Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Gopuff
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery App

Gopuff delivers thousands of items you need, faster than you’d ever expect. Think of Gopuff less like an app, and more like a teleportation device—for stuff you want. YOUR FAVORITE ITEMS We’ve got thousands of items. Snacks, drinks, and every kind of food from frozen to freshly-cooked hot food. We even deliver alcohol*—beer, seltzer, wine, spirits. Yep, even the Solo cups and ping pong balls, or the cheese and charcuterie. Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies… you tap it, we’ll bring it. Find all your favorite brand names in our app from Ben & Jerry to Tito and Slim Jim. You’ll even find your favorite local brands. We could name them all day, but it’s easier if you hop in and look for yourself. FROM EARLY ‘TIL LATE We deliver what you need when you need it, day and night. Many of our locations operate 24/7, which means you can keep streaming. ORDER IN SECONDS, DELIVERED IN MINUTES Ordering is super easy—just tap on what you want, add it to your bag and check out. We pack your order in our nearby micro-fulfillment center and deliver it straight to you. It’s super fast. NON-CONTACT DELIVERY We leave your delivery at your door by default, but you can choose to have us come knocking too. We’ll text you when we get there either way. WAYS TO PAY Gopuff securely accepts debit cards and credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. JOIN THE FAM Gopuff Fam members pay $0 delivery fees on every order, any time of day. We offer monthly and annual subscriptions. EARN POINTS TO REDEEM REWARDS Everyone loves a good deal. With Puff Points, you get more with every order on Gopuff. Get Points with every order and redeem them to unlock different rewards, like daily & weekly discounts. All new customers earn 6,000 Puff Points with their first order—it’s like a signing bonus, that you can eat. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE Sometimes things go wrong. We’re only human. That’s why our Gopuff Customer Service representatives are also human.— No bots here. We hope to deliver your order just right, but just in case it’s not exactly what you expected, you can give our team a call. NOW DELIVERING IN CALIFORNIA AND NYC California customers can now get 30-minute BevMo! delivery with Gopuff. We have added BevMo!’s unparalleled liquor and wine selection to our platform, giving our customers even more convenience at their fingertips. Gopuff also delivers to the city that never sleeps. No matter what New York City throws at you, we’ll be there. Coverage in Manhattan with more to come, offering neatly 3,000 products with many local partners including Milk Bar, Momofuku, Carbone Fine Foods, Rakka, and The Matzo Project. Gopuff has 500+ micro-fulfillment centers, BevMo! and Liquor Barn Stores. We also served 1,000 cities.** WORLD’S GO-TO APP Yes, we speak English, Spanish, and French too. Our enhanced redesign and tech features enable us to be the world’s go-to solution for immediate everyday needs. Gopuff is officially live in the United Kingdom, France, and Spain. * Beer, wine, liquor, and hot, fresh prepared foods available in select markets. Must be 21 to purchase alcohol. Please drink responsibly. ** Gopuff is not available in all markets–but you never know. Want us where you are? Find us on social media @gopuff or visit for more.

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Gopuff—Alcohol & Food Delivery app reviews

  • Lie about location, prices, and products 1/5

    By Susieqpid
    I honestly think the App Store should shut this company down. They aren’t close to your place - they lie about their shop and driver location, confirmed by the delivery guy. If you order anything frozen, be prepared for it to be melted by the time it gets to you because they send out their shipments in huge batches. They misrepresent their products, tricking you into paying more saying it’s a package of food when it’s like literally a slice of cheese. It’s completely fraudulent. It shouldn’t exist.
  • GoPuff 2/5

    By Makayla (M0onf4iry.123)
    I like Gopuff a lot but I stopped using it because they made the minimum amount of buy things $12.95. I don’t think it’s fair to have to spend that much on a few things. I don’t be wanting to much of snacks but then I have to because of the minimum amount. Please make the minimum amount lower people like me. It shouldn’t even be a minimum amount in the first place tbh it makes no sense.
  • Great service 5/5

    By pbstilts
    The App was very smooth and the driver was super fast!! Definitely would use again!
  • Gopuff solos 5/5

    They have japenesse sodas that are amazing instead of getting ripped off on tik tok websites the delivery comes fast and also has things I don’t see in my local shops
  • Going downhill 2/5

    By Z1987C
    A year or so ago this app was consistently well-stocked and items were delivered at the initial time estimated. Nowadays they are always 30-50% out of stock and the delivery time is an hour or more past the original ETA. The good news is I’ve never had issues with incomplete orders or billing. If you are just looking to top off your grocery list and aren’t bothered by an uncertain delivery time this might be a good app—but for me, it is no longer worth keeping my account active.
  • Debit and CC info compromised on GoPuff 1/5

    By gGeezee
    After downloading the app and using it a few times before being told they no longer deliver in my area. I all of a sudden started to get unauthorized charges from a user in Philadelphia. Some GoPuff employee has stolen tons of cc details and is charging up cards with no consequence because GoPuff can’t do anything about it even though they have a transaction number. They are fishing for CC details
  • Third fail - deleting app! 1/5

    By Luvdance1000
    I’ve tried using GoPuff 3 times. Each and every time it gave me an estimated wait time of 30 min. Great! Well each and every time my order has taken at least an hour and a half to come. Here I am waiting for my order after an hour! Deleting this app ASAP, stay away.
  • giving up 3/5

    By caralolli
    i used to order on here all the time because they were efficient and always got me my orders as soon as i ordered but lately everytime i place an order they take 30-40 min to “confirm” my order and another 30 to deliver it! im not sure if the company is starting to slack or what’s up but it a bit disappointing now
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Valerie / Ramblist
    This service is unreliable. The last few times they’ve cancelled my order, not to mention the times it’s been deliver it’s been a 90 minute wait. Prices are also extremely high compared to other services. Not worth it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Zaneta21
    Y’all are terrible y’all don’t be calling reassure that your coming or here my orders always end up missing
  • Smoke shop 3/5

    By Toria5118$
    If y’all are going to offer tobacco, at least offer the tobacco that people smoke we are getting so tired of those zigzags. Nobody smokes those. put real cigars on there, Swishers games, Dutch masters,
  • Pups93 5/5

    By Pups93Jay
    Everything about this app was great!!!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By agssydi
    Great service & very quick
  • Thank you,I love it! 5/5

    By CALMA/
    Is the first
  • Plan b 5/5

    By cohen proudcts
    This guys are lit 🔥
  • Delivery Problems 1/5

    By BjayDaDon
    How yall sell for 4-5 months and then gave up??? Yall terrible fr
  • Maximum Velocity Delivery Speeds 5/5

    By wklein2
    I get my ice cream eventually every time I order it.
  • Mari54215 5/5

    By Mari54215
  • Terrible support 2/5

    By kayla rl
    The app is pretty convenient and well priced, but the customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. You don’t get chat notifications when getting support and they are very quick to end the chat for inactivity. And their phone support is somehow more incompetent. Never got my refund for my missing order.
  • Won’t deliver to my apartment after apartment hours. 4/5

    By V.lenachka
    Won’t deliver to my apartment after apartment hours. Please fix!
  • Meh 2/5

    By costco107
    My very first order was delayed by 30+ minutes before ultimately being cancelled for “technically issues.” I’ll pass.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time if You Don’t Live Near a College 1/5

    By disappointed student :(
    Seriously don’t waste your time if you’re not in the same zip code as a college because it’s a waste of time and money if you aren’t
  • Never got my beer 1/5

    By PatrikMx
    2 hrs later I had to cancel my order. Seems to be scam, they charge you knowing you will never get the product and after cancel it they keep you money 5 days. Fraud
  • Best choice 5/5

    By asght-$$
    WAy better than the others ….
  • Orders cancelled 1/5

    By breezyloki1
    Fine the first time then my orders started getting cancelled for no reason. I couldn’t even find the reason why it was cancelled in order detail. On top of that it’ll take 3-5 business days to get my money back! Suspicious service and needs to be investigated.
  • Help me. 4/5

    By mellomeloyy
    Whilst the app is amazing i was logged out and i can’t log back in regardless of the new things i try. The new emails won’t work, notbing and i would like to continue ordering but the way things look…
  • Excellent Delivery 5/5

    By Am7796
    The lady who delivered our two orders did not take e-photos in our two orders. This is to certify that we have received two Gopuff orders from her. Thank you.
  • Hollis 5/5

    By god jesus tay
    So good tho that they have cheap stuff
  • Bad 1/5

    By Mandy Steadman
    Ya I order something they just decided not give it to me
  • Doesn’t let me order 1/5

    By cheenpoo
    I can’t even get passed the address screen without it saying an error occur. I even tried to do it through the website same issue. Such a let down.
  • Great App But Needs More Snack Variety 4/5

    By Tmxneyy
    Can you guys plz add Xtra Hot Cheetos & Vitners Snacks.
  • Super fast 5/5

    By Dionysis Zindros
    Fast and cheap
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By wankawoodle
    I’ve ordered 3 times in the last six months. Every. Time. My. Order. Was. Cancelled. This most recent time, I was basically gaslit. It showed “driver on the way to deliver.” Then I got a call saying order was cancelled and I was refunded. I am just done. I even made the joke before ordering that it was probably going to be cancelled. Welp.
  • My delivery guy 5/5

    By Hunggggggrrrrryyyyyyyy
    My driver was quick professional and super nice thanks 5 STARS from me
  • Ordering 1/5

    By Santanarbara
    I used them to order vape for my pin. A hour and 15 minutes later they texted they had canceled my order and apologized. They were supposed to give me a $10 credit and they never did. There are so many additional fees that one four pack cost you $36 by the time the dust settles. Don’t buy from them they are terrible.
  • App issues 2/5

    By k. ughh
    The delivery will tell you about an hour earlier that it actually shows upYou will be promised all these credits but it is nowhere to be seen and it’s actually a coupon when they screw up so you have no idea how or when to use it and they do expire
  • Natalie 5/5

    By kenya Anderson
    Thanks for the hat I love it
  • Love ittttt❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By tohigh2cry
    This app is amazing I love it when I’m to tired to go to the store this is amazing a couple tabs and I’m done all I do is wait for it to arrive with whatever I need also if u like to party too and you already had a couple drinks and don’t wanna drive this is the app for you too love it !!!!!
  • 10x better than Instacart! 5/5

    By jocchipinti007
    This was my first order. The app was super easy. Product arrived on time. Driver was courteous. It was his first order too. He deserves a raise! Goooo Puff
  • Late delivery’s and poor customer service systems 1/5

    By Sochanger
    Delivery time estimate is often wrong by 2 or 3 times, and their customer service systems are poorly designed to resolve things quickly though the reps seem well intentioned.
  • Doesn’t care about customers with disabilities. 1/5

    By hannah ashknzi
    Requested Gopuff deliver my order to the door as i live in a walkup and cannot carry groceries due to a heart condition. They first deliver two heavy bags to the lobby. I freak out, and call customer support. I spend 30 minutes on the phone with them assuring me they will send another order to be brought up. AGAIN the driver calls me and then leaves it in the lobby. I had to consider carrying a heavy order up and risking an exacerbation of a cardiac problem or not having my groceries, and being out the money and time. Never using.
  • Just no good… 1/5

    By Rai1099
    I’ve used gopuff a few times, I would say the first 2 times were great, everything was as expected. I’m not sure if they changed their timing algorithm or what, but whenever you pull up the app it will say “delivery in 15-30 minutes” or some short timeframe along those lines. Every time it’s said that and I order, I’m waiting for 1+hours EVERY TIME. I can’t even remember the last time I placed and order and didn’t cancel it because an hour and a half later with no update is just absurd. Not to mention it will ALWAYS say a shorter time UNTIL you order, then SOMETIMES it will say “hey our delivery times are long it’ll be an hour or more (but they don’t tell you this until AFTER your order, remember pre-order it always says 15-30 minutes.). Not to mention customer service is basically non existent. Honestly, MUCH cheaper and more time efficient to just walk to the store and get your munchies.
  • One Word 5/5

    By _Jo_18_
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By IssAnaBby
    Best late night munchie delivery 🔥
  • They’re in over their head in New York 1/5

    By AHolmes329
    This app used to be great but now it’s a mess - things are out of stock but they don’t tell you, late delivery without warning, and then today they pushed back my delivery time in 5-30 minute increments for over an hour.
  • Got the product 1/5

    By juanmig05
    Driver couldn’t find the house.

    By potato500018
    First your app idea is 10/10 but it’s been 3-4 years and I’m still waiting for you to open up a store in my area like how much longer
  • Yay it got here fast 5/5

    By izaelg
    Since my mom didnt get me chips i got my own lol
  • Can’t log in now for days 1/5

    By jeccaoreo1
    I don’t know what’s going on but error messages constantly popping up and can’t get passed the login point where you enter your address. Maybe it’s a sign to stop getting snack delivered! Seriously WTHeck!?
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