Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

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  • Current Version: 3.3.00004
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV App

The Google TV app, previously Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love from across your apps, all in one place. With Google TV, you'll be able to: Find what to watch next Browse movies and TV episodes from across your streaming apps, all in one place and organized into topics and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you love and what’s trending across the services you already have access to. Search for titles to see which apps are streaming them. Create a list for all your discoveries Add interesting shows and movies to your Watchlist to keep track of your new discoveries and view them later. The Watchlist is shared across your devices, so you can even add to your Watchlist from your TV or phone and laptop through Search on any browser. Take your favorites on-the-go Your recommendations, Library and Watchlist go with you wherever you go, whether it is out the front door or just to the other room. Start streaming right on your mobile device, or download your previously purchased entertainment from your Library to watch when you're not connected. Use your phone as your Google TV / Android TV remote With a remote built right into the app, you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. And you can use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms on your Google TV or other Android TV OS device Learn more about Google TV:

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV app reviews

  • Cant use TV Remote on iOS 16 2/5

    By Levis501z
    When i select “TV Remote”, the app sees the TV but does not connect to it. There is no error message or timeout — it just sits there. I filled out the in-app form describing the issue
  • Remote hasn’t worked for months! 1/5

    By 1rev1ewer
    Making me want to switch back to Roku tv with how this remote app never seems to work!
  • Always an issue 1/5

    By Johnny b. 71
    Every time I use a google app, there has to be an issue that they can’t solve. Now, with this one, the remote isn’t working
  • Looking for help 1/5

    By poohbare1010
    At the very beginning when it opens up it gives you all these different apps that you have to match up with like Disney+ HBO Max prime all those different ones will I hit the wrong button and it accepted it and I’m not done finishing putting in all the apps I have how can you change them there’s nowhere to go to add more can you help me out
  • Need this on tvOS! 2/5

    By JD&FD
    Watching movies and tv shows from my Google Play library using the YouTube app in tvOS is a nightmare. No way to sort the library in any way so when you have over 500 titles like I do good luck finding the one you are looking for. Also inexplicably, while the YouTube app is finally supporting 5.1 surround, this is only available for user-uploaded videos and not for the library of purchased movies and tv shows. WHY???
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By too beans
    Possibly worst entertainment app ever. I had google play and was ok (but still didn’t love) then google changed it to google tv and none of my downloads play. Chatted with google support and they told me I had to delete the download and re-download EVERY MONTH to keep this from happening. RIDICULOUS!! I asked for my money back and they said no because it was outside of the return window. I have had movies downloaded for YEARS on Amazon prime and Apple TV without any issues even after switching iPads. Stay away! Terrible app from a tech giant. 😡🤬
  • Even the latest update of 9/27 - No Dolby surround sound on Apple TV airplay 1/5

    By C waugh
    Google tv updates the app regularly and still no Dolby surround on AirPlay which is very bad. What’s the point of having 4K movies without Dolby surround sound, it’s just stereo sound. 9/27 update talks about multi audio and AirPlay issues fixed, but not really
  • This app should be removed from the Apple Store 1/5

    This app is trash can’t download my movies for more than 4 months they just updated this app and STILL cannot download GOOGLE DO SOMETHING OR ILL SPEND 100s on Apple TV that actually works
  • Google is Trash 1/5

    By BlueishMushroom
    I own this content, but can’t watch it or download it for offline use. From the way their CEO came out about how having fun isn’t about money to their buggy smart phones, crappy internet browser, home automation and now movie and tv content that I’ve paid for, I’m over it. Google was fun while it lasted and I want a refund.
  • App Functionality 4/5

    By Zach5278833652
    Overall I really like the new Google TV app. There are a few things I wish the app would have. 1. Google user reviews showing on the app as they do on the google website. I trust user reviews much more than I do rotten tomatoes (I.e. look at the review differences for She Hulk and Rings of Power). 2. It’d be nice if you could work a deal to allow other services to let you watch shows in the Google TV app or at least keep your progress as they do on Apple TV. In Apple TV, it can show you your recently watched shows across the apps. 3. Another thing that would be neat would be a “compatibility” type score. How likely am I to like a certain show based on the shows that I have liked. If the app had all those functions, it would be the only streaming app I would use.
  • Can’t download for offline viewing 1/5

    By 128 jj
    Couldn't download "Deadpool" The operation couldn't be completed. (CoreMediaErrorDomain error - 12640.) I bought the dvd , blue ray , and the digital copy and now cannot download to new phone.
  • Unuseable - movie vidéo stops 1/5

    By i.kanikapila
    When trying to watch purchased movies, sooner or later the video will freeze (audio continues). Uninstall - reinstall doesn't fix this (though Goggle recommends it as a fix). So don't expect to be able to watch any of your purchases in this app. Awful
  • TV Remote 1/5

    By Block1411
    Functionality has been broken for months.
  • I too have lost remote connection through iPhone 1/5

    By ajcurrier
    I have been using the iPhone with most up to date version of all apps and iOS. I was using this app to control my Sony google tv. It connected across my network though it needed to be reconnected often. Since iOS 16 rolled out the app can no longer see the tv to connect. My iPad still pairs with tv but it is not yet on iOS 16, but the most recent iOS 15 version. I liked using my phone to control the tv which also would control the ps5. I am hoping to hear the details as others in the reviews have mentioned inability to connect as well.
  • Upgrade is terrible!! 1/5

    By MIL Spouse 2010
    Since the upgrade nothing downloads, I purchase season episodes and they aren’t available to download for weeks at a time. No longer a fan will be cutting ties with this app.
  • Domain Error 1/5

    By Aaaeeeiiiooouuuu
    Getting a domain error-12640 when trying to download a show. Stupid.
  • Can’t Download My Movies 1/5

    By Heyjohnny
    We used to download movies to our iPad for road trips. Recently the downloads stopped working (NSURLerrordomain), and no amount of extensive troubleshooting has fixed the issue. This is literally the one use I had for this app. If this works again, then it would be a 5-star app. Without the downloads working, 0 stars.
  • Seems to finally be working properly now 4/5

    By NanoRon
    It magically started to work for me a few weeks ago after months of locking up on startup. Seems OK now but why is there no Roku app anymore?
  • Downloads don’t work 1/5

    By charlie-thisnicknameistaken
    I cannot download movies that I paid for
  • Ty for finally fixing the freeze 4/5

    By thegreatsongtraveler
    Glad the latest update finally fixed the freezing problem. Ty Google IT.
  • Evil season one 1/5

    By ShadowDemonicAngel
    Bought the whole season, but only see 12 episodes instead of 13 episodes. About to uninstall this and buy all movies on Apple TV because you’re app is very flawed on iOS 16.
  • Remote Control won’t work 1/5

    By encino3183
    It sees my chromecast, but will not connect. Stays scanning forever.
  • Wrong aspect ratio display for iPads 4/5

    By Blazefire17
    Whenever I watch a movie on my iPad pro a widescreen film shows up as full frame. Please fix this?
  • the remote app doesn’t work 1/5

    By max s s s ss
    it only works via voice but not via clicking on the phone
  • Remote doesn’t work 1/5

    By Grant Lee10
    This remote used to be great. But here recently is says my device doesn’t have let latest software. I’ve doubled check and it does. I can cast to it, but can’t use my phone as a remote. Please fix.
  • Did you test this? 🤣 1/5

    By sitecreator4u
    crashes all the time. download to ipad paid movie that can’t watch. error: no internet. retry. Seriously? HELLO it’s downloaded.🙄 What a shocker. you take my money for purchased movies that I can’t watch. Should be zero stars.
  • Very unsatisfactory 1/5

    By dogm3
    Ever since the update, the movies I have bought will not show up in my library. You take my money right away but where is my movies. I’m not spending anymore money on this app.
  • App does not open on iphone 12 1/5

    By The-Hyperman
    Really often the app does not open on my iphone 12! Why? I do not know! Just updated the app, still the same problem! Please get it to work!
  • Development abandoned by google no longer working in iOS 16 1/5

    By BestReviewsofTech
    This remote no longer works as of iOS 16
  • remote doesn't work 1/5

    By vandy5610
    the only reason i have this app is to use the remote on my Google tv and it broke and will never connect to my tv even though they're on the same network. it sees the tv but never connects. useless.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Calif Listener
    Crashes constantly. Terrible app. Cannot access half of the films I have purchased on Google Play. I am switching to Apple TV and will never make another purchase on Google Play. Someone needs to consider filing a class action lawsuit against Google.
  • Loading not working 2/5

    By Superherorockstar16
    I am trying to download a Craig of the Creek episode but when I tap the show from my library it keeps giving me errors and every time I hit retry it doesn't work and I tried everything restarting the app restarting my Phone even turning off the Wi-Fi but it is still not working
  • NOT FOR KIDS 1/5

    By faith.tolley
    I’ve been using Google Play Movies to purchase and download all the shows and movies for my kids. First, Google removed the Google play option from Roku but when I called, they assured me that the app would still be accessible to watch my purchased content without having to download something like YouTube. Now, the first thing I see when I open the app is American Giglio. Google needs to refund all the money I’ve spent on content that is no longer accessible in a child friendly way.
  • Apple TV broken 1/5

    By Ian2400
    Cannot use this to cast Apple TV from iOS. Given the number of supported devices Apple allows, this seems like a purposeful decision on the part of google to make it impossible to use Apple TV with a chrome cast.
  • Downloads simply do not work 1/5

    By DC6984
    I have thousands of movies purchased through Google Play. The majority of my purchases do not appear in my Library on my phone or iPad. Downloading an HD movie on a 1200 Mpb/s connection takes 15 minutes. After “downloading,” half the time the movie doesn’t appear in the downloaded movie list, and if it does, half of that time it doesn’t play, with a permissions or other nonsense error. Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t do anything, and this behavior is the same on multiple devices. Really disappointing.
  • No movies Offline 1/5

    By Mick Browner
    I download movies for offline viewing and they will not play asking for an internet connection which is the opposite of offline playing. I have deleted the app, rebooted the IPad and everything else to clear cache or interference with playing the movie. Same problem on my IPhone. With Google Play the IPad would play offline while the IPhone would not. Went through an entire troubleshooting routine with Google support and it still did not work on the IPhone. Got a fair bit of nonsensical advice that did not jive with the meaning of Offline .
  • Was great until it wasn’t 1/5

    By steph2267
    The phone operated remote worked great until all of a sudden it became impossible to connect. I restarted the device, my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app—nothing worked. Very frustrating.
  • Picture size 2/5

    By fattywatchesfriends
    In the latest update, my content is no longer able to be zoomed/out. You used to be able to double tap and the picture would fill the screen or fit it. Now I have to watch it all in full screen with parts of the frame cut off. Please fix this.
  • Downloads don’t play offline 1/5

    By dsdcsfed
    Can’t exactly enjoy a movie on the plane when you have to be connected to Wi-Fi to open the app :/
  • TV Remote stopped working 1/5

    By Nattice
    The TV remote that used to connect to devices on the same network has not been working for the last several versions. No idea what changed, but that was my primary reason for downloading the app, so now it’s kind of useless.
  • It’s broke 1/5

    By Dittohead since 1988
    Tried downloading my tv shows, and it won’t download. It stops and cancels. Like it’s on 4G and I have 5G on a IPhone 13 mini. I’m better off watching it streaming, but on YouTube!
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By Brizy Lowe
    This app used to work from my phone all the time now it doesn’t work from my phone it only works from my android phone and not my iPhone.
  • Opens the garbage spam home screen 1/5

    By boyfromthedwarf9
    I switched the home button on the physical remote to open the much better home app, but this ignores it. Literally worthless.
  • Wont work 1/5

    By pretty kek
    The remote stop working after some time like anytime I be try to connect it to my TV it would say connecting or scanning this Has to be the worst Google TV remote app I’ve ever seen
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Jaydatec
    It stopped working out of no where one day. It shows my tv but won’t let me select it. Very hard to use a smart tv without a remote.
  • Download and Screen Ratio 2/5

    I downloaded episodes from different shows I’ve purchased for offline use but didn’t work. Also when watching movies and shows the screen ratio is stuck of full screen. Whenever I try to zoom out for a widescreen ratio it doesn’t work.
  • Good app But Some Bubble Guppies episodes are locked even if I alreday own the episodes 5/5

    By Tomatiuhipad
    Please unlock my Bubble Guppies Episodes the were locked
  • Not a great app 1/5

    By MegLouise21
    Glitchy, not user friendly, hard to manipulate, slow no matter where I am
  • Problem 2/5

    By bhag kuyos
    Why can’t the tv series that I have play contentiously it did when it google watch but now if you pick an episode it will play it doesn’t save your place or continue to play episodes fix that