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  • Current Version: 1.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Grammarly, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Grammarly Keyboard App

Whether you're tapping out a quick email or writing up a long report, Grammarly’s real-time writing feedback will help you make sure your work is tip-top. The keyboard for iPhone and iPad works across all your apps, no copy and pasting required. Plus, with a document editor and personal writing statistics (available on iPad), you can take your writing to the next level. Grammarly always keeps your writing safe and private. See our Privacy Policy for details: Real-time writing suggestions - Sophisticated spelling and grammar checker - Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder - Suggestions for improving unclear sentences - Recommendations for streamlining wordy sentences A simple keyboard that works in any app - Real-time writing suggestions - Multiword text predictions - Smart autocorrect - Emoji predictions and search bar A document editor for long-form writing (iPad only) - Comprehensive writing feedback on long documents - Easy cloud-based document management - Access your personal writing statistics and milestones - Compatible with hardware keyboards Go beyond correctness and clarity with Grammarly Premium Grammarly Premium elevates your writing with additional suggestions designed to make your writing more engaging and effective. You can access your Premium features across devices by logging into your account. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account when you confirm your purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If you don’t cancel, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings in the App Store after purchase. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: California Privacy Notice:

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Grammarly Keyboard app reviews

  • Why the login? 1/5

    By Kevin a maya
    Well the login is very bad for the Young. What if they to there dad or mom and they don’t know the misspelled word? Remove the login now.Don’t get this app if your less than 14years old please don’t.
  • Took my money didn't gave me the subscription and now want refund 1/5

    By khan 1105
  • The app does not allow you to cancel your subscription 1/5

    By xncmxlxlwnf
    I no longer need the app. Grammarly says you can cancel at any time but does not provide the option to cancel. Only instructions on how to cancel that leads nowhere. Meanwhile, I have been upgraded to a premium subscription which I do not want.
  • i love this app 5/5

    By makiyah chap
    i love this app so much because it has a spelling bar or something but i had to delete it because i had to much apps and i thought the spelling thing would stay but it didnt so i got it back
  • Doesn’t help AGAIN 1/5

    By wdti
    Grammarly does not help me or any of my friends spell correctly. Grammarly actually makes our spelling worse. I deleted this app back in August because it wasn’t helping then but I decided to give it a second chance. That second chance wasn’t any better. Overall, Grammarly did not help me nor my friends.
  • Swipe keyboard 5/5

    By Kaukab khan
    I love Grammarly, and Grammarly deserves five stars review. However, I gave three stars review to get the developer's attention. WE NEED A SWIPE KEYBOARD. Right now, Grammarly is my secondary keyboard, but with the swipe feature, I would like to make it my primary keyboard. Please make it happen. Edit: I updated my review on OCT 15, 2020, hoping they will add the feature very soon.
  • Idk 5/5

    By hatake shigaraki
    This app is really good your app just made my life easier on typing it just helped me in the last word
  • Not Smooth 2/5

    By Travis Blade Dietz
    I love Grammarly and their premium services. The key board is clunky, doesn’t have swipe, and seems to make me make more mistakes when typing. Back to the regular iPhone keyboard.
  • Hey there! Great app (and keyboard), but minor issues. 5/5

    By Fish's sister
    Hi readers, I am currently using the Grammarly keyboard to write this review, and I don’t use premium mode. I understand that you have to get your money somehow, but it’s funny how you feed off of our grammar mistakes. I have a problem with using things in the past-tense, or something like that. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GREAT app. The keyboard is useful, it is. I’m getting suggestions at this moment. However, I think that when I'm using synonyms, I’ll show you an example later, it gets rid of the space I put there. Ex. You’re sosilly! In the beginning, I had written ”You’re so funny!” I double-clicked, clicked silly, and then it got rid of the space. I know it might not be a big deal because the Grammarly pop-up at the top of the keyboard was SCREAMING at me to add a space. It’s just that my OCD was kicking in. Another issue I found was that I couldn’t change the style of writing. Once you have the laptop version, you get kind of spoiled. I was able to (in the laptop version) change my tone, and change everything else. Is there a choice for this in the app? Overall, a great app! If you fix these bugs, I will certainly give 5 stars. Thank you, Grammarly!
  • In-app purchases 3/5

    By tawny123456
    I'm 13 and I'm not allowed to buy anything and I have reports and essays and I always have mistakes but have to pay to fix most of them
  • Awesome tool 5/5

    By Jharpvdhshd
    I appreciate the spot check on my grammar. The comma gets me every time. The one flaw (if you can even call it that) is that technical jargon (I’m a psychology major) isn’t well understood; thus, at times the program can suggest odd edits. Otherwise it’s awesome and has helped me improve my writing overall. I also love the stat emails and badges.
  • Amazing❤️ 4/5

    By Rating you 4 stars
    I love this app my only problem is that whenever I go to text someone else, I have to go to the world sign thing and pick it again so that gets a little annoying but other than that this app is great!
  • Money 1/5

    By Skate true ™
    It would be nice if i new it costed money before falling for the advertisements
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By Avii16
    Very helpful
  • It’s good if you’re good at spelling 3/5

    I personally deleted this app after a few texts I’m good at spelling but just for like HUGE words it’s really annoying so if your bad at spelling your not going to like it.
  • White key board 4/5

    By waffles142
    Why is it when I leave my messages for like 5 minutes it turns white but I found a way to fix that for one time and then it does it again
  • Oof 5/5

    By leoiremedio
  • Almost perfect... 4/5

    By mramage99
    It’s great that it uses haptic feedback for the keyboard and the grammar check is great but it would be perfect if it had SWIPE TO TYPE
  • Too SLOW 1/5

    By Dazzy2017
  • Not recommended for long essays 4/5

    By Lalani Rathnayaka 14083682598
    I am currently a middle school student using the Grammarly keyboard on my iPad for essays. One thing I noticed is that when it corrects a word it ends up making some form of a mistake. One time I used it to correct a word and it fixed it but it merged the word right next to it together and I was trying to put a space in between but my text box kept moving. So in the end when you use this to correct something it ends up giving you MORE mistakes. Although I do have to admit this is really good for finding synonyms to to short words. Honestly autocorrect is better than this and it’s really slow too.
  • JoshieeeeP is an idiot 5/5

    By Amyelly
    That guy is wrong saying that you are signing your life and rights away if you allow full keyboard access it just allows grammarly to actually work
  • Eh, i gotta be honest 4/5

    By peachii sxnset
    So I really enjoy using this keyboard but some of the corrections are unnecessary. Like right now I am writing with this keyboard and it is saying that the word ”really” is unnecessary to be used in this sentence. And plus, I have to PAY for advanced issues. That really bothers me...but other than that it still helps me with most spelling issues so yeah! Hopefully this well come in handy soon!
  • Made my space button so small. 3/5

    By david35456575859505
    I got the app because I had it on my computer and I loved it. So when I heard there was a phone version I git it correct. But it has made my space button so small like it makes it harder for me to type because of how small the space button is. You guys should add a feature for free to make the space button bigger big, please, and thank you.
  • Downloaded it let's see😁 3/5

    By Robloxkid2828282992
    So uhh I downloaded it but I checked to see if they know hr information cause it said how to get full access and I want to press it but I'm scared cause it said street number of something like that
  • Please add ‘side to type’ 3/5

    By weertyuuuu
    This app helps me lot in my work. Can you add ‘side to type’ keyboard option in this app.
  • Wouldn’t recommend for everyday texting 2/5

    By MelanieKaz
    The autocorrect on this keyboard is atrocious. It doesn’t identify well with suggestive words so if you misspell a word and don’t wait for the suggestions to pop up (which is really slow to pop up) and continue to type, it’ll often autocorrect it to a word that does not make sense to be in that sentence. Then you have to manually go back and correct it. If you enable the keyboard before sending a professional email or text where you’re taking your time, this is a good keyboard. If you’re sending a ton of text messages and emails daily, it’s very annoying with all of the manual correcting you’ll have to do. Often times I’m sending the message because the keyboard is too slow to keep up with me and when I go back to read it it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have this problem when I use just the regular apple keyboard.
  • iPhone iOS 1/5

    By Yes sirrr me 2
    The app for iOS users is just not that great changes words up and makes more mistakes than the user it self
  • Eh 1/5

    By Tamaki No
    Shouldn't need to pay to fix grammar mistakes
  • Horrible 1/5

    By CalebLeung1997
    Stupid login method
  • No it didn’t work 1/5

    By aaaah djidjjejj
    Guys don’t download this game it won’t work plus u have to pay money for premium it makes me insane 😡😡😡😡
  • Grammarly app 5/5

    By Roxanne box
    This app is amazing
  • I honestly don’t know 4/5

    By Texas Gets It
    Hi, if I have the brain of a two year old but I’m in middle school am I aloud to download this?
  • I can’t believe it 1/5

    By koushik reddy A
    This app is pretty good but I can’t allow them full access. They could use our cash so it is dumb
  • Paid for premium $139.95 & got nothing! No service 1/5

    By SuzyTex
    They'll. Take your money & not give you the premium service. Customer no service. Thanks, not!!
  • This isn't really a review but.. 4/5

    By yoonji fan of kpop
    Are there any periods? Cause I have trouble using periods Idk how to explain it but anyway it's a good app
  • In 1985 I predicted the auto-correct 5/5

    By SaschaWlad
    But not in a Grammarly kind of thing! Grammarly has gone way beyond my wildest expectations, and I cannot forget it on the side. Even when I’m helping clients at a distance, the first thing I make sure they have is Grammarly because it matters to write correctly, in good English, with style and being respected and seen as someone who knows how to express herself, especially when English is not my mother tongue!! Do not think twice, that’s the lowest investment in your greatness you can do: between forever free and $140 per year to have an autocorrect in so many ways?!?! That’s a no-brained!! Love it
  • Good Writing but unfair prices 3/5

    By Rossa_1920
    I can honestly say that I love the grammarly app for both desktop, phone, and iPad, as it’s really easy the check your grammar for a paper or even does inevitable late night emails to professors. But one thing that I don’t really like is the unfair pricing, because as a college student it’s hard to be paying almost $30 every month for an app that is design to help individuals with there writing. But other than that I like all the functionalities that Grammarly provides.
  • Doesn’t catch as good as before 2/5

    By Uyghur_k
    This app is getting worse instead of getting better. Always wrong recommendations out of context. I trusted this app to tweet, always don’t catch errors. Last year the app worked better than this year. Did you catch coronavirus?
  • Grammarly 5/5

    By the best kkkk
    Grammarly is the best and I just used it right now you should try it!👍
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By VLogsWithLouis
    This app does nothing your normal keyboard does already. The prediction is horrible it’s always random words it throws at you with no real meaning that can help your actual sentence.
  • Kinda dumb 1/5

    By InfamousMary
    WHY THE ADS?! I am 8 and know how to spell good, but the adults in the ads are so cringe 😬 please change the ads, please.
  • Ok 👌 3/5

    By the Queen Bella
    Pretty good app I would say try to make the App to subscription overall great app love it I just wish I didn’t have to go a subscription pretty good app I would say try to make the Apple to subscription overall great app love it I just wish I didn’t have to go to the subscription
  • Good for papers, but it’s hell trying to cancel 3/5

    By Jus read
    You pay for what you get. I was able to write better papers using grammarly . I am no longer in school and no need this service. It is extremely difficult to cancel your service with a gmail account.
  • It’s good for pc but.... 5/5

    By Cappuccino_kitty
    Ok so I like the idea but I’m just saying your trying to abandon voice search
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By bob826273837373
    The capitalization process is opposite of iOS. The suggestions and autocorrect process is frustrating. I love the laptop version but hated the app version. I am a pro user as well. I deleted it today. Life is much better with just the iOS keyboard. The fact it never learns my preferences drove me insane. I made more errors with it than without.
  • Help 2/5

    By enti den
    Love the app, but there’s a problem when it sometimes comes to backspacing... it sometimes cleans everything you typed which is very annoying and slow
  • What an exaggeration! 1/5

    By horrible experience number one
    Completely overpriced don’t even think about it!
  • Not really worth it 3/5

    By vvvchvcfu
    It’s necessary but you need to add full access and that’s kinda risky to me
  • Unusable 1/5

    By promyk
    This review has nothing to do with the actually grammarly service, which is great. It is only for this particular app. I had no idea how much iPhone’s keyboard helped me write until I switched to grammarly keyboard for a day. Apparently, I have issues with spaces and connect words with random letters or something like that. iPhone’s keyboard catches that right away and corrects everything without me ever even noticing it. When I used this keyboard, all of a sudden i had no idea what the heck I was even typing anymore. Wow. I guess, thanks for making me appreciate the original keyboard? Please implement that to yours? Otherwise, it’s just one big mess and too much trouble to even bother.

Grammarly Keyboard app comments

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