Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 3.6.00006
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV App

The Google TV app, previously Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love from across your apps, all in one place. With Google TV, you'll be able to: Find what to watch next Browse movies and TV episodes from across your streaming apps, all in one place and organized into topics and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you love and what’s trending across the services you already have access to. Search for titles to see which apps are streaming them. Create a list for all your discoveries Add interesting shows and movies to your Watchlist to keep track of your new discoveries and view them later. The Watchlist is shared across your devices, so you can even add to your Watchlist from your TV or phone and laptop through Search on any browser. Take your favorites on-the-go Your recommendations, Library and Watchlist go with you wherever you go, whether it is out the front door or just to the other room. Start streaming right on your mobile device, or download your previously purchased entertainment from your Library to watch when you're not connected. Use your phone as your Google TV / Android TV remote With a remote built right into the app, you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. And you can use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms on your Google TV or other Android TV OS device Learn more about Google TV:

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV app reviews

  • App no longer works 1/5

    By Salaura1
    I can no longer use the remote app. It hasn’t worked for a while now.
  • Irritating 2/5

    By AChiz86216
    I purchased an entire season of a TV show and I can’t watch it due to an error stating that I should restart the app to fix the issue. No. Nothing is fixed l after following these directions and I’m going on Week Two with no resolution. Debating if I should dispute the charge for services purchased but not rendered. Steer clear.
  • What’s the point of this app? 1/5

    By Ardvarg
    I downloaded it thinking I could use it as a remote while watching YouTube thru chrome cast and literally you can’t even use YouTube with it?? How is that even a thing when Google owns YouTube? So I then tried to find any other reason to use the app.. and there isn’t one. Such a waste of something that could be useful. Still waiting to learn the actual use and reason for the app.
  • Virtual remote stopped controlling TV 1/5

    By encino3183
    Virtual remote stopped controlling my TV, on/off no longer work. Always something with this remote smh.
  • UI is garbage 1/5

    By sushifarmer
    Terrible user experience.
  • Google Steals Movies 1/5

    By jtechie83
    I have owned all 3 extended editions of both the hobbit trilogy and the Lord of the Rings trilogies for years. Now since the switch to this garbage app, I can’t watch them. Only the original versions, which are cheaper than what I paid for. They still appear in my library on youtube, and i can watch them on my phone, but if i try to cast it, it says “unavailable”. Support has been worse than useless, just jumping around from agent to agent and all asking the same inane questions with zero results.
  • What is this? 1/5

    By TheWizardOfOdds
    This is an extremely dysfunctional app. Bizarre, This reminds me applications that were packaged with some of the hardware I purchased in the early '90's :( Rating: 0
  • Can’t down load 1/5

    By joeindanger
    Have a bunch of movies I can’t even access to watch and the App Store won’t install the app makes perfect sense
  • Glitch 1/5

    By JustCreatingARandomName
    Purchase a movie, THFRO, which I love, but cannot watch in its entirety as it is always stopping to reload. Frustrating to say the least.
  • Playback 2/5

    By Aquarianscales
    A favorite series of mine is on the app but it’s such a bother to watch it because now for each episode I have to rewind the playback to even watch the the episode. Can’t understand; it watching paid videos should be leisurely as possible and effortless to rewind as much as possible.
  • Google trap 5/5

    By Michael 88T
    I’ve spent a small fortune on my movies. Your advertising is way too good. Traps my every time
  • Needs weekly updates 3/5

    By ShadowDemonicAngel
    Needs weekly updates for iOS 16 because there are flaws with watching videos and movies.
  • The iOS version is not updated 1/5

    By Xl Curls lX
    Compared with the Android version, the app doesn’t provide the options to move around or check your movies as in Android. Also, there are a lot of connections with other apps that just clutter the view to find my movies and make me open other apps. Even if you don’t have the subscriptions of other apps they still appear making you click them by accident and then wanting you to download their app. Also when you download a movie or show to watch later without internet, when I open the downloaded episode, it tells me that there is no internet. Why I get the option to download it to watch it later if when I don’t have internet, it voids the purpose of it. It worked before when it was google play movies, now as google tv it just worsened.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Nataliewrx17
    I love this app . I buy movies on my android and I can watch it on my iPhone best of both devices
  • Starts shows at the end 1/5

    By MissLoriAnn
    When I’m playing a season of my tv show it starts each episode at the closing credits?! It doesn’t do it on my tv chromecast, just on the app on my phone.
  • Kinda crappy 1/5

    By SeanBF
    Don’t get this if you want to catch the latest episodes of your favorite shows or expect regular updates. The menus are thrown together hastily and have incorrect season numbers or episode titles. Newer episodes take over a week to become available. Some never become available and just show locked forever. The website works fine. It’s this app that is terrible.
  • Pairing doesn’t persist 3/5

    By theunicellular
    I have a Google TV dongle and a Sony Android TV. No matter how many times I pair my phone, eventually they are forgotten and I have to pair them again to this app. I’d maybe understand the older Sony having issues but the other device is still for sale.
  • in app purchases not available on this device 1/5

    By Amy Bbb
  • Pointless 1/5

    By LeighPDX
    Anther app Google invents that does nothing but keep you engaged in advertising. They’re going to forget about it in six months and replace it with something worse. I don’t know how Google employees have any pride.
  • This is us 4,5,6 1/5

    By keiseieeu
    I cannot watch this is us 4,5 and 6 on any of my other connected retailers like Apple TV, Amazon and movies anywhere. Again, they are connected retailers, which means my google play purchased should’ve automatically transferred there.
  • Bad 1/5

    By osidelucky
    Not the movie that I rented …. Doesn’t match the title
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By 1256487
    The episodes on a series I purchased are available and when I click Watch, they are no longer available and I can’t watch them. I let it be for a week and still nothing. What’s the point of purchasing a series on google play if you can’t watch it?
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By GAPEgrape
    It can’t even find my TV. The first thing that it needs to do in order to be functional, it can’t do.
  • Movies & tv movies 5/5

    By ckddc
    When I have time in the evening, The Best!!!
  • Child account can see everything 1/5

    By wadedwalker
    Ever since the latest update, any child account (under your Google family) signed into the app can see every movie and TV show even if it is outside the child account’s allowed rated content (child account set to PG and TV-10 can see Rated-R content).
  • Don’t download on here 1/5

    By Dat-
    Turns out we can download our owned movies on youtube without premium so dont waste your time trying to download here and go on youtube to downlod instead
  • Roku much better 1/5

    By Blackburied
    The remote controls are much better in the Roku app Roku app allows tv audio to be redirected to my headphones. I’m sure both Roku and google track your viewing behavior, but google is able to correlate that with all your browsing and email data putting you totally under their microscope/control.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Mr.hands
    App doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t show you all the available apps for your tv and doesn’t let you configure much with your tv.
  • Can’t access “downloaded” movies 1/5

    By Mark273a
    The app seems nice but I cannot watch downloaded movies offline.
  • App Does Absolutely Nothing 1/5

    By Not a fake user
    I have a half dozen streaming apps and a house full of Google-enabled TVs and Chromecasts. I was missing the ability to turn off a TV from my phone, so I was encouraged that Google may have actually come up with a useful way to control their devices. Not so. App will not find any TVs or Chromecasts in my house, and seems to be an ineffective middleman for the real streaming apps. Adds absolutely no value. I would give this zero stars if I could. Deleting immediately.
  • Button placement 2/5

    By Pancyclosis
    Poorly designed button layout. Why does the home button need to be just below the D pad? So of I try to scroll down half of the time I inadvertently hit the home button and have to start my process over
  • Purchased episodes missing in app, can see them on other devices 1/5

    By itsamekk
    PC web browser, android app work fine, just not this app
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By mason(;:97647
    You buy a movie and you pretty much can’t watch it I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone it’s crap I’ve had internet still doesn’t work don’t get this app horrible
  • Remote is buggy 1/5

    By NayHoney
    The tv has to connect to this remote at least 20 times a day while watching it and it does it during the middle of a show when I'm not even on the app. It will stop my show, and ask for a code. I then have to get my phone, open the app and type in the code. Huge inconvenience and very annoying. Especially when you're doing it multiple times a day. Also it does not come with all the features that my normal tv remote has. Such as the options button to adjust the picture. Also it doesn't allow you to have saved shows and movies WITHIN the remote app like Roku does. That's annoying as well. The voice button only works once in a while.
  • Downloads will now download but not play 3/5

    By kingg flash
    So as you can go back and see the reviews of this app some of the more recent ones talk about the movies not downloading. They fixed it! Kinda once you download the movie it is basically just taking up space on your IPhone or IPad or whatever you are using. Every time I try to watch it not on home internet it says “unable to connect to network” Tap to retry So still has major download problems. Besides that it works amazingly!
  • It’s the same problem and it’s been a problem for the past 6 years I feel like 2/5

    By Tbird916
    I like this app a ton and it really is a decent place to watch your films. But my only complaint is that whenever I download a film the subtitles don’t show up. I’ve done everything to try to get the subtitles to show but they never did. Can you guys fix this problem for me because it’ll really improve the way I think about this app!
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By Weejojo
    Sooooooo buggy, crashes all the time, can’t download anything! When will this at least work?
  • No Devices to run Android TV 13.0 1/5

    By iPhonePhive
    It’s completely stupid that Google releases Android 13.0. But there is no hardware that runs it. Google = Dumb
  • Google: how to bomp an app…………. 1/5

    By bankerbuddy
    Maybe a little more dosing and less googling. Just a dumpster fire.. revamp the app! Let the supervisor of this app be let go… far… away. Give him $20 and a pat on the back because $20 is the kind of work this app is.
  • Devs are trash 1/5

    By YouTubeMusicIsTrashBruh
    Yo I can’t even download this app anymore seriously google’s been going downhill ever since you got rid of Google play music y’all are slipping & it shows, this is why more people are switching to other things like Apple Music, vudu fandango, hbo max, Spotify, etc. y’all are getting too greedy & pushing YouTube too hard. No one likes watching half a dozen ads per video so cut down on the greed & do something actually beneficial for your supporters or they’ll continue leaving you.
  • Remote doesn’t work 1/5

    By adoreemma
    Nov 27 2022 update So… remote is functioning again after newest update BUT it asks me every time I use the app to pair my TV to my phone. I do not think that should be happening. It’s annoying. Oh…and in the middle of watching mommy show it will interrupt and ask me to pair it as well. Oct 2022 It’s back to being a useless app.
  • Functionality and Information 4/5

    By Zach5278833652
    This app seems to almost be there. There are still a few things that I’d want to actually use this app: 1. Show the Google user rating on these shows. I trust other users far more than I trust critics scores. Since this is not shown, I default to google search and forget about the Google TV app. 2. Further link with the 3rd party apps. For example, the Apple TV app is able to connect to 3rd party apps and compile my shows in one area. I’m able to see what shows I’m watching regardless of the app. This would be a perfect function to add to the google TV app. 3. Could you add a section where you could see your liked shows? Furthermore if you could add a “Favorites” section so I could look back at my favorite shows I viewed in the past. 4. Many times the “Top Picks For You” shows me a single episode of a show with no title. Not too sure what that is about or if it is a bug.
  • App doesn’t update purchases 1/5

    By Caboose43
    Bought season 5 of Yellowstone only got two see first two and now I can’t see so 3 with says I can online but not in the app
  • Can’t Watch/Download Shows on iPhone 1/5

    By cheesy220
    I have paid for the shows and movies on Google TV but I can’t watch/download all of my content that I have already purchased. I keep getting this error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (CoreMediaErrorDomain error -16840 - HTTP 401: Unauthorized) I purchased this content I should be able to watch it on the app. My phone and app is up to date.
  • Dissapointed 1/5

    By tiredofugoogletv
    I started buying movies along time back on this app bcuz I liked the idea & layout of it but everyday this app crashes and I can’t watch the movies that I spend my $ on so what can I say other than dissapointing
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Instagramer069
    Bought whole new season 5 of yellow stone and can only watch first two episodes I would like a refund
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By PreslicedOrange
    When you purchase shows there are always at LEAST 3 episodes of it that are completely unwatchable. It will immediately skip over some even when you’ve paid for them and will not let you watch them no matter how many time you click them. Downloading them for offline viewing does not make them watchable because the downloading feature doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and that changes nothing.
  • Works surprisingly on Hisense Android tv 5/5

    By marcopolo581
    My tv is about 3 years old (from the model release), and thank goodness for this update, because it actually works flawlessly! My only con, wishing there was a way for the remote to adapt to your tv or google tv settings, such as TV Input buttons for HDMI and regular tv changes.
  • Never works on the iPad 1/5

    By alianne00
    Very frustrating to my autistic 4 year old who just wants to watch Sarah & Duck.