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Gospel Library

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  • Current Version: 5.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Compatibility: Android
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Gospel Library App

Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The library includes the scriptures, general conference addresses, music, learning and teaching manuals, Church magazines, videos, audio recordings, gospel art, and more. Study, search, mark, and share this vast collection.

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Gospel Library app reviews

  • Doesn’t work on iPhone 11 Pro Max 3/5

    By Eacoleman8
    Won’t even open on my iPhone 11. Please fix! I need my conference talks in the mornings!
  • Double Tap not working 5/5

    By JB184351
    I love the Gospel Library app and thankful for the ability to have the scriptures with my highlights and notes wherever I go. Just also wanted to let you guys know that the double tap gesture is not working on iPad even with the latest versions of iPadOS and the app and seems inconsistent in the iPhone.
  • Closed captioning 2/5

    By Janneiny
    Need to features for closed captions for Book of Mormon videos also other some too.
  • Incompatible with iOS 9 1/5

    By 1utgirl
    My iPad mini will only go up to iOS version 9.3.5. Why can't I have my scriptures, prepare my lessons, and watch conference on this device? Really wish the app was compatible.
  • Easy to use and amazing! 5/5

    By evel stod 9634
    This app is very easy to use and a wonderful tool for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Without having to bring your printed copy of the Book of Mormon, you can access it here, along with the Bible, Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. You can also access other great content, like many videos, such as the new Book of Mormon the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has released. I’ve seen quite a few reviews about this app, but I use it almost every Sunday in church. There are also some interesting features, like being able to change the size of the text and the theme of the screen.
  • Can’t open the app 3/5

    By young.wang1234
    This time update, I can not use it, It’s stucked at the first page
  • Great app...but what’s with the new update. 5/5

    By jcarterdds
    In the newest Version of the app when searching general conference by speaker, it only lists the most recent conference. Not a good feature. Maybe I just have a wrong setting. Help would be appreciate.
  • Library 3/5

    By errandbunny
    Told this was the best but it keeps getting stuck, does not show on update area of my iPhone either. Better to have a little more access than less though.
  • Read the privacy policy before you download the app 1/5

    By xCliffx
    It’s absurd the data that they collect from you. Not necessary at all. One star.
  • Free to choose 4/5

    By Coo413
    Disappointed that the issue with inconsistent artwork in the iOS control center was fixed. It was the first time I was able to get my son to sit down and read the scriptures with me because of the fun new icon, and now they took away that agency and consequently that happiness.
  • An unfortunately user-unfriendly app 1/5

    By Jim-James-Jimothy
    One of, if not the most, buggiest apps I have ever seen. The constant updates do nothing to improve the app, but rather add more bugs and glitches, and make it less user-friendly. It is nearly impossible now to find a word or phrase by searching for it, as the developers have decided to change the search results from easy, organized categories to appearances of this word or phrase from greatest to least in various scriptures and manuals, forcing you to scour hundreds or even thousands of results before either finding what you’re looking for or giving up entirely. If the word or phrase you’re looking for is in D&C section 8, but there are more appearances in sections 10, 12, & 23 and in Teachings of the Presidents, the app will display the D&C sections with the highest quantity of the word or phrase (not in chronological order, of course), force you to scroll through all the other manuals, before coming back to D&C. The way it’s set up does not have all the instances of the word or phrase according to what manual or scripture it’s in. The app crashes constantly, scrolling has become a chore, there is only a back button and no forward button, and oftentimes clicking on search results yields nothing but a blank screen.
  • Stopped Working?? 5/5

    By Mehnwai
    This app will no longer open on my phone?? I’ve tried redownloading it and even restoring my phone, but nothing has worked. Please get this fixed!!
  • App Issues 1/5

    By mags0725
    I can’t open this app at all! This the third time downloading it and I can’t open it. I tap it, wait a little while it shows the little picture and then it closes down and shows me the main screen. I know it’s not my phone, I can download other apps but this doesn’t happen to me with other apps.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Stud moffin
    App is in perfect shape and always updating.
  • Latest update is a big fail 3/5

    By RWHuck
    Update: I finally deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now it seems to be working fine. I’m not sure how much data I’m going to have to download again. I shouldn’t have to go to so much trouble, but glad it’s working better. Update: Now I can’t get past the what’s new screen. 😡 Very unprofessional to have an update for an app used by so many people with so many errors. Initial review: I really want to give a high rating, but the latest update is a bust. Not only did I lose all my screens, but after restoring them and closing the app, they disappear when I reopen the app. I’ve tried restoring them a few times and the same thing happens every time I reopen the app. I don’t understand how so many bugs were not caught before the update and how it could take so long to fix. Please, please, please fix it.
  • It does not want to work 2/5

    By Ben Agosta
    Yeah it doesn’t want to work
  • Links not working 3/5

    By Karrencountry05
    I just downloaded the latest version. Tonight when we were studying in the Primary version of Come Follow Me, I would try and click the link for the scriptures and it would not open. This is frustrating and not very convenient if you can’t click the link and go directly there.
  • Crashes too often 2/5

    By hans1361
    Please release a version that does not require constant connectivity to WiFi/ internet. This seems to update at least weekly and seems to be a cause of the app freezing/locking up. The only remedy is to delete and then reinstall...annoying.
  • Update app for iPhone se 5/5

    By beto78046
    Update app for iPhone se thank you
  • Faith 5/5

    By Yummy food lover
    This app has allowed me to read the scriptures and grow my faith. I absolutely love this app and the opportunity to have my scriptures so conveniently on one device. I am a strong member of this church and have grown so much because I can continue my scripture studying even without an actual copy of the scriptures. I am so grateful for this app and the opportunities that have been given to you and I to further our education and faith in this gospel.
  • Bug iPad Pro 2/5

    By DOS486
    The video controls disappear on iPad Pro after tapping to pause and play and scrolling a few times.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By DMM217
    I have used this app for several years. It’s the first app I always add to a new phone. However, I just downloaded to my new iPhone 11, and it won’t open. It just goes to the Angel Moroni for several seconds and then crashes. Please help! I use this app everyday.
  • Improvement can be made with study plans 5/5

    By Justintimefor32
    Please update the study plans tab, so that it can be synced on a cloud. This would allow users to track their study plans on multiple devices without having to update manually each one which is incredibly tedious.
  • Love it 5/5

    By danniknox
    I appreciate all the updates that keep adding on. The user experience is really pleasant & it’s just an overall great app to have all the scriptures and manuals in one place. My go-to!
  • Full screen mode difficulties with iOS 13 5/5

    By asdgdghah
    Everything is great, but after updating to iOS 13, it is very difficult to have the app recognize a double tap to enter and exit full screen mode. Please fix.
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By peachgurl❤️
    Gospel Library is a great app that brings gospel teachings to your fingertips. I love that I can highlight, tag, and note text that stood out to me. I also love having Conference talks right there and ready to access. The latest update is pretty great over all, but the scrolling isn’t as smooth and sometimes glitches. I’ve also noticed that others have written reviews about this... and about the new Moroni on the icon. Yes, I also prefer the gold one to this new white one. The white takes away from the connection to temples which I would really like to bring back. Thank you for making this app an accessible source for gospel resources! NEW UPDATE: I don’t know why, but when I try to double tap to see the top and bottom bars, it doesn’t work and I have to tap like eight or ten times before the menus drop or disappear. Can you fix this?
  • I LOVE this app! Please could you fix... 5/5

    By Marina's Rose
    This app is amazing! I can read The Book of Mormon and Come, Follow Me anywhere I go. Developers: could you please fix an issue my husband and I have been having with our app on our phones? We can’t get out of full screen mode, once we’re in it. It doesn’t work, no matter how many times we tap the screen to try to get out of full screen. So what we end up doing is exiting the app and then going back into it. (Idk if it helps to know, my husband and I both have the iPhone 8.) Thank you for reading my review. :)
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bertoharris
  • Will not run on iPadOS 13.1.3( new up date) 1/5

    By rwwitte1
    My iPad upgraded and LDS Gospel Library will not run at all. NEW- iPadOS 13.1.3
  • Awesome 5/5

    By JWorm76
    I love how i can read the scriptures on a device. It is a really good app.
  • New search tool update is horrible 1/5

    By Humperdinkles
    I don’t know how else to get a message to developers, but the search tool update is horrible and a waste of time. I liked it way better the way it was before. Not sure if others agree with me or not but I really felt like I needed to express myself. Other than that keep up the good work.
  • Button doesn’t work 5/5

    By TheLegend12034
    The “done” button leaving the search bar doesn’t work
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By hanacakes
    I’ve downloaded this app several times on my iPhone and it won’t open no matter what I do. I’m super disappointed😥
  • Great for church 5/5

    By .:Green Lemon:.
    Really great for church and easy to get to scriptures. And other stuff. LOVE THE CHURCH
  • One thing 5/5

    By Davej97
    This is the best app for having access to His gospel next to the church website. One thing I find difficult, when I try to use full screen mode, I find that I have to tap several times, rather than just two times like it says. I do hope that this problem gets fixed, because it causes me to get irritated very quickly and not wanting to use this app. I want to use it often, but until this gets fixed, I may delete the app.
  • I love this!! 5/5

    By Hannah Curletto
    I really love this app. It’s way easier to do scripture study now!! I often listen to the general conference talks, but recently, none of them will load. My internet connection is strong, and I have WiFi, so I don’t know why it won’t work. Please fix this. Thanks!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Macman3921
    It crashes every time I try to open and I’m using and iPhone 7
  • Doesn’t work with ios 13 1/5

    By Mr Regular Guy
    Worked great for years. Doesn’t work anymore. Loses all screens each time it is closed. Someone should have been testing this during the months and months of iOS 13 beta availability. How hard can that be?
  • Screens works after a complete delete and reinstall 3/5

    By kennova
    With the last updates screens has stopped working. Also downloading content is incredibly buggy and has been for some time. Please have a focus on big fixes for the next few sprints.
  • This would be so cool! 5/5

    By SoccerBoss06
    I wish there was a way that I could put in my patriarchal blessing or a quote, for example, and then I could add notes and tags to specific words and phrases to that document that I added.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Sanger TX
    Just crashes without opening.
  • App Not Working After Update 1/5

    By ZNUTT!
    The latest update seems to have broken the app for me. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, however I am unable to get passed the loading screen before the app automatically shuts down.
  • No back/forward button is terrible 1/5

    By istuart45
    Sept 2019 update: Now it runs so slow I can use it to read but that’s it. Original review: I have literally made hundreds of links throughout the years. Now the linking process is so cumbersome, I’ve almost stopped doing them. This is because the forward button was inexplicably removed and what was a quick 3 steps is now an awkward, long process. Too bad, linking scripture to talks etc. was a very useful tool. The search function is always broken somehow. Also, I miss the old scripture narrators. Now we have Mr. and Mrs. Robato. In summary, this app was almost perfect in 2015 and has gone downhill one update at a time since then.
  • Beware 1/5

    By nd0ki
    Recent update erased all content and I am unable to reload it. Needs lots of testing. Not ready to be released to public.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone 11 1/5

    By Neuellis
    Just got new iPhone 11. App won’t even open on it. Just crashes every time I open.
  • So much material available 5/5

    By AnaCKC
    There are so many new things in here. It’s such a great app. The only thing I wish it could be done is for the app to ask to be updated it.
  • Test your code! Stop using us as testers! 1/5

    By Old lady Oaks
    Who is in charge of the releases? There are so many bugs in the latest release. Easy bugs that should have been captured during testing. Stop using us as testers. You have a major product with millions of users, treat it as such.
  • Thank you!! 5/5

    By DedraC
    The app is working again. I love it! You guys are the best!!
  • Oh well 5/5

    By Three_tree88
    I just updated the app and it says it needs internet connection to load it’s starting content. I even restarted my phone. Nothing’s working. 😔 Update to 5 stars ☺️ Turns out the update didn’t update all the way. I deleted and reinstalled with no problems!! I love this app so much and I love how everything is convenient to read :)

Gospel Library app comments

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