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Google Play Music App

Google Play Music gives you millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any situation. Powered by Google, we serve up music based on where you are and why you’re listening, getting smarter and more assistive as we get to know your tastes. Subscribe to create playlists, listen offline, and get ad-free YouTube Music with YouTube Music Premium (where available). Free Features: *Radio based on songs, artists, and albums, plus thousands of playlists hand-crafted by music experts (free n the U.S. and Canada; requires subscription elsewhere) *Recommendations based on taste, activity, mood, location, and more *Storage and streaming for up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection, at no cost Subscription Features: *Ad-free, uninterrupted listening *On-demand access to over 40 million songs *Offline listening *YouTube Music Premium membership at no additional cost (where available) *The family plan, where up to six family members get Google Play Music for one low price (where available) Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Google Play Music app reviews

  • Connect to WiFi 1/5

    By BlocParty
    Can’t connect? Wth.
  • Similar... 1/5

    By player 567890
    I have only had this for two minites it is now bad it only plays stuff dat is similar to my music terrible app
  • CarPlay Issues 3/5

    By MDAskey
    It doesn’t work so well in Apple CarPlay. You don’t have the option to like or dislike songs to add them and it crashes a lot. It also disables Siri until you exit the app.
  • Periodic crashes on CarPlay 3/5

    By ya boy t sizzle
    I keep my iOS up-to-date but I never know if the app will work with CarPlay on any given day.
  • Cast button gone after recent iOS upgrade 5/5

    By corbeelee
    I love the google play app. Use it daily to play music on my google home device. However, after the recent upgrade the cast button is gone and I can’t cast music to my google home. Can you please fix this.
  • It’s time for an overhaul 1/5

    By Jaydemir
    I’ve used Google Play Music since Google acquired songza (years ago). I’ve used it on numerous devices, even Google branded ones. It’s terribly sad to see that something as simple as a music app is as unstable as it is. Songs in a playlist skip over for seemingly no reason, the UI is clunky, and this isn’t even an all inclusive list of bugs from non iOS devices. I know one star is harsh for an otherwise ok app, but this is from years of issues across multiple platforms. Either overhaul the app or tear it down and rebuild it from scratch.
  • Great for playing similar artists 5/5

    By johndoep
    Greatly overall lit
  • Library keeps disappearing 2/5

    By Corbperez
    Hundreds of songs that have taken a while to accumulate, all gone. They reappear every once in a while. Tried reinstalling app, signing back in, connecting to different WiFi’s, and using mobile data. Please fix this or I'm moving over to another service.
  • Can't listen to the music on my phone 1/5

    By GavinNight
    I can't listen to the music that's downloaded onto my phone in this app. Why?
  • Apple car play buggy 2/5

    By exit27trails
    Using this in Apple car play is terrible. The screen blanks out constantly, and when it isn't blank, choosing different playlists or tracks hangs the UI. Not sure who is at fault but I will blame both Google and Apple! Far less serious but still annoying is that it sometimes plays a different track for a half second before moving to the next one. Please fix the Apple Car Play issues!
  • Lacks Equilizer or any real way to adjust audio 3/5

    By fl-owl
    Besides "high" or "low" This is a music streaming app that lacks any real way to adjust or balance audio. For ios (what i have) it doesnt even have an equilizer to provide these options via! but it still has a lot of music and a wonderful recommendation ai. so its not a failure of a music service. In fact these qualities are great enough to bring a zero star audio app up to three stars imho.
  • Buggy and only getting worse 2/5

    By Coolcrowe
    Seems like more and more often I’m trying to listen to songs on here and get the “Can’t play right now, try again later” error. Hmm google, every other song on this album is playing fine right now, why can’t you play this one? And once it decides it doesn’t wanna play a song, no refreshing the app or reconnecting to data will solve the issue, it’s like the app refuses to even try and load it again. Been a google fan for years but this is making me look into other options, if I’m paying to hear music I expect to be able to listen to the songs I want to hear.
  • Update deleted my library 1/5

    By Jayceepop
    I kept getting errors saying that the app couldn’t play music right now so I updated my app to the latest version, but then I noticed it deleted my entire library of music except for one song.
  • Enable this for Apple Watch! 2/5

    By ewenk1
    I love this music app and have an extensive library. However, I wish this would work for Apple Watch.
  • Queen 4/5

    By Quake-Filéy
    I finally found an app that works I’m so happy 😭
  • Lyrics 3/5

    By godzaheer
    My only complaint to switching to google music is I can’t see the lyrics while listening. Can we develop this pleaseeeeee
  • It won’t let me play the music I want. 1/5

    By Ashla NightShade
    It just gives me a playlist with a song pertaining to the song I looked up, however, it only lets me play the playlist. The song I looked up wasn’t even in the playlist at all. Then a bit later, it just quits on me like it suddenly crashed. I don’t know what’s wrong about this, but it needs to be fixed.
  • Help 5/5

    By yay JK
    Hey how do I subscribe to google music
  • Volume terribly low on XS Max since 13.1.2, and other issues 1/5

    By longboardista79
    After updating to 13.1.2 volume is extremely low on XS Max via earbuds (not airpods). Bluetooth to my Kanto YU6 speakers is terribly low as well. Turned up to max volume sounds like raspy whispers. Will not connect via BT to car anymore, have to plug in via USB. PC login weirdness where it opens multiple tabs on to repeatedly login. I mainly use it on my phone at work or to connect in my car. When it did work it was awesome. UI makes sense to me, the suggested music makes sense based on my library also has a decent amount of foreign and or obscure small release stuff (7” , bsides etc...). Please update and have it “play” better with ios and apple in general. Never been a fan of iTunes, Google Music made sense to me, I have the family plan to share with others. I may have to move on to an app that works. Been using this app for many years.
  • Needs a few things 4/5

    By FutureCabinHermit
    Needs dark mode for iOS 13, CarPlay enhancements, and an Apple Watch app that streams straight from the service (no phone needed).
  • buggy 1/5

    By onegrizz
    terrible and very buggy
  • iOS 13 CarPlay completely broken 1/5

    By SebastianHening
    Please fix CarPlay. This is unacceptable
  • Really embarrassingly bad 1/5

    By 🎇❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🎆
    Does not play well with Apple CarPlay
  • Awful 1/5

    By Jim Cos.
    I've been using this app for ten years and it's barely changed. There are many annoying things about their interface I don't have the time to go into them. If I had any free time I would switch to Spotify.
  • Where are the podcasts? 1/5

    By Martha's Foolish Ginger
    My friends on Android swear by google play for their podcasts. I downloaded it to see if it was better than the Apple one, but I can’t get podcasts on it
  • I pay for this service 1/5

    By ZimbieFan2010
    But I can’t play music!!! It keeps telling me it can’t play at this time!! What in the world am I paying for!? Fix the problems!!!!!!!
  • Google Play 5/5

    By FloodGates0119
    Google play is awesome and I love it
  • Best music app ever 5/5

    By Krisbord
    This game lets me choose any music I want. I even listen to it at school when I can. Oops! I honestly think you should buy the app right now!
  • ios 13 casting broken 1/5

    By theman1139114
    absurd - big company like this, you can’t have bugs this obvious when ios 13 was in beta for how long!?
  • Awesome music discovery, terrible app 2/5

    By PhilCO82
    This would be a 5-star app if it was stable. The music discovery (instantly create an automatic station from any playlist to hear similar songs) is the best out there. I’ve used Spotify, Rdio, Amazon, Pandora, etc. and Google Play has the best recommendations. I discovered some of my recent favorite artists all thanks to this app. I’m deducting 3 stars for the app’s instability. It does not work with CarPlay, period. When I’m connected to the Kenwood in my car and I open this app, it crashes. 100% of the time. The screen goes black for a second and the app disappears. I literally cannot play music through CarPlay, which is something I want to do on a regular basis. If the stability were improved this would be my go-to music app. Until then, I often rely on Spotify.
  • Becoming Outdated 3/5

    By Christopher Allen Mojito
    This app is generally the same as it has always been on iOS, which is to say, has not evolved in really any way. It works, it is pretty reliable, but there aren’t enough browsing improvements or app conveniences like a widget or force touch peeking that this app could really use. The tile formate is tired, and when I look at other music apps, I am really disappointed by the exploratory options to browse music with google play music. Google is putting a lot of energy into its other apps while this one seems pretty ignored.
  • Casting no more with iOS 13 3/5

    By 5ZaB\%q6eQcm+UW
    Casting to Chromecast Audio doesn’t work anymore since iOS 13 came along. Casting does work from Google Home and YouTube Music. Please fix!
  • .... Been crashing a lot lately 5/5

    By The_Real_BZA
    Well I’m back, SAME CRASHING PROBLEM !!! ... My drive to work takes 20 minutes ... Today it crashed 7 TIMES !!! C’mon, I live in America not Iraq ... I expect way better service
  • Latest update skips songs frequently 2/5

    By mdhenry2010
    Since last update the app skips songs on a sequential playlist frequently, even though I have the playlist downloaded on my device. Shouldn't be happening if network isn't required to play.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Tryin to help
    I’ve been using google play for years and now it can’t even support Bluetooth properly. I have the brand new pro max 11 and it connects to my brand new hose qc 35 IIs and then disconnects every 15seconds. Inferior product by google. I’m supremely let down. How hard is it... Bluetooth has been around for over a decade.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By csdalporto
    Freezes and crashes every day. Music frequently interrupted. Barely usable.
  • Completely broken in iOS13 1/5

    By dbeil1
    Songs won’t play at all and CarPlay is useless. Horrible app that is never updated and constantly buggy.
  • Amazing for streaming music 5/5

    By Tango_Foxt
    Great platform to listen to your favorite artists.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By SX4Thumper
    I have a little over 400 songs on my playlist, when I go to edit my list and delete a song it doesn’t delete the song I chose instead it deletes a random song off my playlist... and how am I supposed to know what song of the 400+ it has deleted??? It’s getting annoying it’s been an issue for about 5-6 months now other then that it’s an amazing app, I just don’t like when something messes with my music because my music is what cures my ADHD and lets me focus
  • cast button missing after updated to ios13 1/5

    By 111lyx
    Please solve it
  • Really? 1/5

    By Faith in humanity for animals
    My entire song collection recently disappeared, nothin remained. I can’t even go back and add the songs back into my playlists. Ridiculous.
  • Needs a couple of things 3/5

    By Watchimacallit
    I loved this on Android and now having “migrated” to iOS I can’t fathom having to find all my music on the Apple Music apps so having an iOS version is awesome. However, it could use a couple of key features that aren’t here in this version but are in the aOS version. 1. Ability to drag songs in a playlist below or above so you can have them in the order you want them in within the playlist. Right now I have to go to my old android device and arrange the songs in that particular playlist then wait for the internet to register the change through the google play database and transition the change across the board which then updates it to how it’s arranged on my iPhone. 2. On Android if I want to remove a song from a playlist but not from my music library (and other playlists the song may be on) I can via “remove from playlist” option. But on iOS I can’t. The only option is “remove from library” which removes it from the phone completely. That means if I add get an idea for a different playlist I think a song fits better in and add it there, then want to delete it from the original playlist it gets removed completely from the phone and has to be downloaded again to the new playlist while the Android version simply has a “remove from playlist” option which prevents that extra hassle. 3. Also it would be nice to have songs actually on my iPhone device recognized by this app so O can add them to playlists like I could on Android instead of having to go to a different Apple Music app when I want to listen to those songs, but that could be an iOS issue possibly 🤔 I love the app otherwise
  • CarPlay is broken after iOS 13 1/5

    By spencerchow
    CarPlay barely worked in iOS 12 and is completely broken in iOS 13.
  • F*** YouTube Music 5/5

    By Vincent Jenks
    I’ve been a family plan customer for almost ten years. If you force me to use YouTube Music and retire this app, I’ll move to Spotify.
  • 3.53.1003 can’t play the song I want; keeps skipping to next song, 1/5

    By Biomed engineer
    I can’t play the song I want; it keeps skipping to next song, then next, then next, without starting to play all those songs.. If I keep forcing it to play the song I want, then maybe in 10th try it’ll play. So annoying,,,,
  • Good music selection. Bad UI 4/5

    By Jdjsisjebjfjebsjciowlwkbfjxjs
    The user interface needs to be worked on to look more clean. We should also have the option to sort our albums by Artists, not just alphabetical order. Other than that it’s great.
  • Constantly crashes and freezes 2/5

    By Silvo C.
    I used google music on my pixel phones and absolutely loved it. Even signed up for premium. Now that I’ve switched to iPhone however, I have a different opinion. This app constantly crashes, freezes, or outright just doesn’t work on iOS. Sometimes it won’t load, sometimes it’ll just freeze if you try to skip too many songs too fast. Sometimes it crashes trying to load one of my playlists. Actually had to power down my phone to get it to unfreeze. I like google music, but I expected better from google
  • No support 2/5

    By ADofCLE
    Google hasn’t updated this app, in 3 months (at the time of this review). Music randomly stops playing, with an error message “this song can’t be played right now”. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Android, or iOS. No matter the network you’re on. Data, WiFi, it doesn’t matter. Contacted support, and they told me to clear the cache. I did, and what ya know? It still didn’t work. I pay for a service, and I expect that service to work. Instead of focusing on YouTube Music (which fills your regular YouTube history btw), they should be focusing on improving an already established service.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By -/:;,.(:
    I wanted to hear music but when I signed up it told me to go to the website I went there but I still couldn’t sign up so I decided the app is useless for me.I would rate this a 0 if I could

Google Play Music app comments

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