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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Dennis Vukanovic
  • Compatibility: Android
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Granny App

Welcome to Granny. Granny keeps you locked in her house. Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything. If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. You have 5 days. Good luck! The game contains advertisement.


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Granny app reviews

  • Good 5/5

    By AriyAn_😎
    This is such a Good game
  • Scary but fun 5/5

    By Booshkiller
    I loved the game but I haven’t beat it yet will soon! I just want to thank you for making this game it totally completed the story of slendrina and slender man I give you a five star!
  • Scary as Heck but Fun 5/5

    By Wishappwouldload
    I just started playing this game a few days ago and I love it. The fact that you have to find all this stuff in order to escape makes it very interesting and intense. Also, the game does not lack on the scariness. Granny is CREEPY!! The only thing that I wish this game had is like a training mode where you just try to escape without Granny chasing you. That way new players like me would know how and where to find the stuff needed to escape. That way they could spend more time worrying about Granny chasing them and less on how the heck they are supposed to escape if they don't know where anything is. Also for all of the new people who are gonna get the game I have some advice. If Granny sees you go under a bed she can still get you. Don't be as scared as I was when she does. Also the little hallway between the basement and the stair cases leading down is a great place for hiding in since Granny can't crouch down and get you. If you drop something at one end you can wait for Granny to come and then sneak out the other end and explore a bit.
  • I LOVE this game 5/5

    By FamBamBryan
    I’ve been playing Granny for almost a YEAR now and I’m totally obsessed! This game is amazing ever since the new update to the house bigger I’ve been trying all kinds of different ways to beat the game! And have accomplished it 10 times, that may seem like a lot but again I’ve only been play for almost a year (365 days!) and only got out 10 times it’s so hard but that is what makes it so much fun!! I hope you enjoyed my review but enjoyed Granny even more❤️❤️❤️
  • It’s me again 5/5

    By 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊
    Well do you know roblox
  • Totally The BEST Horror Game EVER 5/5

    By killer cheetah
    OK Granny may be old but she is more than that I mean Granny can really walk fast and not just only that Her voice is full evil I mean nothing can match her voice also Granny is the best at being evil also she has a such scary house and the attic is just so cool being a true hunted house also she is really scary to look at and Granny looks so scary and I really like her main door it’s so good but it’s also so hard to unlock it I mean we just get at screwing the door open and just as it opens up boom we are dead by the bat. Granny is also looking around her house for us and we try to go down stairs to the door we try to be as quiet as possible but still the pictures on the wall fall and the mean fat old Granny finds us also I think she finds us because she has really fat old ears and really big ones to anyways that’s not the true point that she has big old fat ears the point is that we all love this game and who ever made this I have a feeling that if you made this game then you also made Hello Neighbor and the other horror Granny and PS we can all agree that we love this game keep making like this because we LOVE this game 😀
  • Love this game 5/5

    By sannray
  • Used to be fun 4/5

    This used to be so much fun bc granny is so stupid and it’s funny and scary. But now it’s not bc it’s glitching bc when u try to change ur view and slide the screen over, it goes so slow and now even when I refresh it does it. Plz fix
  • New granny 3/5

    By Add it in
    So I think that this game should add multiplayer granny and play duo with your friend that would make Granny a lot better
  • Granny 5/5

    By trickory316
    Multiplayer mode plz
  • Love the game but 5/5

    By jedi1chicken
  • Multiplayer please 5/5

    By lolpop555
    I would love for granny to have multiplayer!. Just please don’t add more items, because it’s honestly getting tiring trying to find all these different items!. I’m just waiting for granny to have another update, it’s been 2 months :). I know you guys must have been working on something great!. I’ve been seeing all these other reviews saying “add grandpa” or “add a dog in the backyard” and in all honesty, all we need is granny, we don’t need another character!. Just, add multiplayer but don’t make it stupid. Don’t make the backyard bigger. Just keep it simple and original. I was thinking of when you get outside of the house, there should be like a front yard, but idk how that’s really gonna work out. Listen, you can make more rooms, JUST DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER ITEMS. Thank you for reading, excited for the next update:)
  • Think this could be a good update 5/5

    By Wolfie Vlogs And Games
    I have been playing granny for a really long time , me and my cousins play it too and we love it! We love everything about the game. It’s just I was wondering if you could make an update where you could have multiplayer and you can play as granny I think those 2 would be such a good update. What I mostly want is to play as granny
  • The best 5/5

    By stw212
    Make more updates
  • I love grandmas ! 5/5

    By The Phone Kid
    this game rlly helps me appreciate my grandma more. it brings back memories to when i was a young lad, and she beat me cuz i didn’t drink my tomato vodka !! i feel so nostalgic when i play this game, bc i feel like i have a connection to it and it really gets me. when i grow up, i want to be an old cardboard granny that beats kids in my house with Negan’s bat. (bc i’m unoriginal). my fav part of the game is when she kills me and i get a glimpse of my future. also, don’t get me started on how she looks. i mean...such a beaut! her acidic yellow teeth, her ratchet hair loss, her tablecloth dress, her glowy cardboard complexion. i need a makeup tutorial ASAP!1!1 plz tell granny i love her. much love! xx 🤡🤟🏿 -jojo swiwa

    By Saswee
  • Yup 4/5

    By Jazlynn111
    It gives me Anxiety 😂but I still love it I barely got it 2 days ago
  • Awesome game but an idea for a new update… 5/5

    By guinea pigs are my life
    I love this game sooo much and ever since me and my sister started playing it we could not stop! But I think it would be even better if you could make it so there’s a grandpa playing too so it would be even harder. Also maybe make it so two people can play at the same time so it’s even more fun!
  • Multiplayer 1/5

    By Blah812
    Please add multiplayer our I won’t play this anymore I love multiplayer it would be so much fun and add a grandpa
  • Awesome, although... 4/5

    By lil heathen21606
    This is a new review I’m making I’ve deleted my old one because I had to I just noticed this bug. So, I’ve noticed this bug for a while, but never said anything about it until now. It’s where things glitch through other rooms. 1. When I take the planks out from the attic they sometimes glitch through the floor. 2. When I used the crossbow to get the screwdriver I got it, but then it rolled and glitches OUT OF THE HOUSE. Can’t get the screwdriver now. Also, It would be great if u added multiplayer. Thanks for reading.
  • Fun, But Multiplayer Please? 4/5

    By Igchew
    This game is very scary, but fun! I love the challenge of finding all the items to escape. I do think it could be better with a multiplayer option. A few people distracting Granny and finding everything needed to escape would be even better and would probably bring in more players. I know some people would be too scared to even try playing, but with someone else, that could give them the courage to play. Other than that, I’d recommend it to almost anyone.
  • 10/10 Horror/Adventure Game 5/5

    By Mads✨
    I personally don’t play horror games but only when I’m with friends. A few days ago I tried this game and I thought it was like the Slenderman game where all you do is run from him and not look at him, but this game has so many parts to it. At first when I played it I was thinking to myself like why are there so many things to do? How do I get past her? How do I know when she’s coming to this room? Does every item make noise? Or does she come in certain rooms but not others? But once I researched everything and watched walkthroughs (because I was a scared)I tried it out again and it was so much fun! I only beat easy mode but I seriously recommend this game for anyone. I’m dead serious. I was a scaredy cat when I first played this alone, I remember I couldn’t get past the first room, but just watch walkthroughs or have someone in the room with you. I also played Hello Neighbor but that one wasn’t as scary as Granny and that one costs $15 for the whole game (like seriously?). There is a minor problem I have and that’s when the tranquilizer disappears when I drop it. That’s really it. 10/10 horror game.
  • Best game from arcade 5/5

    By jazzy jaea
    So i have been playing this game...& I think 🤔 it is the best horror game from arcade do you get to the backyard & also you should add multiplayer multiplayer so me and my friends can play together and you should have a category of how much times you have beat granny plz make a granny 2 heck maybe even make a 3rd one thank u please respond soon
  • New idea 5/5

    By Ava Brotze
    Along with the game granny you could make a game called Grampy or GrandPa , the idea is that it is just like granny just when you escape you get caught by grandpa , then you have to try and escape his house to fully escape, there could be different keys and rooms , or instead of being caught you could somehow spawn him and he can help you or give hints if your a beginner, I really love this game and a new game by you guys would probably be even better ! This was just an idea that came to mind, a lot of my friends wanted a game called Grandpa like I explained, keep up the good work!

    By NixterCool
    This is an amazing horror game! But my brother and I just really want there to be multiplayer, also maybe make ‘’easy’’ a little easier? Thank you.
  • Not scary 5/5

    By Lawez luqman
    This game is really fun but it's not scary, make it more scarier because I'm only a kid but I'm not afraid of it it's not even scary just because she has a bloody teeth doesn't mean she is scary, anyway this app is amazing but it's so hard to play it Granny is amazing app Right, this game is amazing Awesome and amazing Nice and awesome Now it's more amazing Yes this is amazing Read the first letter for each sentence
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By hetirpho
    It’s like an escape room, but you’re being hunted while you figure it out. The puzzle pieces are randomly placed, so you can play it many times without it getting old. Different difficulties also make this game very replayable. All in all just an amazing game, with clearly a lot of effort put into it. 5/5
  • Great but one thing 5/5

    By defaultyboi3
    I love this game. But it would be so much better if, when you killed granny, it would say something like “Granny is back”
  • Great game! 4/5

    By JakePaulIsGood
    I LOVE THIS APP! The only thing that I suggest to the creator is to make it a muti-player game. Other then that, this is my FAVORITE GAME!
  • Greate game 5/5

    By Abeer1982
    This game is cool and scary at the same time but am still gonna say it is a great game for teenagers and I will say I’ll give it a 5 stars
  • It could be better 4/5

    By kasey_child75
    I love this game ALOT but I think it could be better. First of all I think you should make an even bigger and better house. Second, you should add a multiplayer mode. Then you could play with friends and beat granny together. And finally I think you should make it so you could escape the house by using the car. If you do update it so you could use the car, you should make the car keys hidden very well. Well I hope my ideas give YOU ideas for the game. 😁
  • I love this the best horror game ever 5/5

    By Fabgoddess
    I love this game but I wish there things that you can make playground and multiplayer please
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By ashlivesdogs
    This game is so great!! I like the glitches because sometimes you can get out of the house and win!! It's just so good💚💙💜
  • Multiplayer 5/5

    By cinchmom
    It would be amazing to be able to play as granny herself and look for the player. Just to be able to play as a multiplayer. Like have different settings so if you didn’t have a friend you could play with someone world wide and be able to play as granny or as the player running from granny. GREAT GAME OTHERWISE !!!
  • Good game but many glitches 4/5

    By GrannyPlaya13146
    I like granny a lot but just now I was playing and I shot granny with the crossbow. Then, I headed to the safe, unlocked it, got they key from it and it was a master key. Granny was still down and I dropped the key by the door because granny was up now. And when I came back to UNLOCK THE DOOR and finish the game the key had “sunken” into the ground by the door. I hav many other incidents like this. I think this game could use an update where all the glitches are fixed.
  • When is the next update? 5/5

    By Treylilbro
    Great game, been playing for long time, I just wanna know when the new update is. I have heard rumors about the new update will be adding multiplayer. Just wanted to know, please respond.
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By granny101._
    It’s so fun and mysterious 😩 very recommend!!!
  • They were right they weren’t lying! 5/5

    By mickael v
    It is really creepy and it is horror and I love trolling Granny by dropping stuff shutting the door right when she starts to leave! 🙀👻😟🤗😂🤣 I agree with others add multiplayer plz 🤩
  • Granny 4/5

    By Gobbé
    It’s a great game I jus wish it had more lore and gameplay and more house room to explore
  • FUN!👻😁 5/5

    By daizzysunshine mkeen
    I love this game and I know some people say it’s hard cause granny can hear everything but I Always glitch her and I’m getting there I almost won ! But ya this game is so fun and kinda creepy ya I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Plz 5/5

    By cheesecake to a fat man
    I think when you update it you should make a multiplayer on granny because that would be so fun and I like how you can get the teddy bear and put it in the crib and her sisters appears
  • Multiplayer? 5/5

    By henzzere
    Definitely make a multiplayer version where one person plays granny and other the character
  • Amazing but 5/5

    By Not-A-Cool-Person
    I love this game so much but just one thing is that if there could be a multiplayer be that would mean so much for me and my friend. But this game is so good I love it overall good game! ❤️👏
  • iPad Air 2 3/5

    By Lil nas2
    On iPad Air 2 game always crashes on Day 3!
  • Do mulitiplayer please 5/5

    By TaylorTot🤟
    I love this game but it’s be really cool if you did two player mode. One person is granny and the other person is the one trying to escape.Me and my friend Valerie we were playing granny and we were talking about playing the same game. Please do this and good luck on your updates!😉
  • Good game but has some bugs 5/5

    By jordan rakiowska
    Great game but can you fix the clipping bug in the tunnel to granny’s yard
  • VERY COOL!!! 5/5

    By Diva Girl05
    I loves it!! My mom made me get rid of it because my sis was so scared... anyway, I think you should have the ability to distract Granny somehow, like, throwing a baseball for her to hit! And a different way to escape!! Like, finding a pickaxe to break the brick wall in the garage, or climbing over the fence, however if the player chooses the option to climb over the fence, there should be a bigger front yard, and Granny could be sitting in a lawn chair, but if she sees them climbing the fence, they get an instant GAME OVER. And I also like the idea of online multiplayer mode, and one person could be Granny, with different servers, so multiple people have the chance as Granny! It was fun. I hope you add my ideas!!!
  • So amazing! 5/5

    By FuzzlesWeb
    I recently heard about this app, soI tried it out. I started playing, and playing, and I loved it! I'm now very obsessed with it! Great job making it!
  • I love it ! 5/5

    By 24 five girl awesome
    My brother really love this game . And he comes running to me saying” can you play Granny for me” overall it is a really good game you should download if you haven’t already ! :)
  • Great game. Has a glitch. 3/5

    By DarDye
    Great game. But it keeps closing out and starting completely over. Completely frustrating.

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