? These are basic user safety mechanisms even an Atari or sega génesis have, wouldn’t most people imagine that google of all tech companies would have a feature so quintessential to user experience?? NOPE. It gets better..... cause instead of providing the ever- ubiquitous and very simple, user-friendly approach —with a feature where you can “restore to Previous settings” —- (You know, like #ANY&EVERYOTHER #computerrelatedproduct EVER that could potentially disable its normal function?) Yea- but instead of all THAT useful helpful ideas?? Welp they just turn their noses up at you like you’ve soiled your own pants, then continue to act like you’re suddenly the most deplorable thing one could ever google search. Still with me?? IT GETS BETTER - JUST WAIT- Of course I followed “articles, tips, and blah blah blah etc, etc....” So naturally, I began Resorting to the “chat now” support feature ... Typed it up as clearly and detailed as possible, and about 3/4 of the way through ...... —suddenly— that blue “Submit request” Button? Turned grey(un-clickable) Both in app- AND online Then the typing cursor suddenly VANISHED, so I could no longer type or anything......almost kinda like they “had heard enough to decided to ignore me.” I had to refresh that blessed page and start over in a different browser. Only for it to happen again. NOTE: I have photographs and screen shots to document all this - sidenote. You know normally I wouldn't care enough to take my valuable time to write all this- But here’s the thing GOOGLE DIRECTLY COSTED ME A HUGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. I WAS MID- DIALOGUE over perhaps the biggest deal of my life with my company and it was going PERFECTLY.... then 3 days go by... the. Four.... now a week and a half with no reply from my client. Would-be, would-have-been client.... . I tried searching my company name just to experience how they are seeing it all as the process developed before and after this all happened. I went from 100% Controlling the result for the the ENTIRE FIRST TWO/THREE SEARCH RESULT PAGES- to having been reduced to a scattered few and far between dismal search result of A shocking THREE search listings within the first FOUR OR MORE PAGES of search results. THIS IS LUNACY. The google business page that was suspended didn’t even show up until the third search result page the first time by the way. It seems entirely unfair and unbalanced to say the least for googles brand profile/ listing/ pages to have such a debilitating impact on LITERALLY my entire company. Gee google, You sure seemed quick to shut me down instead of the awesome way you’ve should’ve handled it. With an ounce of half an effort to provide customer automated service. The failure to notify (and complete lack thereof) the owner of a business the potential of having their page shut down seems a bit um.... Abrasive? Maybe? Man- why does having an online presence or “online real estate” Suddenly feel like Eastern Europe during the 1940’s? I could sure say a thing or two, or several or rather write several essays of “things” regarding my extensive feedback let me tell you that. And I’m sure, that whatever semantics they’ll attempt to tell me about this won’t get anything resolved either.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Qiana t
    I really like this app. I think it’s functional to the point you can do a lot with it. What I don’t like is, when I go to post a picture, I see the pics and then it disappears. Causing you not to post on your account. Very frustrating. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling still the same. Maybe it’s a glitch or something. But I would like to use the app in its entirety. I don’t want to delete it. But to me this would cause me to delete.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By queenshbs
    Great app!
  • Review 5/5

    By richal1223
    Great app keeps all of your business in order
  • Helpful but not functional 2/5

    By nMe taken
    It was almost humorous to be asked if this app was helpful with a no or yes responses. It’s Google business and as business one the few ways we can manage the almost mandatory google listing. We think it’s much like air. Survival with out it is most difficult. Y s it’s helpful the app is the portal to keep our business listed.However always a glitch. Current glitch can’t up load photos we took through the week, they must be live shots. We photo with alternate devices then we market on another.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Erl556
    It has helped my business. Good app to start a small business.
  • Easy to navigate, but needs minor adjustment 4/5

    By RE_UX
    The platform makes easy to navigate and manage multiple pages. I'm able to see what I need to on a regular basis. The only difficultly I've come across thus far is that the app does not show which pages have new reviews. I have to search all of our page's review sections to figure out which ones need a response. Furthermore, it does not list the year of the post on the app. From a user's perspective, especially for those who manage multiple pages, if Google could make these minor adjustments it would be very helpful.
  • Owner- Friendship Coffee Company 5/5

    By Gaybird1
  • A Google App is always rare and extremely useful. 5/5

    By pjgdds
    As a business owner of multiple practices I try always to rely on Google products. Our recent use of the app as a group in our practice has been an exceptional experience. Patient communication and our ability to directly offer advise updates and engage with patients. It has been so much instrumental for our practice management and team involvement in presence and growth of our new patients and the analysis of the current interest of our clients in our services and doctors.
  • Useful App 4/5

    By lutherd
    Google did a pretty decent job of putting together a useful app to give business owners control over their business listing. Everything works well, and the demographic information is very useful. It would be better to increase the contrast on the star ratings as it’s often difficult to tell how many stars a review was given.
  • Fake reviews and no recourse 1/5

    By ashbvcwer
    Nothing else to say. Almost as bad as yelp. So many fake reviews on here you can’t even get a nickname
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Yahay08901
    It helps us to stay engaged and to share our work.
  • Google serves small businesses well 5/5

    I am glad to use google for my Rock Chip Repair business as it gets my business in front of people with whom I normally wouldn’t connect with.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By i used to love mcdonalds
    I am a business that rents a lot from another major corporation. I do all of my business from this lot. However, I do not receive mail here, there is no box, no option to receive mail. I use a P.O. box for mail. However I can’t register my business without sending a verification code to my address. So, I can’t update anything because I’m unverified. So frustrating! It won’t allow me any other option to verify via phone or email either.
  • Google is Awesome 5/5

    By TiphanyL1977
    Google is awesome and rocks all our needs in Augusta!
  • More options 1/5

    By lolaslolas
    I second that other posts about google needs to do some improvements on things owners can do to the reviews. Sometimes the competition friends sends them over and writes you a bad review just to give you a bad image because your business is growing and not theirs. We should be able to delete fake reviews.
  • Great so far! 5/5

    By boba bus provo
    I’ve been on for about a week, and this app has been very helpful! I will update this review as time goes on 👍🏽
  • Love it 5/5

    By CDayy
    As a new business owner I love the app. It allows me to interact with customers and potential customer.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kevin kinnett
    Easy to use and works timelessly
  • Photos uploaded quickly 5/5

    By Palm Beach Coin Shops Jupiter
    It looks great. The photos were uploaded quickly and efficiently.
  • Can’t post library photos! 1/5

    By Mikezots
    App broken! Now I can only post photos taken immediately with the camera. So no edited photos, no illustrations or drawings done on my iPad! No photos from yesterday’s project visit. (yes, I turned on this option in Preferences, and it used to work fine).
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kemp612
    It works well to keep an eye on your business on google and easy to manage

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