GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

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  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nikhil Kumar
  • Compatibility: Android
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GPS Speedometer and Odometer App

GPS Speedometer and Odometer app is used to measure car, bike, walk, run, boat, bus, train, bicycle and aeroplane speed. GPS Speedometer and Odometer app is used to measure the speed of cars, bicycles, walks, races or even boats, buses, trains, bicycles and planes. Feature: - It shows the current speed, average speed, moving speed, maximum speed, distance, odometer, stopwatch, clock, movement time, idle time, pause time, latitude, longitude, altitude, GPS connectivity and direction of movement. - Pedometer helps you count steps, see calories burnt, miles tracked and elapsed time, all the data is saved in list and you can get an idea of all records in just 1 click. - The speed accuracy is close to 99%. - It can even work offline. - It has 5 portrait and 5 landscape modes, including HUD (Head-up Display). - You can change the colors of the display. - This speedometer app has 4 speed units - MPH, km/h, m/s and knots. - You can set both the minimum and maximum speed limits to make sure you do not get too fast. Else the app starts vibrating, sounding, and changes the display color to red. - All trips are automatically saved and can be viewed at any time. - You can set 5 different speed limits at the same time. - You can set the maximum speed separately. - It is very helpful for those who have a broken speedometer or odometer in their car, bike or other vehicle. - It tracks your route on the map and keeps track of every detail, including speed, accuracy, altitude, latitude and longitude. - It has a compass function that lets you see where you are pointing at. - You can view the speed in 1/100 decimal point. - It can be used to measure your walking speed. - You can view all statistics with a tap. If you have questions or doubts, our customer support team is extremely responsive. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] Important: The app may not work in devices which don''t have GPS receiver like iPad with WiFi only.

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GPS Speedometer and Odometer app reviews

  • Great app very precise 5/5

    By SmilyPigeon7029
    I used this app to find the range on my electric skateboard and it works great even at low speeds.
  • Solid reliable app 5/5

    By 2791albi
    I’ve been using it for two years it’s excellent highly recommend it!
  • Advertisements 3/5

    By tamerlaned
    It would be a perfect tool however. Sometimes I’ll open it while going 80mph and it will start playing a video commercial with the smallest X out button in the world. The start up adds are a major distraction that will cause a wreck eventually.
  • Accurate 5/5

    By dxd813
    I turn this app on when I’m riding with my daughter so I can see how fast she is driving. She has a habit of lying to me when I ask how fast she’s going but there’s no lying with this handy dandy app. It gives, “Slow the (bleep) down” new meaning.
  • Buggy app...locks up regularly 3/5

    By AERLonestar
    Always locks up on me. Just stops...have to quit app and relaunch.
  • 69 5/5

    By Paradigma56
    Excelente aplicación
  • Great app if you need it! 5/5

    By sullytheman80
    Tried this app for my motorcycle. My speedometer is broken. Wanted to make sure I’m not breaking the law while riding. I tried it in my car which also has a digital display speedometer. I found it was only .5 off. Other apps I’ve tried have been off by 5 to as much as 10 mph! Crazy! Great app! Spot on and you can customize your view and color to your liking. Would highly recommend this app for anyone who may want or need it.
  • Variably Inaccurate 1/5

    By Nekoneok
    Checked against a dedicated Garmin receiver and uBlox M8 multi-constellation receiver. Would vary between spot on and 20% faster than the Garmin, uBlox and vehicle indicated speed.
  • Very helpful App 5/5

    By qqqqqqqqqqmmmmmmmuuuuuukkkkk
    I used this app to show my mini bike custom how fast his bike is now. He was at about 5 MPH and now he’s at 23 MPH. I like the fact that this app saves the info so I can do a screen shot for comparison, other apps don’t save the info and can only be seen as you drive.
  • Great App ! 5/5

    By Kepa8622
    Just wanted a simple way to track speed and distance on my bike. This app has it all! I recommend it to anyone .
  • Great for my club car ds 5/5

    By Cart newbie
    Perfect for speed n distance on my golf cart with a new, awesome Plum Quick Executioner. With this app I now know my cart runs at 31mph and see how far my battery charge can carry me!!
  • Little trip with the dogs 5/5

    By s. fletch
    On a recent trip looking at real estate and clocking out mileage between potential homesites and my work I discovered that my speedometer reads about 5 mph slow and that the odometer in my truck needs to be repaired with this app
  • Fog 5/5

    By truck 1637
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Sxthyji
  • terrible 1/5

    By hdudbfufhcifhxfhdbcj
    it wont track my steps and its super hard to get to the pedometer
  • Odometer 5/5

    By RI Jeff
    Just got it haven’t really used it but it seems pretty cool.
  • Only opens 1/5

    By Leza Key
    Why can’t I purchase this app. Everyday I want to use it I have to go to the App Store and open it. It won’t stay. It’s really annoying because sometimes I forget to get it until I’m halfway into my ride.
  • Works great 5/5

    By akdkddjsjwuajsjsjsusus
    I needed an app to record my top speed on my bike but didn’t want to have to have my phone in one hand because it’s dangerous. I used the maximum speed setting.
  • Speedo 5/5

    By Tom John M
    Great for in the boat.
  • App 4/5

    By Stan # 12
    I like this app very much! Robert McAdoo Topeka,KS.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Wubadaba
    I have been using this App for about a month. I really like that I can earn points to open up features that are nice to have. My one problem is in earning those point by watching a video. Some of the videos will have a timer that is nested behind the X that would normally close the video. However the X doesn’t work so the only way to close the video is to close the App, then you don’t get the points for watching the video.
  • Why 1/5

    By dick wit
    Why would you need to have points just to change you’re speedometer
  • What’s with the point system? 1/5

    By Apfkrnsjxif
    The fact you have to earn points to use functions is a showstopper for me. Nice app if not for this
  • Good app 5/5

    By Bugaruze34
    It’s a very good app if your trying to see how fast your going and it’s pretty accurate
  • Odom works 5/5

    By Just my perspective, you asked
    Better than nothing, plus you can change themes to match your clothes or vehicles and track your lifestyle of driving day to day. Nice features too.
  • Inaccurate so far 2/5

    By Bobwood89
    I downloaded this app to check the accuracy of the speedometer on my motorcycle. I haven’t used it for that yet, but in the course of learning how to navigate the app I have noticed that the distance traveled is very inaccurate. I have doubts that the speed will be accurate, but will update my review if it turns out to be useful.
  • Great app! I just found this in and very pleased 5/5

    By BJ Hustler;)
    Great app! I just found this to monitor my mileage speed weather conditions man this is pretty kick ass
  • Liking this 5/5

    Used this one time so far and it helped push me harder on my workout
  • Adam 3/5

    By Swampcat McNasty
    I would give it 5 stars but I keep getting notifications WHILE I’m driving, it should save those for when the speed says zero so perhaps I have put the car in park, not while driving
  • I surprise me 5/5

    By Rbud25
    Very satisfied with this app just a accrued as my car.
  • Bike Speedo went out 5/5

    By donvindossel
    Works awesome
  • Inaccurate distance 2/5

    By slimyslug
    Over short distances (3-5 km) this app consistently measures about 200 m longer than the distance measured on Google Earth.
  • Good 5/5

    By djhd kxbdjd
    Everything is good
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    By tsx387
    I should not have to get “points” for features that you think are standard. Such as resetting the odometer. Please refund my money.
  • Light burned out on my car speedometer 5/5

    By Ben jammin 69
    This has been a fantastic option. It’s large and easy to see and I just stand up my phone between my steering wheel and dash. I can see that there are many other features to those that I have not yet explored but the one I need most is simple and easy to use. And also I can ask Siri to turn on my flashlight and I can also see my gas gauge when necessary from my phone flashlight.
  • Great speedometer app 5/5

    By Msjoredd
    Needed something telling me how fast I was driving since the on board computer in the car was broken. Found this app and it works great with different options for you to view..and the best thing is that no ads pop up while you are driving with it on...nice job...
  • I’m extremely happy 5/5

    By DArt# 2
    I’ve used several GPS speedo Apps for Android; I love how this iPhone app is written
  • App 5/5

    By Dustin jennings
    Keep me from not speeding lol
  • CBC 5/5

    By club car kid
    Need instructions!
  • Great App for our Biking Trips !!! 5/5

    By Nonoy Dean
    Keep Up The Good Programming Work
  • Speedometer 5/5

    By IsThisWhatYouCameFor
    Works as intended.
  • App appreciate 5/5

    By Trinidad Galindo jr
    Awesome app helps out in Town and the Highway best of helps.. I give it a 5 🌟
  • Cool app 5/5

    By rickyrickyrich
    Easy to use .... seems accurate
  • J CCTV h h ugh ugh 5/5

    By eijdhfbggsjsk
    Uddggfc vgc v. Bb bbb bb bbbbbb.
  • Gps speedometer 5/5

    By DBaethge
    Everything you need driving and then some
  • Great app 5/5

    By onbypass
    This is a great app to know what your apples is, with or without WiFi!
  • ought to Say that 1/5

    By mookie the k
    download alert. after install, on ‘open,’ message halts use indicating ipad “with wifi only” makes app useless. wonderful. now you tell me. seems, since the ‘gps speedo’ is found in apple app store under “gps for ipad,” description should come clean and alert downloader Before all the wasted time. —benE
  • Yes 5/5

    By Shannonyon
  • Vince 5/5

    By Vince DiGiorno
    The app is very accurate. Hard to believe it works so well. Very pleased with this app.