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Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you. With Google News, you’ll see: Your briefing – It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about. With your briefing, easily stay in the know about what’s important and relevant to you. Your briefing updates throughout the day bringing you the top five stories you need to know, including local, national, and world content. Full coverage – Understand the full context on any story with just a tap. Google News gives you everything online about a story and organizes it for you – highlighting different perspectives, a timeline of key events, FAQs, important people, and more. Credible sources – Find quality content from a diverse set of credible publishers and discover sources you haven’t heard of before. Stories, for you – Keep up with what’s happening on the topics you care about, whether that’s travel, politics, sports, tech, or fashion.

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  • Needs History 4/5

    By LennyS
    I love this app and use it more than Apple’s offering, but I don’t understand why I can’t see the articles I’ve clicked on. Far too often I’m reading something, then go to another app and come back to Google News and it brings me to the home page and the article I was reading is gone! Maybe this already exists and I’m missing it - if this is the case, tell me how to do it and I’ll change this to 5 stars, but otherwise, it seems insane to me that this isn’t already possible.
  • Buggish 3/5

    By alan128
  • Liked the old version 3/5

    By rscorley
    I liked the old version thought it was excellent I lost a lot of the content and stories with this new version
  • Google News Review 1/5

    By Ken Riel
    Don’t like the fact that I only have limited number of viewing opportunities through certain news entities and then I’m required to subscribe to those entities if I want to read more articles from them during that month. Much prefer Yahoo news where I am not subjected to that process for the same news entities.
  • Good 4/5

    By GetChurched
    Solid app except for the fact that you will lose your spot in an article if you leave the app and come back to it.
  • The news from all sides 5/5

    By Edgar R. F
    This app brings everything I wanted in how news is brought on a subject that google curates exactly how it is presented from their respective publisher. Meaning they highlight the headlines and facts but it is up to the reader to decide what article or publisher to read for a more in depth content
  • Can’t link to news apps 1/5

    By PodHed
    I had to delete the Google News app since it wasn’t able to deep link to my NY Times app. So every time I came across an NYT article I wanted to read, it would open that article in Chrome or Safari rather than the NYT app, which means I would get blocked by the NYT mobile browser paywall after a few articles.
  • Personalization has glitches 3/5

    By Dave 43015
    At some point I must have read an article about some university of Arkansas team, because it’s constantly feeding me stories about them, even though I always tap “show fewer stories” whenever one comes up. Having more control over topics in the “for you” feed would be appreciated.
  • Good but room for improvement 4/5

    By erjen7
    Great functionality. My primary complaint is that I cannot hide more specific topics from my headlines. The most obvious example: please allow me to never see another Kardashian/Kanye West/Tristan Thompson story ever again. Thanks!
  • Newest Version 5.9 won’t stay open 1/5

    By Msu_finance
    Google news app crashes on ipad
  • Fox 1/5

    By Pvm1
    I can’t seem to delete Fox News
  • Stop hijacking Safari. I do NOT like how news is displayed in google app 1/5

    By Pab1957a
    See title
  • Liked the web implementation better. 1/5

    By dog 1234576543
    Local news is difficult to find and manage. Some pages don't load properly. Going back is weird. Why make things worse?
  • Good even coverage, but some nonsense added in 3/5

    That’s it. I wish we could just see real news more and the sensational stuff can stay on network sites
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By derfaust
    Title says it all.... just targeted ad after targeted ad.... :(
  • Incredibly biased... 1/5

    By grmaze
    I was surprised to see that under the category “News & Politics”, there were no conservative news options. I couldn’t locate Fox, or Breitbart, or any other right leaning news publications.
  • Needs more notifications 4/5

    By hashind
    Loving the app but I barely get news notifications. I’ve turned up my notification preferences to max and enabled for everything but I barely get any notifications especially for breaking news or headlines. Please fix he notification settings Also would love a dark icon to go along with the dark theme
  • Local articles 4/5

    By bryenzski
    Like the local news
  • Why? 1/5

    By CloneTrooper Capt.Rex
    I don’t like the pictures that slowly zoom in. I don’t like being switched to the app when I’m using a browser.
  • Apple should pull 1/5

    By llihgdots
    Apple should pull this app as it circumvents ad blocking and tracking protecting by forcing users through Google’s own tunnel. Apple pulled ad-blocking VPNs and they were doing a service for users not a bait-and-switch. App now steals links in browsers and redirects to app so you can’t use the web version (where you can ad block) and have the app installed. Repetitive content and suspicious pushed links that cannot be prevented and seem to be payed without labeling. Google has forgotten not to be evil.
  • Read or speak 3/5

    By ArchtctrlConstEng/Paramedic
    Unlike Apple News hold on a word>select all>speak does not work, only sliding two fingers from top which is not as good and makes Apple News the better choice.
  • Ads masquerading as news 2/5

    By Pingsk
    30 to 50% of the stories are based on my searches and shopping preferences. It’s creepy in small doses but this is stupid.
  • Corporate capitalist propaganda 1/5

    By jtnack
    Google news is simply a vomiting up of the corporate capitalist news media.
  • Getting stale 2/5

    By RB3381
    I love checking the news, but the same articles get recycled over and over. It gets annoying seeing the same article recycled from a different source. It is like plagiarism. Nothing is interesting anymore seeing the same news for the few days.
  • Thank you 4/5

    By robert8thunder
    Thank you for the news in an easily- available, free format. I will have more to say after I use the app more.
  • You ruined it. Why change the familiar format? 1/5

    By ex-fan of google news
  • Great overall. Used more battery and data than apple news. 4/5

    By Angry quail
    Great features. Uses too much data and battery or it would be five stars. Worth it overall but I travel on the train a lot and have to watch the battery and data consumption.
  • U should just call it democrats news 1/5

    By x8Sharrock3x
    Very one sided news clearly. guess I just need to find another app.
  • Bring back the old format. 2/5

    By Grandpa Pete 314
    With this new format (where they jumble the news stories that interest you), it takes a lot longer to go through the page
  • Fox content 3/5

    By JAloysius
    I really enjoy Google news but the content that Fox publishes is so off the wall in that the majority of their articles are about sensational. Murder rape police beatings etc never does fox print a human interest just one sided doom and gloom. I have gotten to the point of skipping all Fox content. But I guess you have to be fair to all. On any given day compare their content to other publishers it is so blatantly obvious. Sad is all I can say Thanks
  • Surprisingly good for local stories. 4/5

    By SeizeTheBeat
    I use this app for tech news and local stories. I wish they would add a way to hide individual articles (some articles I don’t want to see but I can’t downvote or upvote...I can only hide all articles from the source). Seems rather bias in its choice picks (but what apps aren’t) but their suggested stuff is great. Might stop using around election time as Google has always been pretty shifty about their politics on both sides and I’m concerned certain sources and stories might be manually hidden. Still a fantastic app!
  • Blatant liberal agenda 1/5

    By markunread
    Bending over backwards to make Trump look bad.
  • Good compendium. 5/5

    By amotmr
    Always top news from good sources.
  • Shame 1/5

    By Bahjur
    Previous app excellent. Topics AND sources shamefully restricted. Used former app extensively! This is Better fit for Russia, Iran, et al. Disgusting, shameful move by Google!
  • Algorithm doesn’t get me! 1/5

    By Teacher2367432
    Just because I click on a story about one topic once, doesn’t mean I want five different stories about the same thing every day after that. I like that I can thumbs down on an article to “see less” of it, but I don’t think it really works. I’d like to be able to hide all stories about a specific topic.
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By 3435675787532256
    Spent most of the past few years using Google News with specified date-limited and location searches. Literally used it everyday to monitor my industry around the world. They’ve made the product less and less useful, with the elimination of date-limitation the death knell. Seeing news stories from weeks ago is not that useful for anybody.
  • App collapse 1/5

    By Prytender
    You really need to fix this. While reading an article I put the phone a side for a minute or two and then my phone goes to sleep. I pick up the phone and I unlock it to continue reading where I left off only to discover that the app collapsed and I have to open it again and look for the news article I was reading. This is very annoying and you really have to fix this.
  • Agenda 2/5

    By autoclimber
    Okay news source... Political agenda became too apparent and I had to get rid of it.
  • Liked old google news so much better 1/5

    By yarg898
    This product used to be so much better and simpler to use. It also listed stories more by timeliness. Clicking through now is also much more challenging.
  • Google news 5/5

    By usama 22
    I love these app because it’s tell you about the world and author things in the app but I have little lag in the app thanks for everything
  • Ok, but same old tricks... 2/5

    By Nikki Cassidy
    Typical of these on line news hubs. Too many old stories presented as breaking news. Tiring click bait headlines trying to lure reader to nothing stories. When did gossip become hard news ? In two words boring and manipulative.
  • Google News 3/5

    By Arnone1979
    We need the same format they had several years I see articles that I’m not even interested in.
  • A Good Alternative 4/5

    By Ellie12398
    It’s pretty good alternative to the Apple News app. I find the layout more responsive and customizable; A huge pet peeve of mine is opening an article in the app and switching apps then when I come back the article disappears and I’m back on the home screen.
  • Its good but could be better. 4/5

    By AlisonAlive
    And I know how ....
  • Constantly crashes.. 3/5

    By Hon3stAb3
    I use it virtually every day.. unfortunately, it crashes virtually every day.
  • too many steps to get my followed topic 3/5

    By jtabc
    too many steps to get my followed topic
  • Rely on for Daily news 5/5

    By JC Mall
    I like to be well informed. It is easy for me to do so with Google News. I have customized it to not include sports, but to include food and chocolate. I am a Chef and chocolate maker and these features help me to stay on top of new trends and issues. Thank you!
  • Font size of like 4px? 1/5

    By Ekholbrook
    With an apparent desktop equivalent font size of like 4 or 5 Px when viewed on an iPhone xsmax it simply gives me a headache trying even bother reading anything on the main screen. The mobile web page equivalent is far more user friendly.
  • Good app with minor flaw 3/5

    By vbcph
    I would prefer if the app would not automatically refresh when I go away and come back to it. It is quite annoying when I have scrolled and read thru a number of stories and have to put the phone down for a few minutes and come back with it totally refreshed and maybe even the news story gone. Please leave the app where I left it!!

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