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Grab is Southeast Asia's #1 ride-hailing app, food delivery service, and cashless payment solution all in one. Get the most convenient booking service for private cars and taxis from the largest community of drivers in the region, food delivery from your favourite restaurants to satisfy any craving, and cashless payments in-app and at merchants across the city. Whatever you need, Grab has you covered. Grab's wide selection of services are available in 8 Southeast Asian countries (services vary by city): Rides • JustGrab: Get the nearest car or taxi at an affordable upfront fixed fare • GrabCar, GrabCar 6: Affordable everyday private car or luxury ride; ride solo or with a crew up to 3 or 6; book a single ride or rent by the hour • GrabBike: On-demand bike service; best choice to beat traffic quickly and safely • GrabTaxi: Get a taxi with an upfront fixed fare wherever you are, whenever you want • GrabShare: Share a ride with another party headed in the same direction and save money • GrabTrike: Three-wheeled transport option which provides convenience and flexibility with upfront fixed fares • GrabHitch: Social carpooling; Schedule your ride in advance and get a shared lift • GrabFamily: Family-friendly ride with a child booster seat for your little ones • GrabAssist: Extra assistance ride for seniors or people with disabilities • GrabCoach: Book a minivan or bus whenever, wherever you need it Food delivery • GrabFood: Order from your favourite restaurant and get meals delivered to your doorstep Parcel delivery • GrabExpress: Affordable, fast and reliable courier service with insurance for your items Grocery delivery • GrabFresh: Handpicked groceries delivered from store to door within an hour or at a scheduled time Cashless payments • GrabPay: A safe and secure mobile wallet where you can easily pay for your rides, food delivery, and at local merchants with just a few taps on the Grab app Rewards • GrabRewards: Earn rewards points for every dollar you spend and use them to redeem awesome deals in the GrabRewards catalogue

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  • Excellent for travel in Bangkok 5/5

    By John from LV
    Coming from America, I was apprehensive about finding safe transportation in and around Bangkok. Grab works just like Uber or Lyft, and even automatically translates between English and Thai when communicating with drivers. Highly recommended.
  • 🔥 5/5

    By Aheezy Da islander
    Dude Grab is must have app in Cebu and Manila!!
  • Convenient & Saves Me Money 5/5

    By hailey aravis
    I use it in Phnom Penh for getting tuk tuks. I hate trying to haggle out a price, but with grab I don’t have to. It tells me the price before I book, so I don’t have to guess what’s a good price for the fair. Sometimes I can even get a coupon that makes the fair even cheaper. Love it!
  • Too many cancellations 2/5

    By Can't have the same nickname!
    The app would be great, except there are far too many cancellations, especially with food orders. There are times when 6 or 7 drivers will accept my order and then cancel anywhere from 2-10 minutes later, which means waiting 15-40 minutes before someone actually starts to pick up the order... They then accept other passengers when they should be delivering my food, which turns what should be a 10 minute delivery, into a 30-40 minute delivery, and I end up with cold/smashed food... The same happens with rides, and on occasion the driver will say they aren’t coming and demand that I cancel so that they don’t have to. Grab needs to do a better job ensuring their drivers follow through and incorporate stricter penalties for cancelling. I have since started using Be/Viet-Go/Uber and don’t have any of those issues.
  • Always know fare 4/5

    By BCDavisEngr
    The app is easy and intuitive EXCEPT when trying to use rewards, it never seems to accept as partial payment. I do like the new feature where if driver cancels, app automatically rebooks.
  • Great service 5/5

    By NEMOOo10
    I’ve tried Grab transportation in Indonesia(Jakarta and Bali) and Malaysia ( KL and Langkawi), the service was great! Fast response, cheap prices “compared to the city cab or blue bird” and the rewards system has many valuable choices. Now I’m back to my country ( Saudi Arabia) hoping that one day I can see Grab service available here, soon.
  • Would be 5 Star except for 1 issue 4/5

    By BR1545
    The updated Grap app is excellent, except when this was two apps, I would take Grab home from work, and order dinner on the way home, so I didn’t have a long wait once I arrived. The new app only allows one thing at a time... you must complete your drive home and then and only then can order dinner. This is a significant flaw in the app design. Having to get two phones, simply to order dinner on the way home is absurd, but is required now.
  • Grab’s not as good as Uber 3/5

    By Indomann
    Grab is not as good a Uber. Grab’s drivers do not always recognized the promo given. In other words, Grab drivers often charge more than what the promo promised when booking the car. Whereas, Uber drivers always charge what the promo promised.
  • so many promo, cheap tarif 4/5

    By Republicifgamers
    so many promo, cheap tarif
  • Grab App 5/5

    By BroMozee
    This app is great to use in Thailand. I feel safe every time I use it. I would recommend everybody use it
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Th2$189
    So convenient! Service is great! Love Grab Food!
  • Language preference 1/5

    By Noncatperson
    I may live in Thailand but I am not Thai so...why can’t I set default language for this app in ENGLISH! Extremely user UNfriendly. There may even be thai people who prefer to display information in English on the app. Stop being so narrow minded.
  • Brave new world 2/5

    By rybesh
    If you love hassle, waiting, and spam, this is the app for you. If you don’t love those things, well, you’re out of luck, because unfortunately your fellow citizens and the billionaires that control them have decided that apps like this one will be your only option for getting from point A to point B. It’s a brave new world!
  • Why not an option?? 4/5

    As far as I have noticed that there is a huge step-back of the App... This is Myanmar and I and most Burmese might think why is there no MPU card being allowed to the ‘Grab Pay’?? Might there be any improvement going to be done??
  • App not start 1/5

    By NhatLQ
    2 devices not working, it’s just freezes in logo Grab
  • A must for travelers in Asia. 5/5

    By ScottCM
    If you are exploring asia, Grab, Agoda and are the three must have apps. With Grab you can connect to your credit card or Paypal accounts to pay so you don't have to mess with paying on the side of the road. Works great for the 7 weeks we explored Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • ممتاز 5/5

    By Faisal Aldhafairi
    أفضل حل للمواصلات في ماليزيا ، أنصح به وبشدة 👍🏻
  • Can you fix the fonts in that app? 3/5

    By mt99z
    I updated grab app and there is no zawgyi font. I can’t read Myanmar fonts
  • Fraud 1/5

    By discomango
    Too many fraud drivers, this is especially infuriating when it wasted your reward voucher even though they refunded your OVO.
  • Love the APP but never get big Tuk-Tuk’s after 5pm😡 3/5

    I love the Grab APP, even more now that I can add my virtual card for payment. But my biggest PET HATE about Grab is that after 5pm i CAN NEVER book a big Grab Tuk-Tuk. They are just NEVER available!!! Why Grab? Why? Is this an un spoken setting or rule for the big Tuk-Tuk’s? It is very unfair for a family of 5 to have to get 2 small Tuk-Tuk’s because the big Tuk-Tuk’s just never respond! I would really like an explanation for this????
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By dhenley7
    Almost impossible to get a car, and on the food side the drivers will try to get you to pay double
  • Easy! 5/5

    By RGVjoey
    Grab is absolutely the easiest way to get around when visiting Malaysia and Singapore. They are prompt, friendly, and very affordable for any traveler.
  • A necessity 5/5

    By HaeYeon gonna be a Kpop star
    Whether I’m ordering food or need a ride I can always rely on this app
  • Amazing but the drivers... 4/5

    By Jmgjmgj350
    Grab is amazing it’s very fast and efficient most of the times but there are issues when a driver accepts your booking but doesn’t move for a long time. Grab’s algorithm on how the drivers accept the job is unknown to the customers as I had 3 of my bookings accepted where the driver was completely stationary and did not respond to my texts. Grab is still good and reliable but the drivers are not.
  • Fast but they don’t care if stuff is messed up 1/5

    By JoeJo K
    I ordered food and when it came it was messed up files a complaints hours ago in the app and heard nothing... just filed another one not long ago on their website and still... nothing
  • Reopen my Deleted app in my phone 1/5

    By Rodlama
    No Friendly way to reopen the grab app in my phone. My son deleted by mistake and I have a week trying to open it but I can’t . System is asking to provide my phone number, so I did. Grab send me a Code that I add and then is asking me about my name and email, so I did, but is saying that is already in use and does not let me pass this step. Too bad.
  • Language problem 1/5

    By belllabee
    Why am I show up Chinese language even I don’t know and I don’t want? How can I setup to change Language? There’s no setting change in app. I want Eng!!
  • Kk 5/5

    By ghkiji
    Couldn’t have lived without this app in thailand. Really well developed!!! Thank you
  • Fast Delivery 5/5

    By keanurobs
    Very convenient for us while on duty. Excellent smile from the driver as well. Thank you.
  • KECEWA 1/5

    By ampunihamba
    Kalau pake promo drivernya gamau ambil sampah
  • Great App 5/5

    By Wunmi77
    Fantastic app and it made my experience in Malaysia very pleasant. 👍👍👍👍
  • Grab chó 1/5

    By đmm grab
    Đcmm grab chó.
  • Not working anymore 1/5

    By RAmponinJr
    Grab suddenly stopped working. ‘Couldn’t find any available drivers’ wherein my friends were able to get grab appointments, we were at the same location, same time. I un-installed and re-installed the app but with same futile result.
  • 4 Months of Happiness 5/5

    By hfffyuhgf
    I really enjoy this app. For the past 4 months I’ve been traveling in SEA and this app is awesome. It has saved me money and hassles of being over charged by taxi drivers.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Hassanjunior11
    Such a great app 😍👌🏼
  • Good 5/5

    By Mrmiu
  • Grab App 5/5

    By BEEZYB32
    I have used this app so far in Bali and it is great. Car prices are far cheaper than taxis. When we arrived at the airport, we requested a ride and immediately the driver messaged us and let us know where to go for pick up. Same thing for food delivery. The driver messaged us immediately after placing our order. I highly recommend this app when traveling abroad.
  • Levelled Up! 4/5

    By fiendishboi
    Grab has definitely improved from what it used to be. Its new interface is user-friendly and the messaging capability is very convenient. For GrabCar though it would help to show an image of the car like they do for Lyft back in the states. Gives riders an idea how the car looks like with matching color. Keep it up guys!
  • Location Map 4/5

    By Bong Abong
    I am just wondering how it happened that today and 2 times early this month that i have booked grab, it gives the driver a wrong location. Last time I was at One Palm Drive at Resorts World and the grab driver said, The location was at Terminal 3. Today, I was at Belmont Hotel and the driver said, i am at Maxims. How could it be?
  • Comfortable rides in Yangon 4/5

    I use Grab in Yangon, Myanmar. I find the app easy to use and navigate. GPS system in app is good, easy messaging service in app even though I don’t know Myanmar language. Drawback: I can’t track my ETA via the app, too many pop up offers on the app.
  • Định vị và đặt lại món ăn 4/5

    By sang dof
    Định vị sai liên tục, phải sửa lại, không AI. Đặt món ăn không có chức năng đặt lại món đã đặt.
  • Grab Uber 2/5

    By dcmine
    Grab app is not as good and efficient as Uber. Disappointed.
  • Banding kan dengan gojek 5/5

    By freddykun
    Bagus lebih banyak promo dan hemat pakai grab tapi.... Appnya jujur aja lebih nyaman pakai gojek karena jarang update untuk grabfood trutama kayak gakbisa tau restoran tutup udah 1 bulan masih ada di grab. Tapi klo grab car atau ride aku pasti pakai grab murah brooo....
  • Cannot add any credit or debit card 1/5

    By EvieEspiritu
    What gives? When in the Philippines, I do not like to pay cash as it’s a hassle when the drivers do not have change to give you. Tried adding all kinds of cards; visa, mc, Amex but nothing works. Upon adding all card details then pressing the add button, it just remains on that page. Please fix this! I also chatted with someone on messenger but they never gave me a solution to this problem. My friends and family also have the same problem.
  • 30p không lo được nổi 1 cái xe cho khách. 1/5

    By con mẹ mày lũ grab
    Dẹp mẹ cái dịch vụ này đi. Chờ 30p, đặt không biết bao nhiêu cuộc, mà k có nổi 1 cuộc được nhận.
  • Absolute lifesaver in Southeast Asia 4/5

    By rivimont
    Probably the most important app when I’m traveling in Southeast Asia! Very fast and responsive. I didn’t rate it five stars as I think there are a few areas for improvement: -can’t find a way to set my business profile as a default -some countries don’t always accept payment. I think they could do a better job providing a reason why when you’re in a country for the first time. I think it was Vietnam or Indonesia but my visa credit card wasn’t accepted and I had to pay drivers in cash. Would have been great to know what payments were accepted.
  • Grab is Awesome 5/5

    By thepeeeps
    Way better and more reliable than food panda and car service is great
  • Vietnam 5/5

    By jjkept
    My sister and I have been using this in Vietnam and everyone has been so incredibly friendly and helpful.
  • Great 5/5

    By Khoa_girl97
    It's very convenient 😉😉😉😉

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