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Google+ App

**PLEASE READ** Google+ for consumers is shutting down April 2, 2019. Learn more: If you’re a G Suite customer, Google+ for your G Suite account should remain active. Contact your G Suite administrator for more details: You can also expect a new look and new features soon. Learn more: The app may automatically update when new features are released or may require an update from the App Store.

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  • Don’t shut down! 5/5

    By Princess/Babe
    I used to use this but I’m going to use this more often so please don’t shut it down. Some people use it and if you do that then what can we use instead of this app then.
  • Google+ 5/5

    By Foxy none as Brock
    Google+ your a good app Font shut down plz I have met all my friends on this app and I like it PLZ don’t get shut down.
  • Google Apps are not up loading and please do n tu anything off I was going to go to At&h 5/5

    By crazyasscallahan
    Do don’t turn anything off! I’m sick sick old And live in the woods with lots of trees! Thanks in advance Sara Olexa
  • Text Captions for hearing impaired??? 1/5

    By po1947
    I recently attempted to use the new Meditation part of this app and found that there is an audio instruction for each meditation but there is NO text of the audio for the hearing impaired. It would be great if there was an accompanying text to the audio instructions so hearing impaired individuals could also utilize these meditations.
  • Sad to see it’s closing 5/5

    By google drive frequent user
  • En contra del cierre de google+ 5/5

    By kingjhou
  • What’s the point of updates? 5/5

    By artgrrrl
    Why update this app, which works fine, when G+ is shutting down in two weeks?? I hate Facebook and really love Google+, so I will ask you Google to reconsider shutting the whole thing down…please… pretty please… pretty please with ice cream on top.
  • Fair well google plus:( 5/5

    By Makennah Torppey
    I’m sad that google plus is shutting down, I’ve had so many memories from that app. I’m giving it a 5 stars because of how good it used to be. We will miss your dearly google plus!
  • Lo extrañaremos 5/5

    By morales soñador
    Habrá manera de evitar que cierren
  • Love this app been since 2014 sad they let it go away 5/5

    By soulcrush2

    By Meeper5
    i love G+ i don't want it to go away a lot of other people like it too i don't understand why it is going away
  • Don’t go!! 5/5

    By Legend-1
    Love google plus!!! Great place to buy digital movies!!
  • Goodbye Google+ 5/5

    By ItsKenzzie
    I known google + will shut down and im glad that so many people Followerd me and were interested in my Art It's sad because i only deleted everything and started new....but google + will shut down on april and i didn't know that... I Wanted to start new but i guess it didn't matter after all heh.. I really can't believe that i reachted that much followers it was Fun on google+ It was the only App i used the most and had Fun in...i will miss the app...and you guys... Again THANK you so much for staying many years with me now i will Enjoy the rest Time on Google + that i have left Im proud of myself looking though my old Art and stuff...i've Never tgough that i would get this Good And im Not saying that my Art is perfect but im just proud of were im now with my art See you :) Bye~💛🔥
  • Cristiano Yoyo 5/5

    By kenny.costoya
    Hayyyyyyyyy una clase de cristiano
  • Need help quick 3/5

    By yeet ultimate
    Please help I can’t even use the app anymore. All the time I go on it says oops something went wrong and and it says post aren’t loaded. I have fast internet but I always get this bug
  • Google plus 1/5

    By Mrbig13234
    Why do an update while you guys are going to shut it down. I enjoyed google plus .are you guys to have something to replace of google plus
  • Please don't leave us google plus 5/5

    By ArtTips
    this has been my life, my support. please don't take it from me
  • Goodbye Google + 5/5

    By yayaya99
  • The best 5/5

    By Asskin
    Beauty without false news
  • Amazing. 5/5

    By yeehaw🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠
    I grew up on this website and am so sad to be seeing it go. I've met so many amazing people, it's a shame all those amazing memories will be lost.
  • I’m gonna miss it 4/5

    By mariokart3456
    Google+ was a really good social media platform. The polling options are much better than Twitter, and the communities were great. No one was really that bad, but I’m really gonna miss this place.
  • Please Save G+ 5/5

    By Trenton Sy
    By far the best social media platform. The community is great and it’s not completely dominated by trolls and youngsters looking to be slick or get a rise out of people who are having a legitimate conversation. I don’t have Facebook anymore and Twitter has gone off the rails with incendiary discussion so with Google + shutting down the grown ups on the internet are losing the last bastion of a legitimate social network. There is no easier platform to share stories and pictures, like a modern and technically more advanced newsgroup or message board. Hopefully something will change and the smaller but vibrant community will get a new lease on life.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Pacmanvan
    It's a great place to see others be themselves and people just share the best of there lives u know.😀 it’s a fantastic place to be sociable
  • RIP 5/5

    By Blaiken929
    I love google plus so much, it is a part of my childhood and I've met so many friends there, I wish it didn't shut down soon...but it is what it is, and it was fun in the beginning
  • In memoriam of Google's unknown success. 5/5

    By +Deku Scrublord
    This is, most simply put, the best social media site. In existence. Ever. There are no ads. It's simple and easy to use, but it looks good. And most importantly, we're all family here. It should be a crime to shut it down.
  • Writing to Google 5/5

    By Juan Blancas
    Please don’t take this app off from the public I have been using this app since 2014 when I was young and I’ve put so much time on this and for what? So everything ends? Common give Google+ a chance everybody. This app has yet to reach its potential but it’ll get there.
  • Google+ 5/5

    By Arbie's iPhone
    Google+ is a low-key but very easy to use social media app. It connects well with other apps and you meet people from all over the world. It’s sad that Google is deleting the app April 2, 2019.
  • Don’t wanna see it go... 5/5

    By GadsDad
    I have found Google+ to be accessible and easy to use way of displaying my art/portfolio. I really wish Google would reconsider shutting it down. Don’t have a clue what I’ll do instead.
  • Too beautiful to shut down 5/5

    By tnrworks
    I can’t believe Google+ is shutting down. This site was so refreshing, the photos so unique, a place that made one happy to go to. Really sorry to learn of this. Great stories and photography. Please come back🌺🌟❤️
  • Greatest app ever! 5/5

    By SSP bro
    It’s by far the best social platform there is, the only platform where you can truly be yourself and converse with others on any topic.
  • Now no images are showing up on the app.. 1/5

    By Lay693
    Love the app but it constantly shuts off and stops loading in the middle of doing anything. Also now there are no images showing up
  • Saludos 5/5

    By K.Díaz
    Me encanta 🥰 Google +; aquí e podido conocer diversidad de personas, cultura, paisajes, entre otros. Les pido de favor que no la cierre. Hay otras aplicaciones parecidas pero, ninguna cómo está. ❤️
  • Gonna miss you when you’re gone ... 5/5

    By ByeByeG+
    Good while it lasted.
  • Please don’t shutdown. 5/5

    By Shyanna a random girl
    Google+ is my mojo. It’s the “everything” that I go to.
  • Don’t go google! 5/5

    By dyikeme
    I don’t get why they are pulling the plug on this. You need a different outlet from all the rest and this is it! Google is making a very grave mistake doing away with this!😢
  • Google+ 5/5

    By Steven176
    I really enjoy it. It’s very nice.

    By MayaWeekes
  • No cierren 5/5

    By Rob051331
    No cierren g+
  • Fail. 👎🏻 1/5

    They killed this app long before they announced it’s going away. I don’t think I can trust anything Google again. They don’t have any serious competition for the Search Thingy. That’s why they haven’t killed that one too. Before you buy your next Android phone, you should ask yourself: are these people prepared to fix security flaws on their systems? If they couldn’t do it with G+, why should you trust them with anything else? 🤷🏼‍♂️ My final verdict: F.
  • G + 5/5

    By son leong
    Very good
  • Please dont shut down 5/5

    By Bellahadley
    Googleplus is amazing there may be bugs here and there but Ive been on googleplus for such a long time and seeing it shut down its kinda of sad there are lots of people you can be friends with and communities with your fav things and etc plz dont shut down, its like home for us! a good place we can chill and get along in!
  • Please don’t shutdown 5/5

  • La mejor aplicación... 5/5

    By inanirp
    Sin necesidad de opinar en la vida de nadie...
  • Google Plus Is Stupid 1/5

    By GothicAquaKittyAnimeFan
    Honestly instead of finding a way to correct mistakes made during that data breech thing, they plan to shut it down completely But hey! They should still make the changes and make it better but shut it down in a couple of months. That sure doesn’t waste time!
  • Killing G+ is a crime 5/5

    By Jilted G+ User
    Seriously you have the best network, software, platforms, and marketing talent in the world. You are far more than capable of securing G+ user accounts, and monetizing the platform (I’d pay subscription fee). Who gives a f**k if it isn’t Facebook. Not a single G+ user I know prefers Facebook, even if they have FB accounts !
  • It’s great but I hope for 4/5

    By J.Levi.Hoke
    It’s a great app but I hope that you will uploaded google play store to apple devices because there’s a lot of games that apple doesn’t have and my account lets me get back the ones that I already had to sorry for this being more of a app request than a review
  • Eggs 5/5

    By Seedan man
  • This app is great 5/5

    By L&K Cummings
    I love this app but I wish they weren’t going to shut it down next year.
  • Augment your Textbooks with Organized YouTube Videos 5/5

    By Jerz1
    Attention Teachers: Google+ is the easiest way to share Videos and Diagrams to supplement our out-of-date textbooks. Our students are the “YouTube” generation and there are many short videos and animations that explain complicated concepts. This is particular useful for Second Language Learners or weak readers, who have difficulty acquiring knowledge from written sources. We all share some online resources with our students, but with G+ you can guarantee easy access and a systematic sequence to mirror your classroom instruction.

Google+ app comments

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