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Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you. With Google News, you’ll see: Your briefing – It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about. With your briefing, easily stay in the know about what’s important and relevant to you. Your briefing updates throughout the day bringing you the top five stories you need to know, including local, national, and world content. Full coverage – Understand the full context on any story with just a tap. Google News gives you everything online about a story and organizes it for you – highlighting different perspectives, a timeline of key events, FAQs, important people, and more. Credible sources – Find quality content from a diverse set of credible publishers and discover sources you haven’t heard of before. Stories, for you – Keep up with what’s happening on the topics you care about, whether that’s travel, politics, sports, tech, or fashion.

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  • The old version is better! 1/5

    By Class of 80
    I am grateful that the new Google News app did not delete the old one because I could compare both versions. The old version is faster and manages the screen better. The new version is particularly annoying because it doesn’t show nearly as many headlines per screen.
  • Can’t choose the news 1/5

    By Free Sapiens
    For some reason, the app wants me to have news about North Korea. I tried to remove that like 100 times, and it is coming back. So it is forcing me to have the North Korean news... I am speechless.
  • Better before 1/5

    By Snufflemud
    It would be nice to be able to roll back to the previous version. I preferred the summary text rather than a full screen picture.
  • Poor layout. 3/5

    By jayslittlesister
    I love google news but I hate the large pictures. It was nice to have a small picture with a synopsis, and the ability to see more than one news story before scrolling down. Plus the white background is too bright.
  • No ability to filter keywords, only sources 2/5

    By Halfdeafmusic
    I spent all my time trying to get sports and celebrity news out of my feed. Literally I spent days “hiding” sources, scores of them. I won’t use this app until there’s an option to either filter keywords out, or say “no sports news in my feed”. You guys can do better.
  • Persian language??? 1/5

    By josefk62
    Persian language???
  • Works about 1% of time 1/5

    By traveling senior
    All I get most of the time is unknown error! This was my go to for fast news but now I go to lots of other apps. Can I get the old version back - please!!!
  • Glad I didn’t delete the old app 1/5

    By jb00723
    I know a lot of people have blazing fast WiFi and huge mobile screens, but there are also a lot of us that don’t. The huge images drown everything else out on my screen. I want to be able to quickly skim headlines for news, which means this app is fairly useless to me. Sticking with the older one unless they give this a redesign.
  • Great, But I Want to Block Fox News 4/5

    By amywastaken
    I love the variety and quality, but I don’t like getting stuck with Faux propaganda level garbage in my feed. And for whatever reason I get tons of news articles related to gaming that I’d also love to weed out. So more customization please!
  • Can’t get to subscriptions 1/5

    By Qpqpddd
    I have a subscription to the Washington Post (WP), but I can’t login from Google News. It wants me to manage my subscriptions through my Google Play account, which I don’t have and don’t want on my iPhone. On my Android tablet, I can’t reach the login page for the WP, continually looping around the the page that says login is required. I’m looking for another news app that doesn’t insert itself between me and my information sources.
  • Works good 4/5

    By daptahbah
    Found everything. works well. Still biased toward cnn.
  • Do not download, keep your old news app 1/5

    By subpar news app
    I wish I hadn’t downloaded this app. The format puts way too much emphasis on the images associated with news stories, rather than the actual news headline/description. I lost the condensed list view and groupings all on one page that I loved in the google news & weather app. Lastly, I can’t change the background to black, which causes me eye strain since I usually read the news in bed. I loathe this app. I’m actively searching Apple apps right now for an alternative news app. Google, you are usually better than this.... what happened?
  • Great info! 5/5

    By angang
    Easy access. Need to enhance titles and subheadings.
  • New style eliminates control, subjects user to excessive clickbate 1/5

    By 帅巴-J
    Google has rebuilt the app to eliminate user based topics and replaced it with pictures and clickbate articles. They have done a disservice to their users.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Joel_software_developer
    I’ve always like google as a news aggregator. The “for you” section is pretty good at suggesting relevant articles. The top news section is decent when it comes to showing articles from the right and left sides of the news spectrum. My only complaint is that if I’m using the app and have scrolled down a lot, and have to leave the app for a minute and open another app... sometimes when I open google news again it refreshes rather than leaving me where I left off. This can be annoying because I have to scroll past a lot of stuff to try to figure out where I was at. And sometimes it will even refresh the ordering. I wish it would wait for me to tell it if I want to refresh.
  • I just want the freaking local news. Can’t I get that? 1/5

    By Mother Mucca
    I want pinpointed news for my neighborhood, my city, my state, and a couple of very specific topics. This app gives me a mishmash of news that google thinks I’ll be interested in, which doesn’t seem to include anything that I am actually interested in. I looked at the settings, and I’ve included the search terms and locations I’m interested in. Also, it thinks I live in Seattle. Which I did, years ago, but don’t now, and I’m completely uninterested in. But when I push the local button, Seattle it is...
  • No necesitas ingresar a la app. 5/5

    By odeleyusa
    Es genial no tener que registrarse. Al fin algo bueno
  • Awful navigation 1/5

    By b-haydamack
    Old Google News And Weather app was so much better. This new one is a waste of screen real-estate and the navigation is really bad. Too much imagery. I’ll be looking for something better with better navigation.
  • Can’t use LA Times subscription with app 1/5

    By mrbofus
    There’s no way to sign into an LA Time subscription with this app.
  • 😀 5/5

    By Angel~Raven
    Very good, and I would prefer it.
  • Don’t download this app!!! 1/5

    By Oggin
    If you have the old one keep it. This is bloated and makes you hunt for news. Not user friendly.
  • No “compact” mode, jittery scrolling on iPhone 7 1/5

    By Jason6851
    Please add a compact mode so I don’t have to scroll through large images in the headlines, and fix scrolling performance. Sticking with the old news app for now.
  • New vs Old 1/5

    By bohley
    I prefer the old format which was much easier to scan for items of interest. New version is big on graphics and short on content with too many layers to details. Great pictures, bad content! The more I use it the less I like it. Time to look for an alternative after being a loyal longtime user.
  • Widget 4/5

    By fmdkekdodjehwodnr
    Please fix widget on ios12. Thanks
  • “Fewer stories like this” simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By damcarls
    I’ve have used the “Fewer stories like this” feature every time I use the app, but Google still ALWAYS pushes stories about the Patriots, WWE, the royal family, and Johnny Galecki...topics I couldn’t care less about. I give up.
  • Outstanding app I ever seen.Even better with signed-Out mode 5/5

    By BestReader
    Kudos to Google for giving us such a wonderful experience.I would definitely recomme to others.
  • Miss the quick to scan summaries 1/5

    By zzjems
    It takes too long to see the news headlines. Too many photos.
  • Big photos, not much news 1/5

    By MadCityJim
    I downloaded and used it for a couple of days. There are really big pictures, not much news. Bars of graphics auto scroll across the screen but not much news. Videos auto play. In my opinion, a news app should show you news - that includes words - not just pictures. Deleted this app already.
  • Could Be Great 3/5

    By Roguemonk
    Appreciate this iteration of Google News. It has been missed. UNFORTUNATELY, am unable to log in to subscriptions for Wired, The New Yorker, etc. that I subscribe to. The screen simply blacks out. If this is fixed, would revise rating to 5 Stars...
  • I hate the new app! 1/5

    By PowerUser85
    The new format requires you to scroll forever to see what’s happening. The old app was much better, with quick overviews, so you can read what interests you. Google! Fire your new app designers and go back to a quick overview!
  • Clearly expresses left media bias 1/5

    By Ved on arrival
    I disliked, his and blocked many news stories and channels but the same sources kept popping up in my feed over and over again. Eventually I decided to delete the app.
  • A bit of a Google misfire 3/5

    By EricInChicago
    There’s lots to like about getting so many diverse news options in one place. However, unlike Apple News, some sources (Washington Post, if I recall) have limits on the number of free articles you can read in a month. And I’d like to find an option to tone down the graphics (like the floating text over the pictures on the main screen).
  • Unwieldy 2/5

    By 2much!
    Avalanche of stories with confusing, ineffective tools to winnow and focus personal priorities. Glitzy but ultimately like trying to drink from a fire hose.
  • To much Surfacing 1/5

    By badview
    I would like a screen with more headlines and less pictures/videos.
  • Excellent source to get multiple viewpoints 5/5

    By typxyr
    I love to see the differences of options on ideas.
  • App is great; iPhone widget NEEDS fix 3/5

    By Hiit Hot Gurl
    I enjoy the google news app and I’m glad I downloaded it. However, the corresponding widget has a massive flaw that the developers should put at the top of their to-do prioritization list. It really doesn’t work. It constantly will flash a few seconds of preview of the 4 suggested stories they present in the widget, and then they disappear, replaced by a gray screen and the message “unable to load”. Google, you do SO many things and have so many apps...take the time to fix this widget bug to stay in the game against the apple news app!!
  • Using up too much data 2/5

    By Melchiah_III
    While I love the app itself, it refreshes at random time when I’m not connected to WiFi and uses up a lot of data. In the past couple of days this app has used up nearly 300Mb of my cellular data. Google needs to program this app to refresh only when WiFi is available so it stops using up my monthly quota for data!
  • Lots of wasted space 1/5

    By k19711971
    With all the huge images, you can only see a couple of stories before you have to scroll. The zooming in on still images is really distracting. Text in pictures instead of a white background is much harder to read. Horrible UI.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Disappointed in Bloomberg
    Keeps crashing on virtually every article I click.
  • Battery issues 3/5

    By Mcmman
    Useful but drains battery more than other news reader apps
  • GOT spoilers 1/5

    By trb321
    Difficult to control content, always giving me Game of Thrones spoilers.
  • No local news 1/5

    By Ljbarber
    I can’t seem to get my local news anymore.
  • Old format was better 1/5

    By Sja30004
    I liked the old format better 🙁
  • Thank you so much 5/5

    By Rinny rinRin1
    Thank you for the updates There are times that I don’t have time to checkCheck the TV for updates or real time news so having this app is good to have to give me updates and real time what’s going on in the world just to have a connection and to take my mind off of my own problems or issues and to see that there are bigger things going on in the world bigger then what I’m going through! P
  • Bloated app 2/5

    By Jsbeez
    Went from simple to bloated app. Goodbye G news.
  • Ugh, how awful... 1/5

    By Fantasy Sport is Gambling
    There’s more white space displayed than news. I want to read headlines, not stare at pictures with captions. I'm going to use the older version until Google stops supporting it. And when that happens, I’ll just get my news from another source.
  • One major problem 3/5

    By Drazy_S
    It can't retain what news I was reading once I get out of the app. Even if it's for a second. Once the app goes to the background it can't hold onto the article I was reading and shows the first page of the app again. It's pretty annoying.
  • Best News App on Planet Earth!! 5/5

    By shar19881988
    Google news is a one stop shop for news. I have deleted all the other news app, google app keeps me up to date and allows me to download other news app whenever I need it. I have downloaded a few news apps in news stand. All apps under one roof, this is awesome. I LOVE IT!!!
  • Good but not 3/5

    By StupendousMan
    Since it does such a great job of presenting the news I want to use this app. And I do, but not as much as I would like. Google News can make my iPhone 6 Plus heat up a lot - not by viewing videos but simple webpages - which make me think this app is not optimized properly.
  • Don’t care for new look 1/5

    By TruthSetsYouFree
    I like the old look better...

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