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Google Sheets

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Google Sheets App

Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets with the Google Sheets app. With Sheets you can: * Create new spreadsheets or edit existing ones * Share spreadsheets and collaborate with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time * Work anywhere, anytime - even offline * Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Open, edit, and save Excel files Google Sheets is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate. Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Sheets features, including: * Easily add collaborators to projects, see changes as they occur, receive notifications for edits that happen while you’re away, and chat with colleagues in the same spreadsheet. All changes are automatically saved as you make them. And with offline access, you can create, view, and edit files wherever and whenever * Get insights fast, powered by Google AI * Work seamlessly across Sheets and Excel * Maintain control with enterprise-grade security * Analyze data from other business-critical tools * Build custom solutions

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Google Sheets app reviews

  • Works well 5/5

    By Morey Amsterdam
    The app works well for what it is intended for. A lot of the negative reviews are by people that think an iPad is suitable for intensive spreadsheet duties. If you don’t understand the limitations of an iPhone or iPad, you need to do more research. Another person claimed they lost all of their years of work and files. Never once did they admit that they failed to backup their files. Finally…one person claimed (recently) that copy & paste isn’t available. Colossal ignorance. Folks should realize that Google Sheets is not Microsoft Excel.
  • Slow and Quits 2/5

    By Loughery175
    My job uses a massive spreadsheet for a whole mess of projects that have multiple tabs. The largest and most frequently used one is extremely slow to load, as expected, but the drop down options on a cell never appear the first time I tap on them. I have to reset by selecting another and hope the app doesn’t quit working or snap the drop-down box closed with no warning. I cannot open comments either; way too much data for the app to handle I guess. Needs major performance improvements.
  • Delete Your Files 2/5

    By Lynn1550
    This is a great app. But don’t have important work on it too long.after many years of using this app & able to go back to the work I created & added new info, all of a sudden it was no longer available. All of my spreadsheets files were GONE!!!! I HAD WORK, PERTANENT INFO ON THE SHEETS FOR YEARS, ADDING NEW INFO AS I WENT ALONG & ITS ALL GONE. I did not know Google could be so treacherous & unreliable. Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS APP FOR IMPORTANT WORK THAT YOU WILL USE OVER TIME. ONE DAY IT WILL DISAPPEAR & YOU WONT BE ABLE TO FIND IT!!!!
  • limited by all means. 2/5

    By Someh12
    I can’t believe that we are in 2023 and the iPad app functions are so limited. You can call it a file view+. Because you can only view and do basic edits. Non of the shortcuts work. The app as it it’s it’s good but functions are terrible. On top of that they won’t let you use the web version on chrome for iPad. You have to use safari.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Merry Mutant
    I can’t sign in
  • Stupid walled garden 1/5

    By Socktopi
    Won't let me edit in browser, says you need the app... but the app doesn't work with my iphone. How hard is it to give me access to my own spreadsheets? Apparently too hard for Google's engineers!
  • Fix it: there is no way to create variables on app 1/5

    By Rajeshghotekar
    Fix it: there is no way to create variables on app When we select the cell we have no option to change reference name of the cell.
  • This used to be perfect 1/5

    By kylevarga
    I don’t know when it changed but now every time I try to use this it stops letting me enter into cells just wanting me to enter comments instead of text. Only way to fix is to exit and renter the sheet. Sometimes it happens in the middle of typing into a cell. This has made this software unusable.
  • Missing features 3/5

    By Soleye_
    Compared to android, there seems to be a couple of features missing 1. Being able edit links by holding down on a cell 2. Moving multiples values in cells by highlighting and holding down to move around Also at times, the page doesn’t update as I type, so I have to exit the sheet and go back to see that what I’ve typed was actually processed
  • dogsht app 1/5

    By Tacos300
    doesnt work right, formulas and functions are incredible difficult to use, essentially useless. thanks google.
  • Pretty awful loading times 1/5

    By Poopinmypantspants
    Considering its a google product
  • Worse than an enema 1/5

    By diablo1971
    If this is what you have to use then ask yourself what went wrong in your life.
  • Keeps crashing after the recent update 5/5

    By Ltnsky
    The app keeps crashing after the recent update
  • Good but could be better 2/5

    By Daisy Dez
    I like using Sheets for my crazy, weird tracking habits but I have to constantly open up Sheets on my laptop or browser to do what I actually like using this application for: Conditional Formatting and Data Validation. It’s astounding that this app has been on here for how long and still hasn’t implemented those two basic features into the iPad version? Still using it because at most I only need to tweak stuff once in a while, but it’s such a pain when I’m on the go and don’t have access to the internet or my laptop/browser.
  • Crashing On Mobile (Iphone) 1/5

    By EchoWinn
    Whatever happens the app keeps crashing. Happens multiple times.
  • There’s 1 major issue 1/5

    By bhdwechter
    Unoptimized interface hampers productivity and makes me not want to use google sheets if i know I need to make frequent inputs. For example, when opening sheets a banner appears that blocks the formula button, preventing you from tapping it. The banner says “[yourname]@gmail signed in” and lasts for 5 seconds, and can’t be removed. It’s unnecessary and it’s message could be indicated in a less obtrusive way.

    By Abby_limitededition
    Although google sheets is a great resource hardly any of the functions are available for use on an IPad which makes it frustrating to work with on the day to day bases.
  • Superb sheets 5/5

    By DennisPD
    Honestly it’s so amazing.
  • Can’t edit or add links to cells 1/5

    By LethalAffliction
    See title
  • Always loads old edits 1/5

    By Riki Kiki Taco
    I would love to love this app. I use sheets for my budget. I edit in one place on my computer or tablet and later go to check on the phone and it loads a days old edit. Even if I pull down to refresh. Like the whole point is for live edits in real time.
  • You’re supposed to be able to type in the cells, right? 1/5

    By ALowWX
    Can’t type in the cells. Only in the little formula box. This makes easy navigation impossible and the app unusable. I must be missing something simple.
  • Very good app 5/5

    By bobcat be's
    This app is great, no doubt about it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mile high bullet
    Should have had this app when I purchased the iPhone, it makes my spreadsheet needs so efficient, would highly recommend, thank you Google
  • Lacks basic copy and paste 2/5

    By seamus mcgill
    Copying and pasting cells still isn’t available in this app. Using sheets in the browser is more functional.
  • It's not good but it gets MY job done 2/5

    By Fangirl of Power
    It's not very good I dunno what these guys are saying with five stars. I mainly use it to look at graphs I already made on my laptop.
  • Great online scheduling tool 4/5

    By Verizon Cloud user
    I didn’t give it 5 stars because when I share the Google sheet via group text message I can’t see who is viewing the document. It would be a very helpful tool for the purpose that we use it for.
  • unusable coming from desktop, missing 50%+ features 1/5

    By archer_jay
    I dont understand how this app could possibly be a 4.8 out of 5, it is 1/4 or less the experience sheets is on the desktop and it barely works. cant make dropdowns, dont have full cell formatting, no context menu- these are just the basic things an IDIOT like me needs from a spreadsheet program.
  • Works well for quick entry, not formatting 3/5

    By Just Kill Me
    I know this isn’t Microsoft Excel, but is doesn’t have all the functions I come to expect from Excel. Formatting is difficult and it is difficult to find spreadsheets as it shows you either recently opened spreadsheets or you can search. Sometimes I forget what the title was and I’d like to just open the folder and see what is in it, but it doesn’t function that way. I use My Drive and a shared drive that I work on constantly and I can’t just go to the shared drive through this program. I can through theDrive app, but it would be nice to do so here since I know what the format of items are.
  • The app closes when it has to load a little bit more than normal 1/5

    By Leopoldohrndz
    it’s horrible when you’re trying to watch your progress and then out of nowhere it just closes and you have to start again. I think they just have to optimize a little bit more the app and that’s it.
  • Can’t even add hyperlink in mobile 1/5

    By Sean19711109
    Very disappointing!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Brooklynn323
    Very difficult app to use on iPad. MacBook works fine but very frustrating on iPad.
  • Terrible iPad Usage 1/5

    By car of racing
    Has maybe 10% of the features of sheets web or the excel iPad application. I’m not even sure why they bothered to build this except as a viewer for something created on an actual computer. Unable to import csv or split existing columns based on delimiters. No way to functionally edit a chart. Simple things like editing data source with A1:Z25, it has to be selected manually. Can’t scale the data, it always starts at 0 even of values are all between 160-220. Handy for viewing charts I’ve made on the computer I guess? But that’s it.
  • Why is it so different from desktop mode 1/5

    By Meb0119
    It’s really inconvenient how I can’t do certain things through the app - the main one that’s bugging me the most is how I can’t use custom colors. Mind you some of these colors I already used on previous documents and for some reason I still can’t recreate it until I go on a desktop. It’s even more annoying how on my iPad I try to do it desktop mode but the app automatically open. Apple needs to fix this asap.
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By VGSCL
    This app is so helpful with learning algebra and this is so convenient
  • ! 4/5

    By Gray Lamb
    I wish there was a way to password protect the downloaded app...
  • Can’t add a new line in a cell on ipad 1/5

    By Average user
    One should be able to add a new line in a cell. The only way to do it is to copy a line with a new line and past it. Otherwise using &char(10)& is what the help docs say to do but doesn’t work on my version. Please fix.
  • Another poor implementation for iPadOS by Google 2/5

    By _Mickey G
    I find the browser version is much better than the app. Excel for iPad is light years ahead of this app. Its not 4.8…
  • Bad 2/5

    By Jstollaayenda
    This is a very bad app.Never get this app
  • Can't even search all sheets?!?! 1/5

    By NerdShowAndTell
    So I have to open the sheet in a browser and desktop mode in order to have a functional search. Even after all these years.
  • I’d give it 0 if I could 1/5

    By zzzxxWed
    The fact that there is no way to paste values only as a shortcut or option on my iPad is enough to give this wonderful app a 0 star review. Absolutely absurd.
  • So much is broken 1/5

    By supernitin
    If you need to work with multiple sheets I would stick to the web UI. This app is definitely an after thought for Google. Doing something as basic as copy a value from one sheet and pasting it in another is impossible.
  • Google bad 1/5

    By Captainmustachio
    Google is a bad thing. They spy on you.
  • Barely Updates Shared Sheets 2/5

    By Luna,465,65,75(75
    I’ll log onto the app to check a spreadsheet shared between me and my coworkers and it will not show the latest version. Virtually unusable even for viewing things; I always have to log into my computer for any reliable and updated information.
  • Very limited 3/5

    By Resilient72
    Aside from the layout looking like an oversized phone app to access features, don’t expect to do things like add validation or import ranges. And, even though it refers one to use a webpage for features, at most one can only view a Sheet in Chrome, really? Almost useless.
  • Garbage app on iphone 1/5

    By Nome01
    Couldn’t even find the format function to format cells on the iphone. Apparently they don’t think iphones matter just Android lol. Dont waste your time downloading / using this app if you’re an iphone user! Trash QA!!!!
  • Terrible on the iPad 1/5

    By ellenwg109
    Let me begin by saying I love Excel and am a devoted pivot table loving data nerd. A couple years ago I wanted more flexibility so I transferred my personal stuff (budgets, project tracking, etc) to Google Sheets. I have been pleasantly surprised and have never had an issue. Then I downloaded the Google Sheets app for my iPad. I am so frustrated and disappointed I even tried Mac’s Numbers app. Please fix this.
  • Crashes Constantly 2/5

    By 127574839103874
    If you’re using any sheet that’s fairly complex, the app will constantly crash. It also won’t update and will show older versions of the sheet. The app is virtually unusable in these cases but I still give it two stars because it works well enough for simple sheets. (Even then it has trouble updating which can be problematic if you end up overwriting what somebody else entered.)
  • Laggy 1/5

    By waterdlyed
    Lags on big files. If you’re redirected from a browser sheet it’s impossible to navigate. Delete this app and use the browser version of sheets when using the browser.
  • So… 5/5

    By öwł695
    Good stuf!