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Gospel Library

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  • Current Version: 5.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gospel Library App

Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The library includes the scriptures, general conference addresses, music, learning and teaching manuals, Church magazines, videos, audio recordings, gospel art, and more. Study, search, mark, and share this vast collection.

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Gospel Library app reviews

  • TRUTH 5/5

    By Aviators
    The book is true. Absolutely true. Love it.
  • Pizza 1/5

    By Carter12302
    I love coffee
  • Latest update makes navigation difficult 3/5

    By mtuft121212
    I often find myself stuck on a page because the navigation bar at the top disappears and I have to tap my phone in a certain way to get it to come back. But the way I have to tap corresponds with other phone-level interface gestures. So I end up exiting out of the app entirely and restarting simply to go up a level in navigation. I wish it would go back to what it was before- if you scrolled all the way to the top the navigation bar would appear.
  • Bug fix please! 5/5

    By IrishOne1111
    There is an issue with the recalculation feature under the study plans. It doesn’t recalculate and it will load forever. Love this app but please fix this bug!💕
  • Highlighting 5/5

    By Lauren Collins
    Great app but would love to be able to outline verse instead of having to highlight every word of the verse if linking to another source or note
  • Love this app, however it freezes lately 5/5

    By RobertValenzuela
    It freezes. Need to restart or wait to scroll and then it freezes again. This version 5.2.6 needs attention in this matter. Otherwise great. Using iPad Pro 9.7 and iOS 12.4.1.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By EhEhRon
    Amazing app! Great references and library.
  • Printing? 1/5

    By New Nickname Here
    I am astounded that there is no easy way to print (you know, on paper) from the app. Why? And then if I try to do it from the website it defaults back to the app. Bad developers.
  • Issues marking stuff 4/5

    By mmackay124
    I love using this app. It’s great to have all my church resources in one place. One issue I’ve been having though is sometimes I try to mark things or add notes but the tool bar doesn’t show up and I have to close out of the app and reopen it to get it to work again. It’s been happening for a while and it’s really annoying. Other than that the app is great in my opinion.
  • Plz bring back the icon Easter egg 5/5

    By TheLegend12034
    I love this app and use it daily for seminary, personal scripture study and church. I also loved showing my friends the cool app icon Easter egg where you go into the about section and do a few swipes. I’m not complaining about this app but I would love if the app icon changing Easter egg could come back. Thank you
  • Study plans 5/5

    By Henfrain
    There should be a way to select certain chapters for each book cause it has you read the entire book. I’m in seminary and we are supposed to read from Mathew to John by the end the year but the study plans include the entire book which throws off the time line.
  • Not working. 1/5

    By Jutashell
    Followed the update and now it doesn’t work. Angel Moroni illustration is gray tones. Have tried to delete and reload a couple of times—still doesn’t work.
  • Nice library 4/5

    By шяоиg
    This is a really nice app but the video loading is kinda annoying but it’s a nice app
  • It not working 1/5

    By leeandrewjemin22
    This app is not working on my iPad
  • Could be FIVE OR SIX.... 2/5

    By budsteph
    The engineers seem to be fixated on adding new features...but not fixing the many annoying bugs. The speed gets slower and slower and slower with each update.
  • I LOVE this so much but... 5/5

    By Zarahemla M
    So it used to work, and I would use it all the time. I loved being able to open Come Follow Me and my scriptures whenever I wanted. The problem though is that I did the most recent update, and now it’s partially in Samoan (and I don’t really mind that because I know some Samoan) but not it won’t even let me into the app, saying it’s have trouble loading or something. It’s been like this for a while now and I get upset every time it won’t let me read my scriptures, and no new updates have come out yet. I’ve tried like 4 times to delete and re-download the app but it keeps saying the same thing. Please help.
  • Problems working on my iPhone 10x 2/5

    By Daniger49
    I just updated to my iPhone 10x and went to open gospel library and it seems to start loading then it crashes. Can’t find and solution on Google to why this is happen and I seem not to be the only one it happening to either from my search on Google. My wife and have missed two days of our study time with our scripture and the come follow me study because I can’t get gospel library to run. I still have my iPad but it is at our apartment in Utah and I am here in Idaho and we try and do our study over the phone but because gospel library will not run on my iPhone we are missing out in our study time. I delete up million times just kidding. This be be about fifth time to reload the app to see if I can get it run if not I am not sure what I will from here. Need to look it this issue.😊
  • Setting not working on updated IOS 1/5

    By 49484746
    I have absolutely loved this app over the years and have hundreds and hundreds of hours in notes and marking and so on. With this latest update to 12.4 on IOS, the library has not kept abreast. I cannot get into settings or have the search button work nor the bookmark button work. I deleted everything and reset my iPad and downloaded it again and now I cannot even log into my LDS account at all. I am beyond frustrated since I am starting teaching seminary
  • Absolutely Love!💜💜💜 5/5

    By jayy0288
    I just absolutely LOOOVE this app.!💜💜💜
  • Love it 5/5

    By Not Spencer Sabrina's friend.
    Love the Gospel Library app! However, it would be pretty cool if they had a feature similar to the Holy Bible app where it shows your reading streaks (how many days you’ve kept up with going on the app and reading daily verse) and a daily verse from either the Bible, BoM, D&C, or Pearl of Great Price, or even all 4. Just a suggestion :)
  • Color Icon 5/5

    By GraphNick
    Please bring back the color app icon with the gold. It was more dynamic than black and white.
  • saved my marrige 5/5

    By LASheppard
    it’s a great app
  • Works enough 2/5

    By Electrovir
    Disappointingly buggy
  • Forward/backward navigation 1/5

    By Heterogenius
    I will keep rating this app as one star for as long as forward/backward navigation remains unavailable. It used to be in the app; it is no longer. 1-star.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Madgiemadge
    Seriously?? Tried to open the app. Nothing happens. Deleted the app and tried downloading again and it says not compatible with this iPad. Well, ok then. Updated my iPad and tried downloading again and got the same message. What? I've had this app on my IPAD for years and use it every day. What happened????????
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Rat terriers
    Have new iPad and downloaded library and it will come up then crash almost immediately on Moroni and everything is updated on iOS and the app.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By AbbNormal894
    Just got a new iPhone XR, redownloaded twice, will not load, crashes before opening. Would sure love to have access. :(
  • Bug report 4/5

    By Bree<3smuzac
    I love having my scriptures and other gospel study resources in my pocket all the time. I love that I can mark them up just like my hard copies too. One issue I’ve noticed is that sometimes when I tap and hold to highlight a word, if I drag the highlight too slowly to other words, the page jumps to the top and every time I try to scroll back down to where I was, it jumps back up again. I have to close out of the app and reopen it in order to resume studying. This happened on my old iPhone SE, as well as my current iPhone 6. I understand these are both older models, but I’m hoping that this bug can be fixed. It will greatly help the flow of my studies!
  • Pretty disappointing 2/5

    By bubblesprocket
    App struggles downloading audio scriptures. Literally have to force close the app multiple times to “continue” downloading the scripts. Got to the Old T and now the app crashes. Likely have to uninstall the app and attempt downloading the audio again. Likely gonna be the same result. Full screen feature doesn’t work either. If I remember right, I’ve had a pretty glitchy experience with this app over the years. It looks fancy but man, these stupid glitches can at times make me want to just give up on this whole “be better” schtick and chuck my phone at the next moron who swerves into my lane.
  • Please Read 4/5

    By Happpy116
    This is a great app, I just would like if there could be a text following feature when listening to it. I tend to lose my spot and it’s hard to find it again.
  • Mormon Doctrine 5/5

    By Nonnie2016
    I was wondering if the Mormon Doctrine can be added to the Gospel Library. I have noticed that it is used as reference many times in the student manuals. I have the book but would love to have it within the library. Thanks
  • Conference audio 5/5

    By jasonras
    I listen to the conference talks in the app. A recent update is a little frustrating, whenever you listen through all of the talks, the second time you go through the talks don’t revert back to the beginning. It ends up skipping the talk because it thinks you already listen to it. Can you please update it to restart if you’re listening to consecutive talks and the next talk was already listen to?
  • Marvelous ... and Frustrating 2/5

    By Ann's Husband, Glen
    Still unable to make a PDF from Ensign articles in the app. Cannot save articles to AppleBooks (formerly iBooks) as PDF. Notified the developers several times; they kept pleasantly insisting that the problem was not a problem. PDF’s are very important for CES educators, bishops, and missionaries to be able to share articles with students who need help or are in faith crisis. “Send Feedback” no longer works; “Submit” button is grayed out. “App Support” button does not take you to any app support.
  • 21-Jul-19: Please reactivate version 4.4! 2/5

    By Cheapskate01
    Current review (11-Aug-19): (Downgrading from three to two stars) I’m about to use my outside voice. PLEASE STOP SHUTTING DOWN THESE APPS ON IOS 9! Of note are Gospel Library and Member Tools (formerly LDS Tools). Something has happened at headquarters and these apps are no longer able to function on iOS 9. That means some of us are CRIPPLED unless we’re ready to shell out for new iPads and iPhones. My iPad 2 is one of my favorite devices and I am more than displeased that (a) I can not download CONFERENCE TALKS in iOS 9, and (b) Member Tools just plain don’t work anymore on iOS 9. PLEASE FIX! Previous review (21-Jul-19): Three stars is harsh, I know. But I still have and use iPad 2, iOS 9, for which version 4.4 was the last updated version of Gospel Library. In particular, I see that current conference talks (April 2019) are not present in this version of Gospel Library. I was notified that Saints Volume 2 is now available, but again, not available on version 4.4 of Gospel Library. As such, I am not expecting next year's study manuals for Sunday School, &c, to be available on version 4.4 of Gospel Library. My iPad 2, iOS 9, being my preferred electronic device, therefore, I have to consider Gospel Library v. 4.4 as not very useful - and expected to become even less useful by the end of the year. Not willing to run out and purchase yet another iPad, I'm thinking that three stars may be a bit generous...
  • Keeps crashing on IOS 12.4 1/5

    By Edsgirl7
    Please fix, ASAP!
  • pros and cons 3/5

    By fizzaith
    11 August 2019 Where is the forward button? You used to be able to go back and then forward to the different links you had selected. Sometimes I will go back to a page, scroll to see something different, and then want to go forward to where I was without scrolling back to that link. 7 October 2018 Not sure when the gospel art book got put in but I love that. However, when I click on a picture the screen goes white and I cannot see anything. An enlarged picture would be nice. :) I also hope you can swipe from one to the next once enlarged. Also, I would like to see a section for relief society. In the women’s meeting last night President Nelson encouraged us to read the RS purpose statement and declaration. I assume it’s in the gospel library but I can’t find it. I do not have the bookmarks issue I used to have, which is great! I still do not like that you cannot look at multiple footnotes at a time. I’ve gotten used to it, but it would be nice to have a better view of those. Maybe to see all footnotes in each verse of scripture. For conference talks it would be great to see all the footnotes together. Some of the brethren have very detailed footnotes and it is great to read them all at once. I do enjoy the app quite a bit. If there were a way to search for everything in the whole library without having everything downloaded, but then given the option to download the new content when selecting an item, that would be amazing. ——— For the new version I have not been able to explore much. I do know you still cannot highlight in the related contents section. That is really not helpful — especially when trying to prepare a lesson. I can read the scripture block, but I cannot mark, make notes, or do anything that will help me save info for my lesson. I still cannot scroll all of the related content. It is limited to the one I select. I have not had a chance to explore the bookmarks yet. --------- I think there are some good things about this update, unfortunately I have not been able to explore them as much as I would like due to some of the cons I am experiencing. I don't like that you cannot read your passage while viewing footnotes. Also, from what I can tell you cannot scroll through footnotes. It is only one at a time. My biggest problem right now, though is with the bookmarks. It took me a bit to realize how to re-save a bookmark, but I did. Unfortunately, I push the "refresh" button to update the bookmark and it saves it under one of my other bookmarks! I have now lost two or three of my bookmarks. Then, when I go to create a new bookmark, it won't take. I have to close the app to get a screen back and the bookmark I tried to create is not there. I feel certain there are some really good things about this redesign, but I have yet to discover them due to the flaws. Would love to get back to the great functionality of this app!
  • App won’t start 1/5

    By namenicknamenickname
    I got a different iPhone and this app won’t start on it. I also just updated the iOS to 12.4. But I did that on a different device and it works fine. It just stays on the open screen with the angel Moroni for about 20 seconds and then closes. I restarted my phone. No good. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. No good. I realize this isn’t the place to ask for help but I can’t open the app to use the feedback button.
  • Love it but 3/5

    By JLLOS
    Won’t load on new iPhone 7 ??
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By janet5852
    Will not work when I try to open the app. Hangs in the air for few seconds then shuts down.
  • Crashes when loading - iPhone 8 with iOS 12.4 2/5

    By MikeChatt
    I have an iPhone 8 that recently updated to iOS 12.4. Now the app won’t open. It attempts to open, but crashes every time. I’ve tried all the recommended fixes - delete and reinstall, restart device, change WiFi/network, etc. No luck. Amazing app, but need it fixed right away please!
  • Disjointed pile of garbage 1/5

    By Tradehead
    Yes it truly is a disjointed pile of garbage ! Locks up , doesn’t take you back to where you were, hence, part of why it’s disjointed. And, unlike every other app of its type on the face of the Earth it only has ONE font style. You read that correctly. One font style! It’s worse than disjointed! No doubt it was put together by good o’l “volunteers” because how could any professional produce such garbage ?!
  • Super glitchy 1/5

    By Likesgames1
    This app is a good idea, but unfortunately it is so glitchy that it is basically text view only. None of the features such as audio playback and passage marking work well enough to be useful for scripture study.
  • App issue 5/5

    By thomasdc63
    I need help with my app, it keeps exiting by itself after I click on it it’s an issue I’ve had for days and I can’t go on it, I’ve been deleting it and re-downloading but it keeps doing the same thing
  • Moroni logo and nothing else 1/5

    By MarilynnDeSilva
    This app worked great on my old Android phone, but won't open on the iPhone 6 I was given to replace it. The image of Moroni comes up and after several seconds it shuts down. No error message. Following several attempts I deleted the app, downloaded it again and reinstalled it. Same story. Everything else on this phone works. Are the Gospel Library developers not supporting iPhone 6? I have no intention of ditching this one and buying new. It was so great to have scriptures, gen conf, manuals, etc., at my fingertips. ••• Update: Over a month since my first review... and there's nothing to update! Like Charlie Brown and the football I downloaded and reinstalled the app with the expectation that the bugs have been swatted. Moroni comes up, hangs out for several seconds, then disappears without so much as an adios. Is anyone in R&D reading these reviews? Sunday church meetings have been shortened, but any time gained has been wasted dealing with an app that is supposed to improve scripture study. Please please fix it! ... 5th attempt to run Gospel library, but still no go. When are you going to fix this app so that it works on iPhone?! Mine is 6S, so is it not supported on this model? My android is even older but it works fine, even has the original golden Moroni.
  • Terrible 1/5

    This is a terrible app
  • Continually impressed - a vast helpful gospel library 5/5

    By Anthony C Olsen
    I’ve been using this app since it was first created and I am continually impressed with the continual additions and enhancements. If you’re a Christian, or just want to learn more about Christianity, this is the app for you.
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Hotdog$3&4$
    I love this app. I have one suggestion though. Can we get an option to name the different screens? I’d lake to name them so I can keep track of which one I’m using for either church, personal study, family study, etc.
  • Freezes constantly 3/5

    By dfrobison
    I'm finding that the newer versions of the app randomly freeze while I'm scrolling. I have to completely shut down the app and restart it to get it to work again. I find it happens most often while scrolling through Come Follow Me. I have submitted this issue multiple times without and resolution. My wife has also experienced this as well on her iPad.
  • Epic 5/5

    By epicgamer49
    Ok this is epic. would recommend

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