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Google Voice App

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go. NOTE: Google Voice only works for personal Google Accounts in the US and G Suite accounts in select markets. Text messaging is not supported in all markets. You’re in control Get spam filtered automatically and block numbers you don’t want to hear from. Manage your time with personalized settings for forwarding calls, text messages, and voicemail. Backed up and searchable Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history. Manage messages across devices Send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all your devices Your voicemail, transcribed Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app and/or have sent to your email. Save on international calling Make international calls at competitive rates without paying extra for international minutes with your mobile carrier Keep in mind: • Google Voice is currently only available in the US. Google Voice for G Suite users is available in select countries. Check with your administrator for access. • Calls made using Google Voice for iPhone can be placed through a Google Voice access number. All access number based calls use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan and may incur costs (e.g. when traveling internationally).

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Google Voice app reviews

  • Crashing during calls 2/5

    By MsSmrtyPntz
    App keeps crashing during calls. Quality impacted as well. Seems to have started happening with recent update.
  • Phone update didn’t do anything 1/5

    By Jmantrivia
    I’ve been using google voice for several months now. It seems to be getting worse over time. A friend of mine said it was probably due to my outdated iPhone 5. Well I upgraded to the 10 XR last week and the problems are still there. If I don’t keep the screen lit up the it mutes me and the person I’m talking to can’t hear anything. It won’t allow me to talk till I hit the “voice” button. So to keep the call going, I have to keep tapping the screen as soon as I see it dim. If someone calls in while I’m using goggle voice it will either hang up on the person I’m talking to or mute me. If while on voice I want/need to check my calendar when talking with someone it will hang up on them. You can not send/receive video If someone sends me a contact it says “file not supported” This is the first google app I’ve ever had trouble with. Please help!
  • Best VOIP call/text app 4/5

    By sleeptron
    By far the absolute best VoIP phone app out that you can get, and it's FREE!! I've tried almost every VoIP app out there and this is hands down, the fastest, most reliable option for any platform. Calls work well and quality is great as long as you have a good wifi/data connection. Texts work the same as regular SMS service and are sent & received quickly, & there's no problem with MMS messages. I am so glad to have this service/app, & am happy that it's available on iOS since I just switched to iPhone from Android. Can't go wrong with Google voice if you need a second phone # or need to be able to call & text on a device without cell service. This is the best option available.

    By 576987654
    Now when I answer a call that comes in to my google voice number, I pick up, but the caller continues to hear it ring, then it goes to voicemail for the caller. Also, often the window in which I type a text disappears, and I have to reboot the phone to get it to reappear. Very awkward when, in the middle of texting, I have to stop, power off my phone, then wait to power it up again, before I can go back and text. I love google voice for the security it gives me from a bad situation, but the bugs are bad.
  • New update ruined the app 1/5

    By geeksdegoo
    I am not able to use the google voice anymore after an update, hope their developers can fix the issue soon!
  • No notifications 1/5

    By miketech79
    Missed important voice mail message today. Apparently you have to open the app, maybe after every update in order for it to restart the notifications. Even being signed into YouTube, Hangouts, Gmail, and Google Maps wasn’t enough. I have turned off call forwarding on my iPhone to Google Voice.
  • Where do I start? 1/5

    By umdterpsfan
    Constantly has texts get stuck with “Sending,” app is slowwwwww to load, always says file type not supported, crashes, etc. It’s been years since this app was stable, I may have to explore leaving Google Voice.
  • Help! 1/5

    By Edens20906
    I am getting spam calls. Someone took my Google number and is calling people hundreds of times. Now people are claiming they are going to sue me for something I didn’t do. I called Google and they referred me to a community folder online. My Goggle number is a business number and I’m afraid to change the number due to business.
  • Fed up of issues 1/5

    By secretsuperstar
    Really don’t expect this from google. Can’t add credit for google voice. Really fed up with customer service, such a pathetic service.
  • Calls are iffy and connection is unpredictable 2/5

    By Great study tool
    A lot of the time my computer will sound letting me know a call is coming in but my phone won’t ring so I can’t answer the call. Often times the phone doesn’t ring but I’ll get a text or voicemail. Then there are times when I do get connected but the call breaks up and I get dropped. So frustrating. I have to use it because I don’t want to give out my personal cell number. Wish google will fix the problem.
  • Defaults to archive 1/5

    By Joe_in_LA
    No straightforward way to delete conversations e.g swipe to delete. Either incompetence or Google wants indefinite access to your text history.
  • Horrible 3/5

    By raaznyc
    Hey google! Can we have a 2nd line option to google voice?? It would be a spectacular move id say.
  • Delete call history 2/5

    By erased94
    Is it really that difficult to allow users to delete their call history in a couple of clicks, seriously?? And I mean select All, delete all, not one by one. For being an “app” you must have some real hacks programming this interface.
  • Barely functional 2/5

    By disappointmennnnt
    Half of time I’m waiting for the app to connect to it’s service. When I send a txt, it fails a couple of times before sending. Doesn’t support videos. I use the gSuite of products for work. They are awesome compared to this. Why is this product so poor?
  • Fix Bugs 3/5

    By abdullistic_Bbash
    Google voice is a best free texting app but they is always been this issues of sending errors, messages sending failed and it won’t deliver and I could only receive text but can’t send for like 48 hour before my text start going through we will appreciate if there is no texting limit on google voice. Thanks Bbash
  • They really squashed the bugs 4/5

    By ttboy60
    I had a 1 * review and I’ve decided to up the rating to 4*’s. I wish there was a way to select a text tone other than the default tone that isn’t distinguishing from any other sound.
  • Puerto Rico not part of the US? 1/5

    By BoricuaDePuraCepa
    This app is telling me I cant use my Puerto Rico number because your service is not available in my country. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico has been part of the US since 1898 and we even share the same code (+1). What a shame! The app is useless.
  • Top Banana 1/5

    By triskaideka9
    Dropping calls. Calls won’t ring through. What’s the point?
  • Love Google Voice 5/5

    By brianv425
    If you want a different number for work or for a personal number you can have either or. So that you can have a extra line with a different number , and it gets better it’s free as long as you have WiFi or data. To add more pros you can receive voicemails , text messages , and it’s all unlimited for no charge . This is one of the best features google created. Thanks Google God Bless this company and the staff :)
  • How can u add a credit on the go???? 2/5

    By Sera0101
    What Happened to add credit option ? Its not letting me do that from I phone it has no problem from other Devices.
  • Calls mute when screen locks 3/5

    By italy2texas
    This is almost a dealbreaker. Use Google Voice extensively for work, and prefer using the app to make calls (versus linked number) for caller ID and other functionality. When making a call, it seems to mute when the screen sleeps; unlocking revives the call. Please fix!
  • Update broke it, won’t open now 1/5

    By TuTone Tim
    5/9/19 - updated app, and now it closes as soon as it opens. Totally unusable. IPhone 6 w/ iOS 12.
  • Messages is hanging 1/5

    By hlsursbcc
    Please try to fix this App .. sometimes there will be notifications that I have message but if I launch the app ., the message will take long before it show up on and the app is behaving too . Please fix this
  • Worst voip ever.... 1/5

    By Krishna.C
    All of a sudden stopped working. Can’t do anything
  • Hello 5/5

    By sweetAustin
    I can no longer create google voice number anymore. It doesn’t allow me to create numbers again
  • Good...but has bugs that need to be fixed 3/5

    By celanea aelin
    It crashes quite a bit and fails to send messages. It also doesn’t save my contacts, so half of my messages are just from numbers. Other than the few bugs it’s a decent app with a great concept.
  • I’ll change when you fix the bug. 2/5

    By Stavroche
    Nice big the great Google missed after last update you can’t paste in the message. So I’m forwarded the body of an email via pasting in a text message using Google Voice app on iPhone 8 Plus worked before last update now it doesn’t. Doesn’t work to reply to any text or creating a new one. As if it’s disabled and this is a text message pasting is beyond critical. You’re welcome I’d like to send a bill for my QA work involved, fire the millennials that missed this. To miss a mistake bug like this on a release is 100% unacceptable and amateur “minute” not even hour. Embarrassed 😞
  • Few issues with the app? More like a ton!! Devs read this 1/5

    By Umm_irrelevant_nickname
    Newest issue: Can't leave application and still hear the person on the other line. Since I can't hear the person on the other line if I leave the Google Voice interface, this means I can't multitask. And why can't we do simple things like mass delete texts?
  • Suggestions for improvement 3/5

    By kingudupi
    1) Please add a favorites section! 2) I would really like to place a call by a single tap on the previous call list. 3)Also in the recent call log, it would be good to list the names just once rather than listing the same number in several rows for each time we have called; this way we can have a concise list of previously called numbers!
  • Caller can’t hear me on google voice 1/5

    By bouncililbit
    I can hear the caller perfectly well but they can barely hear me with volume on high. Whether using WiFi or not, the calls should work on my new IPhone. I love the idea but not hearing is bad! Well, just installed the updated version of the app, hope it people can hear me now (they said it sounds like I’m far away) 🤔...heehee, please keep updating 🙏🏽
  • Poor design features 2/5

    By essorkm
    Infuriatingly RINGS even when iPhone Mute switch turned on...... theater people hate me! Shows Up in iPhone settings as “Voice”, not “Google Voice”.......doh! So don’t know who & what or whhere it comes from
  • No Hawaii 1/5

    By Hfive0
    Major bummer there are no Hawaii numbers supported. So if your in the islands gotta find something else to use.
  • Almost unusable 1/5

    By michcp
    With the latest implementation there have been so many dropped calls that google voice is almost unusable. It appears that it happens during auto lock. (But not sure). Please fix!
  • Hangs up when putting phone to sleep!?!? 2/5

    By JasonTM1
    App looks nice and the call quality was very good. However, the app will end your call if you put the phone to sleep while on speakerphone. There is no setting in the app or iPhone settings to control this behavior. FWIW, sleeping an iPad does NOT hang up the call. We were considering switching VOIP providers now that GV is available as part of our existing G Suite subscription but will wait for the product to mature.
  • Was good at first 1/5

    By papiwjdjdkdk
    Won’t let me send texts now they won’t go through
  • Many problems 1/5

    By Pachakuti
    The voice app doesn’t seem to work in the background while I’m on a call. While I’m talking to someone if I press the power button to disable the screen or go into another app, the call cuts out. With Hangouts I can have calling in the background, and have my better, reliable, internet calls. Also, why am I not able to delete messages. Just archive. Additionally, I preferred the old function of putting everything into an inbox and working from there. Why not do that and have filters allow fine tuning?
  • Battery issue 3/5

    By C3po33
    New version is really draining my battery. This never happened before. I barely used the app today and it was # 1 in battery usage by app at 17%.
  • Multiple delete function 4/5

    By 躁动的海蛎
    No way to delete multiple messages, please implement
  • Great, but need addition please 4/5

    By Mintycolg8
    Google Voice has served me well in my business, but as I moved from Android to iPhone, the iPhone app doesn't have a feature to receive notifications like on Android. Is there a way to add this so I don't miss a call and/or have a number notification on the app icon? That way I would give this a 5 star!
  • It’s amazing! 3/5

    By Nina Goulet
    I love google voice, it’s great! The only downside is the messages take like 6 seconds to send. Once google fixes this I will change this to 5 stars! Thanks!
  • No computer 1/5

    By catkitty1204
    I cant change my number!! Is there another way i can do it??! I dont have access to a computer!!
  • Sweet app for my business line. 4/5

    By Bigg K Dogg
    I’d give this app a five, if this app had the possibility of creating its own ringtone. Great app, otherwise.
  • Slow and glitchy 3/5

    By debrabass
    I use this quite a bit and the delay can b really annoying. And occasionally, it won’t sync the number with the name in my address book so I just see the number without the identity in texts or calls. The latest glitch is that I tried to send 3 images. None of them “sent” but they have been “sending” for a couple of days. I can’t delete them or get a prompt to resend them. They just stay there at the bottom of my message feed with the “sending...” promise prompt at the end. That means I have to scroll back to see new messages from this friend because these photos are now in the way. I’ve rebooted the phone and the app a couple of times but no help. Super annoying.
  • Unbelievable that Google messes an app like that 2/5

    By Kay Marara
    No videos, no gifs, long texts are split into many and not sent/received in the right orders, no video calls, cant react to a text,... Google obviously does not care about this app. It should be as good as Whatsapp or Messenger at least!
  • Trouble 2/5

    By TukaYang86
    Was working fine then today it won’t allow me to do anything. I uninstalled from iPhone and reinstalled and now it won’t let me log in. PLEASE fix soon! My business relies on my google voice account. I won’t be able to reach my clients and vice versa!
  • Does not function 1/5

    By GeoffLau
    Completely useless now. Quits immediately on startup . If I go through the website and not the app, it wont let me dial a number.
  • Good concept, still buggy 3/5

    By An Ordinary guy
    Interface and concept is good. But frustrating how if you switch the app to the background, say to look up info or take a note, the call audio often cuts out and will not return.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By AlonNYC
    Find this app very unintuitive and overall poor user experience. What’s frustrating is that when playing a message on speaker , the phone will go to sleep even though the messages is playing , and when u go back to the message you need to start over. Trying to scroll forward and back required the most subtle of touch , if you don’t put your finger in the exact spot it will swipe the whole screen instead of forwarding or rewinding the message. What works great is the transcription , which does a great job understanding and inserts punctuation quite accurately.
  • Best app in the worId 5/5

    By Kaukab khan
    I forwarded my Verizon call to google voice. No more Robocalls, no more spammer; everyone needs to state their name first. I 100% recommend it. If you are new you may see many problems, calls won’t forwarded, can’t forward the call because number doesn’t exist, calls not going through etc. it may take a month to bring the existence of a new google voice number I guess.

Google Voice app comments

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