GoPro Quik: Video Editor

GoPro Quik: Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 11.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: GoPro, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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GoPro Quik: Video Editor App

---KEY FEATURES [1]--- AUTOMATIC EDITS The Quik app picks your best shots, syncs them to music, adds cinematic transitions, and creates a shareable video. HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS SENT TO YOU - AUTOMATICALLY With a GoPro subscription, your shots auto-upload to the cloud while you charge your GoPro, then a stunning highlight video is sent to you, ready to share. [2] UNLIMITED BACKUP AT 100% QUALITY A Quik subscription gets you unlimited mural backup at 100% quality. For GoPro camera owners, the GoPro subscription gets you all that *plus* full backup of all your app media. [3] ALL YOUR FAVORITE SHOTS IN ONE SPOT Post your favorite shots to your private Mural within the Quik app and never lose track of them in the black hole of your phone’s camera roll again. POWERFUL EDITING TOOLS Powerful yet simple editing tools that give you manual control in a multi-selection timeline. BEAT SYNC Syncs clips, transitions, and effects to the beat of your music or GoPro music. SPEED TOOL Take ultimate control of video speed—super slow, fast or freeze—at multiple segments in a clip. FRAME GRAB Get high resolution photos by capturing a frame from any video. THEMES Find a theme that tells your story with cinematic transitions, filters, and effects. FILTERS Exclusive filters optimized for environments like snow and water. SHARE TO SOCIAL Share directly from Quik to your favorite social media apps. [4] ---GOPRO CAMERA FEATURES--- CAMERA REMOTE CONTROL Use your phone as a remote for your GoPro, perfect for framing shots, recording from afar and adjusting settings. PREVIEW SHOTS + TRANSFER CONTENT Check out GoPro photos and videos on your phone’s screen before you transfer them to Quik—even when you’re off the grid. LIVE STREAMING Broadcast whatever you’re doing as it’s happening. [5] HORIZON LEVELING Get built-in horizon leveling, so your shots are never crooked. FIRMWARE UPDATES Getting the latest updates for your GoPro is easy—just follow the simple instructions when you pair and you’re all set. ---FOOTNOTES--- [1] GoPro or Quik Subscription required. Certain features require a wifi network connection. Separate data fees may apply. GoPro and Quik Subscription services are available in select countries. Cancel anytime. See terms + conditions for details. [2] GoPro cloud storage does not support content captured with GoPro Fusion. “Automatically” requires the camera to be connected to Wi-Fi. Separate data fees may apply. Visit for info and availability. [3] Quik cloud storage is limited to backup of content on your Mural including any edits saved on Mural. Quik cloud storage do not support content captured with GoPro Fusion. Separate data fees may apply. [4] Compatible with videos captured in select modes only. [5] Stream video directly to integrated platforms or other platforms using an RTMP URL. Third party apps and accounts may be required.

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GoPro Quik: Video Editor app reviews

  • can never connect to Ipad after connecting to volta 1/5

    By lawwmann
    really annoying to try and connect to ipad. never works
  • Not working with my Iphone 12 Max Pro 2/5

    By SacOngTa
    The connection with Iphone has a problem: - unable to see Preview after the first recording ( need to reinstall Quick app to see the Preview again) Err: GoPro can’t connect to Iphone wifi network; network password incorrect (even I enter the password showed in Preferences-Camera info of GoPro Camera)
  • Does not easily sync to photos app 1/5

    By kowitz
    They added friction to keep you I the go pro ecosystem. Boooo
  • Awesome 5/5

    By pablogoes
    I really like the new update
  • Disappointing thus far 2/5

    By Jarshera
    Recently bought a GoPro Hero 11 and purchased the subscription for unlimited cloud storage. GoPro has now stopped supporting their Desktop app, and I was advised by the GoPro support team to just leverage the mobile app. The app is fine to store videos, but is useless when it comes to editing videos that are more than a few seconds long (ie it crashes). When I try to trim longer videos to make them more supported, I receive an error stating that any video >4GB cannot be edited in the app. Overall, the app is useful for seeing what videos you have stored in the cloud, but fails when it comes to any meaningful editing (and because GoPro no longer supports their desktop editing apps, you’ll need to find a 3rd party editor that works for you).
  • Intermittent at best 2/5

    By jdjrhrhhehrh
    The cloud doesn’t show any media half of the time nor does new media load when plugged in and on wifi. I’ve trouble shot everything possible but to no help.
  • Easy to use! Definitely Recommend. 4/5

    By Demm0_YT
    For me this software works really well. The tools are simple and easy to use but the one annoying thing is that you have to have a paid subscription to have unlimited video clips/photos in your edit. Other than that I definitely recommend this editing software. Also there needs to be a setting where you can turn off auto Hilight. 9/30/22: I’m trying to edit a video at max video clip limit but every time I get to somewhere around the 20th one the software keeps saying there was an error and then deletes my entire edit! This really annoys me and I hope it is fixed soon!!!
  • Another quick Upgrade worth it for new Hero 10 owners? 2/5

    By pcaman
    GoPro hypes Hero 10; just after we purchase the . “best” Hero, they launch a few weeks later the Hero 11. The 10 is ok and I hope the 11 will not have me regret marketing hype. We all are victims of technology hype/improvements.
  • GoPro 5/5

    By notwrkng
    I was never expecting that when I did I loved it and the app was the perfect thing to make it better. The app is the only thing that was missing night I have to go pro quick app can do pretty much anything.
  • Blurry photos 1/5

    I use this app to edit all my photos and pay for the subscription and now all the sudden anytime I edit, it downloads to my photo album as blurry and pixilated! Very frustrating especially since I pay for this!! It’s more clear for me to screenshot!! :( please fix this!
  • H8 1/5

    By big pimp68
    I have an iPhone 12 and the app keeps saying to turn On the bluetooth. But the Bluetooth is on and it won’t let me do anything else. I ended up having to go to an old iPhone and connect it and update it through the old iPhone.
  • Bluetooth connection bug 1/5

    By missed a project due to this
    This app will not even attempt to pair a GoPro device with the error code saying Bluetooth needs to be turned on. Even when Bluetooth is turned on :(
  • iPad 4/5

    By c dificultosamente
    I really like the app for Iphone! It would be nice if it was comparable for Ipad. For example the app does not go in to landscape mode for Ipad.
  • Pesky upsells everywhere - almost unusable 1/5

    By Scsouthwd
    Each app update contains more adverts for the cloud services. Please give me a way to opt out permanently and stop cluttering the app with this. I just want to clip videos and transfer to my phone. Nothing else, please.
  • Do Not Buy the Subscription 1/5

    By itsMe Mario!
    I bought the subscription and after using it for a month I got a new iPhone. Same account, same login, but I lost access to all my photos and videos and GoPro support just tells me to sign out and sign back in. When I got to repurchase it through the app it says I already have a subscription. When I cancel the subscription it says I can continue to use it until it ends (Aug 7, 2023) and then when I go to purchase through the app, it lets me do the payment and then stops me and says my account is already signed up. It feels like I’m locked out of my account and Apple nor GoPro seem to have the answer as to why or how to fix. Otherwise the app is fine. Just avoid getting the subscription.
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Wes Knapp
    Crashes within a few seconds of launching, regardless of iOS version (15 and then still when I updated to 16, reinstalling the app each time). Abismal quality
  • Bugs 1/5

    By brando6996
    Too many bugs, can’t save videos to my phone half the time.. really annoying
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Ajc273
    Super easy to edit clips for my Instagram reels!
  • Hero 8 black not compatible loading footage on newer updates 1/5

    By xSullyxxx
    The hero 8 black will not load my footage at all with these new updates that have come out. I have already posted about this once and reached out to GoPro support team. The older versions work better for my camera with the app. I don’t understand.
  • Doesn’t not download videos to the app 2/5

    By Ralliart1985
    I seen other people are having the same issue. You can’t see videos from your camera using your phone I have an iPhone 13 Pro. I can preview it but I can’t see the recorded videos and won’t download to phone. . If i use my old ipad. It works fine. Please release an update to resolve this problem. Thanks !
  • Need to be able to control transitions 3/5

    By Great&helpful
    I really like this app. It’s easy to use. HOWEVER, the fact that you can’t control the transitions makes it completely useless to me (unfortunately). Really wish this would be addressed!
  • It’s Killing My Battery without my Permission! 1/5

    By Raptin32
    Ever since updating to iOS 16 the Quik app has been running in the background using at least half of my overall battery capacity with background app refresh TURNED OFF. The app is definitely closed from my multitasking view and it is still using the battery without the app being open. I love the app and it works great but I haven't opened it in weeks. It’s still using up my battery like crazy. Please fix!
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By mmawulf
    It only lets me view the media on my GoPro on my phone about 15% of the time & it’s completely random. It just picks and chooses when to work. You’d think it’s a free app with how bad it is
  • Can’t open 1/5

    By Sunlover82
    Running iOS 16.1 on iPhone 12 Pro, I can’t open the app. I could delete it and reinstall but I don’t want to take a chance on deleting my videos and photos. I’m stuck till the app gets updated.
  • Back Preview on 360 video playback 1/5

    By ferangper
    Can’t playback or reframe my 360 video due to black screen. Can hear sound but no image at all, mobile edition loses all purpose! This issue has been reported by many users in the past and still has not been fixed?
  • Music 5/5

    By MyStatusLive
    Add better music
  • Enjoying this weather. 5/5

    By Mail!
    This is just awesome thank you GoPro …
  • Intuitive 5/5

    By 1587Colony
    Easy to use and lots of features!
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Viper 583
    Must have if you have any GoPro
  • garbage 1/5

    By emeraldiamond
    this app is seriously terrible. every function that is used to control the device will spontaneously NOT WORK whenever it feels like it. hitting ‘record’ on the app will cause recordings to become corrupted, and I’ve lost so much footage from using this app. Sometimes ‘stop recording’ will cause the device to start recording, as it was never recording the whole time after the first press. devs should seriously be ashamed of this pile of trash
  • Perfect example of why walled gardens hurt the consumer 1/5

    By cflkiter
    Very limited app, frustrating user experience. Pushing subscription service to hard. No thanks. LumaFusion all the way, this app just gets in the way
  • Wish there was a PC version 4/5

    By ttgracing
    I like the app for the quick auto edits and file portability to other apps. If I could change a few things I would: -The app is the only way to get GPS metadata attached to the video. It would be nice if GoPro made a desktop application that could also do this. -I wish there was a slider to mix the source audio and the music soundtrack. The sound levels are fixed which I find is never at the right level.
  • Fun time 5/5

    By blacky2019
    Amazing Tim's with my kids thanks GO pro
  • Landscape. 2/5

    By Leprecocoa
    This is the year 2022. Why does this app STILL not support landscape on the iPad? What a waste of energy.
  • Quick app 1/5

    By dan-in-RVA
    Too simple to use for real work
  • Just incredible memory tool. 5/5

    By 1srfr
    Under water, jumping out of a plane, surfing, cycling, etc. The best action camera ever!
  • Bad 1/5

    By khb115
    Why can’t I post on FB😤
  • Watch out for copyright claims 1/5

    By Spc10s
    I really liked the app for doing quick edits for you tube shorts, but now they started copywriting claiming every video I post, even though I’m using the “go pro originals “ that are supposed to be free to use, I won’t be renewing might as well use premier pro and you tubes free music
  • Love the APP - full time pro skydiver 5/5

    By LTE all
    Have been using GoPro since the 2 came out for tandems and wingsuit
  • Too Many Ads! 1/5

    By anothernorthpaul
    The software is functional, but I use it while on a busy shoot. At launch, I must go through not 1, not 2, but 3 screens of “BUY THIS! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO GIVE US MONEY!” nonsense before I’m even allowed to look at the controls for the 4 GoPros I own. There isn’t even a “don’t show this again” checkbox. Will start using 3rd party apps.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Wedding3019!
    Love this app
  • Reasonable 4/5

    By Rinkuhesk
    Follow me on Instagram I.c.e.m.a.n
  • Meh. 1/5

    By Royal W3
    Doesn’t connect with consistency. The account login process via the app is ridiculous. I have an easier time logging in to my banking apps than the Quik app. Silly.
  • Why do I have to download the videos to the app then to my camera roll? 3/5

    By YoBoyD2Xxxxbit
    Could you please update so that instead of spending an hour downloading my videos to the app I also don’t have to spend another hour downloading them to my camera roll. I want them in the camera roll not the app
  • Good for short edits- not long longer videos 2/5

    By Utes!
    If you make shorts or tiktok edits it’s great. If you do longer (4-5+ min videos) it starts to distort your audio. The longer the video the worse it gets. If they can fix this issue I’ll pay the annual cost to keep it, but for now I’ve canceled my subscription to the quick app.
  • Great starter wassup for editing!! 5/5

    By BADCompany73
    This is a great starter app fire editing. I wish it had more but maybe in future.
  • Recomendations 4/5

    By free ride 208
    I wish there was more music options
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By a deppressed boy
    It keeps saying storage full and i paid for more storage:(
  • They Want To Own Your Ecosystem 1/5

    By joeovercoat
    For users that simply want an app to control the camera while it’s in the head set mount, sold by HERO this is your only choice and it’s a really rotten choice. Ideally you would just click this icon and then control your camera instead of having to take half a dozen steps to navigate to the preview screen so you can see what the camera sees. Because you have to navigate away from their social media world.The good news of late is that the app has stopped pestering you with an offer to post every immediately video when you hit the stop button.The bad news of late is that in the latest HERO cameras & app, users have to use their editing app to access the GPS data natively. Users can extract the data and apply it as an overlay in an aftermarket video editor but that’s like having the video track and soundtrack written to separate files. HERO could fix this in the next release to the camera/app, but they won’t because they want to be like Apple. P.S. As for the HERO8 camera alone, it’s stabilization is best of breed, but then the battery runtime stinks, using OEM batteries, even.