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Google Voice App

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go. NOTE: Google Voice only works for personal Google Accounts in the US and G Suite accounts in select markets. Text messaging is not supported in all markets. You’re in control Get spam filtered automatically and block numbers you don’t want to hear from. Manage your time with personalized settings for forwarding calls, text messages, and voicemail. Backed up and searchable Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history. Manage messages across devices Send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all your devices Your voicemail, transcribed Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app and/or have sent to your email. Save on international calling Make international calls at competitive rates without paying extra for international minutes with your mobile carrier Keep in mind: • Google Voice is currently only available in the US. Google Voice for G Suite users is available in select countries. Check with your administrator for access. • Calls made using Google Voice for iPhone can be placed through a Google Voice access number. All access number based calls use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan and may incur costs (e.g. when traveling internationally).

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Google Voice app reviews

  • Nothing spectacular 2/5

    By ttboy60
    It’s a very boring app that does not forward 90% of phone calls or texts to your linked number despite what they say. I have missed countless calls and texts because this doesn’t forward. Also, the alert sound for texts that is the default sound might as well be muted. It sounds like any other sound on the iPhone so you are never really alerted. They give you no option to change or do they ever change that sound. Most numbers are treated as spam or junk so that your phone won’t ring or texts don’t alert you. Basically it seems like google doesn’t put much effort into modernization with that app. So it’s a 1-2 star rating. Good luck, as mine isn’t great and I was one I’ve the first to ever get a gv number.
  • Perfect for businesses 5/5

    By Miss401_
    I’ve been using google voice since I started my lash business. I’m going on two years and I love it.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By User2020User2020User
    Randomly, people will call this number and it shows that the number has been disconnected, but I am only made aware it someone that’s trying to call me notifies me, because the app still allows me to text and dial out even though on the other end it’s showing disconnected. And of course there’s no customer service unit to have someone look into this so you’re just reading random post trying to problem solve on your own. Do not waste your time.
  • Just okay 3/5

    By Rae1989
    This app is just alright. It’s works well for privacy reasons but there are some issues with it. First the texting has problems. I’ve not received texts from people multiple times and they will send me a screenshot showing they sent it and I never get them. Secondly sometimes people call my google voice line and my real cell rings and people leave messages on my cell voicemail and not the GV voicemail. Sketchy.
  • Mute group text 2/5

    By Drelene
    For the love of God...please add the ability to MUTE group text. People have been asking for this for years. And A big @@[email protected]$ to those who send GROUP TEXT!
  • Contact List 2/5

    By crestwitch67
    The app is good for business purposes, but is there any way the app can have it’s own separate contact list. I use this app to separate work from my personal contacts, so why do I have to save someone on my iPhone in order for their name to be saved on Google Voice?
  • Great App. Waiting for DarkMode 5/5

    By Nihanth996677
    I use google voice everyday. I’d want to see it in dark mode.
  • Can’t send picture messages 3/5

    By DeeS423
    Very disappointed that I can’t send pictures messages anymore. I can still receive pictures messages.. I updated about a month ago, and every since then I can’t... very disappointing.... can anyone help
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Nick in Brooklyn, NY
    Calls ring once or not at all. Can’t use it anymore. People think my business is a joke.
  • Add the ability to mute specific chats 2/5

    By YesItsAl
    On the Android version of this app, you can mute specific text message chats, but you cannot on the iOS version. For instance, if you're in a large group chat that has a lot of notifications, you can just mute it on Android. Please add it to the iOS version
  • Be wary for business.. suddenly stops working, unreliable 1/5

    By JayDeeReviews
    Google Voice suddenly stops working. Wont complete my calls or connect, and wont send messages. I tried restarting my device, deleting and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. I rely on this for my business but is proving totally unreliable. I cant even contact anyone at google to help. I just get forwarded to random "community" pages which do nothing to solve my problem. I regret porting my business number to google voice.
  • Even worse now! Who tests this? 1/5

    By ProfessorKevin
    I keep seeing “improvements behind the scenes” but basic stuff like pictures can no longer be sent in the messaging portion. Please fix!!!
  • Version 20.40 is the worst version ever!! 1/5

    By ?????hummm
    Been using the app for long time , but version 20.40 is the worst update I ever downloaded. I can’t take a phone call and don’t see who’s calling .and I have so many doctor phone calls lately totally mad. Was going to find the alternative app, while I am searching for the alternative app I see there is a another update hopefully it fixes the problem.
  • The truth of my experience 1/5

    By ReviewerRNGreen
    I used google voice to conduct business. One day, the phone number associated with my account was removed and impeded the ability of others to communicate with me. Because I had used the app recently, I couldn’t understand why this had occurred. When I reached out to customer service to find out why, my question was ignored repeatedly.
  • Not ideal 2/5

    By jxvon-mxrie
    Tried to delete my number, and it did not work. Tried to block a number that continues to call me, it did not work. The settings and support page are pretty much pointless.
  • only use it for work because i have to 1/5

    By k8c0nr0y
    this app is a hot mess. freezes constantly & never lets me pick up a phone call—it always hangs up when i try to answer and then i have to call the person back, which is the worst because i have to use this app for work so i can’t answer important calls and it makes me seem unprofessional. wish google would do some work on this.
  • Freeze 1/5

    By wocaishinidaye
    The current version on iPhone is super slow
  • Epic for prank calls 5/5

    By keaton keller
    This app is a legendary for prank calls
  • Issues with images 3/5

    By Dman5559
    I can no longer trust the app to send images and group texts. So frustrating. This has to be fixed. I found out from a number of people asking why I hadn’t sent images lately or why my texts seemed incomplete. This needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • 787 is PR number and T-Mobile number 1/5

    By danny danrok
    PR is part of US so why discriminate.
  • Hidden fee 1/5

    By krad2180
    Who came up with the idea to charge $10 for a phone number change? I accidentally selected the incorrect area code, and now I have to pay $10 for google to allow ME to fix anything?
  • Glitches and wish there were more features 2/5

    By Rickyhardrock
    Google voice is very slow when clicking on the app. It doesn’t update the texts or calls unless I close out the app and remove it from my Apple app collection to fully reset. For two weeks now all my calls that I’ve received from clients have forwarded through straight to voicemail even though my “do not disturb” is off. When I do have the “do not disturb” feature on it does not work. It forwards the calls and doesn’t show notifications but it does if a clients blows up my phone through texting. I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded so I hope this has fixed the issue. Back when I was able to accept calls. It would glitch so it would seem as if I canceled the call instead of answering and it would disappear then reappear so my client is on the phone thinking I’m not speaking on the other line when I thought the app closed out our phone call. It also glitches if I try to change to speaker because it does not go through the first few clicks so I just hear my client going “hello hello” before I can properly answer due to the glitch. I also wish we had ringtone options so that I can differentiate between my personal cell phone calls and work calls. I get really anxious picking up my phone as soon as I hear it ring because I can’t tell if it’s a urgent work call or just a family member or friend through my personal. The photos sending option only allows to show camera roll and not albums so I have to go through 20k+ photos to find the right ones to send to my clients. I wish I was able to click through my organized albums on my iPhone to quickly get the specific photos I need without scrolling for minutes on minutes to find what I’m looking for. I never leave negative reviews but this time I’ve just been so agitated that I felt like I had to mention this for the next coding update.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Onufu
    Briefly lost anonymous call feature but restored which is good
  • Happy for recent changes 5/5

    By DerekF.
    Used to be that any calls had to be done through the actual phone itself through call forwarding methods... it’s all handled directly through the app itself now. Thank you! Been using Google voice forever now, such a nice alternative option to having to use my actual phone number.
  • Not safe 1/5

    By beautifulapproach
    Used this app and started getting a bunch of unwanted group messages that I had never signed up for before and from people I don’t even know. Since it was a group thing there was no way to block them. I deleted the messages and a new group with new phone numbers started appearing . Seems like someone was having a lot of fun while I was struggling from stopping the upcoming messages.Many people were complaining, and there was no report button to be found to report this issue. It was very annoying. Is google or this app deliberately giving out our numbers away?
  • Buttt 1/5

    By eihlckdicgvi
    It good..
  • So bad! 1/5

    By bdgscsjhec
    So bad I can’t even FaceTime!
  • incoming calls 2/5

    By hgfweather
    I cleaned up/deleted the old incoming calls, old voice messages as well as messages. then I have no problems and can hear incoming calls. Today, Google Voice has a new updated and I updated. Right after the update, the problem of incoming calls not ringing on my iphone Starts again!! I checked the settings. apparently the update added another device with no phone number and also changed to cellular data only while I had wifi calling. Why?? Why?? why google developers update without logic?? added another device to my google voice!! I missed a job interview call and they canceled the interview! Thanx google developers. Not!
  • Wow 1/5

    By gadgetsguru
    The ONE function it is designed to do fails. Completely unusable.
  • Love for the most part 4/5

    By Kanima81
    Great app for the most part. However, while maybe minor Would be great to be able to change notification sound for incoming messages in ios app
  • Crazy spams calls !!! 2/5

    By AlexSmartAir
    It’s getting me crazy , how can google expect run my business number with a tons of spams calls?? PLEASE FIX IT OR BLOCK IT ASAP !!!
  • iOS 14 no audio on received calls 1/5

    By dfabs
    This app on iOS 14 has been a nightmare, usually when receiving a call there is no audio. Longtime GV user here. WiFi is excellent, and speed 250 Mbps down. Google, fix your services!
  • Can’t Dial Out since iOS14 update 2/5

    By Showmekc
    I’ve used this app for almost 2 years now. Since updating it iOS 14 I can no longer make out going calls. Instead, when I dial a number in Voice a pop up is sent from the native phone app with a phone number that is not the number I’m calling, seems random and is different and unrecognizable to me. The only option is to call the random number thru native iPhone app or cancel.
  • Doesn’t work with Bluetooth Headset 1/5

    By AMDphreak
    I like the improvements. Finally have PhoneKit or HandKit in GVoice. That was only thing tying me to Google Hangouts (and being able to answer calls in Gmail and get reliable phone rings on PC). It keeps disconnecting my Bluetooth headset after answering a call. It will ring through the headset but then disconnects it and won’t let me switch to it. Also, it needs to let me search by name, not just number. That is kind of dumb. Bugs!!!!! Every time I get a call and pick up, there is no voice! It also immediately hangs up much of the time. When I hold the phone up to my ear and back down again, it disconnects any call I’m in.
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By melkagesV2
  • I can’t send videos with my Google voice app why??? 4/5

    By Bola jr
    I can’t send videos with my Google voice app why???
  • iOS 14 broke Google Voice 3/5

    By vincentc3rdIII
    Ok. So I am a google voice power user. I do not even know what my phones real number is. Everything was fine until ios14. It took me a few days to figure it out. Here is the problem. Under the setting that says “Make and Receive Calls” the choices are “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data” or “Use Carrier Only”. The best choice is Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data. That was what I always used and it worked great. However, since the iOS 14 update that choice breaks Bluetooth in the car. No one can hear you. Also, calls keep dropping. So I switched to “Use Carrier Only”. That works fine with Bluetooth in the car, but “hey Siri call John smith using google voice” does not work with this setting. Also, creating a shortcut to call from that Siri command does not work with the setting “Use Carrier Only”. Please fix it so that Bluetooth works perfectly with the “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile Data” setting so that Bluetooth works in the car and I can use voice commands to dial through google voice.
  • Cant make outgoing calls 1/5

    By Ceekay Mars
    I can receive calls and texts, but can’t make outgoing calls since reason updates , this was my go to app , the most reliable of all the WiFi calling apps, but that’s a a HUGE bug not being able to dial out , I have some important Two factor authentication logins set up with this number , now I will have to change the primary number from my google voice number to my new text me number because of this issue. All my other WiFi calling apps work just fine, text now and text me, I just preferred google voice because it was my first WiFi calling number years ago and was consistent with call quality and connectivity, now that has all changed, very disappointing.
  • Will change to 5 star when I am able to add customers names .. 1/5

    By Hashtags dong work
    Unable to save names to phone numbers & save the contact .
  • Spam calls 1/5

    By Sourgirlblue13
    I get several spam calls a day from the same two companies with various phone numbers. It’s exhausting. I block and mark ad spam but get the same calls every single day. Please make the robo calls stop.
  • Unable to make calls 3/5

    By Delilah Delm
    As of yesterday 09/24/2020 unable to make or receive outbound calls. We receive a voice prompt “We are unable to complete your call” and then the phone hangs up.
  • Missing features 4/5

    By Jarod04
    No support for Siri Shortcuts!
  • Cant share photos from Google Photos 1/5

    By FinanceGender
    The app feels incomplete on iPhone. You can't share photos from Google photos among other things.
  • Not working!!! 1/5

    By MiMi75017MiMi
    I use this app to open the gate at the appartement complex where I live. It worked fine from the past year but since last month, it completely stopped working. I am no longer receiving calls at all. And they are mainly forwarded to voicemail without ringing. There are no solutions or help in the “support” section either. What a waste of time and way to inconvenience everyone!!! Beyond disappointed.
  • Not able to pick up calls 2/5

    By cleanbizzz
    I don’t know what’s going on with the app, but every call is being dropped every time I pick up. I read through the other reviews and it seems like I’m not the only one this is happening to.
  • Can no longer send pictures via text. More bugs... 1/5

    By 576987654
    Can no longer send pictures via text. More bugs...
  • Great app and service! 5/5

    By Gbuitnotf
    Thank you for the recent app updates which fixed a button label issue on my iPhone Se, and for adding dark mode. These additions are much appreciated. I am a big fan of Google Voice!
  • Love it 5/5

    By JaiLove7
    Works Great!
  • Needs a few more features to be complete. 4/5

    By TimFacchin
    Much better than it used to be. Would be greatly improved with the addition of iOS Share Sheet support and a quick toggle or choice of carrier vs wifi calling.

Google Voice app comments

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