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Google Play Music App

Google Play Music gives you millions of songs and thousands of playlists for any situation. Powered by Google, we serve up music based on where you are and why you’re listening, getting smarter and more assistive as we get to know your tastes. Subscribe to create playlists, listen offline, and get ad-free YouTube Music with YouTube Music Premium (where available). Free Features: *Radio based on songs, artists, and albums, plus thousands of playlists hand-crafted by music experts (free n the U.S. and Canada; requires subscription elsewhere) *Recommendations based on taste, activity, mood, location, and more *Storage and streaming for up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection, at no cost Subscription Features: *Ad-free, uninterrupted listening *On-demand access to over 40 million songs *Offline listening *YouTube Music Premium membership at no additional cost (where available) *The family plan, where up to six family members get Google Play Music for one low price (where available) Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Google Play Music app reviews

  • Beware 2/5

    By Robert matthies
    For a company like google this streaming service is honestly disappointing. A laggy interface and a confusing and useless layout makes it hard to use and hard to get used to. It has limited sharing features and playlist sharing is better not attempted. Needless to say I’m happy to be switching services.
  • Purchase music 2/5

    By donuts5
    How come I can’t purchase music in the app no more?
  • Apple Watch app 3/5

    By Fastrides2015
    It needs Apple Watch app to stream or download to my watch
  • Won’t play continuously! 2/5

    By helpmerhonda72
    Big issue is that it will play 2 or 4 songs on shuffle, and then just stop.
  • Very buggy and annoying 2/5

    By Phantasma_X
    Maybe google spends more time developing software on the app to spy on users rather than fixing it. In all seriousness, it’s very buggy and the songs stutter just about every time i play it. Coming from one of the most sophisticated companies on earth, this is unacceptable
  • Don’t waste your time! 1/5

    By nealpoleon
    I used to really love the Songza app, and I was really hoping Google could make a good thing great, but I’m so disappointed with Google’s attempt at a music app. On my iPhone 7 the app constantly locks up and stops playing music. The free version has way to many commercials and most of them are for new music on YouTube. Some of the music they advertise is horrible and encourages me to just stop using the app. There are so many better products out there. Google should have just stuck with what Songza was doing.
  • Makes no sense 1/5

    By kkkcCapricorn
    It makes no sense. When I search up a song it brings me to a radio station! Gosh darn it! I don’t want a radio station, i want a song!
  • New music by genre?? 2/5

    By harrowingblonde
    It was gone, then back, now it’s gone again?? Or is it just hidden somewhere? It makes me super sad not to be able to find new music!!
  • Buggy as all get-out. 1/5

    By BasketCase209
    This app really is only useful for listening. Playlists are impossible. When you reorder them or delete a song, it appears correct until you click done and then it’ll move/delete the wrong songs. If you don’t have a computer or Android device to make playlists on then don’t even bother trying this service. Some songs are clipped weird so you hear the intro to other song s at the ending several of my favorite CDs aren’t even on here. Overall, it’s trash.
  • Top review said good but not comparable 5/5

    By Eddboolin
    I have both Apple Music and Tidal that’s free with my plan. So I own all three music platforms and enjoy all of them for different reasons. If I had to choose between the three I’d go with Google play. I’ll explain. I’m a dog walker in NYC so my day consists of listening mostly to music and podcasts. With the Google play YouTube red combo I have a bunch of variety and can not only listen to music but to virtually anything I can find on YouTube. With tidal and Apple Music I notice that after I finish searching my go to songs I feel so lost about what to listen to next. Granted apple and tidal both have hip hop playlist but god they just consist of whatever’s out now. Google play is basically all playlist with the option to search songs, i get variety and they are soo good at keeping a vibe unlike what I found with the others. I’ve been put on to most of the songs I like now by google play music and it gets mixed in with goodies but oldies. Keep it up guys Ed from the Bx NYC
  • Going down hill 2/5

    By axe queen
    I’ve had this app for a couple years now and really like it. However, the last month or so, it decides sometimes that my phone doesn’t have enough storage to stream music? I even check and I have multiple gigs left. It also likes to play and ad when I go to a station (which isn’t the bad part), play two songs and then freeze on the next ad. I then try to go to another station or close out and re-open the app and it just doesn’t work for the rest of the day sometimes.
  • Needs maintenance 4/5

    By BlueHeroWCUT
    When I first used the app, it worked perfectly, but when I started adding more and more songs, the app started wigging out. Now, I have to delete a song under the song to delete the song I originally planned to remove. Confusing, right? And my songs went completely out of the order I had first placed them in. Me having OCD doesn’t help this situation very much. The music still plays very well and the shuffle option is accurate...? Is that the word to use? Anyway, please check these things out and the app will be perfect.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By gnebbb
    After the last two of so updates, the app seems to crash a lot.
  • Google aggressive ads 1/5

    By Sportsman85081
    Google to aggressively advertising there own services. Maybe after they push people away with there annoying ads they will just go somewhere else. This type of advertising should be banned. If you produce a good product you don’t need to advertise. People will just buy it as long as the price is just. Keep driving your customers away with you crappy apps, privacy violations and your junk OS.
  • Issue lately freezing at adds 2/5

    By jacunwodbe
    Had this app since it was songza. Love it for workouts but lately it freezes up every time it gets to a commercial. Only way to get I going again is to exit, close out the app and restart the more you do this though you get an add after every song, so it freezes after every song and you have to go through the restart after each song. Hope thy fix this soon.
  • New “Update” is a Downgrade 3/5

    By nicknames shouldnt beunique
    The new update that puts Top Songs and Albums above Library is a downgrade. Please make an option to turn those off. I only want/use the Library. This adds extra scrolling and confusion while driving. Also would be awesome if the explicit version of a song was the default. Can’t stand the forced censorship of my uploaded songs. At least give me the option when uploading. Also this app is loads better than the Youtube Music app, so please stop the change over to that.
  • Music 5/5

    By kiesha5
    This a good app to use
  • Not compatible 3/5

    By rlaugle
    Love the app just wish it was more compatible with iPhone. It always has problems playing songs when I go to skip them.
  • Messes up phone 1/5

    By Cm450
    I downloaded this app and it messed up my phone i recommend that you don’t download this app.
  • Bad software 1/5

    By martinwake
    So many bugs on this app focus on it more! You swipe to delete a song and it deletes the one over it so bad!
  • BROKEN! 1/5

    By FalconAZ
    The last update was 6 months ago and I’ve been giving my feedback every time there’s an issue. This app is not stable. If you click on a banner notification, the app crashes. If you give a song a thumbs up, then open ANY other app, the app crashes. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the thumbs up doesn’t sync right. I will play my thumbs up playlist and it won’t show that I gave it a thumbs up. If I start a radio station it won’t show which ones I liked, so naturally I’ll click on the thumbs up just to make sure it’s on the list, only to find out I’ve inadvertently REMOVED hundreds of songs from my thumbs up playlist. If it wasn’t for the family plan Google offers I’d jump ship faster than you can google “jump ship.”
  • Very Good app 4/5

    By drummerbronx
    I would like to see CrossFade. Spotify and Tidal are the only ones I’ve come across. I love it. However, they don’t have all the latest music like Google play music and that goes for 🍎. Please bring CrossFade and I will title excellent. Also five stars. I also love YouTube Music.
  • Just a disaster 1/5

    By SingleServPepper
    They don't update often at all. Last version is 6 months old. No watch app, missing the best features found on my Android device. Switching family account to Apple music or Spotify.
  • App Icon Is An Eyesore 1/5

    By Danny Ocean 3000
    Change the app icon at a minimum please
  • Great music 5/5

    By Chi and
    Love this app
  • Google Play Music Apple CarPlay 1/5

    By Dawhyte86
    I love Google Play Music for it's integration with everything I own but it gets a 1 star for now due to how broken Apple Carplay is and how unsafe it is to use Google Play Music. When you first launch it, it displays just a black screen saying Getting Music and then either stays black or says Null. You then need to unplug your phone and plug it back in to get it to display properly. This is obviously very unsafe to fumble with the cord and phone just to get your music started.
  • This is making me delete my photos until I have a lil bit 2/5

    By haba hoo ba
    When I go to this app it’s amazing!!but the only problem is that it keeps saying my storage is full it is true I have a lot but when I delete it only lets me listen to one song and then delete more for more songs.And I deleted 120 PHOTOS and it STILL SAID I HAD TO MUCH PHOTOS at that point I had enough and wrote a 2 star and this review.😬😠😐
  • Not as as good as apple music 1/5

    By Moss 11
    Doesn't have as much music as apple music and randomly deleted all of my data in my account.
  • Good but freezes constantly 3/5

    By Hairynippage
    I like the different genre groupings. My biggest problem with it is, most of the time, when an ad is supposed to come on, it just stops playing, and I have to close down the app and reopen it.
  • Playlist 1/5

    By Inmycudizone
    Songs on my playlist not work. Just skipping to one song. Works on my Samsung smh.
  • Price is what keeps me loyal, not the app 3/5

    By Vegas Vaca
    The app really needs to be updated and cleaned up. Many artists have multiple copies of albums cluttering their page so it’s tough to find content you want or even the specific album instance you may have locally downloaded. The interface should allow more gestures to act as controls such as swiping to go back to a previous screen. It would also be nice to control how items display (tiles, list) on different pages. Also some functionality like sharing playlists would be amazing-even if it was limited to others on your family account. At the end of the day, it gets the job done but it could be improved greatly and would make it an unbeatable service when also considering the family plan pricing.
  • What I think 5/5

    By what's up 89😜
    It’s a easy music app Fast and easy music playing fast for on the go
  • Why is it so buggy now? 2/5

    By BigBossIsPrettyCoolM8
    It was just fine before but now it forces me to hard reset my entire phone just to listen to music, and sometimes it does it AGAIN after only allowing me to listen to one song. It keeps telling me that it can't play any music because I don't have any storage space, I do, and I don't understand why it NEEDS storage space for songs I am STREAMING from the internet.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Wrockmann
    Downloading music is frustrating. Frequently fails and doesn’t automatically retry.
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By AshleyClarie
    Does not work like it’s supposed to supports solution uninstall and install again but apple simply restores old version why not just make an app that works with out me having to pull out the cartridge and blow on it for it function properly. This app is not worth it for free let alone the $16 the subscription cost. Save yourself the time and frustration.
  • Buggy with CarPlay 3/5

    By Dmup
    It’s been terrible the last two months while using it with CarPlay. It used to be my to go app for music and now I rarely open it.
  • Best sound quality! 5/5

    By DeGalaxy
    Love you Google! Awesome Radio Stations!
  • Worst app on the App Store 1/5

    By cj10132000
    Great service with all my favorite music. Only every time I open the app now it crashes and closes me out of it. And if you delete the app It gets rid of your entire library. STILL CRASHES AFTER MONTHS
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Kendrick A Taylor
    Time to caught up with the times google the layout the font is horrible specially you have a android that’s not Samsung or LG. Please take notes form Samsung Lg or Apple Music thank you. Don’t get me started on the screen shot or the over blown up cover arts
  • More efficient 3/5

    By Faaaxcckkkkk I love it
    Can you please make it so that we can select multiple songs to build playlists faster??
  • Please update to iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 4/5

    By Etotabueno
    the application looks small, does not cover the full screen. Thanks
  • Cast music on iPhone to chromecast. 3/5

    By DJ Bigdad
    Subject says it all. Wish I could cast my music from my phone to the chromecast! Appreciate all insight.
  • Happy with the music 5/5

    By bluegrass bumpkin
    Nice mix of bands of artists I enjoy. Widened my list of groups I have seen and hope to see in person.
  • Where are the podcasts? 2/5

    By kiloalpharomeolima
    Why doesn’t this app have access to the podcasts I listen to on my phone? Or why isn’t there a separate podcast app? Life would be so much better if the podcasts I subscribed to on my Android phone could sync over to the iPad.
  • Good app 5/5

    By dr dickerus
    I wish it worked with Siri,
  • meh 3/5

    By Jordynsamb
    Generally great for music, it’s really the only music app I use, with Spotify as a distant second. The only reason I’m unsatisfied is that it doesn’t have a podcast feature for Apple products, like it does for Samsung.
  • Google Play Music Equalizer still hasn’t been added as promised! 2/5

    By Music 9.3.2
    I guys lied when you told me that google play music had an equalizer almost exactly like some android devices do but the thing is that you guys still lied to me after you told me that both Android and Apple device supported the equalizer so I come to find out that apparently the google play music app for apple does not have the equalizer so where’s it at then? It should be on her but it’s not y’all need to get your information straight and get these features released as promised! seariously step up the game google and get this stuff out there google geese is it to much to ask gosh!!
  • Don’t update the app 1/5

    By Chane95
    Updated the app and now it won’t let me listen to music keeps kicking me out
  • Renew subscription issue 4/5

    By HectorH45
    Been using this for my music for about 4 years now, easy to organize. But there needs to be an option for ios users to renew their subscription without having to use a desktop

Google Play Music app comments

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