GoPro (formerly Capture)

GoPro (formerly Capture)

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 4.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: GoPro, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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GoPro (formerly Capture) App

With the GoPro app, your latest footage moves to your phone and automatically transforms into a QuikStory—an awesome video with effects and music. [1] You can also use the app to control your GoPro, check out your shots and create short clips. [2] Then share your favorite moments to Instagram, Facebook and more. [2]    --- Key Features ---   NEW! GET QUIKSTORIES Copy your latest footage to your phone, then kick back as it automatically transforms into an awesome video with effects, music and more. [1] Available for HERO6 and HERO5 cameras.   VIEW YOUR PHOTOS + VIDEOS      Check out the shots you’ve captured, right on your phone.   CREATE CLIPS + GRAB PHOTOS      Trim videos to create short clips. Or flip through a video frame by frame and grab a still photo for easy sharing. [2]    SHARE THE SHOT ON THE SPOT     Post your favorite photos and videos right to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or share them by text or email. [2]   ACCESS ANYWHERE WITH GOPRO PLUS      GoPro Plus subscribers can set up auto upload to the cloud and access their photos and videos in the cloud anytime, anywhere. [3]   PREVIEW SHOTS + CONTROL YOUR GOPRO               Frame the perfect shot with live preview and get full remote control of all camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and more.   AVAILABLE ON APPLE WATCH        Preview shots, control your camera and add HiLights—all from the convenience of your wrist.   KEEP YOUR GOPRO UP TO DATE    Easily update your camera for new features and optimal performance. [4]   --- Camera Compatibility --- Fusion HERO6 HERO5 HERO4 HERO Session HERO3+ HERO3 (requires camera software update, see HERO+ --- System Requirements --- iOS 10.0 or later, iPad 2 is not supported   For full compatibility details, visit --- Footnotes --- [1] Compatible with HERO6 and HERO5 cameras only. Requires the GoPro and Quik mobile apps. [2] Compatible with videos captured in select modes only. [3] GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Cloud access is subject to storage limits. Separate data fees may apply. Visit for info and availability. [4] Compatible with Fusion, HERO6, HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only.    Need help? Contact support at


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GoPro (formerly Capture) app reviews

  • Perfect 5/5

    By Ambetterthanu
    Such an easy and quality device. I use it for my job everyday
  • It won’t download video off the camera for me 1/5

    By fit1solo
    It won’t download for me
  • Always have to be logged in. 1/5

    By Rudkhar
    That’s not the only bad thing. It randomly logs you out because reasons. Great design decision. A+
  • IPad Support For Quick Key 1/5

    By hannahh_mariah
    Purchased the latest iPad with hopes of being able to upload and edit my GoPro videos. Unfortunately something with the Quick Key or the App is not functioning correctly and I cannot get videos on to my iPad. Sadly for IOS, I tried to upload onto my Galaxy Tab and did so with out any issues and the process was seem less.
  • Slowwwww... 1/5

    By Mrbrentbt
    Insanely slow. Slower than dial up slow. Takes like a half hour to upload a two minute clip to your phone. I even tried with extremely low quality recording. 780p, 30fps, narrow view. That’s using the GoPro recommended San disk Extreme SD card on a iPhone 7. Say it with me slowwwwww.... at best this app is a free remote and even that function is hit n miss
  • Too slow 1/5

    By بو عمر المسباح
    The app is too slow
  • Headache 1/5

    By Googoos88baby
    Can’t get my GoPro to sync there’s no option for GoPro session 4.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Karisholman
    This GoPro Hero 6 should be able to be plugged into my computer and downloaded without the app. I have the app on my phone, but use a work computer. Plus, I should be able to erase things on the GoPro when I download on the app and not have to try to manipulate the tiny camera. I don’t have phone service at home without Wi-Fi. In order to be on the phone with Support, I cannot share Wi-Fi with camera. Since digital cameras came out, you plug them in your computer’s USB and you’re good to go. This doesn’t have to be rocket science. Not a happy girl.
  • Can’t even delete anymore 1/5

    By The Real Mr Steve
    I long ago gave up using the app for anything other than deleting files. Now even that function is not available.
  • 新人新手 5/5

    By 户外救援
  • GoPro 5/5

    By blacalle
    Must have app 👍
  • Can not upload via plus 1/5

    By cfischy
    The app seems to work fine but I can’t for the life of me upload my videos to the cloud wirelessly. Every time I try (plugged in, fully charged, connected to my personal home WiFi) it gets stuck on the “uploading” phase but never completes. I’ve left it for hours and nothing. When I come back to it, the camera is hit to the touch... so the wheels are turning but ya not going anywhere. Bought this GoPro 6 hero for this feature in mind for easy storage and editing... am incredibly frustrated by its lack of function. I’m not buying all these 5 star reviews either... seems like fake accounts to me. No doubt your camera is amazing... but your cloud feature, app and auto upload is useless to me. And no I will not answer your 10 question survey... this review is all you need. Fix this please
  • Not easy to send videos 3/5

    By ltdan603
    Struggle to email videos because of WiFi only connection.
  • Onerous login 1/5

    By Angry animator
    Buy a different camera. GoPro now requires a login. I will never buy another of their products.
  • Easy to use but I need to upgrade 5/5

    By bikelifejonesing
    Download the firmware for my hero 3+ silver But I definitely need to upgrade to the newest Camera six streaming directly to the phone makes video editing a breeze
  • Go pro 6 5/5

    By Hope the cool writer
    Love it! Easy to use and takes amazing video. We’ll done....
  • Epic Fail 1/5

    By Davealllll
    App does not pair to camera.
  • GoPro Her 6 5/5

    By Wiilbarber
    The best camera and films!!!!!
  • GoPro won’t connect 1/5

    By Talking forever
    Ever since the update I was never able to get my GoPro to connect/ pair with the phone or app! I always get the “try again” message and nothing ever works! I was able to get it on an old iPod that’s running an old version of the app! But I do not want to have to carry and old iPod around just to see a preview! GoPro needs to do some updating and get this all to start working again!! Running on iPhone X IOS11.2.6 GoPro version 4.4 GoPro model hero season
  • So disappointing 1/5

    By mim nkj
    This is hateful when each time you need username and password so disappointing ... its been a year that I’ve problem a serious problem with this matter 😠... so bad... if i new that i never got a gopro !!!!!!!! 😤 pleas fix this!!!!! And make it easy to us it😠
  • The best go pro 5/5

    By Cesargonh9
    Got it !!!the best camera!
  • Login now required. Unacceptable! 1/5

    By MarkB_1
    When I bought my Hero3, I used the app as a simple viewfinder. At that time, login was not required. Now, after taking my Hero3 out of storage and trying to use the app, again, I find that I need a account! I do not want an account, and I will not be signing up for one. Goodbye GoPro. I will not buy any GoPro products ever again. You lost a customer today.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By artc68
    My first Go-Pro and I’m 100% hooked. Fun and easy to navigate, I’m happy..
  • Excellent app! 5/5

    By Frandlemort
    Excellent app with user-friendly interface and robust developer authoring. Makes using my Session 5 a very enjoyable experience. Thank you!
  • Update again 1/5

    By Batman69999
    Every time I try to connect my camera to my app the app crashes. Why? Please fix this.
  • Won’t pair 1/5

    By Phatfly
    I just got a hero session for my bday. I have been looking forward to having a gopro. I would say that my initial experience with paring the device is a complete frustrating failure. Manually updated software on the camera. Reset it’s WiFi. Set my iPhone X to forget the camera in the Bluetooth settings. Try to pair with app ... type in code. Camera switches out of pairing and then 10 seconds later the app pops an alert that it failed. Repeat several times with no luck. I give up and probably will use the camera only as a stand alone device. Very disappointing. Seems they put more time and money into expensive packaging of the camera than the quality of their software.
  • Don't waste your time. 1/5

    By salute 69
    I have not yet been able to make it though the pairing process. I've been trying all day. There's always an error somewhere, and this app does absolutely nothing to help figure what the issue is. It just gives you the option to try again. Overall, huge waste of time.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Appstache
    I paid over $600 for a GoPro Hero 6 with accessories for my trip to Iceland, downloaded the app, got everything set up and...nothing works. Can’t connect my phone to the camera. I’ve updated the software, or at least tried, and everything else. While I’m at it, the user experience on the camera itself is something from 1999. I’m not surprised the stock of this company is in the toilet.
  • Needs improvement. 4/5

    By 100% Happy Customer
    I eventually got it to work. I had to really do my own troubleshooting. Nothing in the support page worked.
  • Ahmed 5/5

    By Ahmed bloushy
    I like it since many many years
  • Great app 5/5

    By Reymaestro
  • Won’t connect 5/5

    By Nery1018
    It’s so frustrating that the app won’t pair No help why’s over I’ve reset my password several time no help
  • First time user 5/5

    By Atholl de-Saint-Croix
    Never bothered with a sports camera before. Bought one for an upcoming trip and I love it! So simple, amazing quality and the app is simplicity itself.
  • As kind as I can be 1/5

    By audentia
    This app is shockingly terrible. Horrible pairing process with session 5 that constantly disconnects and doesn't even work. The record button is always grayed out. Bluetooth pair never works and wifi is a pain. Oh and the live preview is all jumbled in landscape because the auto layout is not setup right. Do your developers know what they're doing? Update... many of those issues have been fixed. But the overall experience is still horrible.It randomly starts my GoPro to record when connecting and I just want to download media. No landscape support on iPad. Poor implementation of data does not add content to my iCloud Photo Library. The camera is great but this app is so bad. I cannot express how frustrated I am.
  • GoPro5 5/5

    By Primeros2016
    Exente súper fácil de usar!
  • Great Camera, Terrible App 1/5

    By @_w
    The requirement that you have to login before you can use the app is a deal breaker for me. Having been in the field and needing to quickly open the app to manage the camera only to find that I needed to login first, was a huge disappointment. I unfortunately lost that opportunity and have looked to other products that I can quickly manage without unnecessary burdens.
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By MauiMana
    The GoPro app is so easy to use. You can do full video edits straight from your phone. I love it! Use it in combination with the Splice app and you can make full video clips with music right in the palm of your hand. 👍🏻
  • Creating an account turned me away 1/5

    By Theboz777
    This used to be a great app, but now you have to create an account just to use it. Seriously, GoPro? Why? I just want to copy video and images to my phone. IN THE WILDERNESS. It used to be so easy. Will be deleting this app. I refuse to create an account or use a third party account just to transfer images. Sorry, GoPro, but you lost a fan with this one.
  • GoPro Hero 5 Sessions 5/5

    By Ktattoo23
    Love the GoPro having a hard time finding a program to edit for my MacBook Pro
  • OK 5/5

    By Swims with Sharks
    “Back in business.”
  • Poor software 1/5

    By Pipi86
    I have been a fan GoPro since the beginning. Since buying the hero5 I have had nothing but trouble. Connecting the iPhone X via the app has caused nothing but heartache. Crashing constantly, updates that don’t work, can’t download videos and then when connecting to Mac using GoPro studio no camera detected. Very disappointed.
  • Poor video quality 1/5

    By Tsobe
    Disappointed with GoPro video quality
  • It works I guess.. 3/5

    By Atticus217
    I love that I can preview my camera angle and see my media on my phone, but I also like to be able to edit my photos and not have to download them THEN run them through the Quik app. I don’t have a lot of storage on my phone and I just want to be able to run the videos straight from my camera to Quik without downloading them. Otherwise it’s pretty okay.
  • Workaround for login 2/5

    By Musicolo-G
    The app is fast and has nice features but requires a login to do anything which is TERRIBLE. They will track your usage and location o if you do. In the previous version, connecting to the camera in airplane mode bypassed the login reqiirement. Downloading video is extremely slow however.
  • Best!!!! 5/5

    By Michael brycki
    Go pro is the best app and action camera I have ever used👍
  • Old camera 1/5

    By Jaws18301
    My old hero for black has a problem connecting with the app no matter what I do resetting it and trying to update anything and it still gives us the option to connect old cameras which do not work anymore with the app which has been updated
  • البرنامج 4/5

    By Alking1o
    لماذا لم يكون في البرنامج تسريع المقاطع وايضاً قطع المقاطع محدده 5 & 15 & 30 لماذا انا ماختار الوقت المستقطع بدل ما يكون محدود او بالاصح مقيد بالقطع
  • Good could be better 3/5

    By skyline34
    GoPro apps work fine. Could be condensed into one app though instead of several. Could be easier to use for editing
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By John News Reader
    Makes it very easy to capture content with the GoPro and bring the media to your iPhone. Well done.
  • Trouble 1/5

    By Junn X3
    Trouble connecting to smart phone. I could not operated like for 2hrs. Trouble to down load. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 on my first day.

GoPro (formerly Capture) app comments


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