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GoPro App

With the GoPro app, your latest footage moves to your phone and automatically transforms into a QuikStory—an awesome video with effects and music. You can also use the app to control your GoPro, check out your shots and create short clips. [1] Then share your favorite moments to Instagram, Facebook and more. [1] -- Key Features --- LIVE STREAMING Share while you’re there. With HERO7 Black you can stream to Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups, YouTube™ or compatible video platforms that support an RTMP URL. GET QUIKSTORIES Copy your latest footage to your phone, then kick back as it automatically transforms into an awesome video with effects, music and more. CHECK OUT YOUR SHOTS View photos and play back videos right on your phone. CREATE CLIPS + GRAB PHOTOS Trim videos to create short clips. Or flip through a video frame by frame and grab a still photo for easy sharing. [1] SHARE THE SHOT ON THE SPOT Post your favorite photos and videos right to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or share them by text or email. [1] UNLIMITED CLOUD BACKUP—AUTOMATICALLY GoPro Plus subscribers can save every pic and vid to the cloud—all in their original quality. [2] ACCESS + SHARE FROM ANYWHERE GoPro Plus subscribers can access their entire cloud library and share their favorite shots anytime, anywhere. [2] PREVIEW SHOTS + CONTROL YOUR GOPRO Frame the perfect shot with live preview and get full remote control of all camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and more. KEEP YOUR GOPRO UP TO DATE Easily update your camera for new features and optimal performance. [3] --- Camera Compatibility --- Fusion HERO7 HERO6 HERO (2018) HERO5 HERO4 HERO Session HERO3+ HERO3 (requires camera software update, see HERO+ --- System Requirements --- iOS 11.0 or later For full compatibility details, visit --- Footnotes --- [1] Compatible with videos captured in select modes only. [2] GoPro Plus is a subscription service available in select territories. Cancel anytime. GoPro Plus cloud storage does not support content captured with GoPro Fusion. “Automatically” requires the camera to be connected to the GoPro app or Wi-Fi. Separate data fees may apply. Visit for info and availability. [3] Compatible with Fusion, HERO7, HERO6, HERO (2018), HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO+ LCD and HERO+ cameras only. Need help? Visit

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GoPro app reviews

  • Pure Garbage.... 1/5

    By TBU62
    Wasting hours trying to get this piece of crap to do anything. It just “beeps” and refuses to connect. My hammer did a fine job of correcting the problem..... what a waste.
  • Cumbersome 1/5

    By MojoElvis
    Outdated not as easy as DJI too many hoops to jump thru to edit footage. What they think is action is poor. I do like the ...
  • First review 3/5

    By Buddy_455
    Just got my go pro. Learning how to use it

    By Shonamutt
    All I want to do is save a clip from a video to my camera roll. Been trying for over an hour. Very poor instructions (still looking for them). When I’m fishing I run video then snip the clips I want. Very hard on iPhone. UPDATE: Here is GoPro response to my review: How to do it To grab a still frame from a video follow these simple steps here below: Tap the Media Library icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app Select the video you want Click on the Photo Icon next to the Scissors icon on the bottom of the app Scrub through frame-by-frame to the image that you'd like to share Select "Next" in the upper right hand corner Select where you'd like to share it to, and you're all set! Totally off topic. I already figured this out. GoPro please reread the original review. I want an easy way to SAVE MY STUFF (COMPLETE AND WHOLE FULL RES VIDEO AND PICS) TO THE CAMERA ROLL ON THE IPHONE OR IPAD. DOWN GRADE THE REVIEW TO: Zero stars App is designed for children who need to be told what to do and how to do it not for people who are capable of thinking for themselves or — heaven forbid — actually know what they want to do. I like my camera but the App is crap. I want more cameras but won’t buy GoPros if the app is not fixed soon. All I want is to easily save the full image and video with all metadata to camera roll. Should be simple many other apps can do this. Just a simple download and save that’s it and that’s all I need.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Chuab
    I can’t believe how easy it is to download and manage all my photos and videos.
  • Annoying review request 1/5

    By Potentiallyperfect
    Because u keep asking me to review the app every time I’m editing for a screenshot
  • Bugs and glitches. 1/5

    By AntonNice
    Very often
  • GoPro Hero 7 White 1/5

    By Josh C D
    What a frustrating item. First time I used it the Battery died after 15 min use then it locked up. I had to call GoPro tech Support 4 times to “fix” the issue. I had to install the update 3 times before it worked. The camera still freezes and is nonresponse very frequently. At best the screen is slow. The quality of the picture and videos is less than that of an iPhone. The app is weak. You have to disconnect from WiFi intern to connect to the camera. The picture then need to be down loaded to the phone or iPad. Then saved to your photos. The does nothing else, so you have to delete them from the app and camera. The transfer of videos is slow. Best results is the take he sd card out and put into a computer and move media That way. There are some strange files that do nothing and need to be deleted. Photo video quality is poor. All have a fisheye look. There is no normal or what GoPro calls linear view on the white. Photos are grainy and distorted. Phone photos are much better. Avoid this camera.
  • Good 5/5

    By yebdnaos e
  • Impossible to Get your photos onto your phone 1/5

    By cottonbryan
    The go pro app requires you too first add the content to your app then to you phone or device. This process takes almost 20 minutes per video.
  • Trash 1/5

    By FuryFilms
    The whole fusion experience had been trash. This app takes way too long to prepare and export clips, destroys battery life and renders your phone useless while exporting. I even had a few crashes. Weak!
  • Lovin’ it 5/5

    By toughest mudder
    Great versatile camera
  • Software cut video 1/5

    By TOM2
    Software cuts video on Mac no good worthless
  • AWSOME!!!! 5/5

    By jaymow2005
    I have complete control of my GoPro and I can access it’s media
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By bigred197063
    We just got the gopro7. Took it to Hawaii with us, it worked incredibly!
  • GoPro app UI and UX severely lacking 1/5

    By River California
    Very very difficult to use and I’m an IT professional.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By chris789987
    Your app duplicates photos. Then says i have yo delete from phone as well as app Your gopro 4 model wont turn on the wifi unless i reset it 10 times. The app takes forever to download. And it messes up files.
  • Constantly disconnects 1/5

    By Mabs123
    No chrome cast capability. GoPro disconnects constantly from the app while transferring videos. Every file transfer has to be acknowledged. It won’t transfer all the files at once and it takes forever often after multiple attempts. Just seems like it’s old technology not very compatible with iPhones.
  • Locks everything up 2/5

    By floorinit
    When it works it’s ok. But it’s silly to me that when you control your GoPro from the app and delete a video only does it from the app not the go pro so then you have to go into the GoPro and delete there. I also recorded bunch of baseball innns and every time I hook to phone to load new media it lost connection 39 clips couldn’t ever get them to load to watch and I ended up going into the GoPro to delete the ones I knew I didn’t want and deleted some I did cause the screen was to small to see. Complete waste of 4 hours today. My sons a catcher only gets so many plays and the one out of 3 games today is now gone. GoPro locks up if you try to switch from video to video searching have to delete everyone before moving to next one. Probably be ok if I was connecting to a computer but trying wirelessly is not efficient for time. Only reason I gave it 2 stars
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ryanmanam
    I can’t even download it with my iPhone 10. The app won’t download so I can’t even hook up my new GoPro 7.
  • Having a problem 5/5

    By eating smoke
    I’ve used the app on an older phone and my new phone gives me the re-download symbol but won’t allow me to download the app.
  • Interface Complexity 1/5

    By jhonnapple
    It was better saving photos directly to iphone
  • Promises A Lot 2/5

    By The English Guy
    If it promised any more and delivered any less, I’d call it Donald. It should be a great app that lets you do a huge amount with your Fusion. In practice, it fails to connect to the camera, fails to load the media when it does connect and then crashes when it finally does load something.
  • The latest app is garbage 1/5

    By MEJA_
    The app is now incredibly slow, it’s buggy, I tell it to delete a photo and it just spins its wheels and doesn’t ever do it. They also want to create some sort of gopro ecosystem of content so instead of downloading a photo directly to your phone you have yo download it to their app and THEN to your phone. Total crap.
  • Amazing recording so clear 5/5

    By Wingter10
    Amazing recording so clear
  • Gitterstick retrieval tool 5/5

    By Old Britt
    This app is fairly easy to use after you use it a few times. Still learning all of the options while making videos of my product to advertise it. Thanks.
  • Camera is good, app blows. 1/5

    By Triple Three 333
    I’m stunned to see the number of 5-star ratingsfor this app. It is one of the worst apps I’ve used. It is incredibly buggy, disconnects from the camera literally every time I use it, and the latency is so bad sometimes it renders the preview useless. Really disappointed in Gopro here.
  • Go Pro Hero 6 w/ GoPro app 5/5

    By MotoMike707
    Just started using this app, so far it links up every time with no issues and is really nice viewing on a phone instead of the GoPro screen. Wonder how much space they give to store videos?
  • Ratings nags are obnoxious. 1/5

    By melt_banana
    App won’t stop nagging me to add a rating, so here you go. Maybe I’d enjoy it more if I could use it for a few minutes at a time without being hounded for a rating or redirecting me to some promotional website.
  • Just opened the app and it asked me to review ;( 1/5

    By Shalaco
    See title
  • Easy To Use 4/5

    By Denyse1967
    Love it, easy to use. Just wished app would allow to download to photos directly on iPhone when capturing a photo from a video.
  • GoPro 5/5

    By johnny levy
    Is freaking awesome!!!!!
  • hate it 1/5

    By Former football fan
    nothing but problems since I bought this camera overheats customer service wont help unless you give dna sample and they want to track you like all the other bay area leftist commies MAGA 2020
  • Hardest camera and app ever invented 1/5

    By Puffermutt
    Practiced for a month, camera keeps locking up, gets VERY HOT. No instructions. Not logical or intuitive. The touchscreen doesn’t function underwater. Can’t even zoom. And if your fingers are larger than a tweezer try to remove/insert the SD Card, it isn’t possible. Supposed to be simple but very disappointing.
  • Grew up in the 90’s 5/5

    By Billyboy36
    If you’re not very tech savvy but are still interested in producing and posting videos to share with friends and family or even social media, GoPro is perfect. I just posted my first YouTube video using GoPro app linked with my GoPro 5 black. So easy a gen x can do it.
  • 4K Linear 5/5

    By Prince Naim
    4K and hyperamooth is awesome. I shoot in 2k60 linear hypersmooth when riding my ebike. Just wish I could shoot 4K video in linear so I can continue the video in 4K when I stop. Pretty sure it’s just a software update🥰¿~_*•
  • Robby_moe 5/5

    By Robby_moe
    I love it
  • I just like to download my pics 1/5

    By Michael46523577
    I just like to download my pics, the app is overloaded with features I never use, which overcomplicates getting to what I really want.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By NoPro62
    This is the worst app I have ever used. I have never reviewed an app before this is so bad I am going to return the GoPro Fusion after one day. Syncing to WiFi camera poor keeps on dropping out. Can’t share to Facebook or YouTube. Camera overheats and shuts down. Opened a trial account to back up to cloud.....nothing works back up to cloud. Update firmware can’t be found. Just a nightmare!!!
  • Slow transfer 1/5

    By siphonwarrior
    Takes forever and it don’t transfer files to phone
  • Would not download video from my hero black 5 1/5

    By Moapapp
    This app used to work well. I took the most recent update yesterday, and now I cannot download video that I shot tonight.
  • GoPro review read all! 5/5

    By Ph0enix1020
    I mean it’s a good app unlike everyone else says Because then they probably don’t know how to use it (read all) I have a GoPro even though I know that I’m probably not gonna use it much only on trips and vacay’s but i still keep it just in case... let’s talk about the features okay we’ll Im first off you can live stream which is awesome you can see what your camera is seeing in live time even with sound! so it’s like a mini security camera second off you can download pictures and videos from your GoPro at any time but warning it does take a while which I don’t like but after a while you download it/them also when you first get the app it will take some time to start it up but then things will run smoothly. I normally don’t do reviews this is probably my first time doing one so I made it a bit long and thorough but what this whole passage was saying is, it’s a good app and even though you might not use it that much it still helps.
  • Outdated App 1/5

    By Angry GoPro App User
    This app is very slow. It has taken me almost an HOUR to download ONE 12 second video. This app is very outdated and useless for frequent GoPro users because of how freaking slow it is. Since the actual GoPro is so nice and easy to use, you would think their app would be even better! But no, the GoPro app is not even worth downloading. Save yourself the hassle and frustration.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By jkrlabonte148$$
    The app does not work. You cannot connect to the go pro’s ‘wifi’ Go pro 5... huge fail. Would not recommend the camera to anyone because of this. Ill just use my iphone to take videos from now on
  • This app doesn’t have all go pros on it 2/5

    By Bye bye go pro
    I have a hero go pro 2014 model not the plus and i couldn’t use the app because of that
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Jaron16
    Great app! Love sharing my videos and pics directly from the app! So easy and fun to use.
  • New Camera/ easy to use! 5/5

    By alexhazardbrown
    So the new updates make this easy to use and very easy to upload! Stoked on the 7 as well.
  • Ok 3/5

    By gedtgkn7
    Works 3/4 of the time. Linking up to the GoPro can be a [email protected]?!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Russmon9
    Great app! A must have if you own a GoPro!

GoPro app comments

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