Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip

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  • Current Version: 1.16
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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip App

Exploring the world just got easier with Google Trips. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizeable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail. Google Trips is even available offline, so you’ll always have your info when you need it. DAY PLANS For several hundred of the world’s top places, find popular day plans organized on a map that you can customize based on your interests and available time. AUTOMATIC TRIP ORGANIZATION Your travel reservations are automatically gathered from Gmail and organized into individual trips. Each trip contains day plans, things to do, food and drink suggestions, and more. NEARBY THINGS TO DO Find out when you’re near popular attractions (and whether they’re open) as well as reviews and ratings from other travelers. Every trip contains ideas for things to do automatically organized into useful categories like Nearby, Top Spots, and Indoors or Outdoors. For many of the world’s top places, you’ll get curated local suggestions and travel tips. BUNDLED RESERVATIONS See your flight, hotel, rental car, and restaurant bookings in one place without having to search for them individually. OFFLINE ACCESS No Internet? No problem. Google Trips is available offline, so you’ll always have access to your info. Permissions Notice • Location: used to customize attraction suggestions such as “Nearby” and “Now” as well as for calculating the distance of attractions to the user.


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Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app reviews

  • My past trips 2/5

    First time when I downloaded this app 2 weeks a go, I was amazed to see that all my past trips saved and auto pulled from my gmail account. It was such a mind blowing, to the point that I didn’t even remember that I’ve visited these places and to finally recalled these past events I’ve been. I love it. But, now I am not able to see my past trips anymore.. I didn’t even do anything or change anything in my setup setting. My setting is perfectly fine and I even disabled the button to hide my past trips and still not showing anything. I have deinstalled and reinstalled and still not fixing problems. I gave up my hope... Please make my day and fix it... thank you for your awesome work and ideas. You guys are awesome!
  • do not have access yet... 1/5

    By MomOf3xxx
    Google, do not email me about your product, link me to the download page, allow me to download it then say I don’t have access yet and suggest I contact Google. That’s just rude. 0 stars... doesn’t work at all.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By acarter323
    Not user friendly, I was looking for something to help keep track of places I wanted to go on our trip to Hawaii but this app is very confusing and just doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. I’m still not sure how I saved something to a favorite place or how to do it again..
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By religareCustomer
    This is the best and intelligent app for planning a trip. Google brand is the best !! Would like to see following features in future: 1. Weather predictions and updates for the destination for trip duration. 2. Things to visit or stop overs for food or gas on the way in case of road trip(some sort of integration with google maps) 3. A checklist and reminder a day before journey to carry important things like car charger, fill the fuel tank, carry passport, tickets, umbrella, raincoats etc I know Google can do this..
  • Reservations gone 1/5

    By Beingherenowzzz
    This should be a great app, but Google, you’re not there yet. Reservations came over from my gmail, then days later just disappeared. Re-entered them all manually, just to have them gone again the next day, both on iPad and android phone. Boo!
  • This is the best app for trips planning 5/5

    By Innovatr
    Awesome app, love it
  • Don’t waste your time... 1/5

    By Heidnebe
    I tried his app and thought, “Oh! I can plan my trip!” But as I use it, it gets annoying... the save button works once, one day done. But the next time I try, it doesn’t work... this is annoying and don’t waste your time....
  • Almost there 3/5

    By lm 2018
    I stared using this to plan a trip to Europe and would love to see the following: Daily calendar grid view to gauge time and drive times between attraction. And a weekly view. Desktop support-it is hard to do everything I want in the app, sometimes I need a computer to see the big picture. If it could sync with the app that would make it easier to use.
  • It has SO much potential, but lacks severely! 1/5

    By evesanz
    Let me start with that I LOVE THE POTENTIAL of this app! Here are some issues that I'm having and I would deeply appreciate it if someone could advise me on how to work around these challenges. 1. Pinning sights that show up on the app, but don't allow me to pin them on my Daily Plan for some reason. Then organizing my Daily Plans in the order I would like. 2. I'm having issues with it importing reservations that I forwarded to to my Gmail account. Ugh! 3. Removing Suggested Daily Plans that I'm not interested in. 4. Syncing the apps on my iPhone and iPad, and would love to be able to access it on my computer also. There's so much potential with this app that I would even be willing to PAY for it for all these fixes!!
  • Needs many improvements 2/5

    By AliPSU
    I was very excited to find this app but was quickly disappointed. Day trips are nearly impossible to plan using the app. New reservations/ reservation emails do not populate into existing trips. These two downfalls make the app impractical for ongoing vacation planning. Save yourself the trouble and skip this app for now. Hopefully google can make some adjustments to turn this into a quality product.
  • Nothing I'm looking for exists 1/5

    By andymohawk
    I wanted help finding more cool places and instead found a big goose egg.
  • Good looking, light on substance 3/5

    By odells428
    A nice clean looking Google style app, and well organized pages for multi-stop trips. I wish there was a calendar view for planning purposes, or sync with Google Calendar.
  • So much potential. But needs some basic features 3/5

    By Testsjnfbfbrb
    Thank you guys for making an awesome app, but it’s not usable yet. It needs a few more things 1. Flesh out reservations so I can add my itinerary. This was the reason I could not use the app, the magic planner was a waste because I could not add my already booked activities with tour guides. 2. Shares trips, no one travels alone that also needs to plan the itinerary to this level of detail. Shared trips are a must. Another nonstarter for me 3. Sync with google calendar. Seems pretty obvious to me. You guys are doing awesome, just needs some basic functionality to be useful.
  • Wasted bandwidth 1/5

    By books54751
    Worthless app. I should have believed the previous low star reviews. I thought, "Oh these people are disgruntled about something, give it a try." Well, if they weren't disgruntled before trying this app, they would be afterwards. I am surprised Google even allowed their name on this app. Maybe their quality control people fell asleep and accidentally approved this app. I could not even make a plan with places that I know exist. I read a review that said you have to put places on your map first. Sort of defeats the purpose of this app, doesn't it. Once I'm in my map I can plan things out with pin drops. Discover places you say? I found more places by typing a query in the Map app than I did in the Trips app. Pull it from the app store. Save face and admit the pitch forth is app sounded good but the execution of the app is a disaster.
  • Disappointed 😢 3/5

    By I hate making reviews138569
    I was really excited to use this app to plan an upcoming trip and after a few hours of trying to navigate it I realize it’s not for me. There are design flaws such as the “day plan” feature not allowing you to create a plan of your own, but auto-generating plans with things not even on your saved items. You can’t click on a restaurant or place on the map and have it come up to save, but have to leave the map and search for it and THEN add it to your saved items. All in all a good concept but it just doesn’t work for me.
  • Is this app a competitor of Trip Advisor? 2/5

    If so it’s up to that standard 😳 This Google app is either the most useless or the most difficult to search. The on-line/FB ad said I could find cheap flights on the site BUT I don’t see where or how. I have traveled in 26 countries, 14 in the last 5 years using various apps for flights and hotels but so far I find this one useless.☹️
  • Must have for travellers 5/5

    By Tikyo Salas
    I only travel a couple of times a year so I can go months without using this app. When I do though, Google trips is indispensable. It collates (almost) all of the travel related info I receive and makes them easy to access.
  • Not google worthy 1/5

    By Love this but I want cars
    Google. Try TripIt or buy the company. That app is superior. If it were integrated into Google Trips, then we’d have a real app. Until then, this app is a sales pitch for various travel sites under the Google umbrella...
  • Please add share trip ! 4/5

    By goldenbullet16
    Please add sharing to friends/ add friends ! It’ll be a great option to plan a trip together with friends and so they can see the planned trip as well
  • Almost great 3/5

    By Napsdoc
    Needs to have a desktop or website function. Needs ability to add food / beverage stops ad lib to day trip section and or drop pin locations
  • Map view 4/5

    By jd0923
    Would love to see my locations on a map
  • Reservations 1/5

    By NickNickL
    Made airline reservations first time using app. App shows travel location and dates in banner. Click on Reservations. Says none. Back to Expedia.
  • Crappiest App Ever 1/5

    By BizTraveler1300004
    Software engineer of 20+ years: can’t figure out how to add day plans, how to save places on a map for the trip, or show an itinerary.
  • Very glitchy. Come on this is Google, not Windows 95 2/5

    By andreykrasilnikov
    I like the idea of keeping all your travel info together. Because you may have booked your flights/hotels/events on different websites. And it works beautifully, it even tells you about flight delays and gates. FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS. I have been using his app for two years and for the entire two years all of my future reservations have been CONSISTENTLY deleted a few days after add them to the list. This makes this app practically unusable - do not rely on it to store important trip information, better use old fashioned notes
  • Missing some of the basics 2/5

    By where is my next trip?
    I love google products so I am giving it a try after years of loyalty to tripcase. So far, i found it missing a more comprehensive snapshot of the trip timeline which is a must for this type if app. By this, I mean a timeline with essentials as times, gates, and status for flights, and check in/out times and addresses for hotel reservations. Does not recognize and it does not allow to add ferry confirmation, or combinations of them with bus. If google manage to add them, I’ll change the review or write another one but for now they started behind from what it is already out there
  • Limited Inbox Compatibility 1/5

    By CaGeoChris
    The trip I just put together won’t show up in inbox. That seems silly
  • Needs Share Function 3/5

    By Bobjoethehhhans
    I want to be able to share my trip with my friend who im going with
  • Not working 1/5

    By Shadow1477
    I installed it and it worked great. After a month out of the blue, it deleted ally upcoming trips. I tried to research my issue but no luck.
  • Not what I Hoped for 3/5

    By consultlo
    I was excited about this app and planning our adventures around NYC. At first I figured the problems I was having were just a learning curve. I finally got one day plan loaded and when I tried to do a second it wouldn’t let me add certain locations, which defeats the whole Point. I’ll be using excel to track the info I guess.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Pjrboyle
    Provides easy access to a wealth of info on the places where you are and where you want to go. Links to maps, videos, & photos, with info on times open and descriptions of sights & links to restaurants, museums, and lots of other activities. The App also finds and organizes all your travel info - hotel, flight, restaurant, and other reservations and displays a summary of all past trips. It’s a great App.
  • Please add sharing option for day plans 3/5

    By aizirk26
    This app is amazing but we need the sharing option for the day plans
  • Needs work 2/5

    By kareneyre
    I really wanted to like this app but it needs some work. I love the functionality of most google apps for their ease of use but I was really frustrated by this one. The day trip planner is where all of my anger is aimed. I want to decide where to go and the order I go there but this app keeps rearranging and adding other places. There are also some small food places I wanted to stop that won’t register as a place to visit. It’s great to store basic info but if you want to set your own plan use something else.
  • Great concept but... 3/5

    By SlowOkie
    I was excited about this app when I started planning my trip. I had notes scratched on paper and pinned on Pinterest and saved in bookmarks, but this app made saving the places I want to go so much easier! But, one of my notes includes a specialty yarn store and I can’t find a way to add it to my trip. Since I know the yarn store is on Google Maps, I’m truly surprised I can’t add it to my trip. Maybe I am missing something obvious. If I figure out how to do it I will change my rating.
  • Not flexible and incredibly frustrating 3/5

    By wendolynaragon
    I’ve been using Sygic Travel and it’s a great app for creating an itinerary, but it doesn’t always include updated information and if you need to add anything, say restaurants, there’s no way to categorize them. So I was really looking forward to seeing if Google Trips could get it right. Unfortunately, it’s more of a guide book than a trip planner. You can’t actually customize it to include your hotel, restaurants, or anything else not tagged in their map. And what makes that even more frustrating is that there is the “customize” option, which again adds places into your itinerary and then rearranges them whenever you add anything else. So if you’re looking for a travel guide that plans the day for you, this will work. But if you’re a planner at heart like I am, stick with an app like Sygic.
  • Can be Enhanced 1/5

    By K_Kartik
    I have better app than this
  • Would love being able to share my trip 4/5

    By Infinity_Machine
    I love this app, but would really like to be able to share my trip with other people I might be traveling with
  • Can’t make own itinerary 1/5

    By ZP25
    Making your own itinerary should be easy but it’s not. I’ve tried multiple times but they insist on creating your itinerary for you. Not intuitive at all
  • Nice. Need improvements 2/5

    By Latiuk
    It’s a nice app with very good ideas, specially importing data from your gmail account. But, important issues are easily found: The flight information don’t match. Some of my flight information were showing different dates, hours, origin and destination. Hotel addresses wrongly displayed. I assume based on the hotel name it tries to determine the address. It would be at least useful to have a desktop version, imaging add a +15 days trip using cellphone keyboard. I also could not find some places that are easily found on google maps. Until this version, not the best google app.
  • Needs to allow sharing with others 4/5

    By Amyofoz
    Searching things to do and places to visit is really easy. Makes it very difficult, if not impossible to share and collaborate on this trip with others. I’m not going on a trip alone, so it would be nice if Google recognized this and allowed me to share the itinerary with my trip mates. Also I would like easier integration with AirBnB reservations. I understand google doesn’t make money off of my airBnB reservations, but still would be nice.
  • Link to other Travel Websites! 3/5

    By gxsellie
    It would be helpful if you could link with Expedia or Trivago for easy access instead of inputting everything one by one.
  • Can’t share 4/5

    By Fertado Cat
    This is only annoying part. I planed the trip but my husband will be driver. Want to share the plan with him. No turnaround. I have to list every place in a text message and let him manually add to his trip plan.
  • Great 5/5

    By Emoudi
    Amazing app
  • Bahhh 1/5

    By Tblah blah
    Google will show you what it wants you to see. They will try to control you and you research. They know where you go and they see you went you’ve been good or bad. Just as Santa, google is there. To know everything about you, and sell it.
  • So helpful! 4/5

    By Ali_Giggles
    Just wish I could share the trip with someone. Also wish I could add a general to do list for the whole trip, and maybe see a map of it.
  • Was great, but acting weird 3/5

    By probablyjoel
    This app was great at first, but in the past few weeks, it’s stopped pulling in trip im adding. Same format of itineraries as before, just not pulling them in. Very odd, but if this gets fixed, it’ll be back up to 5 stars!!!
  • Love app.. Have an idea 5/5

    By Gbhbhbhbhvhbhvhjgjv
    How about also having a forecast for the trip as well. That would be an amazing addition.
  • Can I Share My Trip? 3/5

    By E Gal
    There are good feature here. The app found my flight info and that was cool. I agree with others that say planning is a hassle and I'm not really using it. Also, I'm trying to share a restaurant list with my traveling companion and I just finally logged her on to my Google account. It's a so-so app.
  • Cannot Collaborate with Spouse 3/5

    By jasoncrochon
    I was trying to share with my spouse. I would like the option for someone to edit the trip. If not, at least sharing the trip with someone so they have a copy.
  • Needs significant improvements... 1/5

    By Scient5000
    - Pulling the trips from Gmail is not always perfect..trips are often duplicated or missed... -Need better integration with Google Maps and Flights...BTW, where is the dedicated native app for Google Flights??? - Need a feature to save Airport parking location..Maps has this feature but integration with Trips is missing - Need Real time flight info and tracking (like flightview) - Need airport terminal maps/info (like gate guru and seat guru ) - Ability to share the trip itinerary with friends and family via Whats App..Right now, email support is available but not super useful...messages are better than email for real-time info sharing... - Real time updates on gates and baggage claim info
  • Almost There 3/5

    By distant_shore
    I really like the suggestions and information about local spots that I wouldn’t have found on my own. One thing I wish this app could do, is allow two people to log into the same trip to and plan together. My friend and I have each purchased parts of our trip and have reservations and info in our own gmail accounts that we would like to add to the trip. Without the ability to link, this is challenging. I also echo some of the other issues people stated about planning a day and the weird shuffling that the map does.

Google Trips – Plan Your Trip app comments


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