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Discover amazing content created by passionate people on G+. • Explore your favorite topics and discover new things you'll love • Connect with communities of people who share your interests • Build a home stream with unique, inspiring, and thoughtful content

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  • Update? 3/5

    By DJAlaska96
    Do you still update this?
  • PERFECT 5/5

    By unluckiii
  • With Love 5/5

    By Hidden (yes, thats the name)
    I’ve met many friends on here. I’ve discovered things I never even considered on here. On here, I can be whoever I want, the person who in real life my fears and the realities I face is stuffed away. The app runs smoothly enough, with any crashes being rare (around monthly). The UI is good, and the setup allows you to meet new people. That fact alone is what got me hooked; what kept me was the thriving community. Or communities, as it stands. It saddens me that this wonderful app will be shutting down; so much potential wasted. But it’s not my decision. If this app still exists when someone reads this, my name’s Hidden. Hidden Warrior.
  • This website must live on! 5/5

    By Mina.Mations
    I absolutely adore this website and LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it!!~ if you ever tried to take it down or shut it you’ll not just upset me but a thousands and thousands of people in this community...maybe shut it for awhile to work on it or maybe program it or update it but don’t you EVER! shut it forever.
  • I love Google+, please don’t kill it, Google 5/5

    By voidofcourse
    There’s so many good quality communities and collections that you just can’t get anywhere else. I’m holding out hope that Google changes it’s mind and lets G+ live on in some form or another. Google users still need a central profile page, so G+ could be rolled back a bit in terms of functionality, but if it could just live on in some form, I’d be so happy... I’m trying to get Google’s attention wherever I can, including this review.
  • I’ll miss it. 5/5

    By Mara Morales
    Despite the fact that it’s being shut down, I love this app. I’ve met some really amazing people on here and I’m sad to see them go. The app is so organized, too. The different collections help me organize my pictures.
  • What the hell??? 1/5

    By ShantasticRocks
    My homepage isn’t loading. I have internet, I reset my phone, AND redownloaded the app but it’s still not working. Please fix this.
  • Album archive 4/5

    By Qwerty198765432
    I used to be able to view someone else’s album archive if I was following them or if it was public now I can’t do that is there a way to do so or no
  • Not Sure 1/5

    By BlackwulfArrow09
    I download the app can view my profile just fine but not the home page and when I view the communities after selecting it it shows the same group or community twice. I give one star due to this app is not all out what it’s cracked up to be.
  • Service 5/5

    By R Soupy
    Great service on time and very professional. Great team.
  • I ❤️ it!!! 5/5

    By Lost in Paradise 2
    My life-story is on this blog! It may not be as exciting as someone famous, but it’s mine.😃❤️👍🏻
  • Don’t get rid of G+ 5/5

    By Blackcatt87
    I have made a lot of good friends on there. And now, Google is going to get rid of it? That’s messed up!!!! 😡
  • My first social media account. 5/5

    By OmegusPrimal
    Please don’t end... I’ve made friends, relationships, and family here...
  • But.. 2/5

    By Dannydepaula
    I wanted to delete my google+ acc, But whenever I press “delete your google+ account” It goes there for like a second and goes back to where you were. I tried Deleting the app and getting it again, slide to power off, refresh. And anything! Please fix this. -Nathalie<3
  • Please don’t shut it down 5/5

    By HarmonyLewis
    I have over 10 years of history on gplus
  • Great 5/5

    By Unicornwingsoffreedom
    I love it, very fun and creative things on here!
  • A shame it’s going 5/5

    By Komourix
    This is really the only social media app I’ve used for quite some time now. The format is unique and fun to use, and while MeWe is similar enough to be a suitable substitute, it doesn’t have the same feeling that made Google Plus so great. It’s unfortunate that the app is ending up shutting down after two massive data leaks in a row. I only hope that Google replaces it in the future with something similar. For now, I’ll be migrating to MeWe with the rest of the Google Plus refugees.
  • Get a grip google, pls. 5/5

    By [FaCe]DadeSSF
    I wish this app was still in progress instead of google biting the bullet due to a bug that was easily fixable and wasn’t exploited by anyone.
  • Save this app google! 5/5

    By googlereadthis
    Don’t take away our home!
  • Best social media app!! 5/5

    By YvonneS.
    I love how G+ keeps the platform clean of spam advertising!! I enjoy all of the special communities with same interests that I learn so much from. I’ve met so many people around the world that I’ve been friends with over the years!! Please don’t go away G+!! Can’t you just grandfather all of us that been loyal users!?!
  • Google + 5/5

    By areavampyre
    Today in iOS got me to check on my google + account on a regular basis.

    By KaitlynVZ017
    Google, do you NOT realize how much this app means to the loyal users?! It means A LOT! You taking it away would like be stabbing us all in the chests with a red-hot sword. I have recently tried out MeWe, it does NOT give the same vibes that G+ always has!!! Tumblr doesn’t, Instagram doesn’t, Facebook doesn’t, Snapchat doesn’t, Twitter doesn’t, Reddit doesn’t, NO SOCIAL NETWORK GIVES THE SAME POSITIVE VIBES THAT G+ ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL GIVE!!! EVER!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! WE WANT G+ TO STAY!!!! I ESPECIALLY WANT G+ TO STAY .... FOREVER!!! I DON’T CARE THAT THERE’S BUGS OR MY INFORMATION WAS LEAKED OR WHATEVER, I STILL LOVE G+ AND IT NEEDS TO STAY!!!!! PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSEEE!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Sorry to see it go 5/5

    By wizzle1100
    Google+ IS my FB. Many would love to see Google reconsider
  • Goodbye g+ 5/5

    By Jerry the hot dawg6
    I’ll always remember you and all the people you’ve helped me meet
  • Don’t go.... 5/5

    By Esai Villalobos
    It is sad that Google+ I don’t know why they have to shut it down..... Google+ was my life and now my life is gonna be ruined.....
  • Don’t Shut Down 5/5

    By Waverina
    I know nobody would probably read this, but please, we need to stay on this app. You know, this app has been my comforter for the whole three years I’ve been on here. I cling on to THIS app every time I have a problem. This app has helped my suicidal problem. This app, Google+, I love it. I made a lot of friends on here, and I love them all, it’ll be hard to stay in contact if this app is gone. Let me put it this way: Facebook? Notifs are annoying. Discord? Nobody new would find us. Snapchat? Way too much people from my school has it. Same thing with Insta. This is the place where I can be away from school, away from my family. Just hang out with my lovelies. So please, I’m begging you.
  • G+ 5/5

    By ROCKSTAR6554
    I enjoy G+ it feeds me G+ is anointed
  • Dear google 5/5

    By parker donovan
    Please don’t shut this site down, I made a lot of great friends here who’ve helped me through tough times and I had a lot of fun memories here too! A lot of people know and trust you as a company and I want to trust your services, but exposing data of 52 mil people won’t help...Please try to fix this bug and keep this site running >~<
  • #savegoogleplus 2/5

    By Renesmee Prime
    Your app continues to keep greeting me until I delete it and then it stops. Now your cute little greeting has returned. Do something and stop this from happening for good, permanently! I really don’t want to delete your app. Again. I’m confused at why this keeps happening. Recently, it’s happened all day.
  • Exilio bajo reserva 3/5

    By Ninnally
    No descargues la app porque a partir de agosto 2019 se tiene que pagar por su uso. Amo este lugar de contacto mundial...! Cultura, ciencia, ecología, política, temas de interés social... o solo publicación personal... te rodea de quién tienen ese mismo interés! Creo que eso es lo más fantástico! Que sin buscar... Tomas contacto con la misma gente apasionada como tú y el intercambio de experiencias, saber y conocer es valiosisimo!
  • Google+ 5/5

    By Kamiely
    Me gusta porque me informa de cosas interesantes solamente deben corregir el tamaño de las que son muy pequeñas
  • Don’t kill G+ 5/5

    By mr.kenna
    Please don't get right of Google +. I’ve made friends on there.
  • GOOGLE + is awesome 5/5

    By Yumii04
    I’m making a lot of friends here and it’s pretty cool!!! Please don’t shutdown Google +
  • Google+ - My favorite social media site 5/5

    By Dazed2012
    Totally enjoy Google Plus. Have met a lot of great people through the service. Please do not shut it down.
  • For the love of god just don’t delete this place 5/5

    By MarcR02
  • Love this. Never close it 5/5

    By Alex98baby
    Please never shut down this app!!!
  • Better Than Facebook 5/5

    By Bass/Guitar Man
    The communities are the best. I like the fact that I can zero in to posts that interest me and not have to scroll through people posting a picture of their breakfast and the like. Music, sports, writing, books etc... I'm interested in, so I visit those communities. I'm on Facebook for 5 minutes in the morning I'm on Google + multiple times a day . I'm sorry that Google is shutting it down. I'm going to miss all the intelligently written articles, articles that I want to read. It's amazing that such a mindless app. like Facebook could be successful and apparently Google + does not have enough interest to sustain it. It's a sad commentary on just about every level. I hope that Google would reconsider its decision, but if not thanks for the great app.
  • Good times here 5/5

    By Cheyenne Kid
    I have had a lot of fun and met many people here. I hope that they keep this app going strong!
  • Google+ 5/5

    By Foxy none as Brock
    Google+ your a good app RHODE ISLAND IS TERRIBLE THEY DO NOTHING BUT COMIC CON ETC you let people be them selves RHODE ISALND DOESN’T LET PEOPLE BE THEM SELVES that’s why google+ is the best app and Rhode Island is the worst app.
  • Better than it appears 5/5

    By Appmaster248?!
    Google, if you read these reviews, please do not shut down google plus. It’s better than one may think. Sure maybe it’s not tic tok or Facebook reaching millions a views a second but G+ does something extremely better, and that to me is community interest. Everything on G+ centralized on a group of people finding common interests and getting together. There are also interesting communities for essentially anything.
  • Google+ Review 1 4/5

    By Chimeras-Crown
    Needs less shutdown
  • Shutting down 5/5

    By Gigi's jfys
    Please google don’t shut it down I understand what’s going on is not good but please for me and all my friends and my role plays please don’t shut it down I made so many friends and I don’t want to lose them they mean a lot to me so please don’t shut us down and for you wanting to keep it for business people I haven’t seen anyone use this app for business so it’s stupid that’s your getting rid of us because it will affect other things we use google+ for so please again don’t shut us down
  • Imma miss this app 4/5

    By Zane :^)
    I’ve been on G+ for about 2 years & I’ve made a lot of friends there. RIP to this beautiful trash site 💗💗💗
  • Best social media app 5/5

    By Saul711
  • Keep on keeping on Google plus! 5/5

    By TheRosepetal33
    Don’t shut down and quit Google+. Keep on the Internet because Google plus, when the contributor puts on good and positive sites, can help the world be a better and happier place for all.
  • Please do not shut g+ 5/5

    By Haptino
    Please do not shut G+.
  • Good in all but.. 3/5

    By DedePineapple
    The app is good but idk how to post photos
  • Why are you closing down 5/5

    By kc kenny $
    This is the best app I have on my phone I wish it didn’t need to close down I’m going to miss it so much
  • Please don’t !!! 5/5

    By Ezcualtul
    I love it, and I don’t know why will be closed !!

Google+ app comments

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