Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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  • Current Version: 1.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Compatibility: Android
24,365 Ratings
$ 4.99

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City App

Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s. From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice City, a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, was one of the most varied, complete and alive digital cities ever created. Combining open-world gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and given the opportunity to take it over as you choose. To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Rockstar Games brings Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to mobile devices with high-resolution graphics, updated controls and a host of new features including: • Beautifully updated graphics, character models and lighting effects • New, precisely tailored firing and targeting options • Custom controls with a fully customizable layout • iCloud save game support • Massive campaign with countless hours of gameplay • Support for Retina display devices • Custom iTunes Playlist* *To listen to your custom playlist, simply create a playlist titled “VICECITY”, launch the game, and select the radio station “Tape Deck” Universal App: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, all iPad models and 4th and 5th generation iPod Touch. For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese. Mobile Version developed by War Drum Studios Find out more: See videos: Follow us:

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app reviews

  • By Zachary02 5/5

    By went off at school
    I love this game but can you please make gta 5 for iPhone please if you make it cost money can you make a dollar 29 please
  • Rawr 4/5

    By ginormousdonkeydick
    Its good and all but the controls for the vehicles are hard to control the cars have 0 grip
  • The bast game on iOS 5/5

    By Jbmbjm
    This game is the best gta ever better than gta v

    By moodys13
  • Best classic 5/5

    By Mr.Kantus
    Vice city has to be my favorite story of the series, just love it. They should fix the npc clothing problem but its perfect nonetheless.
  • Great 5/5

    By coolboy2222
    I’ve known gta since 1997 it’s a fun game I like jumping off of buildings because you don’t take damage it’s lit make GTA six!
  • Love it...... but please adjust analog sensitivity and gameplay 3/5

    By JUSTIN235
    I love the game but rockstar please speed up the sensitivity for the analog driving on the game is hard to make sharp turns and even the running and shooting is also not as fast as it would be on a ps2 or Xbox could you please do this one thing and speed up gameplay and adjust analog sensitivity!!!! It’s like the game is running at half speed please fix it I love this game!!!!
  • gta vice city is awesome 5/5

    By mrgrimm94
    we need more of these types of mobile games where you pay like 8 dollars or more and you get everything, best quality games!!!
  • Supreme 5/5

    By HaHaTeet88
  • Great game. Add vice city stories 5/5

    By Parsino
    Thanks for the game. I'll go ahead and give a big shoutout to all the rockstar developers working hard on their videogames. By the way, since you guys added liberty city stories, why don't you also add vice city stories to the iOS platform?
  • Space 5/5

    By Fernando103018
    Need a bigger mad but overall the game is great
  • Something good 5/5

    By Littleredneck
    I like to play GTA Vice City but I wish you could go hunting and fishing and to hunt add more land with just forests and a few cabins and able to hunt in the forest and fish a river. Also add a few places to sell the animals and fish and in the you could buy a license to hunt and fish cause if you get caught by the game warden you get arrested.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By King_Rivera03
    I’m so disappointed in this game. The controls are bad and whenever I crash into another car my car goes flying and i lose control when I start driving. I seriously need a refund.
  • Bugs 5/5

    By Mine dan
    So I loved this game but I got one problem with it. So I’m trying to get 100% completion and I’m do the unique stunt jumps when I do one and it doesn’t count as one I have a vid about the jump on my YouTube channel called Daniel Gaming YT and the videos called GTA VC unique stunt jump not working.
  • :-) 5/5

    By Mouse_was_here
    This franchise lives in my top ten
  • Need new games 5/5

    By BS1411
    Games are awesome I beat gta 3, vice city, and San Andreas on my old iPhone 4. Need a gta 5 and a new gta in iTunes and soon before I totally lose interest in games
  • Solid port 5/5

    By Rod Lee
    Just like the og ps2 version
  • No audio—-fixed! 4/5

    By sdunning1
    Update: No audio on my iPad. No sound effects, dialogue, nothing. Rockstar fixed the audio and now it is the game I remembered and love!
  • Actualización importante 5/5

    By Ritchi_cL
    Muchas gracias por la actualización. El juego siempre anduvo muy bien, pero ahora que arreglaron el problema, se puede escuchar las canciones del dispositivo en el juego. Ahora sí se aprovecha más la app. De por sí el juego es excelente 😄
  • GTA vice city 5/5

    By Carrillo sergio
    GTA vice city is my all time favorite game thank you so much Rockstar games hope to meet you guys sooon!!!! And to be working with you guys after high school and college thank you sooo much I mean it and I appreciate all of your guys work!!!! #ROCKSTARGAMES
  • Needs Update! 1/5

    By Jeremy C. Garcia
    Game must have updated and controls are now towards middle of screen (iPad Pro). Also cannot go back from map because of missing button. I tried manually starting game from last save and still screwed up. Even if I manually move controls back to original location, some aspects of the game are unusable because of this problem. Needs a new update ASAP!
  • Um........ 1/5

    By j103949
    There are no game control buttons on iPhone XR. Is the game not optimized for this device?
  • It’s a pretty good reboot 5/5

    By Lord_Jackson
    The overall gameplay is good and I mainly just like being able to play it on the go
  • CRASHES 1/5

    By Mrman5257
    The app will NOT load a game without crashing. I’ve had this problem on my iPhone X for a few months now
  • tapedeck error 3/5

    By yac1994
    The tapedeck cannot play the correct playlist named "vicecity" on iOS 10. It shuffled all my songs instead.
  • Controls 2/5

    By steveymark
    Controls on an iPad are crappy.
  • Great Game, Buuuuuttttt!!!! 5/5

    By Biggest GTA Fan Ever!!!!!!!!!
    I want Vice City Stories! I understand the legal trouble stuff, but then again i kinda don’t care lol just do y’alls best and get it out asap!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Saaarie11
    The update as of today is terrible. The game won’t even load past the menu.
  • BUG ALERT 5/5

    By The next vertion
    Whenever I try to play some of the rampage missions I shoot the enemy but the number 35 on the side of the screen doesn’t decrease I wish you guys would fix this problem so I can play the rampage missions and possibly make some more progress in the game
  • Suporte para iPhone XR 3/5

    By bpsbruna
    Make an update for the Iphone Xr !! The game buttons disappeared on this device and I can not play anymore. Fix it please
  • Help @rockstargames 5/5

    By S P A R K Y B A R K S
    Controls got wacky after wrecking an ambulance! WTH!?! Can’t seem to fix it either 🥺 everything is inverted and awkward
  • Love it 5/5

    By Clintosfan
    One of my favorite games of all time, thank you for supporting it with newer devices
  • iPhone SE - Just STOPS 2/5

    By MrMaestro33
    So I wanted to get the bundle of GTA games but I figured I would just get one to see how playable it was and how it ran on my phone. Turns out I made a good decision by buying 1 for $5 instead of wasting $25. After completing a few missions, I am now at the mission Riot, where you start a riot for Avery and have to blow up the trucks. Well, after blowing them up, the arrows overhead are still there, with shadows of the vehicles, and the game still allows me to get inside them and sit there. The mission is impossible to pass because of this. So, I figured I’d do another one, Road Kill, the first mission where you go to a pay phone and follow instructions. The game just completely closes after the name of the mission shows. So, can I get my money back or what? Why is my SE not capable of running this, but others who have an iPhone 6 have no issue? Pretty disappointed to say the very least. Loved it at first, but to be stopped dead in your tracks due to compatibility is the most annoying thing I can think of. It’s bad enough we can’t enter cheats. Now I can’t even play through the story. All I can safely do is run around and tear the world up with my whole $700 and 2 weapons.
  • Do it 1/5

    By ggg24564
    I f ing did all the missions but the last 2 missions won’t load fix it
  • Perfectness 5/5

    By cedywise
    Years a lot of years passed by when this game came out I was born in 2007 I really don’t like fortnite at all I’m glad my late dad had these games for me to play it since my Xbox 360 is gone I downloaded this on my new phone it brings back so many memories I’m glad I’m growing up playing these games and not other games rockstar games makes the best games I played all of them and they are still perfect to this day
  • Love it 5/5

    By ):673(237)?(3
    Love it
  • Great quality!! 5/5

    By chaun_bae
    I love this game!!! It is literally the same from when I used to play it on my PS2 !!!! Even from all the hiding spots to the missions it’s identical!! Couldn’t been a better version for the phone. And it looks great on my iPhone X. I especially love that the music is the same, I wish I knew how to change the radio station tho lol !!!
  • I want my money back 1/5

    By Kevinslovebug
    Seriously just give me my money back at this point
  • I hate it 1/5

    By lovevilligelife
    It takes for ever to download and I hate it
  • It’s ok 1/5

    By Saruuuuuuh
    But mine has no audio. Should have just bought gut a ps2.
  • Its fun 4/5

    There’s not a lot to do but I just started so but missions are interesting nonetheless
  • Review follow up 4/5

    By beachboy12
    Please please please follow up with the review about game performance dropping on newer devices! I love this game to death like so many others and this performance issue is just disappointing. Please improve it!
  • Great game 5/5

    By just frosty
    This is the best game i ever saw in the playstore. Ever since i got this game ive been addicted to this game . When im not doing missions i try to get 6 stars. Driving is more than awesome its FANTASTIC!
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By kaydb121
    Always loved GTA and still even better on the iPhone world!
  • VICS CITY 5/5

    By El Inferno x
    Love it! Brings back so many memories 😊
  • Edit: Solved — Can’t play it on Iphone X 5/5

    By Ahlahxx
    EDIT: Thanks for listening Rockstar. Took a long while, but this update finally lets me re-live my teenage years 😂❤️. Game’s operational on Iphone X again! ———— Wow... I was really excited to play my favorite nostalgia game of all time but my supposedly 6 times faster Iphone X is lagging to the point where I can’t even look left or right, or up up, down down, if you know what I mean. Please help. What a shame!
  • Tommy Vercetti...Huh! 5/5

    By lordyungdvggerdick
    Best game ever, Vice City is my favorite GTA. I’d love for rockstar to make the next gta in vice city though...COUGH! COUGH!
  • A legend since 2002. 4/5

    By PanchoStingray65
    This game was the first game I ever played in my whole life,I first had it on my PS2. I wish GTA Vice City Stories re-releases after it was taken down from the PSN. The only problem currently with Vice City,I am running it on the 6S, but I saved my game both in iCloud and the local save, but whenever I load them up, the game shutdowns. I hope there is a fix, but otherwise I will have to do every single mission from the scratch again!
  • 🤦🏻‍♂️ 1/5

    By wonderfull 5⭐️
    The nimbus controller doesn’t work on this game it get stuck

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app comments

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