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Google Sheets App

Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets with the Google Sheets app. With Sheets you can: * Create new spreadsheets or edit existing ones * Share spreadsheets and collaborate with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time * Work anywhere, anytime - even offline * Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Open, edit, and save Excel files Google Sheets is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate. Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Sheets features, including: * Easily add collaborators to projects, see changes as they occur, receive notifications for edits that happen while you’re away, and chat with colleagues in the same spreadsheet. All changes are automatically saved as you make them. And with offline access, you can create, view, and edit files wherever and whenever * Get insights fast, powered by Google AI * Work seamlessly across Sheets and Excel * Maintain control with enterprise-grade security * Analyze data from other business-critical tools * Build custom solutions

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  • Doesn’t work with iPad and keyboard 1/5

    By Omg piano
    Found a fix: use Sheet in Safari instead of the app :) Honestly just going to delete the app at this point. I can’t switch cells at all (tab, enter, even clicking on it) and be able to type at all in the new cell. It just ignores any keyboard inputs after moving to a new cell (arrow keys to move and any sort of typing). Would definitely not recommend using this app if you need to have something open while editing a spreadsheet. I have to have my catalogs open on a separate machine just to edit the spreadsheets without clicking multiple times every time I need to move to a new cell. None of the fixes I’ve seen online have worked, and most just talk about how an update was scheduled to fix it, but that was more than half a year ago and it still doesn’t work with fully updated apps and iOS.
  • Jumpy & crashes for ipad pro 2/5

    By Zel 98
    App opens but loading wheel freezes as a dot on a blank background - won't load a sheet or gallery. Last update fixed this, but now it's happening again. Overall, app is jumpy and cell/keyboard defaults are inflexible, especially when using a bluetooth keyboard.
  • Exercise in frustration… 2/5

    By em-sm
    I tried using this on an iPad and the scrolling behavior is very inconsistent to the point that I’ve had to give up and use it on desktop instead. The typical fling to scroll and tap/hold to stop is very unreliable. Example: fling the sheet up to scroll downwards and when you see the cell you want and tap/hold to stop the scrolling, sometimes it responds immediately and stops and sometimes it just continues scrolling. I imagine this to be a very common use case, but perhaps I’m just using it wrong…
  • Missing colon on numeric keyboard 1/5

    By p_dinosaur
    My only use case for this app is to edit a spreadsheet full of times formatted hour:minute, e.g. 9:32. Every time I select a cell, the app switches my keyboard to numeric. This is the phone’s numeric keypad designed for dialing and it doesn’t have any symbols. To supplement this, the app provides a row of symbol keys that is deficient in that it doesn’t include a colon. How am I supposed to type times without a colon? The only way to get a colon is to switch the keyboard to alphabetic and then switch to symbols … over and over again in every single cell I want to edit. The android app has a colon in the supplemental row of symbol keys, but in its place the iPhone app has…. A semicolon??? A severe value loss. Please fix this!!!!!!!!
  • Large Document No Longer Works After Update 1/5

    By PhearlessZero
    I have a large file that I use everyday. It usually took a min or two for it to load properly. But one of the recent updates something has changed. Now I can’t even open the file bc it crashes. I tried to open it on the computer since my phone isn’t working. But when you make changes and it tries to save to drive it just says trying to connect and never does. Now when I open a smaller file size in either the app or the computer both work perfectly.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Yalee83
    This app is awful it is flawless and I hate it it is so beautiful.
  • Crashing after recent update 5/5

    By Torso McTeague
    iPhone 13 Pro Max, just started happening, but I was interested to note that I had a previous review here from a year ago that stated Sheets was crashing after the 1/9 update; is this some kind of y2k thing that happens after the year change?
  • Crashes a lot. I would expect more from an iPad app 1/5

    By busterbrownry
    Ultimately I would expect more from this app. It is very unstable and crashes a lot. I would expect more from an iPad app.
  • Keep close out 1/5

    By Jolteron
    So far I had a good experience with the on my pc and had my file in there. It keep on close me out more than 5 time use the app today. It not worth the hassle on iPad. It currently a waste of storage.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By enorea
    Kept crashing
  • Does not work on older. Devices 1/5

    By suziu q
    Once again you have updated your app so that the newest version will not wotk on mt ipad ios version 12.5. I should NOT have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to use your apps with the updates.
  • Filter view in app! 5/5

    By mohammadbakhtari
    Plz add filter view in google sheet apps! Why should sheet app have less features than sheet web?!
  • So many important features left out 3/5

    By datadobetter
    This application could be so great but it’s missing the most important features of the full version. I can’t even complete the Google Data analytics course on my iPad because the app doesn’t have the full toolbar menu. Also, you cannot use the website version of Google sheets with an iPad on Safari or chrome. Most people in data entry need more than editing font features. Can we expect an updated version of the app soon?
  • Very good 3/5

    By Harry123😀😀😀😀😀
    Very good just one thing is that u should update the calendar because I only see a 2020 calendar
  • Do Not Recommend 1/5

    By BlueJ87
    So many glitches and not user friendly. You cannot use arrow keys to move between cells. Every time you want to type in a cell you have to click on the cell, and then click the edit button. You cannot simply move to a new cell and start typing. The only good thing about this app is that it’s free, but that hassle of using it makes it NOT worth it. I would rather pay the money and have a program that works.
  • Good interface 1/5

    By Shiva135
    Pretty good interface, but big in size. Makes it very complex to implement custom scripts.
  • Apple version limits what you can do 2/5

    By AllSunny
    Looking at the help center site there are many functions I’m unable to do unless I have a computer or Android. iPhone instructions say to do it on computer first which is fine if you have access to one but I don’t. Other than that if you want a basic app for spreadsheets this is perfect!
  • Shockingly broken 1/5

    By Amithatguy
    I find this app to be completely useless. I cannot do very basic tasks. Cannot copy / duplicate a row. Just really basic things. & then their app support page isn’t even for this app. Apple is supposed to be checking these things.
  • Poor functionality on iPad 1/5

    By joey c 309
    A major gripe is that recent updates to this app require that you tap a button prior to being able to edit a cell. This alone makes the app difficult to use
  • Disappearing documents and granting strangers access 2/5

    By Jettylee bit
    So this is the second thing time something major has happened. It requires hours of work to undo the random loss of documents with no file history, just gone. Also it has a weird history of letting outside parties view our sheets for private transportation, it includes clients names and phone numbers and here we have random people that compromise it. We can never get an answer as to why, just that it is.
  • SYNC ISSUE 3/5

    By dou66y
    I think the app is pretty good, but for some reason; whenever I save the file, I cannot print it until I wait a few minutes so all the items I have populated become available. If I were to type whatever file and were to want to send it or print it or copy it, I cannot do this as only half of it will show.
  • Are other reviewers using the same app as me? 2/5

    By Bnieco
    UPDATE: I think it’s actually gotten worse. But what makes it ridiculously frustrating is that logging into the URL for sheets in a browser forces me to the app. Why would you want to force people to use such a horrible experience? I know the experience in the safari on ipad isn’t ideal but it’s exponentially better than the iOS Sheets app. Original review: I can’t imagine why anyone would review this positively unless maybe they’ve never used any spreadsheet program. Ever. Maybe not even a calculator. Excel at least feels like they know iPad exists. Sheets acts like all we want to do is view an occasional sheet from others. Menu bar disappears every time I edit a cell then reappears when I hit enter. Formatting options are hard to find. Entering formulas is dramatically different from the web app on PC or Mac. Ugh, I grow tired just thinking of typing out all the horrible this thing contains. Maybe people think it’s got a retro vibe..... 1985 retro...
  • Some quirks 4/5

    By cagomez805
    Annoying that it when switching to and from the app, it sometimes doesn’t save my old spot in the Sheet. It opens the sheet as if it was the first time.
  • 1 star 1/5

    By TissueGuy25
    You can’t delete rows and columns on the app, how could you not include such a basic feature. Wasting space on my phone. I tried everything, I looked it up. I held on the row I wanted to delete. I clicked every single button in the app. Can’t do it. Whoever designed this app is an idiot and I hope if North Korea ever sends a bomb it lands on your house. While you’re in it. >:(
  • Please make it pen friendly! 5/5

    By babybaby bay1
    It takes forever to type in all the data I have to write quickly with my pen
  • Fidgeted 4/5

    By dhudyd
  • This Thing is a Joke 2/5

    By rpgj
    Why? NO TOOLBAR! How stupendously inept to erect a spreadsheet app with no tool bar. Can’t even perform basic functions.
  • Good app, I HATE when the view moves 3/5

    By shdud38;85,(hrifi'm
    Mostly highly functional but… I absolutely hate when I click another cell, usually directly adjacent to the cell I was in, and the screen view moves so that the cell I’m now in is not pictured in the display. For some reason, immediately upon clicking, the entire workbook scrolls and my current, selected cell is now off screen. This has been constant across multiple versions and multiple iPhones. Please fix… or tell me what I’m doing wrong here. Thanks!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Aaron7000
    This app is awsome!!! I love how this has templates and bars in “a new sheet”!
  • What is happening, suddenly? 2/5

    By oy vay this is bad
    A few days ago, as I used google sheets on my iPad, as I entered text in a cell, as soon as I pressed the space bar, the entry mode automatically switched to numeric. It’s annoying. Finding information, let alone getting actual help, on the developer’s website is ridiculously impossible? I asked Apple for help; Apple invariably is quick to answer queries on Twitter. This time Apple sent me to Google. So I’m stuck. Google doesn't have a Twitter help account, which is absurd. Too big to help? Very disappointing. I’ve used google sheets for many years, but this is quite frustrating. I will have to look for an alternative.
  • Download documents from links 2/5

    By swabs045
    There’s no easy way to download documents from a link into my files
  • Can no longer edit 1/5

    By Xohess
    Please fix- since the update I can no longer edit my sheets, it used to be double tap to edit but now there’s absolutely no way to edit it or type at all.

    By Jayden Ryan
    This app is amazing on a computer or laptop, but I need access to this from my phone and it either loads for a couple of years or crashes.
  • Crashes frequently! 1/5

    By cabbage15(3&
    It’s almost impossible to use because it crashes.
  • So limited compared to browser version 2/5

    By crsouser
    I love sheets but this app truly is disappointing and I loath it. I cannot do 85% of the basic functions I can do in the browser at all and what I can do is usually way more complex. Simply things like applying a filter require clicking an obscure menu, there is no sorting of data, auto-filling is inconsistent. I try going to Sheets in the Chrome Browser on my Ipad to work around this and it insists on opening up this piece of junk.
  • Hyperlinks to sheets don’t work 2/5

    By tg19012
    Have a list of 50+ accounts on my first sheet. I have each of these accounts hyperlinked to a sheet specific for each account within the spreadsheet, and the links don’t work on iOS. Major bummer.
  • Sheets is great when it works 1/5

    By LordMarksman
    When I don’t have to wait 40 minutes for Sheets to update and show info added in a couple cells. Restarts, reinstalls, etc… nothing speeds it up on mobile (5G and wifi)
  • Google Sheets for IPad - Fundamentally Flawed 2/5

    By Darklink99
    Google Sheets and other programs like it are flexible, able to be used for multiple purpose across many different fields. As such Google Sheets for IPAD may work fine for you but for my job and how I use it I spend more time hitting roadblocks and having to open my computer to accomplish tasks than I should. It leads to the essential question of why even have an app if it will be missing so many core features and have many more that are broken or flawed. The most recent examples include freezing vertical columns doing the opposite of the intended function, the complete lack of in cell text formatting, the lack of advanced sorting features and the inability to open two windows of google sheets at the same time. These are just the broken or missing features that have interrupted my workflow today, I am sure that more will occur in the future. With an app this unfinished I would look to Excel or Apple’s Numbers as alternatives if my work didn’t rely on GSuite for the sharing functionality. If the only reason a user continues to use an app is being locked into the ecosystem, it is not a good app. If you are able avoid Google Sheets and all other Google apps to avoid getting trapped in their ecosystem, especially if you plan to try and use your IPAD as a main work device.
  • Breakfast 3/5

    By Aiinsz
    Remind me…
  • I’ll 5/5

    By t Jew red
    W if Wes. Y
  • I hate forced downloads . 1/5

    By Another later
    I literally just needed to change one thing on a sheet really quick before my presentation and it forces me to download an APP??? man I'm fine with the docs bc i use it daily but sheets? On my phone? Man this is just a waste of space that doesn’t even work well. I want to be able to just use it in my browser like we used to. Its completely unnecessary and not worth even one star. Im so frustrated that i have to download this app for one minor fix to my sheet. Just let us use it in a browser like a normal thing man. I bet half the downloads are literally just because you can’t just use it in a browser anymore. Waste of storage space.
  • Entering Data in cell confusing 3/5

    By DaWeavINC
    Why is the confirmation checkmark way up at the top of the screen? That confirmation (enter key) checkmark should be located at the bottom of the screen with the editing box that pops up.
  • I shouldn’t be forced to use an app 1/5

    By KickupKirby
    The website worked fine. I don’t like being forced to download unnecessary apps.
  • Constantly jumps when I’m changing values in a cell 3/5

    By adfad234234
    Constantly jumps when I’m changing values in a cell. If I change a value in a cell at the top of the report and then scroll down to the bottom of a report and try to edit a cell, it jumps back up to the top of the cell and I loss my place. It’s super annoying. Other than that, super useful mobile app. Shame it’s not working for me. Need to fix this issue.
  • The worst 1/5

    By itsashli
    This app is absolutely terrible. Takes hours to enter information into a handful of cells because it is constantly freezing and glitching on multiple devices. I’m sure it would be great if it actually worked. The worst part is google doesn’t even give you an option to use an internet browser on phone or iPad, you HAVE to use the app.
  • download 1/5

    By ZeekTheWeatherman
    Takes a long time to download 😡
  • Pretty Decent 4/5

    By Eli Ellie 2011
    Could use an ability to add section Names, but it’s an ok app tbh
  • Review for first time user 3/5

    By Stredrick
    The App tells you you can “do” without giving ANY instructions! It says “Create” this and that but HOW? I will have to call someone to show. Terrible IT planning. Thanks a lot y’all, Eugene
  • Not suitable for smartphones 1/5

    By shariar shojon
    Not mobile friendly