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Google Street View

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Google Street View App

Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with Google Street View. Also create photo spheres to add your own Street View experiences. Start with your phone’s camera or add a one–shot spherical camera (like the Ricoh Theta S) for easy 360º photography. Then, you can publish to Google Maps to share your photo spheres with the world. Content galleries: • Browse — or be notified of — Google’s newest special collections • Explore all of Street View (including contributions from others) • Review your public profile of published photo spheres • Manage your private photo spheres • Immerse yourself in photo spheres with Cardboard mode Creating and sharing photo spheres: • Use your phone’s camera (no camera accessories required) • Connect to a spherical camera to capture in one tap • Share to Google Maps as immersive photo spheres • Share privately as flat photos Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Google Street View app reviews

  • Add timeline 3/5

    By Thamitchman15
    Add the thing where you select the date of when it was taken
  • I want the real street view back. 1/5

    By dgrjazz
    What did we do to deserve this? I’m sorry, but from the beginning, when I realized that this was not designed for iPad I knew it was not happening. I put in an address and it didn’t look right so I started to navigate after a few seconds I had to swipe a card. That was not right either. So I gave up. I didn’t see a way to back out to a map and drop a pin. Is that gone also? It seems a lot of people like this. I don’t get it. Some put 5 stars and then gave a bad review??? So, a basic function of Goggle Maps is gone? Why?
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By SunnyTheSailorMan
    Helpful app 👍🏼
  • I’ll take Street View for 1000 Alex 5/5

    By robert lawrence photography
    Best Invention since the Rand McNally road maps that sat in the glove box of vehicles across the country in the 90’s😳😜😂... I would like to know if you will be creating a 360 video application with ability to capture the footage and actually be able to upload from an iOS device? Versus having to purchase a device just to upload 360 video.
  • Beta - Still has a long way to go 1/5

    By Fijvesfghcgknfdfgg
    This app, at least on my iPad, is extremely buggy, freezes up, and just doesn’t respond to input. Every photo is obscured by a big block of text at the bottom of the screen that cannot be moved. Still in beta mode. Perhaps it works better on an iPhone?
  • Horrible App That Just Wastes Time 1/5

    By vsaltd.jewel
    If you actually want to use it to see the street view of something you need...forget it. The map itself is stuck behind tons of photos and notifications bugging you to do things like subscribe or connect your photos. You can't get them to go away. The map is virtually unviewable. All you can do with the app is to look at a bunch of other people’s random 360° photos...boring!
  • This app need a redo 1/5

    By Load!!!!
    The UI is terrible, it very unintuitive. I have to zoom around, swipe up, then scroll just to see your own photos. The app feels sluggish on an iPhoneXS max. The profile and private page should be part of the Hamburg menu similar to the contributions in google maps to it keeps constant. I share my photos from insta360 and then only sometimes show up in the app. I’d love to share my photos but this app makes it way to difficult
  • Good apps 5/5

    By Олек
    Recommended to all
  • Basically unusable on iPad Pro 1/5

    By AB001
    This app is basically unusable on my iPad Pro. It doesn’t rotate on screen thus making me hold the ipad and keyboard attached to it in the vertical position. Also, the app only uses about 10% of the useable screen space, the rest is black space.
  • Connecting geospherical pics is a PIA 1/5

    By Blackburied
    When connecting geosphereical pics, the user interface is extremely poor. 1) latency. Outside the app, You don’t see what you connected for 24 hours, sometimes longer... and I really need to see it on my laptop to make sure it was correct. 2) can only connect geospheres on the phone. Need to be able to do it in a real computer. 3) with multiple geospheres, they only show numbers... 1, 2, 3, etc... there is no way to know which number is which geosphere. Just wait 24 hours and see if you got it right on a laptop, and start over again. 4) The original position/coordinates can’t be reset or known once you move it. I need to move them in order to see the possible connections and be able to pick the right one, but if I don’t put it back exactly where it was, it’s original position is lost forever. 5) Selecting the name of the place where it was taken can only be done from a list. The majority of the time, that list is inaccurate. It wants me to choose an incorrect name, and the correct name is not an option. In general, when you’re dealing with trails and landmarks, google is incredibly inaccurate. Google will only fix map inaccuracies a small percentage of the time they are called out. I just have to inaccurately label my geospherical pics in order to keep the misinformation perpetuated. Worse, even when it comes to streets, google won’t correct errors. Currently, to get to my house by car, anybody using google maps is told to use hiking trails and cross private property... which I’ve begged them from three different emails to correct. This is more than just outback trail inaccuracy. Google support defines “deaf ears” Really lousy job on this utility!
  • Too hard to control 1/5

    By 1NICK23
    Would be better if it’s easy to control but it’s not. It may freeze, take you backward (weird), or just completely lose where you were before.
  • iPhone XS and XS Max users beware 1/5

    By ncurrey
    I’m a Google Trusted Photographer and have nearly 5 million views of my 360 photos that I’ve taken through this app, but since I upgraded to the XS Max my photos are rejected by Google Maps because of the size. Google needs to fix this issue. Then the star rating goes up to 5.
  • Falta solucionar un error al querer mover y conectar fotos 3/5

    By lucalonso
    La aplicación es genial lo único malo es que al querer mover y conectar fotos ( si ya las subiste a Google maps) no se ve la foto en la parte inferior junto a la brújula. Por lo que se hace imposible calibrar la dirección en la que está mirando la foto. Esto es un problema solo de la app para iphone. Ya que probé iniciando sesión en un celular android y ahí funciona perfectamente... espero lo solucionen en futuras actualizaciones... Gracias
  • Big connecting panos 1/5

    By SumOfOneInteger
    Four months ago the bug was reported that the preview doesn't load when connecting panos. Still isn't fixed...
  • Fascinating software 5/5

    By Larrythebassman
    The best way to take a vacation is to plan the vacation around STREETview... every day searching for that ✨ultimate photograph ✨you never really know which one is going to give you that 5 million views ...are the {{{hundred million views }}} Ha ha ha 🙃but every single day you go out there ...this app will keep you focused, it’s’s fascinating ,it’s absolutely fascinating and surprisingly it’s becoming easier to operate it’s easier to upload 360 photos from your telephone from your go Pro them or whatever device you use it is evolving into a very useful partner🙌✨🙌
  • Needs improvements 2/5

    By Bigal53209
    App is wonderful full of nice features if I could use them every time I click something the whole app keeps crashing on my iPhone
  • Terrific app 5/5

    By pmoyer44
    This is what Google earth is about. Being there and taking some to use as Skybox backgrounds for Enscape addin to Revit and SketchUp. This extension for google chrome is perfect.
  • Fun 5/5

    By BuckyStiles
    Lots of fun 😎
  • Pretty bad, needs more negative reviews 1/5

    By mtpalms
    It deserves no stars at all. I found this app because i can no longer use streetview in either googlemaps on my ipad's browser or the maps app. This is even worse. I put in an address and the wheel just spins and the keyboard styas put like I haven't just clicked 'done'. Apparently google wants to choose what streets you view, because there are plenty of touristy options to look at. No google, that is not how it works.
  • Image quality reduced 4/5

    By MesbahS
    On iPhone XS Max getting maximum 6 megapixel using street view's camera. I have been using this app for few years with different phones. Never faced this issue. Also exported sphere photos are very small (800px width). Previously with 6S image was of 40+ megapixel and on with Galaxy S9 plus got 50+ megapixel. This is a great app, please fix it.
  • Bugs in app for iOS 3/5

    By Adrian dk
    Hi , there is a bug in the app when connecting the points on an iOS device , panoramic comes up blank , other than that app is great
  • This might be hard to understand but please read. 5/5

    By Rate the app.
    If you take a 360 photo on your phone or camera and move it to this app. You can change the location (not the address, the actual exact place the pic was taken.). But when editing the photo and putting it in the correct place. You have to be able to see the pic at the bottom of the screen where you can edit the view or map... You can do that. Until you publish it. You can press select and try to change the place but at the bottom, the pic is just white so you can’t see the pic. This is a lot and I’m guessing nobody understood this. But google, please take this into consideration to fix.
  • Confusing App Name 1/5

    By BrightHalo
    If your going to make a new product maybe you shouldn't give it the same name as a big existing feature in another product.
  • Crashes Without Fail 1/5

    By TRezendes
    Attempting to save a photosphere to the phone's photo library crashes the app every time. The app is useless if I can't save out the pictures I capture. •iPhone Xs •iOS 12.1
  • Good 5/5

    By Tetos123
  • WARNING FOR Xs & Xs Max USERS 1/5

    By settsu
    Don’t waste your time if you have an iPhone Xs or Xs Max, as there are known issues with photospheres being generated at too low a resolution, thus being summarily rejected from Google Maps. Even if you just use it to capture photospheres for personal use, you’ll be disappointed since the output lacks detail at only 800x400 pixels (0.3mp), while previously (iPhone 8 & earlier) they would be 8704x4352 (37.9mp). As another reviewer observed, it seems this app may have been abandoned (last update was 3 months ago…)
  • I think... 5/5

    By Fine lad
    This app deserves a five star rating. BUT, if I look for a location I should be able to find that location by inputting the phone number. That would be really helpful to find scammers and report them.
  • Mr. Grayson 4/5

    By Love radio.
    This app is great fun easy way to track what you’ve done.
  • Wack 1/5

    By Cahoon7
    I just got this app so I could Take a pic of my homeboy’s pad so I could try to convince him I was creepin outside but every time I try to save the pic, the app crashes. What’s up with this windows 95 bs? Wack.
  • buggy, Buggy, BUGGY! B U G G Y ! 1/5

    By Lacemaker 427
    When used via Safari, I never had any problem, though now, Safari can’t bring it up. I thought downloading the app would solve that problem, but so far, all I have been able to view is the graphic of a finger indicating that you move through the virtual streets by swiping left and right,...and that’s where it stuck. I am using a state of the art iPad Air 2, which is running the latest iOS (12.0.1 / 10/25/18). Google, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You went from a smooth, enjoyable product to crap. Why launch it before it works on all common platforms?
  • Crap. Old street views, constant pop-ups, frequent blank screens 1/5

    By LaraCroft_NYC
    Who is giving this app five stars?? It's Crap. VERY Old street views (compared to google maps), constant pop-ups, frequent blank screens.
  • Broken with no support 1/5

    By iPensive
    It seems that Google has abandoned this app, without keeping it up to date with iOS updates. The current version is broken on iOS 12, losing the ability to read the metadata in an upload that establishes the view direction and losing the ability to manually reset the view direction using a preview image. Google seems to assume that the user is too stupid to notice, and doesn’t care if they do, because there is no user support anyway. Street View wasn’t generating enough revenue to sustain it so Google walked away, demonstrating its usual corporate ADHD. Expect this app to not even open with some future iOS.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Funkmomkey
    This app is not at all what I expected. When you type in an address what you get a bunch of random pictures from around the neighborhood. Not helpful at all.
  • Doesn't find lots of addresses suddenly 1/5

    By MellyEV
    This has been going on a few weeks, but it literally can't find addresses that desktop browser-based Google maps and Street view absolutely find. Tried reinstalling, etc. I used it a lot for work but it's useless now so I am giving up on it. Maybe it works for others.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By googleisterrible38482784
    Awful UI, pretty much unusable and a waste of time.
  • iPHONE X SUPPORT!!! 1/5

    By Cobak
    I absolutely LOVED this app because of its 360 camera, however the it’s rendered almost useless if you own an iPhone X because you cannot save your photos to your photo library. Google please please please fix this problem!!!
  • Goode 5/5

    Wairui goode
  • So cool 5/5

    By Susan from shanghai
    Fully open my mind, VR eye to the world anytime
  • OH MY GOD 1/5

    By Akash: The Sky
    As you can see i support google earth a LOT more 1. I am a ipad user and it aint helpful cuz the screen is so small 2. Add a zoom in feture plz
  • Please allow ability to close the Results 1/5

    By Pepperw2
    It gets in the way if the maps and ruins the experience. Users use to be able to close. Now its clunky feeling
  • Awful app, non existent customer support 1/5

    By Jasonsievert
    This app is always crashing and bugging out and there is absolutely no way to contact support to fix it besides providing “feedback” which I’m sure goes nowhere because they’ve never once responded or fixed the issues. Currently all panoramas show up blank when trying to edit which renders the app useless. Please listen to your customers and fix the bugs. Terrible!
  • んsm(アgood-bye可以 4/5

    By U.S.33唐
  • ممتاز 5/5

    By arasm505
    برنامج جداً رايع.
  • Has issues 3/5

    By Ranger222222
    Crashes frequently and the “connect photos” feature is pretty much broken. Other than that it’s good.
  • DISLIKE 1/5

    By Awesomelayla457
    This app is EXTREMELY annoying and is very bad 👎🏽😡 Piece of crap app 💩
  • Bad UI renders this almost unusable 2/5

    By csfluke
    It is almost impossible to explore an area using street view anymore. There are now these obnoxious "suggestion cards" that pop up constantly, covering over half the screen on my iPhone se. If you tap on the screen to dismiss the cards they go away for about 5 seconds, and then they pop back up. There appears to be no way to disable this "feature".
  • I really appreciate this App & it’s easy use 5/5

    By Surprised Sal
    As a Brain Injury Survivor, I have a hard time remembering directions. So with the ease of using Google Streetview, I can easily “walk through “ the area before I get there & pick out Landmarks or buildings so I can orientate myself better. Thanks Google.
  • Make for iPad please 3/5

    By Hibguvugvugv
    I really want this app on iPad but you have to use google apps
  • Crashes when trying to save a panorama to phone on iPhone 6 and latest iOS. 1/5

    By Chrushev
    Crashes when trying to save a panorama to phone on iPhone 6 and latest iOS. Do these guys test their product? There is literally no way for me to save the panorama I took only to link to it on google. If you try to save it the app crashes, tried on 3 different iPhone 6’s with different. Erosions of iOS 11 all crash. Idiotically no option to save photo from selection list only. Only way to save is to open photo and save after, which crashes the app.

Google Street View app comments

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