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  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Grammarly, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Grammarly Keyboard App

Grammarly’s Mobile Keyboard is the personal editor you can take with you wherever you go. With hundreds of checks and features and seamless integration, Grammarly helps you type with ease in any app. Whether you’re sending an urgent email, important LinkedIn message, or essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence. Mistake-Free Writing – Sophisticated grammar checker – Contextual spelling checker – Advanced punctuation correction – Vocabulary enhancements and synonym finder Works Everywhere – Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps – Easy to set up Improve Your Skills – See short, clear explanations for every correction – Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future A Better Auto-Correct – Keyboard lets you know when it auto-corrects your spelling – Helps you spot auto-correct fails before you hit send We also offer a Grammarly Premium subscription that features an extended set of advanced checks that go beyond grammar. You can access Premium features through any Grammarly product on both your mobile device and your computer. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Grammarly Keyboard app reviews

  • Love it, love it, love it 5/5

    By Big Haleem
  • It's 👍 good 4/5

    By Kim Mili
    It's awesome but sometimes it writes the word I didn't mean and messes up my messages, but it's really helpful for spelling and word preference. It kind of gives a better way to write your ideas. And that's what I love about it the most❗️
  • Good but am concerned 4/5

    By Icantfindanynicknamefuckthis
    This is a very good app. But I do not like the fact I have to give it full access to all my info. I don't understand it but if they say they don't use users credit cards and stuff. I am completely fine with it. It corrects my grammar very well. It at least corrected 30 words in this review. Summary: this is a great app but I am worried about privacy.
  • Such a great help. 4/5

    By Grammarly Fan
    It was a big help. I really enjoyed it. Grammarly helped me a lot and my typing is now perfect. However, it would be better if I can use Grammarly while using the Internet. Anyway, it was awesome. I'm only 11 by the way. 👏🏻😁👍🏻
  • It's better than the Apple keyboard but not totally reliable 4/5

    By Falintothesun
    To be fair, I just installed this and it's alright, but it doesn't correct as much as I would have hoped. What I like: - Grammar corrections and suggestions - Spelling corrections - Decent speed typing - Spell checking even after you've moved on (in other words, it catches mistakes you've made that maybe you didn't realize several words ago) - Word and phrase suggestions - Quick and easy additions to the dictionary What I don't: - Inconsistent grammar and spelling suggestions (I've made grammar mistakes that it totally misses, but then suggests some where they aren't needed) - Not-intelligent-enough grammar and spelling suggestions (the keyboard doesn't always seek to try to read what keys you are near and what you might have meant to type, it sometimes just suggests something that's similar to how you spelled/typed it). - No double tap to add a period
  • Useless if you use a physical keyboard 1/5

    By SimDan
    I have an iPad that I use with a physical keyboard. However, the app only works with on-screen keyboards. I know the developer says that they will “take this into consideration for future development,” but really, why isn’t this app a native implementation of the web and desktop apps? That’s the primary need here and a custom Grammarly keyboard is secondary to this.
  • It is two stars because. It gets hard to press on the microphone 🎤 2/5

    By cindrelka
    It is two stars because it gets hard to press on the microphone 🎤
  • Haptic feedback 4/5

    By Mahdi tech
    I can’t use haptic feedback which is added in the previous version. ( it's turned on )
  • I wanted this to be a great app. It failed miserably. 2/5

    By JGammack
    Simply horrible performance in the accuracy and functionality of this app; it’s just awful. The word selection/suggestion lags and doesn’t align with your writing - it stops with your first “error” and doesn’t advance unless you address it. I also found the keyboard to very (!) frequently select the wrong key - “n” for the space bar is common. This provides a huge challenge as your words will run together and the autocorrect is still three sentences behind your typing of the erred mega-word (due to the poorly responsive keyboard). I’ve deleted this app from my phone.
  • It is awesome on computer but not on app 5/5

    By Kat5cane
    Don’t get me wrong, It is a STELLAR spell checker for phones and computers, but the are a few things I want to address. Like for example, when I go to type it erratically changes between the default and Grammarly keyboard. And, it doesn’t always work, so when I go to type in “pearl” but I misspell it and it says “paerl” but Grammarly says it’s correctly spelled. So, in conclusion, it’s an AMAZING spellcheck application but the said problems need to be fixed please.
  • Cancel immediately 1/5

    By Cancelled NOW
    Can not use. CANCEL. NOW. 5-30-19
  • Total frustration 1/5

    By Hamartigenian
    I’ve been trying too many times and just can’t Unsubscribed and they don’t provide any phone number.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By it's.riahhh
    I have written two essays with Grammarly and it has helped me a lot periodttttttt
  • Clunky, slow autocorrects, and subpar predictive text 2/5

    By neal21
    I really like other Grammarly products and wanted to like this keyboard. However, the keyboard suggestions and corrections are MUCH slower than the normal Apple keyboard. Autocorrects that are close enough that I know the Apple keyboard would have changed them in time before shooting off a quick text do not get changed in time so I’m sending nonsense. Predictive text is nearly useless and doesn’t seem to be learning like Apple’s does. If you’re used to sending quick texts this WILL slow you down. I’ve found I’ve made more mistakes while texting since trying this keyboard. It’s likely most useful if you do a lot of emailing or other longer-form writing on your device. For my typical uses, I found it clunky enough that I deleted it off my phone.
  • Doesn’t correct grammar. TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Layla Maciejka
    I wrote the sentence “Their building there house over they’re.” And it didn’t correct it! I pressed the button that double checks everything and it said I was “All good”. (The sentence is supposed to be “They’re building their house over there.”) I conducted numerous other tests and it failed them all. If I could, I would give ZERO stars.
  • Horrible, DO NOT USE BEWARE 1/5

    By cassobo
    Once you download it is NOT FREE, and it is impossible to cancel. Well I am still trying.
  • Privacy is Suspicious 3/5

    By alexannie
    I thought Grammarly was a fun idea and it is but then they say, Full Access to get your credit card and street address number and then I was like No Way Hosssaaaayyyy. It’s sad. Please don’t do that. If you don’t like that, then don’t get this app.
  • Must have desktop to manage account 1/5

    By Catique
    Grammarly requires a desktop to access or manage my account. I hate my desktop and use it only when absolutely necessary. I should be able to manage my account on my iPad or iPhone! While I like the subscription premium benefits, I’m going to cancel next time I log onto my desktop because I don’t like being forced to use it.
  • Can i give 0 stars? 1/5

    By brjschbeizybrn
    Does not correct spelling mistakes. Contrary to the title of the organization. Very unprofessional and misleading. Would not recommend to anyone!
  • Why can't use website on phone? 3/5

    By 未成年奥特曼
    I don't wanna use keyboard, I just want to check some documents that I copied from other places. Why do you forbid mobile devices using the website??
  • Five Star 5/5

    By Julia Kwon
    Grammarly helped me with a lot of stuff, like using it for schools, and other useful stuff. FIVE STAR. 😁🤩🥳😘
  • Can’t add Grammarly keyboard after 3 months and my subscription is 1 Year. 1/5

    By Üʟ⊥ḯღ@⊥ε฿ø﹩﹩
    I can’t add grammarly keyboard after 3 months and my subscription is good for 1 year. What a scam! There is even no telephone number to call. I will report this to Consumer Affairs. Fix this problem.
  • No Swipe Feature 3/5

    By DiStaten
    Due to hand issues, I need the swipe feature. I miss the Ginger Keyboard that is offered on my android!
  • bad 1/5

    By Ghaysoomh
    This app is using a lot of battery also make my phone heats a lot and lagging with bad internet connection and slow browsing with low privacy also not supporting 3-D touch
  • Good 5/5

    By Superbonniegamer
    I've been using for a good few days (I'm using it right now!) and it's AWESOME. It works well, especially coming from someone who makes a lot of errors in his grammar.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Enrique5212
    Grammarly is wanna the worst keyboard i ever used. The app is grammatically incorrect when it come to figuring out what I'm trying to say. Ill stick to my normal keyboard thanks. Trash!
  • Never thought it would be good 5/5

    By prop_lady
    It is the best thing ever I love it!!!!! I'm serious I recommend this
  • Didn’t really help 1/5

    By unexperience
    Didn’t work
  • Just giving a heads up 3/5

    By jjistheman200
    The app doesn't work on iPhone 5 When you go to your settings it won't show keyboard just giving you guys a heads up my phone is an iPhone 5 so that's how I know
  • Security risk 1/5

    I don’t like the fact that you must provide full access to your iPhone or iPad for the app to work effectively-
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By roxy_elliot
  • most features dont even work (using iPad Pro 2018) 2/5

    By Yara!!! 1290
    I was using the app and when using it iv noticed that most of the features don’t even work when like when using Google docks or etc.. auto capitalization and when it scans for mistakes it shows them to me, then I click on it so it can correct it but it just disappears and also when it shows the grammar mistakes it shoes the same mistake literally 20 times in a row and doesn’t even correct it. There is no support for physical keyboards which I don't get because the iPad Pro line had non-Bluetooth physical keyboard support for over 3 years. I mean Grammarly need to catch up, it is falling way behind. (While writing this review it was working well for the most part but when using it in a word processor it is terrible) IM JUST ASKING SUPPORT FOR THE 2018 IPAD PRO!!!! Plz
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By 1Muffincat
    I just got it and I am already fed up with its crap. It is constantly trying to correct me even when I am correct. I can't take it.
  • Full access is a BIG FAT NO! 1/5

    By jb dean
    ****UPDATED AGAIN: Well I deleted it. It’s corrections were so annoying! It insisted on auto correcting words no matter how many times I retyped it as I wanted but once I hit the space key, it auto corrected. Also it didn’t always catch incorrect words I’d use (like too or to). And the word bubbles that appear above what I type are very distracting and many times you couldn’t see all of the letters (like if it showed “mailman,” “mailbox,” “mailing,” and “mailed, you’d only see “mail”), so you weren’t even sure which one to select & once you selected, all the others vanished so if you picked the wrong word, you’re back to retyping. It might be much better on a computer but on my iPhone 6+, it’s not good. ***UPDATED REVIEW: So after I posted my 1⭐️ review I read some replies from the developer about the full access feature. I was relieved to see that they are blocked from forms and can only see what's typed WITH THEIR keyboard. That gives me more assurance that my data is private. I've upped my review from 1 to 3⭐️ as I still need time to check it out. But so far their keyboard seems to be doing a good job. I'll update this review if I see a need to. Giving this app full access allows the developers to SEE sensitive material, like your passwords or credit card numbers! EVEN if you typed them BEFORE installing the app! I DELETED the app as soon as I read that. PS: App says it can't work without full access. GUESS WHAT? I didn't grant full access and it’s WORKING JUST FINE! DON’T INSTALL!!
  • Too laggy 1/5

    By gunman8870
    It lags way too much when I type and it gets frustrating
  • Payment 1/5

    The card I had on file with this company was canceled and suspected that they would not be able to renew the subscription. I was WRONG. They linked to account not the card. I was charged $135 to renew even though the current yearly price is $95. This may be the standard business practice; however, in my opinion ethically wrong!
  • The app is great 5/5

    By Kendalljennerfan123
    Grammarly is great the app helped me with my horrible grammar. The app is great don't listen to the terrible reviews
  • Ridiculous App 1/5

    By Unsatisfied Customer #43
    Doesn’t show what is supposedly plagiarized. It only tells you how much of your paper is plagiarized. So if you’re looking for an app that actually helps with that, this isn’t it. Wouldn’t recommend this app at all.
  • Review 5/5

    By Mavlios
    It was really good
  • Very helpful and easy to use 5/5

    Very thankful to have Grammarly app because it helped me to improve my writing skills and communication skills as well. English is my 2nd language so this app is very necessary to have.
  • I love it, I guess. 3/5

    By Kabbage00
    The app is very good, but it's not so amazing when I'm trying to write a long paragraph I notice that it won't pick up the mistakes, and if it does it crashes. What up with this?
  • I just wanted to type 2/5

    By me1725xxb
    This app is probably good, but it was a little too complicated. I was hoping for a slightly smarter keyboard, but frankly I couldn’t even figure out how to use it. This app is really meant for tech savvy people, not for the general public. I will still do things that require a lot of typing on my laptop!
  • The app is useless for me 1/5

    By bbbboris
    I just can’t use Grammarly functionality I paid for without a keyboard that I don’t need. Even web version is unavailable on my iPad. This app is a piece of garbage.
  • Love it 5/5

    By smiply awesome
    Simply awesome
  • Very helpful tool 5/5

    By Grin Happy face
    I have learned that it is way more professional to keep your grammar and punctuation right. This gives a better first impression which helps me write my essays and papers.
  • Bad keyboard 1/5

    By c0redumper
    The quality of keyboard on iPad (everything small and thin almost invisible) make it unusable for me.
  • Per the usual privacy things 3/5

    By HelloPoops
    Yes, I understand exactly why this app would require full access, but yet again I’m victim to the privacy concern issue. Although, it’s also fair to point out the sheer amount of users and how illogical it would be to try to actually make use of everything that the customers type. While it makes sense that nothing bad would come of using this application, I’d prefer an app that had an input-output instead of auto checking my words. That said, I think this would help many of us feel better using this because only our direct input to the app would be read.
  • $30 a month! 😡 1/5

    By RMJohnson1976
    As soon as I download app it said “Processing payment” so I look into the fine print...$30 a month!!! No thank you!!! REFUND MY MONEY!!!
  • Be sure to read the privacy message! 1/5

    By Jeepgirlck
    This sounds like a great app, then I downloaded it. Go to turn on the keyboard and you must give them full access to collect everything you type in order to use it?! Just wow! Nope! No thanks

Grammarly Keyboard app comments

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