Grass Cut

Grass Cut

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  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
43,857 Ratings
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Grass Cut App

Tap to mow down the overgrown grass. Use simple one-touch gameplay to trim the grass, navigate across bridges and explore the wild world! Grass cutting has never been so satisfying. Escape into the landscape today!

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  • Okay 3/5

    By rrrurrrru
    I don’t like that u have to start over from the beginning island.
  • It took me 2 years just to get to level 2. 5/5

    By KIARA928
    It took me 2 years just to get to level 2.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By Lila Letterman
    The game is fun but the game is not that fun. If u like boring games download this. But if you like fun games save your data and get a bother game
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By fairy princess frog
    So relaxing and so fun!! Never gets old and it is a good challenge!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!! If your looking for a fun game I would choose grass cut!!!!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Rudybee
    Fun game but the constant ads are so annoying
  • Completely misleading 1/5

    By charlie6167
    On some of the ads for this game, it will say some utterly ridiculous nonsense. For example, one ad said “no one has reached the river!” With a horribly photoshopped background of water. The only reason that no one has “reached the river” is because there is no “river”, technically speaking.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By infamousree
    I’ve been playing for a good 6 months now and love that it’s both simple yet challenging. THANK YOU for the recent update to moving platforms!!!!!
  • No sound 3/5

    By Spazz0
    Fun addictive game, yet no sound. That’s why I gave it a three.
  • Good game, but I have played the levels 1-100, then 100-1 twice 5/5

    By MtnDew1285
    When does it end? I have seen all of the boards many times playing it before bed,or during free time on days off
  • Ads! 3/5

    By dmmjr33
    Too many ads. When you move when you lose.. ad... when you win... ad!!!! Ad, ad , and more ads!
  • Entertaining for a time 2/5

    By Burtonslider
    Game is a mix of a small pool of levels, gives you hope that something good will happen once you defeat all 99 levels... when you do... it just says 99 levels to go and you start over at level one. No payoff for the amount of time you spend playing aka watching ads
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Surfingalien
    Literally every every level. At least do it after every few, like 2 or three
  • Worst game I’ve had the displeasure to play!😡 1/5

    By Gaby awesomeness
    First off I downloaded the game and read the terrible reviews and they were completely right. When I first got the game I started on level 100 like Wtfreak I didn’t even get to play the game. And I’m pretty sure it’s broken because I’ve been on like level 100 for the past week I tried to give it a try but it’s just horrible. There are no words for how 😡 I am at this game. Also all the updates say bug fixes but I never see in fixes like where the new levels at bro. Don’t waste your time on this stupid app it’s literally terrible
  • Fun 4/5

    By Vmusen veggie burger2020
    Pretty fun when your bored
  • Game 5/5

    By make a cake 😡🥺
    Hey I haven’t played yet. But I have been reading the reviews on the game. I think it is a good game in a way and a bad one in a way. Good way is well it looks VERY fun. The bad way is it repeating levels no like repeating levels like kinda making it look the same. But I give the game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ cuz it sounds very fun. Thx for making the game. 😍😍. I just got on the game it’s VOODOO!!
  • Was a great game 2/5

    By gneisucbt
    This game was great and I loved playing it. I got up close to level 220 and then the new update came out and bumped me down to level 90. No idea why but it’s killed my interest in the game considering all my work was thrown away.
  • Badly made 2/5

    By Bmt03
    Kills my battery and has 14 million ads. Don’t waste your time. Plus after loading all 14 million ads my phone starts to lag out and makes the game unplayable.
  • Bad 1/5

    By backflip boy12345
    Me no like ads
  • Glitched game 1/5

    By aggravated_Mother
    Even though this games has lots of ads, I was enjoying it. I got to level 12, then the game stoped working for 2 days. Once it was “working” it put me on level 93 counting backwards in levels. Even when I beat level 93 it starts over with the exact same puzzles!
  • Lost all my progress 2/5

    By abby_bcrft
    Can the creators of this game tell me why I worked for 2 months to get to level 133, only to open the app after it updated and be sent back to level 33...
  • Eh 3/5

    By Superlexue0330
    I recommend the game like it’s a good game y’all but the amount of ads is so expensive. If you even wanna get rid of them you have to pay 3.99 which is *beyond* ridiculous. Also, to buy “lives” which lets you play games you have to also pay. It would be nice if they let you buy lives with the diamonds.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By <>
    Great game to kill the time. Lags a bit from time to time.
  • Remarkably inappropriate ads 1/5

    By loddyb
    I can’t believe some of the ads the have on this game that kids play. Unreal.
  • Fun at first 2/5

    By Sketchy Fox
    When I first downloaded there wasn’t much of a layout to the levels, which I enjoyed. If I was stuck on a level, there wasn’t much frustration because each island was random. I didn’t even care about the constant ads. Before the update I was on level 80-something, after I’m on level 8. I enjoyed it before but no longer.
  • Great game. 5/5

    By LawDawgFla
    Good way to waste sometime.
  • Adds too much 3/5

    By wabler0504
    Fun game but adds are too many
  • Grass cutting 5/5

    By apple darkness
    I love it
  • Not so great 1/5

    By DakotaLV
    This game is ok at first it’s satisfying but that changes quick with all the adds shoved in your face and the maps are a random set of the same maps and this game freezes a lot like a lot
  • The Game Changed My Levels? 2/5

    By courtneyabigail
    I was on level 200. Haven’t played in a few days, got on today to play and I’m bumped down to level 55? What the heck?!
  • Was Good 3/5

    By Christopher Grimwood
    This was my favorite game, but it had a glitch and they fixed it with an update, but now I have ads again. I already paid to remove them.
  • Bad updates 1/5

    By Pro gamer ---"
    Previous update was literally unplayable (game didn’t load) and now I’ve lost hundreds of levels. Poorly executed updates.
  • Had more potential 2/5

    By Thegmguy
    Voodoo, you have come up with many great games. But you always find the lazy way out, and instead of making unique maps for each level, you just take the same 20-30 maps and put them on shuffle for each level. Why would I want to keep playing if I’m just going to end up playing the same maps over and over again? Choose specific maps for each level that get progressively harder, and you earn higher ratings and my interest. The potential is there, you just didn’t follow through. Update: the game completely stopped working after one of the updates. Just a gray screen where your blades have nowhere to go.
  • This blows 1/5

    By amber92789
    Well before the update I was past level 600 now I’m on level 31??
  • It’s back, but... 3/5

    By Monique1111
    My previous high score is gone, it now starts on level 100 and goes down from there, and I wonder if that is how it’s supposed to be. Every time I finish a level it does send a message saying “Only 70, 69, 68...”. levels to go, so I imagine it’s like that on purpose. It is a bit frustrating, though, but I’ll keep on playing just because I want to know what’s gonna happen once I reach 0, but it just seems odd.
  • Yasss! 5/5

    By SaintLuis
    The best thing EVER!!!
  • 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 5/5

    By mexicobitch
    All is good now 😎😎😎😎
  • Found a bug? 3/5

    By Someone took herp-a-derp
    It’s a fine game, I play it when I’m bored, but the last update seems to have a bug. When I load the game, and hit play, the level doesn’t load, just the blade in the middle of a gray screen. I’ve tried reloading and restarting my phone, so I think that’s something the developers need to check out.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By thix 3456
    I updated it today and it is not the same game you see in advertisements. From cutting grass to cutting nothing. The game is completely messed up because of this past update.
  • Wth 1/5

    By eoiam
    The screen won’t load, it’s blank
  • FIX THE BUG!! 2/5

    By daddy was taken
    This app isn’t working and it said the bug was fixed..
  • don’t recommend. 1/5

    By Gray Lenord
    I have had the game for awhile and I was able to look past all of the ads... until the game got fixed for “bug” but actually the only bug there was was the game itself. I am unable to play and the screen if fully back. #nothappy #tryingtowastetimeatwork
  • Bad update 2/5

    By Veryydisappointed222
    Levels are going backwards now. I jumped to level 100 and now it’s making me go backwards.
  • Let’s glitch 3/5

    By ohxhocihcyichicihcohcig
    Ok this game is really fun but I am tired of the glitching when you get to higher levels I am at 97 and almost every time I tap I die because of the glitch not to mention the ads there are so many it’s stupid so I don’t recommend playing unless your ok with dying every five seconds or the ads
  • New Update 2/5

    By FewerToast
    downloaded the newest update from 2 days ago and the game has crashed. Looks like I lost all my progress and now can’t play the game at all. All I get is a grey screen
  • Doesn’t Work as of 4/26 1/5

    By lesnak87
    The app no longe loads levels and you cannot play.
  • playing 1/5

    By Gashes2
    I haven't been able to play since the latest update. I like the game, I like that skins were added. But what's the point if I can't play it?
  • Gray screen 1/5

    By Herc20002003
    Can’t play the game because it’s only a gray screen.
  • App crashed 3/5

    By twillz11
    My app is blank and I can’t do anything!!! I have tried to restart my phone & everything. I don’t want to delete the app and loose all my progress
  • It updated the game! 1/5

    By Richardsr1984
    My game updated and now the screen is grey and I cannot play it and my husbands phone is the same way now . Please help us ??

Grass Cut app comments

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