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Google Sheets

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Google Sheets App

Create, edit, and collaborate with others on spreadsheets from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the free Google Sheets app. With Google Sheets you can: * Create new spreadsheets or edit any that were created on the web or on another device * Share spreadsheets and work together with others in the same spreadsheet at the same time * Get stuff done anytime -- even without an internet connection * Format cells, enter/sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace, and more * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Protect your spreadsheets with a 4-digit passcode * Open, edit, and save Excel files

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Google Sheets app reviews

  • Sooooo slow 2/5

    By NeoStevemeister
    The Android version on my phone opens large sheets no problem. The iPad version? Horribly slow. Switching tabs in a sheet takes forever. I don’t understand why this version is so much slower than the Android version. It’s night and day. I want to use the bigger screen on my tablet, but the poor performance makes it not worth it.
  • Poor functionality compared to using Sheets on Desktop or in Safari 1/5

    By SolitaryPixel
    The minimalist design makes it impossible to edit documents created on a desktop. Cell values that have urls cannot be edited.
  • Drive doesn’t work like in the browser 1/5

    By Polaaaa86
    I download the google drive in my iPad to work better from there and force my to download the app. By the way that’s not the problem, the problem is that i can’t work the same drive/excel like in the browser, the options are so poor, the tools are not complete (actually just have some basic basic options. ) i hope one day can do it better. I’ll continue using in the browser.
  • No Google apps for freedom in US! 1/5

    By Genseruk
    If you’re about freedom and Constitutional in US- don’t use it!
  • Disappointing on the iPad 2/5

    By andrewk112
    It’s fine to allow you to view spreadsheets but so many missing features (via iPad ux). E.g. I can’t select multiple non-adjacent cells to edit, copy etc. Which seem odd, considering you can multiple select non-adjacent cells when utilizing a fucntion like SUM(). Definitely lacks a lot of functionality that is on their web app.
  • Very limited functions 2/5

    By Salim Chain
    No multiwindows support, so only 1 sheet open at the same time, no keyboard/mouse support, no data validation, data protect options. It’s only for very basic functions, and if you have the app, google doesn’t let you use the web version, it forces you to open the app. Do not install this app!
  • Cannot insert line breaks within a cell 1/5

    By The_Great_G
    I had to boot my computer and edit there to do the job properly
  • Not Ok... 1/5

    By jjonescolumbus
    Google's Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai, saying: 'We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’ve rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again.'
  • Links in cells don’t work 1/5

    By C2Projects
    I know google always likes to F with iOS users by shipping buggy apps on iOS, but the fact that links in cells don’t work at all in the last couple updates is a new low. Previously a little menu would pop up with a choice to follow the link. Not any more ! Google, stop being so petty or buggy - I don’t care which it is - just stop!
  • Limited features 2/5

    By alydhiends
    I wish all web features are included in this app, esp be able to shift cells.
  • Update 3/5

    By Adriana B Barron
    I would give it a 5 star but I dislike how long it takes for them to update with the new year, We are in Jan 2021 and they still have not updated with the 2021 calendar.
  • 2021 Calendar Template? 1/5

    By lo04828
    Every year it takes forever for them to post the calendar template for the new year.
  • A real easy way to stay current. 5/5

    By old 84
    Fast and easy ——-way to redesign the neighborhood directory.
  • Almost perfect but... 4/5

    By Desiandlegs
    I love this app and it does 90% of what I need. I mainly use my iPad for all of my work at home, including keeping track of finances. The one thing I really wish I could do, is open two sheets side by side. iPadOS supports opening two apps side by side but opening 2 of the same window doesn’t work the same way. Five stars if you could make that happen.
  • You cannot dictate on an iOS device 2/5

    By Moshamo
    This is super annoying and it makes no sense. How come google will integrate the simple function. It Hass to be acrimony with Apple. Unacceptable. Are we going to drop one platform ? is it going to be Apple or is it gonna be Google? I like my iPhoneI should be able to click on his cell and then speak the contents of that cell. This is an easy way to make lists and assign them to people in your organization. Simple functionality
  • Annoying Jumping Error 1/5

    By aschu94
    It amazes me that this hasn’t been fixed. I use this app ALL the time, one way is as a checkbook. Every time I try to edit a cell, it jumps way below my text and I can’t see anything above or AT the cell row I’m trying to edit. SO annoying, almost unusable in a mobile app. Somehow this has never been fixed and can’t really be hard at all to do so.
  • Crashing Constantly 2/5

    By m'lord is in the house
    This app works for smaller files for me, but I have a large spreadsheet with several tabs and built out functions, and it crashes every single time I use it. So frustrating. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.
  • Ok app.. 2/5

    By JonnyBrasil
    An early review i did was that its a good app. Maybe its ok for 5min use. I tried now to actually work on it.. O M G.. It’s very flawed to work on an IPAD. Basic things like creating a formula that references another tab, or selecting one cell, and then holding shift and selecting another cell (multiple cell selection).. basic basic BASIC things... DONT WORK.. Maybe ok for a very very light user.. Google.. can you be Google and step it up? iPad is a super powerful machine - need the Software to step up to the hardware level. Thanks
  • Just use a computer 3/5

    By cae223
    It’s great to have sheets available on my ipad, but that’s the extent of the convenience (basically, you can read it and make minor edits). It was impossible to edit the same sheet in Chrome (despite being logged in) which was very frustrating. Issues: half of my shortcuts don’t seem to work here (despite working fine on laptop), and it’s incredibly difficult to read any formula errors or drag a formula down multiple cells. Not going to use this unless I absolutely have to.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Yofi Grey
    Crashes every time I open it, every time, on iPad or on iPhone.
  • Crash loop 1/5

    By Timothytooth
    Crash loop
  • Great app but some problems 4/5

    By brandon searls
    I love it, it works really well. But sometimes I try to click on a worksheet I have saved and it completely shuts my app down and crashes. This needs to be fixed but overall I love google sheets. Would be nice if the cells were expanded more so you could fit more data in the worksheet
  • Months of data RUINED 1/5

    By Nickickk
    Everything was working fine until I opened another app. When I switched back to sheets, the app restarted. I opened the spreadsheet file and half of my cells are mixed up and scrambled all together!!! I’ve never seen this before in my entire life! All my cells contains random info from other cells and my formulas are all ruined! I cannot undo or find a way to restore my spreadsheet! It’s been hours and I cannot find a solution! I don’t know what happened but I lost months of data!!! How am I supposed to trust an app that can ruin an extremely important file?! Absolutely scary!!! I am extremely upset and frustrated that my spreadsheet file became ruined for absolutely no reason!!! All I did was open another app, and switched back to sheets and my entire file is all mixed up and ruined!
  • Amazing idea! 4/5

    By SaveEarth20
    I love Google Sheets! Even thought I uses it for listing, I love how the app allows different layouts and themes. I can schedule my day! It is so similar to Exel, some cases even better. I totally recommend downloading this app. I gave it 4 stars because there is one reason I don’t like it: When I print a sheet, it always comes out in landscape and the other cells not written in is gone.
  • Enjoy it! 4/5

    By Kdawg55121
    It’s a great app! I enjoy the different templates that it provides! Just wish there would be a 2021 calendar available (it’s 12/29/20)....there’s still a 2019 calendar available, but what about 2021??
  • App shuts down automatically 3/5

    By Concerned.User.123
    When scrolling thru the data entered, the app kicks me out completely. This has been happening for 2-3 weeks now. I have updated my phone software, power cycled, removed the app and reinstalled it. Any other suggestions?
  • Always crashes! 1/5

    By DGrey0889
    Every time I’ve tried to edit or even just view a shared document, it closes the app on my IPhone 7. I’ve deleted the app, reloaded it, made sure I’ve updated to the latest version and still crashes every 15 seconds. I’ve tried since February to use it periodically and finally just giving up and deleting for good.
  • Phone to PC to tablet. Rinse. Repeat. Flawless! 5/5

    By Main LIne Handy
    I can update budgets and spending in the moment, no matter which device is at hand. Lets me avoid busywork later on.
  • Crashes instantly 1/5

    By jMAOO
    Cannot even use. The app crashes and closes within seconds of me trying to edit a sheet. Using iPhone 12.
  • Quits 1/5

    By spreadsheetuser
    This app constantly quits
  • Bug 4/5

    By martasalizhyk
    Hi, the app is amazing for managing almost anything. However, I caught a little bug for the iphone users — if I tap on a link of the sheet of a table, a link for every sheet takes me to the very first sheet of the table. Not sure if explained clear enough, but this fix would make an amazing improvement for UX of iphone users
  • No Paste Values 2/5

    By BecauseItsHard
    So, this is a spreadsheet that does not have a way to copy formulae and paste just the values. Inconceivable!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By ldegoes81
    This app never loads my sheet properly so I can edit it. I always have to login on my laptop
  • Miles behind its competitors in usability. 1/5

    By Selvius
    First time user of G Suite Productivity, and I mistakenly expected to be productive. Attempting to open a linked file shared with me, in order to make edits. Your website keeps directing me to the App Store, despite already downloading the app, while your app has no way to open a link. I’ve wasted 20 minutes trying to perform a 60-second task, and will simply have to request the file be re-sent in a Microsoft or Apple format. To top it off, your in-app help links to PC-only instructions. Poor design, poor support, and a counterproductive productivity tool.
  • Limited use on iPad 2/5

    By JennOchoa
    This would be great if I could do the same things on my iPad as I can on my PC, such as adding a link to a cell, freezing rows and columns, or filtering. Basic stuff really. I don’t understand why these features are not included!
  • Missing from Serbian AppStore 4/5

    By DaliborSuh
    9 months ago Serbia got iOS AppStore and google still did not enable neither Sheets nor other basic google apps. Please enable them for Serbia - YouTube, google photos, google app, ... and more than 20 apps that should be available on iOS AppStore for Serbia but are not
  • Ton of Missing Features for iPad 1/5

    By iPad + Keyboard + Mouse
    I used my iPad as my primary computer with a keyboard and mouse. There is poor support for this configuration. You will have a ton of missing features (like cell formatting) and get frustrated with basic UI problems (can’t drag to select multiple cells).
  • Not all tools available in the app version 3/5

    By AnnDYo
    Okay for the most part. Missing the Clip text tool in the app version.
  • Can't change font to "Calibri" 3/5

    By jfresh330
    There's currently a bug that makes it so that I cannot change my font to Calibri. The font says it's Arial, so I try to change it and when I tap on Calibri, the blue check mark doesn't appear, indicating I selected the font. I've tried almost every other font, but this only happens with the Calibri font, which is the font I use for all my spreadsheets. I'm able to change to any other font EXCEPT for Calibri.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Obese pony
    Google forces you to download an app to use google docs then it still doesn’t let you edit! It just keeps saying get the app when you try despite an app already being downloaded. What a waste of time.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Boris's Mm
    I have on two occasions lost a ton of content, fist while trying to enter something in a cell; and then today, an entire column of information disappeared that my client had just inputted. I simply was trying to enlarge the screen so I could read it and, boom! Gone. I am deleting this app right now.
  • Worst app - use in web instead 1/5

    By S.Di
    This app is so bad on so many levels. There are no keyboard shortcuts, you are severely limited in what you can do. Google needs to get their act together and finally make this a full featured app. You are infinitely better off to just use google sheets in browser
  • Great 5/5

    By Rater#
    This app gets the job done.
  • One star for lazy release notes 1/5

    By Pantera Ruber
    One star for lazy release notes. This is not professional software development. If you want a serious review, treat your users with respect and give us serious release notes.
  • Snake 1/5

    By Jimmy999923
  • Great App 4/5

    By Not a cook 555777
    This has always been a great spreadsheet!!! Ever since the last update calculations have been off. Hope this is fixed quickly. If it is, I will change 4 stars to 5.
  • Shutting off? 2/5

    By micky zicky
    Every time I try to edit a document that has been shared with me, the app shuts down and exits me out, is this a problem many people have it just me? Like it happens every time!
  • Pissing me off!!!! 1/5

    By Graham Elfrink
    The app simply does not work for what I need to do. I am supposed to be signing up for a meet time and I was sent a link to a sheets to do so. When I click the link it opens up the page but I can’t edit it so I click the edit button in the top right. Upon doing so a pop up shows up on the bottom of my screen. I click get app and download the app. I reload the entire page and go to click edit again. The Same pop up comes up and I’m forced to press get app. It brings me too the App Store where I click open. It opens the app and the sheet I’m trying to access is not there. I spent 30 minutes trying to do this before hurling my phone at the wall. Now I am not scheduled from r a meeting and my phone is broken.
  • Still no support for the iOS share sheet 😕 1/5

    By SeriouslyDave
    I really don’t like using this app on iOS. This is one of the reasons why. If I could replace Google sheets with a browser-based product, I would.