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Google News & Weather App

Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather. ° Coverage from 75,000 publications ◦ Instant-load read experience with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ◦ Headlines carousel - quickly browse headlines, tap to read, swipe to read next. iPhone, iPad only. iOS 9 and up only. ° Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather ° Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions and personalized news sections such as ‘Hollywood’, ‘NASA’, ‘Fashion’, or anything else that catches your fancy ° Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives


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Google News & Weather app reviews

  • :( 1/5

    By Dyerdyer
    This was my go to news app until the last month, when the app crashes every time I open it. Unusable. Please fix!
  • Refresh is too slow 1/5

    By DV1991
    Besides the noticeably slow refresh the number of prescription news services is annoying. Don’t show headlines from articles I can’t read. I expect more from google then this app delivers.
  • Crashes and link sharing 1/5

    By Waterwrat
    Used to be good but now way too many crashes. And often the share links are greyed out.
  • Buggy and No Fixes 1/5

    By Sir Zach
    I reported the crashes and other bugs several times. No resolution. At least it’s a free app!
  • Keeps shutting down my phone 2/5

    By KidCrosby
    The last couple of days, when opening up Google News, it’s been freezing my phone. I expect better from Google.
  • Crashes phone 1/5

    By SargeyWargey
    IPhone 8plus 64gb. Completely crashes my phone upon launching app. Takes about 30 sec for phone to get reset. App is unusable.
  • “For You” 1/5

    By Cruiserrr510
    Why is the “For You” section only load 10 articles and no more ??? It has to be able to load more older articles !!! Only 10?
  • Crashes Constantly 2/5

    By Fyrepup
    Google is known for making very good programs, and I use quite a bit of them. Their Google News app kinda blows. Constantly crashes. You can read one story and then when you attempt to open a second story, the app crashes. You restart the app, it crashes. You restart your iPad, it crashes. Google, please work on this app. It has the potential to be something very good.
  • Please fix the bugs! 2/5

    By BluClrFlr
    The best news app as far as actual news goes. My biggest complaint us that the app freezes on initial start up until it has completing it's update. Please fix this issue!
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By poeticody
    This app could use a little love from decision makers at Google. A few minor enhancements to this app would make all the difference, like bespoke sorting or article history. Step up your game Google.
  • Crashes. 1/5

    By MistressViolet
    Crashes 50% of the time - often on initial startup.
  • Latest version crashes all the time 2/5

    By Emetu79
    This *was* a solid app, but the frequent crashes started in Jan/Feb2018. Today it crashes nearly every time I open it. To avoid crashes, I need to fully kill the app (clear it out of memory), toggle to another app first, and then re-open Google News from scratch.
  • Causing iPhone to freeze 1/5

    By MKaechele
    Application now causes iPhone 7 to freeze when opening or updating. Embarrassed for Google, having this app on the market. Been using this app for years. May have to uninstall and move on.
  • What happened?!? 2/5

    By benfinklea
    This used to be a great app. Now it crashes constantly. I can’t read more than 15 minutes or so without having to force quit this app. Even force quitting freezes my phone for several seconds. Using latest iOS.
  • Issues on iPhone X 3/5

    By Wrakker
    Within the last few releases the app has started to lock up while reading articles. Even trying to kill the app causes iOS to hang for a few seconds. Otherwise still a nice news aggregator
  • Freezes phone. 1/5

    By Chris_s_1977
    Every time I open this particular application, my entire iPhone slows down and freezes for several seconds.
  • Put local back with headlines. 1/5

    By kari_
    I hate the new design. I to scroll down and see local news along with headlines. Also, it was so great having the local weather at the top. Now I never know the weather. I’m switching to apple news...
  • Busted 1/5

    By ELE Hawk
    Keeps crashing my iPhone
  • Crashes and locks up my phone 1/5

    By Nickmeister03
    Google News used to be my go-to app; however, about two releases ago it began to crash repeatedly, and now causes my phone to lock up almost every time I launch it. Google News is the ONLY app on my phone that does this, so it’s not an issue with my’s the app. Deleting this app and will come back to try again in a month or two; hopefully, the issue will be fixed by then.
  • You can do better Google 2/5

    By Canton32765
    Terrible, buggy, frustrating app. Constantly hangs on launch sometimes freezing iPhone X (iOS 11). I had hoped Google would fix the problem but it does not appear that the company is interested in making their app run properly on a competitor’s devices.
  • So many ads 1/5

    By Scoay
    Every article is absolutely riddled with advertisements. They are so distracting you can not even read the article. Trust me, do not even bother downloading this app.
  • Not a good fit for iOS 2/5

    By ThomasAlice
    It keeps linking to websites that won't open.
  • really pitiful 1/5

    By maryalice3
    i used to have no problem with this app. now all i have is problems! so long!
  • Bugs bug bugs 1/5

    By Pac12 all the way!
    It freezes my phone every time I open the app or refreshData
  • performance!!! 2/5

    By Soon-to-be tourist
    I have used this app for ages on my iphone 5s but recently it’s been suuuuper sloooooww. And it hangs all the time, I have to kill the app and restart. I know I have an older phone, but what happened?
  • Crashes iPhone when opening 2/5

    By patient reviewer
    Constant freezes and crashes
  • Lots of bugs, not a good reading experience anymore 1/5

    By .The Man.
    This app is riddled with issues. As of March 2018 it freezes my entire iPhone 7. Also, sometimes an article will not load after clicking it, and other times it will freeze when I leave an article and return to the main news screen.
  • Locks up on my iPhone 3/5

    By MyGroupLover
    This app used to be stable, now it freezes, locks up, and is generally slow to update News stories.
  • Was good, now junk 1/5

    By Roh7911
    An app that crashes frequently. Poor software by mediocre google engineers. Pathetic. Used to be my favorite news app, now reduced to completely clunky software. And the surprising thing is no one cares at Google anymore.
  • App is plain broken 1/5

    By Mark E. Read
    This started freezing up a while back and is basically unusable on iOS 11 and the iPhone X. Surprised but guess it’s not really a priority at this point.
  • App regularly crashes on new iPad, sharing functionality doesn’t work 1/5

    By TrailerGuyBob
    So can’t read the news nor share the news. What is this app for?
  • Causes my iPhone to freeze up 1/5

    By Loves NPR News App
    I used to really like this app, but now when I try to use it, it freezes up and causes my whole iPhone to freeze. I have had this app for years, but the freezing is a new problem. I had to delete the app.
  • why cant i share or open in safari or chrome??? 3/5

    By iq2
    sorry but i dont want to have to sign into twitter and fb each and every time i want to share qn article. please let the little arrow at the top open a menu that lets me open in a browser. i do love the thubs up/down and “show less”ive been begging for more granular consistency when using google on android. hopefully what i do in news app on ipad will carry over and improve my feed because google pretty much ignores it on android. for instance, in every possible way including sending feedback many times, ive said no sports. ive literally said it over and over and over and over and over and over for some time, on multiple devices. yet every single day, i get several (sometimes back to back even) storieson sports. apparently i must ban each and every blog or site for each sport in existence. tennis sites, archery sites, football,racketball, etc. maybe finally via the news app on ios, google will hear me. next day: its not even updating the news! dropped a star and uninstalled it. whats up guys? needs some work.
  • Freezes phone for five seconds or more 1/5

    By Bills J.
    App continues to freeze my phone for five seconds or more when i reopen the app. Extremely annoying. Please fix bug asap. Btw i still prefer the old app vs the new style. Usability has diminished along with reliability. Why??? Removing app until fixed.
  • Frozen app 1/5

    By grandoldfox
    With the last update, articles freeze multiple times a day. When app freezes, I usually have to turn my phone off to resolve the issue.
  • Junk 1/5

    By LonghornMike13
    It used to be “okay” but has devolved into total junk. The app crashes every time you use it and causes your phone to lock up and become unresponsive as well. Critical failure.

    By flabbygums1
    Horrible UX when you click a link and see "subscribe to see this news". Please return the ability to let me cherry pick my favorite sources. How much does NYT pay Google for the clickbate??? Also, why on Earth does the ONE story I chose auto-expand ALL the stories on the same subject? I know how to expand if I want to see more. Don’t treat users like idiots please. When you close the stories it never scrolls to the right place.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By matthew.baylor
    Google really needs to do something about advertisements in this app. Many times I get hit with a full screen pop up advert that is impossible to close. Then I have to kill the app completely just to get back to the article list.
  • Crashes my phone constantly 1/5

    By Craigbirchler
    Not only does the app crash constantly, but in doing so it leaves the phone useless for long periods of time. When it isn’t attempting to brick my phone the app freezes intermittently, doesn’t load stories regularly, and refreshes the headlines unwittingly.
  • Has MAJOR performance issues and bugs 2/5

    By Brandopants1
    This app is literally the buggiest and prone to hangs/crashes app on my iPhone. I don't know why it freezes so frequently or crashes out while opening articles but it does. I'd suggest memory management and performance issues be Google's #1 priority for a fix. Much more memory intensive apps like games and other news readers have no issue on my phone. Especially problematic is switching to another app and back which frequently hangs the app. I'd also appreciate much more functionality like the ability to build more complex search queries (with exclusions) and ability to block certain sources. I'm not sure why I see the same 4 sources all the time but I do. I'd appreciate more variety. Lastly this app duplicates but does not integrate with Google's own Googke Now news briefings. Would be great if they were aware of each other.
  • Breaks iPhone X 1/5

    By App+97
    This app single handedly brings down my entire iPhone X ... super buggy.
  • Currently very buggy, unusable 1/5

    By George Raynor
    Unsure why this is STILL unusable almost a month after the last update, but the app crashes every time I try and use it and is totally unusable.
  • Awful sources 1/5

    By Kayela001000101000101
    I keep having terrible extreme right sources show up on my feed, or it seems to promote those that require you to have a subscription to view more than one article a month. I just want to read the news ugh
  • Crashes All The Time 1/5

    By Changoloco
    I have always loved Google news because of the customization options. This app is THE WORST for iPad. Half of the stories I click on make the app crash. I’m going to stick to the built in Apple news for my iPad from now on. I am deleting this app.
  • Crashes at spotlight news 2/5

    By Ahmed baqer
    The app crashes when trying to open any topic from the spotlight.. I still prefer using the web version of google news.
  • Freezing 2/5

    By evbl96
    Used to be an avid user of google news. However, once I got the iPhone X I realized I can’t use it anymore. For whatever reason google news constantly makes my phone freeze and slow down. It’s the only app on my phone to do so and I’m not sure why but it needs an update. Used to love this app, but now I have to move on to another news app that actually works on my phone.
  • Sharing button STILL broken... 1/5

    By Veniamo
    Can't save or share articles on the latest iPad Pro version. Please fix! It’s been months now. You can share on iPhone but the iPad app article sharing button in the upper right corner of the app does not function. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.... STILL nothing. Sad that Google puts their name on a broken app. Crashes.... crash, crash, crash......
  • App Crashes when Opening Article 1/5

    By Odysseus321123
    This is normally a 4.5 star app as it needs some improvements BUT now.... Every time you open an article, the app just crashes so the entire thing is useless.
  • Has gone downhill 2/5

    By huyz
    Freezes my iPhone 7. Sharing links joins URLs with text snippets which break the links. Can’t remove news sources with paywalls. Refreshes screen while I’m in middle of scrolling through articles (and thus loses my spot). I’m close to abandoning GNews after over a decade
  • Performance has taken a major hit recently 2/5

    By _S2H_
    This app is really struggling lately. No other app I have gets stuck like this one.

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