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  • Current Version: 1.2022.30201
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Google Slides App

Create, edit, and collaborate on presentations with the Google Slides app. With Slides you can: * Create new presentations or edit existing ones * Share presentations and collaborate with others in the same presentation at the same time * Work anywhere, anytime - even offline * Add and rearrange slides, format text and shapes, and more * Present right from your device * Never worry about losing your work -- everything is automatically saved as you type * Present slides to video calls - scheduled meetings will automatically appear * Open, edit, and save PowerPoint files Google Slides is part of Google Workspace: where teams of any size can chat, create, and collaborate. Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional Google Slides features, including: * Collaborating on a single presentation online with your business partner, your whole team, or external contacts. You control who gets permission to edit, view, or just add comments. * Starting from scratch or expediting the process by choosing a template. You can enhance your presentations with videos, images, drawings, and smooth transitions. * Working across PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets—View or even present your slides from your phone or tablet, so you have the option to practice your presentation up until the last minute. Permissions Notice Camera: This is used for camera mode in video calls and to insert images taken with the camera. Microphone: This is used to transmit audio in video calls. Photos: This is used to access photos under the control of Photos application to let the users pick images to insert into slides.

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Google Slides app reviews

  • Persuasion 5/5

    By fluffyrain5
    I download google slides everytime i want to persuade my parents. It get th job done lol.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Jackie azaria K
    This app is so horrible, it’s so hard to use and i think everyone should delete it. it has no good purpose.

    By 😎😎😎girl
    Like the title says🙁🙁 please add the ability to make custom colors on the mobile app.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Steelers⚫️🟡
    Just terrible when I tried to load it crashed and everything broke and made crazy loud noises happen… 😒
  • Hi 1/5

    By aria nuggs
  • Can’t delete multiple presentations 3/5

    By kiwi_888
    It’s a great app overall since I have to use it anyways, but since it’s going to be a new school year I wanted to delete all my old presentations. Turns out I can only delete them one. By. One. There’s no option to delete multiple at a time, so now my school chromebook is going to run slower because of a stupid, easy to take care of problem. It doesn’t ruin the whole “experience”, but it’s very inconvenient and very irritating.
  • tt 1/5

    By wojenand
    i’m not trying to present infront of my class
  • Not compatible with iPad 1/5

    By tutufffii
    I have the iPad Pro gen 5 and using google slides is important for my work. It is very difficult to use google slides on the app, it just freezes and bugs. I’ve even changed my IPad thinking it was my device but it isn’t. I am only able to use google slides on safari
  • Freezes and force quit 1/5

    By monstersloveshannon
    I have been dealing all morning with the app freezing and force quitting within like 2 minutes of starting my project.
  • It doesn’t let me put some pictures to Slides 5/5

    By Thomas and his friends
    Google LLC it doesn’t let me put some pictures to Slides so can you let us put all of our pictures
  • FIX THE TEXT 2/5

    By mapsaden
    please for the love of god fix the text
  • Totally recommend 5/5

    By klaify
    Google slides is so easy to use and manage! i totally recommend this because of those two things!
  • um 4/5

    By 2009poo0
    My dad left me LOL
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hanna Paw 4907
    I love it
  • Low Usability on App 3/5

    By okthenfine
    I use google slides heavily on my laptop, often importing and exporting to various different display platforms and uses, or working between slides and Canva to get the graphics and the structure I’m looking for for a presentation. But the app is very difficult to use.Text boxes and inserted pictures are hard to move, instead they are “selected” as if they are going to be dragged off-screen somewhere. Text is tedious to copy and paste into the slides, and you have to re-select and re-format any text every time, which is a nightmare. Mouse and keypad functionality is not high, and I often have to resort to using my fingers on the app itself to make sure the appropriate section is selected for change. I also have to continually “remind” the app that I’m still on that app by clicking the 3 dots at the top of the screen and selecting the display I’m currently using, or functionalities like the “+” sign for adding a picture or the “A” sign for changing fonts simply don’t register on the app with my mouse. This is frustrating, especially when importing content from a teaching script or some other document and I need to reformat consistently for sizing
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By hufhfrufhru
    Unlike most people, I use this app for YouTube, and have found it super helpful. Anytime I want to give my viewers information, I’m able to use this app to make a slideshow. I can also add meme pictures just for that extra 12 views I need. The only thing I find annoying is that when I use this on my computer on the website, I can’t figure out how to add my own slides instead of the ones given. But overall, good app, I continue to use it.
  • Great products terrible apps 2/5

    By HelenaRomaniovaDarnova
    Love whole google products but all works awful on iPad. Just awful and completely unusable …. :(((
  • Displays my slides as completely blank 1/5

    By RizzyRam
    Nothing works on this app. What’s the point?
  • Great app, hard to navigate 5/5

    By Dappledfern
    I love this app and remember using it for school but recently downloaded it on my own device years later to use it for writing. I found the layout is much different, and that disappointed me as I liked the layout from back when (around 2017-2019 it was the best) It was easier to navigate. I remember there was a feature that allowed me to import new fonts to use, and I’m looking for that feature and would like to know if it’s still here.
  • Good but need to be able to select all Presentations. 2/5

    By Yor Forgt
    I have presentations that I want to get rid of but it takes a very long long time so I wish for it to be able to select all with one button.
  • Buggy, and major issues 1/5

    By haha butt joke
    You cannot edit a slideshow once you present it, it’s infuriating to start anew because of it.
  • Why are the functions so limited!? 1/5

    By user10001111000101010
    I just want to be able to do basic functions like resize the slides and rotate them so I can save them as a PDF. Because everything has to be so “sleek” and “modern” this app has like HALF the capability as just using it on a normal desktop computer. If I could put my desktop in my backpack and bring it everywhere with me I would because this app just doesn’t cut it.
  • This thing is crap 1/5

    By penusaids
    Horrible and crap doesn’t even load
  • Suuuuper buggy and slow 1/5

    By Popsoccer10
    Unfortunately the iPad app is way to slow and super buggy. Finding myself having to restart the app to be able to do simple tasks like selecting a slide and copying it.
  • would be good if.. 4/5

    By using for transition
    there is no animations on mobile? hmmm…funny, yes.. but not funny haha.. funny weird..
  • I can do everything 5/5

    By Chocomonda
  • Mobile Devices 4/5

    By Chen Family
    I love this app, it’s great for presentation(etc) but the issue is, on mobile devices you are unable to add transitions/animate like you can on laptops. So this is a burden to those with mobile.
  • This is cool! 5/5

    By vhjrstu
    I really like this this is a good presentation review and when you work on the presentation it’s amazing I also use your other apps you’re really pretty good use can you make an app called google folder or google save? The details and stuff can be whatever you want I just want to save my drive stuff in there! This is a really good use for presentations and other stuff you can share with people in our comments and can you call them on google slides to?
  • Bad app 1/5

    By serfakes
    I tried to redownload the app and it’s asking for a payment method
  • Blank screen on present 1/5

    By JerryTKL
    I can use the app to open up the slides, but once I go to present mode and it just gives me a blank screen.
  • Why, just why 2/5

    By Please do what my review says
    Why do you HAVE to have a google account to make an account, just because its called "Google Slides" I'm not allowed to have google. Can you at least make other ways the make accounts for those who cant have google
  • Good but a little updates 4/5

    By LightningHotRodGamingYT
    I use google slides to make a lot of concepts! But I would also like you can do motions on the app then on the website, Because I would had to delete the app then go to the websites to make the motions and plus when we duplicate a slides with motions on it when you duplicate it it should delete the motions. I enjoy your app but needs big updates. - Rod YouTube = LightningHotRodGaming
  • For Mac 5/5

    By lupejas
    I like google slides a lot but I wished you guys can make it for macs as well. I prefer using google for everything instead of mircosoft 365.
  • eh…… 4/5

    By Bubblemilkteatea
    Honestly I really like this app but how come on the phone you can’t insert an image bye searching it up like you can on the computer?
  • Good app, I guess... 2/5

    By Play for the Queen
    Amazing app. Does everything it needs to. Only problem is that it needs iOS 13.0 or later. Do you realize the problems this creates for people with older iPads that are stuck on iOS 12.5.5?? Nothing else to say about this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By scase2
    This is a great app overall, but I wish you could insert photos from the web. Instead, I have to find pictures from Google and save them to my Camera Roll to put them in, which is more work.
  • Good concept but no 1/5

    By Jessjami
    The app won’t let me sign in I tried and tried but no matter what it would NOT even bring up the keypad so please fix it
  • The Highlighter icon 3/5

    By BUTTERCUP!!!!!!!!
    The app is great besides the fact that the highlighting icon is so annoying! Every time I click on the icon then highlight my text it takes me out of the document entirely and so then I have to find the doc again and double click to get in to it and then when I have to highlight again it does the whole thing over again! This happens to my other classmates as well and it just takes more time away from working in the assignment.😡
  • Smile 1/5

    By nhnhrff
    You are a cutest toenail for not updating faster
  • Not good 1/5

    By 🦋🦄🦋🦄🐺
    I only use it for school and it doesn’t work sometimes
  • I could do without the app. 2/5

    By MaddiexCorn
    I use google slides for school presentations and the like and the quality is not that great. Most options from the PC version are worth the laggy and broken webpage instead of the app. This app also crashes in the middle of use and closes the open slideshow out of nowhere. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say except that I expected better from a Google product.
  • A 5/5

    By wg8yud9-uh0i fui0
    Woah very nice aa very nice
  • Glitch 1/5

    By eeeehdhdhfbfhfhfbfufh
    When I try to sign in it wouldn’t let me cause my keyboard is GONE
  • Crashes if not updated. 1/5

    By Kitstanwood
    Crashes if not updated
  • Hamburger 5/5

    By Naoreli69
  • China man 5/5

    By DementedDDS
    With this app I’m making a book
  • Perfect for schools grades 4-12 5/5

    By Michael Alexander Zamora
  • I use this for school 1/5

    By Fluffy The Queen
    I don’t like school
  • Fortnite battle pass 5/5

    By pndjdbdhajjabdbdb
    Fortnite presentation