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All the books you love. On the page or out loud. Anywhere you are. Meet Google Play Books for iOS: the one app to enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from Google Play. Dive into a great book today with millions of titles from Google Play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Download your book to read or listen on the go. When you’re finished, find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you. LISTEN TO A GREAT AUDIOBOOK ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ●       New! Audiobooks are now available on Google Play Books ●       No monthly subscription required ●       Navigate chapters with real chapter titles - not track lists ●       Pick up where you left off on all your devices MILLIONS OF E-BOOKS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS ●       Preview free samples from our catalog of millions of books ●       Read your books, comics, and textbooks even when you’re offline ● Tap the page and watch your favorite comic book or manga come to life with Bubble Zoom ●       Take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with a group for easy collaboration. ●       Use the Night Light setting to automatically adjust the background color and brightness to make it easier for you to fall asleep

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Google Play Books app reviews

  • Malo 1/5

    By c_kita
    Ya compre el libro por que razón no me deja escucharlo completo 😡😡😡😏
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Swan10849
    Not easy to use at all. Page turning function and fonts are very difficult to use. If you are use to and like Apple Books and Kindle you will be disappointed in this app. They need to go back to the drawing board and start over.
  • Very poor PDF support 5/5

    By squalamack
    While I appreciate the ability to upload your own PDFs, the support for reading PDFs is quite poor. No text-only view, no margin cropping, no ability to lock in a zoom level. All of these features are necessary.
  • Great app that is far more better than other apps but still more to do 3/5

    By Bibeku
    I found this app great, still there are lot of things to improve to make it better. The great thing is that it has best 3d flipping animation while turning pages and it also syncs book to its drive, it can read both pdf and epub though it would better if it could read azw3, djvu, mobi, etc. it would also be better if i could put on some notes in it also it has some issues to be fixed while, i turn on voice for book it shuts off while going to another page simply it could read only a page at a time. i cant edit highlights i've previously made, to edit those highlight i should have to delete whole selected highlight and should be made again. To make this app better if user could make folders to separate different files. It would be great and i would be so thankful if the above issues and features would be upgraded. Thankyou for listening me.
  • Where are my books? 1/5

    By Stop dropping my reviews
    Cannot see my library even though I'm logged into the correct account. It just says that something went wrong and the try again button does nothing. It would be really nice if I had the option of disconnecting my account from just this one app instead EVERY GOOGLE APP ON MY PHONE so that I could try and fix the problem without it being a huge headache. I'm really starting to understand why google stopped using "do no evil" as their mission statement because their apps are getting more and more f%*cky with every update.
  • Feature Request: G Assistant reads eBooks 4/5

    By philipsism
    Love eBooks, love Audiobooks, but I hate that they’re sold separately. I wish Google Assistant would be able to read any of my eBooks on any of the available voices. Please make it happen.
  • Not cool at all. 2/5

    By shutgun_21
    When I open the app, it doesn’t show any pictures of the book and choose from, just the title. Please fix.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Some people have
    This is a wonderful app and I have been using it for many years now! The only qualm I have is that there is no way to personally sort your books into genres or anything of the sort. Other than that it is absolutely perfect! I would recommend this app to anyone who is considering downloading it!
  • Mrs 5/5

    By PHarron
    Love this app. The choice of both free and reasonably priced books allows me to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies. The availability of foreign books allows me to practice my second language.
  • Worse then Android Version 1/5

    By SteveMo32
    Need features from the Android version like being able to see what books you are reading or haven’t read yet.
  • A linguist’s paradise 5/5

    By Fggbvjxzjxj ivovofudud
    Many books are free in many languages. The self-reading feature helped me increase my total reading and I enjoy quick definitions and translations.
  • Where’s the ability to scroll! 2/5

    By Ashand3
    Kindle and iBooks. Why can’t there be the ability to scroll here as well. Reason why I purchase my books through the other two. Have 2 on here and only came back for them as it’s been over a yr or 2. Now I remember why. Please add that feature for continued use.
  • Not good for textbooks 3/5

    By cjptdbslp
    I bought the ebooks for all my university classes and I can highlight some text, but every other page, I cannot highlight anything!
  • Pages won't turn.. 1/5

    By Buzzard lead
    Can't get the pages to turn...very frustrating. Solution ? Delete the document and use Dropbox ! 👎
  • Text garbled 1/5

    By killah-Genji
    Can’t read an ebook I purchased because the text is garbled and overlapping. Using Play on iPad. Wasted purchase of a book.
  • Cannot open books 1/5

    By cannotpickadamnnickname
    I tried downloading them, turned my phone off and back on, attempted to call google play but was never put in touch with a person and they machine hung up on me every time. I’m glad I tested it on free books before buying the ones I need for class.
  • It's adequate! 5/5

    By StrangerDangerClose
    5 stars for allowing me to read books I uploaded to my account.
  • The Moments Between 5/5

    By Sharin Sharon's
    This was definitely a good read & hard to put down. Cristina Thompson’s writing was both superb & compelling. The hidden mysteries peaked such an inquisitiveness I wanted to keep going. This rather esoteric journey of one young woman’s pursuit of truth proved real & moving. I would have to say reading this book was like an encounter with the true nature of the giver of life itself. Ms. Thompson’s creativity is absolute genius.
  • It got jammed when i open particular book " Indian Polity by M Laxmikant " 1/5

    By WikiBhati
    I think this is the problem with that book because this same problem comes in my google playbook app also . The book is Indian store " Indian Polity - M Laxmikant fifth edition " Again same problems with new books that I downloaded.. please fix the problems in ios play books apps .. It wonderful works with android environment but not in iOS . Give updates..
  • Terrible for Textbooks 1/5

    By BristowRick
    The highlighting, annotating, and note-taking tools are terrible. Google needs to look at the Kindle for how it’s done for good UX. The books I couldn’t get for Kindle and only this I ended up buying the physical copy to avoid using this app.
  • In need of simple features 3/5

    By Jramer
    Google play books is desperately in need of some simple features required to become an app on par with other Google products. Eg: index PDFs for searching, organize books into categories (seems to be in beta), hide books
  • The bug, that kinda ruins it 3/5

    By DeatroyerDoom
    Ok so the app as a whole is pretty solid. But every time I try to play my audiobook aloud it doesn’t work, unless it is on mute. I find this annoying because it just stops me from having the luxury of listing to my book while eating or something. That is why i give this app 3 stars but otherwise, good.
  • Slightly confusing 3/5

    By Tamsharley
    If I want to actually purchase a book I have to go to google play website? What the app for then? Just reading on iOS devices? A bit confusing if you ask me!
  • Better on Android 3/5

    By TraeFittz
    Books don’t Read Audio & Search is not working like it should.
  • No ability to scroll 2/5

    By Serious Vapor
    Must turn pages while reading by swiping or tapping. Would very much like the additional option to scroll.
  • The revival 5/5

    By LordGuirk
    This whole series is a great breathe of fresh air and should be enjoyed by all Alien and Predator fans alike.
  • Perfecta 5/5

    By Blackabx
    No la cambio por ninguna otra
  • Multiple devices 5/5

    By JonesN4apps
    I am really enjoying being able to read from my Samsung tablet and then switch to my iPhone to read. The app holds your place when you switch devices so you are reading from the same place you left off.
  • More features 3/5

    By humbleholmes
    Need more features like Kindle.
  • Awesome for android but its slow and crashes for ios 2/5

    By JayMesa5
    The app itself is great but it has issues on ios. Inuse it because i have both android and ios so it is multiplatform unlike ibooks. Also, the epub informations should be all at the end of the book and not at the end of each chapter having to go through pages of references before getting to the next chapter.
  • Download problems 4/5

    By Michelle.Gentry
    I have a hard time getting my books to download
  • Book app 1/5

    By 101lombard
    No tools to navigate and the app is non intuitive. Fix the interface and u might get better rating
  • Failed on ipad 1/5

    By mightike
    First book is history fails to download free ebook. Probably only for android. 3 times, same result. 'Some pages not downloaded.' Pity.
  • Do you want easy then this is the right one? 5/5

    By Venice Blair Sky
    My daughter recommended this app because both of us were taking a course that required lots of reading, questions, & class participation. Extra research was required to complete the course. I used other books but I couldn’t under line or add notes to references attached to the original text. So I finally listened to her & switched to Google Play Books. WOW!!!!! Immediate results: my concentration was greatly improved & studying time was decrease drastically. Thanks So Much!!!!!
  • Great and not so great 4/5

    By Maajjj
    It is greats if you buy a book in the app, but if you try to upload your own it doesn’t work well. I read and make highlights as I go, but this app not allow me to highlight books I upload, so I switched to adobe reader which does allow that.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    It transferred all the books I bought on my Android. The highlight system and dictionary are both very useful as well. Great app!
  • Solid reader, but lacks night reading mode 4/5

    By Jhoerger
    Since my days on Android, I've used Google Play Books. I like the features and the cross platform availability. Still, with one of my primary reading times being in bed before I go to sleep, having a night/dark mode to reduce ambient light and distraction to my wife would be a huge plus, without which would possibly be something that moves me to another eReader, if not added. Thanks for your consideration.
  • If you’re a bookworm, you have to get the app 5/5

    By strangrdanger
    The performance and the setup is great, And It’s just an all around easy to use app! If you love reading, and having access to books easily, this is the app for you!
  • Update caused issues 3/5

    By 3Kidz18
    I updated the app on my iPad and now I cannot read any of my books. I can’t even see the front cover to know which book is which! I’m stuck reading them on my android phone now. Please fix this. I love reading on my iPad in Google books and very much want to get back to it.
  • Return to zero 5/5

    By Tkpi2
    Best series ever from book 1 I’m number four to the last one, return to zero. I can only hope his next series of books are just as good. 🥳
  • Highlighting is broken 1/5

    By de1nt2on3
    Highlighting function disappears when trying to highlight multiple words. Also, I’m unable to see highlights that were made on other devices (I could see them on my desktop and phone, but not the iPad).
  • Excelente 5/5

    By dvdmejia38
    La mejor manera de leer y llevar tus libros a todas partes
  • This new update 1/5

    By Dreamer 22
    The new update didn’t download all of my books. Once I updated the app my books disappeared, even the one I was reading.
  • Currency trading 5/5

    By 182848;8:83$
    This book gives you the insight debunking myths and clarifying concepts truly worth the investment if your a newer trade even for an experienced trader there are nuggets of info
  • Annotation Features are limited and extremely buggy. 2/5

    By shepj3
    While highlighting text in a book on iOS app, I experience two symptoms repeatedly: when I attempt to highlight a sentence or 2, the highlight spontaneously highlighted the entire page when I didn’t want it to; and when I selected that (now) highlighted page to delete the highlight I didn’t want in the first place, the annotation controls do no appear so I can’t delete it. My only recourse is to keep rebooting the app and or my phone OS just to get this feature to work.
  • A book worth multiple reads 5/5

    By iona1725
    Got this book originally for free was so hooked I’ve paid for each of the remaining series, plus joined the Facebook fan club. Best books I’ve read in years. Jodi doesn’t use “fillers” aka retale the story in each next book to the point your eyes go crossed like some authors do now. The story is for females and males and young and old. Something for everyone!
  • Difficult to highlight text 4/5

    By Jayne D.
    ... when you are used to Kindle. Aside from that disadvantage, the app works fine.
  • Google better ! So far so good 😊 5/5

    By sandeeptrue
    It’s good. Finding helpful so far. As new to google play in my iPhone iOS device too early to comment more . Even in future likely to switch phone from iphine iOS to android. As iPhone user have problems with space iCloud memory management Unnecessary cost ! either pay for space or buy another phone. Sad ! Bad practice from iPhone. Let’s all do healthy business Impressive google. Keep doing better. Best wishes to the google team.
  • Do not use this app! 1/5

    By lightwarrior101
    You look up authors names or the book title and it doesn’t give you the accurate results. The author and title are nowhere to be found even though the book is on Google Play. There search function is from 1980.

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