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Google My Business App

Every day, millions of people search on Google for businesses like yours. Make your Business Profile on Google stand out for free and turn those searches into your customers with the Google My Business app. More than just a local listing: - Make edits to your Business Profile on your phone and see those changes online on Google in real time. - Easily add special hours, your website, and phone number to keep your Business Profile up-to-date. Easily connect with customers on the go: - Respond to reviews, message your customers, and see your followers in the Customer Tab. Share with customers what makes your business unique: - Upload photos and add filters to attract customers who search and find your Business Profile. - Post offers for your product or services, upcoming events, and deals. Get insights on your business: - See insights on how customers find and engage with your Business Profile online on Google Search and Maps. - Receive real-time notifications and updates to keep track of your customers on Google. More features on Google My Business: - Create a free, mobile-friendly website that works hard for you in the app.

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Google My Business app reviews

  • Scum 1/5

    By woweverythingtaken
    They will shut you down with a snap of their fingers and not tell you why. My entire business is shut down, ive worked hard to build to where i am and they just shut me down and sent a robotic email. They dont have a phone number. Do not even bother creating a business on here they will just end up shutting you down and then not telling you why.
  • Easy to update business info ans pictures 5/5

    By DrRoller
    Using the mobile app makes it easy to update business info ans add pictures you take with your phone .
  • Awesome info 5/5

    By HBDC31996
    It’s great to know how my office is preforming on the internet. Google’s My Business provides the details and it’s free! It’s become such a valuable tool to help my business grow.
  • Francisco Sosa Realtor 5/5

    By fjrsosa
    Excelente plataforma para dar a conocer la reputación de todos los productos y servicios.
  • Messages not working 1/5

    By Dermatome123
    For some reason I can no longer see any messages on the app or website for GMB. I’ve tried contacting Google many times but they are not helpful whatsoever!
  • A bit upsetting that giants like Google still make it hard to use other platforms 3/5

    By VitaliyRJ
    Try adding a photo to your google business listing. Then press on choose your own photo. Not convinced yet? No galleries, no organization by type of content, just a big ol’ gallery. Please stop being pathetic and get over the “we’ll make life hard for those who don’t use android”. It’s making you look like s#%t
  • How many times can they suspend you ????? For nothing !!!!!! 1/5

    By suspended
    Never did nothing wrong and suspended the page and takes a week to get on maps if your lucky
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Swim Time
    I love Google my business because it puts everything I need to market my business on google in the palm of my hand one app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Gonzalesxcs
    We followed all guidelines for setting up our business page. We do not have a physical address as we provide cleaning services but there is nothing in the guidelines against this so I’m not sure why our profile was flagged. I reached out for help, filled out their forms and sent all the info their auto email reply requested and have heard NOTHING in months…Highly disappointed that google seems to “black list” small businesses for no reason.
  • Poor service. 1/5

    By Spud4780
    I’ve been trying to contact for over a month. They are horrible!
  • Da Madness 5/5

    By KiccBaccJacc
    Great store with great prices
  • Great salon 5/5

    By h2 ocean
    Great salon so friendly.
  • Suspended 1/5

    By suspendgoogle
    I give it a 1 star because that’s the lowest! I hate this because they suspend your account for no reason and don’t communicate at all may as well be talking to a tree stump!
  • Thank you to the creators 5/5

    By LovelyFireArtistry
    I want to thank the creators for making a way for me and my mom to make our dream a reality we’re still in the making but soon it will be ready if you are interested in our services please message me at anytime 😊
  • Review section issues 2/5

    By NashvilleBusinessOwner
    Overall, the app is fine which is why I gave it two stars instead of one. However, Editing the review section is almost impossible. When you go to reply to a review, it freezes constantly and is too time consuming for anyone who has more to do with their day than replying to Google reviews. Also, it is absolute garbage that anyone can leave a one or two star review on any business without having to explain themselves. There should be a minimum character explanation for leaving a bad rating.

    I own a small restaurant that does all of the booking through the phone as we have specific requirements for booking. Google has no way to remove their Reserve a Table button that pops up whenever our restaurant is searched and we have had multiple customers walk in expecting a reservation of which we have no knowledge. The directions to remove the button on Google Support are outdated. I’ve emailed the support team to no avail. PLEASE DO NOT FORCE SMALL RESTAURANTS TO USE GOOGLE BOOKING WHEN WE CAN NOT UTILIZE IT.
  • Amazing business tool! 5/5

    By dissapointed PM in NC
    I was worried to put my business on google for many years and I wish I did it sooner. Google really does care about your business and how you serve you community. Thank you Deb & Team
  • Feeds 5/5

    By Big sam of Yàbà
    It’s a stress relief for my Business
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sir Robinson
    Helps promote new business and give my Customers a voice. Thanks google !
  • Google My Business 5/5

    By Tumalaw
    Very easy way to get more business and increase customer volume. Great for customer service as well.
  • Best Efficient App to Manage Business 5/5

    By The Resourceful Entrepreneur
    I am well first off I serve in a few organizations and professional level businesses. So first thing, being the Managing Creative Director and owner of KZS DIGITAL SOLUTIONS & CONSULTING LLC or known as KZS DIGITAL (also inspired by my kids). I meet with a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs weather it be new, experienced or still developing. It is my professional commitment to ensure the day to day is not running you. So I teach and train on small business management and operations. In my professional career and (even more so now) entrepreneur career I serve in many hates especially with the work each organization and or business brings from projects, development to training and social media just to help paint that picture. Ether way it is too much and so being efficient is key especially with being a full time dad of four, attending school writing a book, and recently developing A Dads Journey (ADJ) from a page to a group to arrive at The Podcast Show. Ok as I close, this app is a need and essential tool each owner, executive level leadership needs to have. 2 words DATA ANALYTICS! start learning the What, Why, and How. You will thank me and understand better how to drive your business further, they’re not just numbers. Need help just reach out to us on social media platforms KZS DIGITAL. (IG FB YouTube etc)
  • Google is Great! 5/5

    By Big Baby65
    We opened our store on September 4, 2021. We reviewed what Google offers businesses and we were sold! Creating a Google Business account has been great for us! In a month’s time, several new customers have come to our store and told us, they found us via Google! Also, we’ve had great reviews from new and current customers. We’re very pleased with Google and highly recommend them.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Buffolicious
    This is where most of my business comes from.
  • Google my business page. 5/5

    By J23O
    I love how easy this app is. It has been a huge help in starting this painting business.
  • From a small business owner 5/5

    By Al Mariri
    I love the app very easy to use and most importantly it keeps me posted on everything’s going on about my business profile
  • Address error 2/5

    By TeC986
    This app was great until it wouldn’t let us update our address.. it keeps giving us an error message stating the address is not valid. It also deleted the old address so now we have no address associated with our business and we can’t update it either. When trying to contact Google. There is no phone number to call and email is taking too long. Please help
  • Only updates from desktop 2/5

    By andersonskyler801
    Nothing I post from this app updates on my Business Page. Only when I post from desktop. I’ve added my logo and cover photo on desktop and it will not show on the app. I’ve tried posting pictures from the app and it never actually posts.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By oliewood202
    Waste of time and money . I paid for a web page 2 years ago , I have moved a couple times never had a problem , now I moved again and for some reason they removed my webpage from the internet now , they have come send me to loose over $50,000 in revenue from not having my business web page online . Thanks google for taking my money and slowing down my business !!!! Thanks a lot !!!!
  • Account Deactivated 1/5

    By 4victory
    Started a business . Account was deactivated before I could even confirm / activate with code . Tried to fix and get vague responses No help
  • Seriously Horrendous 2/5

    By tariyus
    CRASHES mid-sentence 50% of the time! I’ve lost so many reviews … kills me to start again, and again, and again 🤮
  • Customer service is nearly non existent 1/5

    By 83960027
    I’ve been trying to get help for months on various issues and I’m constantly sent responses that have nothing to do with what I’ve sent
  • Don’t waste time to build reviews they’ll suspend your account 1/5

    By elsen_alexj
    I’ve been building my lawn care business for 3 years now and all of the sudden they suspend my account I have taken the necessary steps to reinstate my account and no one will reach back out to me. They’re a joke you would think they would want to help small business grow. They’re power hungry and don’t care. They don’t want to help.
  • Google My Business is The ABSOLUTE BEST!!! 5/5

    By richard770atl
    Hands down no other app / service delivers like this one. Highly Recommended **The BEST Pressure Washings and Softwash ☎️ 706-418-5726
  • Avoid at all cost. 1/5

    By Ghoul fun nvf
    Avoid. Absolutely no protection against spam attacks on your business account and will give access of your account to hacker if you’re not careful. The app has only harmed my successful business.
  • Functionality 4/5

    By Nip cowboy
    Truly wish it had a way to draft posts and schedule them sometimes you have things that needs to get out but needs to be scheduled for a specific date or time and presetting them will be very helpful in your downtime.
  • Almost unusable 2/5

    By Doebank Designs
    Viewing and changing some information works. But when you have info to review, you can’t tap the submit button. It’s at the bottom of the screen and is so small that it conflicts with the iPhone swipe area, so…can’t save changes. Plus, if you’re editing info and switch to another app to copy text, when you switch back to this one, it throws you back to the main screen instead of where you were editing, and you have to start all over.
  • Only follow the rules of conduct if it’s good for them 1/5

    By not happy 254452
    Poor customer service They care very little about business it appears
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Shanestheman
    Google suspended my account and the information that I need to reinstate it is only available from this app. However, because it is suspended I cannot access the info. I’ve been trying to talk to a person at google for two days with no luck. They just reply with automated emails. Do not depend on google for your business needs. They will cut the legs out from under your business when you least expect it because a bot flags your listing!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By mike773$
    Google allowed someone to mark my business as permanently closed. They never contacted me to confirm, and now my business is truly suffering. There is no contact numbers for someone to assist. When you send a message, they have a representative call you that is useless. They will tell you they have no supervisor, and can’t do anything to help you. What they allowed to happen goes against their own policies, yet no one is able to fix their screwup? That is nonsense and unacceptable from a multi billion dollar company.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Gekike
    I used to have a post and worked just great. Now that I had a new one, it took too long to get verified and go live. I still can’t see it on Google lists, the pics, logos, and other info are not shown. I can’t believe Google do not have enough staff to attend new business’ verifications or postings. My last Ad was successful and filled my expectations, I sadly have to say that the new one is not working properly.
  • Great website 5/5

    By dwayne12691301
    Beat place get ur business going
  • It definitely works 5/5

    By wartanpro
    I have been able to manage multiple business accounts easily with Google My Business. Along with Google Analytics the results are even better.
  • I would recommend 5/5

    By rmtileandmarble
    Very user friendly
  • Detail Biz 5/5

    By piperjosh
    This platform is really starting to kickoff
  • Great app! With great ethics! 5/5

    By dan van 224
    This has been a awesome platform that keeps on improving.

    By Mert.1995
    App gets stuck every once in a while sometimes nonstop, when I do same action of using automatic fill on my keyboard while I am answering my customers which is boring. App closes itself after getting stuck for a minute!
  • Freezes up 2/5

    By LilNugget874
    Frequently freezes when I’m trying to respond to customers.
  • Arc It Welding 5/5

    By Arc It Welding
    Google is so important to a new start up business survival!
  • Not seeing reviews 3/5

    By GC Screens
    My clients are posting reviews but they’re not showing up it’s very frustrating