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Grab is Southeast Asia's #1 ride-hailing app, food delivery service, and cashless payment solution all in one. Get the most convenient booking service for private cars and taxis from the largest community of drivers in the region, food delivery from your favourite restaurants to satisfy any craving, and cashless payments in-app and at merchants across the city. Whatever you need, Grab has you covered. Grab's wide selection of services are available in 8 Southeast Asian countries (services vary by city): Rides • JustGrab: Get the nearest car or taxi at an affordable upfront fixed fare • GrabCar, GrabCar 6: Affordable everyday private car or luxury ride; ride solo or with a crew up to 3 or 6; book a single ride or rent by the hour • GrabBike: On-demand bike service; best choice to beat traffic quickly and safely • GrabTaxi: Get a taxi with an upfront fixed fare wherever you are, whenever you want • GrabShare: Share a ride with another party headed in the same direction and save money • GrabTrike: Three-wheeled transport option which provides convenience and flexibility with upfront fixed fares • GrabHitch: Social carpooling; Schedule your ride in advance and get a shared lift • GrabFamily: Family-friendly ride with a child booster seat for your little ones • GrabAssist: Extra assistance ride for seniors or people with disabilities • GrabCoach: Book a minivan or bus whenever, wherever you need it Food delivery • GrabFood: Order from your favourite restaurant and get meals delivered to your doorstep Parcel delivery • GrabExpress: Affordable, fast and reliable courier service with insurance for your items Grocery delivery • GrabFresh: Handpicked groceries delivered from store to door within an hour or at a scheduled time Cashless payments • GrabPay: A safe and secure mobile wallet where you can easily pay for your rides, food delivery, and at local merchants with just a few taps on the Grab app Rewards • GrabRewards: Earn rewards points for every dollar you spend and use them to redeem awesome deals in the GrabRewards catalogue

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  • Cannot run in iphone xr 3/5

    By Batwomanhere
    The app Can’t run in my iphone xr 128 GB. Anyone have same experience with me? Run well in my old iphone 6S.
  • You cannot book a grab car in advance 3/5

    By joelmesina
    Even if you opt in for grab plus, they no longer offer you to schedule a grab pick up ahead of time. Too bad
  • Dịch vụ tệ cho doanh nghiệp 1/5

    By Likwan
    Nếu bạn đang làm việc cho doanh nghiệp mà cần ứng dụng Grab cho dịch vụ đi lại. Mình nghĩ bạn không nên. Grab với quy trình xuất hoá đơn GTGT cực kỳ phức tạp sẽ khiến công ty bạn mất nhiều chi phí vì giá trị hoá đơn nhận được không đúng với chi phí bạn bỏ ra.
  • Beyond Uber’s Out 2/5

    By relaxintahiti
    Update: several months in. Grab us mildly better on some pickups, but frankly predicted times are pure fiction. Upward readjustments are coming, and drivers just seem to get lost. Is Grab not investing in a decent routabable map? Uber my have it’s critics, but it provided decent app service. By comparison Grab falls woefully short, at least in Hanoi. Grab now is the main ride hailing app in Hanoi after Uber’s exit. As a previous Uber user, I was open to trying Grab for my daily commute and other transit needs. The drivers are good, once you get them, but the app-network has real limitations. - Impossible to get drivers during morning commute: what happened, never had this issue with Uber? - Pop up adds everywhere - what is the deal with that? - Accuracy: the cars never seem to show locational your accurate? Hopefully Grab will take some of the Uber functions in Perhaps the best solution to these issues will be hopefully other alternatives and competition.
  • My iPhone setting keeps stop Grab for data using 1/5

    By ihatethebug
    I don’t know why, since I downloaded grab, my IOS 12 auto change the data using of grab to none. I can’t even log in. It’s really annoying
  • Too many pain points for non SE-Asian users 1/5

    By OzMik
    1. Can’t add a credit card from overseas/outside Grab’s service area. So am I meant to fumble around at the airport adding a card before I can order a ride? Sorry, you just lost my business for my airport ride (probably the most expensive I’ll take) and I won’t bother using your service during my trip. 2. Can’t add prepaid Visa/Mastercards which most business travellers use to avoid currency conversion fees. So you expect me to pay more to use your service? No thanks. 3. Drivers refuse to accept in app payments. What if I don’t have cash on me? A reliable payment platform for all rides on all modes is essential. 4. Getting a ride takes ages. Why do I have to retry retry retry. Stuff it. I’m hailing a cab. 5. Endless in-app promos for services of zero applicability to non-local users. It’s almost as if Grab has looked at everything that made Uber useful to overseas based travellers and thought “nah we won’t do that”.
  • Doesn’t work in Vietnam 1/5

    By Team8693
    Could not load a credit card or order a car. The app was worthless for me. Very frustrating watching others use it seamlessly. Fix the app!
  • bad in promo code 2/5

    By egostool
    we use this app in Yangon, Myanmar before we decide to go where using promo code to get discount. meaning us we have limited time to know the promo code or not. but everytime i use it, its say i can not use that promo which is still valid in every aspects. i tried several times to complain in detail. but there is no respond. even tried with calls but that is not even right one. so you guys are lying with promos.
  • Rip off and corrupted service 1/5

    By ajhsieei
    Worse ride sharing app they force Uber out the Philippines yet their drivers literally told me they channging the cost of my ride because am a tourist and wanted me to pay them cash instead of what was agreed upon when requested the ride.driver told my friend I'm a tourist he can't charge me the same cost as locals
  • Grab is my new favorite! 5/5

    By BastiAdalaine
    Just started using Grab just a few weeks ago and can I just say, that I love, love this app! I live in the Bacolod area and so far I was never disappointed with the service, the cars, the drivers and how easy and quick it is to use! I am so happy with how convenient it was! Keep up the good work Grab!
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Tcee16437
    After download, the app refuse to open. Have tried so many times on my IPhone xs... why the problem
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Azmichael21
    Half of the time you book a ride the driver has another passenger and is over 30 minutes away, forcing you to cancel or wait forever! Instead of giving it to drivers close to you or without passengers, Grab throws your request out to all drivers. Be careful if you cancel more than 10 times in a week (even if the driver asks you to cancel) you are locked out and unable to get a ride for 24 hours leaving you stuck with tuktuks and taxis... Horrible app and company!!!
  • Just a terrible app 1/5

    By jtp1776
    There’s one positive thing I can say: the drivers are usually good, when they arrive. The apps maps are often wrong their timing is almost always wrong, and that’s when they manage to find a driver at all. Half the time it says a driver is 2-4 minutes away and then never manages to assign one. Fundamentally broken.
  • Sistem maps ngaco 2/5

    By numanug
    Sistem search nya sampah, gak mandang lokasi penumpang, nama jalan di indonesia banyak yg sama dahuluin yg deket lah, masa ditampilin jalan beda kota Kalau bisa kerjasama dengan gmaps
  • Long loading times 1/5

    By yolanda reichner
    1st) the app takes a lot of loading time. Even before entering the menu. Opening the app and the grab logo for more than 5 mins. 2nd) drivers are not in service often and if they are, they reject the request. 3rd) the waiting time is too long and unbearable. Prefer uber more than grab.
  • service 1/5

    By Zen ti
    nice app !! very nice service but theres one thing i dont want or maybe somebody else’s is everytime i got a girl driver its always very rude very aggressive sometimes shouting maybe can make an action for this issue , thanks though for this service 😊😊
  • Smooth user experience in Bangkok 4/5

    By ALkt05739
    I was a bit unsure after reading so many negative reviews, but my experience using this app in Bangkok is pretty smooth. The drivers did a great job picking me from the pinned location and dropping me at the location I entered. Moreover, the price was extremely affordable.
  • Spam popups disgust me 1/5

    By pentae
    I am paying to use a service not be treated like some coupon cutting loser. I am platinum tier and you can keep all the stupid offers and deals i am not interested in any of it - when i am in a hurry to book a ride i still cant turn off stupid promotional popups i DO NOT WANT IT. I will continue to leave 1 star reviews in protest until i can turn off ads and promotions in settings.
  • Grab is useless 1/5

    By HavenXYZ
    App is totally useless when you are not in their footprint. their App does not work outside of their footprint, I cannot even use my grab credits nor redeem my grab rewards!!! Total USELESS APP!!!
  • Super long wait times 1/5

    Was trying to book a ride from Penang Airport but it took me more than an hour of multiple bookings + lots of cancelled rides before I could get a ride. Absolutely horrible user experience.
  • Only successful because they bought exclusivity 1/5

    By Gerard555
    This is a garbage company, plain and simple. Do you like waiting 20 min for food only for the driver to cancel, only for this to repeat 4x? Now it’s an hour later, you’re hungry and no closer to getting your food. Welcome to the Grab delivery service. The driving service is only slightly less awful. The penalty for canceling needs to be severe, because it’s a joke now. The fact that they buy exclusivity in certain regions means you sometimes don’t have a choice but to put up with this anti consumerist trash.
  • Stupid bookinh 1/5

    By Caominhthuy
    I want to book a car for my mother in different cities. And absolutely impossible, grap can only find a location near you.
  • App doesn’t work! 1/5

    By ferrerosa
    The app shows up in green and says Grab, that’s it!
  • Very Bad 1/5

    By Happy Smells
    Grab always messes the pick up point which causes us and the driver to get confused. I do not recommend this app.
  • @Bangkok Dont use this app 1/5

    By skullache
    This app doesnt make the driver get to whr I am. I had to cancel the booking for three times because every single time it took more than 30 min although it appeared as 8min. It seemed driver cant really see my location from the app. Also, Thai drivers cant speak english. Only things they can speak are money, yes, no. There is no way they will communicate with u and find ur location. *****(warning) this app takes money from you even if u cancel the booking because the driver makes u wait for 30min to hr. It is insane. So, The drivers always takes booking no matter how long it is gonna take to get there because they get money by making tourists cancel the booking. ****Dont use this app unless u wanna wait for at least 30min because app tells u 3min.... also pay for the waiting time under the burning sun... goshh I hate this app.
  • Horrible & Unreliable 1/5

    By slingshotgirl
    Drivers cancel regularly, or keep changing the arrival time. Can take up to 20 min by the time the driver arrives. Some drivers are unable to speak English. Might work for Chinese speakers. Taxis are some times cheaper
  • Grab is great! 5/5

    By allusernamestakenalready
    So much better than Uber!
  • Drivers ask for more money than app says and not available in all areas 1/5

    By apache dude
    Used this app in Bali, Indonesia. Drivers will demand more money than app tells you it will cost. For example we are waiting for the driver now and the app said it will cost 41,000 Rupiah and the driver called and said 100,000 Rupiah. Also there are signs all over Bali saying that Grab is not allowed in the area. In addition to this the app constantly says the drivers are busy and not able to find one.
  • Instant application 5/5

    By Psygnosix
    very helpful when ordering food...
  • Canceling because driver is too far away 1/5

    By sbadem
    I canceled twice due to drivers matched being too far away, (considering the 5 minute distance i need to go) yet the app keeps matching me w rides that are farther away when i cancel. (It actually warns you that canceling would actually cause me to wait longer in the future) not right! Missing uber..
  • This app logout everyday 1/5

    By Denzo dude
    They are customer centric before now they don’t care it at all.
  • Works fairly well but needs more polish 4/5

    By dontusethis2
    Having used Grab and Uber hundreds of times in many countries, I’m quite comfortable with what’s involved and the Grab app does the job well overall. Startup time still needs to be improved and could make it easier / more obvious to set saved destinations.
  • Best app up to date 5/5

    By DeiCid3
    Very useful. Great app 👍
  • No seat belts in Yangon 1/5

    By Mre575
    Grab lets drivers use cars that don’t have seat belts. It should not be difficult when inspecting a car to verify that the seat belts work. It should be difficult when promoting rider for review to ask if seat belts work.
  • moca?? 1/5

    By soccori1
    what the moca? vietnamess only use moca?? what is the service? my credit is gone :( my money gone
  • So bad it’s painful 1/5

    By RMS601
    Not sure what Uber was doing here. This app is sooooo terrible can’t call a car or taxi or any of the options anywhere. Their timing of how long it will take is totally made up. Been waiting to catch a car for 29 minutes now and missed my reservation. Thanks
  • Use bluebird instead! 1/5

    By gb55555555
    The app doesn’t let you add a credit card, opening up you to taxi-like practices. No thanks I’m using bluebird instead!!
  • Uber is a better app 4/5

    By drbulldog
    Not as good an app as Uber....
  • Paid reviews? 1/5

    By Blagovest Dachev
    The Grab app is so poorly executed and buggy that the 4+ rating seems utterly suspicious.
  • Failed to notify me 1/5

    By A1O2m
    This application failed to notify me when the driver arrived. I already left the place when I received the text message from the driver. Fix ASAP!
  • Updated but wouldn’t open 1/5

    By Raider.
    I have updated to the new version but wasn’t able to log in as it won’t open😤
  • Unfit for use 1/5

    By CrazyRichAsianWannabe
    US resident trying to setup account for use in SE Asia on vacation. Website won’t accept my Visa (card type not supported) WT*??? Submitted Support response!? When ‘Privacy Policy ‘ or ‘Terms of Use’ are clicked, a ‘404 Error’ pops up or a ‘Request Blocked’ error pops up. FAQ ? A joke, no help there or on ‘Help’ link As the orange moron in the White House would tweet ‘So Sad!’
  • Dr 1/5

    By May Hpone
    It connects with the drivers who are too far away. I have to wait for so long. And the minutes need to wait which are shown in the application are much more than the actual minutes it takes. Much of my time wasted. 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Grab PH: A Monopoly 1/5

    By mangbhoy
    Monopoly pricing Poor rides Poor customer service Buggy app App filled with annoying marketing schemes
  • Tired of no drivers 1/5

    By reviwer578
    Tired of no drivers being available. Seriously this needs to be resolved. I do premium just to get a driver and lately it’s just the worst. I’m a platinum member and can’t even get a car on a night with no traffic. Ridiculous.
  • Excellent service. 5/5

    By Rbrtbnnt
    More reliable than other similar services in different countries. Recent first time user. Pleasantly surprised.
  • Lack of games and pop up ads is disappointing 1/5

    By expertiam
    Connecting a rider and passenger is a delicate and complex logistical dance. Rather than trying to deal making this happen, I would much prefer to be distracted by pop-up advertising while trying to play games instead. Please give us more pop up advertising and games to distract us from the boring tedium that is trying to get somewhere quickly.
  • Report app 1/5

    By kone DL
    Grab can’t runing on iphone x on IOS 12.1.2
  • Grab is getting greedy!!!! 1/5

    By U Cant Handle The Truth!
    I used to love this app because I felt the prices was fair, but ever since grab bought out Uber in south east Asia (their only competitors), they’ve been upping their prices. Not only that, but every time I book anything over 4km (2mil), it marks it as being “high time”. So from a price of around 100k to a markup to 400k! I’ve been a loyal (platinum, clearing 3k/monthly point easily) user even when Uber was cheaper. I had enough of grab greed/Unprofessionalism, once another company comes into play, I’m jumping ship and never looking back. Ps. I also used to get coupon on a daily and even that have stoped. 👍👍👍Thumbs Up if you feel me!!

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