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Grailed App

Grailed is a curated peer-to-peer marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear. ** Discover fire pieces at affordable prices ** Easily sell your clothing to other fashion enthusiasts and fund your next Grail ** Shop hard to find items from brands like Supreme, Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Saint Laurent, Jordan and Gucci. Our curated feed helps you browse the latest in mens fashion and streetwear. Each piece is sourced directly from the closets of like-minded fashion-conscious individuals. Not only is our catalog highly curated, but since every item is secondhand our prices are unbeatable. It’s the single best way to build your wardrobe with high-quality, stylish pieces. Other key features: • In-depth articles about influential and up-and-coming designers • Filtered lists to help you shop the latest trends • Weekly drops giving users a first come, first served opportunity at owning a piece of clothing history Press: • GQ - “If you've got a hardcore menswear fan in your life then chances are he uses Grailed.” • Esquire - “For those unfamiliar with Grailed, it's basically become the marketplace for secondhand menswear, streetwear, and runway pieces.” • Hypebeast - "Grailed has already cemented itself as a definitive marketplace for secondhand menswear, streetwear and runway pieces." • Racked - "Grailed's clean design and simple functionality make the experience about the product in a way that's inclusive and not intimidating." • HighSnobiety - "Now you can unload items or re-up on your fashion must-haves, all directly and more conveniently from your phone or tablet.” • Complex - " Grailed has made good on their quest to become the best men's marketplace on the Internet.” • Quartz - “Grailed represents a new way that many young men are discovering and interacting with clothes.”

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Grailed app reviews

  • Worst resale app on the market 1/5

    By Sam Abugha
    Absolute WORST application on the market to do business on
  • No Customer Service 1/5

    By Tons of Bacon
    I have bought 6 items on Grailed. In three of those purchases, I have had issues. Fortunately, on one of those purchases, the seller was willing to make it right. There is no customer service number that I have been able to locate and they have not responded to messages via their app or email. I have even already written a review; they responded and asked for my email. When I responded with my email address, my review was removed. I would not recommend Grailed. Other buying and selling apps, like eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark, have customer service individuals that respond to calls, messages, and emails. These other buying and selling apps are helpful in solving issues and therefore I will no longer be using Grailed.
  • Good at times. 3/5

    By not always a good place to buy
    Though I have used this app a bit I’ve also been disappointed. I made a purchase that the seller never sent and after looking for a solution for awhile I realized they really don’t do anything to help you either. This was extremely disappointing $300 gone. My other complaint would be that they do not authentic so a lot of fakes float around.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By mvjorglo
    Super awesome
  • Be careful 1/5

    By KJ_IDUN
    It’s an okay app but not worth losing money over and it’s terrible for problem resolution. They seem like a sneaky company and attempt to ban for incorrect reasons. When I first got Grailed one of my posts was removed for being a fake item, after some research I found out it was(but they didn’t ban my account for this). Afterwards I had finally made my first sale and did everything correctly, the item was authentic. However the first day after shipping the item, my account was banned, they gave no detailed explanation other than telling me that I have violated their policy, and when you appeal, the first email they send is likely automated but it has a part of it that says “we will attempt to get back to you within 48 hours”, they don’t fulfill their responsibility to that promise and will likely not respond at all. I have yet to receive my money that’s on hold in PayPal and the customer received the package already. So I believe(just my guess) they do this as an attempt to take some sellers money if they can find a good enough “reason” to ban you before you receive payment. Just beware of the app and the company. Otherwise it’s a great marketplace. Re: Shutup c***
  • Got ripped off 1/5

    By actionscript
    Customer support will not respond. Not safe place to buy product at all!!!
  • Don’t do it. Easy to get robbed; Grailed wont help 1/5

    By Joshselk
    Use GOAT. not StockX or this weird site or Poshmark. Those are sites for hustlers. They rely on PayPal for conflict resolution. If you sell Yeezy’s for $1200 and the recipient claims they’re fake even though you have the recent, confirmation from adidas etc. it doesn’t matter. I know bc it happened to me. What value does this app offer? GOAT uses cloud based AI and machine learning from AWS to validate. And enjoy the support ticket process over at PayPal. They care even less than grailed if you don’t commonly use PayPal. I’m out the shoes and $1200. When I flagged this with grailed support they were like “yep. Good instincts. You were robbed” Here’s the upside. Free sneakers for the guy who robbed me! Buy them, claim they are fake then close both accounts. Seriously. If you cam live with yourself morally.....
  • Nice app 5/5

    By ride a scooter
  • Nice app, but 3/5

    By enochreviews
    it would be great if you guys add more feature to sort out the favorited items. Simplely like sort by categories, price Hi to lo, lo to Hi or even group them into folders or customize the order of the list. Most customer favorite their items before they buy and try to wait until the markdown or the money. Also there are tons of items on grailed so customer probably compare items before they buy. I usually have 400-500 items in my favorite 😭 So if you add features to sort out the favorited items or customize the order of the favorited items. It would be more perfect.
  • TRASH APP 0.01 star rating 1/5

    By yurrrrrurururrr
    my account gets banned without any notice as to why, broke people low balling or flaking 24/7, so much for trying to run a business
  • Needs fixes but awesome 3/5

    By broderlck
    I love Grailed, but I just think it was better a few updates ago. Not a big fan of the most recent “fixes” and additions for the most part.
  • Report listing feature is broken with latest update 1/5

    By Mike886
    Can no longer report a suspicious or inauthentic listing to Grailed moderators within the app. It crashes every time that you try to. Quite frustrating
  • Grailed is amazing 5/5

    By rayfrmdaeast
    Grailed is great but there could use some changes like being able to sort your favorited items how u can sort stuff in the search tab other than that it’s amazing
  • deleted 1/5

    By Pkmngopkmn
    my favorited items are being deleted randomly
  • Got a fake 1/5

    By cant believe i got a fake
    I bought a ss18 fanny pack and I was looking at real ones and I saw that the s was not indented and the u has 3 dots to the left and 2 on the right but the real one goes 2 then 3 and it crashes every time I try to make a refund
  • Bad. Easy for people to scam 2/5

    By grailed=trash
    Somehow buyer got my email thru the app. And managed to send spoof emails that had legit PayPal and grailed links. Security is definitely an issue and they need a step by step directory on the site for sure. Instead of the basic “help” page.
  • Blocked for no reason 1/5

    By eb201712345
    Got my account banned for absolutely no reason at all, said it was for “non authentic items” when asked to prove or tell me what item was fake I got no reply, no communication after that, the worst service I have ever experienced (Reply to developer) yes I sent a email to grailed support from that email
  • never answered my email 2/5

    By Upload the download
    i purchased a anti social shirt and the seller never provided me with info on shipping i later emailed grailed and they never responded either total waste of $78
  • Great twister 5/5

    By Richi$1
    It’s cool when you like something and you save $10 off and free shipping when it was like 15$ awesome
  • Terrible Update for “items for sale” 1/5

    By AndrewCraig121/
    Now instead of seeing 4 square items with big pictures you just see 3 rectangles stacked on top of eachother with huge buttons for “drop this by 10%” that take up a 1/3 of listing. And since I have about 100 items for sale I accidentally click them as scrolling down and there is no confirmation. Also you cant raise the price once its lowered. Another “feature” they added was a picture limit and a title limit so it makes it harder for people to find you in search results. Please reverse these bad changes, I am a large seller and need to use this platform every day
  • Fire update 3/5

    By Kahshaha
    Yo it’s taken ya’ll long enough to correctly format the “my items” facet of the app. Finally adding a way sellers can seamlessly view how many likes they have on their items was something I was hoping for you to Implement some time ago. I wasn’t gonna ever write a review on an app, but you literally did everything I would’ve done excluding one thing. You need to add a red little trash can to allow sellers to seamlessly delete products as well. (In the top right, of any given item, found in the “my items” section within the app) Obviously you wanna make it as difficult as possible for users to delete their goods from your site, but seriously, the deleting process is annoying(on app). The coding will not be all that difficult, and would be a rather minor tweak that would monumentally increase user efficiency. Edit 1; There is also a typo in your passage regarding your most recent update. It should be”We fixed...*” in lieu of “we fixes” Edit 2; Also, if you wanna do some good customer research, you should keep asking the reason for deleting the item, but the only two reasons should be 1) sold elsewhere or 2) other. The only real reason users delete items, the only real reason that matters to you that is, if it is sold elsewhere (someone else gets your commission) Once you have this data, you can see your customers success rate - customer sales vs taken down items vs customer sales done on other websites If the success rate isn’t high, you need to have internal discussions regarding how ya’ll can improve the customers success rate. Having the opportunity to make your cut off 30 sales, but only 10 items actually sell, the rest are elsewhere, unsold, taken down, whatever, is something you should consider, no? (Obviously the general quality of items should be considered. Sought after Bape, vlone, supreme, whatever, will sell, my dad’s champion gym shirt with unidentified stains and some tears won’t. But if clients can’t sell good stuff, that’s where the problem is)
  • Best App For Men’s Clothing 5/5

    By lung bust
    Amazing. I would say more but amazing sums it up. You’re PayPal protected, and Sellers are usually very friendly. -RRRadical_THREADS
  • Grailed is a beautiful app 5/5

    By jonnybam
    Grailed is a great app to purchase different items you’ve been searching for. You meet great people along the way. On grailed Atleast twice a day. Find amazing pieces from around the world.
  • Worst Customer Support any app has ever had 1/5

    By Yeezus92674
    I wrote a bad review for wrongfully getting banned after being a trusted seller of 5 stars every transaction for over a year they respond with the same automated message to everyone telling them to message them and they still don’t reach back to you i’m done with this app and you should be too I cannot stress it enough use Depop that is the best app for buyers and sellers and they actually have customer service and respond in a reasonably amount of time
  • Glitch??? 2/5

    By aant23
    So I was trying to check my selling list and nothing was popping up it just kept saying network error? I’ve been trying for the past few hours now, and I logged out and now I can’t log back in? It keeps telling me error logging in, unknown error wth is going on???
  • grailed prices can be nice sometimes 5/5

    By aag600
    thank you for making grailed more safe for buyers✔️
  • A Rank 4/5

    By newsflashpal
    This app is pretty much what you’re looking for to buy and sell clothes. One thing that I think could be added to make this an S Rank app is to add a system to calculate your total earnings after Grailed and Paypal taxes.
  • Make your favorites searchable 5/5

    By sir_thomascrown
    I’ll make it short and to the point: if other Grailed users are like me, I’m sure they have about 200+ items in their favorites. Save us the scrolling time and make the favorites searchable by keywords. (Still a dope, 5 star app tho 👍🏾)
  • Best app to sell/ buy clothing period. 5/5

    By dannyiseeu
    Been using grailed for close to a year now. Currently on 133 transactions and it’s been fun. I’ve found so many items I can’t find elsewhere. The fact that theres used clothing and able to negotiate with sellers beats stockx. A big portion of my clothing and shoe collection has been acquired through grailed! Most of my clothing sales are on grailed, always get blessed with great serious buyers and the payout is usually really well. GREAT APP! 🤘🏼💜
  • Worse and worse 2/5

    By Frank Harvey
    This app keeps getting worse and worse. Before you couldn’t save searches. You still can’t. But now in many cases I can’t open an item. I have to close the app and reopen it open an item. Which often means searching again, but not using saved searches (lol). Luckily for me though, before I can close the app, it will crash anyways.
  • Best app ever!! 5/5

    By ChrisyBoi87
    Best app for all your beast needs! Thank you Grailed!
  • Literally the best place for mens high fashion 5/5

    By Garmentist4you
    This site is amazing. Literally all the high fashion you need. They have Verified sellers, 24/7 moderators checking the site making sure all listings are up to par and also have amazing articles on both some of the most popular brands and the less mainstream cult driven brands and designers. The search bar is great. You can use it to find anything including sellers that you want to revisit. I purchased my first item from Viadeiservi. Excellent shop on the platform. My item was perfect and exactly as described.
  • Banned for selling “Fakes” 1/5

    By cobysoles
    Grailed is a great app to sell from hands down one of my favorite selling apps to sell clothing off of . But recently my account was banned for selling “counterfeit” items which was bs because the shoes we’re not even fake I have all great reviews but I’m accused of selling fake items which isn’t true. I matched them up with shoes that came from Nike and everything checked out. But of course Grailed has a zero tolerance for “counterfeit items” . On top of that the shoes were “staff picked” as well . Which is even more bs because my account shouldn’t be banned.
  • Grailed review 4/5

    By $peedoReedotheRapper
    I have liked this app Haven’t had any problems yet Had it for 2 weeks spent over 1000 $ On different items and every one has worked good still waiting on products from over seas, in good hope they will come thru
  • First purchase 5/5

    By bbboy707
    Pretty easy to purchase stuff, i’d like to be able to use PaypalCredit too. Waiting on product!
  • No support team, no contact number 1/5

    By yayabibibi
    There is no third party between buyers and sellers. Grailed have NO support team , never reply Email for more than 1 month and there is no phone number to call. Trash!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Smeezus420
    I’ve been listing my item for sale and I went to check on it in “my items for sale” tab and it’s been deleting the listing for the last 5 days.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ttfvbcc
    Great place to buy sneakers and clothing
  • Eh. “Waiting for review to be deleted” 1/5

    Posted 2x now. First being on April 18th and the comment was removed Don’t delete or edit my review, as I will make every effort to document how many times grailed and the devs try to silence my opinions. Total charge ends up being the same as StockX prices more often than not. Made numerous attempts to complain about the very transparent fraud Yeezy products on the website, devs don’t care. Crazymouseclothing is the fraudulent seller along with others. BE AWARE OF BUYING FROM HONG KONG (HK). That’s where all of the fraudulent sellers are coming from aka dhgate and alibaba, while the products are replicas, I’m not on grailed for a replica calabasas season 6 sock pack, I want the real thing. Claims are backed and credited from my purchase of items from dhgate that I buy to make sure I’m not getting counterfeit products, all of which are starting to be posted on grailed. Devs don’t care, I’ve sent them the images of the fake products and over and over again I’ve asked them to check. Grailed is willingly keeping FAKE AND FRAUDULENT PRODUCTS for sale on the website, be very wary.
  • Grailed 5/5

    By galeo_00
    My favorite app right now. I scroll on it daily to check in on the latest styles and trends. Half the time I go on Grailed I’m not looking for something to buy just looking to learn and I think the platform does a great job of adding in this learning component with their weekly writing installments. Maybe the best thing to use for someone getting into streetwear.
  • Very Disheartening 1/5

    By Drip2dank
    I was new to Grailed and at first thought it was pretty cool. However, after I made my first couple listings, I found that it was crawling with scammers. Over a period of one month about 5 scammers contacted me. Finally, a buyer made me a decent offer and I accepted. Grailed confirmed the sale and promised to release my funds three days after confirmed delivery. So I followed Grailed’s instruction and sent it out. Now, I have learned that the purchase was made using an invalid credit card, and I won’t receive payment. I don’t understand how Grailed could say they were handling my funds and then tell me there aren’t any. I contacted help with no avail. Please help me out Grailed.
  • Fakes 2/5

    By Dudeulum
    They say they check for fakes but really don’t. I have bought one thing and almost bought another. The thing I bought ended up being fake and I NOT GRAILED figured out it was fake. I reported it and they agreed. The other thing was a hoodie that I knew was fake reported and they agreed. I have spent most of my time on the app and have gotten little help from Grailed. They barely check so make sure you know what your buying.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Brynnsnyder18
    I literally tried to buy this pair of shoes 5x today. Keeps getting to the “congratulations” page acting like it went through and never does. My offer was accepted by seller so what’s the problem? Better fix this before what i want gets sold to someone else
  • Email 2/5

    By mattyrz782
    It’s a shame when my account was frozen even though I provided the support team with information showing confirmation from a legitmate source. The grailed email team doesn’t respond very fast either
  • The plug 5/5

    By in33dhp
    Grailed is the ish . Best app since PayPal . This app always helps me sell my products . I have the best feed back from my customers. Thanks Grailed 🥳🥳🥶🤠👏🏽🤟🏽👟🧢🎒🔥🔥
  • Bad Seller Experience 1/5

    By clip33
    I sold some Off-White Prestos I purchased from GOAT and the buyer apparently reported it fake, so my account was banned. I asked them why it happened, and they sent me a link to my listing that already sold and said, “We value the safety of our community.” I believe this was about four days after I asked the question. I then responded and said basically how can you ban my account if you don’t even have the shoes to prove the aren’t authentic. I also mentioned I purchased them from GOAT, so they are 100% authentic. They have not responded to me, once again, after four days. I cannot access the app at all and it is really frustrating. I recommend buying and selling sneakers on GOAT and StockX because they take care of everything and protect the seller JUST AS MUCH as the buyer.
  • Please fix! 2/5

    By lovehatelh
    I love this app but after the update today all my favorited items besides a few disappeared ! definable a five star app whenever this is fixed
  • Nothing is loading 1/5

    By O0OO0O0
    Read title
  • STEALS!!! 5/5

    By GGamer21212323
    Good easy process to cop major steals

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