Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

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  • Current Version: 1.18
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip App

Exploring the world just got easier with Google Trips. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizeable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail. Google Trips is even available offline, so you’ll always have your info when you need it. DAY PLANS For several hundred of the world’s top places, find popular day plans organized on a map that you can customize based on your interests and available time. AUTOMATIC TRIP ORGANIZATION Your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized into individual trips. Each trip contains day plans, things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more. NEARBY THINGS TO DO Find out when you’re near popular attractions (and whether they’re open) as well as reviews and ratings from other travelers. Every trip contains ideas for things to do automatically organized into useful categories like Nearby, Top Spots, and Indoors or Outdoors. For many of the world’s top places, you’ll get curated local suggestions and travel tips. BUNDLED RESERVATIONS See your flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings in one place without having to search for them individually. OFFLINE ACCESS No Internet? No problem. Google Trips is available offline, so you’ll always have access to your info. Permissions Notice • Location: used to customize attraction suggestions such as “Nearby” and “Now” as well as for calculating the distance of attractions to the user.

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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app reviews

  • Cooool!!!! 5/5

    By Vikki9580
    The most convenient app ever! I adore Google company. Thank yiu, guys for your work.
  • No Sharing? 2/5

    By Obvious apathy
    How do the “people” giving a 5-star, “couldn’t be better” rating justify the complete lack of an option to share and collaborate? Seems like a basic requirement when planning and traveling with someone else and the double work it necessitates renders the app unrealistic as a planner unless traveling alone.
  • Good, but Daily Plan is restictive 3/5

    By Michael Ashton
    👍 Automatically adds flights, reservations, maps and saved places. 👎 Daily Plan is too restrictive. I want to create a plan with my stated/saved places on the map. Also I want to edit re-order the itinerary. I guess I’ll just keep using Apple Notes and Google Maps until they update. Good effort though! Please keep developing this
  • Convenient travel organizer. 4/5

    By PatF3735
    Easy to use, mini travel guide & organizer using information drawn from your Gmail account.
  • Please add Airbnb emails 3/5

    By Robbo178
    Right now the email engine does not read the emails reservation from Airbnb. Adding reservations by hand is so last year ;).
  • It’s great. I especially like the day plan feature! 5/5

    By JG King
    Very recommend
  • I was excited, until... 1/5

    By Lbwhexican
    Until I realized customizing day plans was creating more plans, instead of the one selected for edit; each time a change is made, a new day plan is created. Not sure why this is the case, it it was enough to push me away after setting it all up 👎🏼
  • Wish I could actually use it to book things 2/5

    By sarahck17
    Google Flights is my favorite way to book flights - cheap and easy. I was hoping this app would incorporate the easy web interface/booking process available online. I’m currently using the Kayak app even though I don’t like it as much, simply because there is no mobile option for Google Flights. I’ll switch as soon as there is one.
  • Useful when it works 2/5

    By soygalla
    The app is great for traveling, when it works. After the first couple of launches, the “where do you wanna go” search bar disappear and I can add new trips. The only solution I’ve found is reinstalling the app, until the search bar disappears again and i gotta repeat the process, kinda frustrating.
  • Keeps deleting reservations 1/5

    By Epic. 🐍
    Not only did it not pick up on my emails, after manually entering the reservation details for flights, it keeps clearing them. Very disappointed.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By rjlr2000
    The app’s graphics are good. Information is laid out nicely, and it even downloaded details from several previous trips I had taken. I would like to see an option to add cruise reservations in the same way you can add flights and hotels. Seems odd that Google would not have accounted for the fact that so many people take cruises as part of their vacations. If cruise details were added then I would have given the app a 5-Star Rating.
  • Booking tickets and passes 5/5

    By Vashonm
    The google trips app is not letting anyone book tickets for the (musement company) through the app. Anything we add to the cart to purchase the cart is empty. We get 20% off if we book through the google trips app. The other companies is not having the same problem.
  • Google Flights 3/5

    By googleflightrequest
    I downloaded Google Trips in hope to find something similar as Google Flights available on Android. But unfortunately this app doesn’t provide flight reservation service. I don’t blame the app for anything as i really didn’t use it. It is just a request to kindly develop a google flights for ios as well.
  • This needs work 1/5

    By uni1q73us3r
    I can’t edit the image, big no. It’s only pulling half the itinerary, so my outgoing flight isn’t even listed. I could add it, but then what’s the point of this app?
  • Google Trips 1/5

    By Isaac H 123
    Great Idea and suggestions for where to go are great. But it does not like my Amtrak tickets. Trip it recognized the tickets but Google couldn’t do it. What a pain!!
  • Best money saving app!!! 5/5

    By lovetheclassics
    I use this app for saving money on tickets, tours and events. I have save so much money using this app!! Put in your trip destination and go to the “discounts” tab. Get your guide and Musement both offer 20% off popular ticket items like: City Go cards, theme park tickets, tours, etc. We travel frequently and this app has save us a lot of money!!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By nathanbgerman
    I don’t understand why this app has so many negative reviews. As someone who travels a lot, this app is very helpful. It automatically keeps all my flight information and hotel reservations in one easily accessible place so I don’t have to go digging through emails searching for it later.
  • Not Quite There 1/5

    By Trust me I'm mormon
    Was Really Hoping that Google flights would be integrated into the app.
  • USELESS 1/5

    By Cubelicious
    It does not let you share itinerary (day plans) with your travel partners. Even when the reservations were shared, your travel partners will not see the address, only the reservation date and confirmation number. Everytime you u edit a day plan, u have to save it under a new name and go back to the main page to delete the old plan. Please don’t waste your time with this useless travel app!
  • Terrible app if you actually are trying to plan your trip 1/5

    By kaweena
    I was super excited to use this thinking I could make a daily itinerary that would link up to my google maps app and none of that was the case. I can’t even look up the airport and plan a day. What’s the point of that? The app only lets you pick places that it decides are worth seeing and randomly creates suggestions for you. So annoying! Don’t download if you’re actually trying to plan a trip with you’re own places in mind.
  • Needs calendar view 3/5

    By Desert Cowboy
    One of the biggest mistakes people make to making reservations is with dates. Having a calendar view could detect such mistakes and potentially save lots of money.
  • Trying as Inbox replacement 2/5

    By SFOhio
    I love Inbox and it’s sad Google is getting rid of it. Possibly the thing I love most is the “Trips” organization. As I look for alternatives, what better place to start than the same feature in a standalone app? Problem is none of my future trips are in the app, despite enabling all the right permissions and refreshing regularly. Past trips were partial as well. Please don’t make me download TripIt, Google... Extra star for aggregating my starred places.
  • Confusing & Scattered - Unhelpful 2/5

    By struckmonica
    I love Google multitude of different “task managers” and tools. I mostly enjoy them because their interface and layout is user friendly, simply laid out and just overall easy to navigate and get down to business (think Google Docs & Calendar, both of which I use almost daily. Organized, concise and to the point). Having ADHD, apps and programs that are scattered with un-consecutive information and “hidden” tools without a clear and concise way of moving & planning info/data, leave my brain confused, jumbled and unable to focus on what I am trying to accomplish. When your train of thought lasts only a matter of seconds *squirrel!* it is imperative to get the ideas and goals down and finished before they escape my mind completely. This app was a huge disappointment. With my first ever week long “adult/plan it yourself” trip to Vegas coming up in less than a month, I downloaded a ton of travel apps and found this and thought this would have EVERYTHING all in one place and make planning 25x easier. Sadly, it does not. It is great if you're basically just brainstorming possible activities and/or sights to see on your trip, but if you’re looking for an app where you can browse activities AND create a detailed consecutive day-by-day itinerary (as I thought this app would do) - this is NOT the app for you. Google should keep the “browse activities” aspect indefinitely but needs to put waaay more effort into simplifying the layout and overall improving the usefulness of this app. Would be great with those changes!
  • Stranger Things 2/5

    By EduSantosWDW
    My reservations are fading...
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By silmap
    One of the best on the market that makes it super easy to plan trips and take the information with you in-trip! Keep up the good work!
  • Couldn’t ask for a better travel app 5/5

    By Sarah2758373
    Used google trips during my first visit to Europe where I traveled through 5 countries. It was so useful I used it every day to view my full preloaded itinerary and to find things to do.
  • It’s a pocket travel guide 3/5

    By CaseyHH
    This is really a travel guide than a planner. I was excited to discover this app hoping it will allow multiple users to edit our trip plans integrated with other superb google functions. But this is not that at all. While the app provides extensive closed-travel information on your destination, it doesn’t allow you to edit or add or remove anything personal.
  • SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS data security issues... 1/5

    By Callen1298
    While planning for a Girls Trip, I downloaded the app and synced my gmail. My friends also have gmail ...and had recently emailed me their reservations to my gmail address. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the app invited me to sync any reservation found or sent to my gmail. In doing so, the app gave me access to not just the upcoming trip reservations my friends emailed to me, but to EVERY PREVIOUS TRIP CONNECTED to their gmail addresses. I had access to years of air-travel histories for my friends. Seriously. The app was presenting me the option of linking all of my friends’ currently AND previous travel itineraries without any permission or request for access!!! How in the world is this even possible in this day and age?!?!?! I immediately deleted the app and have changed to a non-gmail address for all of my travel vendors and partners.
  • Potential 2/5

    By Buckeyespud
    No search features at all which really hurts being able to add restaurants/hotels and personal POI.
  • Hi 5/5

    By wunnaphyo
  • I love google 5/5

    By no cloning no hacking
    Another excellent app
  • I want so much to love this app...but can’t. 2/5

    By LoveMyPhoneGames
    I see so much potential in this app but it is just lacking in basic abilities. You can manually manipulate your trip, when using day plans it throws in things you don’t want to see and if you add things you do want to see it throws other things you want to see out. You can’t add in times for lunch breaks if planning for a full day of travel. The moving between each city to see you itinerary is annoying and time consuming, it would be much easier to have a full itinerary option with all you day plans included for the trip. I would so much like to help make this app to be the best it can because the information from google is somewhat accurate and the travel times are included, but have no indication that my feedback messages are actually being read. Come on google, you can do better with this app!
  • Only show some 1/5

    By App1234567
    Some trips show. Some don’t. And some appear and disappear randomly. Pretty much junk app
  • Don’t bother downloading 1/5

    By reviews456789
    I have an upcoming trip and all of my details were in the app. Both locations for the trip were “downloaded” so I could access them offline. I went to add a change to my plans and both of my “downloaded” locations were gone and I couldn’t retrieve them from my email. All of my trip details disappeared. Don’t bother downloading this app it will just delete your information.
  • Seriously lacking functionality/ease of use 1/5

    By ArrowXCom
    I spent 30 minutes staring different locations to visit and tried to map them out using the day trip. The day trio only lets you select things they tell you to go see, so I couldn’t actually plan a day doing the things I wanted to do. The starring, placed I want to visit, and favorites all seem to look and act the same which also makes the different categories useless. I really want to love the app but it’s just so horrible.
  • Oh Google, so hopeful... 2/5

    By vdumlao
    I downloaded this app thinking that with Google’s exhaustive database of maps and other information, I could put together a detailed “daily plan” of sites-to-see and places to stay for my upcoming trip, but it just falls short. Maybe 15-30 minutes into the app and I’ve already noticed... PROS - It gathers travel information (flights, accommodations, etc.) from your emails for you and consolidates it into a single “trip” - Using the Search, you can find detailed information about specific sites, including hours of operation, reviews, etc. - You can save these things-to-do for future reference CONS - Day Plan uses a “magic wand” button to put together a -random- itinerary of places to see and you have basically can’t choose where you’re going - Doesn’t allow you to create a plan from your own personal points of interest, e.g. you can’t choose a hotel as your start point or some other landmark as your next destination - Just not user-friendly or intuitive I’m normally a fan of Google products/services, and this app has a great database and means of consolidating your personal travel info, but without the ability to create and customize your own personal itineraries from this information, you really can’t “plan” anything. You’re better off “Googling” places and planning the rest of your trip on travel apps like Sygic or TripIt. I wanna give it to you Google, but I just can’t (I will if you can fix it)!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Davy1382
    I cannot figure how to choose my own day trips when they keep suggesting the ones I don’t want. There are no directions on anything that is useful except just some for basics. It would be easier to do this on the computer first then have it transferred to the mobile. It would t accept anything useful for me
  • Handy tool 5/5

    By RS0_0_4
    Incorporates airfare and hotel information. Days plans are amazing as well for discovering what to do!
  • Can’t make own itinerary 1/5

    By ZP25
    If I can’t make my own itinerary and day plan and not what google recommends than this app is useless.
  • Please add option to add events 4/5

    By Klar1ty
    Great app and extremely useful, but would be so helpful to have the option to add events such as concerts to my trip
  • Extremely basic. 2/5

    By Turboclown
    Could do better on google maps
  • Would prefer better Flight tools 1/5

    By lemoinade
    This is a great idea but really falls short. You can’t browse or track flights which is one of googles strongest trip tools. The most worthwhile features are definitely watered down Google Maps tools so if you’re trying to plan out routes or search for things to do, creating your own maps is better or using an app like FourSquare. This trips app feels more like a poorly disguised advertising tool.
  • So much potential 3/5

    By Mmpowers15
    This could be a lifesaver, if only there was a way to create a custom itinerary, and not have to use the suggested ones. I know what sites I want to see and would love to add them in a schedule myself. Add that feature and it would be amazing!
  • Not very flexible 2/5

    By ThisIsMy#5nickname
    Downloaded the App and was excited. Tried it out with a trip, but could not set my days up without suggestions getting in the way. Spent about and hour working with the app. Want to do Tokyo Disneyland for a full day, but suggestions kept getting in the way. It created its own day rather than the day I create and then another day was automatically created with Disneyland plus other suggestions. I deleted everything, saved, still had the suggestions hanging around. Deleted the entire trip and started again and ran into the same problem. This made me feel more stress than I need while planning a fun trip. Tried everything another day, same frustration. I am tech savvy, but this became a hassle that I didn’t want. Sorry. Deleted the App.
  • All the bugs as mentioned in the Jan post remain 2/5

    By i__Eric
    All the bugs as mentioned in the Jan post by Yingh remain.
  • omg!!! 5/5

    By cadimommy
    this app is awesome. Make my plan is so much easier.
  • Needs to add create custom Day Trip feature 2/5

    By GooonerX07
    This app doesn’t let you created and save your own custom day trip between places. Until they change this it basically defeats point of using the app. Until this is modified 2 is best rating that can be given
  • Needs to add create custom Day Trip feature 2/5

    By GooonerX07
    This app doesn’t let you created and save your own custom day trip between places. Until they change this it basically defeats point of using the app. Until this is modified 2 is best rating that can be given
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Bonbongt
    I like the idea and concept of being able to plan out my trips. However there are some critical misses. When I look at the map of saved places that I created in google maps not all places appear in trips. Therefore when I go create a day trip I can’t select where to begin since the locations don’t exists. We are going on wine tours and I would like to have the ability to add other types of appointments to our reservations. Also we changed hotels for our trip and shows us now as staying in two hotels and I haven’t found a way to remove the cancellation. These hotels were added from google reading my gmail.

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app comments

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