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Google Play Movies & TV App

Google Play Movies & TV syncs movies and TV shows from your Google Play account so you can watch them on an iOS device, on any HDTV using Chromecast, or on Apple TV using AirPlay. In-app purchase is not supported, so sign in to Google Play online. Open Google Play Movies & TV, then search for movies and shows, and manage your wishlist and library. Download and watch from anywhere, even when not connected. When you sign up for Google Play Family Library, you and up to 5 family members can share movies, TV shows, and more across devices. Permissions Notice Microphone - Needed to receive a sign in code from a nearby living room device when using the ‘Enable TV-viewing’ functionality.

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Google Play Movies & TV app reviews

  • Can’t download the videos I’d purchased 😭 1/5

    By Jenifer Cordova
    Everything was peaches until by mistake I deleted the movie I’d purchased. I tried to download it again and the second movie I’ve purchased from this app but I can’t download it. The main reason I got this app and made purchases was because of my 2 year old who loves “Finding Dory” so I bought the movie from Google Play. It worked sure fine when I bought back in middle of December. I’d recently purchased “The Lion King” and my son loves it. I tried to download it to his iPad and by mistake I deleted his “Finding Dory” movie so I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal if I just download it again but IT IS NOT WORKING!!!! I have done everything... and when I mean everything, I did everything. Obviously got in touch with “Support” and the guy tried to help me as much as he could but didn’t solve the problem. I am upset that I can’t download the movies to my son’s iPad, we have to sit in traffic for near two hrs and that was my only way to keep him entertained but not anymore. Please GOOGLE have an update soon and fix this issue. Sincerely, a desperate mom! 🙏🏻
  • Did Apple Sabotage this App ? Seriously 3/5

    By JustDewwit
    The app worked great for nearly a year and no I can only stream the movies I purchased rather than download them to my iPad Pro. I mean come on Apple you seriously expect me to believe it’s a developer issue from Google. Quite clever but not fooled.Maybe this is payback for all the Apple lovers using Google Photos now. I promise I’ll buy from the iTunes Store when I remember I have it . In the meantime drop the bugs in the code so this app works as performed Please Tim.
  • Needs an Update 2/5

    By realyoshdawg
    This app is in serious need of an update. It hasn’t been updated in 7 months as of writing this review. C’mon, Google! I want to buy my shows and movies from them but it’s hard to trust their store when they never update the apps.
  • Content not downloading 1/5

    By All Might *
    Ever since last week any content is not downloding on both apple devices but they are downloading on adroid inco tacted google support the bastard didnt solve my issue at ll instead sent me a short email telling me to uninstall and reinstall the app which i told him i already did
  • Half of my movies won’t download 4/5

    By Blazefire17
    Pleas fix this! I miss downloading the Lion King! It just buffers for five minutes and no result.
  • Needs play list 5/5

    By Hfkzwlalbfbakkdldlskskaak
    I love and will always love google movies. It’s my favorite streaming app and I’m addicted but my mom (not part of technology era) doesn’t know how to use it and I don’t know if it exists but it would just be so easy if u could put together a play list if movies that goes one after the next so it’s easier for her. That would be amazing⭐️
  • Google movie. 5/5

    By is santa claus real
    Pleas free movies tutu
  • Don’t buy or rent a movie form here 1/5

    By adrian torees
    I rented a movie last night and I can’t watch it I’m so disappointed on this app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By will.serrano82
    Only wanted to rent or buy co tent made available, and it required signing in on your phone through the app, typing in the code first. After typing in the code, it failed to work every time. Erasing. I now see why I left Google and their sad array of services.
  • Add full screen on iPhone X please 4/5

    App works perfect except for the tiny picture
  • Could Be Better 2/5

    By MichaelSWalker8
    I find it a bit annoying I cannot rent or buy movies directly from my phone within the app. I have to open a browser on my phone to rent or purchase any content and then return to the app in order to watch it. My second issue may not be Google’s fault since they are in competition with Apple but wouldn’t it be great to have Google Movies and TV as an app for Apple TV? Please continue to improve the app and listen to reviews so you can improve your services. Thanks.
  • Don’t know if needed? 2/5

    By Review guy 467
    Cause if the only way to buy movies is online not on the app. And you can play your movies also on YouTube then why even need this app?
  • Call them - refunds 1/5

    By KSK#
    They refunded my last six movies. Call them!! They will pay you back. The only way they will make it better as if everyone demands a refund. Horrible app!! No updates on app in 7 MONTHS!!!
  • Not optimized for x, xs, xs max 1/5

    By Venkatgnex
    Can’t believe movies are not allowing for full screen
  • Purchases 2/5

    By Lovep_m247
    I would like to purchase more movies, that option is no longer available? my son who happens to have a spectrum disorder enjoys the convent play of his favorite movies. It part of god daily routine!!! We hope this problem is fixed soon!! Thank you
  • App purchase 2/5

    By jcfreak7257
    Do not like that I cannot purchase movies from the app. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Having to purchase online and then save the movie to your phone ( while you’re on WiFi , because you can’t stream the movie on your data ) is ridiculous. Come on Google! Step it up!
  • Loses Downloaded Movies with Multiple Google Accounts 1/5

    By groove_guru
    So before I went on vacation, I downloaded a load of movies with my personal Gmail Account. During the vacation I added a couple of G Suite accounts; all of my movies are tied to my personal account yet Google Play decided to log me out of my personal account, log me into an account I haven’t used in years, and left me without any downloaded movies. I logged back into my personal account only to find that all my movies were removed, but in Settings, it showed that I had 17GB of data used for downloaded movies stuck within the Play Movies app. So disappointed, going to Movies Anywhere or back to Apple TV, Google must have used interns to test this app!
  • Gave three stars cuz I have a question 3/5

    By Tigerguy 101
    I downloaded it and looked up Kim Possible and it showed the movie “so not the drama” and then saw a picture of Kim and Ron which looked like it would be on the dvd case of a season but I didn’t see any seasons for download or purchase. Why is that?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By rjacknielson
    Horrible app not set up well do not recommend
  • App don’t work? 1/5

    By Ron's Cafe Americain
    Think I used the app one time, now it don’t work so good buy and good luck... in app purchases don’t work so it’s useless
  • Needs work 2/5

    By noneofyourbusi
    An okay app but could use some work. As I like to travel with just my iPad, and would like to be able to see the price of the movies and the ability to rent movies. All you can do is see what movies they offer and download it after you get it from a computer.
  • Please update this app 1/5

    By MoreCowBell999
    We need the ability to sort our library by date added. We are Google customers that use iOS apps. Please don’t forget us. These features, and more, are available on Android.
  • Horrible unable to play movies rent them do amazon instead 1/5

    By jxisoekndnd
    Unfortunately it’s not good anymore it used to be great but for the past month I’ve had it if she’s playing movies that I bought
  • Bar always present on iPhone XS 1/5

    By JJbBotha
    Bar is always present and huge bezels both horizontally and vertically
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By cyhach13
    We need an update that allows us to fit the image to the full iPhone X screen.
  • Where is the fast forwards and backwards? 4/5

    By Thexpanda
    Where is the fast forwards and backwards?
  • Only trailers 1/5

    By kmeb7
    When I clicked to watch a movie all it showed was the trailer, I figured I’d have to download or pay somehow but it wouldn’t let me or tell me how to watch the full movie
  • Can’t pass code entry 1/5

    By ebtxguy
    On roku trying to set up first time. Manual entry of code... and nothing. Noted same complaint on other recents reviews.
  • Subtitles 1/5

    By isaacg89
    Subs are not working. Very dissatisfied.
  • How can it be so bad? 1/5

    By joseluisramirezsantos
    All I wanted was to set up my latest model Samsung tv. Well. No way to do that. Couldn’t pass the entering code part, app not working. What a waste of time
  • Quintessential second-class Google app 1/5

    By Dom B L
    Update: zero day bugs that are years old still present in the app. Worst example: the app basically freezes indefinitely (I usually just get fed up and force quit) when trying to browse the Library with the “Downloaded only” flag set. Original review: Search, Maps, Gmail/Calendar, YouTube, etc. are tier one: updated frequently, periodic new features, well-maintained. Voice, Wallet ("Pay Send"???) and Movies are in the second tier: poorly maintained, buggy, and feature set languishing at what's essentially a MVP. Thank you for three updates in a year, and finally releasing iPhone X support 7 months late. I've happily spent hundreds on Google Play content because of cross platform support, but to the PM of this product: PLEASE get your sht together, ask for more resources, and bring this app into line with the YouTube app's functionality and polish. Or just EOL this app and allow downloading and better browsing for my purchases in the YouTube app. Save me from the AppleTunes and Bezos Prime walled gardens.
  • Apple is Greedy and non competitive. 5/5

    By JE19821012
    This app is great other than the fact Apple is so anti competitive they won’t let google sell movies on their OS. Complete BS. Other than that, app is great. I will just buy my movies through the web interface and call it good. Yeah, you sure showed me Apple.... smh.
  • 🤔 3/5

    By 챠뉘
    pls support fullscreen mode for X series
  • Great App 5/5

    By NewsFan67
    Works fine. I like to stream movies from my library to chromecast. Picture quality is really good as well.
  • Not good 2/5

    By lol lol joke
    Not good
  • Google 1/5

    By bigjke
    It only had trailers no movies
  • Terrible GUI and Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Same as the others, trash devs
    It takes way too long to get back into a show you’re currently watching. There’s no resume button and it makes you scroll the whole way down in addition to the 5 presses more than should be necessary. Also, the app crashes constantly, deleting all progress in the movie or episode and nothing is being done to address that. Save your time and go get Netflix or Hulu
  • It’s alright 2/5

    By jlan18
    I like it for my son bc it’s the only platform that has Sarah & Duck. But it lags more often than not - error messages are common even on my smart tv. I also think it should auto play series shows; it’s lacking on that front.
  • Can't register roku tv 1/5

    By GodzCl4n
    IPhone. Doesn't register tv with app. Tried typing in code and tapping next, but it won't proceed. Can't actually buy movies with this.fix app.
  • No good 1/5

    By jamal mac
    Downloaded app on my iPhone and can’t rent/buy movies because in app purchases not supported on my iPhone X. = DELETED.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Justscho
    Tried this app on two different devices. It keeps randomly jumping back to the opening credits (audio stays on current scene for some reason) or it just freezes every few minutes.
  • Needs work! 2/5

    By TS-Jessica D B
    My advice don’t use on any Apple device you can watch your movies you’ve purchased on google play tv through YouTube instead I do all the time on my IPod can’t download the movies though that’s a biggest down side doing this way I wish they would fix that issue in the future but I don’t have any problems playing the videos though I always mine connected to the internet when it’s possible for movies but when I can’t I just listen to my audible app instead or use my amazon music to.
  • Won’t let me add tv 1/5

    By Pathology27
    Under settings I add the code and click next, but nothing happens. It’s as if the button is broken. How many year has this app been out? And it still has these horrible bugs. Glad I don’t have Android...
  • Difficult to browse 2/5

    By DSnow3
    Difficult to browse for movies and TV shows. The UI needs improvement. App is not ready for prime time
  • Update? 2/5

    By ImC2theB
    When will this be updated to filter movies by quality? I’d like to see the movies I own I. 4K. Also, update the Google Play app for Roku TV while you’re at it. I mainly use Vudu because it’s better in every way except family sharing.
  • DONT BOTHER. Can’t watch right away. 1/5

    By EllaaaBellaa12
    I had an option between buying a movie through this app, YouTube or amazon prime. I usually use prime but decided to try something new. I pay for the movie. Download the app and of course IT DOESN'T WORK. It keeps saying to watch without connection you need to download the movie, meanwhile IM CONNECTED TO WIFI. So, now I’ve been waiting 30 min and it’s only 1/4 downloaded. Oh and I have a time limit to watch the movie for a school discussion !! Had to purchase through another site. Will be getting my money back. Even connected yo WiFi and having data, I still would’ve had to wait for it to download, SLOWLY. Waste of time.
  • LG TVs not compatible. 1/5

    By Faithy_baby
    If your trying to set this up, quit. It’s impossible. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to buy a whole other remote. Lg TVs have a long and tedious and rather annoying process to set it up. Not to mention the 4 different apps, and different subscriptions needed to buy it.
  • Fail 1/5

    By will2017a
    Okay, so I intended to carry on using Google Play TV & Movies after going to iPhone as I had actually paid for a few things. Well guess what, the app won’t let me download a movie I bought, and now I cannot use the stupid thing to login to the play tv & movie app on a smart tv. What the heck guys!? I use android for nearly 6yrs and now I’m ready to just about wash my hands of it. I keep up with all your ridiculous login demands, hop through your hoops and yet you’re stuff is NOT working when it’s things “I PAID FOR” that is NOT acceptable. Thus my reason for the title, you are failing. When someone pays for something, and you make a sub standard app because you hate apple, this makes you seem genuinely petty. You lost me to your phones when they nearly doubled in cost, and the insurance on the phone tripled. Yet apple stay at competitive prices and higher functionality. This is why so many won’t even consider Android. You make it too hard, ask too much and your products don’t always work. FYI I’m copying and sending this through email to a friend. She is right, this isn’t acceptable.
  • Terrible customer service!!! 1/5

    By akasuboski10
    This app allows purchase of seasons however most episodes don’t appear in a timely manner… Sometimes not for several days or weeks. Also, after downloading a show that You have purchased you are NOT able to PLAY it on your television and must stream it through the Internet instead, which can completely defeats the purpose of downloading it in the first place. SOOOO FRUSTRATING!

Google Play Movies & TV app comments

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