Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

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  • Current Version: 1.19
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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip App

Exploring the world just got easier with Google Trips. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizeable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail. Google Trips is even available offline, so you’ll always have your info when you need it. DAY PLANS For several hundred of the world’s top places, find popular day plans organized on a map that you can customize based on your interests and available time. AUTOMATIC TRIP ORGANIZATION Your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized into individual trips. Each trip contains day plans, things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more. NEARBY THINGS TO DO Find out when you’re near popular attractions (and whether they’re open) as well as reviews and ratings from other travelers. Every trip contains ideas for things to do automatically organized into useful categories like Nearby, Top Spots, and Indoors or Outdoors. For many of the world’s top places, you’ll get curated local suggestions and travel tips. BUNDLED RESERVATIONS See your flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings in one place without having to search for them individually. OFFLINE ACCESS No Internet? No problem. Google Trips is available offline, so you’ll always have access to your info. Permissions Notice • Location: used to customize attraction suggestions such as “Nearby” and “Now” as well as for calculating the distance of attractions to the user.

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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app reviews

  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By Adamc2012
    I have gmail and it’s currently full of bookings for flights, hotels and car rental bookings, but this app sees nothing. So what’s the point of it? It just doesn’t work.
  • More maps 2/5

    By Andy Gallows
    Google I’d less cutesy illustration and more usable maps.
  • Great except 4/5

    By Day the banker
    There’s a few missing pieces. Such as good the ability to list a city twice in your trip: ex: Chicago >Bogota>Medellin>Santa Marta>Bogota>Cali Also it does not catch all my reservations via email
  • Why there are so many bugs?? 1/5

    By Anna.lynxy
    The main feature I wanted to use was creating of your own day plan trip. However, that’s impossible. Each time you add a new place to your route - the order of all the places you added before is changing. It is no way to manage the order of the places you want to visit, the only one thing you can do is to mark the starting point. But it doesn’t actually help when you have more than 2 places, because as I said before the order is changing and almost always the order is senseless. Also, when you want to edit your existed route and choose the day of the week - it will replace your whole route with its own random one. Why? Where is the logic? And yeah, after you edit you route - the app creates its duplicate. For what? I faced all these issues after 30 min of using and I can’t even imagine how such a major company can release such a raw product. It wasn’t tested at all?
  • Google is disrupting the travel industry 5/5

    By Rahulbansal
    Amazing app.
  • Need features like rearranging the items 5/5

    By wt07
    Features like rearranging the activities (flight, hotels, etc) would be much appreciated. And there are bugs in the timeline, which I did not find any place to submit with a screenshot.
  • Google Trips is a must have app 5/5

    By jmedina509
    This app makes it easy to start planning for trips. I highly recommend it!
  • pest app 5/5

    By Bujubara
    pest app for your trips
  • Excellent All-in-One Travel Tool 5/5

    By Bryce2113
    I don’t normally write app reviews, but I’m enjoying Google Trips too much to ignore suggesting it to others. The app is extremely easy to use. I particularly like that it automatically adds reservations into my trips. This allows me to see everything in one spot, which is particularly helpful when I have a multi leg trip (island hopping in Hawaii for example). The rest of the features, like things to do, food, etc. are all well done but pretty basic. I plan to use the app to keep track of the items I’ve marked as “want to go.” That way I can have a very loose plan for the day and then when I want to do something, go eat for example, I can quickly see if there is something nearby on my list. I also like that I can download cities or locations so I can access everything offline. Even with Verizon I sometimes do not have consistent cellular coverage and offline information is key.
  • Greatest Travel app ever 5/5

    By GWIL34
    I don’t really have anything negative to say about the app. Unless you don’t use gmail, then maybe it’s not as convenient. But if you do, it’s does all the work for you by logging all your trips and showing you many of the best things to do. Love it!
  • Makes absolutely no sense 1/5

    By CaMilfLmao
    How can I plan a road-trip if you don’t give me a map to use?? Very hard to use and after almost an hour trying to figure out how to make your app do what I need it to do I have deleted it and given up.
  • Not very customizable 2/5

    By Kemak
    I have an itinerary already and I just wanted to enter in each location but alas I couldn’t. You can use a magic wand which tries to think for you or you can “pin” some places but not all. So close to being a really good app.
  • Don’t bother, your ties you into Googles suggestions 1/5

    By Samwise1964
    First of all my background is working with data and linking related material for banking, pretty complicated stuff. When I started using this app I thought it would be a great app to tie my gmail info, maps and itineraries together in a simple app that is easy to navigate. What you got is an app that somewhat does some of these thing but does not let you customize certain places without major setup. Plan your day part of the app is unusable tried to plan a day at Disney world and no matter what I did it would not save. It keeps giving you suggestions but does let you make your own. Done with this app, delete.
  • Not user friendly, no sharing 2/5

    By Relaxin'Joe
    It’s good for finding and bookmarking attractions but not for creating itineraries. I could not start my first day at the airport. I had to choose an attraction. It forces you to start with a magic wand suggested itinerary that I have yet to be able to customize easily. No sharing and no desktop app for working on a bigger screen. Could be great but needs serious work.
  • No collaboration? 3/5

    By NinaPL
    I was hopeful that this would be a tool for planning a trip with friends but was disappointed that there is no option to add collaborators like you can with Google Docs and Sheets. I do like that it automatically collects my flight and lodging reservations from my email. I also like the local guidance it has about things like transit, tipping, and emergencies. Give us the option to collaboratively create trips and itineraries and I would bump this rating up a star or two.
  • Add friends 1/5

    By Hinzle
    Trying to plan a trip with friends but there's no way to collaborate with others.
  • Day planner needs work 2/5

    By thdnd
    App seems promising, but Day Planner is very restricted. It’s hit or miss on allowing you what places you can choose to add to your plan. Only about 1/4 of the places are available to choose from. I was able to zoom in on the map, see the place I wanted to go, but when I clicked on the icon, theres no option to use it in the plan... there’s a ton of places with the same scenario. Seems like a critical feature for a “Trip planner” to allow you to, say, actually plan your trip.
  • Can’t create plans 2/5

    By Tranctk
    This app was clearly designed by those that have never planned a trip. It is meant for those that don’t know the city they want to visit and just let the app give you the itinerary. It severely lacks the ability for users to create their own itinerary. Such a disappointment.
  • Day plans flaw 4/5

    By adamjown
    The app is almost the perfect travel app, but my only gripe is that on the day plans you cannot chose anything as a destination. Only the spots in blue can be added, so you can’t include the hotel or food in the food plan, which is a shame, so I’ve resorted to google sheets for my itinerary. Not devastating, but disappointing. Please fix and this will be the only app for travel.
  • Fantastic app! 5/5

    By Selena MG
    Trips bundles relevant trip information into one trip listing suggestions for each site. This is a particularly wonderful app as a reminder of the trips taken for when you need to list all locations you have been to.
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Field School '25
    This app is ok, but it could improve. It doesn't have many options, and is hard to navigate through. I think it would be helpful if this app also had a packing list feature, so instead of having to get lots of apps to plan one trip, you only had to download one. Otherwise, this is a great app!
  • Cool app but unreliable 2/5

    By cs.reviewing.apps
    For the past several months, I’ve been planning a trip that will start next month. This app keeps deleting reservations that I’ve already entered. I’ve had to manually re-enter several flights 3 times already. Also there’s no “sync” button to ask the app to upload reservations from your email account, so it *sometimes* notices a new reservation and other times I just have to go in and add it. Then re-add it when the app somehow forgets it. This apps needs improvement, won’t be able to use it for my upcoming trip because it is unreliable, but I hope it will be better in the future.
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By skordahlj
    Not only was this app convenient, organized and so helpful, it actually gave me piece of mind! They give you information about where you’re traveling, like how to get ready emergency services, how to get around, the currency exchange, etc.
  • Rudimentary 2/5

    By Alexgaaaaaaaaarl
    I had so much hope since I generally like everything Google, but this seems to be an afterthought and not something anyone is paying attention to. It only syncs with airline and hotel reservations in Gmail and does not seem to recognize Airbnb. There is no way, other than notes, to record tour reservations. You cannot search for and map restaurants and sites that you want to check out, you can only scroll through their limited selection. All in all it is a disappointment and I am moving on. A spreadsheet is better than this.
  • Needs to integrate Google flights 2/5

    By EmmaJoMH
    Given Google’s amazing Google flight feature, I thought this would make finding and booking flights easier. Rather, it is just a way to spend unnecessary time typing information into an app of already booked flights
  • All in one place 5/5

    By PerWaag
    Super helpful to gather all travel info from your gmail into one place. No more looking for confirmations!!
  • Google trips 3/5

    By DrV88
    It’s good that I can list saved places but the day plans is not ideal for customization. Can’t pin my places so it is worthless to me. Such a shame
  • Gave it a try twice, it’s a NO for me 2/5

    By suri_T22
    At first I thought I didn’t know how to work with the app. So I deleted it and after a couple of months I gave it a try again. Without any luck. I tried to find out how to put my own points of interest into the day planner( this would be awesome if it was possible in the app). But no, it only shows u default day plans without the possibility of adding your own points of interests. The app is totally confusing and I had to go ok youtube to find out how to use some of the options. Google please change this thing up. Especially the day planner!!!!
  • Great until it misses a reservation 2/5

    By Dj1encore
    Works great, but when it misses a reservation there is no way to attach the email. A number of vendors are not supported. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  • Day trips - basically useless 2/5

    By alpop12
    As other reviews have noted the day plan does not actually let you plan your days. Since TripAdvisor removed there day by day trip planning from their app I have been looking for another app to use for planning trips. When I first looked into google trips it seemed like this would be the perfect app for me to use. However, the “magic wand” used for day planning does not allow for edited of days. Also it is hit or miss whether items from emails getting added to the trip.
  • Ditto! 2/5

    By jellyeatsfishy
    See vdumlao’s review for my sentiments! Really love the sleekness at the outset but what a bummer that you can’t collaborate on a trip with others.
  • 不能按照自己的意愿规划行程 1/5

    By qudajingjing
    看到很多推荐说google trips可以自动规划行程,但是我觉得并不好用...推荐的行程中有我不想去的地方,我想去的地方不在规划行程中,可以收藏自己想去的地点,但是不能按照的意愿规划行程,看了很多教程依然不会设置.......不知是我太笨,还是app太难用!
  • Everything gone 1/5

    By adec me
    I liked the app a lot because it puts flights and hotel reservations in one place. I didn’t do anything and then recently EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED!!!!
  • Everything gone 1/5

    By alex linhares
    This WAS an amazing app. Then, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING, past and future, is gone. There's nothing there. I have a super complex upcoming trip in which I have to find/print a plethora of emails and details. Moral of the story: live by the cloud, die by the cloud.
  • It could have been great. 2/5

    By cmj05
    With Googles exhaustive database this should’ve been a slamdunk. But instead you can’t share an itinerary and the the daily plans seem to be haphazardly thrown together.
  • Such a disappointment 1/5

    By BruceBruce22
    I was hopeful that this could be a wonderful app for creating plans for an upcoming trip to France. What I quickly realized less than an hour into fighting through various features in the app is that it is utterly useless for anyone who is actually trying to plan ahead. The only people this app could be beneficial for are those who do zero planning and now randomly find themselves on vacation somewhere looking for something to do.
  • Lacking 1/5

    By Lo0ser
    Does allow you to plan your day from any location to any locations, by manually adding. Locations are restricted to known google sights within the location. Does not account for travel from one city to another. Does not allow you to add events tickets, tour reservations. It does not give you a summary of your trip, e.g. a 10 day trip that includes multiple cities, it doesn’t let you plan Day 1, 2,... so you can have an full itinerary with locations, travel, reservations, events that are planned for each day.
  • Completely Useless 1/5

    By wahm826
    1. Unable to share a trip. When tapping the emailed link for the shared trip, half the time it will not load. It does not save the trip to the app for next time when it actually does load. 2. Deleted copious notes despite them being saved multiple times as they were taken. 3. Does not allow reservations to be added unless there is a corresponding email confirmation in the associated gmail inbox. Do not trust this app.
  • Pretty ok 4/5

    By ElleW343
    My only gripe is that when you’re inputting reservations, it only allows you to plan “meals.” There should be a separate tag for activities that doesn’t have a restaurant icon but that draws from the same database. Otherwise: this app is good for planning trips, suggesting places to go and letting you favorite ideas about activities. In summary pretty ok.
  • Clunky 2/5

    By MusicianMonster
    App is and interface is clunky
  • Idea is good 2/5

    By Myjackrulz
    I wish I could add restaurants. I can’t search specific ones I want to go to and they aren’t on any of the lists provided.
  • Big NOPE 1/5

    By Menotyou220
    Was excited to see an itinerary app by google but it falls so short. Cannot make an actual itinerary at all. It’s essentially a tourist suggestions app. I might as well be using tripadvisor. Super lame.
  • Can't delete a reservation? That's insane 1/5

    By Mgddpub
    Google trips doubled up one of my reservations and I don't think there's a way to delete one. I can't delete the associated email because I need one reservation. I don't see how it's possible this thing could even come out of whatever even comes before alpha without this feature. Ridiculous.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By ImSlaterr
    Another failed app by Google
  • Works alright but could be awesome 3/5

    By jennabg
    Helpful to have all hotel and air reservations auto-load and like that you can share the itinerary with others. However, I would expect more from Google especially with more use of Maps. Here’s my top wish list: 1) Addresses link into maps for navigation 2) Ability to create a single trip and all reservations that fall within the dates go into one trip (currently for my longer/multi-destination trips I end up with several smaller individual trips) 3) Recognize AirBnB reservations (they don’t auto-load and I usually then don’t manually add them in, too tedious) 4) ability to send reservations for activities, cruises (which currently don’t auto-load) and any other planned excursion. 5) Ability to invite others to a Trip (not just the “share” feature) 6) Visualize the trip on Maps ( would be great for my longer 2/3 week trips covering a larger area)
  • No purpose useless 1/5

    By btech555
    Waste of time don’t know the importance of this app can even look up flights making you download map for what I could get those pics online even better still wonder what is the importance of this app
  • Potential to be way better 3/5

    By Mrdth3
    I have used this app for a couple years now and appreciate that it gathers my reservations in one spot so I can quickly reference a confirmation number or a check-in time. However it consistently misses a good number of travel reservations in Gmail (either sent directly to me or forwarded to me) and I need to manually create and sometimes re-create trips. I’m planning a honeymoon next year and it appears that my manually created trip has disappeared somehow.
  • Excellent app but please fix this 4/5

    By holeysss
    I just updated it but when I searched the new destination, the photos were not loaded even the network connection is good. Please fix it as soon as possible. I love this app.
  • Cooool!!!! 5/5

    By Vikki9580
    The most convenient app ever! I adore Google company. Thank yiu, guys for your work.

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app comments

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