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Grab is Southeast Asia's #1 ride-hailing app, food delivery service, and cashless payment solution all in one. Get the most convenient booking service for private cars and taxis from the largest community of drivers in the region, food delivery from your favourite restaurants to satisfy any craving, and cashless payments in-app and at merchants across the city. Whatever you need, Grab has you covered. Grab's wide selection of services are available in 8 Southeast Asian countries (services vary by city): Rides • JustGrab: Get the nearest car or taxi at an affordable upfront fixed fare • GrabCar, GrabCar 6: Affordable everyday private car or luxury ride; ride solo or with a crew up to 3 or 6; book a single ride or rent by the hour • GrabBike: On-demand bike service; best choice to beat traffic quickly and safely • GrabTaxi: Get a taxi with an upfront fixed fare wherever you are, whenever you want • GrabShare: Share a ride with another party headed in the same direction and save money • GrabTrike: Three-wheeled transport option which provides convenience and flexibility with upfront fixed fares • GrabHitch: Social carpooling; Schedule your ride in advance and get a shared lift • GrabFamily: Family-friendly ride with a child booster seat for your little ones • GrabAssist: Extra assistance ride for seniors or people with disabilities • GrabCoach: Book a minivan or bus whenever, wherever you need it Food delivery • GrabFood: Order from your favourite restaurant and get meals delivered to your doorstep Parcel delivery • GrabExpress: Affordable, fast and reliable courier service with insurance for your items Grocery delivery • GrabFresh: Handpicked groceries delivered from store to door within an hour or at a scheduled time Cashless payments • GrabPay: A safe and secure mobile wallet where you can easily pay for your rides, food delivery, and at local merchants with just a few taps on the Grab app Rewards • GrabRewards: Earn rewards points for every dollar you spend and use them to redeem awesome deals in the GrabRewards catalogue

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Grab App app reviews

  • Really bad 2/5

    By ayayyayayaya
    The app is just bad,the best thing about it is the reward,I really like using Spotify for free with the coupons but now that’s gone,this app is just plain torturing to use.I have tried other coupons for free premium but it just couldn’t work
  • Grab Review 5/5

    By macdaddipro
    What a fun app!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By luangkhom
    I can not register by my number in Manila
  • Grab is terrible 1/5

    By LiewHyang
    The services are getting slower. Drivers are cancelling out my orders here and there. Grab ride fares are getting absurd. 10/10 would not recommend
  • Worse than taxis 1/5

    By Beyond | Trendy
    Overcharging constantly and customer & driver have terrible service. Do not use this app, it is a waste of time and a lot of money.
  • Tiny Vios need a different category 3/5

    By Hawkhead978
    All works great except difficult to find driver who will go the entire half km out of the way to pick me up at home. The biggest issue is when two of us are going to the airport with four large suitcases and I select “Car” and a tiny little Vios or similar shows up. With how long it took for him to get to me, we are stuck cramming in the car with luggage on our laps. They should not be listed under the category of car, and I definitely should not be paying the same price for it! I would gladly get a larger vehicle but I don’t think they really exist. At least I’ve never been able to get one before. Please change this feature and I will give you five stars.
  • stop trying to be Swiss Army knife 4/5

    By aubuti
    The Grab app is okay, but it’s actually getting worse with each new “feature” (ie, revenue stream) they add. 99% of the time I just want a ride, without wading through other junk. The other big glitch is that every few months it “forgets” my registration, forcing me to re-register, re-input payment info, etc. Hoping that GoJek will come to MYS to bring some competition back to the market.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Webdoedie
    Great service and prices from Grab Cabs in Bangkok so far.
  • Full of annoying pop-ups 2/5

    By GeneaGenie
    Irritating, self-serving pop-ups all the time. And even though I have turned off all Grab and partner offer communications, they don’t respect privacy laws and jeep serving ads.
  • Don’t leave home without it 5/5

    By Stendez
    Been using this for a couple of years now every time I travel to Vietnam – hcmc, Hanoi, Nga Trang, etc. Was a little glitchy at first, with drivers having trouble finding me, etc. (that might’ve been the drivers not the app) but the last couple of times I’ve been (2 to 3 times in 2019 so far) it’s been flawless. It’s the only way I get around – grab bike to the airport! The only Way to go!
  • Great 5/5

    By accomplice3d
    This is a great app for ride sharing. Easy to use and so many choices. Perfect
  • Can be better 4/5

    By yellowpika123
    They need to introduce a feature to allow us to “fix” a permanent location for Grabfood deliveries
  • Ridiculous app after raining 1/5

    By davenguyensg
    Price are three times than regular after raining a few minutes.
  • Great app used in Thailand 5/5

    By MadBetch
    I’ve used this app on my first trip to Thailand in Bangkok and Chiang Mai on May 2019. It works well in both cities. It is the Asian Uber or Lyft app. You don’t need to attach your credit card info. You can pay cash baht as you go to the driver. It’s optional to attach your credit card for a small discount off fares. There are different options - JustGrab is a fixed rate. You can see how much the cost is before you book. Also, Grab Taxi will vary on price but will show you an estimate before you book. You will add an additional 20 baht for taxi on top of the meter price. Be warned that some drivers used fake pictures on their Grab profile, but all drivers were nice. I had no issues of scams, language barrier, etc.
  • No Support 1/5

    By Genoli
    I have reached out to Grab through their site, but I have not been contacted to fix my issue. I am planning to travel to SEA region soon, and planned to use Grab, but I have not receive a code to verify/validate in order to begin using the app.
  • App does not open 1/5

    By AngryFrus
    App does not open despite multiple attempts of downloading and even rebooting the phone.
  • Almost useless 2/5

    By Karenzachary
    Drivers cannot find me. I cannot find drivers where the map says to find the driver. Drivers drop me off before or after destinations. ====>The maps are TERRIBLE.<==== Cannot input many business names. I get important-looking alerts IN THAI. The entire Help Centre section is in Thai. No explanation of what JustGrab is vs whatever the other Grab option is, and the driver expected CASH at the end of my ride. :( And too many ads and deals and rewards and points and...stamps?! I open the app to get a car to my yoga class for a van. Nope. Ad for something else... Nope. Notifications in Thai randomly pop up throughout the day. Then later I get notifications in the app about discounts. I can't understand 80% of these because they are in Thai or they are businesses I've never heard of, and I'm not interested in any of the ones I can read. It's tacky and makes Grab look untrustworthy.
  • Forcing users to register the NRIC 1/5

    By desktop2mobile
    I've always made payment using GrabPay without needing to register my NRIC information. Now the flow refuses to let me make payments to merchant with a QR code unless I snap my NRIC card on the app. Very wrong, intrusive, bad and disrespectful to users for forcing them to do what they do not want to do. This is a very bad user experience, I should not be forced to do something when I am in the midst of doing something else. Extremely disrespect to me as a long time user. Shame on Grab Inc!
  • 😉 1/5

    By Minto Praing
    I try to open it on my iPhone, but it isn't open just loading. Can you please tell me how can I fix it ?? Thanks
  • Do not use for ios 12.x on iphone xs max 5/5

    By Tuân89
    Do not use.hanging logo do not access in app
  • Account suspended for no reason 1/5

    By a-la-mo
    Used the app while traveling Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam for several months. Despite some small issues with drivers every now and then, it worked fine for a while. But one day, out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, I got locked out of my account. I filed multiple complaints and request for investigation but the customer service is none existent. Now the app wouldn’t even launch. What a useless piece of crap.
  • Grab car & food 5/5

    By wzd138
    Hi there, Why not let me grab car & order at the same time? I noticed if I'm currently in a car, I cannot order my food, I think this would be a good feature to have.
  • Lynakong 5/5

    By Lynakong
    Having tried similar services when I travelled ...which did not work out well for me ..I was not sure about this one... however I had The most amazing experience using the Grab app and the Grab taxi service. The sign up process was hassle free and seamless. I really appreciated not having to put all my credit card information up front. The drivers were always courteous and identification was easy and they were always no more than a few minutes away. I felt safe far away from home and would definitely recommend this service. Wish it could work in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Buggy and it’s annoying 2/5

    By Feliks Leonardo
    While sometimes app is good, sometimes aren’t...buggy as hell and it’s annoying. Imagine when you are waiting for driver or food but the app keeps bugging.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By RefinedTita
    After a few attempts of installing/uninstalling, the app will not open. It’s my only option at the moment and left stuck without reliable transport. #SlightlyAnnoyedInMakati
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By jumbowillie
    Tired of the service in The Philippines, after three years.
  • Frustrating and Useless 1/5

    By Bendobe
    Hardly a replacement for Uber, which allowed anyone to register for it and use the same account all over the world. I’ve tried to get through the registration process on this app 20 times, through text, phone call, google account. Apparently, because I have a US cell phone number, Grab refuses to send any method of authentication to me to set up my account. Little help on web, or through any other channel. Downloading this app was a colossal waste of time. Seems ill advised that Grab would cut out an the entire business segment (of customers who have money to spend!) of tourism from their model by refusing to allow non residents in Manila not to use their services. For a business, this is short sighted. And, finally, if you are going to totally replace a service, then do it totally. Grab is no Uber, and unlike Uber, is completely useless to a global traveler.
  • Has gone down hill 1/5

    By Botman74
    Have been using grab since 4 years, it used to be good, but now whenever I book a taxi every second booking I get a taxi which is 20-25 mins away, then they message me that they are with another customer and it will take them 30mins instead of 5 as shown on the app, when I cancel my account gets blocked, sometimes they don't even bother replying just keep on driving on there way, once I booked a grab and the driver didn't move from his location for 5 mins and when I called or messaged he didn't reply, now I've cancelled 10 times in one week which is basically 1 out of 3 rides, and they have blocked my account for a day, is that how you treat customers, you should also keep a rating system when the driver cancels or when the passenger cancels so it reflects on there profile, instead of them cancelling or just making the customer cancel, fix this due to this I have taken a couple of real taxi's, I thought you guys would replace taxis but now we are forced to use them instead of grab
  • Horrible app for GrabFood 1/5

    By kevin wirawan
    New app for food delivery is horrible. 1. Orders get cancelled as there is no apparent driver. ( never happen before with GrabFood app) 2. Cannot cancel while waiting for driver to accept. 3. Cannot order GrabCar whole food order is pending. 4. Cannot put in another food order while order is pending. Will not use GrabFood anymore
  • Updated App Disappoints 2/5

    By chan.isabelle
    After Grab combined its GrabFood app with its main app, the app is slow and estimates are unreliable. First, food order was "Cancelled by Driver". Next, "order will arrive in 7-8 mins" for 10 minutes. Followed by "5-6 mins" for another 10 minutes. Utterly disappointing. On top of this, Location must now be turned on to order food, as opposed to previous GrabFood app which did not require Location services.
  • Cannot order food and ride 1/5

    By Rustybrain
    I want to order mains and dessert from 2 places while I am otw home. Now I can’t do so. Retarded app.
  • Late delivery, unable to see what’s going on 1/5

    By No one in particullar.
    The grab food app is garbage, the fact that you can’t pay on delivery like foodpanda is bad enough, but inconsistent delivery times, with no way to contact the driver or track his location. Order said 23 minutes but order took 38. At least provide a tracking GPS like foodpanda so we can see if the driver is stuck in traffic or gave up on the order. Horrible app management.
  • ****. Needs option to disallow “Dropping passenger“ drivers from accepting user booking request 4/5

    By EG144
    Useful app. In any high traffic city, the time estimates can be significantly WRONG / LONGER for a Dropping passenger driver to arrive. App desperately needs user option to disallow any “Dropping passenger“ driver from accepting user booking request.
  • So many ad notifications 1/5

    By PhillyPhave
    It’s annoying.
  • Messed up Grab Food 2/5

    By Machead2
    Now with this integrated app. I can’t order from separate restaurants at the same time. Update. Can’t select rides/delivery either after ordering food.
  • Giờ cao điểm tăng giá gấp đôi ??????? 1/5

    By từ bỏ grab
    Bình thườngtôi di chuyển khoảng 200k / 1 chuyến, tự nhiên book xe lúc 16h giá tăng 400k ???? Trong khi tài khoản của tôi là kim cương ??? Tôi vô cùng bức xúc vì grab ko tôn trọng khách hàng
  • Resets when you update 1/5

    By Mamimoos
    Incredibly annoying feature when you update. All your credit card details get reset. So if you order a ride, you think it’s all settled at your destination and then you realise you have to pay by cash because your app doesn’t have your assigned credit card anymore. This is the 3rd time it’s happened to me. Please STOP DOING THIS!!!
  • App keeps logging out 1/5

    By ongpehon
    App logs out on its own, and I’ve got to add a credit card every time I log-in.
  • Mate my sht don’t work! 1/5

    By 87:M:G
    I been trying to access it in my iPhone 8” can’t I been installing and uninstalled nothing work! Would you fix that please”!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By C1243657
    Apart from the numerous issues with the map and interface (locations aren’t clear, you type in the name of a place exactly as it appears in google maps and they suggests 100 other places nowhere close, etc.), the biggest issue is that I cannot add my credit card to the app. Does it not accept Visa cards from the US or what? That is half of the appeal of using a ride hailing app. If I have to use cash I may as well just hail a cab on the side of the road - prices are similar, sometimes the cabs are cheaper. So they sent a developer response saying “For security reasons you can only add a card when you are in S.E. Asia.” What security reasons? Sounds like a lousy excuse. Second, I’ve been living in S.E. Asia for over three years! Maybe you mean “you can only use a card issued by a bank based in S.E. Asia”? Ridiculous. Hopefully some other companies can enter the market, it certainly wouldn’t be hard to do it better.
  • Keeps deleting my card details 1/5

    By misc13579
    Poor user experience. Every time the app updates it deletes my card details. I rarely carry cash and when I’m always ordering with card I don’t even notice that it’s changed my payment type to cash and deleted the card. Has left for some awkward conversations with drivers when I get out of the cab and they have to yell at me to pay, then have to take me to an atm to get cash. Neither uber or GOJEK ever have this issue.
  • Bad App !! 1/5

    By ngheu1997
    Too bad, this app is so stupid, i bought so many code and then they dont let me use. Sometimes i couldnt call any bike.
  • Terrible Services and Scam 1/5

    By nurichandesu
    Being a Platinum Customer doesn’t make me any more special than Regular Customers. Service always got some problems as well as the app features, tried to reach Support Center couple times but they all talk like robots and don’t even have communication skills, can’t understand Customer’s problems, being ignorant as if they’re in higher level and we customers are just peasants seeking for helps; and in the end they’re always like, “it’s not our fault, it’s someone else’s.” The only thing makes me still cling to this b*llsh*t app because it’s cashless.
  • Worse app 1/5

    By lhex0624
    too many bugs! i can’t top up prepaid airtime load for my mobile , i contacted support they can’t even help me
  • The worse customer service period 1/5

    By NYC Raiders
    I’ve been trying to consolidate my 2 account to one so that I can activate OVO payment gateway. This requires a deactivation if one of the accounts...6 emails later and the Indonesia Customer Service still has no clue what to do and my OVO is not attached and I’m just not able to use the app. Shame on you, billion dollar unicorn with no clue! Bye bye Grab, I guess GiJek is the better player.
  • Good until it wasn't 1/5

    By Emhb12
    Great app to use while in Vietnam until they suspended my account without an explanation. I even emailed customer service and still no response after a month. You guys shouldn't leave your customers in a bind while they're vacationing in a foreign country. Very bad customer service.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By BR1545
    I love Grab, I am a platinum member with over 60k points, but their latest update is beyond awful. 1. I always ride Grab Plus for more reliable wait times. In the latest update they changed.... it will say 5 minutes for a car, then suddenly change to 25 min. Cancelling now adds fees, by the way. 2. They eliminated Grab Food and combined into Grab. If you are booking a car, can no longer order dinner. Now you must wait until your trip is over prior to ordering dinner. This means an extra 30-60 minutes of wait time. 3. When they “upgraded” must have changed their app algorithm as either 1/2 My favourite restaurants got dumped, or they are being paid more to feature others. I am sorry, but when I type in Dosa, McDonalds is not the logical choice, but guess what Grab now recommends. Angry and moving to Food Panda. Car app worthwhile, because no competition, but no longer trust the wait times. Even more unpredictable now that previously. Very disappointed!!!! Terrible, terrible “upgrade” !!!!!
  • 3 major problems...ride at your own risk 1/5

    By KGO listener
    1) often set the wrong starting location if you don’t make sure you type in your starting address...often off by .5km 2) if lost an item in car, the website says to use the Call Button to reach the driver if within 4 hours of a ride, but it doesn’t exist. The only number is one in Malaysia. The company took 2 days to check in with the driver. 3) The address is a joke. It presents a tons of garbage addresses not even related to where you are going and is always led by the local language Why they were able to buy Uber out with this 3rd world service is beyond me.
  • Horrible Ride Hail App 1/5

    By JMHaggy
    This app is horrible. Drivers drive around in circles. It’s useless. 5 minutes turns into 20 minute wait times. Take a taxi instead.

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