Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 3.0.00012
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV App

The Google TV app, previously Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love from across your apps, all in one place. With Google TV, you'll be able to: Find what to watch next Browse movies and TV episodes from across your streaming apps, all in one place and organized into topics and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you love and what’s trending across the services you already have access to. Search for titles to see which apps are streaming them. Create a list for all your discoveries Add interesting shows and movies to your Watchlist to keep track of your new discoveries and view them later. The Watchlist is shared across your devices, so you can even add to your Watchlist from your TV or phone and laptop through Search on any browser. Take your favorites on-the-go Your recommendations, Library and Watchlist go with you wherever you go, whether it is out the front door or just to the other room. Start streaming right on your mobile device, or download your previously purchased entertainment from your Library to watch when you're not connected. Use your phone as your Google TV / Android TV remote With a remote built right into the app, you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. And you can use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms on your Google TV or other Android TV OS device Learn more about Google TV:

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    By ret4737827
    This app is awful. The downloads don’t actually work. Nice job google.
  • Show me what I've paid for 2/5

    By heijamie
    Most of the titles which I paid google for (through Google movies or youtube) are not available to stream let alone download on this new app nor on yt but can be viewed on desktop. Not a good move google.
  • Library was wiped clean 1/5

    By Gamer1246963336
    I had numerous movies that I had purchased which are now gone. Will be deinstalling this new waste of an app.
  • Can’t Access My Library w/o App Crashing 1/5

    By BlueishMushroom
    I’ve bought several movies through Google Play and upon this newest update I can’t access any of them! As soon as I scroll down, the app will crash. Please fix this ASAP!!
  • Poor update… 1/5

    By ZombiePhan
    Things seemed to be functioning just fine until the recent update(s). Now I’m not able to access my movie library. If I inadvertently changed my profile info, how to switch back is not obvious. I’m guessing these recent changes involve cooperation with MoviesAnywhere. I like having the option to watch my movies thru more than one service, but if I’m not meant to view/access/stream my movies on Google TV, then just remove the library option. Currently not user friendly in the least.
  • Does not work 2/5

    By Megrogs26
    Whenever I go to download a movie it gives an error that it cannot download. I also cannot find out how to remove a movie I no longer want in my library. Is there any way to delete a movie from my library?
  • Just Terrible !! 1/5

    By Ceniiya11111
    Idk what’s up with this app but it needs to be deleted , ASAP ROCKY 😭
  • Freezes on startup 1/5

    By NanoRon
    Garbage! Don't they bother to test these things before they publish them. Update: It works for my secondary account with no movies, but locks up and freezes for my main account with thousands of movies.
  • Cannot access purchased content 2/5

    By Clabber 12
    Everytime I try to scroll through my purchases the app freezes and I have to close it out to unfreeze it. However it will freeze EVERY time I scroll through my purchases.
  • Freezes on Your Stuff, Library 2/5

    By thegreatsongtraveler
    Needs an app update as clicking on Your Stuff
  • Can’t watch scream tv series episode one 2/5

    By ShadowDemonicAngel
    Can’t watch the pilot episode because it skips to the next episode.
  • The app is broken for IOS 1/5

    By JCP Music
    Google TV app ver 3.0: the Movie library and TV shows not showing up in purchased content since most recent update and Google support unhelpful in remedying the problem
  • Crashes-Nothing works!! 1/5

    By sagekatmassage
    I wish I hadn’t updated it!!! The Google Play Movies app worked great on my IPad!!! This new update to Google TV won’t let me do anything!!! I can’t access my Library!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ussdavidrray
    Can’t forward the show. You have to watch it from the very beginning instead of going to where u left off.
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By chuckac
    Despite a reinstalling a few times, the app locks and crashes every time I try to access my library.
  • Don’t work 2/5

    By rkilljoy
    Nothing works. All it is just a place to scroll through to see shows you might want to watch. Nothing opens to play. They remote only worked once and after that does not respond to any of my TVs.
  • Can’t Download Anything 1/5

    By Miss Pill
    2022 - Now GoogleTV. The downloads still don’t work. It keeps on giving me an error any time I try and download something. They did respond with the typical troubleshooting page. None of those things worked years ago, and they still don’t work now. This is a fine app for streaming things, but if you want to download anything, go elsewhere. UPDATE: App now crashes whenever I click on. Buy your movies and TV shows elsewhere. UPDATE: They obviously haven’t updated this app in ages. Since buying a new iPad Pro, my movies and TV episodes freeze often, and I still can’t download anything. UPDATE: Still can’t download anything. It’s been repeatedly crashing while watching anything I’ve purchased. And now the app itself crashes every time I open it. NOT HAPPY googleplay. Purchase movies and TV shows elsewhere. Original Review. I’ve been using googleplay for years, and, overall, have been fairly happy with it. I haven’t been able to download anything on the app for months now though, and that makes me very unhappy, as I travel frequently. I contacted them, was told that they were aware of the problem, were working on it, and there was nothing to be done on my end. It’s obvious it’s not something they are very keen to fix, and I find that incredibly frustrating.
  • Remote 5/5

    By Chris 23456
    The fact that they added a remote is awesome And it works great too
  • Useless 1/5

    By F3L1X420
    Rendered all my purchases useless, can’t watch any of my purchased content. AND it deleted the original app I used to watch it. Way to go Google.
  • Total junk 1/5

    By ARVW0
    Cant turn off captions. Downloaded content doesnt play offline, keeps on insist having internet connection. Google cant even afford to buy a few ipads and iphones to test before putting the program out? It's not like there are that many models. Or no competent software engineers want to work for it anymore? And what's all that emphasis on having internet connections? Just so that it can fetch more personal data to make money?
  • Add “Notify” bell. 4/5

    By Last Week iPhone Newbie
    Please add a “Notification” bell that I can activate so that I will know when a movie or show I have Watchlisted has been recorded or available to watch. Similar to how YouTube TV on my iPhone sends me a notification when a movie or show has been recorded.
  • Ok people!!!! 1/5

    By SammyTheCat86
    I know google and apple are rivals but if your going to make a cross platform/company product can you make sure it works without crashes and can’t download errors that say I don’t own the video despite paying for it???
  • Library won’t load 1/5

    By Celebman-Derby
    Disappointed with this new app, my library won’t load I have 3000+ movies and no way to view what it have, sadly this is the same on my Chromecast with Google TV. Come on Google sort it out
  • App crashes every time you open library 1/5

    By Wroblewskki
    As title states, I have a few dozen movies on here that were purchased through Google. Can’t even load the library at all. Kind of upsetting.
  • Download Dosn’t Work 1/5

    By Flojoe95
    Why do I get an option to download movies and shows, if I can’t watch them when I’m traveling? Downloaded multiple movies so I can watch something on airlines, and I still can’t watch them after they’re DOWNLOADED.
  • My Stuff is not Showing 🙄 1/5

    By Themodafokinley
    My library is not showing at all, you’d thing that they would roll out an updated app and made sure everything worked flawlessly. Guess not I can’t use the app at all to watch my previously purchased movies and TV shows.
  • Great update! 5/5

    By shibashibu
    Love the recommendations and the virtual remote
  • This App 0/5 as YouTube REALLY!! GPM&T/GPM BEST of movies & music apps, but no more 1/5

    By Litekid79
    Can we not have option of selecting ¼, ½, ¾ stars as well a full like other companies and services for feedback/reviews. Would think having more DATA, more useful, as veryone can’t be wrong, till they are🤔😉 Not a fan of new upgrade and UI. Easier with GPM to navigate and see media bought, or rented. Also, imo, having a feedback/ratings system on an App….ISS FEEDBACK, and asking ppl to go to app specific and feedback and type everything again, waste of time ; as a lot of the times, said Apps won’t open, crash, etc….and it’s frustrating AND WHY WE ALL COME HERE. It’s either not response, or CS person; but honestly, why not copy/paste the REVIEW and submit as Tier 2 (or e if warranted….even 4) for those who gets”replies” at least; b/c I’m sure there’s abackhaul/end connected to apps, reviews, and “issue” being sorted. But getting a response that has us going to sites can’t open, apps that don’t work, or feedback in said apps to tell story again, works 50% of time and imo, that being generous; and is WHY VERYONE treats reviews as feedback b/c they are both
  • Library won’t load 1/5

    By roboyo
    My library doesn’t load. I’ve tried logging off and logging back in. Deleting and re-downloading loading the app. Nothing works
  • Google play was better 1/5

    By R13ky.D
    When this was google play, the app ran significantly better. Now some of my movies in my library won’t appear and it takes forever to load or play, even with the best of internet and Wi-Fi speeds. Google took 3 steps forward and 5steps back. Furthermore, you can’t even manually forward to the spot you left off in a movie because that bar is gone. Why fix something if it’s not broken?
  • Only downloaded for the TV remote, which is OK but could be better. 3/5

    By alienux
    My only interest in this app is the TV remote. The old Android TV app that had a remote for Bravia TVs is no longer functional. The remote that comes with this app does control my TV and works well as far as navigating around the home screen, however it does not allow you to choose an input source. So you still need to use your normal remote if you want to select an HDMI source or antenna source. Not sure why this basic function is not included but it is definitely necessary for a decent remote.
  • Unusable. Freezes every time. 1/5

    By tvieso
    Every single I click on “My Stuff,” the app freezes and I have to force close and reopen. It’s completely unusable. I’m on iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • App Crash 1/5

    By GotenRage
    The app Freezes when you scroll down in the my stuff tab. so I can’t even watch the movies I have paid for.
  • Total garbage! 1/5

    By Panhead4ever 7465
    This app is total garbage! It’s so bad I have to wonder if Google did it on purpose. Constantly freezes, downloads rarely complete and, worst of all, if by chance you do get a show or movie to successfully download it REQUIRES an internet connection to play! OMG Google! You clearly have no idea how or why people use your app. We download content precisely so we can play it OFFLINE! Ever heard of air travel? Sheesh…
  • My Purchases DO NOT SHOW UP! BLANK! 1/5

    By robby792811
    Google, what kind of quality check do you have on your apps? Every day I regret choosing Google as my go to place to purchase movies. Now that I switched to iPhone because of their buggy phones, their apps are useless.
  • Downloads Don’t Work 2/5

    By Cpan0920
    What is the deal with downloads? It took me three days to download a show because they kept getting stuck so I had to download each episode separately, and the downloads took a long time per episode (my internet speed is not the issue here). THEN when they were finally done and I tried watching the downloaded shows, it says I can’t because I have no Internet connection. Isn’t that the entire point of downloading a show/movie? On top of that when I do watch with a connection, it stops every five minutes and I either need to fast forward 10 seconds or exit out of the episode and restart.
  • Been waiting for this update for a while 5/5

    By Thaddeus Copenhaver
    The google tv IU is just so nice i like it so much better than the Apple TV. And all da movies i bought are here.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By brendabang
    Forced to use instead of Google play app. Now I’m getting suggestions of things to watch on streaming apps I don’t have.
  • Garbage Update 1/5

    By Spartanclass
    This app is now garbage. I have many movies/shows from over the years, and appreciated the simplicity of the Google Play app. This new iteration is ridiculously glitchy. I can’t even scroll through my movie library without the screen freezing. Why break something good? Unless fixed, will likely abandon platform for good and buy movies again in iTunes instead.
  • Broken System 1/5

    By M%A€X
    I don’t want to see anything other than content that’s on the streaming services of my CHOICE. I don’t want to get recommendations that aren’t available on the services that don’t interest me or that I have to pay extra for. Please fix this! Why give us the option to choose the specific services we have then go ahead and show random stuff from all the other services? Fix this and it will be an amazing app!
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By Ang57mac
    Most videos will not play. Purchased videos give error message ‘rental period has expired’. Repeated deleting app is necessary to play most videos. Someone needs to fix or refund money for purchased videos.
  • Can we bring back 1/5

    By alyssa5252
    Can y’all bring back the old play movies & tv, since y’all switched over all of my movies that I purchased are gone. Definitely in happy about this.
  • Awful. Total Failure 1/5

    By Red Grange
    This is a worthless. NOTHING from my Apple TV library shows up and this is a waste of space. Just another app to advertise lousy movies no one has heard of. Not even sure why this app exists.
  • Miss the old app! 2/5

    By Court_Shoe
    Had to update to this and I hate it. I can’t watch any of the shows or movies I’ve purchased over the years. I’m having to go through my YouTube app to watch anything.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By jdwa18375
    Ever since this updated from Google Play to Google TV, it crashes constantly or won’t allow things to play. It’s not like I’m using an older IOS either. This is a brand new, current device. Google seems to be getting worse every day.
  • Virtually Unusable 1/5

    By sforsyth01
    App completely locks up when I scroll in my library. Useless. Typical Google rollout - not tested properly and dumps a terrible user experience onto their customers.
  • No Dolby surround sound on Apple TV airplay 1/5

    By C waugh
    Released new google tv app and still no Dolby surround on AirPlay which is very bad. Also not showing my Moviesanywhere movies in my library … all disappeared… only those I bought on google store showing up…
  • Google shoot’s themselves again 2/5

    By stupid googletv
    Google once again managed to take something that worked and forced an upgrade on us that makes the experience worse. I’d give more details but I cannot even watch my own library if stuff I purchased as it freezes the app every time I try to.
  • Eff Yes!!!! 5/5

    By RRJJack
    Finally!!! Love it! (Hopefully it works well too)