Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two

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  • Current Version: 0.8.4
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  • Developer: Dennis Vukanovic
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Welcome to Granny: Chapter Two. Granny and Grandpa keeps you locked in his house this time. To survive You have to try to get out of his house, but be careful and quiet. Granny hears everything as usual. Grandpa doesn't hear very well but he hits hard. If you drop something on the floor, Granny hears it and comes running. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. You have 5 days. Be careful!

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  • An idea 4/5

    By Genesis Rivas
    The game is awsome but couldn’t you add multiplayer mode like me and my cousin always act like we are playing together but we are not so couldn’t you add that pleaseeeeeee
  • Great 5/5

    By Clyde_-_Williamson
    I love this game, however you definitely need to fix that I lose my progress every time I turn off the game and close my tab. However if I keep my tab open overnight, I still lose my progress even though I kept the tab. Also you should add a nightmare mode and be able to join friends, it would be very fun. But I love granny this is a great game keep up the good work.
  • I don’t like this Game 3/5

    By aubriella Rose Rodriguez
    I don’t like this game it is so scary never make any more granny games
  • Problem 4/5

    By asks for help
    The volume doesn’t work in the game on my iPhone 11 why? Please try to fix this bug
  • Ehh 3/5

    By blacksoliderV2
    Make a multiplayer mode and please add a save button I lost all my progress because it Didn’t save
  • Suggestions!!! 5/5

    By ._.^^^^^^._.
    1- Maybe The Granny fam could have live pets 2-A laundry room? Maybe you could hide in a washing machine... 3-A backyard, it has a playhouse and a pool that you can drown in. 4-You can summon Granny’s daughter, Slendrina, and she can help you escape for a limited time. 5- MULTIPLAYER GAME MODE!!!!!
  • I love it 4/5

    By 𝐢𝐝𝐤
    This game is really fun to play and it’s better than the normal granny but the normal granny is still a good game
  • Better than the first 5/5

    By fhhjkklgfdhjkl
    This game is awesome!!! I love the security room and the Granny’s new behaviors. Also can the next reviewer tell me what is DVloper’s email?
  • i love this game but add this plz 5/5

    By Zygard 1234
    i really love this game so much thank u for making it i have a lot of fun one thing i would like u to add is nightmare mode like u did on the first granny game i would love it if u added that plz just make nightmare mode more scarier i would love that also i appreciate u making this game i just love it.
  • Great game that’ll definitely keep you on your toes 5/5

    By JaydellB
    I liked Granny so when I found out there was a chapter 2,i decided to download it..I really like how they switched up the setting to now we’re in grandpa’s house with new items..With new items comes new ways to find them so definitely have to do searching around like the first game..A tip I would give to new players though is to try the game out with just grandpa first..He’s easier to maneuver around then Granny..Then if you can handle that just add Granny herself..Then if you’re really up to the challenge,try them both..I’m on easy with both in the house and even I am having difficulty bearing it but it’s not bad..Just have to remember their routines to get the hang of it..Both of them have different tactics and routines(Grandpa sleeps and checks the security cameras,while Granny does the dishes and plays the piano here and there)..Overall,definitely a nice game to play if you want to get some scares while trying out your escaping skills..
  • I love this game, but one problem with your other games 5/5

    By Robobro10
    This game is amazing, but in this review I wanna talk about your other games ( I’m saying it on this game since it’s most likely to be seen) Slendrina’s Child, Slendrina X, Slendrina (Free), and Slenderman Stands, all aren’t on mobile. Either it’s not even on the AppStore or it is on the App Store, you just can’t access them. So update your games, put Slendrina’s Child and X on the AppStore.
  • Great... just one thing 4/5

    This games is GREAT! But there are issues. I don’t know house to open the place where the pet is. I need to know. Idk how, so that means there is an item missing every time I play the game. 👵🏼- i KILL YOU
  • I love the game but can u add a ending where you do a ritual and granny and grandpa perish 5/5

    By Elixmara
    The game is really good
  • Difficulties 5/5

    By simplymatetrial
    Can you please add nightmare mode, please it will make it much scarier. Otherwise, a great game!
  • Good but BUGs !! 1/5

    By reza504reza
    When i’m in chicken it suddenly go to down floor and sometimes that i wonna go to the boat those stairs have BUG and shut me into top stairs!!!
  • Granny 2 5/5

    By nuknuk1234
    I love this game. But I have a suggestion can you add IT the clown and multiplayer with fiends.
  • A lot of glitches and things to add 5/5

    By RLEash
    I know about 20 glitches in the game such as sometimes the stun gun bullet reflect off of grandpa and granny. The original granny and this sometimes just doesn’t like me and as soon as I woke up it took me back also both of the granny games take me to the menu on day 3. In the corner of the crawl space vent thing if you have the crowbar and keep dropping it in the corner it will take you to the kitchen!in the right corner of the ladder granny and grandpa can’t kill you!I know more glitches but I’m moving on to things to add.I feel like you should add new rooms and more pets and not having to have both on hard and extreme or it will take you a lot more training. I also wanna tell you the invisible glitch is still a thing when grandpa and granny get close to you and hide under the bed. But I enjoy the game a lot and I love the game and this game has more stars then granny fully updated and congrats for almost 2 years of granny I also think you should add more stuff for the boat maybe and you should add a nightmare mode and multiplayer I really want to play with friends!
  • This needs multiplayer NOW BAKA 4/5

    The game is very sad and scary by yourself ya its a horror game but like in horror movies u have a partner please listen to ME DVLOOPER GUY PLEASE
  • Worst game ever 2/5

    By Jaypong3434
    I recommend not going on the boat because it takes you to the creature in the sewer and you die
  • An excellent game 5/5

    By jungkookfan19972009
    I very much loved the first game of granny and now this is even better but I have a few ideas!!!😚 so first how about a secret tunnel to get from grandpas house to granny’s house or you could make it somewhere different. Second I was wondering if you could add more of slendriana things like the teddy bear or you could make a whole new room of slenderianas mom chained up and you would have to connect clues . Lastly I was hoping can you pls bring back the car and the freeze trap luv u 💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜💙💚💜
  • Request 5/5

    By Noah reneau
    This game is sooooo much fun, but I believe that you should allow us to choose the words grandpa and granny say. I think that would be a nice touch!
  • Good shii 5/5

    By not looking promising
    Good shii, top notch 👁👄👁
  • Granny 5/5

    By madi5648100
    Should definitely make a new one!!! Chapter 3 or maybe even 4?🤔
  • Have Ideas 5/5

    By dash9x
    First of all I want you to make the house bigger. Second of all I want there to be multiplayer. Last but not least I want you to make Practice and Easy easier. Thank you for reading this.
  • 😳😳😳😁👀 4/5

    “Just uploaded the game and at first start I almost dropped my new iPhone... DAM granny came out of nowhere 😳 this game is hauntingly good fun... with its awkward controls but after awhile it’s all good... im going back in.... pray for me👀😳😁😁😁
  • Needing of change 4/5

    By Square block box
    The game can be very tedious getting from floor to floor, there needs to be another pathway to get from floor to floor, another thing I want is when grandma and grandpa aren’t chasing you and you are waiting. They need to walk away faster when they aren’t chasing you. To compensate for this maybe add more floors with locks
  • What Is Going On? 3/5

    By chrose17
    So, I've had this game for at least a day now and I love the idea of it. New character, new pet, new items, new house. But there's one MAJOR thing that I hate about this game. Every time I log on to the game it's super laggy. For example, whenever I go up the stairs and out of the spawning point, all the walls disappear and I can't see anything. I also can't see any of the items in the game. Granny and Grandpa's weapons are visible, but I can't see their actual bodies. This is a huge bug and I have no idea if this is just me or if anyone else is having this same problem. But, I need this to be fixed. This same bug is also in the original Granny game. I can't see Granny or any of the items. Dennis, if you're reading this, PLEASE fix this bug. I love both these games and I can't play it with this thing going around and ruining the gameplay. Best Wishes, Your fan since 2017
  • Crazy invisible glitch again! 1/5

    By shamar gaming 98
    I decided to get granny chapter 2 to see if it didn't have that invisible glitch but it still does. I don't get you piece of crap developers are crazy. You could have just put weird things for 10 .33 next time I am getting a phone to see if the invisible glitch is on that to.
  • granny 3/5

    By kdhxkbekdbe
    omg this is the best game ever once i was playing it and i got scared because granny just poped up out of no were🤗
  • getting boring 1/5

    By annime_freak102
    It’s been about a month? Since this came out, its a great sequel to granny and it was super fun when it came out. But when will the next update be? It’s getting a little boring now, like when granny came out it hadn’t had the secret rooms or the car, but when the updates came out it made the game much more enjoyable. Thanks great game but just wondering when the next update will be out.
  • New game over 5/5

    By luigi52863
    This is not a review but I hope dvlooper reads this you can die next to the door you see granny and grandpa you are tied up on the floor and grandpa hit you into the electret door and you get electrocuted and game over I hope you read this and please work on the new update
  • Great game 5/5

    By pizza baby1237
    So the game is amazing and all but it takes SOOOOO long for granny and grandpa to come but other than that it’s a great game and I love it but don’t judge the game by my or other people’s opinion try it out for yourself🙂
  • Need a lot of updates 4/5

    By cool ganer jr🐶
    They need more Secret room and make a night mayor one just like granny 🐶
  • The best scary game 5/5

    By nun fan 1009
    Hi Denis you created the best scary game. Hope you’ll make granny 3 😀

    By Roblox name Benere
    I love this game I go on practice mode to find go spots and I’m now on easy and I’m in love with is 😁
  • Plz Do Slendrina In Granny Chapter 3 5/5

    By The G Force Kids
    So I’ve Been Thinking Dennis That Can U Put Slendrina In Granny Chapter 3 So Slendrina Cant Kill U But A Bell That Can And Granny And Grandpa Comes And Kills U But Plz Plz Let Us See The Person We Are Playing As It Would Be Awesome Plz Make A Bendy And The Dark Revival Mod For This And Put It On The App Store And But I Wannna See The Person So Plz Put It On 🤞🏻🤐
  • Granny Chapter 2 5/5

    By granny817
    Hello DVloper, Granny Chapter Two is so fun to play! It is a good continue to the storyline when the player left Granny’s old house. All the new paintings weren’t just random anymore and it is a little more harder too. Even though, there are so many things that can give off a better experience for the player and make it harder. Please consider this feedback as I really put in a lot of effort. (“Changelog”) Animations/performance improvements - Made aiming smoother and more navigable for iPhone players and newer players/locked the FPS to 60, drastic performance improvements; AI tweaks, bug fixes, added an introduction - Now able to sneak under tables/chairs - Removed door clipping - Doors move faster, louder sound when opened Settings changes - Added a back button to the Tips page and Options page - Added music volume slider on the settings page in-game and before game - Added sound effects volume slider on the settings page in-game and before game - Added a GUI transparency slider - Added a joystick size slider - Added an achievements tab on the home page - Added the ability to change the music to music from the older games - Added a Nightmare difficulty (harder than Extreme) - Added a Competitive checkbox - Added a Skip Introduction checkbox - Added a Tutorial checkbox House additions - Attached a storage room in the basement and requires the “Storage room key,” usually located in the kitchen - Expanded the attic and requires the “Attic key,” usually located in the living room - Appended decor items like real Granny fan arts posted in the basement, lively clutter: baseball, trash bins, water canisters, soup cans, old style phone, stacks of newspaper, books, curtains, cobwebs, calendar, more blood stains on the floor, shiny coins for the shop, less saturated, bloody wallpaper, kitchen clutter: spoon, knives, plates, vases, more furniture: compartment cabinets, distressed cabinets, rustic fridge, stove, oven, pantry, drawers, china, wardrobes, small tables, window sills, and a glass antique display with goblets and prized but dirty possessions of the Granny family Major changes - Added Granny’s Shop, the game offers coins to buy Easter eggs, cosmetics, Granny/Grandpa outfits/weapons, decor, and puzzles in her shop - Applied the timer system where the day starts at a specific time (times listed in difficulty changes) and the player fails to escape when the time ends, which then starts the next day - Applied creaky doors around the house - Created a PC version, same concept as the old one, but with all additions from new house and these changes Character tweaks - Added new lines for Granny/Gramps - Added more activities in Granny/Gramps’ routine Item tweaks - Buffed the shotgun to make it more ‘needed’: It has extra range and items are pushed heavily when in contact. There are now two extra slots of ammo are available, but require reloading for 5 to 9 seconds depending on the difficulty mode. When reloading a shotgun, the player’s speed is slightly reduced. - Reworked the shotgun for Granny/Grandpa only mode. The shotgun now has only one initial slot of ammo and an extra ammo slot after reloading. Reloading speed is reduced to 6 to 10 seconds, depending on the level of difficulty. - New durations for how long Granny/Grandpa are dead Shotgun -> Easy: 2 min Taser -> Easy: 1 min and 30 sec - Renamed the stun gun to “taser” - The taser and shotgun now knock down paintings on contact - There are an increased amount of components needed to escape via main door (padlock code with buttons, door key, and items must go in order) - There are an increased amount of components needed to escape via boat (boat battery, wrench, engine part) Difficulty changes - Easy mode does not have creaky floors, the time starts at 8pm and ends at 7am, and rewards the player with 250 coins for the great escape, 75 hidden coins - Normal mode has creaky floors, the time starts at 9pm and ends at 6am, and rewards the player with 500 coins for the great escape, 125 hidden coins - Hard mode increases Granny and Gramp’s vision range slightly, has creaky doors and floors, the time starts at 10pm and ends at 5am, and rewards the player with 875 coins for the great escape, 250 hidden coins - Extreme mode increases Granny and Gramp’s vision range slightly, has creaky doors and floors, the time starts at 11pm and ends at 4am, the player’s action range is a tad-bit shorter, Chase Music is enabled, Darker mode is enabled, and rewards the player with 1250 coins for the great escape, 375 hidden coins - Nightmare mode increases Granny and Gramp’s vision range heavily, has creaky doors and floors, the time starts at 12am and ends at 3am, the player’s action range is very short, walking is a tad-bit slower, Chase Music is enabled, Darker mode is enabled, rewards the player with 1875 coins for the great escape, 500 hidden coins - Competitive mode records the player’s total time to escape and post it on the leaderboard, and will increase the reward by 37.5%, but removes all hidden coins Extra tweaks - There are now an increased amount of item positions— matches difficulty; on Easy, item positions are the same on startup so new players do not get confused - Footsteps are silenced after a varied range Immersion improvements - Granny washes both of her hands instead of one - Made the sewer realistic so that the water comes from the other side - Made the windows inside the house transparent to be able to see the outside of the house - Added sound effects such as the voice of the victim, the victim breathing, the victims heart beat whenever in near sight to Granny, echoes in the basement, and windows making noises from the wind - Players now bob when moving - Lightly toned/natural shadows
  • Amazing!! (Please read! Has lots of good info.!) 5/5

    By ThisIsMyOpinionLol
    At first, I thought this game was just gonna be for laughs because it’s so bad. The reason I thought this is because I actually didn’t know that the creator of THIS game is the SAME person that made the original game of Granny! This game is full of frights and thrills! The house is much much much bigger as well as there is obviously a brand new character introduced in the new Granny series!! Grandpa (the new character) makes the game a lot more fun as well as suspenseful and scary! He has a key on him in which you have to get which also makes the game harder. There is now a lot secret entrances along with many many more keys. The reason for the keys is because now the door to get out has a gate around it, and an electric shock thing! Also, now you have to get those things off, get a door handle, door lock, padlock key, crowbar to get planks off and I think a few more! And, instead of being one hard way out there is now two! The brand new hard way is by a boat! This is hard because you are now looking for boat things to get out that way while also finding the door things which makes it harder because you find things you don’t want/need! Also, there is now not just a shot gun but a stunt gun! You also can kill Granny or Grandpa in the room with the spikes with what looks like a closet with the spikes in that closet thing! This game is truly the best game I have played in 2019. And I also truly do believe that this game should get an award! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this game and let us play it for FREE!! I love it so so much! And I hope this helped! Thank you!
  • Good idea to do 5/5

    Good game.but you should add multiplayer it well be alot better.
  • One issue 4/5

    By Zchloi
    I find it ridiculous that you don’t have the option to select whether you go against Granny/Grandpa individually and have to go against both of them in extreme or hard. Not that I don’t have a problem with going against both as a challenge. I just think it shouldn’t automatically be locked to both. Also for this game I think it would be more fun if you could add multiplayer mode in which two players play as Granny and Grandpa working to catch a player. Maybe you could modify the game to make multiplayer possible?Just a thought.
  • Multiplayer wold be nice 4/5

    By upgrade123987
    Love this game although I think it would be better if it had a multiplayer it doesn’t have to have like 1000 multiplayers at a time maybe like six players at a time just saying it would be fun maybe granny should have a sister or a brother maybe a safe place Bigger house for multiplayer a timer for granny’s/ grandpas temporary extinction Would really good
  • Granny chapter 2 5/5

    By ifjshud
    Im surprised some one really wanted her because she is ugly like chubaca
  • I love the hidden ladder in the security room 5/5

    By Granny troll
    Today thu,oct,10, I managed to escape granny and grandpa’s house by boat in practice you can see in Granny you can summon slenderina in a bear by putting it in the cradle,but if you go up the ladder in the security room you can see a type of jail with a coffin . I managed to open it and saw slendrina’s husband just sleeping. It’s awesome how you replaced slendrina with her husband.I bet if slendrina see’s this she’ll definitely kill granny and grandpa. Here some things that might make the game awesome: . Add a cradle in the master bedroom and slendrina’s baby in the cradle,and make sure the baby can’t kill you Make slendrina in a jail like slendrina’s mom in the game slendrina x Add slendrina’s husbands parents And you should keep another pet,In the game granny,granny has a spider and a crow ,but in Granny Chapter Two, granny and grandpa have the octopus only, add a pet like a jaguar or a snake. Otherwise the game is pretty cool like how grandpa sleeps and watches the security camera and how granny plays the piano and washes the dishes.In chapter 3 please add these things.please put chapter 3 soon.
  • Multiplayer 4/5

    By universalzay13
    I guess its a good game but what will make it better is if y’all had the game is a multiplayer so friends can play with each other on here but overall it’s alright...😬
  • Map for seeing where granny is 4/5

    By GrannyLover101
    I want to know what room granny is in when I am walking around the house besides that I love this game
  • I found a bug/glitch in the game 5/5

    By Horror Survivor #1
    I did this 2 times now and it’s definitely a glitch I love the game and all but I think this glitch is op. U are able to glitch grandpa on grandpa only is what I know and he just stays there u can’t do anything to him the only way to fix it is to die that’s all I know for now please see if u can fix this.
  • Good game, just wish for more 4/5

    By Cant beleive u!
    I enjoy the game, especially now that there is an entirely new house and more items. But I have one problem. Some people want to see what granny and grandpa see, me included. That’s why I looked on the AppStore and got it. I enjoy playing as the kidnapped, but I would like to be the kidnappers.
  • Some Suggestions! 5/5

    By S.S ScarletC
    Let me say... I absolutely love this game! It’s definitely a total step-up from the original, while still holding its aesthetic and feel. Now, for some minor nitpicking, which really don’t even matter, but, if you could improve them, the game would definitely benefit. 1: Make Granny and Grandpa look a little more similar (they look like they’re each from a slightly different game) 2: The hit boxes on both of them are pretty extreme 3: Sometimes, they’re able to see you even if they aren’t looking anywhere in your direction. Those are the only complaints I have! Sorry if they sounded harsh, I didn’t intend for them to. Now for the Ideas *jazz hands* 1: Multiplayer! Cross platform multiplayer. 2: Backyard! Like from the original, but maybe a little more expanded. 3: Granny Mode! You are granny, vs a cpu, or other player! 4: More pets! Like ones that can move around the house, with specific, different abilities. 5: More secret passages! 6: Bag item! It is a very rare item you can only find in a specific room, which lets you hold two items at once (other than the bag) Please write me back if you like any of these ideas! You don’t have to, obviously, but it would really make my day to hear your opinion!
  • Unbelievable!! 5/5

    This game is AMAZING and I always play it when I’m bored and have nothing to do!Im not complaining but there’s a few glitches that I’ve seen and I wanted to let you know so this game can be even better!and I love that you can choose granny,grandpa,or even both!Ok,These are some of the stuff in the game I’d like to see,Interactions with the squid,More rooms,Achievements,Multiplayer,Play as granny and grandpa,And an outside area with trees. Overall,this game is amazing and I hope you add some of this stuff soon in the upcoming updates for the game!

Granny: Chapter Two app comments

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