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GoToWebinar App

Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on online events. The free GoToWebinar mobile app lets you not only see and hear webinars, but take part in them as well. No matter where you are, you can ask questions, take part in polls and more. If you’re running the webinar, you can present directly from your iPad, share your iPad’s webcam and chat with other event staff. FEATURES For Attendees Attend and participate in online events while you’re on the move. • Join easily by tapping the online event link in an invite email or your calendar. • Use a single tap to dial in to the phone conference or connect to audio using WiFi or 4G/3G. • View the event speaker’s slide presentations up close. • Participate in polls, raise your hand and ask the event speaker a question. • View up to 6 webcams on any iOS device. For Organizers In addition to the above, as an organizer you can • Schedule Webinars • View previously scheduled Webinars • View the number of registrants for an upcoming Webinar • Share a Webinar registration link via email, SMS, twitter, facebook and more. For Panelists In addition to the above, as a panelist you can use your iPad to • Share your webcam • Share a document from your favorite cloud storage app • Chat with other panelists and organizers HOW TO JOIN AN EVENT There is no purchase necessary to attend a GoToWebinar event. Two easy ways to join: • Tap an event link in the invite email or your calendar. • Tap the GoToWebinar icon after you download the app and enter the session ID. NOTE: Presenter controls can be passed to anyone in the event if they have content to share. If you’re using an iPad, you can access and present content stored on cloud services. AUDIO • Upon joining an event, you will automatically connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G). • For the best audio experience, plug a headset into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. • If you prefer to dial in over your phone line, you can do that with a single tap after joining the event. • If you are attending the event in person, easily disconnect from audio any time so you can continue to participate in polls and see the speaker’s presentation up close. NOTE: Due to network constraints, iPhone users on the Verizon network will be unable to join the event and dial in over the phone at the same time. VIDEO CONFERENCING If additional presenters are using webcams, you will automatically see them upon joining the event. • GoToWebinar presenters can turn on webcams by tapping the webcam icon then the Share My Webcam button. • While it is possible to stream video over a 4G/3G connection, WiFi is recommended to avoid charges with your network carrier.

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GoToWebinar app reviews

  • It works, it really works 5/5

    By morphin mary
    I recommend this app to anyone who does Webinars. The app runs smoothly, no glitching, good sound. I see nothing at all that would cause me to give anything less than a perfect score. Wishing success to the developers and all involved. Well done!
  • Crystal clear 5/5

    By timmieray63
    During the webinar there weren’t any distractions in the Audio. I have used other apps and had some issues hearing the host. Go to the webinar care clear throughout the session. Just don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself .
  • First Webinar 5/5

    By Lisa-TA
    This was easy to use !!! Enjoyed my first Webinar and would recommend this to everyone !!!!!!
  • Great Format 5/5

    By Gods Favorite 1
    Very clean and simple to use
  • Easy to use! A+ Highly Recommend! 5/5

    By tracidus
    Can join webinars easily by clicking one link on my iPhone. No issues, no having to type in the webinar number, passcode, etc. I really appreciate how easy it is, especially when I’m traveling! Highly recommend! Thank you for making it so easy unlike many other apps!
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By arrowhead8
    This platform is simple to use and efficient. What more to say?
  • The sound and emoji’s worked perfectly 4/5

    By Kudokitty
    I was unable to write in Chat
  • Great service 5/5

    By Romeo of Myrtle
    I am very happy with this service. Keep it up.
  • How do you return after looking at registrants?? 3/5

    By Deej040
    There is no back button or even a swipe to get back to your webinar list. Definite bug that need fixing! You have to logout which is ridiculous. Fixit please!
  • Review 2/5

    By jimf40
    Could not get through
  • Excellent audio and visual presentation 5/5

    By jansalee
    Just finished using this app and it’s free app, easy access with clear audio and visual inputs.
  • Natural Health Professional 5/5

    By Bmac230
    Very user friendly!
  • Easier Access 5/5

    By It’s A Journey
    The access to the webinar was quicker and easier than Zoom.
  • Easy to use - no complicated technology to work through 5/5

    By Weleha
    This “GoToWebinar” is amazing! Fast and easy to install directly from the link shown on the screen. It only took seconds to download and took me directly to my webinar without any password or other info. Very happy & will use again.
  • Courses 5/5

    By Celestine1973
    These webinars were absolutely fantastic. They were very interactive. You could ask questions and immediately get a response. Also, you can get handouts after the class so that you can refer to them later. GREAT JOB!!!
  • NYCTF 5/5

    By Ms. M.A.P.
    The App provided the platform for the presenters to present info with PowerPoint slides. Probable questions with answers to possible scenarios. The Presenters Ms. Catherine, Ms. Melissa, Mr. Grant, Ms. Lesley and the other staff in the GoToWebinar seem to use the App with ease. It provided a great platform for any size audience to receive information without interruption from participating Participants. “Great job GoToWebinar” found on the App Store. Thanks Written by Ms. M.A.P.
  • Great conference app 5/5

    By Dr. Al-Ghezi
    I have been using this app for couple years and it is very good
  • Great Webinar App 5/5

    By SilverA47
    I attended a class on this app for the first time today. It was easy to connect from the email notice, the video and audio were clear. I had to switch between home bluetooth, my phone speaker, and my car bluetooth. All went well, I could follow the class and see the video presentation.
  • Great quality pic & Sound!!! 5/5

    By Toytoy32
    The webinar I attended via phone because I was having a procedure was AWESOME! I learned a lot about tax and wage changes for 2022. More importantly the video and sound came through clearly, no trouble with the poll questions or anything..
  • Easy and well laid out 5/5

    By Tax&estateLady
    I had a Saturday webinar and was able to use my cell phone to join webinar. It was easy to access, laid out well for the small screen, and intuitive to move around in
  • Gotowebinar 2/5

    By Carolmay1954!
    Can’t use b/c instructions say if U have Verizon- can’t use telephone.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By On the Great Marsh
    Love this app.
  • Can’t download 1/5

    By atl-55
    The app won’t download on my IPhone
  • Great System 5/5

    By Krisp77
    Very easy to connect and access large webinar program. Connection stable and speaker remained clear throughout 90-minute session.
  • When camera is covered, the screen goes black 1/5

    By Robert Crump
    This app is not very user friendly.
  • Excellent service 2/5

    By ukubekezela
    Attended webinar- flawless.
  • Easy to use, dependable 5/5

    By App#1Easy
    The app is easy to use, connects quickly, and you can reconnect if you loose your network.
  • Best! The gold standard! 5/5

    By madmonkmarketing
    Always works even with a sometimes less than optimal internet connection.
  • President of AGC 5/5

    By Felrocky1
    Great quality and no technical issues. I will continue using this product.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By WaltChell
    Was so happy that it wasn’t confusing.
  • Meeting for C.O.S. 5/5

    By chrllone
    I attended a meeting with the app and it was like sitting in the room with the instructors.
  • Convenience at its best 5/5

    By drglobug
    I could attend from my phone!
  • Get GoToWebinar 5/5

    By gensingkenny
    I like GoToWebinar because it is set up so simple and makes it easy for anyone to get involved with business minded people that can help you change your life for the future. Online is the new norm!
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By TatersMommy22
    Never have any issues I have used this since covid for all my webinars and compliance training. It’s been great never have any bugs or drops. Thank you!!
  • Be up-to-date and involved — 5/5

    By Peniel65
    Whatever your focus, whatever your concern, you can impact that Arena simply and easily
  • Amazon Career choice 5/5

    By Lois S Nelson
    Easy and immediate access to training program
  • So easy to use!!! 5/5

    By Tom in the Carolinas
    Used the app for the first time today and it went off without any issues!! Will be using it again!
  • So Easy to Use 5/5

    By MadDabbler
    Fantastic webinar software! Used it the first time for a meeting on joint replacement surgery. Audio didn’t fade in/out or hiccup even once! All slides were clear, and we never had any lad, drag or viewing interruption. Excellent and so easy to use, even for those in attendance who weren’t as tech savvy.
  • Makes webinars easy to view 5/5

    By BreatheLike
    I appreciate the simplicity of the layout and functions. I have had to use GoToWebinar as an attendee of some continuing-education workshops and it’s worked great! Easy to ask the presenter questions, easy to enlarge the slide deck on my screen.
  • Easily accesible from anywhere 5/5

    By NewChapaLou
    Love I’m able to use other apps while still being “present” in whatever webinar I am in.
  • Much Improved!! 5/5

    By freedomway14
    Comprehensive, yet uncluttered; easy to navigate!!
  • Does not work over Bluetooth speakers. Why? 1/5

    By Sgt McFunky
    I tried several Bluetooth speakers and this app will NOT send audio when connected to Bluetooth. As a matter of fact it doesn’t even have an option to switch audio settings. Only phone or Internet audio. Why do you not have internet audio with ability to select the device paired to?
  • Yes yes yes! 5/5

    By rascalssillygirl
    It’s reliably good!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Sharijoy
    I thought the app was easy to use and worked perfectly for the one hour course I viewed. I was on my cell and had to switch back and forth from speaker to power point but it wasn’t bad.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By LMB, DC
    GoToWebinar is perfectly suited for high contrast content such as radiography and the voice volume that accompanies it during an online seminar. It was easy to follow detail, though a white pointer would have been easier to see. LMB, DC
  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By Zodess
    This is a painless way to learn information that will help you maintain your health and well-being. If you have a particular medical problem, there are opportunities to learn more about it here. You don’t get this kind of information in school!
  • College Orientation 5/5

    By Lynnybear22
    Audio and camera was perfect. I was able to install the app with no issues, and easily access the College Webinar. There were no issues with the professors cameras nor audios. I’d recommend this app to all my friends and colleagues. I rate this a 100/100.
  • Still no full screen functionality 3/5

    By Parkerobber
    It’s 2022 and there’s still no way to view webinars in full screen due to the useless “toolbar” at the bottom that takes up a third of the screen. This makes watching screencast webinars on a phone really annoying. At least you have a dedicated app, where with other webinar providers I have to watch in a browser.

    By SSenfinger
    I was late to start a webinar and assumed I had all webinar sites loaded. I DIDN’T HAVE YOUR SITE! Had to “get” and it was the FASTEST download time. I was in the meeting in less than a minute! Keep up the good work!