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Google Sheets

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Google Sheets App

Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets with the Google Sheets app. With Sheets you can: * Create new spreadsheets or edit existing ones * Share spreadsheets and collaborate with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time * Work anywhere, anytime - even offline * Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Open, edit, and save Excel files Google Sheets is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate. Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Sheets features, including: * Easily add collaborators to projects, see changes as they occur, receive notifications for edits that happen while you’re away, and chat with colleagues in the same spreadsheet. All changes are automatically saved as you make them. And with offline access, you can create, view, and edit files wherever and whenever * Get insights fast, powered by Google AI * Work seamlessly across Sheets and Excel * Maintain control with enterprise-grade security * Analyze data from other business-critical tools * Build custom solutions

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Google Sheets app reviews

  • App doesn’t export or print sheets to excel file or pdf 1/5

    By bootypage
    It’s been like 6 months that I can’t get the app to export or download a pdf from my iphone or even as an excel file. I hidrates to a newer phone with more storage. Deleted and restored the app. Tried from an android phone and nothing worked. It totally threw off my mobile workflow
  • Глючит и вылетает 1/5

    By не ваш уже клиент
    Не рекомендую
  • Payment method before I even know if I like it? 1/5

    By Darshlene
  • After an update no longer working 1/5

    By Dr Airyloo
    Suddenly read only. No apparent reason other than it occurred after an app update. Useless.
  • absolute trash. 1/5

    By @nickgarver on insta
    no need for a long review, you cant even shift a group of cells to the left if you wanted. you actually can't shift ANY cells other than an entire row at a time. garbage
  • Excruciating 3/5

    By artziggy
    A powerful and free tool that is a excruciating to use. Most of the features and functions - even common ones like formatting - are buried under clicks and menus. Trying to write a formula is painful as sometimes clicks select cells or ranges and sometimes it doesn’t. There is no formatting copy function that I am aware of. I want to pull my hair out.
  • 5 Stars! 5/5

    By shesoprada
    This app is definitely a game changer. It helps me keep track of my business and the money I’ve made over time. I know how much I spent, saved, made, etc. and it has tremendously helped me.
  • ipad + apple keyboard- CMD copy/paste closes the app? 3/5

    By heyspackle
    This latest version on ipad with apple keyboard, now copy/paste keyboard actions cmd-c, cmd-v just close the app completely? worked ok in every previous version
  • Still no support for basic iOS functions 😕 1/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    I really don’t like using this app on iOS - no copy to clipboard, no iOS share sheet, and no telling what else. This is one of the reasons why, if I could replace Google sheets with a browser-based product, I would.
  • Not fully functional 1/5

    By Thalesian
    Many key features, such as forms, are completely absent. Depending on your workflow, you may have no iPad option. I use to be able to access the desktop site via the chrome browser and it worked find, but it looks like they’ve found a way to block that. Without any intent to provide basic functionality on the iPad (curious given that the most recent iPads have the same CPUs as MacBooks), I’d say there’s no viable mobile path for using google sheets until google gets serious about its strategy.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By C. Cruz Jr
    The app used to be my go to but now after a day of downloading it the app will crash and I have to re-download it every time and it gets annoying after a while
  • Cell Colors 1/5

    Cell shading or coloring is not working on Iphone 13 mobile version after update. Meaning, you can't see the color on mobile. Please fix?
  • Cmon guys… 1/5

    By Dis Dudeee
    Oh my god this is pissing me off… I’ve been trying this for hours and done every troubleshoot out there and nothing works. Keeps coming up with the same freaking error it did the first 200 times… literlly how hard is it google..?
  • Controls 2/5

    By Bradomcc05
    Make it the same as the Goggle sheets on the Computer!!!!
  • Sharing causes freezing 1/5

    By Kristoferson N Stuff
    Each time I try to share a Sheet from my phone, the App freezes entirely—- can’t share with others unless at my computer. Further, could not find a place to report this issue besides here.
  • Works pretty okay, but missing the checklist feature! 3/5

    By breandaSPL
    WHY?! Checklists are one of the features you’d DEFINITELY want on the app version! PLEASE ADD IT, I’m begging you 🙏🙏 Decent app otherwise 👍
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By dmoren10
    I try to open up a sheet and the app crashes every single time. I can only do about 20 seconds of work before the entire thing crashes on me. Very frustrating
  • Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet 4/5

    By Super Gogeta Sama
    Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
  • Requires you to sign into a google account 1/5

    By The Last Nickel
    The app won’t let you use it unless you sign into a google account.
  • Crashes Immediately 1/5

    By Nokolas44
    The app crashes immediately when I open it now. It’s happening on both my iPhone and iPad.
  • So many bugs 1/5

    By Good prayers
    Don’t spend your time trying to get it it has like a bazillion bugs.
  • Missing too much functionality to be useful 1/5

    By KD97531
    The Google Sheets app is missing far too much basic functionality to be useful. Missing from the app are many basic edit functionalities such as paste options, text formatting options, etc.). Not particularly useful.
  • Excel is better 1/5

    By Getexcel
    My teacher said this would help me make graphs for scienc but let me tell you, the graphs are either wrong or say “No Data” so get excel instead !!!!!!😡😡😡
  • Keeps crashing. 😭 1/5

    By Missroyo
    Every time I open a sheet it shuts down. Update needed!
  • Slow and Crashy Crashy 1/5

    By Bobby_Yo
    App can’t seem to process large entries, and routinely crashes when entering data. Almost makes it worthless to use on iOS.
  • Can’t open sheet after new update 1/5

    By nickname468964226790
    Whatever y’all thought you were fixing just broke something else.
  • Completely ridiculous 2/5

    By lesliediane79
    After using sheets for years on my laptop I recently switched to an iPad. I am seriously frustrated by the iPad version of this program. I took the time to train on Google sheets to get away from excel, and now sheets is basically useless to me! The features I use most on sheets are not available on the ipad!? Templates I have designed for my daily work tasks are not accessible here. Other basic features of Google sheets are not available! This in ridiculous. Google you market your programs as perfect for small business and remote workers, so why not have a basic program like sheets up to date for iPad?
  • Spyware — won’t use. Shame on Google. 1/5

    By konjur
    What else do you expect from Google other than spyware? Why do they need access to your camera, location, microphone, contacts, etc to simply use the Google Spreadsheets product/service? Oh that’s right, because you’re the product and they provide their real services to the nefarious crooks they sell your pilfered data to. Boycott Google.
  • App - IPad not the same 3/5

    By GSA PRC
    I Have Ipad PRO and to my disappointment the apps are not design well as Desktop. All Google apps are missing features and if you need to work on a project you need to have a laptop. Why all Google APPS don’t work the same as desktop?
  • Need to be able to past special (values) 3/5

    By Nave spelled backwards
    Please add functionality to allow mobile users to paste values (all paste special features would be even cooler) plz thx
  • Needs Paste options 1/5

    By diznee25
    I only use sheets to copy/paste from a formula I use. I need the ability to paste values ONLY. Why isn’t this common option not available on iOS!? Glad I kept my Dell laptop. Won’t get an iPad until all the paste options are available!
  • It’s an app 1/5

    By fbnyhk
    Anybody who writes a review about Google sheets is a loser.
  • Simple yet amazing! 5/5

    By Matterettam
    I’ve used Sheets for about 8 months now. I like how easy it is to import and edit excel docs to it. It works just like excel. I also like how you can easily shift cells and copy/paste. I hope this app sticks around for a very long time. I’ll always keep it downloaded. I did see a few reviews regarding losing information. Always smart to produce a backup of anything that you create. I personally like to write down cliff notes with the old fashioned pen and notepad combo. Any app is capable of crashing and losing information.
  • When will iOS app allow you to add data validation 2/5

    By G_Hoops
    I love google sheets but I find it incredibly frustrating to not be able to do this simple feature on my iPad or iphone
  • Hacked!!! 1/5

    By Craft112133300
    I used to like using Google sheets until my numbers started getting deleted. I don’t trust this app or Google sheets anymore. I mean…my work shouldn’t just disappear!!!
  • Passwords gone 1/5

    By President Serrano
    This app made me lose all my passwords. My life was practically in these spreadsheets! Everything from banks, Netflix, Apple ID! Gone!! Don’t get this app. They won’t suffer any consequences.
  • Keyboard flaw 2/5

    By Chyvelli
    Wont let me switch between 123 and abc keyboards
  • Forcing us to download 1/5

    By fjalkdj
    Just let us edit in the browser you parasites!
  • Gg 5/5

    By A hopeful reviewer
    Simpler but more coherent than excel
  • Pathetic attempt at trying to be like excel. 1/5

    By EtphonehomeGRRR
    Fails miserably with the simplist of tasks. Basic and useless.
  • Completely out of sync 1/5

    By XtremeCurling
    I’m working on a shared spreadsheet on both desktop and the mobile app. The mobile app fails to stay in sync with the latest version of the spreadsheet; several tabs are still completely missing when I open in mobile. Moreover, seemingly every time I open the mobile app I’m shown a different version of the spreadsheet: sometimes I’ll see a later version with more recent updates, and then the next time I open the sheet I’m seeing an older version without those recent updates. It’s maddening and makes me deeply question the reliability of the Google office suite. It has also screwed me over for several shopping expeditions where I was relying on lists created in a spreadsheet that then did not load on mobile. Use a different spreadsheet application, Google is deeply untrustworthy.
  • Boo 1/5

    By corrieeeeXD
    Literally why would you make me download an app do use a website. Why can I not just use my browser.
  • No privacy in the Google-verse 1/5

    By Marcos de la Guagua
    We are not the customer. We are the product. I would rather pay than be trapped in surveillance capitalism without my consent. Excel also works better.
  • Buggy. Inconsistent. 2/5

    By MikeLMA
    Sheets, and google products in general, have gone from being the best there was bar none to buggy junk. I am replacing one by one. Broken, replaced or no longer use: Google web browser, Docs, Keep. Replaced: broken Gmail accounts (no longer works as email listed for banks or brokerage). Searching to replace: Maps and now Sheets apps - really makes me mad all the data I am going to lose on both of these. BROKEN FIXED 8/21/22. Although phone and app updates and resets had no affect, sheets started working again the next day. Somebody fixed it - google or apple. BROKEN 8/20/22. All my work missing 10 minutes later. Old formulas work. New formulas are still there, but do not work. Rewriting formula does not fix. Only non-formula data entry works.
  • Purely pointless 1/5

    By Stacyb927
    There’s no way anyone could rate this above 2 stars. No. Way. Especially if you understand the basic features this thing is missing. Like seriously, I can’t even create a checkbox? Let’s just call this app what it is - a spreadsheet viewer. You can’t do anything else.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Phil256==={
    I can’t even copy and paste selected cells? Who designed this stupidity. I also couldn’t export the sheets without jumping thru a bunch of hoops. I deleted the app. Quit designing software that puts a fence around your users.
  • Absolutely horrendous 1/5

    By LiamLegoStudios
    It’s so poorly optimized that I had an easier time using it on my phone’s browser. An absolute joke. My wifi is great, but even scrolling through documents is laggy, and it’s impossible to use the switcher without the app crashing.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ragedeleted
    Will not let me import sheets from gmail. Whenever I click a sheets link it simply opens the app without my document.
  • No new line feature and cant copy cells formula by drag and drop on ipad 3/5

    By towhid12300
    I just cant understand why i cant use cmd+enter to go to a newline on an ipad air 4 using a logitech k380 keyboard! Also, the drag and drop feature for cell formula or smart drag in the sheets website is also missing in the app or i just dont understand how to do it! Please fix the issues!